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Seattle Public Schools Offering Birth Control To Girls As Young As 11

A Washington public school is under fire after they began offering intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUD) to students as young as 11-years-old.

Gun Violence Erupts in Chicago During Fourth of July Weekend

Following a relatively peaceful beginning to the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, Illinois, a spurt of shootings broke out.

Police Investigating Report Of Gunshot At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center In Maryland

Police were investigating a report of a gunshot heard on Monday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in suburban Washington.

Confederate Statue At UNC Chapel Hill Vandalized

A confederate statue at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was found vandalized Sunday morning with the phrase “black lives matter” written in black spray paint.

Obama Plans To Free Dozens Of Nonviolent Drug Offenders

In the next few weeks, President Obama will reportedly issue orders to free dozens of nonviolent drug offenders from federal prisons, and is expected to commute more sentences at once than any president in almost 50 years.

Controversial Shirt Causes Uproar With Florida Mom

A Florida mother is up in arms after she discovered that the retail chain JC Penny sells a shirt with an allegedly questionable statement on it.

Maryland Mother Arrested For Leaving 2 To 3-Month-Old Baby Girl On The Side Of The Road

A Maryland mother has been arrested and charged with child neglect and reckless endangerment after her baby girl was found abandoned on the side of a road in Pasadena, Maryland.

British Mother Allegedly Has Newborn Baby Seized By Spanish Hospital

A British mother told reporters that she feels a though she is “being tortured” by a Spanish hospital after her infant was taken by medical professionals.

'We Don't Forget': 6 Decades Later, WWII Widow Discovers What Happened To Husband (Video)

A Texas woman waited over 60 years to find out what exactly happened to her husband during World War II (video below).

Missouri Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing Foster Child

A Missouri elementary school teacher has been accused of sexually abusing a teenager whom she had taken in as foster child.

Mom Leaves 2-Year-Old Girl In 108 Degree Locked Car

Police officers arrested an Arizona mother after she allegedly left her child in a locked car in the summer heat while she went shopping.

Ted Cruz: I 'Salute' Donald Trump On Immigration

In an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz told host Chuck Todd that he “salutes” fellow candidate Donald Trump for his controversial stance on immigration.

Department Cuts Disability Benefits For 7-Year-Old Boy Because He Is 'Too Ill'

A mother and father in London were outraged after they were told their disability benefits would be cut because their child is too sick.

Department Cuts Disability Benefits For Disabled 7-Year-Old Boy Because He Is 'Too Ill'

A mother and father in London were outraged after they were told their disability benefits would be cut because their child is too sick.

Woman Falls While Out Partying With Friends, Discovers She Has Bone Cancer

A woman from England discovered that she had bone cancer after a night of drinking with her friends prompted her to visit her doctor.

'It Really Freaked Me Out': British Man Says He Found Foam Ear Plug And Scab In Order Of McDonald's Fries

A British man says he was served up a little than he expected, or even wanted, at a Cambridge, England, McDonald’s  Stephen Powell, 21, claims he was munching away happily on some McDonald’s french fries recently when he bit into a foam ear plug with a scab attached to it, according to the Metro.  Powell, who has been reported as a motorcycle enthusiast, called the find “the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life.” He said he and his friends had stopped by the fast food restaurant for a late night snack, but had taken their meals to go.

Missouri Homeowner Mike Wieners Stabs Ax-Wielding Friend, Second Intruder Killed In Four Months

A Missouri homeowner has killed another intruder for the second time in four months, stabbing an ax-wielding friend after an argument.

Giant Texas Redhead Centipede Spotted In Hill Country (Photo)

A photo of an unusually large centipede was posted on Facebook by Texas Parks and Wildlife proving that everything really is bigger in Texas.

Indiana Cop Wakes To Find Home Vandalized And Burned American Flag In Mailbox After Fourth Of July

An Indiana police detective says he had the tables turned on him over the Fourth of July weekend when he became the victim of a crime.

Nurse Leaves Incredible Note For The Person Who Stole Her Bike (Photos)

A note written by a woman in the U.K., left for the person who stole her bike, went viral and had many readers applauding her for her brutal honesty.