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Clinton: GOP In 'Fantasy World' Hoping For Her Arrest

Hillary Clinton told NBC's Matt Lauer that Republicans who wish to see her indicted over her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State are living in "fantasy" world.

Bill Clinton's Record Should Not Affect Hillary Clinton

In the Democratic race for the presidential nomination this year, a notable characteristic of front-runner Hillary Clinton's agenda is that she is running on quite a different - and significantly more left-wing - platform than her husband did during his two presidential races in the 1990s.

U.S. Security Chief: Islamophobia Similar To Red Scare

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on April 6 that statements being made against Muslims in the U.S.

Sensitive opinion piece

smallchange In the United States, abortion is an ethical, safe, appropriate and — with the exception of North Dakota and Indiana — legal medical option in the case of severe anomalies, one that spares women the emotional pain of stillbirth or the loss of an infant.

Texas County Honors Confederate Soldiers (Video)

Brazos County, Texas, honored Confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War on April 5 (video below).

#PeeingForPat Mocks North Carolina Governor

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina has been targeted in a new online campaign for signing the "Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act" in March.

Mississippi Christian Baker Slams Anti-LGBT Law (Video)

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi signed the "Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act" on April 5, which allows groups, people and businesses to deny services to LGBT people based upon religious beliefs; the new law has supporters and detractors (video below).

Saudi Newsreader Says Muslims Responsible For Terrorism

A Saudi Arabian television newsreader interrupted her programme recently to urge Muslims to take responsibility for terrorist attacks.

Netflix Prices Going Up In May

Popular online entertainment service Netflix will increase its subscription prices for existing users next month.

Did Woman Fake Cancer To Get Taxpayer-Funded Abortion?

Chalice Renee Zeitner is currently on trial for allegedly forging medical documents to convince her OB-GYN to end her second-trimester pregnancy in April 2010 in Phoenix.

Kobe Bryant's Overdramatic Nike Ad (Video)

Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant recently filmed a new ad for Nike that is raising eyebrows (video below).

'Sovereign Citizen' Blows Off Hands Making Bomb? (Video)

Alphonso D. Mobley Jr. lost both of his hands in an explosion in Columbus, Ohio, on April 5. Officials say the explosion was caused by a bomb that Mobley was building (video below).

Thousands Of Bees Invaded This Man's House (Photos)

One South Carolina man came home from work only for his bathroom ceiling to collapse, revealing the massive colony of 30,000 bees.

Marine Vet Bares All In Motivational Pictures

A Marine Corps veteran who inspired Prince Harry is inspiring others by exposing her post-amputation body.

Protesters Disrupt Students For Trump Meeting (Video)

A Students for Trump meeting was interrupted by anti-Trump student protesters at Portland State University in Oregon on April 7 (video below).

Woman's Horrifying Message Against Tanning Goes Viral

A skin cancer patient shared a shocking picture of the scar left on her face from tanning on social media that has gone viral.

ESPN Censors Bomani Jones' Cleveland Caucasians Shirt

Popular ESPN host Bomani Jones was censored on television for wearing a t-shirt with the word "Caucasians" on it.

Employee Fired For Writing 'Fat' On Facebook

An employee of a plus-size women’s clothing store was fired over her usage of the word "fat" on her Facebook page.

Hoarder Reportedly Crushed To Death Under Trash

A Spanish man known for his compulsive hoarding was reportedly found dead on April 6 after he was crushed under a pile of his stuff.

Woman Thrown Out of Woman's Bathroom After McDonald's Mistook Her Sex

A U.K. McDonalds kicked a teenage girl out of the restaurant for using a women’s restroom, as employees thought she was a boy.