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Newt Gingrich: Renewing American Leadership In Space

By Newt Gingrich, Fox News Occasionally you know that you are watching history being made. October 5, 2017 was such a day for me.

Senate Passes Budget Framework for Tax Reform

By Samuel Chamberlain, Fox News Senate Republicans narrowly passed a $4 trillion budget plan Thursday, taking their first big step toward a tax reform package promised by President Donald Trump.

Hannity: Rep. Frederica Wilson Is a National Disgrace

Watch the latest video at Sean Hannity:  The left and the mainstream media owe Gold Star parents an apology.

Sorry, New York Times, Trump Isn't Hitler. Not Even Close

  By Amanda Head, Fox News Thursday, New York Times columnist Charles Blow took liberal outrage to new decibel levels.

General John Kelly Teaches a Lesson in Grief and Sacrifice

Watch the latest video at   By The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Over the past nine months, Donald Trump’s cage match with the Washington press corps has turned into an unedifying national spectacle.

OPINION: California, The Sanctuary State, Will Reap The Whirlwind

by Washington Examiner Earlier this month, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 54, a historic state law that thumbs his state's nose at federal authority.

Eric Holder Defends Comey's Premature Exoneration of Hillary

Guy Benson, Town Hall In fairness, if there's anyone in the country who understands how to run an airtight law enforcement operation, it's this guy.  Plus, he's a straight-shooter who unfailingly tells the truth and always respects the free press, so his credibility is beyond reproach.

US Jobless Claims Drop To More Than 44-Year Low

Reuters, Fox Business WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell to its lowest level in more than 44 years last week, pointing to a rebound in job growth after a hurricane-related decline in employment in September.

It's Time For GOP Leadership To Stop Letting Democrats Stall Judicial Nominations

By Ilya Shapiro, The Federalist “The judge story is an untold story,” President Donald Trump said Monday, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell standing beside him.

Ex-CIA Chief Sees at Least 'One in Five' Chance of War with North Korea

By Erica Orden, The Wall Street Journal Former CIA Director John Brennan estimated that the U.S. has at least a 20% likelihood of becoming engaged in military conflict with North Korea amid President Donald Trump’s discord with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Senate Investigates Russia, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Uranium And Bribes — And It's About Time

Investor's Business Daily Obama Scandals: We now know, thanks to an investigation by The Hill, that the Russian scandal's roots go far deeper than first thought, extending all the way to the start of the Obama administration.

Vet Dies At VA Hospital While Nurse's Aide Played Video Games

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall Neglectful care continues to be a problem that plagues VA hospitals.

The Decline Of Sanctuaries

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES Defiance can be noble, and it can be merely subversive. In the case of sanctuary cities, counties and states, there’s nothing noble about trashing the laws of an orderly society to shield uninvited intruders from justice.

North Korea Knowns and Unknowns

by VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, National Review No one really knows all that much about North Korea’s nuclear or conventional military capability or its strategic agenda.

Michael Barone: Democrats Yelp As Trump Upholds Constitution

by Michael Barone, Washington Examiner President Trump is criticized, often justly, for misstatements of facts and failure to understand the details of public policy.

Behind Schumer's Shocking Switch On The Iran Deal

By Seth Lipsky, New York Post If Sen. Chuck Schumer can’t agree with President Trump on the Iran deal, what can he agree on?

Will A Single Bomb Stop North Korea?

By Allison Barrie, Fox News In an instant, the entire country of North Korea would blackout … such is the power of new bombs under development in South Korea.

Trump Blasts 'Fake Media' For Ignoring Russia Uranium Deal Sealed 'With Clinton Help'

Watch the latest video at By Judson Berger, Fox News President Trump accused the “Fake Media” on Thursday of ignoring new details about the 2010 approval of a controversial uranium deal with a Russian company, amid scrutiny of potential “conflicts of interest” for Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

Push Is On to Disbar James Comey After Clinton Scandal

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times A crusading lawyer filed a bar grievance this week accusing former FBI Director James Comey of lying to Congress and destroying potential evidence in the Clinton email scandal, in a process that could end up costing him his law license.

On Amazon and the Tech Monopolies

By KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON, The National Review @KEVINNR The technology that has amplified the private citizen also amplifies the corporate executive, the tech-savvy oppressor, and the billionaire dilettante with political aspirations.