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Rewarding A Dictator? Obama Seeks To Normalize Cuba Relations After American Is Freed In Prisoner Swap

Watch the latest video at     Published December 17, 2014 | President Obama announced Wednesday a sea-change policy shift in US relations with Cuba, issuing a series of orders -- including establishing normal diplomatic relations -- meant to end what he called America's “outdated approach” toward the Castro regime.

Next Time, Send Greta to Havana

The New York Post Editorial Board: We’re delighted Alan Gross has finally come home. The former USAID subcontractor never should have been in a Cuban prison in the first place.

Cuban-American Lawmakers: 'For the First Time, the Person in the WH is on the Wrong Side of History'

On the Record: Watch the latest video at ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S CHANGE IN CUBAN POLICY ROS-LEHTINEN 19:04:20 What is sad is that tomorrow the Cuban people will wake up and they will still have no political freedom.

What Does Dennis Miller Want for Christmas?

Watch the latest video at This week, radio talk show host Dennis Miller opined on the Pakistani Taliban attack, as well as what composed his Christmas list: "We have to start acknowledging that they are the quintessence of evil," Miller said of the terror group, which recently attacked children in a Pakistani school.

Greta: Why Didn't Obama Work to Free Sgt. Tahmooressi as He Did Cuban Captive?

Watch the latest video at On Wednesday, Greta Van Susteren went Off the Record to compare the release of American Alan Gross by the Cubans to the return of Sgt.

'Really Insulting': O'Reilly Takes on Samuel L. Jackson's Song on 'Racist Police'

FOX News Insider: Watch the latest video at Bill O’Reilly tonight slammed actor Samuel L.

Sony: 'The Interview''s Christmas Theatrical Release Cancelled

Statement From Sony Pictures: In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release.

'Always Fighting, Never Quitting': Cavuto Remembers Producer Annie Goodman

By: Neil Cavuto Watch the latest video at I hate to end on a sad but since I like to think of us as family here a big loss in our Fox family I want to share with you now.

Rangel Reports From Havana: ‘I’ve Never Been More Proud of Being American’

By: Alex Griswold (Daily Caller)   Democratic New York Rep. Charlie Rangel said on MSNBC’s “Ronan Farrow Daily” that in the aftermath of the normalization of relations with Cuba, he has “never been more proud of being an American.” Rangel, who was in Havana for some reason, said the Cuban people were ecstatic.

Wife of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Speaks About New Film 'American Sniper'

Watch the latest video at Taya Kyle shares memories, talks new film Turn off Comment:  Article Image:  Big Top:  No Breaking News:  No Make Sticky:  No Attribution:  Read more at Image Credit:  FNC Video:  Yes

WATCH LIVE: Freed American Alan Gross Makes Statement After Release from Cuban Prison

Watch the latest video at   Turn off Comment:  Article Image:  Big Top:  No Breaking News:  Yes Make Sticky:  No Image Credit:  AP Video:  Yes

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence, Denounces Torture and Says, 'Yes, Black Lives Matter'

AP - Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. should never be involved in torture anywhere in the world - and also slipped an anti-police protester's motto into her speech.

Welcome To Lawless Obama's America

By Charles Hurt , Washington Times Just when President Obama thought it was safe to show his face in an American courtroom again, in walks John Wayne in a black robe to deliver one of the greatest legal beatdowns ever suffered by a sitting president.

Historically Unproductive Congress Ends

By Cristina Marcos and Ramsey Cox, The Hill One of the most unproductive and least popular Congresses in history has gaveled to a close, concluding a two-year period that will be remembered for its brinksmanship and lack of legislating.

Funny on Fox Nation: Man's Spectacular Treadmill Fail After Checking Out Woman Walking Past

By SALLY LEE FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA A man has tried to recover from his treadmill fall by turning it into a set of push ups.

Poll: 59% Say CIA Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Were Justified

By Rick Moran, American Thinker An ABC News poll has found that 59% of the American people believe that the enhanced interrogation techniques, heavily criticized in a Senate report, were justified.

The President's Immigration-Amnesty Program Could Result In A Flood Of Fraud

By Ryan Lovelace, National Review U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials tasked with preventing fraud from taking place are instead being forced to do administrative work, according to the federal official who created and directed the division of the government responsible for preventing immigration fraud.

Peters: Are Our Priorities Protecting Humanity or Monsters?

Watch the latest video at Fox News strategic analyst Col. Ralph Peters reacts to CIA interrogation scrutiny amid Taliban school attack.

Indiana Police Counter 'I Can't Breathe' T-Shirts ...

By Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times An Indiana police officer has irked several in his South Bend community with a T-shirt he’s selling that touts a take-off slogan of the “I Can’t Breathe” mantra that followed New York suspect Eric Garner’s death — “Breathe Easy: Don’t Break the Law.” The aim of the shirt’s message is to say “police are there for you,” the South Bend uniform store owned by Mishawaka Police Cpl.

Axelrod: You Hear 'Ready for Hillary' It's Like, Ready for What?

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff Close confidant of President Obama and former White House senior adviser David Axelrod spoke on possible presidential candidates Sen.