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Hollywood’s biggest movies flop big time as industry implodes from sexual misconduct scandals

As sexual misconduct scandals continue to rock Hollywood, the industry’s latest work is flopping at the box office.

Former FBI Director James Comey sparks 2020 rumors — here’s why

Former FBI Director James Comey sparked 2020 rumors over the weekend after a post from his alleged Twitter account garnered attention.

Jimmy Carter lets loose: Knocks Obama and Hillary, says Russia didn’t alter election, praises Trump

Jimmy Carter is the oldest of all living ex-presidents at 93, but he is still in tune with national politics.

See the legal document the NY Times refused to publish in latest ‘smear piece’ on Bill O’Reilly

The New York Times published a bombshell exposé on Bill O’Reilly Saturday that made public the details of a sexual misconduct settlement O’Reilly inked with a former Fox News employee in January.

Bowe Bergdahl says Taliban ‘more honest’ than U.S. Army — then Donald Trump Jr. hits back hard

What happened? Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army sergeant who plead guilty to desertion charges last week, lauded the Taliban in a recent interview with the Sunday Times Magazine of London.

Bill O’Reilly responds to latest NY Times ‘smear piece’ about massive sexual misconduct settlement

Former Fox News star host Bill O’Reilly responded with sharp criticism to a New York Times exposé published Saturday that detailed a sexual misconduct settlement he made in January with a former Fox colleague.

All five living former presidents just came together in Texas for a very powerful reason

All five living former U.S. presidents were together in Texas Saturday night to benefit the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Twitter ignites with jokes after Trump announces the release of the JFK files

After President Donald Trump announced Saturday his intention to release the treasure trove of documents related to the John F.

Fox News finally reveals the reason they fired Bill O’Reilly amid major story about O’Reilly settlement

Fox News revealed the reason network executives ultimately made the decision to dismiss star host Bill O’Reilly in April.

CNN host tries to bait Gold Star mother into bashing Trump — but she was having none of it

A heartbroken Gold Star mother had no intention to play politics on CNN Thursday when a CNN host pressed her to wade into the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump and Gold Star families.

Obama bashes Trump for ‘dividing people’ to win WH — then Ben Shapiro hits back hard with fact check

Former President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail this week and set his sights on President Donald Trump.

Trump announces release of long-awaited JFK files. This is the new info you can expect.

President Donald Trump confirmed Saturday that he will release the trove of documents related to President John F.

Gold Star widow releases video of moment Trump called her after husband killed in Afghanistan

The widow of a fallen solider disputed the mainstream media’s portrayal of President Donald Trump on Friday when she released audio of a phone call she had with the president after her husband was killed earlier this year.

He tried to massacre Americans on Christmas, now he’s suing for maltreatment in prison

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried and failed to blow up an airliner full of passengers on Christmas in 2009, but now he’s suing the U.S.

Jake Tapper said this was one of the most shocking things he’s ever heard from the White House

CNN’s Jake Tapper said that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said one of the most shocking things he’s ever heard from the White House podium while defending a statement from chief of staff John Kelly Friday.

Wounded and disabled, this veteran is burdened by loan forgiveness taxes

Will Milzarski put his life on the line for his country hundreds of times during his two tours in Afghanistan.

A Cub Scout was kicked out of his den for these ‘disrespectful’ questions to a state senator

Ames Mayfield, an 11-year-old Cub Scout in Colorado, came well-prepared. His den had been assigned the task of coming up with current events questions to ask Republican state senator Vicki Marble.

Actor Terry Crews calls out destructive ‘pimp culture’ in the black community

In a series of revealing tweets on his social media account, famous actor Terry Crews decried the destructive effect of the “pimp culture” in the black community.

A high school coach’s order led to his resignation. Here’s what he told his players to do.

“Who’s your daddy?” That’s what Gray-New Gloucester High School players were saying to a Yarmouth football player every time he got tackled, according to his parents.

Bill O’Reilly accuses Rep Wilson of ‘setting up’ Trump in call to military widow

In an interview with Newsmax, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says he believes Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) set up the president when he called a Gold Star widow and reportedly said, “he knew what he was getting into.” Here’s the video of Bill O’Reilly: Why does O’Reilly think the president was set up?