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‘I’m Talking to You Right Now’: Clinton Dodges Questions from CNN Host on Lack of Press Conferences

During a rare live interview, Hillary Clinton brushed off her lack of press conferences after being pressed on the issue by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

New Billboard From ‘Actual Muslims’ Crops Up In Arizona — See What It Says

“Hey ISIS, you suck!” the sign reads, using a popular acronym for the Islamic State. The blunt billboard, signed by “#ActualMuslims,” was erected last week in the Living Spaces parking lot near Interstate 10 and 67th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona, according to The Republic.

Orlando Health, Florida Health Will Not Charge Pulse Victims for Treatment

Orlando Health and Florida Hospital will write off an estimated $5.5 million in out-of-pocket medical expenses as part of a decision by both hospitals to pay the bills for all the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub terror attack earlier this summer.

‘This Is Basically Jeb’s Position’: Trump Vows ‘No Amnesty,’ But Says He Will ‘Work With’ Illegal Immigrants

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush were political enemies during the Republican presidential primary season, but now the billionaire businessman is coming around to his rival’s point of view on immigration.

Formerly Radicalized Muslim Explains Encounter With the Taliban, Decision to Fight Terrorism

Mubin Shaikh was a radicalized Canadian Muslim, but after 9/11, he says he had a dramatic change of heart and became an undercover agent, dedicating his life to the fight against terrorism.

Presidential Debate Commission Delays Announcing Moderators — Here’s Why

There’s only one question remaining as the first presidential debate is just over one month away: Who’s going to be the moderator?

‘StopWhitePeople’ Training Course Offered to College’s Resident Assistants — and Backslash Has Been Fierce

The taxpayer-funded State University of New York at Binghamton offered a training course to student resident assistants titled #StopWhitePeople2K16 — and the backlash has been fierce.

‘Never Seen Anything Like This’: Tornado Levels Central Indiana Starbucks

IndyCar driver Conor Daly was at the Kokomo Speedway for a memorial service honoring fellow racer Bryan Clauson Wednesday when a severe storm and tornado ripped through central Indiana.

Scientists Discover New Earth-Like Planet

An earth-like planet has been discovered orbiting the closest star to our solar system, according to CNN.

‘Stop! He’s Not White!’: Reporter Says His Race Saved Him During Attack at Black Lives Matter Protest

A journalist wrote in a piece published in Politico Tuesday that he was “attacked — and spared — because of my race” while he covered a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Milwaukee.

‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones’ Website Hacked, Nude Pictures Posted

“Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones’ website was hacked on Wednesday, exposing her personal information and nude photographs, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Hillary Clinton Insider ‘Threat’ Slide-Turned-Meme Jettisoned by Pentagon

The U.S. Army has removed from a presentation to soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, a slide that labeled Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and retired Army Gen.

Mississippi Islamic State Recruit Gets 8 Years in Prison

OXFORD, Miss. (TheBlaze/AP) — A Mississippi man who tried to travel to Syria with his fiancee to join the Islamic State group was sentenced Wednesday to eight years in prison on federal terrorism charges.

Surveillance Video: Woman Finds Herself in Middle of Two Gunmen in Gas Station Shootout

Atlanta police are searching for a suspect after a woman was injured in a shootout at a gas station on Sunday, according to WXIA-TV.

‘Cajun Navy’ Volunteers Lauded for Rescuing Louisiana Flood Victims. Now Lawmaker Getting Heat for Mulling Permit, Fee.

They’ve become know as the “Cajun Navy” — volunteers with boats who ventured into flood-ravaged areas in Louisiana in recent days and rescued hundreds of residents.

Surprise Guest Hangs Out in the Wings of N.H. Governor’s Events

A surprise, colorful guest has swooped down on New Hampshire Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan’s latest events.  A red, yellow, green and blue parrot is squawking around Hassan’s events in order to call attention to her “record of parroting Democrat talking points, refusing to answer questions and blindly supporting” Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a handout from the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Anti-Gun Group’s Bizarre, NSFW Act of Protest Against Texas’ New Campus Carry Law

An anti-gun group at the University of Texas at Austin used sex toys to stage a bizarre protest of Texas’ new campus carry law on Wednesday.

School Official Tells Teachers to Let Transgender Students Bunk With Gender of Choice — and Not Tell Parents

The Anne Arundel County Public School District in Maryland has instructed teachers and faculty to let transgender students bunk with other students of the gender with which they identify — and not tell parents.

‘Look at This!’: Seal Stuns Family on Boat Trip When He Looks to Them for Help Escaping Killer Whales

A family was stunned when a seal looked to them for help escaping killer whales while boating off Canada’s Vancouver Island, according to NBC’s “Today.” In videos uploaded to YouTube by user Kirk Fraser, the seal can be seen wriggling onto the back of the family’s boat in order to escape a group of whales.

Trump Supporter Issues Threatening Message to GOP Nominee Live on the Air

A self-described Donald Trump supporter called into Glenn Beck’s radio program on Wednesday and issued a threatening message to the Republican nominee.