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What Do NYC Phone Booths, Chicago Train Stations and L.A. Bus Benches Have in Common? They All Could Be Tracking You

Three of the country’s largest cities have been installing Bluetooth-enabled devices in public places to detect simple data from users’ smartphones. The devices, called “beacons,” were installed in Los Angeles bus benches, Chicago train station and New York City phone booths all without the public’s prior knowledge, BuzzFeed reported.

Ever Notice That All Those Newborn Pictures on Facebook Seem to Show the Same Blanket? Here’s Why

It is quite possibly the most photographed cloth pattern within the last 50 years, but it wasn’t made by a runway fashion designer.

Watch and Listen: This Cop Is About to Do Something to a Fellow Officer That Led to Him Being Stripped of His Gun and Badge

A video is making the rounds Thursday showing an incident involving an alleged fare-skipper and several NYPD officers.

Mother of Alleged Canadian Gunman Pens Heartbreaking Letter: ‘Part of Me Wants to Hate Him’

The mother of the man who Canadian authorities say carried out Wednesday’s deadly shootings in Ottawa said she “wants to hate him” and that she and her husband “are both crying for” the family of Cpl.

Read the Tough Letter a U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Wrote to Houston Mayor Regarding Sermon Subpoena: ‘A Chilling Effect’

The battle over subpoenas issued by the city of Houston for pastors’ speeches and other communications has taken yet another turn, with a member of the U.S.

‘F*** You Chinatown!’: Bottle-Wielding San Francisco Tour Guide Caught on Video Going on Vile, Racist Rant

A San Francisco tour guide apparently on her last day on the job was caught on video firing off an expletive-filled, racist rant about the Chinatown neighborhood that the open-top tour bus was passing through.

Obama Administration Wants High Schools to Teach Government Lesson Plans on How to Eat

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has written four lesson plans aimed at teaching students how to eat, and is encouraging schools around the country to teach these plans to kids in high school.

Are People Steering Clear of the Dallas Hospital That Cared for Ebola Patients?

Despite both nurses who contracted Ebola after caring for the first U.S. diagnosed patient seeming to improve and no new cases yet, people seem to be avoiding the hospital in Dallas where Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed and died last month.

You Won’t Find ‘Christmas’ on This School District’s Calendar Anymore

A Massachusetts school district is refusing to reverse its recent decision to change the name of its annual “Christmas Vacation” to “Holiday Break.”   Photo credit: Shutterstock The battle began September 9 when Marshfield School Committee voted 3-2 to change the calendar name, drawing the ire of some local residents who have implored officials to reverse course — a request that has been denied, according to Wicked Local.

Video: Canadian Lawmakers Honor Hero Sergeant-at-Arms With Emotional Standing Ovation

Canadian lawmakers honored Parliament sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers with a lengthy standing ovation Thursday morning, one day after a gunman killed a soldier at Ottawa’s war memorial and then tore through Parliament.

A Real-Life ‘Star Wars’ Laser Bullet Caught on Camera: This Is What It ‘Really Looks Like’

In the sci-fi flicks, the “pew pew” sound of a laser weapon is pretty iconic, but creative directors all have their own interpretations of what such a laser gun and its “laser bullet” looks like.

‘Bias on Steroids’: This AP Headline Explains Why So Many Complain About Media Coverage of Israel

A 3-month-old baby girl was killed Wednesday when a car driven by a Palestinian man slammed into a group of bystanders at a Jerusalem light rail station, but the early headline of an Associated Press story on the incident drew criticism from pro-Israel media watchdogs who called it a perfect example of media bias against the Jewish state.

What’s Next for the Christian Chapel Owners Who Refuse to Back Down From Refusal to Marry Gays?

The ordained ministers locked in a legal battle with a Idaho city over their refusal to to marry gay couples at their for-profit chapel are refusing to back down, with the city of Coeur d’Alene responding to their federal lawsuit by asking that the family reconsider taking legal action.

Leaked Document: FBI, DHS Memo Warns Law Enforcement About Possible Islamic State Attacks on U.S. Soil and Includes Ominous Social Media Guidance

An internal “for official use only” document leaked Thursday showing the FBI and Department of Homeland Security warning local law enforcement to remain vigilant about possible Islamic State attacks on U.S.

A Retired Clorox Chemist Has Come up With a Laundry Product That Could Revolutionize Washing Your Clothes

The pre-treating, soaking, scrubbing and hoping that those stains are gone before you put your favorite shirt into the dryer could be a thing of the past if the clothing repelled the stain in the first place.

The Political Cartoon From Canada That People Are Calling Absolutely ‘Powerful’

On Thursday, Canada’s Chronicle Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia, published a political cartoon that’s being widely praised as “powerful” across the United States and Canada.

Is a Potentially Worrisome Chemical in Our Bodies Because We’ve Handled So Many Receipts?

A new university study is supporting previous findings that linked BPA exposure — a chemical that came under fire especially when it was found in plastic water bottles — to the paper receipts used in many stores.

Do You Believe in Prayer and Real-Life Miracles? Hollywood Actress’ Says New Show Will ‘Make More Noise for God’

Actress Roma Downey, known for her role in the popular TV show “Touched By an Angel” and for producing faith-based entertainment, will be heading back to the small screen next year as host of a new show about prayer and miracles.

Which Star Wars Character Are You?

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The Chicken These Expert Food Tasters Are Reviewing Isn’t Quite What They Think It Is

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