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As Financial Leaders Heed Economic Repercussions of Brexit, Supporters Deem It a Short-Term Price for Greater Policy Control

LONDON (AP) — The British were warned for weeks that a vote to leave the European Union would result in economic pain.

Burning House Swept Away By Horrific Flooding in West Virginia

As monumental rain, and subsequent flooding, wreaks havoc on West Virginia, leaving at least 23 dead, nightmares are becoming realities.

CNN Staff Revolting Over Network Decision to Hire Lewandowski, Report Says

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s ousted campaign manager, is off to a rocky start in his new position as a political commentator for CNN.

Republican Delegate in Virginia Files Lawsuit to Get Out of Having to Vote for Trump at the Convention

One Republican delegate in Virginia is so convinced Donald Trump is “unfit to serve” as president, he’s doing everything he can to get out of having to vote for the presumptive nominee at the GOP Convention in July.

This Memphis Teen Was in Desperate Need of Food — But He Ended Up With a Lot More

“I so appreciate it so much that I can’t appreciate it no more,” he said with a smile on his face. Chauncy Black, a 16 year old who works hard in school, does odd jobs to support himself and his mother and sleeps without a bed, was in search of food two weeks ago, but the man he ran into helped him get so much more.

Report: Islamic State Calls for Attacks to ‘Paralyze’ Europe Following Surprise Brexit Success

In the hours following the U.K.’s historic vote to leave the European Union, the Islamic State has reportedly called for attacks in Brussels and Berlin in order to “paralyze” Europe.

Johnny Manziel’s Lawyer Accidentally Texts the Associated Press, Confirms He’s Seeking a Plea Deal

DALLAS (AP) — An attorney handling Johnny Manziel’s domestic violence case expressed doubts about the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback’s ability to stay clean and said he was given a receipt that shows Manziel may have spent more than $1,000 at a drug paraphernalia store just 15 hours after he was involved in a hit-and-run crash, according to a lengthy text message accidentally sent to The Associated Press.

House Panel Uncovers Possible Violations of State and Federal Law by New Mexico Abortion Clinic

The Select Panel on Infant Lives issued a criminal referral Thursday to New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas detailing possible violations of state and federal law by the University of New Mexico and Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion clinic.

See How American Pundits Are Responding to Britain’s Monumental Decision to Leave the EU

The ballots have been cast, the decision has been made: after 43 years of being part of the European Union, the U.K.

Report: Pentagon Plans to Repeal Ban on Transgender Troops July 1

The ban on transgender service members will be lifted July 1, the Pentagon reportedly plans to announce.

Reaction of Man Who Voted for Brexit Goes Viral: ‘I’m a Bit Shocked’

A BBC interview with a man who voted in favor of the successful Brexit measure to have the U.K. leave the European Union has gone viral after he stated that he didn’t think his vote “was going to matter” and that he is “worried” about its ramifications.

Illinois Bill Would Force Religious Hospitals to Refer Patients for Abortions

An Illinois bill would require religiously affiliated hospitals to refer patients for procedures that the organizations won’t perform on religious grounds, such as abortion and sterilization procedures.

Check Out Video of Potato Gun Firing at 20,000 Frames Per Second — at Night: ‘Was That Cool or What?’

From the folks at “Smarter Every Day,” here’s an episode featuring some potato gun experiments — with a transparent model videotaped at night.

Trump Reportedly Eyeing Tom Cotton, Mia Love for VP Spot

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump revealed Thursday that he is considering selecting Sen.

Cruz: Obama Proposal Puts Internet Freedom in Hands of Russia, China

Sen. Ted Cruz is calling out the Obama administration for its plan to “give away control of the internet to foreign countries.” President Barack Obama’s administration is working to hand over management of names and IP addresses to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a global stakeholder group that includes countries like Russia, Iran and China — who don’t recognize the U.S.’s First Amendment.

‘It Will Happen Very Soon’: European MEP Issues Dire Warning on Fate of EU After Historic Brexit Vote

Multiple MEPs warned Friday that the European Union would soon “crumble to pieces” in the wake of the U.K.’s historic Brexit decision.

Obama Designates Historic Stonewall Inn a National Monument

As Manhattan celebrates Gay Pride Month, President Barack Obama announced the dedication of the Stonewall Inn as a national monument — the first ever monument to LGBT history in the country.

‘Kill Me!’: Surveillance Video Captures Moment Murder Suspect Suddenly Goes for Officer’s Gun Inside Interrogation Room

Less than a second. That’s how long it took murder suspect Thomas Robinson to move his hand from a resting position to a Cincinnati police officer’s holstered gun while the pair were in an interrogation room, WXIX-TV reported.

Clinton’s Official State Department Calendar Missing ‘Scores of Names and Events’

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s historical record of her daily activities while she was secretary of state is missing “scores of names and events,” according to a review by the Associated Press.

‘Fraud’: Women Claimed Anti-Muslim Discrimination at Restaurant — Now the Legal Tables Have Turned

Sara Farsakh created quite a stir last month when she and her friends filed a lawsuit against a California restaurant, Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach, claiming the establishment discriminated against them because they’re Muslims.