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Israeli Army: Two Palestinian Suspects in Fatal Kidnapping of Israeli Teens Killed During Shootout

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Oliver Darcy. — JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli army spokesman says two Palestinians suspected in the fatal abduction of three Israeli teens in June have been killed in a shootout with Israeli forces.

How Common Is Your Birthday? This Chart Has the Answer

A chart posted online purports to show the most common birthdays for babies to be born in. The graphic, created by a user on Reddit, was based off data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dozens of Firefighters Battling Large Blaze at Port of Los Angeles

Approximately 60 firefighters were battling a blaze that broke out at the Port of Los Angeles Monday night, the L.A.

Something for the Left to Like About the Surge in Gun Sales?

The surge in gun sales since President Barack Obama’s push for more gun control has been bankrolling something many on the left tend to like, which is nature conservation efforts across the country.

U.S. Military Begins Striking Islamic State Targets in Syria

The U.S. military on Monday began striking Islamic State targets in Syria using a “mix of fighters, bombers and Tomahawk missiles,” Rear Adm.

No Reporters, Non-Residents Allowed Inside Justice Department’s Ferguson Town Hall Meetings

Reporters and non-residents were barred by the Department of Jusice from attending two town hall meetings in Ferguson, Missouri Monday night.

She Couldn’t Believe It When She Realized Who Was Applying Her Make-Up — Here’s the Awesome Reason Behind Star’s Surprise

While several NFL players are making headlines for instances of alleged violence and crime, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is seemingly keeping himself busy off the field with worthwhile endeavors.

What This Lion Does to This Man After Being Let Out of Its Cage Has Sent the Footage Mega-Viral

A video posted online late last month shows the moment a rescued lion is let out of its cage by a man who helped raise the lioness as a cub.

Glenn Beck Reveals Plan to Give Museum-Goers a 4D Experience of the Invasion of Normandy

Glenn Beck on Monday revealed that he is preparing a four dimensional experience to simulate what it felt like to land on the beaches of Normandy during World War II.

TSA Officers Probably Never Anticipated Finding the Items Contained Inside One Woman’s Luggage

A Canadian woman was arrested Sunday attempting to fly out of New York’s JFK airport when TSA officers discovered a trove of illegal items inside her checked luggage.

Budweiser’s New ‘Friends Are Waiting’ Ad Takes the Internet by Storm With a Powerful Message Only Revealed at the Very End

A new Budweiser ad encouraging individuals to behave responsibly while drinking has taken the Internet by storm, amassing more than 7 million views since being uploaded just days ago.

Obama Admin. to Crack Down on American Companies Moving Overseas

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is cracking down on American companies that seek to reincorporate overseas to avoid paying U.S.

Parents Set Up a Secret Camera to Document Brain-Injured Daughter’s Progress, but Ended Up Capturing Unthinkable Crime on Video

A Denver family had no idea that the footage captured by the secret camera they set up to document their brain-injured daughter’s progress would one day be used as evidence in a disturbing sex crime case.

How Rand Paul Is Tackling Abortion, Without Reversing Roe v. Wade

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is raising money for an anti-abortion organization that plans to push his plan to end abortion without the need of overturning a Supreme Court decision or a constitutional amendment.

Female Scholar: Gender Pay Gap ‘So Deeply Misleading’ It’s Almost an ‘Outright Falsehood’

What do you know about the gender pay gap? American Enterprise Institute scholar Cristina Hoff Sommers claims there’s not much to know.

You’ll Never Believe How Many Stray Chihuahuas Are Running Around in the San Francisco Area

Some Californians are saying “no quiero” to Chihuahuas. Photo credit: Shutterstock Apparently there’s a surplus of thousands of the small dogs with large ears after years of the being popularized in commercials and Hollywood movies.

Should Wedding-Related Businesses Be Forced to Serve Gays? (Plus: The State of Religion in American Society)

Americans are starkly divided over whether wedding-related businesses should be forced to serve gay and lesbian clients, according to new survey results from the Pew Research Center.

White House Makes Startling Admission About Americans Who Have Fought Alongside Islamic State

Some American citizens who have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight with Islamic State militants have already returned to the United States, White House officials reportedly confirmed on Monday.

What the Secret Service Is Doing to Avoid Another Fence-Jumper

President Barack Obama expressed confidence in the Secret Service on Monday, days after an intruder managed to scale the White House fence and actually walk through the front door of the mansion before being subdued.

Guy Giving Out Free Rides in a Ferrari Likely Never Expected the Man He Picked Up to Have Such a Story

A man driving around a Ferrari F430 was giving rides to strangers at bus stops. One of the people who took him up on the offer was a veteran of the Vietnam War who gave him quite a story on the short ride.