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Oregon governor signs bill requiring health insurers to cover abortion

Oregon Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation Tuesday requiring health insurers to cover birth control and abortion without charging patients a co-pay, The Washington Post reported.

Confederate statues taken down overnight in Baltimore. One opponent of move levels stinging charge.

Four Confederate statues in Baltimore were taken down overnight, the Baltimore Sun reported — the latest in what could become a widespread trend following deadly demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

One California county develops a creative plan for combating homelessness

With its staggering homeless population, which spiked to 55,000 this year, Los Angeles County decided to try a different approach to solving its growing epidemic.

Texas governor signs bill banning taxpayer-funded elective abortions

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday signed into law HB 214, which prohibits insurance companies from using Texas taxpayer dollars for abortions.

Trump costs Amazon billions with this one tweet

President Donald Trump took to Twitter early this morning to attack Amazon, blaming the popular online retailer for job losses across the nation.

Protester who climbed atop Confederate statue and helped pull it down arrested; two others cuffed

Takiyah Thompson made it all too easy for authorities. Not long after admitting in a WVTD-TV interview Tuesday that she helped tear down a Confederate statue Monday evening in Durham, North Carolina, Thompson was taken into custody.

ESPN slammed for alleged slave imagery in fantasy football auction

ESPN apologized in a statement to USA Today on Tuesday night for a fantasy football auction segment that offended viewers by drawing parallels to a slave auction.

Marco Rubio posted an interesting response to Trump’s defiant statement on racism

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) appeared to disagree with President Trump placing the blame of the horrific attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, on both sides of the protest.

Michael Moore says the vast majority of Trump supporters are like rapists

Michael Moore blasted white Donald Trump voters while talking to Don Lemon on CNN Tuesday evening after the president’s statement to the press where he appeared to defend the alt-right.

Laura Ingraham mocks Charles Krauthammer in debate over Trump and Charlottesville

A very contentious debate between Charles Krauthammer and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham turned to insults when she began to mock the conservative commentator for criticizing the president over his cantankerous press briefing Tuesday.

Report: Trump has chosen a surprising replacement for Anthony Scaramucci

The Daily Caller claims that they have a source in the White House confirming that President Trump has chosen a successor to Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House Communications Director.

Rush Limbaugh: ‘You idiots, if you really want Bannon gone, you’ve got to shut up!’

Rush Limbaugh called the media “idiots” and explained that their tactics were just leading to President Trump holding on to his administration officials out of spite.

Black Lives Matter: All Confederate symbols should be banned as a result of Charlottesville attack

According to tweets sent by Chicago’s chapter of Black Lives Matter, the United States should ban all Confederate symbols in response to the white supremacist terror attack in Charlottesville, which left one woman dead and scores more injured.

Anti-Trump activist accused of shooting, killing Trump-supporting neighbor with semi-automatic

Clayton Carter, a 51-year-old resident of West Goshen, Pennsylvania, was accused of shooting and killing his neighbor after a “long-running dispute.” Carter allegedly shot his neighbor, Brooks Jennings, 51, twice in the head with a semi-automatic handgun as the two faced off in Jennings’ yard.

Fox host goes into meltdown mode over Trump’s latest Charlottesville comments: ‘Disgusting!’

Kat Timpf of “Fox News Specialists” was close to tears on Tuesday’s airing of the conservative show while speaking about President Donald Trump’s latest remarks about the “alt-left’s” role in Saturday’s Charlottesville terror attack.

Celeb couple Christine Teigen and John Legend melt down over Trump press briefing

Celebrity model Christine Teigen and her singer-songwriter John Legend took to Twitter to assail President Trump for his controversial press briefing Tuesday.

White supremacist, former KKK member David Duke praises Trump’s ‘alt-left’ Charlottesville comments

Controversial white supremacist David Duke on Monday applauded President Donald Trump’s comments that the “alt-left” had some blame to shoulder for the Charlottesville, Virginia attack.

Live Decision Desk results for the Alabama/Utah special elections here

Voters in Alabama will head to the polls to pick a Senator to replace Jeff Sessions who ran off to become Trump’s attorney general, while voters in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District will replace Jason Chaffetz, who ran off to become a commentator for Fox News.

Trump issues shocking statement about ‘alt-left,’ their involvement in Charlottesville terror attack

President Donald Trump on Tuesday condemned the “alt-left” for having a hand in the Charlottesville terror attack which killed one and injured scores more.

Sheriff: I’m coming after protesters who toppled Confederate statue and kicked, spit on it

Those protesters who pulled down a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, and proceeded to spit on, stomp on and kick it?