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Netanyahu Hails ‘New Middle East’ Willing to Partner with U.S. Against Islamic State

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday hailed Arab countries willing to work with the United States to fight the Islamic State.

Writer’s Wild Claim About Jesus and the Bible: A ‘Mythical Super-Savior…on a Suicide Mission’

In an article published in Free Inquiry, a magazine produced by the Council for Secular Humanism, writer Michael Paulkovich argues that Jesus Christ was a mythical figure who never walked the Earth.

What School Safety Officers Did to a Special-Needs Kindergartner Prompted His Mom to Start Videotaping and Hire an Attorney

Derek Marte, a special-needs kindergartner with ADHD, sometimes throws tantrums at school. Image source: WABC-TV New York City’s PS 107 has called Alicia Cabrel about her 5-year-old son in the past.

Popular Conservative Commentator Is Officially Joining TheBlaze

Popular conservative blogger and cultural commentator Matt Walsh is officially joining TheBlaze as a regular contributor.

‘Jihadis Next Door’: Four Important Things You Should Know From a New Article Circulating on the Web

They’re average, everyday, social media-savvy Americans — who happen to support the brutal jihadist regime slaughtering its way across the Middle East.

Second Possible Ebola Patient Being Closely Watched in Dallas, Health Official Says

A day after Dallas County Health and Human Services confirmed it was treating the first patient diagnosed with Ebola virus disease in the U.S., it added that it was closely monitoring another possible patient.

Are There Hidden Harms in One of the Latest Requirements for Tobacco Producers?

A recent article in the Washington Post opened with this thought about curbing smoking: ”The best way to get people to stop buying cigarettes might be to sell them in indistinguishable boxes.” Is so-called “plain packaging” really such a good idea?

New Action-Packed ‘Exodus’ Trailer Reveals Movie’s Fast-Paced Depiction of Moses’ Biblical ‘Courage’

With famed director Ridley Scott’s ”Exodus: Gods and Kings” set to hit theaters December 12, 20th Century Fox has released a new extended trailer offering a deeper lens into the fast-paced, action-packed storyline viewers can expect from the biblical epic.

She Grabs a Brick and Breaks a Car Window After Hearing Thumps From the Trunk — What She Finds Inside Answers Many Prayers

At first, Tiasha Chaplin thought it was a prank. Image source: WAVE-TV She “heard a thump, thump, thump” coming from a car in a Louisville parking lot Monday afternoon, WAVE-TV reported.

How Mexico Helps Pay for Some of Its Citizens to Remain in the U.S.

An immigration program created in 2012 to help people who came to the U.S. at a young age remain in the country longer might have roadblock: money.

Lawmakers Say Mexico Close to Releasing Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from Prison

Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said Wednesday that they believe Mexico will soon release Sgt.

The Stunning Reason This Pastor Is Living on the Streets and Scrounging for Meals

Pastor Rick Cole of Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, California, is on a mission, with the megachurch preacher pledging to live on the streets until he raises $100,000 to help the poor.

Mysterious Illness Has Left Children Across the Country With Difficulty Moving Their Limbs

As of Sept. 30, 41 states reported lab-verified cases of children infected with enterovirus 68, but severe respiratory problems are not the only thing that doctors are seeing of late.

UN Health Group Plotting Massive Global Tax on Tobacco, Without U.S. Input

The World Health Organization will meet behind closed doors in Russia later this month to vote on a proposal that would encourage most of world’s countries to impose a huge tax on tobacco, one that would double or even triple the price of cigarettes and threaten real injury to U.S.

See Some of the Outrageous Things Police Bought With Seized Taxpayer Dollars

Prostitutes, drugs and sports cars. Those are just a handful of the outlandish items police forces across the country have purchased with money seized from American citizens, often without any criminal charges being filed against them.

The Inspirational Two Bible Verses on a High School Football Monument That Have Atheists Up in Arms — but Should the District Remove Them?

A Georgia school district is examining its options after atheist activists protested against a monument that includes Bible verses and is placed near a district-owned football field.

Dog Became ‘Rock-Solid’ After Falling Into Hot Tar — See His Amazing Transformation After a Two-Day Rescue

A dog that had fallen into a pool of hot tar in India was almost unrecognizable when rescuers got to him.

‘F*** This S**t’: Hollywood Actress Unleashes at Online ‘Stalker’ Who She Says Threatened ‘Rape, Gang Rape and Throat Slitting’

The rise of social media has provided countless connective benefits to its users, but one of its many pitfalls is the ability it affords bullies and stalkers to anonymously harass their prey — a lesson actress Sophia Bush has learned all too well over the past few months.

The Embarrassing Mistake Made by Iraqi Pilots Battling the Islamic State That Has Sparked an Investigation

Iraqi military pilots accidentally mistakenly provided food, ammunition and other supplies to Islamic State militants in mid-September, two officials told NBC News Tuesday.

Kansas City Royals Defeat Oakland Athletics in 12th Inning During Wild-Card Thriller

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Oliver Darcy. — KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Kansas City Royals had waited 29 years to reach the postseason.