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ABC News Goes After Jason Chaffetz, Waits Until Last Paragraph of Story to Point Out These Key Facts

ABC News seemingly attempted in a story Tuesday to liken Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s (R-Utah) email behavior to that of Hillary Clinton’s — but waited until the last paragraph to point out several key facts.

Parents Infuriated After Teacher Reads Graphic, ‘Highly Inappropriate’ Gay Sex Poem to Students

A Connecticut teacher has been suspended after reading a poem to his students last week that graphically described a gay sex encounter.

Wanted Suspect Allegedly Taunts Officers on Facebook. The Way Sheriff Responds Is the Definition of Epic.

After sheriff’s deputies in Butler County, Ohio, posted images of a suspect wanted on burglary, assault and abduction charges on Facebook, officers believe the actual suspect replied to the post with a taunting message.

Watch as Taylor Swift Makes Terminally Ill Little Girl’s ‘Final Wish’ Come True

Sadly, 4-year-old Jalene Salinas has been crossing off items from her bucket list as she is battling an aggressive form of terminal brain cancer.

72 Passengers Reach Settlements in 2013 San Francisco Asiana Airlines Crash

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Oliver Darcy. — SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — More than 70 passengers aboard an Asiana Airlines flight that crashed in San Francisco two years ago have reached a settlement in their lawsuits against the airline, attorneys for the passengers and airline said in a court filing Tuesday.

Alabama Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriage

The Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the state’s probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, a decision that flies in the face of numerous rulings by federal judges in Alabama and other states across the country who have said banning gay marriage violates the U.S.

‘This Is a Democracy!’: Code Pink Activists Storm Congressional Office During Israel Protest

A group of Code Pink protesters stormed a congressional office Tuesday, protesting the United States’ policy toward Israel.

5 Things to Know About Hillary Clinton’s State Department Emails

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a personal email account for State Department business has prompted questions about secrecy and the rules that govern the communications of senior government officials.

Glenn Beck Says the Russian Assassination Brings the World One Step Closer to World War III — Here’s How

Glenn Beck has been warning that the world is headed for World War III, and said Tuesday that the assassination of former Russian deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov brings the world one step closer.

Can You Name All Nine of These Guns Seen in ‘American Sniper’?

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Unbelievable Photo of Baby Weasel Riding on Back of Woodpecker Goes Viral — Then the Truth Emerges

It’s the picture that captivated the Internet Monday. A series of incredible photographs captured a baby weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker — but it’s not the tale of two pals that you may have been led to believe.

Police Are Investigating What This Mystery Countdown Could Mean for Three High Schools

An online “puzzle” has the FBI and local police in Portland, Oregon, on alert for a potential disruption at 11:11 a.m.

Texas City Gets Rid of Police Dept., Hires ‘SEAL Security’ — Guess What Reportedly Happened to Crime

In 2012, the city of Sharpstown, Texas, made the controversial decision not to renew its contract with the local police department and instead hire a private security firm to combat crime.

Trey Gowdy Says He’s Going After Hillary Clinton’s Personal Emails on Benghazi

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said Tuesday that he will press former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her personal emails related to the 2012 attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

Busted: Obama and Biden Recycle Lines to Praise Retiring Senators

Vice President Joe Biden is known for some cringeworthy and downright inappropriate moments, but this week, The Hill noticed something more innocuous: The vice president seems to have recycled a joke that he used to praise retiring California Sen.

White House Can’t Say if Hillary Clinton Violated the Law

White House press secretary Josh Earnest refused to say Tuesday whether Hillary Clinton violated the law by conducting government business through her private email during her tenure as secretary of state.

House Concedes Immigration Fight, Passes ‘Clean’ DHS Bill with 75 GOP Votes

The House on Tuesday admitted defeat after a month-long effort to defund President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, and passed a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that leaves Obama’s plan intact.

Read the Simple but Mysterious Message a Man Walking His Dog Found in a Bottle Along a Texas Lake

Ted Barney was out walking with his dog on the shores of Lake Grapevine, near Fort Worth, Texas, when he found something unique: a handwritten message and a dollar bill in a bottle.

Justice Department Investigation Finds Extensive Racial Discrimination in Ferguson

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Justice Department investigation will allege sweeping patterns of discrimination within the Ferguson, Missouri, police department and at the municipal jail and court, a law enforcement official familiar with the report said Tuesday.

‘Faecbook’ and ‘Craisglist’ Scammers Served Instant Justice When This Guy Reveals Their Game

We’ve all done it. Your fingers slip while you’re typing in a familiar URL, and suddenly instead of looking at or Facebook, you’re staring down or — and a big fat warning is telling you there’s a problem with your computer.