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We Now Know Who the Mysterious ‘Santa’ Hillary Clinton Visited in the Summer of 2009 Is

It’s an email that raised eyebrows. After the State Department released a batch of Hillary Clinton emails Tuesday night, one particular message attracted attention.

Staffer Told Ted Cruz He Thought a Reporter Was Nice. The GOP Candidate Responded With Harsh Advice.

After a young staffer told Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz how “nice” a member of the media is, Cruz said he actually stopped the young man with a harsh reminder about the intentions of most reporters.

You’ve Seen a Lot of Shark Cage Attack Videos, but Unlikely One As Horrifying As This: ‘Crazy!’

A video posted online this week shows a large great white shark attack a diving cage for about a minute as one of the women inside screams in pure horror.

Gun-Toting Home Invaders Bust Down Doors, Go for Mom’s Purse. But Her Son Is Much Better Armed.

The knock at Sofia Velador’s door came just after 9 a.m. Tuesday. A woman was at the home’s entrance asking to use a phone since her car broke down with her son in it, Las Vegas Now reported.

Nine Reasons Why Veteran Democratic Strategist’s Dubious Claim About Hillary Clinton Deserves ‘Four Pinocchios’

Veteran Democratic strategist and Clinton ally Lanny Davis went on Fox Business Network and claimed that Hillary Clinton has never changed her position on a single issue in her entire political career, an assertion that was almost immediately challenged.

Texas Gun Owner Allegedly Attacked by Illegal Immigrant Known to Be ‘Violent’ — Guess How That Turned Out

A Texas man was allegedly attacked last month by an illegal immigrant “known by local law enforcement to be violent.” Unfortunately for the suspect, the man was a gun owner and was able to defend himself, police said.

Are the Brains of Men and Women Different? Check Out Some of the Answers We Got From New Yorkers

After seeing a recent spate of studies and stories speculating about the possible difference between male and female brains, we took TheBlaze cameras onto the streets of New York City and asked people about the differences between men and women and their brains.

After Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage, Man’s Quip About Saying ‘I Do’ to His Dog Sits Badly With His Bosses

Ryan Uhler readily admits he can be a troublemaker when it comes to social media activity. “It’s funny to go on and just see what other people are thinking and maybe stir the pot in either direction,” the Florida man told WZVN-TV.

Former Virginia Sen. Becomes Fifth Dem Candidate for 2016

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced his presidential campaign on Thursday, opening a long-shot bid against Hillary Rodham Clinton and a field of Democratic rivals for the party’s nomination.

The Dalai Lama Told Glenn Beck This Is ‘One of the Biggest Heartbreaks of His Life’

Glenn Beck told the Dalai Lama about his “Never Again Is Now” initiative on Wednesday, describing it as an event to “bring different faiths together without mixing our theology.” Beck plans to deliver aid to victims of persecution in the Middle East and do a series of church tours in America starting in Birmingham, Alabama on August 28th.

78-Year-Old Man Who Was Trapped in His Car ‘Up to Here’ in Water Thanks Two Heroes Who Helped Save His Life in Inspiring Moment You Have to See

The unlikely duo that may have saved a 78-year-old Terry Smith’s life got a surprise visit recently from a woman they had never met.

Beck Announces New Details for ‘Never Again Is Now’ Event in Birmingham, Alabama on 8/28

Glenn Beck on Thursday announced new details about his “Never Again Is Now” initiative that will begin in Birmingham, Alabama on August 28th.

A Guy in a Wingsuit Is About to Fly Through This Narrow Rock Hole — Watch the Heart-Stopping Moment

BASE jumpers who glide around in wingsuits take a risk every time they takeoff, but few actually seek out as dangerous of a mission as Uli Emanuele.

A Fisherman Sitting in a Kayak Hooks a 7-Foot Shark — and Soon Learns a Bigger Boat Could Have Been Useful

Calling to mind several scenes from “Jaws,” a fisherman’s crazy battle with a shark off the coast of Stuart, Florida, was captured on video.

Third New Ebola Case Hits Nation That Only a Few Weeks Ago Declared Relief

In a nation that only declared itself as Ebola free almost two months ago, the news that a third person is confirmed to have the disease in Liberia, following two other cases, is raising fears that another outbreak could start.

A Major American City Is Literally Throwing Away Thousands of Dollars

A major American city with its own fair share of budget problems is literally throwing away money. An Arizona man said he found a stack of uncashed checks made out to the city of Phoenix in a dumpster.

Hollywood Actor and Liberal Icon’s Shocking Comment About Justice Clarence Thomas

Outspoken actor and activist George Takei, known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in “Star Trek,” said that he and his husband are “overjoyed” by the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage, and issued some shocking comments about conservative Justice Clarence Thomas.

If Your Eyes Are This Color, You’re More Likely to Abuse Alcohol, Study Says

If you have blue eyes, you’re more likely to be alcohol-dependent than people with any other eye color, according to a new study from the University of Vermont.

‘Not to Put a Damper on Celebrations:’ Scientists Say Fireworks Result in a Surge of Air Pollution

Fourth of July fireworks might light up the sky with a dazzling display for only a few moments, but scientists say they actually leave something behind that can last a bit longer.

Should Bernie Sanders’ Record-Setting Crowds Worry Hillary Clinton?

Self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders can hardly be written off after attracting a whopping 10,000 supporters at a campaign event in Madison, Wisconsin, Wednesday — and casting more than a little doubt on Hillary Clinton’s shoo-in status for the Democratic presidential nomination.