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Inhofe’s Insane Climate Denial Speech Tells You Everything You Need to Know About the Republican Party Right Now

A few days ago, Republican Senator James Inhofe delivered a speech about why no intelligent person should ever vote for the Republican Party.

Scandal-Wrecked Former News Corp. Executive Is Reportedly Ready to Start a New Life NYC

Rebekah Brooks has been laying low since last June, when was cleared of all charges in News Corporation's endless bribery and phone-hacking scandal.

The de Blasios Haven't Quite Warmed Up to the Upper East Side

Mayor de Blasio and his family have been living in Gracie Mansion for about nine months now, but it seems that they're still settling in to the Upper East Side neighborhood of Yorkville.

Dallas Nurse Sues Hospital Where She Worked and Contracted Ebola

As panic over Ebola swept the United States last fall, Nina Pham became the American face of the disease.

Rand Paul Won the CPAC Straw Poll for the Third Year in a Row

Congratulations to Rand Paul, Son of Ron, for winning the Conservative Political Action Conference'sPost reports that around 3,000 CPAC attendees participated in the poll this year.) Texas Senator Ted Cruz came in third (11.5 percent), Ben Carson came in fourth (11 percent), and Jeb Bush rounded out the top five with 8 percent.  straw ...

Cleveland Blames Tamir Rice for His Own Death

The family of Tamir Rice — the 12-year-old who was fatally shot by a Cleveland police officer while playing with a toy gun — recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann, the two cops involved in the shooting.

The Ol' Dummy-in-the-Carpool-Lane Trick Only Works if You're Careful

James Campbell had a bulletproof plan to improve his daily commute: stick a dummy in his vehicle's front seat, throw a hoodie over it, and cruise into the Long Island Expressway's carpool lane.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Trial Is Still Going to Be in Boston

Once again, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has failed to get his case heard somewhere outside the immediate vicinity of the 2013 Boston Bombing.

You Never Know When Your Smartphone Will Try to Kill You

Sure, your smartphone is your friend — until it turns on you. WABC brings us the terrifying story of Erik Johnson, a 29-year-old Long Island man who was badly injured after his iPhone 5C's lithium ion battery exploded. Johnson and his brother had just arrived at their cousin's New Jersey wake when disaster struck:  ...

At CPAC You Have the Right to Get Weird

“It’s hard to punch through here,” Travis Brown, a writer for the anti-tax website How Money Walks, is saying.

GOP Can’t Find Votes to Pass Its Own DHS Bill

Republican leaders in the House tried to prevent the midnight shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security by passing a stopgap bill that would fund the department for three weeks, leaving time for both parties to debate what should be in the final budget.

Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov Reported Dead

Russian news outlets have reported that Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin and prominent critic of Russian President Vladmir Putin, was shot in the streets of Moscow, near the Kremlin, on Friday night.

How Net Neutrality, Unloved by Very Powerful People, Made It

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission approved new net-neutrality rules, and, as you'd expect, everyone on the internet is now wondering what it all means.  Seeing as the rules still need to survive bureaucratic lethargy, Congress, and litigation threats, who knows exactly what the change could mean, and if consumers will even notice.

7 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week

February is the cruelest month. It was bitterly cold, everyone kept getting a stomach virus, and my horoscope — which promised everything from professional acclaim to a romantic getaway — was even more wrong than Inhofe is about climate change.

Kristol: Netanyahu Loves America More Than Obama Does

The endless ethno-nationalist conflict in American politics has, of late, revolved around two related dramas.

Lube-Opening Cats Implicated in Student-Teacher Sex Scandal

Riverdale Country School teacher Richard Hovan could not have committed statutory rape with one of his students, as he is accused, for one simple reason: He did not open the lube, the cat did.

Oldest Investor on Wall Street Dies at 109

Irving Kahn, the oldest active investor on Wall Street, died at the age of 109 on Tuesday. According to the New York Times, he was also "the last surviving member of what had been described as the oldest living sibling quartet." New York Magazine profiled Kahn in 2011.

Emotional-Support Llamas Had One Job

The two llamas who ran loose through a retirement community in Arizona yesterday were visiting to cheer up people at a senior center, reports the AP.

Don Lemon Now Just Interviewing Farm Animals

After pondering black holes swallowing planes and losing terribly at presidential trivia, Don Lemon has been demoted to interviewing farm animals.

Republicans Realize Obamacare Lawsuit Would Destroy Them, Not Obamacare

Liberals have spent months freaking out about King v. Burwell, a right-wing lawsuit that they believe would cripple or even destroy Obamacare.