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Perry Warns of ISIS Infiltrating Through Mexico

Texas Governor Rick Perry is worried about ISIS. Specifically, he’s worried about ISIS infiltrating the United States through our porous border with Mexico.

New Jersey Teens Won’t Stop Setting Themselves on Fire

New Jersey teens just can't get enough of the so-called "fire challenge," in which impressionable teens light themselves on fire.

Someone in Brooklyn Keeps Filling Trash Bags With Pee, and Their Neighbors Are Not Happy

There's not really a delicate way to put this. You might as well stop reading now, if you have any self-control at all.

Obamans, Selling Out, and the Proxy Fight for the Democratic Party’s Future

Barack Obama has always had a slightly uneasy relationship with what one of his aides, very early, called “the professional left.” Actual liberal voters like Obama a lot.

Obama’s Hobby Lobby Compromise Would Allow More Women Access to Affordable Birth Control

A new rule proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services would broaden access to affordable birth control, allowing private companies who object to covering birth control for religious reasons to pass the cost on to the employee's insurance company.

Read a Powerful Letter About Michael Brown and Ferguson

It's no surprise that sociologists, perhaps the group of researchers most dedicated to understanding issues of race and inequality, have strong feelings about the death of Michael Brown and the subsequent violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

Washington Post Editorial Board Bans the Word Redskins

The Washington Post's editorial board announced Friday that it will no longer use the word Redskins to refer to the Washington, D.C., football team.

Russia Inching Closer to War in Ukraine With Convoy ‘Invasion’

U.S. officials are saying that Russia has 18,000 combat-ready troops at the Ukraine border on Friday, just as the Russian aid convoy crossed into Ukraine without authorization.

New York City Jails’ Investigations Chief Resigns After Reports of Brutality at Rikers

Florence L. Finkle, the commissioner responsible for overseeing investigations in New York City's correctional facilities, resigned Friday, less than a month after a federal report exposed the violent culture teen inmates at Rikers endure.

Darren Wilson Charity Page Turned Into a Cesspool of Racism and Trolling, Surprising No One

White people, it's safe to assume, have donated more than $230,000 in six days to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who has not been charged with a crime in the shooting of Michael Brown, "for any financial needs." (Meet his supporters here.) Along with their credit card numbers, donors were ...

Why Cops Handcuff Dead People

One of the (many) horrible details about the video of the police-shooting death of Kajieme Powell — and one I didn't mention in my article about the incident — is the fact that the police handcuff Powell after shooting him multiple times.

Harry Reid Tells Asian-Americans He Has Trouble ‘Keeping His Wongs Straight’

In today's installment of Hey, Guy! Maybe Don't Say That? we have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid telling a group of Asian-Americans that they're not "smarter than anybody else," and that he can't "keep his Wongs straight."Hey, Harry Reid!

50,000 Bees in a Condo Bring Superhero Out of Retirement

It was only two weeks ago that NYPD honey god Anthony "Tony Bees" Planakis hung up his bug vacuum. ("I wanted to start working on my own hives," he said.) But when a Queens building owner discovered a hive of 50,000 in his ceiling, and he googled for help, one ...

Rand Paul Offers Free Eye Exam With Deportation

Not long ago, Rand Paul appeared at a fund-raiser for full-time immigration hawk and occasional racist Steve King, where he found himself uncomfortably close to a young Mexican immigrant, causing him to panic and flee.

Here Are Some Truly Good Things That Happened This Week

Life is a depressing charade, a rote series of never-ending desk days attempting to masquerade as meaningful when really everything is complete, pointless garbage.

Hamas Kills at Least 18 Suspected of Informing Israel

Hamas militants killed at least 18 people in Gaza Friday, as part of a new crackdown on those suspected of informing to Israel.The group executions took place in two parts, with one occurring outside a mosque just as people were leaving Friday prayers.

Chris Rock Almost Catches a Foul Ball, Then Gives It to a Kid

Chris Rock was sitting behind the visitors' dugout at the Yankees vs. Astros game last night when a foul ball zoomed straight at him.

Sorry, Wall Street. Paying Young Bankers More Won’t Make You Cool Again.

In news that is sure to stir hearts across the country, Goldman Sachs has decided to give a $15,000 annual raise to next year's class of analysts (junior bankers typically just out of college, usually about 22 to 24 years old) as part of an effort to retain and attract ...

The New York Times Is Trying Really Hard to Jinx Our Beautiful Weather

Everyone knows that the first rule to preserving a streak of beautiful weather is to let it pass by completely unacknowledged.

Iraq: Boy, That Escalated Quickly

Two weeks ago, President Obama announced air strikes in northern Iraq against ISIS. The mission, as Obama explained it at the time, was designed to pursue two very limited objectives: “targeted airstrikes to protect our American personnel and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians who are ...