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Trump Slams NATO, Says He’d Lift Russia Sanctions for Nuclear Arms Reductions

He criticized Angela Merkel for letting in “all these illegals,” and predicted that more countries will leave the European Union.

GOP Congressman Overwhelmed by ACA-Supporting Constituents

A Colorado Republican snuck out of his own event to dodge a group of constituents who came to challenge the repeal of Obamacare.

Trump May Kick the White House Press Corps out of the White House

One official says it’s because the press is now “the opposition party” while others say it’s just about moving to a bigger space.

Trump Open to Lifting Sanctions on Russia, but Scrutiny of His Campaign’s Possible Contact with Kremlin Intensifies

Trump officials are also denying a report that his first foreign trip will be to meet with Putin.

70,000 Birds Have Paid the Ultimate Price Since the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’

There hasn’t been a bird-related plane crash in New York since Flight 1549, but that safety record has come at an enormous avian cost.

Trump Open to Lifting Sanctions on Russia, While Scrutiny of His Campaign’s Contact with Kremlin Intensifies

A senate committee will probe the Trump campaign’s contact with Moscow, while the president-elect remains glass-half-full on getting along with Putin.

David Brock Is Ready to Monetize the Resistance

The Clinton hit man turned ally is organizing a donor summit with the aim of building a liberal Koch Network — and/or keeping his own groups funded.

The GOP Just Took Another Small Step Toward Repealing Obamacare. But It Gets Much Harder From Here.

Now begin the really challenging questions.

Comey Refuses to Tell Congress Whether the FBI Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties

After publicly commenting on the FBI’s Clinton investigation before the election, Comey won’t privately discuss its intelligence on Trump.

Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey Responds to New York’s Cover Story About Jared Kushner

He offers a different perspective on Charlie Kushner.

Donald Trump Keeps a Big Stack of His Time ‘Person of the Year’ Mags on His Desk

And here’s a picture of it.

Obama Designates 3 Civil-Rights Sites As National Monuments

He also expands national monuments at two important environmental sites, an act that will very likely be a rarity under the Trump administration.

Is This Trump-Friendly Democratic Senator Fooling Republicans — or Himself?

So far, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin is just flirting. But he might have to pick sides soon.

Rex Tillerson Basically Promised the Senate That He Would Start a War With China

This week, Trump’s pick for top diplomat vowed to block China’s access to its islands in the South China Sea.

DOJ Report Rips Chicago Police for Poor Training, Excessive Force, and Racial Bias

A withering report from the Justice Department finds a brutal pattern of abuse by the CPD, blames it on “severely deficient” training and oversight.

Meet the First African-American Crew Member Aboard the International Space Station

She was inspired by an early admiration for astronaut Sally Ride.

Mike Flynn Reportedly Called Russia’s Ambassador As Obama Expelled Diplomats

This will do little to dispel concerns about Flynn’s coziness with Moscow.

Trump Voters and the General Public Have Very Different Priorities

But they overwhelmingly agree on one thing: Taxes on rich people should not be cut.

The New Republican Plan to Make Democrats Repeal Obamacare Is to Take Children’s Health Care Hostage

This will definitely prove that Republicans aren’t heartless maniacs.