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WATCH: NASA Discovered a New Solar System, and 3 of Its Planets Are Potentially Habitable

“Finding a second earth is not a question of if, but a question of when.”

Democrats Try to Transcend Symbolic Divisions in DNC Race

Media and activists alike are trying to turn a close DNC contest into a surrogate battle between factions.

Trump Immigration Memo Angers Mexico, But Don’t Worry, the Relationship Is ‘Phenomenal’

Just as Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly arrive for high-level talks.

Trump: We’re Submitting a Health-Care Plan! Tom Price: No, We’re Not!

This administration is a fine-tuned machine.

WATCH: Hundreds of Protesters at Standing Rock Are on the Brink of Evacuation

The Army Corps has ordered the remaining few hundred activists to vacate by February 22.

Trump Staffers Plant Alternative Facts to Stop Him From Tweeting Them

More leaks from the frightening world of Donald Trump’s child monarchy.

Is Trump Taking Over Conservatism, or Is Conservatism Absorbing Trump? CPAC Will Be the Latest Litmus Test

The evidence ahead of a key right-wing conference suggests that it’s the right that’s moving.

Republicans Accuse Protesters of Organizing for Political Change

Conservatives are now arguing that protests are illegitimate if they’re planned in advance by activists.

Iowa Legislator Proposes Hiring Quotas for Republican College Faculty

After decades of conservative whining about liberal domination of college faculties, a legislator has finally come up with a solution.

Rand Paul Has Become Trump’s Most Loyal Stooge

The task of suppressing dissent against the president’s authoritarian tendencies falls to the GOP’s libertarian.

What It’s Like to Live in a Trump Building

The protesters, the new frisson, and the extremely clean floors.

Here Are the Republicans Who Faced ‘So-Called Angry Crowds’ at Tuesday’s Town Halls

While scores of GOP lawmakers are avoiding their constituents, and handful attended packed public events back home.

Timing of Trump Immigration Memos Undermines Cabinet Members’ Mexico Visit

They were released just as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly headed south.

Trump’s Immigration Policies Have Already Taken a Toll on the U.S. Economy

The American tourism industry is still reeling from Trump’s travel ban.

A ‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner Hung on the Statue of Liberty Today

Challenging Trump’s travel ban.

When Will Trump Announce a Policy Agenda? Maybe Never.

Trump has an opportunity to lay out a detailed policy agenda on February 28 to a joint session of Congress --- which needs the guidance.

Administration Rattles Sabers at Undocumented Immigrants

Maybe the plan is to deport millions, or frighten the undocumented into self-deporting. Either way, a big shift in immigration policy is underway.

Malaysian Authorities Can’t Say for Sure Whether Kim Jong-un’s Half-Brother Was Poisoned

Authorities are awaiting lab results while North Korea accuses Malaysia of “mangling” the autopsy.

Trump Is Unpopular, But Not As Unpopular As Liberals Think

Are Trump’s historically low approval ratings high enough for Republicans to avoid a 2018 disaster? Probably so, but there’s not much room for error.

Trump to Tackle Deficit With Imaginary Growth, Elimination of Popular Programs

The president is poised to pay for his tax cuts by baselessly assuming 3 percent economic growth and eliminating public broadcasting.