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How the CDC Is Fighting Ebola in the United States

After weeks of hearing dire reports about the spread of Ebola in West Africa, many Americans were understandably terrified when the first Ebola case was diagnosed in the U.S.

Secret Service Let Armed Felon Ride an Elevator with President Obama

While the nation has been freaking out about a man with a knife running into the White House, there's been one silver lining for the Secret Service: at least nobody knew about the gun-toting man who stood next to the president just three days earlier.

Chris Christie Is Upset That President Obama Faulted Staffers, Not Himself

In a recent 60 Minutes interview, President Obama said the U.S. intelliegence community underestimated ISIS, and that didn't sit well with expert apologizer Chris Christie.

Fox News Is Now the Most Watched Cable Network

Q3 TV ratings are in, and Fox News is now the "most-watched basic cable network for the quarter in primetime." But how many of those viewers are bloggers waiting for the most cringe-worthy, SMH moments to clip and send into the viral ether?

Awful #JSIL Campaign Likens Israel to ISIS

In the latest ill-advised ISIS comparison of the last few days, some Twitter activists have begun comparing Israel to the terrorist group using its alternate name, ISIL.

First Ebola Case Diagnosed in the United States

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed a patient in Dallas has the Ebola virus, Reuters reports, the first confirmed case in the U.S.

Hong Kong Protests Are a U.S. Conspiracy Plot, Says Russia

The ongoing student-led protests in Hong Kong, still tens of thousands strong and showing no signs of abetting, are obviously the work of the meddling West, according to the Kremlin.

Thailand Wants to Tag Tourists With I.D. Bracelets

Just weeks after two British tourists were found murdered on a Thai beach, the country's tourism minister wants to tag all future visitors with identification bracelets.According to Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, the information on said bracelet would make it much easier for locals to assist lost, drunk, or otherwise out of it ...

Steven Pinker on Why It’s Okay to Dangle Your Participle

Steven Pinker — the Harvard cognitive scientist who also chairs the Usage Panel of the American Heritage Dictionary — is not a fan of many of the “rules” one finds in modern guides to grammar and usage, not to mention finger-wagging language columns.That's part of the reason he wrote The ...

New York Wants to Import Medical Marijuana (for Now)

New York's Health Department is looking across state lines for medical marijuana, as it seems like getting the state's brand-new pot program set up could take as long as until 2016.

Brooklyn Teacher Busted for Snapchatting Student Now Accused of Abusing 6 Other Girls

Brooklyn Technical High School teacher Sean Shaynak, arrested last month for sending a nude photo to a 16-year-old, now faces an additional 36-count indictment that alleges years of sexual abuse against students ages 13 to 19.

Jared Leto’s Hair Is Reddit’s Newest Investor

Jared Leto and his illustrious mane have joined a $50 million investment in Reddit, the link sharing community/online support group for men who have been friend-zoned.

Mitt Romney Figures Out How Secret Recordings Work

In an entertaining profile by Mark Leibovich, Mitt Romney explains the mistake he made in his infamous remarks at a fund-raiser denouncing the shiftless, hopeless 47 percent.

Secret Service Director Says White House Door Now Locks Automatically — After Guy With Knife Barreled Through It — During Congressional Grilling

Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, is very sorry a man was able to jump the White House fence and make it deep into the first floor of the president's home with a knife earlier this month.

Woman Arrested for DUI Just Wanted Some Pizza

A woman from Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested early Sunday morning when police noticed she was swerving in and out of her lane on the highway.

Behind the Michigan Football Concussion Disaster

Saturday, University of Michigan quarterback Shane Morris took a vicious hit in the head late in a loss to the University of Minnesota.

Michael Phelps Reportedly Busted for Second DUI

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was reportedly busted for a DUI early Monday morning in Maryland, according to TMZ.

Iceland Announced a Men-Only Conference on Gender Equality at the U.N.

Almost overlooked in all the U.N. hubbub over the last week was Iceland's radical plan for advancing gender equality: The announcement of a men-only "barbershop" conference, which the nation plans to co-host with South America's Suriname. "We want to bring men and boys to the table on gender equality in a ...

Washington Football Team Has a ‘Disregard for Basic Human Dignity,’ Says Native American Author

Louise Erdrich happens to be both an award-winning Native American novelist and an avid sports fan, so who better to weigh in on the ongoing "controversy" surrounding the Washington football team's continued use of a racially insensitive team name and logo?

Teen Finally Gets His Laser Cat Photo in the Yearbook

The triumphant saga of the Long Island high school student who wanted his senior portrait to be an homage to internet laser cats of yore has officially come to an end: Draven Rodriguez got a majestic photo of him holding his cat in the yearbook, but with a little twist.Rodriguez ...