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At Least 25 Dead as Undersea Earthquake Strikes Indonesia

There is no danger of a tsunami.

Obama Warns Against Reversing National Security Strategy, Trump Says That’s Still His Plan

Their respective national security advisors are set to meet at the White House on Wednesday.

Poll: Republicans Are Now More “Anti–Free Market” Than Democrats

YouGov finds that 57 percent of Republicans believe that the “free market” has been failing the United States — only 33 percent of Democrats agree.

Bob Dole Has Lobbied Trump on Taiwan’s Behalf for Months

The former senator was paid $20,000 a month to get Trump to cozy up to Taiwan.

Louisiana Man Who Shot Former Jets Player in Road-Rage Incident Is Charged With Manslaughter

Officials defended the decision to delay charging the suspect with Joe McKnight’s death.

Trump Tries Out His Strongman Act on Another Private Company

He’s called out Boeing on bad information and pushed Carrier into a deal. Is this the new normal?

This Week’s Ludicrous House Vote to Impeach the IRS Commissioner

He's on his way out in a matter of weeks anyway.

Brokers Pitch Secret Service As Hottest Trump Tower Amenity

Gym, roof deck, doorman, and 24/7 armed security.

Everybody Hates Chris Christie

Th New Jersey governor has the lowest rating ever in a Quinnipiac University poll.

The Gerontocracy of Democratic Party Leadership

Joe Biden in 2020? Not all that crazy when you look at the age of other leaders.

Turns Out Ben Carson Didn’t Grow Up in Public Housing

Supporters had cited that as a reason he would be a good HUD Secretary.

Donald Trump Shoots Down Boeing’s Stock Price

Trump cancels an “order” of new 747 Air Force One planes over Twitter, and one of the largest companies on the Dow sees its share price slide.

This Company Is Transforming Vacant Land Within Slums Into Non-Rectangular Soccer Fields

VIDEO: The odd-shaped pitches help reduce crime and make more space for children to play.

Michael Flynn’s Conspiracy-Loving Son Is Out of Trump Transition

Flynn Jr. has tweeted about Pizzagate and is a proud InfoWars supporter.

Muslim MTA Worker Pushed Down the Stairs at Grand Central Station Amid Hate-Crime Spike in NYC

Hate-crime reports since Election Day are up 115 percent.

Trump’s Carrier Deal Is a Hit With Voters

Trump’s deal to keep a Carrier plant in Indiana is deeply popular. The president-elect, however, remains anything but.

Paul Ryan Wants to Give Tax Breaks to Struggling Small-Business Owners Like Donald Trump

Tax cuts for the rich? Of course not! Why would you even say that?

Trump’s America Could Be Like Alabama With Nukes

More and more, the new administration seems to be taking on a southern-fried reactionary character.

Congressional Republicans Claim They’ll Start Standing Up to Trump

The GOP Establishment says they won’t start a trade war, regardless of what the president-elect tweets.

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers Teammates Refuse to Stay in Trump Hotels

The team will find alternate accommodations for players who are boycotting the Trump SoHo this week.