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Bill Clinton Ignores History and Tells ‘Her Story’ in DNC Speech

In a departure from the great orations he’s given in the past, the former president focused on an earnest recitation of his wife’s resume as a “change-maker.”

Bill Clinton Tells Courtship Story, Makes Twitter Nervous

"I got close enough to touch her back," Clinton said. "Somehow, I knew this might not be another tap on the shoulder."

Andrew Sullivan Liveblogs the DNC, Night 2

Join us at 8 p.m. tonight for Sullivan’s return to blogging as he covers events at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Louisiana Wins the DNC Roll Call Vote

Watch Louisiana pledge their delegates like no state has ever pledged its delegates before.

Democrats Nominate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Makes It Unanimous

If there were bad feelings left over from yesterday's Democratic tensions, they dissipated in the fun of an old-school roll call vote and history was made.

By Spotlighting Police Violence, The Democrats Put Their Base’s Concerns Above Political Caution

Even as the GOP returns to "tough on crime" politics, the Democrats will spotlight anti-Black violence in their convention's prime time hour.

Flower That Hasn’t Grown in the Bronx Since 1939 and Smells Like a Dead Body Is About to Bloom

It was once the official flower of the borough.

‘C’mon, Man’: The Joe Biden Story

Scenes from a vice-presidential presser in Philly.

Trump Deals From Strength With ‘USA Freedom Kids,’ Crushes Them

USA Freedom Kids just another word for kids with nothin' left to lose.

Sanders Suggests That Voting for Third-Party Candidate Who Can’t Win Probably Not Best Way to Stop Trump

As polls show a significant number of former Sanders-backers planning to vote third party, the senator finally makes the case against Jill Stein.

Second Avenue Subway Is Behind Schedule, Again

So close, and yet so far. 

Just to Be Clear: The DNC and RNC Are Too Weak to ‘Rig’ Anything

The myth of all-powerful "party Establishments" somehow lives on, despite abundant evidence they aren't all that.

Athletes Are Refusing to Stay in the Olympic Village

Remember Sochi?

New York Magazine Competition No. 74: Books We Safely Skipped

The latest installment of our game.

France Says ISIS Is Behind the Catholic Church Attack That Left One Priest Dead

Militants stormed the church during Mass and took hostages before being killed by police. 

Looking Back at 46 Years of Roger Ailes Coverage

Certain larger-than-life figures tend to become running characters in New York  and, for nearly our entire history, that cast has included Roger Ailes.

The Second-Strangest Campaign of the Season Is Taking Place in Florida, of Course

Florida's Senate race has it all: "Liddle" Marco, Cayman Islands chicanery, a yacht named Cocktails, and a very stubborn Alan Grayson.

Star Power, Fatigue, and Bernie’s Greatest Hits Bring Fragile Unity to Philadelphia

By the end of Bernie Sanders’s speech to the DNC, the die-hard Sandernistas appeared to be mollified.

Fresh Intelligence: Today Is a Confusing Day for the Democratic Party, But a Great Day for Philadelphia Sign Printers

Our roundup of the stories, ideas, and memes you’ll be talking about today.