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10 Sailors Missing After U.S. Navy Destroyer Collides With Oil Tanker Near Singapore

The incident comes two months after seven sailors died in a similar collision.

Chris Christie Didn’t Lose Potential Sports Radio Job, He Quit

Following a report that WFAN isn’t interested in having him replace Mike Francesa, Christie said he took himself out of the running.

Terror Cell in Spain Was Planning a Much Larger-Scale Attack

Some of the 12 suspected terrorists were teenagers, and their radicalization has baffled their families and authorities alike.

Trump’s White Nationalist House

The GOP once drew the line at Nazis.

The Trump Economy Is a Gilded Mediocrity

Five reasons why the American economy is far weaker than mainstream commentary suggests.

Trump Administration Disbands Climate-Change Advisory Panel

Yet more evidence that the White House is uninterested in acknowledging or planning for the threat of climate change.

Polls: Trump Embarrasses More Than 60% of Voters in 3 Crucial States

Trump’s response to Charlottesville doesn’t seem to have gone over so well in the three states that narrowly handed him last year’s election.

Trump Thinks About Nuclear Annihilation a Lot, But Doesn’t Know Much About It

Trump has worried about nuclear war for decades, and thinks his own negotiating skills are the only thing that can save us.

Thousands March Against Right-Wing ‘Free Speech’ Rally in Boston

The protest, in which counter-protesters vastly outnumbered rally-goers, seems to have remained peaceful.

Charities Are Pulling Their Events from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort

The perceived toxicity of the president has spread to the winter White House.

The Careful, Pragmatic Case Against Punching Nazis

“Punch Nazis” may be a satisfying catchphrase, but progressives should think through what it would mean to fully embrace it.

President Trump Is More Isolated Than Ever

The departure of Trump’s nationalist id, Steve Bannon, after a week in which he alienated other allies, will only increase attacks on the White House.

Icahn Fired By Trump As Advisor, Then Resigns

Another Trump ally is gone.

Icahn Fired By Trump As Advisor, Then Resigns

Another Trump ally is gone.

Bannon Could Be More Dangerous Outside Than Inside the White House

While Bannon’s rivals in the administration will be happy to see him go, he could cause the White House immense problems as a free agent.

Scheme To Get Republicans a 53d Senate Seat Collapses As Manchin Stays Put

A rumored game of musical chairs had Perry going to DHS, Manchin to Energy, and a West Virginia Republican to the Senate.

How Anthony Scaramucci — I Mean Steve Bannon — Got Fired

▶️ We definitely didn’t recycle a video about Anthony Scaramucci.

With Steve Bannon Gone, What Becomes of His Closest Allies?

Sebastian Gorka and Julia Hahn could be the next staffers on their way out of the White House.

There’s a Basic Security Device That Can Prevent a Barcelona-Style Attack. Why Don’t We Use It More?

Bollards, strategically deployed, can foil terrorist techniques.

Out at Trump’s White House, Steve Bannon Prepares Transition Into the ‘Barbarian’

President Trump’s controversial senior strategist is planning his next act.