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Hillary Clinton Is More ‘Dovish’ Than Obama on Nukes, Hacked Audio Suggests

In February, Clinton expressed skepticism about a nuclear “modernization” plan that critics believe would heighten the risk of atomic warfare.

The Obscure, Legal Drug That Fuels John McAfee

Throughout the software engineer’s bizarre downfall and remarkable comeback, his drug of choice has been a mystery — until now.

How Pivot Became the Euphemism of the Trump Campaign

A term has been abused into meaninglessness.

The President of the Philippines, Citing Hitler As Inspiration, Said He’d Be ‘Happy to Slaughter’ 3 Million Drug Addicts

As a general rule, heads of state don’t look to Hitler for good ideas.

Donald Trump Urges Voters to ‘Check Out’ Alicia Machado’s Sex Tape

The Republican nominee decides the best way to combat allegations of misogyny is to slut-shame the woman making them.

Trump Offers a Ray of Hope for America’s Embattled Private-Prison Industry

The Feds are phasing them out, and some states may soon follow. But Trump seems to be bullish on for-profit incarceration.

Trump Has a Voter-Registration Problem

Yes, theoretically Trump could benefit from a tide of votes from white working-class voters. But he lacks the resources to get them registered.

Trump Won’t Explain Potentially Illegal Cuba Dealings, But It May Not Matter

Scandal in a swing state is the last thing he needs, but it looks like Floridians may give him a pass.

In a First, USA Today Begs Readers Not to Vote for Trump

The studiously nonpartisan newspaper’s editorial board unanimously believes the Republican candidate is unfit for the office.

Delayed Technology Upgrade Might Have Prevented Hoboken Train Wreck

Positive Train Control software is required to be installed on all U.S. passenger trains by the end of 2018.

California Mandates Gender-Neutral Restrooms in Public Buildings

The new law applies only to single-user bathrooms; segregating these facilities by gender, its sponsor says, “defies common sense.”

As Trump Rails Against Clinton Foundation, Report Finds His Own Charity Is Operating Illegally

It’s not registered to solicit donations in New York.

New York City’s Homeless Population Is About to Hit 60,000

The de Blasio administration insists that without its assistance programs, the numbers would be even worse.

There’s a Chance Hurricane Matthew Could Be Headed for the East Coast Next Week

The Category 1 storm is currently in the Caribbean Sea.

Many Civic-minded Masturbators Took a Break From Porn to Watch Monday’s Debate

PornHub saw a 16 percent drop in its usual Monday-night traffic during the first presidential debate.

Wells Fargo CEO Goes Back to Washington for Another Public Flogging

Today it was the House Financial Services Committee’s turn, and they had fun.

Presidential Candidate Touts Inability to Name a Foreign Leader He Respects

At an MSNBC town hall, Gary Johnson revealed that he cannot, off the top of his head, name a single foreign leader.

Just in Time, Bernie Getting in Tune With Hillary

At a time where Clinton urgently needs “Sanders holdouts” to get onboard, he is coming to her aid.