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Donald Trump has a meltdown over hot hotel room

It's really, really hot out there, folks, and at least one presidential candidate isn't having it. Speaking to supporters at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center in Virginia on Monday, Trump said he wouldn't pay the bill for using the ballroom because the air conditioning wasn't turned on.

After a night of booing, Democrats turn to nominate Clinton

The Democratic National Convention continues with its second day Tuesday, as Hillary Clinton is set to become the first woman to ever win a major party's nomination for president.

Nuclear disaster site Fukushima is infested with Pokémon

The wildly popular smartphone game Pokémon Go has led people to dead bodies, muggers, and off of cliffs, but since launching in Japan, a whole new danger lurks for those trying to catch 'em all — nuclear radiation.

Sanders tells diehard supporters they'll have to look their kids in the face if Trump gets elected

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) reminded California delegates at a Tuesday morning breakfast in Philadelphia that there might be a steep price to pay if they keep up their booing at the Democratic National Convention.

Harrison Ford was almost killed on the Star Wars set

Actor Harrison Ford had a brush with death in an accident on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens during filming in 2014, although he luckily managed to escape with just a broken leg, The Independent reports.

Why the Democratic Party can't tame Bernie Sanders' fiercest fans

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton earlier this month, and reiterated his support for her again at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night.

Bernie Sanders is going back to the Senate as an Independent — not a Democrat

Well, it was a good run. Self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders tossed his hat into the ring for presidency as a Democrat, but he now says he will resume being an Independent when he heads back to the Senate: Bernie Sanders tells @bpolitics breakfast w/reporters he'll return to the Senate as an Independent, not a Dem: 'I was elected as an Ind.' — Susan Page (@SusanPage) July 26, 2016 "He was never really a party guy," Greg Guma, the author of The People's Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution, told The Daily Beast earlier this year.

The GOP convention prompted this Utah state senator to exit the Republican Party

For Sen. Mark Madsen (R-Utah), last week's Republican National Convention was the last straw. The Republican state senator announced Monday that, after witnessing firsthand the state of the party as a Utah delegate, he will no longer be a member of the Republican Party.

In 1914, American men were the third-tallest in the world. Now, they're the 37th.

When it came to height, Americans used to stand tall above the rest. Now, a new global study from London's Imperial College has found Americans are looking pretty short in comparison to the world's other nationalities.

Yes, Stranger Things is nostalgic. But it's also just a really good show.

Maybe Stranger Things could be named for its crazy DNA. A mix of ET and The X Files, of Stand by Me and Under the Skin, and The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks, the show isn't exactly hard to describe; the trouble is that the descriptions sound insane.

Of the 61 speeches at the Democratic convention, not 1 mentioned ISIS

Some critics have slammed the Republican National Convention for promoting an apocalyptic message of doom-and-gloom, but the RNC might have just gotten the last laugh.

America's first double hand transplant patient now wants hands removed

Jeff Kepner, 64, lost both of his hands in 1999 due to sepsis evolving from a strep throat infection.

More Russian athletes banned from Rio Olympics over doping allegations

Seven swimmers, three rowers, and five canoeists have joined the growing list of Russian athletes banned from the upcoming Rio Games because of doping allegations.

The daily business briefing: July 26, 2016

1. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer, raised its offer for British brewer SABMiller to $103 billion on Tuesday.

Hollande: French church attackers pledged allegiance to ISIS

French President François Hollande said Tuesday that the attackers of a Normandy church had claimed allegiance to the Islamic State.

10 things you need to know today: July 26, 2016

1. Powerful Democrats tried to get the party's convention on track Monday after its first day was marred by a leak of internal emails that threatened party unity with signs some officials had favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Scientists think they've found the origin of all earthy life

Four billion years ago, sometime around Earth's 560 millionth birthday, Luca was born. Luca is your great-to-an-infinite-degree grandmother and grandfather, as it is your dog's and your goldfish's and your ficus'.

Priest killed after being taken hostage in church attack in France

An 86-year-old priest was killed after being taken hostage by two armed men in northern France on Tuesday morning, police say.

Bernie Sanders' devastating rebuke to 'Bernie or Bust'

Bernie Sanders seems to have realized something important. After 35 years as an independent, he reached the apex of his political renown and influence when he chose to become a member of the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump is right. Bernie Sanders sold out. But here's what he got.

When Donald Trump tweeted after Bernie Sanders' speech that Sanders "totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton.