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Watch Hillary Clinton winkingly ask: 'Don't you someday want to see a woman president?'

Hillary Clinton's speech at the 30th anniversary gala of EMILY's List on Tuesday night is arguably most memorable for what she didn't mention: The flap around her exclusive use of a personal email account while secretary of state.

'Why are there no girl presidents?' A response to my daughter.

Twice in the past few months, my precocious nine-year-old daughter has come home from school a little down.

The quiet thrill of writing as a foreigner in Paris

Read more on this story as well as Neda Semnani's second installment of her Paris Project, How not to write about love in Paris Listen to more of The Week's podcasts: * My love affair with cookbooks * Life advice for my sons * Maine is a waspy, cliche-ridden magnet for tourists — and it's also heave

NBC is reportedly launching its own comedy-focused subscription video service

NBC Universal knows that you like those Jimmy Fallon videos — and it wants to earn more money from his viral hits.

Bjork at MOMA: A review

The works of art that are most meaningful to us tend to be those with which we are most familiar. While Seurat's Port-en-Bessin, Entrance to the Harbor, for example, can overwhelm the passerby who pauses to admire its saturated whites and blues, it remains remote, a chilly artifact, haloed in the sanctity that comes from being one of the chosen few to grace the austere galleries of the Museum of Modern Art.

Pinko alert: How Warren Buffett just inadvertently endorsed socializing Wall Street

A while back, Seth Ackerman — a writer for the radical left magazine Jacobin — published a long, detailed, and bracing article calling for the socialization of the financial industry.

Argentina is in the midst of a full-blown meltdown

You may have heard that Argentina is in the grip of an all-consuming political affair that sounds more like something out of a paperback thriller than real life.

Why flooding politics with more money may not be a bad idea

The recent controversy over funding the Department of Homeland Security has once again brought into sharp focus the incredible weakness of John Boehner — probably the least powerful speaker of the House since Henry Clay developed the position in 1811.

A snail's life

Daniel Ranalli is an extremely patient man — at least when it comes to one of his photography projects.

The great populism control effort of 2016

Forget population control. In 2016, the great cultural fad in American politics will be populist control.

The joy of experiencing art in a bubble

If you spent more than 10 seconds on Twitter over the weekend, or visited a news site, or had any kind of conversation with a TV-watching human being, you are probably aware that Netflix dropped all 13 episodes of the third season of House of Cards.

The Daily Show takes dueling full-page NY Times ads on Netanyahu to their hilarious, illogical conclusion

Even before Benjamin Netanyahu opened his mouth in Congress, his big controversial speech on Tuesday drew dueling full-page ads in The New York Times.

Jon Stewart critiques Netanyahu's 'festival of slights,' Congress' Bibi adulation

There wasn't much that Jon Stewart liked about Tuesday's spectacle of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning a fawning Congress about President Obama's Iran nuclear talks — not Bibi's conceit that he was speaking for all Jews, not Obama's "eh, we're still cool" response, not CNN's weird Star of David graphics, and not Netanyahu's 19 years of urgent warnings about Iran.

Jimmy Kimmel talks with heroic cashier who fought off armed robbers

If you don't know Zara Adil's story about an attempted robbery at her family's tobacco shop, Jimmy Kimmel showed the narrated security camera footage on Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The problem with Netanyahu equating Iran and Hitler's Germany

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully laid out his case for why the Obama administration's prospective deal to curb Iran's nuclear program is misguided and dangerous, in an address to Congress.

Nearly 700 koalas were secretly culled by authorities in Australia

In an attempt to curb overpopulation, wildlife authorities in western Victoria, Australia secretly killed hundreds of koalas in 2013 and 2014.

Tom Selleck was skeptical of Leonard Nimoy directing Three Men and a Baby

When Disney brought on Leonard Nimoy to direct Three Men and a Baby, Tom Selleck thought, "Well, there's a good choice — you've got this guy with no emotions who's gonna do a funny little comedy," Selleck told Seth Meyers on Tuesday night's Late Night.

Homeless man shot by LAPD officers came to the U.S. using a stolen identity

More information is coming out about the homeless man shot and killed by police in Los Angeles on Sunday, including that he was a convicted bank robber who took over a French man's identity 15 years ago in order to gain entrance to the United States.

Selma students want to change the name of bridge honoring alleged KKK member

Students in Selma, Alabama, have started a petition to change the name of a bridge that honors a purported member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Alabama Supreme Court orders halt to gay marriage, violating federal rulings

On Tuesday night, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled, 7-1, to bar state probate judges from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.