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Mr. Bernanke goes to Wall Street

Everything you need to know, in four paragraphs: "The great revolving door between Washington and Wall Street keeps spinning," said the San Francisco Chronicle in an editorial.

Libya's collapse

 What has gone wrong? Very little has gone right for Libya since Oct. 20, 2011, when longtime dictator Col.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is terrible. I'm never going again... after this year.

When I first started going to the White House Correspondents Dinner nearly a decade ago, I was enthralled — and not just because of the president.

A movie gem to stream this weekend: Mitt

Watch a trailer for Mitt: Stream Mitt on Netflix. Read our review of Mitt. Listen to more of The Week's streaming recommendations:

The week's best photojournalism

Smoke and ash rise from the Calbuco volcano, in southern Chile, which erupted for the first time in more than five decades.

'Eric Holder is free,' says Eric Holder

If there's one person who's glad the Senate gridlock over Loretta Lynch's attorney general nomination is over, it's the man she's set to replace.

Robert Downey Jr. is slammed for being racist as he promotes Avengers: Age of Ultron

Robert Downey Jr. walked out of an interview with London's Channel 4 News earlier this week, and the rest of his Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour hasn't fared much better.

The week's best editorial cartoons

**See more cartoons**

Texas commissioner: Having deep fryers in public schools is 'not about French fries, it's about freedom'

It turns out the real threat to America's children is that they don't have enough deep-fried food. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (R) wrote a letter to the editor of The Houston Chronicle on Thursday, calling for a 10-year ban on deep-fat fryers and soda machines in Texas public schools to be overturned.

Only in America: Middle school removes 'feminist' from student's shirt in photo

Ohio middle-school officials erased the word "feminist" from an eighth-grader's T-shirt in a class photo to "prevent any unintended controversies." "Feminist" T-shirt censored in class picture: — KTVU (@KTVU) April 22, 2015 Sophie Thomas was shocked to see that her shirt had been photoshopped to erase the word, but the principal explained it might be "offensive" to some people.

Every high school in the U.S. will receive a free copy of Selma

American history teachers will soon have a powerful tool in their arsenal. Paramount Pictures' Home Media Distribution division announced that it will provide a complimentary copy of Ava DuVernay's Selma to every public and private high school in the U.S.

The Statue of Liberty is being evacuated after reports of a 'suspicious package'

An NYPD bomb squad arrived at the Statue of Liberty Friday after a canine unit apparently detected something suspicious in a staff locker area.

For those who have everything: Thief-proof bike

Meet the thief-proof bike. The Stromer ST2 ($6,990) offers plenty of impressive technology, beginning with a battery-powered pedal assist that has a 90-mile range and a top speed of 28 mph, writes Aaron Gulley at Outside Magazine.

Hillary Clinton calls for a change in 'deep-seated' religious beliefs on abortion

Building on her decidedly feminist campaign message, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a forceful stance on abortion rights Thursday when she called for a change in "deep-seated" cultural and religious standards.

Watch this hilarious political attack ad on Game of Thrones' Jon Snow

If you are caught up on your Game of Thrones, you'll know that Jon Snow won an upset election to become the next lord commander of the Night's Watch, propelled to victory over his bete noire Alliser Thorne after a stirring speech from his friend Samwell Tarly.

Scientists discover massive magma chamber beneath Yellowstone supervolcano

There's enough magma beneath Yellowstone National Park to fill the Grand Canyon almost 14 times. Researchers have discovered a previously unknown magma reservoir below the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park.

Only in America: Man ticketed for shooting his computer repeatedly

A Colorado man was given a ticket by police this week for shooting his balky computer eight times and "killing" it.

This strange human sacrifice was likely a gruesome re-enactment of an ancient Mayan myth

The sacrifice of two Mayans more than 1,000 years ago may be more than just a tragedy — archaeologists believe it could be a reenactment of an old legend about the sun and moon.

This chart will revolutionize your understanding of climate change

When people speak about global warming, most times they are referring to atmospheric temperatures. It's a natural tendency, since that's where people live.

VA's accountability chief reportedly lost a past job over lack of accountability

The VA's deputy inspector general, Richard J. Griffin, reportedly left a position at the State Department over negligence which led to the death of 14 Iraqi civilians.