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Hezbollah warns ‘100s of thousands’ would retaliate if conflict with Israel erupts

The next war with Israel would draw hundreds of thousands of fighters from across the entire Middle East, Hezbollah’s leader has warned after the Israeli Air Force chief promised to drop a month’s bombs in a matter of days if a new conflict breaks out.

White Helmets member caught on camera disposing of Syrian soldiers’ mutilated bodies (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A member of the so-called White Helmets which has been hailed by the western media as ‘peace-bearing heroes’ has been caught on camera helping a group of unidentified militants disposing the bodies of beheaded Syrian Army soldiers.

‘Interpreter asked: What is Facebook?’ RT crew shares experiences filming in N. Korea

In a behind-the-scenes interview about RT’s new documentary on North Korea, director Natalya Kadyrova describes the challenges of filming in the world’s most restrictive nation, including trying to tell if the family they shot were real, or actors pretending to be husband and wife.

Indian state local authorities in hot water after ‘poor’ stamps on houses

The decision to place ‘I’m poor’ signs on the houses of people eligible for government support by the Indian state of Rajasthan has offended residents who accuse the the local government of mocking them while prompting condemnation from the opposition.

‘No matter for state’: Germany rejects Turkish criticism of liberal mosque in Berlin

The German government has hit back at the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) for its criticism of a recently opened liberal mosque which allows men, women and the lGBT community to pray together in Berlin.

Terror plot targeting Grand Mosque in Mecca foiled – Saudi security forces

A terror plot to attack the Grand Mosque in Mecca has been foiled by security forces, the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry announced on Friday, Al Arabiya TV reported.

‘Something’s pulling them here’: Thousands of seals surround Arctic drilling rig (VIDEO)

An enormous herd of harp seals has occupied every free ice floe as far as the eye can see around Russia’s Prirazlomnaya offshore oil drilling rig located in the Pechora Sea, inside the Arctic Circle.

3 kids, 2 adults electrocuted at Turkey water park – reports

Three children, and two adults who tried to rescue them, have died after being electrocuted at a waterpark in Akyazi, north-western Turkey, local media reported.

8 UAE princesses convicted of human trafficking in Belgium

Eight princesses from the United Arab Emirates were given suspended jail terms and fined in a human trafficking case in Belgium, escaping the harsher charges of inhumane treatment.

Kashmir mob beats Indian officer to death outside mosque

An Indian police officer was stripped and beaten to death by a mob outside a large mosque in the region of Kashmir.

Iranians chant ‘Death to Israel & America!’ on Quds Day as Rouhani joins rally (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Iran is hosting anti-Israel rallies across the country, with demonstrators taking to the streets to shout slogans against the Jewish state and to condemn the occupation of Palestinian land.

World record: Canadian sniper shoots ISIS fighter dead from over 2 miles away

A sniper for Canada's elite special forces in Iraq has broken the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot, the country's military has confirmed to several media.

Taliban says foreign troops must go before peace talks as US plans 4,000-strong surge

In an annual address to followers, the Taliban’s leader warned against sending additional foreign troops to Afghanistan, saying that only after all foreign soldiers leave can peace be negotiated.

Kazakhstan denies reports of talks on troop deployments to Syria

Kazakhstan, Russia’s close military ally and economic partner, did not engage in talks on sending troops to secure the so-called de-escalation zones in Syria, the country’s foreign minister said, denying previous reports on the issue.

‘We made history’: NASA launches lightest & first 3D-printed satellite, designed by Indian teen

NASA has launched the world’s lightest satellite into space, designed by an 18-year-old Indian student.

N. Korea blames US student’s death on Obama policy, calls itself ‘biggest victim’

A US student released by North Korea to the US in a coma was a victim of the “strategic patience” policy of former President Barack Obama, who never requested his release, says Pyongyang.

‘State trojans’: New German law enables police to hack into encrypted messengers

German police may now hack into messengers like WhatsApp using “state trojans” to intercept user communications before they are encrypted on their devices, according to a new law swiftly passed by the parliament.

Turkey has no intention of closing Qatar base despite Saudi ultimatum

Turkey has no intention of shutting down its brand new military base in Qatar, it said in a rejection of a demand about the small Gulf kingdom voiced by other Arab nations.

Get the message? Telegram threatened with blocking by Russian media watchdog over non-compliance

Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor has threatened to block popular messaging app Telegram if its managing company doesn’t comply with Russian law and provide the necessary data for official registration.

‘World fails miserably to stop opium threat’: RT reports from drug factory Afghanistan

Opiate production in Afghanistan has shot up since the US-led invasion in 2001, leading addiction rates there to skyrocket.