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Indonesia tightens security at world’s largest Buddhist temple after ISIS threat

Indonesian police have been put on alert at the Borobudur Temple after a threat against the world’s biggest Buddhist temple and UNESCO World heritage Site was made on Facebook by Islamic State supporters.

Merkel supports Ukraine power decentralization

German Chancellor Angela Merkel upholds the idea of the decentralization of power in Ukraine as a path to resolving the ongoing conflict in the east of the country, she said while on a visit to Kiev Saturday.

UN urges intl’ community to save Iraqi town besieged by ISIS

The UN special representative to Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov, has called on the international community to prevent “possible massacre” in the northern town of Amerli, which has been under siege by Islamic State militants for two months.

Ukrainian ‘roofer’ says he painted star on Moscow’s landmark skyscraper

Ukrainian urban climber Grigory, famous online with the avatar Mustang Wanted, has confessed he painted the star on one of Moscow’s iconic Stalin-era skyscrapers in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Mission completed: Moscow confirms delivery of aid to E. Ukraine, trucks return to Russia

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed humanitarian aid has been delivered to the besieged city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine.

Misplacing history: Berlin loses track of huge 3.5-ton Lenin head

A piece of history lost, buried, or possibly stolen: German officials admitted they cannot locate Berlin’s famous statue of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.

UEFA won’t recognize Crimean clubs playing in Russian league

European football’s ruling body UEFA said that the three Crimean Republic clubs that have joined Russian competitions this season will not have their games officially recognized.

Argentina accuses US judge of being ‘imperialist’ after debt plan ruling

The Argentine cabinet chief, Jorge Capitanich, accused a US judge who ruled that Buenos Aires’s debt restructuring plan is illegal of having an ‘imperialist’ attitude after he backed hedge funds that refuse to take reduced returns on Argentinian bonds.

Peach protest: Spanish farmers burn EU flag in anger over Russia sanctions war (VIDEO)

A trade union representing Catalonian crop growers and cattle ranchers has staged a protest, demanding that the EU compensate them for the revenues lost as a result of the escalation of sanctions, which have closed the Russian market to them.

Hamas executes 18 suspected Israeli informers in Gaza

Hamas has executed 18 Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel after three of its own military commanders were killed Thursday in an Israeli airstrike that may have been conducted on the basis of intelligence given by informants.

Putin to Merkel: Further delays of aid delivery to Ukraine would have been unacceptable

Further delays in the delivery of Russian aid to eastern Ukraine, which is facing a humanitarian disaster, would have been unacceptable, President Vladimir Putin has said in a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Outgoing UN rights chief fires broadside at UN Security Council

UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay fired a parting shot at the UN Security Council before stepping down, saying that governments are putting short-term goals and national interests ahead of human suffering, global peace and security.

​User beware: Researchers have 92% success rate hacking into Gmail app

Your smartphone may be far less secure than you think. A group of computer scientists say they’ve found a way to hack into six out of seven popular apps like Gmail on Android, Windows and iOS platforms, with a success rate of up to 92 percent.

Clear some space! Russia to develop scavenger to collect cosmic debris by 2025

The Russian space agency is allocating around $297 million to design and construct a spacecraft that would clean circumterrestrial space of disabled communication satellites and upper-stage rockets currently cluttering up the geostationary orbit.

Alive, presumed dead – French pensioner forced to prove he is still living

A French pensioner has had to prove he is alive after being denied a refund by a state health insurance firm on the grounds that he was in fact dead.

Shia militia attack on Sunni mosque kills 68 in eastern Iraq

Shia militia opened fire inside a Sunni mosque in Iraq’s eastern Diyala Province on Friday killing at least 68 people, Reuters reports citing a morgue official.

Facebook given deadline in ‘largest privacy class action in Europe’

Facebook has been given four weeks to respond to a class action, launched against it by an Austrian activist and supported by 60,000 users.

Solace for the struggling: E. Ukrainians without water, food crave Russian aid

As the first 30 trucks in the humanitarian convoy headed for war-torn eastern Ukraine, the residents of Lugansk - struggling daily without regular food supplies, water, electricity and under constant shelling - are looking forward to the aid relief.

Russian Red Cross volunteers ready to escort aid convoy to Lugansk, E. Ukraine

Russia’s Red Cross is ready to take part in the aid mission in eastern Ukraine, where the humanitarian situation is “critical”, and to escort the Russian aid convoy that is on its way to Lugansk without ICRC accompanying it due to security concerns.

Humanitarian convoy starting to move, Kiev no more 'excuses' to delay - Russia

Moscow has accused Kiev of deliberately holding up the delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine, according to a new statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.