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‘Abandon double standards!’ Russia calls for united front against ISIS after massacre in Syria’s Palmyra

Moscow has condemned the massacre of civilians in the ancient city of Palmyra, urging the international community to denounce double standards in its approach to fighting terrorists, and unite against IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) aggression.

Uploading human brain for eternal life is possible – Cambridge neuroscientist

People could “live inside a machine” by turning their brain into a program code once a computer capable of recreating some 100 trillion connections is built, a popular Cambridge neuroscientist said at a UK mass event this weekend.

‘Breaking point’: Greek hospitals out of painkillers, scissors and sheets due to austerity

Hospitals across Greece are lacking the most essential supplies, including painkillers, scissors and sheets, as years of economic meltdown have left the country’s healthcare system in a desperate state.

No to Brussels, Yes to Kiev: New president sets course for stronger, more independent Poland

Youthful energy and rhetoric for change have seen Andrzej Duda transformed from a virtual unknown to the rising star of Eastern European politics – but his presidency could set Poland against Russia and the EU.

Trekky dream: Chinese millionaire erects $160 mn starship Enterprise HQ

An eccentric Chinese millionaire and apparently one of the biggest fans of the legendary Star Trek franchise has built his company HQs in the shape of the starship Enterprise, where the series’ characters explored new worlds in death-defying journeys.

‘Promises lead to debts’: Poroshenko marks 1st year in office

With President Petro Poroshenko marking one year in power, RT’s Murad Gazdiev examines how the Ukrainian leader has done in keeping his promises.

​139 graves, signs of torture found in Malaysia human trafficking camps

A total of 139 graves have been found in Malaysia in more than two dozen human trafficking camps believed to have been used by gangs smuggling migrants across the Thai border.

​Rape more frequent in Sweden than India – Women's minister Gandhi

India's women's minister says that Sweden has a worse rape problem than her home country. It comes as India struggles to rebuild its reputation following the 2012 gang-rape of a woman on a Delhi bus, which cast the nation into the international spotlight.

Russia’s new T-50 fighter jet ‘almost a flying robot’ – developer

Innovative technologies used in the Russia’s fifth generation T-50 fighter jet, which is currently undergoing tests before the start of production in 2016, makes it more of a flying robot than a plane, the developer said.

​Afghan envoy held secret peace talks with Taliban in China – report

An Afghan peace envoy reportedly held secret talks with former Taliban officials in China last week in an effort to bring the insurgency to the negotiating table.

​‘It's time Mrs. Merkel’: German opposition calls on gay marriage referendum after Irish success

Germany’s opposition parties want to follow in Ireland’s footsteps when it comes to legalizing same-sex marriage, urging Chancellor Angela Merkel that it’s time to take action on the LGBT issue.

​Leaking Fukushima containers could lead to hydrogen explosions

Containers holding contaminated water at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant are at risk of hydrogen explosions, with 10 percent of them found to be leaking.

Cold war games: NATO, friendly air forces brace for large Arctic drills

Finland, Norway and Sweden are readying for one of Europe’s largest fighter jet drills this year – the Arctic Challenge Exercise 2015, kicking off on Monday.

‘Battle of humanity’: Muslim scholars make desperate call to save Syria’s Palmyra

Before Islamic State hammers have a chance to fall on the ruins of Palmyra, a leading Sunni Muslim body is appealing one last time for people to unite “in a battle of humanity” and save what UNESCO calls a historic city of “outstanding universal value.” Read Full Article at

Soldier opens fire on comrades at military base in Tunisian capital - officials

A soldier has opened fire on his colleagues at a military base in Tunisian capital, an army spokesman said, adding that outside involvement was not suspected.

5.6 Tokyo tremor shakes buildings in Japanese capital, halts subway

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck Tokyo and nearby areas, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, setting off alarms and halting the city's subway system.

‘No one can bury heads in sand:’ Hezbollah leader calls for help fighting ISIS in Syria

Calling it a global existential threat, Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has urged supporters to join the fight against the Islamic State, confirming that his Shiite militant group has been fighting the Sunni extremists all across Syria.

Faux pas: French man lands in custody for delaying girl’s flight… with bomb threat

Police in France have arrested a man who made a fake bomb threat with the sole purpose of delaying his girlfriend’s flight, because she was afraid of being late.

GMO that kills: GM-cotton problems drive Indian farmers to suicide

Hundreds of thousands of farmers have died in India, after having been allegedly forced to grow GM cotton instead of traditional crops.

Spanish exit polls: Upstart Podemos, Cidadanos parties shine, ruling PP fades

​Exit polls from Spanish regional elections predict significant gains for upstart parties, including the leftist Podemos and center-right Ciudadanos, and a loss of majority for the ruling Conservatives.