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First complete 3D view of iconic Pillars of Creation released

The legendary space clouds known as The Pillars of Creation have revealed a whole lot of previously unseen things in a first-ever 3D view.

​S. Arabia bombs Yemen with US-supplied cluster bombs – HRW

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition is using US-supplied cluster munitions in its airstrikes on Houthi forces in Yemen, Human Rights Watch reported.

'Limited' coalition ground force in Aden, Yemen, more coming - reports

A government official has confirmed to AFP a 'limited' Saudi-led force is on the ground in Yemen's port of Aden.

Nepal earthquake: Death toll passes 7,000, almost no hope of survivors

The death toll after the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal last week, has reached at least 7,040, officials said.

Millions for Kim Dotcom? Court lets MegaUpload founder pay mounting legal bills

Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site MegaUpload, whose assets have been frozen over a legal dispute, is getting something of his own back: a New Zealand court is releasing some of his millions to cover the lawyers’ bills - and living expenses.

Everest shrinking: World’s highest mountain is a bit smaller after Nepal quake

The deadly quake in Nepal not only devastated the country killing thousands but also changed its landscape.

Riot in Poland after cop kills football fan during match

Some 200 people rioted and clashed with law enforcers on Saturday night in southern Poland as a football fan died after getting wounded by a rubber bullet.

Blue ice and whales: Breathtaking drone video of Antarctica revealed

Bird's eye footage of the frozen continent is what Stockholm-based filmmaker Kalle Ljung brought from his trip to Antarctica.

ISIS accused of mass-murdering ‘hundreds’ of Yazidi captives in Iraq

ISIS jihadists have reportedly executed up to 600 Yazidi hostages, including many women and children, in the Tal Afar district in northern Iraq, according to local media and Kurdish sources.

Italian army growing cannabis to slash end user prices

Italy’s first medical marijuana crop – grown by the country’s military – is “coming along nicely,” according to officials at a government-funded greenhouse outside Florence.

Ukraine artillery reportedly shells Donetsk airport, surrounding districts – DPR (VIDEO)

Despite an official ceasefire and the negotiated pullout of heavy weapons, Ukrainian artillery north of Donetsk has reportedly shelled militia forces, hitting residential areas.

Radioactive water leaked from Fukushima storage tank – TEPCO

A minor leakage of radioactive water has been detected at Japan’s crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co said.

Soviet prisoner murders by Nazis still unacknowledged – German president

Mass murders of Soviet prisoners at the hands of the Nazis in Germany during WWII haven’t been taken into account, said German President Joachim Gauck, praising Soviet Army troops, who are owed “gratitude and respect”.

Holy Trinity of whistleblowers: Statues of Assange, Snowden and Manning go up in Berlin (VIDEO)

One of the German capital’s central squares has become the stage for a provocative art piece, which not only celebrates whistleblowers, but encourages other ordinary citizens to speak out.

​Legendary Bolshoi ballerina Maya Plisetskaya dies at 89

One of Russian ballet’s most iconic dancers, Maya Plisetskaya, has died of a heart attack in Germany at the age of 89.

5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes southeastern Japan – USGS

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake has struck 168 km from Japan’s Hachijo-jima island, USGS said, adding that the depth of the quake stood at 10 km.

‘No one tells us the truth’: Locals near Chernobyl fear radiation, Kiev says fire put out

Ukrainian firefighters have said flames in the forests around Chernobyl’s exclusion zone have been put out and there is no radiation threat.

‘No more playing with our shared security’: Iran warns it will stand up for Yemen

Iran has made clear it will not let Yemen fall into chaos at the hands of regional actors’ “military adventures.” The two have shared security interests, its top diplomat said, slamming lack of condemnation of Saudi aggression as “unacceptable.” Read Full Article at

Russian police chase away anti-gay crusader from Labor Day pride march

Police in St. Petersburg wouldn't allow controversial legislator Vitaly Milonov, best known for his anti-gay stance, to interfere with a gay pride march on May Day.

​‘No concessions!’ Palestine to demand FIFA to expel Israel

Palestine will seek Israel’s exclusion from FIFA later in May, the Palestinian football chief said. Jibril Rajoub told Reuters he won’t drop a resolution calling to sanction Israel for “behaving like the neighborhood bully.” Read Full Article at