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‘Give Rome back to Romans’: Far-right rally blasts EU ‘tyranny’ ahead of union celebrations (VIDEO)

A crowd of far-right activists waving banners that read “F**k EU” protested “tyranny in Brussels,” blaming eurocrats for inflicting poverty, austerity and uncontrollable migration upon Italians as Rome marks the 60th anniversary of a landmark European treaty.

Bizarre Auschwitz death camp protest sees naked protesters slaughter sheep & chain themselves up

Eleven young people have been detained at the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in southern Poland after they slaughtered a sheep, took their clothes off and chained themselves up, all the while giving no indication as to their motive.

Norway pension fund divests from DAPL after pressure from indigenous Sami parliament

Norway will divest its pension fund from companies associated with the Dakota Access Pipeline after the indigenous Sami parliament persuaded Oslo to support those fighting against the $3.8 billion project in the US.

UN profoundly concerned by ‘hundreds of casualties’ in suspected coalition airstrikes in Mosul

The UN has urged all parties to the anti-terrorist operation in Mosul to refrain from “indiscriminate use of firepower” after reports by eyewitnesses said over a hundred civilians were either killed or buried under rubble in an alleged coalition bombing raid.

Pope Francis: EU ‘risks dying if it loses direction’

The Pope has condemned the rise of nationalism and anti-immigrant populism in Europe and has urged EU countries to show unity, as representatives from the 28-nation bloc gather to mark the 1957 Treaty of Rome.

Germanwings crash pilot was ‘not depressive,’ father claims (VIDEO)

Exactly two years after the tragic Germanwings crash which killed all on board, the father of the co-pilot blamed for the incident has held a press conference to dispute claims that his son was depressed and plead his son’s innocence.

Lille shooting: Gunman opens fire at metro station in northern France, reports of multiple injuries

At least three people, including a minor, have reportedly been injured in the city of Lille after a gunman opened fire near the central Porte d’Arras metro station.

Facebook ‘live rape’: Trial begins in Sweden for 3 men suspected of streaming gang-rape online

A trial has begun in Sweden of three men arrested in January on suspicion of gang raping a woman and livestreaming the crime on Facebook.

Bulgarian activists erect border fence to deter Turkish ‘election provocations’

Bulgarian volunteers have begun erecting a fence on the country’s border with Turkey without authorization from the government to “prevent Turkish provocations during elections,” RIA Novosti reports.

Balkans to face new war if EU collapses: Juncker warns US against anti-European stance

The chief of the European Commission has warned US president Donald Trump against encouraging countries to copy Britain's exit from the EU, arguing that a break-up of the bloc could lead to a war in the Balkans.

‘We have a strong ally in Washington & a good friend in Beijing’ – Australian PM

Australia should not have to choose between China and the US, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said during an official visit by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

Infant deformities in Yemen linked to Saudi-led bombardment (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Doctors in Yemen have reported an increase in children born with deformities as a result of the two-year war that has left the country on the brink of famine.

IDF soldiers grab 8yo Palestinian boy, drag him away ‘to find stone-throwers’ (VIDEO)

A Jerusalem-based human rights group has posted a video showing Israeli soldiers apparently seizing an eight-year-old Palestinian boy and “dragging him from house to house,” reportedly to receive a tip-off on stone-throwers at an nearby settlement.

Security in Italy on maximum alert for Treaty of Rome anniversary after London attack

Following Wednesday’s terrorist attack in London, Rome has tightened security, including increased numbers of security staff and a ban on drones.

‘No reason for Cold War, both Russia & US are great powers’ – Le Pen (RT EXCLUSIVE)

There is no good reason for France to engage in a Cold War-style policy against Russia, National Front leader Marine Le Pen said in an exclusive interview with RT, adding that if elected French president, she would seek balanced relations both with Russia and the US.

Moment of coldblooded murder of former Russian MP in Kiev emerges online (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Apparent CCTV footage capturing the moment former Russian lawmaker Denis Voronenkov was shot and killed in central Kiev, with his bodyguard injured, has emerged online.

US troops to stay in Iraq after fight against ISIS ends – Defense Dept. officials

American troops will apparently remain in Iraq even when the fight against Islamic State has ended, according to Pentagon officials, including US Defense Secretary James Mattis, who said that keeping soldiers on the ground is in America’s “national interest.” Read Full Article at

‘Complete fabrication’ – Russian FM on US allegations Moscow aids Taliban in Afghanistan

Moscow has dismissed US allegations that it may be supplying Taliban insurgents as a “complete fabrication,” saying the charge is Washington’s attempt to cover up for its own failures in Afghanistan.

Terrorist threat higher in Europe than anywhere else except war zones – EUCOM chief

The threat posed by violent extremism is higher in Europe than anywhere else in the world, apart from actual war zones and hotspots, US European Command head General Curtis Scaparrotti said, commenting on Wednesday’s terrorist attack in London.

US warships ‘harassed’ by Iranian forces in Strait of Hormuz – navy commanders

American warships were "harassed" by Iranian forces in the Strait of Hormuz, according to US Navy commanders, who said the Iranians had their weapons uncovered, manned, and armed.