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2 armed people enter Turkey ruling party office in Istanbul (VIDEO)

Two armed assailants have entered an office of the ruling AK party in Istanbul, according to local media, just a day after a fatal hostage standoff involving a far-left party at a courthouse.

​Remove US military bases from Latin America - UNASUR chief

Latin American countries should discuss removing all US military bases from their soil, a top official of integration organization UNASUR suggested.

Storm Niklas rages through Europe, killing at least 4 (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

At least four people have fallen victim to Hurricane Niklas that has raged through Northern Europe, causing destruction and travel chaos with fallen trees and debris becoming a widespread scene.

Facebook ‘breaks EU laws’ tracking all visitors, even non-users – report

Even if you have opted out of the tracking option in Facebook, or don’t have account at all, the company is still watching your web movements through the use of social plugins, thereby breaking EU laws, says a report by the Belgian Privacy Commission.

Romania will host NATO heavy arms if asked, as they support ‘every venture’ – bloc chief

A decision on whether Romania will host NATO’s heavy military equipment will soon be made public, General Philip Breedlove announced on his visit to Bucharest as the alliance’s armed armada parades through E.

Saudi Arabia prepares for possible ground offensive in Yemen, Iran calls for ‘dialogue’

Yemen’s ousted officials have requested a ground intervention to bolster a Saudi-led air offensive against the country’s Houthi rebels.

Collective self-defense law to open door for closer Japan, US military ties

Tokyo’s push to lift restrictions on the use of force oversees will contribute to closer cooperation between American and Japanese forces in Asia, the US Seventh Fleet commander said.

China building a ‘great wall of sand’ in South China Sea– US Navy

The US has accused Beijing of "unprecedented land reclamation," claiming China is "creating a great wall of sand" over four square kilometers, in the disputed area in the South China Sea.

Germanwings co-pilot told Lufthansa in 2009 about 'severe depression'

Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane that crashed in the French Alps with 150 people on board last week, informed Lufthansa of his psychological problems in 2009.

Iran ready to continue nuclear talks ‘until agreement reached’, Russian FM says chances ‘high’

The ongoing negotiations between Iran and six major world powers over Tehran's controversial nuclear program may go into April 1, missing the deadline.

Ukraine Interior Ministry was ‘uncooperative and obstructive’ in Maidan crimes probe – EU report

The investigation into Maidan violence during Ukraine’s coup didn’t satisfy the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights, says a report from the European Council, adding that Ukraine’s Interior Ministry was “uncooperative and obstructive.” Read Full Article at

Fear, hunger and heroism: RT interviews 70 War Witnesses for 70th V-Day anniversary

Their tales are tense, harrowing and touching by turn – every day until Victory Day on May 9, RT will upload a mini-documentary highlighting a memorable wartime story retold by those who witnessed World War II at close quarters.

​Abuses against refugees at Aussie-paid detention camp 'known by govt for years'

Staff members at the Nauru refugee detention center, where Australia keeps its asylum seekers, spoke about violations including rapes as early as November 2013.

Saving face: Spanish hospital performs world's most complex ‘face transplant’

A Spanish hospital claims it has successfully performed the most complex ‘face transplant’ ever. The medics managed to reconstruct the lower part of the face of the man who was terribly afflicted by a disease.

Istanbul prosecutor taken hostage in courthouse by leftist activist

Read Full Article at

‘PRESS logo makes you target’: Killing journalists should be war crime, AP chief says

The Associated Press boss has joined the outcry over the killing and kidnapping of journalists, proposing to make it a war crime.

Massive power cut has struck across Turkey - reports

A massive power cut has struck across Turkey, triggered by transmission line problems. Flightradar reports 11 of Turkey's 16 FR24 air traffic control (ATC) receivers are down and flights in and out of Istanbul are being affected.

Lavrov: Chances to reach Iran nuclear deal ‘pretty good’

The ongoing negotiations between Iran and six major world powers over Tehran's controversial nuclear program have a high chance of producing a deal, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

Red alert: Beijing partially bans traffic on heavy pollution days

Beijing has introduced new traffic rules to combat the massive smog that has cloaked the Chinese capital for years.

MH17 probe looking for witnesses to back ‘Buk missile’ scenario

The international team of experts investigating the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine have called for possible witnesses to turn in any evidence that might back a scenario that the airliner was shot down by a Buk missile system.