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China’s first ‘moon & back’ mission blasts off

Beijing has launched the third phase of its lunar exploration program – an experimental spacecraft is set to fly around the moon and back, ahead of China’s first unmanned landing on the lunar surface in 2017.

​‘Dead hearts’ transplanted into living patients in surgical breakthrough

Australian doctors have successfully transplanted hearts that have stopped beating, revolutionizing organ donation.

Enormous volcanic eruption could destroy Japan within 100yrs – study

About 95 percent of Japan’s population is at risk of being devastated by a major volcanic eruption, which could happen “at any moment” within the next century, a study revealed.

ISIS chlorine attack on security forces confirmed – Iraq officials

Eleven Iraqi police officers were taken to hospital after an ISIS chemical weapons attack, with the Defense Ministry and doctors recently confirming the gas as chlorine.

Russia accuses Sweden of escalating tension in Baltic Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry believes the “new phase” of the large-scale military operation in the Baltic, which the Swedish military announced on Thursday, will only lead to undermining stability and escalate tension in the region.

Poland bans junk food in schools

Polish lawmakers are literally changing the face of a nation, banning junk food in schools in an effort to reduce the increasing rates of child obesity.

‘Hidden death penalty:' Pope Francis calls for end to life sentences

Pope Francis has renewed the Catholic Church’s call to eliminate the death penalty, going one step further to blast life sentences and urge countries to prohibit the practice of transferring prisoners to torture centers.

Monsanto still clashing with Brazilian soy exporters over royalties

Brazilian soy exporters are still resisting Monsanto’s push for them to collect royalties from farmers reusing the biotech giant’s patented seeds, some saying such a liability – even for a fee – may not be worth possible “embarrassment” to the industry.

Gas leak blast causes fire inferno in Germany (VIDEOS)

A gas pipeline blast in Germany has killed one person and injured 11 others. The conflagration resulted in 200-meter tall flames that were captured from all angles by local residents who were lucky enough to escape the inferno.

One final journey: Mother sends son’s ashes into space

Facebook has helped a grieving mother from Maine, US to organize a truly ethereal send-off for her late son as his ashes were delivered to space in a rocket.

​‘Russia impossible to isolate’: Senior official dismisses ‘phony’ Western sanctions

Chief of Russia’s presidential administration Sergey Ivanov has slammed the West for “attempts to destabilize the country,” and says that its economy remains strong, in the face of sanctions.

No tours to N. Korea and all because of Ebola?

Foreign tourists with any travel history are now not welcome in North Korea - concerns about Ebola made Pyongyang bar any tours from entering the country.

Guilty! French widow convicted for keeping husband’s ashes at home

A French 72-year old widow has been convicted by a local court for keeping ashes of her deceased husband at home not knowing it is illegal in her country.

Ottawa gunman ‘privately-educated’ son of Canada immigration chief, parents shocked

Following the Canadian shooting attack which threw Ottowa into lockdown, media raced to identify the perpetrator.

Putin meets Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, reveals concerns over Iraq, Libya

The situation in the Middle East remains complex, with events in Iraq and Libya raising the most concerns, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said as he met with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Sochi.

'Prosecutie' Poklonskaya hits the right note in Crimean palace (VIDEO)

In a summer retreat of Tsar Nicholas II, Natalya Poklonskaya, who captivated the web with anime-style images, has been seen playing the piano.

Juice Rap News:The G20 - feat Tony Abbott & Scott Ludlam

Welcome to Rap News. The G20 Summit is happening and the leaders of the wealthiest nations on the planet are converging on Australia to come and learn directly at the feet of the master of fascist dystopian fuckwittery: Tony Abbott.

China accuses US of damaging regional stability with Japan defense radar

China accused the United States of undermining stability in the Asia-Pacific region by positioning an X-band missile defense radar in Kyoto, Japan.

EU needs clear criteria for lifting Russia sanctions – German FM

The European Union has to come up with clear criteria for lifting sanctions against Russia, as it has to be done sooner or later, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, said.

Mexico corruption: State mayor, wife issued warrants over kidnapped students

The mayor of the Mexican town where 43 students disappeared last month is a “possible mastermind” of the abduction, along with his wife, believes the attorney general.