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2 officers, civilian hit by gunfire in Copenhagen – police

Two police officers and at least one civilian have been injured by gunfire in the self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of Christiania in Copenhagen, according to Danish police who have completely cordoned off the area in the wake of the incident.

Body parts and brains from gruesome Nazi experiments discovered

The horrors of the Holocaust are continuing to seep into the present. A Munich research institute has discovered jars containing body parts and the brains of human victims from gruesome experiments carried out at concentration camps.

Latvian neo-Nazis demolish Soviet WWII monument to fallen sailors

A neo-Nazi group, including former Latvian Nazi Waffen SS veterans, has demolished a monument to fallen Soviet troops in a Latvian town with the support of a nationalist party which forms part of the ruling coalition in Latvia’s parliament.

Princess Anne attends Russian military parade to commemorate WWII Arctic convoys

Princess Anne of the British royal family has attended a military parade in Arkhangelsk, northwest Russia.

Rousseff removed: Brazil senate votes to dismiss president after 9-month impeachment

After a nine-month impeachment process, Dilma Rousseff has been dismissed as president by the Brazilian senate.

Suspecting Ethiopian Israelis & Arabs of crime is ‘natural’ - Israeli police chief

Israel’s police chief has said it is “natural” for his officers to treat Arabs and Israelis of Ethiopian descent as potential criminals, adding that his controversial claim is backed up by studies on crime rates among immigrants “the world over.” Read Full Article at

Japanese military asks for record $50bn defense budget to oppose China, N. Korea

Japan is poised to hike its defense spending again, breaking the record for the fifth year in a row. The money would boost Tokyo’s ability to oppose Beijing in the South China Sea and protect itself from a possible missile attack by North Korea.

Swedish Muslim school slammed for segregation by sex

A private Muslim school in Sweden has introduced separate gym classes for boys and girls, saying that the girls were not able to take off veils or wear T-shirt if boys were present.

Ukrainian troops blast flaws in new ‘Molot’ mortars, manufacturer blames lack of training

Ukrainian troops trying the new domestically-developed 120mm ‘Molot’ mortars have complained of jamming and other flaws.

Russian airstrike killed ISIS commander al-Adnani – Moscow

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5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Kumamoto prefecture, Japan

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Flying cake: German far-left activist ‘slightly’ injures leader of anti-immigrant party (VIDEO)

A co-leader of anti-migrant party Alternative for Germany (AfD) has been struck on the head by a frozen cake flung by a far-left activist, a video released on YouTube shows.

Houston-to-London flight makes emergency landing after passengers injured during ‘severe’ turbulence

Sixteen people have been hospitalized after a transatlantic United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Ireland.

Obama must 'listen to me' before discussing human rights – Philippines president

Amid the Philippines president’s ‘War on Drugs’, he says he’s prepared to discuss any issues with US leader Barack Obama when they meet next week.

German Army to prevent Islamist infiltration with all-out background checks on new recruits

All recruits willing to join the Germany military will have to undergo detailed background and security checks – run by the military intelligence agency – that would rule out a threat of insider attacks and help detect Islamists and far-right extremists.

‘Winter is coming’: Huge hail hits Moscow amid last days of summer torrents (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

“Weather, you are drunk, what are you doing?” “Winter is coming!” Russian social media is completely abuzz and stunned by heavy showers and enormous hail the size of small eggs and apples that have recently struck the Moscow Region.

Several terminals of Frankfurt Airport evacuated over bomb threat – reports

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Turkey says Germany’s remarks on EU accession amount to ‘cultural racism’

A statement by Germany’s European commissioner saying that Ankara’s EU bid is “unrealistic” while president Erdogan is in power has been described as “cultural racism” by Turkey’s Minister of EU Affairs, as cited by Reuters.

Scuba divers discover human bones used in 'voodoo ritual' off Spanish coast

When a group of scuba divers set off to explore the waters off eastern Spain, they were likely expecting to see a few fish.

UN report on Syria chemical attacks lacks proof to pin blame or introduce sanctions – Moscow

The findings of the latest UN report that blamed Damascus for the use of chlorine in several chemical attacks in 2014 and 2015 lack specifics, while some of the evidence might have be fabricated by opposition and terrorist groups, Russia’s envoy told UNSC.