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Ottawa gunman ‘privately-educated’ son of Canada immigration chief, parents shocked

Following the Canadian shooting attack which threw Ottowa into lockdown, media raced to identify the perpetrator.

Putin meets Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, reveals concerns over Iraq, Libya

The situation in the Middle East remains complex, with events in Iraq and Libya raising the most concerns, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said as he met with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Sochi.

'Prosecutie' Poklonskaya hits the right note in Crimean palace (VIDEO)

In a summer retreat of Tsar Nicholas II, Natalya Poklonskaya, who captivated the web with anime-style images, has been seen playing the piano.

Juice Rap News:The G20 - feat Tony Abbott & Scott Ludlam

Welcome to Rap News. The G20 Summit is happening and the leaders of the wealthiest nations on the planet are converging on Australia to come and learn directly at the feet of the master of fascist dystopian fuckwittery: Tony Abbott.

China accuses US of damaging regional stability with Japan defense radar

China accused the United States of undermining stability in the Asia-Pacific region by positioning an X-band missile defense radar in Kyoto, Japan.

EU needs clear criteria for lifting Russia sanctions – German FM

The European Union has to come up with clear criteria for lifting sanctions against Russia, as it has to be done sooner or later, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, said.

Mexico corruption: State mayor, wife issued warrants over kidnapped students

The mayor of the Mexican town where 43 students disappeared last month is a “possible mastermind” of the abduction, along with his wife, believes the attorney general.

3yo banned from Italy kindergarten over Ebola fears

A three-year-old girl has been banned from a kindergarten in Italy after her classmates’ parents protested her return over fears she could have Ebola after a vacation in Uganda.

Relics for rifles: Syrian rebels trade antique treasures for weapons (VIDEO)

Not only is Syria’s future at stake as the civil war rages on, but now also its past. The black market flourishing in the conflict now sees relics - some as ancient as 1,200 years - traded by rebels for AK-47s.

Stinking rich: Kazakhstan to offer tourists luxury caviar baths

Long known as a premium hors d'oeuvre, Caviar has been enjoyed by the rich and famous for generations.

Migrant workers in UAE abused, exploited under ‘kafala’ system – HRW

Domestic workers across the UAE have been subjected to horrendous physical, verbal and sexual abuse or passport confiscation in the abuse of the kafala, or sponsorship, system according to a new report by Humans Right Watch.

Tear gas, rubber bullets in Lille, France, as Everton fans clash with police

French police have used tear gas and rubber bullets against rioting English soccer fans who arrived in the country to support Liverpool side Everton in a Europa League match against Lille, local media report.

Tuberculosis epidemic much worse than people think – WHO

​The world’s preoccupation with the Ebola virus has eclipsed almost any attention to other health hazards.

Viral email: Cybercriminals exploit Ebola fear with malware

Hackers are trying to capitalize on Ebola hysteria by sending out emails urging users to open attachments ridden with malware, promising information and prevention tips on Ebola.

Boeing back to business in Iran, first time since 1979

In a sign of warming relations with Tehran, American aerospace company Boeing announced it sold products to Iran Air in the third quarter, ending a 35-year freeze that began with the 1979 US hostage crisis.

Pentagon admits weapons-drop fail as anti-ISIS operation hits $424mn

The Pentagon has admitted that a chunk of its cache of weapons meant for Kurdish forces battling Islamic State militants in Kobani has fallen into terrorist hands.

Funeral held for Press TV reporter Serena Shim

Hundreds gathered in Beirut to pay tribute to Serena Shim, a Press TV reporter who died in a car crash near the Turkish-Syrian border.

32 civilians killed over month in US-led anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria – monitor

At least 32 civilians, including women and children, have been killed in US-led airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria, said a monitoring group.

Harper's bizarre: PM in Ottawa shooting Twitter wined-up

With the parliament in lock down and the capital of Ottawa seized by panic during Wednesday’s shooting spree, Canadian PM Stephen Harper was seen at a televised briefing with a glass of red wine.

​‘They said I have Ebola’: Angry bus passengers attack Guinean woman in Rome

A Guinean woman has been attacked in a bus in Rome by angry passengers who told her she was infected by Ebola and had to get off the bus, Italian media reports.