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Dutch govt says ‘sorry’ for ignoring danger over gas field earthquakes

The Dutch government apologized on Monday for discounting the dangers from earth tremors caused by natural gas extraction in the northern province of Groningen just weeks after a report blamed the government and energy companies for ignoring the dangers.

​Police losing technology race to criminals as austerity bites – Europol

Police in Europe will soon be at a technical disadvantage to organized criminals as austerity and funding cuts threaten investment, Europol warned in a new report.

No more wires: ​Ikea unveils furniture with built-in wireless device charging

Absent-minded smartphone enthusiasts rejoice: The Swedish furniture behemoth has launched a new line of furniture fitted with wireless charging spots for mobile devices.

Hamas not seeking war with Israel but stockpiles rockets – head of military wing

A top Hamas general has said that though his organization isn’t interested in a confrontation with Israel, the Gaza-based Islamist group is doubling its arsenal of rockets and missiles in anticipation of a possible future war.

US govt issues logistics support tender for 300 military personnel in Ukraine

The US is planning to send about 300 military personnel to Ukraine from March to October to train the Ukrainian army, according to a tender on a US government website that requires logistics for the troops.

No to 2yr metadata storage: Report says Australian govt members use secret messaging app

Top Australian politicians are reportedly using a covert messaging application. The correspondence, sent via the service, is encrypted and self-destructs.

The Sun’s the limit: Solar plane passes third test before round-the-world trip

Solar Impulse 2 – a second generation of jet powered by solar energy – made yet another successful flight from the United Arab Emirates preparing for its main challenge – a journey around the globe.

Palestine to lodge ICC case against Israel in April – official

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Norway strikes deal to send prisoners to Netherlands over jail shortage

Norway has signed a deal with the Dutch to rent 242 prison places in a bid to deal with lack of jail space, and cut the queue of criminals waiting to serve out their sentences.

Dangerous dive: Skydiving student saved after suffering epileptic seizure at 2,700m (VIDEO)

A 22-year-old student from Perth, Australia, has posted a shocking video of a narrow escape. Christopher Jones had a seizure while skydiving, but luckily was saved mid-air by his instructor.

Jordanian king urges ‘World War 3’ to defeat ISIS threat

King Abdullah of Jordan has called the battle against the Islamic State “World War 3” in what is a “generational fight” to overcome these “outlaws of Islam.” Speaking to CNN, he implored all religions to come together, adding “this is our war.” Read Full Article at

Google uses zip wires to photograph Brazilian rainforests

Google has teamed up with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and has fitted one of its Street View cameras to capture 360-degree images of the canopy of trees and other plant life in the rainforest.

Sleepy Hollow reborn: Kazakhstan villagers report new cases of mysterious disorder

New cases of the inexplicable disorder, dubbed “Sleepy Hollow,” have appeared in Kalachi, the village in Kazakhstan where every tenth villager, including children, has mysteriously fallen asleep in broad daylight, some unable to wake up for days on end.

‘All about money’: NATO spending debate focuses on ‘Russian threat’

NATO member-states unwilling or unable to help boost the military spending are being accused of ignoring the “Russian threat,” that has re-emerged as the core of the alliance’s agenda to boost arms sales.

Lavrov: Nemtsov killing a 'filthy' crime, will be investigated with utmost vigor

It is blasphemous to use tragedies like the murder of Boris Nemtsov in an attempt to substitute the investigation and suggest politicized interpretations, Russia’s FM said, adding: “This filthy crime will be investigated with the utmost rigor of the law.” Read Full Article at

Danish teen taken from father over ISIS-joining fears

A 15-year-old Danish boy has been taken into care after fears he would become radicalized and his Muslim father would send him to Syria.

ISIS war on Twitter: Jihadists urged to kill founder, employees

The Islamic State has reportedly declared war on Twitter by issuing threat against its co-founder and employees, calling on supporters around the world to avenge the online service’s decision to block jihadist accounts.

In charge of truth? Google considers ranking sites on facts, not popularity

Google is considering putting itself in charge of online truth, in order to assist users in an age of information overload.

Israel surprises with unexpected military drills in West Bank

Israel's army announced it is carrying out a two-day “surprise exercise” in the West Bank, with thousands of reservists participating in what marks the first drill of its kind in three years.

Search for missing MH370 may be called off soon

Australia says the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may soon be called off, as no trace of the aircraft has been found since it disappeared over the Indian Ocean a year ago this week.