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Chinese Media Gets Testy Over Obama's India Visit

Watch Video While U.S. media has been focusing on the budding bromance between President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi...

You Can't Name Your Kid 'Nutella' In France

Watch Video We're used to hearing about celebrity kids with, let's say ... unique ... baby names.  Jermaine Jackson named his son Jermajesty. Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple.

U.S.-Backed Syrian Opposition Snubs Russian-Hosted Talks

Watch Video Assad's arms supplier is hosting another round of Syrian peace talks. And to absolutely no one's surprise, the opposition was mostly a no-show.

Greece's New Prime Minister Has His Work Cut Out For Him

Watch Video Alexis Tsipras is the next prime minister of Greece, his party Syriza has won 149 of the 300 seats in Greek Parliament and nobody's exactly sure what's going to happen next.  Tsipras and left-wing Syriza have formed a coalition with the right-wing Independent Greeks party, which won 13 seats Sunday.

Malaysia Airlines Hack: LizardSquad, ISIS Involved?

Watch Video Sunday, Malaysia Airlines's website faced what appears to be a series of hackings. When we first visited the site, it displayed an image of a lizard in a top hat, suit and monocle with the heading "404 - Plane Not Found." The purported "LizardSquad Anthem" played in the background.

Argentine Prosecutor's Death Still A Complete Mystery

Watch Video "Puzzling," "strange," "mystery": All words the media has used to describe the death of famed Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

Can U.K.'s Cybersecurity Push Save Cameron From Prank Calls?

Watch Video The secretive British surveillance agency known as GCHQ has developed a reputation for their digital prowess, ever since the Edward Snowden leaks revealed just how wide-ranging and penetrating their spying capabilities are.

ISIS Hostage Crisis Tests Pacifist Japan

Watch Video Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan “will not give in to terrorism.” (Video via Public Relations Office, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan)  But what does that mean exactly for a country with limited military options?

Boko Haram Launches Attack Just Before Kerry's Nigeria Visit

Watch Video Boko Haram launched a large-scale attack on two northern cities in Nigeria Sunday, the same day Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in the country.  The Nigerian military says it repelled an attack on the city of Maiduguri early Sunday morning, but the fate of nearby town Monguno is unclear, as officials told Voice of America that Boko Haram took over the military barracks there.

How Greece's Far-Left Syriza Party Won Over Voters

Watch Video Alexis Tsipras and his far-left Syriza party are poised to win Greece's snap election Sunday with around one-third of the vote, which would signal a radical shift for the country's politics.

What Obama And Modi Want Out Of This Week's India Trip

Watch Video President Obama is in India for three days this week. It's the first time a U.S. president has visited the country twice while in office.

30 Dead After Rockets Hit Ukrainian Port City

Watch Video Ukraine's battle against separatist forces in the country's eastern regions showed signs of ramping up again after another round of bombings Saturday.   Ukrainian officials say 30 civilians were killed and approximately 100 were injured after rebels fired missiles on the city of Mariupol.

Thanks For Watching: Honest 'Bachelor' Reaction, Fixing SOTU

Watch Video In our weekly review of what's worth watching, we give honest first impressions of "The Bachelor" and discuss how to liven up the State of the Union.

Obama And Netanyahu Are In Awkward New Territory

Watch Video "Obviously, this reflects the extraordinary relationship, the special relationship between the United States and Israel," President Obama said after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2009.

Box’s $2.7 Billion IPO Is Quiet For A Tech Stock Debut

Watch Video Box’s initial public offering looks like something of an anomaly in today’s bubble-shaped tech industry.

ISIS Video Claims 1 Of 2 Japanese Hostages Beheaded

Watch Video One of the two Japanese hostages being held by ISIS has reportedly been killed while the other appeared in a new video with a new set of demands from the militant group.

ISIS Video Claims 1 Of 2 Japanese Hostages Beheaded

Watch Video One of the two Japanese hostages being held by ISIS has reportedly been killed while the other appeared in a new video with a new set of demands from the militant group.

Body Counts Didn't Mean Success In Vietnam, Won't With ISIS

Watch Video "The South Vietnamese lost 216 killed. Enemy dead numbered 1,827." "The second highest weekly figure this year," CBS' Walter Cronkite reported.

Here's Why Ukraine's Donetsk Airport Matters

Watch Video In the past eight months, the Donetsk International Airport has gone from looking like this ... to this.  The airport has seen some of the most intense fighting in the conflict between the Ukrainian Army and pro-Russian separatists.

Saudi King's Death Leaves Mixed Legacy

Watch Video A "wily king." A "revered leader." A "failed peacemaker." "The embodiment of Saudi Arabia’s wickedness." (Video via The White House) Saudi Arabia's late King Abdullah received a wide range of labels in obituaries across the world upon his death.