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Japan's Government Shaken By Pair Of Resignations

Watch Video Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suffered a major setback this week after two of his top cabinet ministers stepped down simultaneously.

Turns Out Jack The Ripper's True Identity Is Still Unknown

Watch Video It's a mystery that's left researchers baffled for more than a century.  THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: "One of the world's most infamous killers ...

White House's Iran Deal Could Cut Congress Out Of The Loop

Watch Video In April, Secretary of State John Kerry assured lawmakers they'd get a say on any future nuclear deal with Iran.

How Dangerous Is That Brazilian Wandering Spider?

Watch Video Getting groceries delivered to your home is a wonderful convenience — not so much when they contain venomous Brazilian spiders you definitely didn't order.  And that’s exactly what one London family got when upscale supermarket Waitrose delivered a Brazilian wandering spider hidden in a bushel of bananas.

How Nigeria Beat Its Ebola Outbreak

Watch Video After six weeks without any new cases, Nigeria is now free of Ebola, according to the World Health Organization. Here's how it beat the outbreak.  The initial response was critical.

It's Dog Vs. Weatherman In Hilarious Video

Watch Video Dogs are great for running, cuddling and just generally being adorable — but apparently they're not so great at reading the weather.  Weatherman Mike Sobel of Global News in Edmonton, Alberta, brought Ripple, a shepherd-mastiff mix, onto the set to help with the weather.

White Rhino's Death In Kenya Means Just 6 Are Left

Watch Video As of last Thursday, there were seven northern white rhinos left in the world.  Come Friday, there were only six.

Turkey Opens The Door To Kurds Joining Kobani Fight

Watch Video In a major change in position, Turkey is now allowing Iraq's Kurdish fighters to cross its borders.

British Actress And 'Oxo Mom' Lynda Bellingham Dies

Watch Video The U.K. has lost the mother figure for an entire generation as Lynda Bellingham passed away Sunday after a year-plus battle with cancer.

Russian Tennis Official Fined For 'Williams Brothers' Remark

Watch Video The Women's Tennis Association has come down hard on the Russian Tennis Federation official who made derogatory comments about the Williams sisters a few weeks ago.  Appearing on a Russian late-night talk show, Russian Tennis Federation President Shamil Tarpischev called the sisters the "Williams brothers" and said the two were frightening to look at.

Ebola's West African Victims: Where's The Outrage?

Watch Video If you’re going to worry about Ebola, worry about this. NBC: "Liberia is in desperate need for body bags. Nearly 80,000 more, in fact, over the next six months." That's how many lives the virus is expected to take in the West African country.

As Sweden Hunts For Sub, "Cold War" Comparisons Flourish

Watch Video With the Swedish navy on the hunt for a suspected Russian submarine, in October... you'd be forgiven for drawing up certain comparisons.  And a number of outlets have done exactly that, with the news that the Swedes had detected possible "foreign underwater activity" and have mobilized some 200 personnel to look for the suspected sub.

Would A Travel Ban Even Work In Stopping Ebola Spread?

Watch Video In the wake of the two nurses diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas, and the subsequent fear and fallout, one measure that's been floated consistently is that of a travel ban on the worst-affected West African countries.  REP.

Catholic 'Welcome' To Gays Nixed At Synod

Watch Video The Vatican had signaled a historic change could be coming in the way Catholic Church viewed gay people.

Beijing Marathon Runs Into Smog Troubles

Watch Video This year's Beijing Marathon has fallen prey to some particularly bad timing — marathon runners will take the streets Sunday amid some especially thick smog.

America's Czars: A Brief History

Watch Video This week, Ron Klain was named America’s so-called Ebola czar.  It’s a title that, for most, probably conjures up images of despots in imperialist Russia.  But the term isn’t as foreign as it sounds.

Hong Kong Protesters Push Back Police

Watch Video Protesters in Hong Kong's so-called "Umbrella Revolution" have retaken a sit-in site that police had cleared less than a day earlier.

What U.S. Reservists Would Do To Stop Ebola In Liberia

Watch Video At a time when most Americans are getting as far from Ebola as possible, President Obama is planning to send thousands of U.S.

U.S. Weighs Threat Of ISIS Flying Stolen Fighter Jets

Watch Video ISIS militants have gotten their hands on three MiG fighter jets along with training personnel who can teach the militants to fly them, according to reports Friday.

Boko Haram Might Bring Back Our Girls

Watch Video In April Islamist militant group Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls at gunpoint in the Nigerian town of Chibok.