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What Goes Into A U.S. Military Airstrike?

Watch Video The U.S. has already carried out some 150 airstrikes in Iraq, most prominently in the effort to take back the Mosul and Haditha dams from ISIS militants.

WWII's 'Agent Fifi' Test And The History Of Female Spies

Watch Video Sometimes legends turn out to be more fact than fiction. That's exactly what happened in the case of legendary femme fatale Agent Fifi.

New York Man Charged With Trying To Recruit For ISIS

Watch Video A New York man is one of the first — if not the only — American charged with recruiting for ISIS.

What Makes A 'Moderate' Syrian Rebel Moderate?

Watch Video The success of President Obama’s plan to combat ISIS in Syria relies on the country’s so-called moderate rebels.

King Richard III's Painful Cause Of Death Revealed

Watch Video King Richard III, seen here in a facial reconstruction piece, is known to have died in the Battle of Bosworth.  Now, researchers are saying they think they know exactly how he met his end on that battlefield in 1485: through blunt blows to the head.  CHANNEL 4: "Forensic teams examining the skeleton of the 15th century monarch have concluded he was killed by two blows to the head and one to his pelvis." The royal's remains were found two years ago under a parking lot.  And last year, they were finally confirmed to be that of the lost monarch.

Why China's Keeping A Close Eye On The Scottish Referendum

Watch Video With the Scottish referendum right around the corner, Chinese officials will be watching with some concern — worried about the message a "Yes" vote could send to two major restive regions: Xinjiang and Tibet.  Xinjiang in particular has seen its share of violence over the past few months as China has cracked down on the region, with clashes between members of the Uighur minority group and police.

South Korea Arrests U.S. Citizen Swimming To North Korea

Watch Video South Korean authorities say they arrested a U.S. citizen Tuesday night who they say was trying to swim to North Korea to meet the country's leader.

The Rise And Fall Of Gulnara Karimova, The 'Uzbek Princess'

Watch Video Meet Gulnara Karimova, entrepreneur, Harvard graduate, daughter of Uzbekistan’s president and the subject of some bizarre family — and political — drama.

As U.S. Pledges Aid, Health Workers Criticize Ebola Response

Watch Video On the same day President Barrack Obama announced sweeping measures to help combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa ...

Judge Lifts Germany's Uber Ban

Watch Video The temporary injunction that banned ride-sharing company Uber from operating in Germany has been overturned by a judge.

Is The ISIS Threat To The U.S. Overstated?

Watch Video Intelligence officials keep saying there's no evidence to suggest ISIS is plotting some large-scale, 9/11-type attack on the U.S.

Isolated N. Korea Asks For International Help With Volcano

Watch Video The Mount Paektu volcano in North Korea is showing signs of activity, and for the first time ever, two foreign scientists are being given access to study the massive volcano.

Kabul Suicide Bomb Kills 3 NATO Troops In Afghanistan

Watch Video A suicide bomber detonated near a NATO military convoy in Afghanistan Tuesday morning, killing three troops and injuring several more.

President To Send 3,000 Military Personnel To Fight Ebola

Watch Video U.S. troops appear to be the latest part of the effort to fight Ebola in West Africa — 3,000 of them, in fact.

Belgium OKs Euthanasia For Convicted Murderer, Rapist

Watch Video Belgium’s already controversial euthanasia law is again making headlines this week. In a groundbreaking ruling, a convicted murderer and serial rapist supposed to be serving out a life prison sentence has been granted the right to end his life.  Fifty-year-old Frank Van Den Bleeken has been in prison since the 1980s.

'Risky' Surgery To Remove Pet Goldfish's Tumor A Success

Watch Video A pet goldfish named George was so loved by his family in Australia, they dished out the dough needed save him from a tumor.

The Story Behind China's 'No Texting' Sidewalk Lanes

Watch Video The modern-day scourge of texting while walking is finally being taken on by a Chinese city with generous sidewalk space and a liberal approach to civic planning — or so the story goes.

500 Migrants Feared Dead In Migrant Shipwreck In Malta

Watch Video As many as 500 migrants fleeing Africa and the Middle East are feared dead after human traffickers reportedly sunk the ship carrying them across the Mediterranean Sea last Wednesday.

Iran, U.S. Say They Don't Want To Fight ISIS Together

Watch Video If anything could repair the strained relationship between Iran and the U.S., one would think a warmongering group of Islamic extremists that even Al Qaeda doesn’t want to be associated with would do the trick.

U.S. Turns To Local Officials To Stop Americans Joining ISIS

Watch Video U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced a plan aimed at stopping American extremists from joining terrorist groups like ISIS, but during that presentation Monday, he was a bit fuzzy on the details.  What's most notable about this plan is that it involves what he calls "pilot programs" on the local level.  HOLDER VIA U.S.