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France And UK Work Through Border Issues In Summit

Watch Video With Brexit looming overhead, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron are working to preserve ties between their two countries.

Pope Francis Married This Lucky Couple On An Airplane

Watch Video Love was truly in the air for these two flight attendants after Pope Francis offered to marry them on board an airplane.

The Women's March Isn't Just For People In The US

Watch Video Last year's Women's March made history. Estimates showed it was one of the largest protests the U.S.

Tillerson Says Russia Isn't Implementing Sanctions Against North Korea

Watch Video U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Russia isn't implementing all international sanctions against North Korea.

India Tested An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Watch Video India says it successfully tested a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile. Officials confirmed on Twitter the Agni 5 missile was launched from a small island off India's east coast Thursday.

Northern Ireland Parties Move Toward Coalition After A Year Without

Watch Video Northern Ireland's political parties are getting ready to form a new government after a yearlong stalemate.

What We Can Learn From Listening To Iran's Protest Slogans

Watch Video In just a few weeks, protests have swept across Iran. Some in the streets chant death to the country's president and, perhaps more surprisingly, to its supreme leader.

The US-led Arms Export Industry Is Fueling Civilian Deaths

Watch Video "Weapons are by their very nature lethal. They are not smart; they do not discriminate between a civilian and a soldier," Rachel Stohl, managing director of the Stimson Center, told Newsy.  Stimson, along with the Center for Civilians in Conflict, recently released a report on how the U.S.

Tillerson: US Will Discourage International Trade With Assad's Syria

Watch Video Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. still wants Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime out of power — but warned that change might not happen for a while.

Britain Has Appointed A Minister To Help Tackle Loneliness

Watch Video Britain has appointed a minister for loneliness. Prime Minister Theresa May announced Wednesday that Minister for Sport and Civil Society Tracey Crouch will serve as the "ministerial lead on loneliness." The new position is part of a wider effort to tackle loneliness and social isolation in the U.K.

North And South Korea Will March Together At The 2018 Winter Olympics

Watch Video North and South Korean athletes will march together at the 2018 Winter Olympics under a unified flag.

North Korean Art Troupe Heading To Olympics May Cross DMZ On Foot

Watch Video North Korean musicians may enter South Korea on foot ahead of a performance at the Olympic Games.

Venezuelan Rebel Dead After Posting Videos Of Police Raid

Watch Video Prominent Venezuelan rebel leader Oscar Perez was killed in a shootout with police on Monday, according to officials.  Perez posted videos on Instagram of what he said was a police raid on his group's hideout.

US To Nix Over Half Of First 2018 Check To Group Helping Palestinians

Watch Video The United States will reportedly withhold more than half of a multimillion dollar payment to a United Nations organization that helps Palestinian refugees in the Middle East.

Pope Francis Asks For Forgiveness In Chile

Watch Video During a visit to Chile, Pope Francis asked forgiveness for the Vatican's role in covering up sexual abuse by priests.

EU: 'Our Hearts Are Still Open' — UK Talks Of Second Brexit Vote

Watch Video The European Union seems to be jumping at the chance to coax the U.K. into staying in the union after all.  "We, here on the continent haven't had a change of heart.

Saudi Arabia Screens First Films In Decades, Shows 'The Emoji Movie'

Watch Video Saudi Arabia began screening films over the weekend for the first time in decades. And one of the first flicks people got to see was ...

Japanese Broadcaster Issues False North Korea Missile Alert

Watch Video Japan's national broadcaster accidentally sent out a false alert about a North Korean missile launch.

Palestinian Central Committee Votes To End Recognition Of Israel

Watch Video Palestinian officials voted on Monday to no longer recognize Israel or coordinate on security matters.

Prominent Venezuelan Rebel Might Be Dead Or In Custody After Shootout

Watch Video Venezuelan authorities say they "dismantled" an anti-government "terror cell" the same day a prominent insurgent posted dramatic videos of a shootout on social media.  Óscar Pérez has been a resistance figure for about a year.