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Italian Police Arrest 18 In Al-Qaeda-Linked Terror Group

Watch Video Italian state police have announced the arrest of several members of an Al-Qaeda-linked terror group within Italy.

Europe Is Smiling About Happiest Countries Rankings

Watch Video The third World Happiness Report came out Thursday, providing further evidence that we all need to move to northern Europe as soon as possible.

Obama 'Regrets' Deaths Of 2 Hostages In Counterterrorism Op

Watch Video President Obama announced Wednesday counterterrorism operations against Al-Qaeda killed two "innocent hostages" in January, one of them an American citizen and one an Italian.

Thousands Evacuate As Chile Volcano Erupts Twice In 24 Hours

Watch Video Chile's Calbuco volcano erupted twice in a span of 24 hours.  The Weather Channel reports the first eruption occurred around 6 p.m.

Why Most US Companies 'Failed' A Conflict Mineral Test

Watch Video Four out of five U.S.-listed companies aren't doing enough to show the minerals they use don't come from conflict zones in Central Africa.

A Saudi Operation In Yemen Is Over, But Airstrikes Aren't

Watch Video Operation Decisive Storm is over, but that doesn't mean the airstrikes are. (Video via Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) "The operation is today in its third week, in terms of the air campaign.

French Authorities Foil Terror Plot On Paris Churches

Watch Video French authorities say they've foiled a potential terrorist attack planned for at least one church in Paris.

Mediterranean Migrants: The Numbers Behind A Deadly Voyage

Watch Video These are the Mediterranean's migrants. (Video via Italian Coast Guard)  The migrants feared dead after Sunday's capsizing are among tens of thousands who have tried making the journey to Europe in the past year.

Searching For The Loch Ness Monster? Try Google Street View

Watch Video Google is joining the search for the Loch Ness monster. Eighty-one years ago, this blurry, vague photo — supposedly showing a monster in the Scottish Loch Ness — was released, setting off one of the biggest legends, and hoaxes, of our modern age.

Egypt's Morsi Escapes Life Sentence, Gets 20 Years In Prison

Watch Video Egypt has sentenced its first democratically elected president to 20 years in prison.  Mohamed Morsi faces the sentence after a court found him guilty of ordering the torture and arrest of protesters during his presidency.

American Couple Sentenced In Bali Suitcase Murder

Watch Video An American teenager and her boyfriend have been found guilty for committing the gruesome suitcase murder of her mother last August.

Months-Long Investigation Into Argentine President Dismissed

Watch Video A prosecutor has moved to dismiss the conspiracy accusations currently leveled at Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, marking what seems to be the end of a bizarre case which made international headlines.

US Aircraft Carrier Moves Near Yemen, Eyes Iranian Convoy

Watch Video The USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, along with the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy, have relocated to waters outside Yemen and are tracking a convoy of Iranian ships approaching the troubled country.

US Reporter In Iranian Jail Charged With Espionage

Watch Video Jason Rezaian, the Tehran bureau chief for The Washington Post, has been held in an Iranian prison for almost nine months.

Norway Switching Off National FM Radio In 2017

Watch Video Norway is getting rid of FM radio. In January 2017, Norway will shut off national FM radio in the country and transition to digital audio broadcast, or DAB.

Communist Cuba Has 2 Dissidents On Ballot For First Time

Watch Video In a country with one official political party, you don't often see electoral challenges to that party's candidates.

Polish Embassy Issues Objection To Holocaust Association

Watch Video Poland summoned U.S. ambassador Stephen Mull in response to the FBI director's comments that suggested Poland bears some responsibility for the Holocaust.

Latest Capsize In Mediterranean Sea Fuels Debate In Europe

Watch Video The latest migrant tragedy has hit the Mediterranean.  "At least 650 migrants are feared to have drowned after a boat capsized in the Mediterranean," the BBC anchor said.  That's a headline that's becoming increasingly familiar as more migrants try to make the journey across the Mediterranean from Northern Africa.  The Italian coast guard reports it's saved close to 30 people and recovered as many bodies.  The International Organization for Migration estimates more than 20,000 immigrants have reached the Italian coast since the start of 2015.

ISIS Video Appears To Show Execution Of Ethiopian Christians

Watch Video ISIS claims to have killed dozens of Ethiopian Christians in its latest execution video.  News outlets say the video appears to show militants carrying out the execution in what it said were two provinces of Libya.  Reports of ISIS in Libya aren't new.

How Far Is ISIS's Reach?

Watch Video At least 33 people reportedly died and more than 100 others were wounded after a terrorist blew himself up outside a crowded bank in Afghanistan.