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Muslim Policewomen In Turkey Can Now Wear Their Hijabs On Duty

Watch Video For the first time, women in Turkey's police force can opt to wear a hijab as part of their uniform.

Land Mines Are Randomly Hidden All Over The Armenia-Azerbaijan Border

Watch Video Hidden land mines are a part of daily life for for those living by the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.  "I found something unfamiliar in the field, I touched it, and it exploded in my hand and injured me.

'Tell The World We Want Freedom': The End Of The Daraya Siege

Watch Video The siege of the Damascus suburb of Daraya is finally over. Rebels and a regime delegation signed a truce allowing civilians and fighters transportation out of the destroyed city.  Daraya has endured years of barrel bombs, surface-to-surface missiles, starvation and incendiary bombs.

Czech Woman Survives One Month Stranded In The Mountains

Watch Video A Czech woman who was stranded in the New Zealand mountains for nearly 30 days is discussing how she survived.

Refugees Heading To Hungary Will Soon Face Another Border Block

Watch Video A fence at the Hungarian border has been pretty effective at blocking refugees from entering.

France's Highest Court Has Overturned At Least One Ban On Burqinis

Watch Video A top French court has overturned a controversial ban on Muslim-friendly burqini bathing suits.

This Border Town Is Again At The Center Of The Tension In Turkey

Watch Video This is the aftermath of a bombing that killed at least 11 police officers and injured dozens of people in Turkey.

Brazil Charges Ryan Lochte But Probably Can't Extradite Him From US

Watch Video U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte's little "over-exaggeration" has led to criminal charges being brought against him from the Brazilian government.

Is France's Burqini Ban Here To Stay?

Watch Video The ban on burqinis in French towns will either be completely legalized nationwide or struck down Friday.

Canadian City Might Have To Pay After Rescuing Stranded Americans

Watch Video It cost over $6,000 to rescue roughly 1,500 Americans who unexpectedly floated into Canadian territory Sunday.

India's Government Is Planning To Ban Commercial Surrogacy

Watch Video The Indian government has moved forward a ban that would outlaw all commercial surrogacy in the country.

Canada's Mounties Welcome The Hijab

Watch Video As some parts of the world crack down on the hijab, Canada seems to be embracing it. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is now allowing its Mounties to wear hijabs.

At Least 13 Dead After Attack On American University Of Afghanistan

Watch Video At least 13 people are dead and dozens more injured after a nearly nine-hour attack on the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Wednesday.

Death Toll From Italian Quake Rises As Workers Search For Survivors

Watch Video The death toll from the massive earthquake that struck central Italy on Wednesday has reached over 160 and is expected to climb higher.

Longest War In Latin America Is Close To Being Over

Watch Video The longest war in Latin America looks like it's just about done. After four years of negotiations, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, have signed a peace agreement.  SEE MORE: Why US-Backed Colombian Drug Policy Is On Its Way Out A ceasefire was signed in June, making it easier to get to an actual agreement.

Family Of ISIS Hostage Says Doctors Without Borders Refused To Help

Watch Video The parents of an American woman who was killed in ISIS captivity last year are calling out the international medical charity Doctors Without Borders, saying the organization refused to help negotiate for their daughter's release.

Farage Imports Brexit Values To Trump Rally

Watch Video A rally for Donald Trump on Wednesday will have a very special story time brought to you by none other than the real Mr.

Terrorism Is Draining The French Economy

Watch Video France is facing potentially more than $1 billion in lost revenue this year due to huge declines in tourism.

This Program May Reduce Childbirth Deaths In Areas That Need It Most

Watch Video Data and algorithms could save a mother's and baby's life during childbirth — especially in developing countries.

China's New Glass-Bottom Bridge Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Watch Video A new bridge in China is taking residents and tourists to terrifying new heights.  The glass-bottom bridge, which is more than 1,400 feet long and rises almost 1,000 feet above the ground in some sections, is located in a part of the Hunan province that provided inspiration for the 2009 film "Avatar."   SEE MORE: Can NYC Find Room For Tourists And Residents On The Brooklyn Bridge?