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Uber Banned In Germany, Doesn't Really Seem To Care

Watch Video The app-driven car service Uber is facing a ban in all of Germany... and it doesn't seem to care.  A regional court in Frankfurt reportedly handed down a preliminary injunction that bans the service, with big fines for any violations.  But Uber told multiple outlets it plans to continue operating in the country and doubts the injunction can be enforced.

ISIS Accused Of Ethnic Cleansing On A 'Historic Scale'

Watch Video Amnesty International says it has fresh evidence of the international community has long suspected.

Did Neanderthals Play Tic-Tac-Toe?

Watch Video When we think of Neanderthals, we often picture long-haired, shaggy-looking prehistoric people with the intelligence of a buffalo.

U.S. Conducts Operation In Somalia, Includes Drones Strikes

Watch Video ​The U.S. military conducted an operation including drone strikes Monday against the Al-Shabaab militant group in the east African country of Somalia.

Support For Scottish Independence Grows In Polls

Watch Video Scotland's vote on independence is set for later this month, and over the past few weeks, the "yes" side has made some impressive gains in the polls.

NATO Announces New 'Spearhead' Force To Counter Russia

Watch Video ​The head of NATO announced plans Monday for a new “spearhead” force designed to deliver a quick response to a crisis inside any of its member states.

Tracking Americans In Syria Is A Very Tough Task

Watch Video We've heard a lot of conflicting numbers regarding the number of Americans believed to be fighting alongside ISIS.​ REP.

David Cameron Aims To Seize Militants' U.K. Passports

Watch Video In an hourslong statement given before British Parliament, Prime Minister David Cameron outlined legal steps to crack down on British citizens joining militant groups such as ISIS.

Strategy: Washington's Latest Buzzword, But Nobody Has One

Watch Video Oh, Mr. President. If only you hadn't said that one word everyone in D.C. now has on repeat.

Melting Ice Shelves Drive Rapid Antarctic Sea Level Rise

Watch Video A study more than 20 years in the making reports a rapid rise in Antarctic sea levels. The cause?

North Korea's History Of Coercing Detainee Confessions

Watch Video Guilty. That's the verdict three Americans being held in North Korea just gave themselves.  WILL RIPLEY, CNN ANCHOR: "You believe you're guilty of the charges you've been convicted of here?

Protesters In Hong Kong Clash With Police Over Elections

Watch Video As many predicted, protesters were out in force on the streets of Hong Kong Sunday night and into Monday after the Chinese central government announced it will screen candidates for Hong Kong chief executive — the island's highest office.  Those protesters reportedly clashed with police as they rallied in support of democracy, rejecting a plan that Beijing says will bring "universal suffrage" to Hong Kong by 2017.

Why Does This Radical Muslim Cleric Get Airtime?

Watch Video If you were watching cable news this past week, you might have heard from this man. (Video via Fox News, CNN)  London-based Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary tends to pop up in the news with an offensive sound bite whenever Islamic terrorist groups are in the headlines.

Israel Seizes 1,000 Acres Of Land In West Bank

Watch Video Less than a week after a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas halted the bloody 50-day war in Gaza, Israel announced it is appropriating almost 1,000 acres of land in the West Bank for Israeli settlers.

Parents Arrested For Taking Son With Tumor From Hospital

Watch Video Two parents who took their son out of a British hospital against doctors' orders, setting off an international search, have been arrested in Spain.

Putin Wants 'Statehood' Talks In Eastern Ukraine

Watch Video ​​Just days after Russian President Vladimir Putin made headlines for reminding the West that Russia has nukes — he’s now calling for "statehood" talks in eastern Ukraine.

Libyans Appear To Have Claimed U.S. Embassy Swimming Pool

Watch Video Militants have reportedly stormed an American government complex in Libya, although maybe stormed isn't the right word.  A video uploaded to Youtube Sunday showed men fooling around and swimming in a pool at what militants say is a U.S.

Are Iraqi Forces Regaining Momentum?

Watch Video ​For the second time this month, U.S. airstrikes have helped free thousands of Iraqis under threat from ISIS.

Protests Predicted As China Limits Hong Kong Elections

Watch Video In the wake of a decision by Chinese authorities to limit elections in Hong Kong, the former British colony looks set for a new wave of pro-democracy protests.   Chinese officials announced on Sunday that the central government in Beijing will screen candidates for what was meant to be a democratically elected position, Hong Kong's chief executive,.

UN Works To Free Captured Peacekeepers In Golan Heights

Watch Video Militants reportedly captured dozens of Fijian and Filipino U.N. peacekeepers during fighting in Syria, and while the Filipino contingent escaped, the fate of the Fijians remains uncertain.   According to the U.N.