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US Urges Venezuela To Cancel Vote, Sanctions 13 Officials

Watch Video The Trump administration just sanctioned 13 high-ranking Venezuelan officials ahead of a vote that could rewrite the country's constitution.

Chlorinated Chickens Are Clucking Up A US-UK Trade Deal

Watch Video After Brexit, the U.K. wants a new trade deal with the U.S. During a meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, President Donald Trump said: "We're working on a trade deal which will be ...

US Sanctions Might Affect More Than Russia, Iran And North Korea

Watch Video The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill Tuesday to sanction Iran, North Korea and Russia.

Americans Are Risking Their Lives To Voluntarily Fight ISIS In Syria

Watch Video At least three Americans died in July fighting ISIS in Syria. But they weren't fighting with American military units.

The UK Has A Plan To Help Improve Air Quality

Watch Video The U.K. has an air quality problem. So in an effort to help clean it up, the British government plans to ban the sale of new diesel and gas-burning vehicles by the year 2040.  The BBC reports the ban is part of an almost $4 billion clean air package the government will soon announce.

North Korea's Nuclear Program Is Progressing Faster Than We Thought

Watch Video North Korea could have a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the continental U.S. in 2018.

The Vatican Turned Off Its Fountains So Rome Can Save Water

Watch Video Italy is struggling with a severe drought, so to save water, the Vatican is shutting off its famous fountains.

Philippine President Duterte Doubles Down On Nation's Bloody Drug War

Watch Video Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gave his second State of the Nation Address on Monday, doubling down on his strongman leadership style and vowing to continue the country's bloody war on drugs.  "There is a jungle out there.

Israel Begins Removing Metal Detectors At Center Of Protests

Watch Video Israeli forces began removing metal detectors at the entrances to a holy site in the Old City of Jerusalem late Monday.

The World Lost A Huge Chunk Of Its Forests In 2015

Watch Video The world lost around 49 million acres of forest in 2015, according to new data from Global Forest Watch.

Trump Goes To War With His Adviser On Afghanistan

Watch Video For months, President Donald Trump's national security advisers have been working on a new strategy to end U.S.

Poland's President Spikes Court Reform Bills After Protests

Watch Video Days of massive protests in Poland appear to have paid off for demonstrators. The country's president has vetoed two bills that would've reined in its Supreme Court.

A Bikini Competition Aims To Reinvent What It Means To Get Older

Watch Video All contestants in a bikini competition in China are older than 55. The organizers of the contest want people to know getting older is no big deal.

Charlie Gard's Parents End Legal Fight For US Experimental Treatment

Watch Video The parents of baby Charlie Gard have decided to end their legal fight over treatment for their terminally ill son.

The Robot Searching Fukushima's Reactors May Have Made A Big Discovery

Watch Video This is "Little Sunfish," and it's helping find nuclear waste in Fukushima. It's a remote-controlled robot fitted with two cameras.

Indonesian President To Police: Kill Suspected Drug Traffickers

Watch Video Indonesia's president has told police to shoot suspected drug dealers. Joko Widodo told police to "be firm, especially with foreign drug dealers who enter the country and resist [upon arrest].

US Airstrike Kills Several Afghan Security Force Members

Watch Video A U.S. airstrike killed several Afghan police officers Friday. Afghan officials say 16 members of the Afghan National Security Forces died while taking back a security post from Taliban forces.

Why Hawaii Is Updating Its Decades-Old Missile Preparedness Plan

Watch Video Hawaii isn't taking any chances when it comes to North Korea. The state is updating its missile attack preparedness plan that hasn't been used in decades.

Metal Detectors Lead To Violence Between Israelis And Palestinians

Watch Video Violent clashes between Israelis and Palestinians have left at least six people dead. Palestinian protests across Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday left three Palestinians killed.

Cecil The Lion's Son Xanda Met The Same Fate As His Father

Watch Video Two years ago, there was massive public outcry after a trophy-hunter killed a lion named Cecil.