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Good News: Life Expectancy Could Increase In 35 Countries

Watch Video People around the world could soon start living longer. A study found in 35 industrialized countries, life expectancy should increase by the year 2030.

Stockholm Rioters Destroy Cars After Trump Cites Sweden's 'Problems'

Watch Video A riot in Stockholm, Sweden, is grabbing headlines after President Trump's critical comments about the Scandinavian nation.

Marine Le Pen Refuses To Wear A Headscarf In Lebanon

Watch Video Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen canceled a meeting with Lebanon's top Sunni cleric after being told she would have to wear a headscarf.

Protected Land Isn't Keeping African Forest Elephants Safe

Watch Video It turns out elephants aren't safe from poachers even when they are living on protected land.  In 2004, an estimated 35,000 forest elephants lived in Gabon's Minkébé National Park in Africa.

Migrants Are Still Dying As They Cross The Mediterranean

Watch Video Dozens of bodies believed to be migrants have washed up on Libya's shore. The Libyan Red Crescent recovered at least 74 bodies on the country's northern coast Monday.

Israeli Soldier Gets 18 Months In Extrajudicial Killing Of Palestinian

Watch Video Israeli soldier Elor Azaria has been handed an 18-month prison sentence for killing a Palestinian man.

5 Dead After Plane Crashes Into Shopping Mall In Australia

Watch Video Five people were killed, including four Americans, when a small plane crashed into a shopping center in Australia.

The World Hasn't Moved This Many Weapons Since The End Of The Cold War

Watch Video A new report shows the amount of weapons being bought and sold around the world is growing.

UK Parliament Pointlessly Debates Whether Trump Should Meet The Queen

Watch Video The U.K. Parliament debated whether or not to rescind the invitation to President Donald Trump for a state visit.  A state visit is more prestigious than an official visit since it involves the queen and a lot of pomp and circumstance.  Only two presidents since the 50s have received such an honor.

Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin Dies At 64

Watch Video Vitaly Churkin, Russia's longtime ambassador to the United Nations, has died suddenly at the age of 64.

Norway Is Donating $10 Million To Women's Health NGOs Around The World

Watch Video Norway plans to donate around $10 million to non-governmental organizations that provide women with abortion information and services.  The country hopes to help counter President Donald Trump's recent executive order reinstating the so-called "global gag rule." The rule prevents NGOs that provide or promote abortions from receiving government funding.  By donating, Norway is joining a global initiative with a goal of making up for the predicted $600 million budgetary shortfall caused by Trump's executive order.

Defense Sec. Mattis Visits Baghdad, Says US Won't Take Iraqi Oil

Watch Video U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis distanced himself from one of the president's campaign talking points.  "We're not in Iraq to seize anyone's oil," Mattis told CNN in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

Pence Reaffirms Commitment To NATO But Tells Members To Pay Up

Watch Video Vice President Mike Pence continued to reiterate the U.S.' commitment to its European allies with a stop at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Monday.

Drought, Floods And Bacteria Are Leading To An Olive Oil Shortage

Watch Video If you cook at home regularly, you might want to listen up: We could be facing a global shortage of olive oil.

China Deals A Major Blow To North Korea

Watch Video Not long after North Korea's latest missile test, China announced it won't be importing any more coal from its neighbor this year.  It's a significant blow to North Korea's fragile economy that depends heavily on coal exports.

UN Declares 'Man-Made' Famine In South Sudan Amid Conflict, Inflation

Watch Video There is officially a famine in South Sudan, and that means people are already dying of starvation.

John Oliver On Putin's Russian And 'Moral Equivalence' With The US

Watch Video Concerns about President Trump's ties to Vladimir Putin's Russia have been back in the limelight since Michael Flynn resigned as national security adviser.

Defending Travel Ban, Trump Cites Swedish Attack That Didn't Happen

Watch Video "You look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden!

Update In Iraq: Armed Forces Move To Take Rest Of Mosul, Evict ISIS

Watch Video Iraqi armed forces are moving to retake western Mosul from ISIS.  Planes dropped millions of leaflets over the western half of the city, urging fighters to surrender and asking citizens to hang a white flag outside their home.  The United Nations estimates up to 800,000 people are still living in western Mosul.  The effort to liberate Mosul, at one time Iraq's second-largest city, began in October.

Next Generation Of Monopoly Tokens Won't Include This Classic Piece

Watch Video Monopoly is revamping its collection of game tokens, and one of the classics is out — possibly for forever.