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UN Controversially Names Wonder Woman As Honorary Ambassador

Watch Video She's an icon of strength, but not qualified to be a United Nations honorary ambassador — at least according to some U.N.

Filibuster Kills The UK's Gay Pardon Bill

Watch Video The U.K. Parliament was all set to move forward with a bill to pardon thousands of men who were convicted under outdated anti-gay laws.

Venezuelans' Plan To Overthrow Their President Has Hit A Snag

Watch Video Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has blocked a recall campaign against him. The government says it suspended the campaign due to reports of fraudulent signatures on the petition used to trigger the referendum.

Snow Leopards Have Farmers On The Hunt For Revenge

Watch Video This is a snow leopard. Even though it's an endangered species, a new report says as many as 450 of them have been killed each year going all the way back to 2008.

Russia Wanted To Send Monitors To Watch The US Presidential Election

Watch Video Russia reportedly tried to send diplomats to the U.S. to monitor the upcoming presidential election.

Facebook Is Apologizing For Censorship ... Again

Watch Video Facebook is once again apologizing for censoring content, and this time, it's for an animated video about breast cancer.

First US Service Member Killed Near Mosul

Watch Video A U.S. service member was killed Thursday near Mosul, Iraq. Not many details have been released, but officials told Fox News the American was critically injured when his vehicle ran over an IED.

Duterte Says China Is In And The US Is Out

Watch Video Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wasted no time bashing the U.S. during his first state visit to China.

Humans Could Hunt 301 Species Of Mammals Into Extinction

Watch Video  According to a recent report, 301 species are at risk of being hunted into extinction — mainly for human consumption.

UK To Pardon Thousands Of Gay Men Convicted Of Now-Outdated Offenses

Watch Video The British government will officially pardon gay and bisexual men who were convicted of sexual offenses that are now outdated.

These African Migrants Are Living In Limbo

Watch Video Thousands of African migrants are stuck in Central America, and local aid workers are concerned it could become a humanitarian crisis.  The migrants are seeking asylum in the U.S.

This Canadian Clinic Treats Uninsured Refugees And Immigrants For Free

Watch Video "We want to ensure that everyone new to Canada gets the health care they need when they need it, unstintingly and without judgment of their circumstances," said Paul Caulford, co-founder and medical director of the Canadian Volunteer Clinic.

Ecuador Shut Off Julian Assange's Internet Access

Watch Video Julian Assange is offline, and now we know why: Ecuador is sick of the WikiLeaks founder messing with U.S.

An Airstrike Left This Syrian Boy Hanging From A Pile Of Rubble

Watch Video An airstrike in Aleppo, Syria, left this boy hanging from a building. The strike pinned his legs beneath a pile of rubble.

Samsung Opens Airport Booths So Travelers Can Turn In Galaxy Note 7s

Watch Video Battery fires, recalls, a production stoppage and now a travel ban. Samsung and its Galaxy Note 7 users can't seem to catch a break.

Nigerians Are Dying Of Hunger, And The World Is Ignoring Them

Watch Video UNICEF warns 75,000 kids in Nigeria could die from hunger if they don't get proper aid within a year.   And it's because the terrorist group Boko Haram's attacks  are cutting off aid.

2 Mysterious Chambers May Have Been Found In The Great Pyramid

Watch Video Scientists believe they've found two more mysterious cavities inside Egypt's Great Pyramid at Giza.

Mosul Attack In Iraq Is President Obama's Big Counterterrorism Test

Watch Video "I think the president will be the first to acknowledge that this is a significant test," Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Monday.

This Syrian City Has A Short Window Of Time For Humanitarian Aid

Watch Video Russia and Syria agreed to stop bombing Aleppo for eight hours on Thursday so humanitarian aid could reach the city.

Iran Wants Foreign Investors To Help Restore Its Oil Market

Watch Video "Can we wait and not produce after lifting the sanction? Who can accept it in Iran?" Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh asked a CNN reporter.