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Israeli Airstrikes Kill 3 Top Hamas Commanders

Watch Video Three top Hamas commanders were among those killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Thursday morning.

Russia McDonald's Crackdown: Sanitation Or Sanctions?

Watch Video Seems like Russia isn't exactly loving it, as Russian officials shut down four McDonald's locations in the country's capital over suspected violations of the sanitary code.

Examining America's Ransom Stance After The Foley Execution

Watch Video Before James Foley's execution by ISIS militants, his captors apparently demanded a ransom.  The New York Times reported Wednesday the militants demanded a $100 million ransom payment.  And that has put the U.S.' policy on ransom payments — namely that it doesn't make them — in the spotlight.  Consider the number of journalists kidnapped during the war in Syria and the suspected responses of several European governments. (Video via CNN) SKY NEWS: "The interesting question is that those French journalists were released in April because a ransom was paid.

Neanderthals Probably Died Out Earlier Than We Thought

Watch Video ​A big question plaguing paleoanthropologists — that is, people who study ancient humans — is just when did Neanderthals disappear?

Drug Used To Treat 'Ebola's Cousin' Shows Promise

Watch Video Our biological relatives might have answers in the search for a cure for Ebola, which has claimed the lives of more than 1,300 and infected nearly double that number.

Couple Charged With Theft From MH370 Passengers

Watch Video ​We still don’t know what happened to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but Malaysian state news agency Bernama reports some of the passengers were also victims of theft and fraud.

What Can Eric Holder Really Do In Ferguson?

Watch Video U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson, Missouri Wednesday with clear objectives: investigate the officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown, ensure that there were no federal civil rights laws violated and help ease tensions the city.

North Korea Is Apparently Worried About China

Watch Video What was once a warm relationship between China and North Korea has gone sour — sour enough that reports Wednesday said North Korea had moved its newest tank units not to its highly militarized southern border but northward, to its border with China.

Families Can Now Ask Twitter To Remove Photos Of Deceased

Watch Video Twitter has some pretty basic rules you need to follow if you don't want to have your account suspended.  No spam selling new weight loss secrets, no threats of violence, which might also land you in jail, no making those accounts that have no tweets but follow you for some reason — the list goes on.

Common Antibiotic Could Lead To Heart-Related Death

Watch Video A common antibiotic used by millions worldwide could be linked to hundreds of deaths from heart problems every year.

Unsustainable Elephant Poaching Killed 100K In 3 Years

Watch Video Poachers killed as many as 100,000 African elephants in the space of three years, according to a new study.

Why Shanghai Subway Passengers Ran Away From Man Who Fainted

Watch Video If a stranger fainted right in front of you, your first move might be to try to help them.  But passengers on board a subway car in Shanghai earlier this month had a very different reaction.

Israel Targets Hamas Commander As Fighting Resumes

Watch Video Palestinian officials say the wife and infant child of Hamas' military commander died in an Israeli air strike, after fighting resumed Tuesday.   After nine days without incident, it didn't take long for the conflict to reach pre-cease-fire levels.

Foley Execution Video Going Viral Is Exactly What ISIS Wants

Watch Video ​​The Sunni extremist group ISIS has released a video claiming to show the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Video Appears To Show ISIS Execution Of U.S. Journalist

Watch Video A video released Tuesday appears to show the execution of American war correspondent James Foley by militants with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The 41-year-old Foley was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in November 2012 in Syria while on assignment for GlobalPost.

American Ebola Patient Apparently Improving, Outbreak Is Not

Watch Video The reported improvement of an American Ebola patient being treated at Atlanta's Emory hospital made national news Tuesday.

Did Pope Francis Just Hint At Retirement Again?

Watch Video ​​It was another classic wisecrack from Pope Francis.​ On the plane ride back from his five-day-long South Korea trip, the pontiff made light of his own mortality, telling reporters: "Two or three years and then I'll be off to the Father's House."  Jokes aside, Francis also made a more revealing comment — seemingly raising the possibility of retiring.

Erin Corwin's Body Recovered, Suspect Arrested

Watch Video The body of 19-year-old Erin Corwin, who disappeared more than a month ago, has been recovered after investigators found it in an abandoned mine shaft Saturday.

India Cancels Talks With Pakistan Over Kashmir Dispute

Watch Video Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called off high level diplomatic talks with the country's neighbor Pakistan, a move that could seriously damage the already-fragile relationship between the two countries.

Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Gone, But Killings Continue

Watch Video Between rebels in Ukraine, ISIS in Iraq and trouble within America's own borders, a crisis that predates all those stories has been somewhat pushed to the margins of Western media.