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Russia Has Extended Edward Snowden's Asylum

Watch Video Russia has extended Edward Snowden's temporary right to stay in the country. A spokesperson for Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a Facebook post Snowden will be allowed to remain in Russia for "a couple more years."  She later confirmed to several media outlets that the extension will last until 2020.

Theresa May Calls For 'Hard Brexit' — Here's What That Means

Watch Video For the first time, the U.K.'s prime minister laid out her plan for leaving the European Union.

Suspect In The Istanbul New Year's Eve Nightclub Attack Confesses

Watch Video The man arrested in connection with the deadly New Year's Eve nightclub attack in Istanbul has reportedly confessed.

Relatives Of Missing MH370 Passengers Face Suspended Search Efforts

Watch Video For nearly three years, family members of those on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have been hoping for answers.

Facebook Is Taking Its Fight Against Fake News International

Watch Video Facebook is taking its fight against fake news international. The company announced it will roll out its tools to flag fake news in Germany.

Election Of Top EU Official Gets Little Attention Before Vote

Watch Video One of Europe's biggest political positions is up for grabs — and if this is news to you, you probably aren't alone.

France Hosts Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Without Israel Or Palestine

Watch Video France is hosting a peace conference with hopes of settling conflicts between Israel and Palestine with a so-called "two-state solution." The only problem is neither is represented at the conference.

The Eiffel Tower Might Be Getting A Makeover

Watch Video The Eiffel Tower might be getting a really expensive facelift. City officials have proposed a more than $300 million, 15-year project to modernize the Paris icon.

Winter In Greece Means Snow, Rain And Freezing Temps For Refugees

Watch Video Moria, a Greek refugee camp on Lesbos island, had heavy rain on Friday, snow on Saturday, then more rain on Wednesday.

US Troops Enter Poland To Kick Off Their Tour Of Eastern Europe

Watch Video U.S. troops are moving into Poland as part of an ongoing mission to step up America's presence in eastern Europe.

How Art Is Revitalizing This Kabul Neighborhood After Decades Of War

Watch Video Art can help rebuild a community ravaged by decades of war. The Turquoise Mountain project revitalizes the Murad Khani district of Kabul by restoring buildings and training artisans.

Nickelodeon Wants To Build An Underwater Theme Park In The Philippines

Watch Video Nickelodeon wants to build an underwater theme park among these beautiful islands in the Philippines.  But environmentalists aren't having any of it.

The Number Of Migrants Reaching Europe By Sea Fell In 2016 — A Lot

Watch Video The number of migrants reaching Europe by sea plunged by about two-thirds in 2016. Frontex, the European coast and border agency, estimates 364,000 migrants reached Europe by two main sea routes last year. More than a million made the same journey in 2015.

Stonehenge Might Get An Underground Tunnel For Cars

Watch Video Stonehenge –– one of the seven wonders of the medieval world –– may soon have a tunnel for cars running beneath it.

Taiwan And Others Scramble Jets As China Ramps Up Military Action

Watch Video Tensions between China and Taiwan are getting worse.  Taiwanese fighter jets and a frigate were deployed to the Taiwan Strait in response to China sending an aircraft carrier into the waterway between the separatist island and the Chinese mainland.  The Chinese aircraft carrier had been conducting exercises in the South China Sea since late December.  Japan and South Korea also scrambled jets earlier in the week, responding to Chinese military activity in the Sea of Japan, which separates the two countries.  This seems to be retaliation for President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen breaking decades of diplomatic precedent by ignoring the one-China policy.  SEE MORE: Former Sen.

Saudi Women Filmed Themselves Breaking Rules In The Name Of Equality

Watch Video Saudi Arabian women are so done with not having full rights in their country.  A recently released music video shows niqab-clad women skateboarding and wearing neon. It's a response to Saudi Arabia's requirement that women get permission from male relatives to do nearly anything.  Women

Volkswagen Says It Will Plead Guilty In Vehicle Emissions Scandal

Watch Video Volkswagen said it will admit guilt to settle investigations into the automaker's diesel emissions scandal.  Software intended to cheat emissions tests was installed in about 11 million VW cars worldwide.  The company will dedicate just under $15 billion to pay for repairs or buy back cars, and to promote zero-emissions vehicles and environmental mitigation.  SEE MORE: Volkswagen Will Shell Out Billions Over Its Emissions Cheating Scandal Volkswagen will also pay $4.3 billion in fines.  The revelation has led to one employee's arrest.

EU Court Says Muslim Girls Must Attend Co-Ed Swimming Classes

Watch Video A Swiss law requiring kids to attend co-ed swimming lessons just survived a challenge in the European Court of Human Rights.

Ghana's New President Plagiarized Parts Of His Inauguration Speech

Watch Video Ghana's presidency changed hands over the weekend in a peaceful ceremony that went off without a hitch — for the most part.

Republicans Meet With Taiwan's President Despite Chinese Tensions

Watch Video Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans met with Taiwan's president on Sunday, adding tension to U.S.-Chinese relations.  According to Cruz, the Chinese consulate asked members of Congress not to meet with President Tsai Ing-wen as she traveled through the U.S.  But Cruz sat down with the Taiwanese leader anyway, adding China doesn't give the U.S.