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Philippines' Duterte Claims Trump Praised His 'War On Drugs'

Watch Video Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says Donald Trump has praised his war on drugs. Duterte says during their phone conversation, the U.S.

Trump Might Have Just Seriously Pissed Off China

Watch Video Donald Trump might have just seriously pissed off China. By accident or by design, Trump seems to be the first U.S.

The US Birth Rate Is Dropping, But Other Countries Have It Much Worse

Watch Video The fertility rate in the U.S. is on the decline, but many other countries have much lower numbers.

India's Cash Crisis, Explained

Watch Video Imagine being told the $50 and $100 bills in your wallet are worthless. That's what happened in India.

Australia Is Going To Spend A Lot Of Money On The Great Barrier Reef

Watch Video The Australian government is about to spend a lot of money on the Great Barrier Reef: about $1.3 billion over the next five years.

France's President Hollande Won't Run For A Second Term

Watch Video French President François Hollande — a Socialist — announced Thursday he won't run for a second term.  "I am aware of the risks of taking a step that would not bring people together," he said in a televised address Thursday.

British Currency Contains Animal Fat, And Vegans Aren't Pleased

Watch Video Vegans and vegetarians are protesting British cash because it contains animal fat. In September, the U.K.

Brazil's Chapecoense Could Still Be A Championship Team After Crash

Watch Video Despite the horrific plane crash that killed almost all of its players, Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense could still end a fairytale season as champions.

The UN Strengthens Sanctions After North Korea's Largest Nuke Test

Watch Video The U.N.

OPEC Made A Deal To Cut Back Oil Production In 2017

Watch Video You've probably noticed gas has been cheaper at the pump for the past few months.  Well, don't get used to it.  SEE MORE: Slumping Oil Prices Spur Talks Of Emergency OPEC Meeting Saudi Arabia led OPEC in a deal to cut back oil production going into 2017.

This Guatemalan Designer Makes Inclusivity Part Of Fashion

Watch Video This Guatemalan designer is making fashion more inclusive.  Isabella Springmuhl has Down syndrome and designs clothes for people with disabilities.  "The problem is kids with Down syndrome can't find clothes because we have different measurements and different characteristics," Springmuhl said.  SEE MORE: This Nicaraguan Artist Creates 'A Language With The Body's Movement' The 19-year-old says she was rejected from fashion programs at two universities because of her disability.

Saudi Arabian Prince: It's 'Time For Women To Drive'

Watch Video "Stop the debate,"Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said. "Time for women to drive." That's what one member of the Saudi royal family wants in his country, where it's still illegal for women to get behind the wheel.

South Korea's President May Resign Amid Political Scandal

Watch Video In the spirit of 2016 and all its political drama, South Korea is in the midst of a presidential corruption scandal that could end in resignation or impeachment.  President Park Geun-hye now says she will step down if her country's legislature demands it.

ISIS Calls Ohio State Attacker A 'Soldier Of The Islamic State'

Watch Video ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning.

Makeup Isn't Just For Beauty: It Can Also Show Society's Ugliness

Watch Video Makeup can be used for more than just beauty. It can also show the ugly parts of our society.  Palestinian activist and makeup artist Rand Jarallah uses her face as a canvas to confront anorexia, child marriage, military occupation, natural disasters, gender-based violence and environmental destruction.

Plane Crashes Carrying A Professional Brazilian Soccer Team, Kills 76

Watch Video At least 76 people were killed when a plane crashed in a mountainous part of Colombia late Monday night.

San Diego Lawyer Arrested For Planning To Distribute Cocaine

Watch Video A San Diego lawyer who briefly served on Casey Anthony's defense team is in some serious trouble — again.

An 11-Year-Old 'Borrowed' Parents' Car To Play 'Grand Theft Auto' IRL

Watch Video We'd like to preface this video with an important safety message from Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Kerry Schmidt.

Black Lives Matter Defends Fidel Castro In Opinion Piece

Watch Video In an opinion piece Sunday, the Black Lives Matter organization came "to the defense" of deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.  The article praised Castro both for his ideology and for actions he took to protect members of the black community.  Some of those actions involved the U.S.

New Zealand Takes Secret Santa To A Whole New Level

Watch Video Now that Thanksgiving is over, people are starting to get into the Christmas spirit.  And by "people," we mean the entire country of New Zealand.  Residents of the island have been participating in a nationwide Secret Santa gift exchange every year since 2010.