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For the first time, a new strain of bird flu was transmitted human-to-human. This is highly unusual–and could be the first sign of new global pandemic.

In 1918, the world was rocked by pandemic flu. A virulent strain of influenza, H1N1 influenza swept across the whole planet.

This is What Political Science Teaches Us About the Killing of Journalists

We are nearly six months into the year and already nice journalists have been killed in 2017, including four in Mexico alone.

China and India are confronting climate change way faster than expected

Can China and India save the planet as the US walks away from the Paris Agreement? The latest round of climate talks under the Paris Agreement wrapped up last week, and brought with them an interesting study by the Climate Action Tracker, a collaboration among researchers to track the world’s progress toward confronting climate change.

The White House Budget Contains Gratuitous Cuts to Humanitarian Relief, Global Health and the United Nations

The White House budget released today contains massive cuts to the foreign affairs budget. Overall, the proposed FY18 budget is a 32 percent cut over FY 17 levels, from $59.1 billion in FY’17 to $40.1 billion in FY’18, per figures provided by the Better World Campaign.

Bombing an Ariande Grande Concert is Part of a Broader ISIS Campaign Against Girls

The news from Manchester is yet another example of an horrific trend from ISIS: the systematic targeting of adolescent girls and young women around the world.

PODCAST: Journalist Jill Filipovic Chats Reproductive Health Care, the Global Gag Rule, and the Feminist Pursuit of Happiness

Jill Filipovic is a Nairobi-based journalist and author of the new book The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness.

Map of the Day: In Yemen, a Looming Famine and Current Cholera Outbreak form a Deadly Nexus.

Today’s map comes from the European Commission. It shows an alarming cholera outbreak is spreading in Yemen in exactly the same places that are suffering most from food insecurity.

Trump’s First Foreign Trip Will Take Him to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe. Here’s What You Need to Know

As I’m typing, the White House is busy doing damage control over news that Donald Trump revealed sensitive information to the Russians when he met wth the Russian ambassador and foreign minister the day after he fired the FBI director.

WATCH: Rarely Seen Footage from the Conflict in the Central African Republic

Fighting has intensified in recent days un certain parts of the Central African Republic, including an apparent massacre of over 100 people in a mining town near the border with Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It’s Official: ALL US Health Assistance–from Measles to Malaria– is caught up in US abortion politics

One of Donald Trump’s first acts as president was to re-instate the “Global Gag Rule.” This is a rule that has been imposed by Republican presidents since the 1980s and stipulates that no US funding for global reproductive health care be used to inform patients about abortion–even where abortion is legal.

WHO’s the Boss? Inside the Race to Elect a New Head of the World Health Organization

It’s election season in Geneva.  Three candidates are squaring off to become the next head of the World Health Organization.

France was a key security player in Africa under Hollande. Now what?

Yesterday, only one week after the presidential election, Francois Hollande walked out of the Elysée palace, and Emmanuel Macron officially became the 8th president of France’s fifth Republic.

Map of the Day: Displaced by Drought in Somalia

Somalia is in the midst of its most catastrophic drought since 1950.  Some 3.2 million people face emergency levels of food insecurity.

Meet Emmanuel Macron, the Surprising New President of France

Emmanuel Macron won a stunning election victory in France this week, besting by huge margins the far right candidate Marine Le Pen.

WHO Warns of A Mystery Disease That is Killing People in Liberia

On April 23, an 11-year-old boy was admitted to a local hospital in a remote county of Liberia. He was vomiting, had diarrhea and was delirious.

Thanks to the USA, 7,400 Babies Were Born in this Refugee Camp Without a Single Death. Now, the White House is Pulling Its Support

Ed note. As of May 2017, more and 7,400 babies have been delivered in the maternity ward of a UN-run clinic in Zataari refugee camp without a single maternal death.

PODCAST: Is There Enough Food for Our “Hot Hungry Planet”

Lisa Palmer is author of the new book Hot Hungry Planet: The Fight to Stop a Global Food Crisis in the Face of Climate Change.

With No One Watching, Burundi Slides Further into Repression

The release of Reporters Without Borders annual Press Freedom index this week coincided with a grim anniversary for Burundi, which now ranks as one of the least free countries for media in the world.

There’s Enough Food. But Famine Still Looms in Yemen. Here’s Why

Yemen was already the poorest country in the region when the country descended into civil war three years ago.

The Budget Passed by Congress Cuts UN Peacekeeping. This may not end well.

The budget passed by Congress to avert a shutdown will fund government operations through the end of the fiscal year in October.