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“Close to Famine”

The statements from MSF regarding Borno state, Nigeria are becoming more and more alarming. “Severely malnourished children are dying in large numbers in northeast Nigeria, the former stronghold of Boko Haram militants where food supplies are close to running out, Medecins Sans Frontieres said on Wednesday…The medical charity, also known as Doctors Without Borders, urged the United Nations to set up emergency food transports to the area, where up to 800,000 civilians have been cut off for over a year, it said ‘The situation is a large-scale humanitarian disaster….

More than a week after the attempted coup, things are looking bleak for democracy in Turkey.

Earlier this month, Turkey experienced a surprising coup attempt that shocked the country and international community.

The Climate-Conflict Nexus

New research on the climate-conflict nexus. “The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that 23% of the armed conflicts in ethnically divided places were linked to climate disasters, compared to just 9% of all armed conflicts.

There are 53,000 Refugees Stranded in Greece. I met one of them. She is 7 months pregnant and couldn’t find help.

Ed note.  This is a guest post by Shaliz Navab a student at the University of Edinburgh. She was a manager of the Refugee Speaker Programme for the Scottish Refugee Council in Glasgow and on a temporary basis works with diaspora youth communities through Iranian Alliances Across Borders.

The Panama Papers-Africa-Mining Connection

This was bound to happen. “Offshore companies connected to 44 of Africa’s 54 countries appear in the Panama Papers leak, according to new research.

Arsalan Iftikhar Battles Islamophobia

Arsalan Iftikhar is the author of the new book Scapegoats: How Islamophobia Helps Our Enemies and Threatens Our Freedoms.

IS Now Targeting Hazaras in Afghanistan

The long oppressed minority group was trying to flex its political muscles.“Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Sunday ordered a 10-day ban on public protests after a suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State killed more than 80 people and wounded hundreds at a peaceful demonstration here Saturday.

Will an AIDS Mega-conference in Durban contribute to the end of HIV?

The 21st International AIDS conference – AIDS2016 -draws to a close today. Held every two years, this massive conference brings together policymakers, activists, scientists, and people living with HIV to face the challenge of bring an end to AIDS.

And the Winner of the First UN Sec Gen Straw Poll is…

Former UN Refugee Agency Chief Antonio Guterres! Helen Clark, meanwhile, came in fourth place. But there will be more polls.

Here’s How the Next UN Secretary General Candidate Will be Selected

Today, the Security Council will hold its first major meeting on selecting the next Secretary General of the United Nations.

The Food Crisis in Southern Africa is Now on Par with Syria and South Sudan

The World Food Program has activated its own internal emergency response mechanism, elevating the food crisis caused by El Nino in southern Africa to a “level 3” emergency.

We Know a Food Crisis is Coming to Southern Africa. $549 Million Can Prevent it. Will the World Pony Up?

A catastrophe is looming in southern Africa. This year’s historically intense El Nino caused a region wide drought that has decimated harvests.

White House Hosts Global Development Summit

President Obama, a few cabinet officials and representatives from civil society and the private sector are all on the agenda for a Global Development Summit in DC today.

The SDGs are not yet a year old and already they are making a difference

It’s been less than one year since the Sustainable Development Goals came to life. And already, there is evidence that governments are taking them seriously.

Beware La Nina

Another coming climate phenomenon may have catastrophic consequences in some vulnerable communities. “Now that the 2015-2016 El Niño –one of the strongest on record– has subsided, La Niña – El Niño’s ‘counterpart’– could strike soon, further exacerbating a severe humanitarian crisis that is affecting millions of people in the most vulnerable communities in tens of countries worldwide, especially in Africa and Asia Pacific.

Priscilla Clapp had a 30 Year Career as a Diplomat. Then She Wrote One of the Most Important Books About US Foreign Policy

Priscilla Clapp had a 30 year career in the state department, which ended in 2002 as the top US official in Burma.

International AIDS Conference Kicks Off — Focus on Finding a Cure

Durban plays host to a major, bi-annual international meeting of HIV/AIDS scientists, policy leaders, activists and others.

The Siege of Aleppo Could Be the Most Depraved Moment of the Entire Syrian Civil War

On 9th July the Syrian regime closed the last open road to eastern Aleppo. Bashar Al-Assad’s forces now control what goes in and goes out of the rebel-held city – and the 300,000 people are trapped inside.

South Sudan’s President is Poised to Make Matters Worse

The regional IGAD group and the Security Council have both suggested that more peacekeepers are needed to stabilize South Sudan.

Congress Actually Did Something Worthwhile and in the Service of Humanity

  If you follow US politics even just slightly you will probably be surprised to learn that Congress actually did something last week.