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For the first time, an International Treaty to Protect Environmental Activists

In many Latin American countries, environmental protests can be a matter of life and death for the activists involved.

PODCAST: Meet Mike Pompeo

 It’s been just two days since Rex Tillerson was fired as Secretary of State, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo nominated to replace him.  This move comes at a pivotal time for US diplomacy–just last week, the White House announced a face-to-face meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Amid the #MeToo Moment, Leaders Gather at the UN for the World’s Largest Meeting on Gender Equality

The 62nd annual Commission of the Status of Women (CSW) kicked off at the United Nations in New York City this week.

The United Nations Would Be at the Center of Any Possible Trump-Kim Nuclear Deal

If Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un do meet (still a big “if”) and if they do strike a deal  (an even bigger “if”) than the United Nations will have a key role to play in shoring it up.

PODCAST: The Extraordinary Journey of a Child Survivor of the Civil War in Sierra Leone to Law School in America

  Joseph Kaifala was just a child when civil war broke out in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The war came to his town in 1989 and as a seven-year-old was imprisoned with his father.

Food Ration Cuts Are Becoming the Norm as Aid Agencies Struggle to Keep Up

Facing a massive funding shortfall, the World Food Program in January cut rations for Congolese refugees in Rwanda by 25%.

PODCAST: How Democracies Can Defend Themselves From Disinformation Campaigns

As the United States enters its next election cycle, American democracy is still extremely vulnerable to disinformation campaigns from Russia.

A New Report Shows That Banks Could Profit Big Time By Closing the Financial Inclusion Gender Gap

Every year on March 8, women around the globe celebrate their fight for equal rights. But it’s also a day to call out inequalities that still persist to the detriment of not just women, but society as a whole – even in areas like access to banking.

The Top UN Human Rights Official Accurately Called Hungary’s President a Racist. Drama Ensued

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein called Hungarian President Viktor Orban a “racist” last week because Viktor Orban is a racist and it is the job of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to condemn racism.

Chart of the Day: The Number of Unintended Pregnancies Drop Worldwide

Today’s chart comes from the Guttmacher Institute, with data drawn from a just-published Lancet study that shows the rates of unintended pregnancies around the world are on the decline.

PODCAST: Remembering the Armenian Genocide with philanthropist and business leader Noubar Ayfeyan

Noubar Afeyan Credit: Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Noubar Afeyan is a business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The UN Created a New Way to Monitor Small Scale Natural Disasters Around the World

In UN circles “Sendai” is shorthand for a major 2016 conference about disaster risk reduction, which took place in Sendai, Japan.

Why We Lie About Aid

  A provocative new book examines the politics of the debate on foreign aid. Pablo Yanguas is a research fellow at the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester.

The relationship between Iran and the Human Rights Council is Extremely Contentious 

An Iranian government official who is under sanctions by the United States and European Union addressed the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday.

PODCAST: Sulome Anderson, journalist and author of a book about the kidnapping of her father, the journalist Terry Anderson

Sulome Anderson was in utero when her father, the journalist Terry Anderson was kidnapped in Beirut. She met him for the first time as a six year old, when he was finally released by his Hezbollah linked captors.

The World Health Organization Wants You To Worry About “Disease X”

Every year, the World Health Organization commissions an expert committee identify the most threatening infectious diseases of the upcoming year.

The Largest Ever Gathering of Americans at the UN is Happening Today

Over 1,800 Americans are heading to the United Nations today as part of the “Global Engagement Summit” today.

PODCAST: With the Devastation of Eastern Ghouta, The Syria Conflict Enters a New Phase

  The conflict in Syria has entered a new phase. ISIS has been defeated, yet in many ways the war is metastasizing.

New Study Reveals How A Specific Colonial Legacy Determines Female HIV Rates in Africa

80% of all HIV positive women in the world live in sub-saharan Africa. This is the only region in the world where more women than men are living with HIV — scholars have referred to this phenomenon as the “feminization of HIV.” How did this happen?

PODCAST: A Dissident from Djibouti is Fighting for Democracy in a Country Being Squeezed by The Major Global Powers

Djibouti is the only country in the world that hosts military bases for both the United States and China.