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The Tangled Politics of Search and Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean

Since the early 1990s, North Africa has served as a jumping point for migrants trying to reach Europe.

PODCAST: An Unprecedented Coalition of NGOs Has Formed to Fight a Global Food Emergency

  On July 17 a very rare thing happened in the world of humanitarian relief. Eight organizations that typically compete for donor dollars joined forces to launch a joint appeal to raise funds and awareness around a global food crisis.

What The Saga of the Afghanistan Girls Robotics Can Teach Us About Girls Education Worldwide

16 years ago, a girls’ robotics team from Afghanistan could not even exist. During the brutal rule of the Taliban, Afghan girls were not allowed formal education.

Map of the Day: The Most Dangerous Countries For Environmental Activists

The UK-based non-profit Global Witness put out their annual tally of those murdered protecting land, water and wildlife in their communities, and the news is not good.  The world is getting more dangerous for these activists: In 2016, 200 people were murdered, up from 185 the previous year.

Here’s how much it will cost to give everyone healthcare, everywhere in the world

With all eyes focused on the healthcare debate in the United States, the World Health Organization yesterday released a report quantifying how much it would cost to deliver quality healthcare to everyone in the world who currently does not have access to it.

A New Report Shows How Close the World is to Totally Eradicating Extreme Poverty

The United Nations released a key report today showing how far the world still needs to go to reach its goal of totally eradicating extreme poverty by 2030.

How Peace Broke Out in Colombia

  On June 27th, FARC rebels turned over the last of their weapons to the United Nations in a ceremony attended by both the leader of FARC and President Juan Manuel Santos.

House of Representatives Cuts Funding for the Same UN Agencies that Helped to Liberate Mosul from ISIS

A key committee in the US House of Representatives passed a budget this week that would significantly underfund UN programs, including the very UN agencies that provided critical support for the US-backed liberation of Mosul.

Map of the Day: Where You Can Find a Toilet

Where to find the nearest toilet is a matter of convenience in some of the world. But for millions of people it is a matter of profound consequence to their health and well being.

Trump’s refugee ban begins today and this Iraqi interpreter for a US military contractor has been blocked

Update: After a week long delay, a ban on refugees coming to the United States has become policy. Starting July 13, no new refugees will be allowed to the country unless they have a “bona-fide” connection.

Every day 41,000 girls are married under the age of 18. A new World Bank report shows the economic impact of this problem

Can you imagine what it would be like to be married at the age of 15? Married before you have finished high school, before you’re allowed to drive a car, drink, or vote?

A Pioneer of Community Driven Development Turns 60 Today

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) turns 60 years old today. This is one of the largest global development organizations in the world, though it is less well-known in the United States than comparatively sized groups like Oxfam.

After an Internet blackout, Congolese are taking to the streets of Brazzaville: Here’s why

Last month, people in the Republic of Congo lost their Internet — and they remained offline for a week.

PODCAST: Eric Schwartz ran US refugee programs. He has some advice for the new administration

  Eric Schwartz served as the top refugee policy official in the Obama administration, as the Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration between 2009 and 2011.

Can this Woman Bring Justice to Syria?

Six years in, the conflict in Syria is synonymous now with the brutality of war. Currently, there are more than 5.1 million registered Syrian refugees with another 6.3 million Syrians displaced within the country.

The G20 is going to be…awkward

The G20 is going to be all about the Paris Agreement. And that will make for some potentially very isolating moments for the United States.

This Iraqi interpreter was just blocked by Trump’s refugee ban

Donald Trump’s ban on refugees coming to the United States kicks in on July 6. This means that unless a refugee happens to have a close family member already in the United States, that refugee — who has already been cleared and vetted to arrive and start a new life in America — will no longer find safe haven in the USA.

What’s Next for North Korea at the United Nations

The United Nations Security Council meets this afternoon for an emergency session on North Korea’s latest provocation–the successful test of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

There is a brewing conflict in central Africa that every international affairs watcher should be paying attention to

Conflict is escalating in one region of the Democratic Republic of Congo and this conflict  has the potential to become one of Africa’s next big crises.

The UN’s Peackeeping Budget is Shrinking. Is that a good thing?

On Wednesday evening, Nikki Haley touted a nearly $600 million cut to the UN Peacekeeping budget, boasting this as a win for the United States.