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Americans Rather Like The United Nations

American like the United Nations–and there is data to prove it. A new poll from a bi-partisan polling team shows that nearly three quarters of likely American voters surveyed believe that the United Nations is still relevant and needed today.

Why the Bonn Climate Talks Matter

Another round of UN climate change negotiations are taking place this week in Bonn. This is the third time countries are meeting in Germany this year to create a legally enforceable mechanism they all agreed was necessary following the 2011 summit in Durban, South Africa.

Ebola Comes to New York, But It’s Mali We Should Be Worried About

Get these stories delivered to your inbox.  With word of a doctor in NYC coming down with ebola, there’s a potentially much more worrying development: a two year old girl has tested positive for ebola in Mali.

How Americans’ Lack of Understanding of African Geography is Undermining the Fight Against Ebola

The ebola outbreak and its importation to the United States has unleashed a wave of panic in the United States, revealing the paucity of Americans’ knowledge and understanding of Africa.

Some Money Finally Making It’s Way to UN’s Ebola Trust Fund

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here!  Last week, it was revealed that only $100,000 was committed against a $1 billion UN trust fund to provide rapid and flexible funding to combat the outbreak in west Africa.Quite a bit more has been pledged in the past few days, including $50 million  to the trust fund and many millions to other funding mechanisms.

Developing Story: Canadian Capital Under Attack

A disturbing incident is unfolding this morning in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. At least one shooter unleashed mayhem on Parliament Hill this morning, mere days after an incident in Quebec where two members of the Canadian Armed Forces were mowed down by a car.

Map of the Day: Where People Die From Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a preventable and treatable disease, yet 1.5 million people died from TB last year–including 360,000 people who were HIV positive.

Why Banning Travel from Ebola Affected Countries Makes it More Likely That Ebola Spreads in the USA

Some members of the US Congress are proposing visa restrictions  for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

RIP, Efua Dorkenoo

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Click here  The international icon Efua Dorkenoo is the reason there’s an international movement to end female genital mutilation.

The Central African Republic is Once Again on the Verge of Total Meltdown

Following a few months of relative calm, tensions have once again flared up in the Central African Republic.

Episode 37: Anneke van Woudenberg

Anneke Von Woudenberg first came to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997 on a drunken dare. The rest is history.

A Remarkable Politician Takes Office

Want these stories delivered to your inbox? Sign up Joko Widodo is sworn into office as president of Indonesia today.

This is the World Health Organization that Member States Created

The Associated Press got its hands on internal WHO documents that show a degree of self-criticism by top level WHO staffers about their organization’s handling of the ebola crisis.

How the UN is Learning to Love Drones

It’s one of modern technology’s biggest public relations problems: the ever-increasing popularity and proliferation of drones.

How Much Money is in the UN’s Ebola Trust Fund?

$100,000. That’s it. There are millions in pledges. But so far, only $100,000 has actually been committed to a fund intended enable UN agencies to rapidly respond to an evolving crisis.

Getting to Know the “Sustainable Development Goals”

The Millennium Development Goals are expiring in 2015 and they will be replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals.

And the Newest Members of the Security Council Are…

The General Assembly held elections today to replace five permanent members of the Security Council. The two year terms of Argentina, Australia, Luxembourg, Korea, Rwanda are expiring.

Shoddy Infection Controls in Texas

Sign up here to get these clips delivered to your inbox As word comes of a second American health worker is infected with ebola, there’s news that the Dallas Hospital did not implement recommended safety measures, suggesting that even more hospital workers may be at risk.

Not on A-1: Stopping Stunting in Malawi

Stunting occurs when a child does not receive proper nutrition in her first months and years of life.

This Does Not Bode Well For Afghanistan

Get these clips sent directly to your inbox Funding shortfalls have forced the World Food Programme to cut rations for up to a million people in Afghanistan, an early sign that aid money may dwindle as the international combat mission winds down.