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Episode 31: Amb. Michael Guest

Michael Guest is a trailblazer. In 2001 he became the first out-gay senate confirmed United States ambassador.

Ebola Spreads to Yet Another African Country

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here!  So far, the one case in Senegal has been imported with no-confirmed in-country transmissions.

Map of the Day: Syria’s Ignominious Milestone

As of today, the number of Syrian refugees has surpassed three million. Here is where they have gone, from the UN Refugee Agency.

UN Peacekeepers Detained by Syrian Rebels. Scores More Threatened

Want these clips delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up here.  Syrian rebels–quite probably the Al Qaeda affiliate al Nusra–have abducted over 40 peacekeepers are are threatening scores more.

The Deadly Fear of Ebola

In many ways, the fear of Ebola has been more deadly and consequential than the virus itself. Jina Moore of BuzzFeed just returned from a reporting trip to Liberia where she detailed how the outbreak has transfixed Liberian society and politics.

Syria, Libya and the Challenge of Intervention

It is no longer a question of if, but when: the U.S. and several of its European and Middle Eastern allies appear poised to expand airstrikes against the Islamic State by targeting the organization’s sanctuaries in northern Syria.

The Crushing Economic Toll of Ebola

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  At this point most airlines have suspended flights to ebola affected countries, despite the WHO’s insistence that such measures are unnecessary and counter-productive.

How Commercial Airlines Are Undermining the Fight Against Ebola

Ebola is not an airborne disease like Tuberculosis or Influenza. It is  spread through contact with bodily fluids of someone who is symptomatic.

The Impossible Suffering of Pakistani Women Displaced by War

Fouzia Bibi, mother of three from Waziristan, Pakistan lost her husband to the Taliban in the beginning of 2014.

Jarring News in Leaked UN Climate Report

Want these clips delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up here An early edition of the next big Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was leaked.

The Good News About War

Since the end of the Cold War, the average number of people killed by war each year has gone down significantly.

A Risky Humanitarian Relief Gambit Pays Off

Last month, the Security Council authorized the cross border delivery of aid to Syria through four border points, even if the Syrian government did not consent to the delivery of aid.

Meet the Face of the Fight Against Ebola

Want these clips delivered directly to your inbox? Sign up here.  “David Nabarro, a British physician the United Nations appointed to coordinate the global response to the crisis, was in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown for the fifth day of a tour of the region.

“We are eating grass because there is no food”

South Sudan is on the verge of a famine. This is known. What is unknown is whether or not the people of South Sudan will actually experience a famine; or whether or not the conflict will subside and political situation stabilize and prevent the famine.

Australia has a Problem

In recent years Australia has received quite a bit of criticism for its harsh policies towards asylum seekers and refugees.

Ebola Comes to DR Congo

Ebola has come to the DRC. “Two out of eight cases tested in an outbreak of deadly fever in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo were positive for the Ebola virus, the central African nation’s health minister confirmed on Sunday.”The results are positive.

A New Focus on Peaceful Conflict Resolution at the UNSC?

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay  and other senior United Nations officials have once more exhorted the UN Security Council to “heed early warning indications of potential conflict”, during a day-long meeting on conflict prevention at the United Nations on August 21.

A Bold New Way of Measuring A Country’s REAL Wealth

Ed note. This piece appears in Project Syndicate and is reprinted with permission. The author, Mahmoud Mohieldin, is Corporate Secretary and the President’s special envoy at the World Bank When the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) deadline expires next year, the world will be able to point to several important achievements since their launch in 2000.

Will the USA Target ISIS in Syria?

Want these clips delivered to your inbox? Sign up here.  The Obama administration is sending strong signals that it may expand its air assault against ISIS to Syria, despite the fact that such a move would probably contravene international law.

South Sudan’s Looming Famine

South Sudan is quite possibly on the verge of famine. The conflict that erupted in December shows little signs of abating.