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Report: The UN is a Yuge Money Maker for New York City

A new report from the Mayor’s Office in New York says the UN generates a whopping $3.69 billion in economic benefits to New York City. This figure is all them more impressive considering the UN’s tax-exempt campus in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay neighborhood sits on precious waterfront real estate, and that many foreign diplomats do not pay personal income tax.

Chart of the Day: The World’s Skyrocketing Humanitarian Needs

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs released its annual funding appeal for 2017.

Can This Latest Round of North Korea Sanctions Do the Trick?

Last week, the Security Council passed yet another sanctions resolution aimed at curbing North Korea’s nuclear program.

“A New Gambia is Born”

Another 2016 election shocker. This time, a despot was deposed and the new leader seems progressive. “Gambia’s newly elected president on Saturday vowed to free all political prisoners and urged exiles who fled the 22-year reign of Yahya Jammeh to return from abroad and help him reform the tiny West African country.

Another Crazy 2016 Election Result. This time in a Tiny West African Country With Big Implications

By now, we should probably be accustomed to expected unexpected election results. Between Brexit, the popular rejection of the Colombian peace referendum and, of course, the US election voters have defied expectations across the world.

What Political Science Can Teach Us About Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Donald Trump’s foreign policy and national security team is still taking shape. He has appointed Nikki Haley as his UN ambassador and Mike Flynn as his National Security Advisor.

No Water for Thousands of People Trapped in Mosul. A Precarious Humanitarian Situation Deteriorates

As the Iraqi Army, Kurdish fighters, and Shiite militias, backed by airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition, move in on the city of Mosul to retake it from ISIS, many civilians have fled from the city, seeking shelter in refugee camps and other sanctuaries.

US Push for South Sudan Sanctions Delayed

The prospect of a genocide is becoming more and more acute. “The United States was set this week to finally embrace an arms embargo against the world’s newest country to ratchet down the military might of its warring parties and, potentially, help spare the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire of worsening civil war.

The first major new HIV vaccine trial in seven years has begun. Will it work?

HIV needs a vaccine; this much we know. Tremendous strides have been made in global HIV response with testing, treatment, and a range of prevention techniques.

“President” Ban ki Moon?

“President” Ban Ki Moon? South Korea’s embattled president Park Geun-hye of South Korea said Tuesday that she was willing to resign before her term ends, in an effort to head off a pending impeachment vote over a devastating corruption scandal.

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma Keeps Getting Embroiled in Scandal…(and Keeps Bouncing Back)

Jacob Zuma is a larger-than-life figure when it comes to South African politics. For the past six years his presence has dominated headlines, with no shortage of scandal, controversy,  and near fanatical adoration.  Recent news of a call for a vote of no confidence in Zuma comes as a surprise, but it also tops off a turbulent year in South Africa’s political arena, with questions on what this new motion for a vote of no confidence means for Zuma presidency, as well as what it means for party politics.

PODCAST: Better Know Nikki Haley, the next US Ambassador to the UN

President elect Donald Trump will nominate Nikki Haley to be his Ambassador to the United Nations. She is a rising star in Republican politics and currently serves as the governor of South Carolina.

The Last Days of Aleppo

The conflict has reached a grim turning point. “Thousands of people were sent fleeing for their lives on Monday as rebel fighters lost a large stretch of territory in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo to government forces, in what could prove a turning point in the conflict, both militarily and psychologically.

Security Council Poised to Vote on New North Korea Sanctions

Can a new round of international sanctions on North Korea do the trick? Three months after North Korea last tested a nuclear weapon, the Security Council is again poised to sanction the regime in a vote on Wednesday.

Why You Should Care About More Than Just “Conflict Minerals” in the Congo

Chances are, the consumer electronic product in which you are reading this blog post can trace some of its key parts to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Scores Killed in Clashes in Western Uganda

This conflict is way under-the-radar, but suddenly very intense. “At least 55 people have been killed in fierce fighting that erupted in western Uganda between security forces and a separatist militia linked to a tribal king, according to police.

Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador

  Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina is President Elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next Ambassador of the United Nations.

A Win for LGBT Rights at the Last Big UN Showdown of the Obama Era

Human rights activists dodged a bullet in the General Assembly yesterday when a majority of countries rejected a cynical ploy to defang a newly established LGBT rights watchdog.

A Pogrom in Myanmar

A massive earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima, Japan. At time of publication, Tsunamis were bearing down on the coast and residents were being evacuated.

Her Father Was on Schindler’s List, Now She Fights Genocide Around the World

Tali Nates has a personal connection to Schindler’s List. On it was the name of her father and uncle, whom Oskar Schindler saved from a Nazi extermination camp.