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Nicaragua will sign the Paris Agreement, leaving only the US and Syria on the sidelines

Soon, the US and war-torn Syria will be the only countries uninterested in participating in the Paris Agreement.

One year after promising to tackle Anti-Biotic Resistance, the UN assesses its progress

Tackling future threats is never easy. Last year, the UN launched a new initiative aimed at tackling a growing problem that could someday lead to catastrophe.

Amid all the pageantry, hoopla and media circus that is UN week in New York there is always some interesting and substantive work being done on important global issues.

Is the Trump Administration Learning to Love UN Peacekeeping?

Yesterday, in an otherwise bellicose and nationalist speech, President Donald Trump did single out UN Peacekeeping as a  worthy endeavor of the United Nations.

6 Takeaways from Donald Trump’s (extremely bellicose) speech to the United Nations General Assembly

1 War is more likely than it was before his speech This was the first time that I can recall a US president threatening to destroy a country from the podium of the United Nations.

Don’t “Empower” Women To Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Do This Instead

While the political activities at the United Nations take center-stage during this General Assembly week in New York, a little farther uptown from the UN headquarters, Columbia University is hosting the International Conference on Sustainable Development for its fifth year.

20 Years Ago Today, Ted Turner Announced his $1 Billion Gift to the United Nations

On September 18, 1997  Ted Turner stunned an audience gathered at a United Nations Association gala dinner.

Donald Trump’s First Meeting at the United Nations is About UN Reform. Here’s What That Means

Donald Trump’s debut at the United Nations comes one day before his speech to the General Assembly. On Monday, Trump is playing host to a high level meeting on United Nations reform.

5 Stories to Follow for UN Week

1) Donald Trump’ Unpredictability Sets the Tone Every UNGA has its sideshows. In past years, this has included things like Muammar Gaddafi’s rambling 125 minute speech; Hugo Chavez suggesting George W.

PODCAST: What to Expect from Donald Trump’s Debut at the United Nations

World leaders gather at the United Nations this week for the annual summit at the United Nations General Assembly.

With the US Pulling Out of Climate Commitments, Two Key UN Bodies Face a Cash Crunch

With the US backing away — haltingly — from international climate negotiations, other countries are stepping up to fill a funding gap at a key international organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

PODCAST: The Rohingya of Myanmar victims of an ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing. What can stop it?

Nearly 400,000 ethnic Rohingya have fled Myanmar across the border to Bangladesh.  That number is increasing by the day.

Can A Better Way to Measure Conflict-Related Deaths Help Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

The UN General Assembly kicked off its 72nd session this week, and its new president, Miroslav Lajčák of Slovakia, has already indicated that preventing deadly conflicts will be one of his top priorities.

Bangladesh Wants to Deport Rohingya to a Remote and Uninhabitable Volcanic Island

Bangladesh is forging ahead with a controversial plan to settle hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar on an isolated, undeveloped, flood-prone island in the Bay of Bengal.

The UN Just Slapped New Sanctions on North Korea. Here’s How These Sanctions Are Different

The Security Council has unanimously passed a new series of sanctions on North Korea over it’s unrelenting quest to bolster its nuclear capabilities.

Episode 164: Ambassador John Shattuck

John Shattuck is the former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic, former President of the Central European University, and served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Human Rights and Labor During the Clinton administration.  He is currently a professor at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts John was deep in the policy debates over the US response to the Rwanda genocide and explains how and why the United States failed to mount a meaningful response to this crisis.

The 5 Biggest Health Impacts of Massive Hurricanes

The health impact of Hurricane really consists of two parts – injuries and deaths caused by the actual impacts of the storm and then the follow-on impact of the damage caused by the storm.

How Can the International Community Do Hurricane Response Better?

With Houston still reeling from Hurricane Harvey, Irma causing massive havoc in the Caribbean, and more storms on the way, I thought it would be timely and interesting to speak with my guest today, Maria Ivanova Maria Ivanova is an academic who straddles the university and policy worlds to help think through the connections between human security, environmental stresses and global governance–that is, the mechanisms that the international community and beyond have designed to deal with environmental challenges.

This hurricane season shows why small islands pushed so hard for climate action

With Hurricane Irma battering much of the Caribbean  which is currently plowing its way past the Dominican Republic, toward Haiti, Cuba and onward to the US, two other hurricanes formed in the Atlantic.

Irma is Heading for Haiti. Is the Country Prepared?

The strongest Hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic is poised to strike the country in the region least able to handle it.