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5 Keys To Decoding the Nigerian Elections

Africa’s largest democracy is poised to elect a new president. The final results are not in yet, and the world is watching the slow trickle of returns.

Syria Humanitarian Conference Kicks off in Kuwait

The UN needs to raise over $7.5 billion to provide for basic humanitarian assistance for Syrians affected by the conflict.

Episode 58: Victor Ochen

Victor Ochen grew up in displaced persons camps in Northern Uganda, fleeing from the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Nigeria Election Winner Is…

It’s still too soon to tell. Some news reports suggest that the results will be released today. Others suggest that final results will be announced on Tuesday.

3 Huge Stories to Follow This Weekend

1) Iran Nuke Talks Down to the Wire In Brief: This is arguably the most critical time yet in the complex negotiations that may lead to a diplomatic breakthrough with Iran.


Africa’s largest democracy holds elections tomorrow. President Goodluck Jonathan is facing a tough re-election battle with longtime rival Muhammadu Buhari.

The Nigeria Elections

Nigerians go to the polls on March 28 in consequential elections that could decide the future of Africa’s largest democracy.

Saudi Arabia Launches Airstrikes in Yemen

With most of the country’s major cities under rebel control and the president reportedly having fled the country by boat, Riyadh is mounting an intervention against the Iranian backed Houthi rebels.

See the Newest Statue to Grace the UN Lawn

This statue was unveiled at the United Nations Headquarters today to mark the UN’s International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery.

Hundreds More Children Are Kidnapped By Boko Haram

Word of this latest outrage comes just four days before exceedingly consequential elections in Nigeria.

A Victory for LGBT Rights at the UN

LGBT rights secured a major bureaucratic victory at the United Nations today when member states overwhelmingly voted down a Russian-backed proposal to curtail benefits afforded to the same-sex spouses of UN staff.

How to Solve Childhood TB (Video)

For World Tuberculosis Day today, the TB Alliance is shining the spotlight on a sometimes overlooked aspect of the global TB burden: pediatric TB.

Sierra Leone in Crisis

So far, things have remained peaceful. But the combination of ebola plus a deepening political crisis is particularly worrisome.

Episode 57: Jessica Stern

Jessica Stern was a mid level National Security Council staffer when Hollywood literally came calling.

Yemen Disintegrates

Yemen is the poorest country in the region and is fast becoming the newest and hottest disaster in the Middle East.

Uncertainty Around Mali Peace Accord

The prospects for the return of an appeased state of affairs in Mali got slightly dimmer this week, as another round of talks between the government and the CMA – the Tuareg rebel alliance – failed to convince the rebel groups to sign the Algiers Accord, the agreement brokered by Algeria which is meant to set the stage for political reconciliation.

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough

A big breakthrough was reported in a peer reviewed, scientific journal. “A team of international researchers have made a major step towards a vaccine to for malaria, something scientists have long been trying to achieve as the disease kills up to 600,000 people each year.

5 Big Nuclear Security Challenges Beyond Iran

Ed note. I’m pleased to welcome Alexandra Van Dine to UN Dispatch!  The prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran has dominated news coverage, and the world is watching closely as diplomats work round the clock to craft an agreement in Switzerland.

Terror in Tunisia

The cradle of the Arab Spring–and its best exemplar–was beset by a vicious terror attack on tourists at a museum.

The Israeli Elections–What Happened. What it Means for the Peace Process

Benjamin Netanyahu secured a substantial victory in the Israel’s elections this week. The consequences of this right wing victory will be profound both for Israeli politics and the prospects for a negotiated two state solution — which just became much dimmer.