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France Empties “The Jungle”

Most of the residence were from Africa, including Eritrea, or Afghanistan. “France began clearing the sprawling “Jungle” camp on Monday as many migrants who have camped for months or years among sand dunes near Calais gave up on their dreams of reaching Britain, a tantalizingly short sea crossing away.

Is this the end of the ICC?

The ICC is the first permanent international court to prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity and back in 2002 when it came to life, South Africa was a founding member.

South Africa Withdraws from ICC

This could be the beginning of the end of the International Criminal Court. “In a major blow to the International Criminal Court, the South African government has given formal notice of its intention to withdraw from the beleaguered court.

A journalist-turned NGO leader-turned scholar explains how corruption fuels terrorism

Sarah Chayes was a reporter for NPR working in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. Then, in early 2002 she decided to give up her career in journalism to help rebuild the country.

Samantha Power: “It is not hard to understand why some people feel let down that a woman was not chosen as the next UN Secretary-General.”

Campaigners in and out of the United Nations had hoped that for the first time in 70 years, the United Nations would be lead by a female Secretary General.

This survey shows shows that endemic sexism harms both expectant mothers and the women who care for them

Motherhood is still deadly for far too many women. In 2015, an estimated 303,000 women died in childbirth.

Huge Typhoon Strikes the Philippines

About five million people are at risk. “Typhoon Haima has slammed into the northeastern Philippine coast, displacing tens of thousands and  threatening millions of residents.

Yemen ceasefire deal is reached

Prior attempts at ceasefires have not proven to be enduring. “The United Nations is hoping a 72-hour ceasefire in Yemen due to start on Wednesday will allow vital aid to reach parts of the country that have been cut off by months of fighting and are in dire humanitarian need.

Yemen is on the Brink of Famine

In UN-speak there are five levels of “food insecurity.” This ranges from generally food secure to famine.

The #FeesMustFall Student Protest is Shaking South Africa to Its Core

People around Braamfontein know Father Graham Pugin and his generosity. When he protected Wits University students running away from police in the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, it was his way of supporting the community he cares for so dearly.

Massive Displacement expected as Mosul Offensive Begins

Aid agencies have been warning for months that the fallout from an offensive would the largest and most complex humanitarian operation of the year.

As Battle for Mosul Begins, Humanitarian Agencies Don’t Have the Funds to Pick Up the Pieces

The battle for Mosul has begun. The city of 1.5 million — Iraq’s second largest — fell to ISIS in 2014.

Better Know Antonio Guterres, your Next UN Secretary General

Last week the UN General Assembly officially elected Antonio Guterres as the next UN Secretary General.

We’re in the middle of a dangerous Tuberculosis pandemic and we’re not doing enough to stop it.

This is bad. Tuberculosis (TB) has been a global pandemic for over a decade now; we already knew it was a serious global health problem.

The global TB burden is actually worse than previously thought

New data from the WHO. “While efforts to respond to TB saved more than 3 million lives in 2015, the report shows that the TB burden is actually higher than previously estimated, reflecting new surveillance and survey data from India.

Beware the Global Superbug

At the United Nations last month there was a major meeting at the sidelines of the General Assembly about an issue called anti-microbial resistance.

Burundi moves to withdraw from the ICC. No country has ever done that before.

It’s almost as if the government does not want to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. “Lawmakers in Burundi overwhelmingly voted Wednesday in support of a plan to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, something no country has ever done…Burundi’s decision is not immediate.

The Crisis in South Sudan is Sending 2,000 Refugees to Uganda. Every Day

Over the past three months, an average of more than 2,000 South Sudanese a day have crossed into Uganda, seeking safety from bloodshed at home.

New “Global Hunger Index” Released

Data are from an annual report of the International Food Policy Research Institute. “Hunger levels in developing countries have fallen 29 percent since 2000, but efforts to curb hunger must be accelerated in order to meet an international target to eradicate it by 2030, according to an annual index published on Tuesday.

This Leading Global Development Expert is a Big Optimist

Charles Kenny is an optimist. He’s the author of several book about global development, including Getting Better: Why Global Development Is Succeeding–And How We Can Improve the World Even More, which was widely hailed across the spectrum —  and personally endorsed by Bill Gates.