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4 Ways “House Of Cards” Gets the UN Wrong

House of Cards Season 3 made its debut on Netflix last week, bringing everyone’s favorite sleazy Washington politician back to our screens for another round of Machiavellian storytelling.

The AU’s Bold Plan for South Sudan

With peace talks in stalemate, Reuters gets its hands on an exclusive scoop. The idea is so crazy it just might work.

Why Healthcare Systems in the Developing World Need a Shot in the Arm

The ebola crisis has demonstrated that countries with very weak health care systems are extremely vulnerable to an otherwise preventable disease outbreak.

India Bans Rape Doc

The filmmaker has reportedly fled India for fear of arrest. “The documentary, “India’s Daughter,” features an interview with Mukesh Singh, now on death row for his role in the crime, who tried to justify the brutal attack by saying “a decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock at night.” Excerpts from the interview were released on Tuesday as part of an advance publicity campaign.

Meet a 2015-er: Emilia Saiz

“We have in our membership mayors of over 200 cities which are each bigger than nearly 60 member states!

USA Launches “Let Girls Learn”

A new US government initiative aims at reducing barriers to education access for adolescent girls worldwide.

Inching Towards Peace in Mali

Following over seven months of negotiations, the so-called Algiers Accord – an agreement meant to lay the groundwork for peace and reconciliation in Mali – was initialed by the key actors in the conflict over the weekend – or almost all of them.

And the Winner of the 2015 Mo Ibrahim Prize Is…

Outgoing Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba, who proves that it pays to be an African Head of State who obeys the Constitution and leaves office when his term expires.

Episode 55: Sarah Margon

Sarah Margon is the Washington director of Human Rights Watch. She’s spent her career fighting for human rights in Africa and beyond, but took a somewhat circuitous path to get there.

The Unfortunately Enduring Legacy Kony2012

For over twenty years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony, has terrorized civilians in its attempt to overthrow the government of Uganda.

A Mass Abduction in South Sudan

UNICEF dramatically increased its estimates of the number of boys aged twelve and older who were recently abducted in South Sudan by forces aligned with the government.

New Data on Food Waste

A new study shows that reducing consumer food waste could save the global economy up to $300 billion annually by 2030.

Somalia Finally Gets a US Ambassador

President Barack Obama nominated career diplomat Katherine Dhanani to serve as the first U.S. ambassador to Somalia since 1991.

What We Know About What We Don’t Know About Development

How good are the data that drives international development policies? It turns out, not that great. This week’s episode comes in two parts.

Map of the Day: Barrel Bombs in Syria

Today’s map comes from Human Rights Watch, which has released new research into the use of barrel bombs in the ongoing conflict in Syria.  It may seem like a trivial point to research and argue against just one type of weapon, but the production, deployment, and destruction of the barrel bomb are key to understanding the importance of this specific research.

Salva Kiir Gets An Earful

This diplomatic dressing down is significant because the “troika”–particularly the USA–has typically backed the South Sudanese president.

Mediation Fail in the Central African Republic

The Central African Republic, which has been in a state of crisis for nearly two years, continues to struggle to chart a path towards reconciliation.

Measles Death in Germany

A stark reminder to western audiences that measles is, in fact, deadly. “A toddler has died of measles in the German capital, health authorities said Monday, amid the country’s worst outbreak in years and an intense debate about steps to boost vaccinations.

Episode 54: Stephen Walt

Stephen Walt is one of America’s best known international relations theorists. He’s probably most famous for his “Balance of Threat” theory, which was published in his groundbreaking study “The Origins of Alliances.” In this episode, Walt discusses growing up in Northern California; recounts his intellectual development in high school and university; and tells the story of his “a-ha!

Al Shebaab Threatens Western Targets

The group has so far not been able to extend its reach beyond Somalia, Uganda and Kenya. But western security officials are taking very seriously a threat contained in a video released this weekend.