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14 Reasons Why Ron Swanson Might Secretly Be A Kiwi

We don’t mean to alarm you, but this is definitely a thing. Ron Swanson is probably the proudest American on the planet.

Maru Answers Life's Biggest Questions

It is well known that the two biggest current philosophical questions are (1) whether Gödel’s completeness theorem truly allows an axiom to be provable without recursion and (2) how Maru will get into this slim box which is stood on the floor.

Blue Ivy Dressed As Michael Jackson For Halloween And It Was So Adorable

And it gets even cuter when you see who Beyoncé dressed as! Not cute enough for you? Her mom dressed as Janet.

49 Bloody Brilliant Black And Grey Tattoo Ideas

Monochrome masterpieces. Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed Get a traditional flash art sleeve. By Joe Ellis, Leeds.

RNC Officials Dress Up For Halloween As Democrats Running Away From Obama

“We wanted to make sure even our Halloween costumes were on message.” On Thursday, several Republican National Committee employees in Washington went to work dressed in jogging gear.

Ellen DeGeneres May Have Found Her Best Halloween Costume Yet

“I went all out for you people because I didn’t even wear a wedding dress to my own wedding.” Ellen DeGeneres never disappoints on Halloween, it's clearly her favorite holiday.

56 Toys That Will Make Every Girl Feel Nostalgic

Including fashion plates, a Dear Diary, and scoubidous. Fashion plates Fashion Faces Dream Phone A gem tree View Entire List ›

Who Said It? Wednesday Addams Or April Ludgate?


28 Talented Urban Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Metropolitan beauty. Zunleephoto/ Dondregreen/ Sionfullana/ 80 degrees/ Sejkko/ Ruano/ Black_soap/ Gotlib/ Visual Memories/ BuzzFeed / Via Zun Lee "I have been an artist and storyteller since I was little, but then life got in the way.

Walmart Is Selling A "Pashtun Papa Islamic Costume"

“Nothing is sacred this Halloween,” reads the costume description. Update: Walmart is removing the costume from its site.

21 Reasons Facebook's Sinister Oysters Are The Best Thing On The Internet

No other emoticon understands how socially awkward you can be. If you haven't discovered sinister oysters yet then you are missing out.

Do You Remember The "10 Things I Hate About You" Poem?

Why did Kat hate Patrick?

Katy Perry Dressed As A Cheeto For Halloween

Perhaps as another homage to Britney Spears? Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET View Entire List ›

19 Celebrity Fashion Lines You Totally Forgot About

They can’t all be Jessica Simpson. Mblem by Mandy Moore Post-pop Moore launched this line of knitwear aimed at taller ladies in 2005.

After His Daughter Passed Away, A Grieving Father Fulfilled Her Dream To Be Famous

A video of 13-year-old Anna van Keulen, who died two weeks ago, has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

Police Question Vine Star Jerome Jarre For In-Flight Swimwear Prank

The Frenchman famous for his anarchic Vines was reportedly detained by police after stripping down to his Speedos during a flight to Miami .

19 Genius Halloween Costumes Only Brits Will Understand

Bus wankers! Every Alan Partridge. Via Simon's car from The Inbetweeners. A Blue Peter presenter.

Ruth Baby Ginsburg Officially Wins Halloween

This costume is SUPREME. View Entire List ›

These Parents Pranked Their Kids By Telling Them They Had Ebola

Damn, they even wore a facemask and everything. So, these parents from Las Vegas dressed up and told their kids that they had Ebola.

14 Spooky Halloween Horror Stories Guaranteed To Keep You Up At Night

BAN THIS SCARY HOLIDAY. Buena Vista Pictures / Via I have an app that records sleep cycles, and if you talk or snore in your sleep, it will record it to play back when you wake up.