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7 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Unreal"

Lifetime’s scripted satire of reality television is the sharpest, most entertaining series of the summer.

Which "Doctor Who" Villan Would Be Your Arch Nemesis?

This quiz is just a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.

21 Amazingly Easy Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Get You Through Dry July

Perfect for when you’re over drinking G&Ts, minus the G. Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed / Classic Bloody Mary Mocktail Get the recipe here.

When To Approach Your Wife For Sex

This is the mum code. Emily Wright, a 31-year-old mum, schools us on when you should approach your wife for sex.

28 Beautiful People We Saw At Essence Fest

An estimated 500,000 people came to the 2015 Essence Festival and every single one of them was fly. Tracy Clayton / BuzzFeed Tracy Clayton / BuzzFeed Tracy Clayton / BuzzFeed View Entire List ›

Are You More Dumbledore Or Gandalf?

Let’s find out if you belong to the order of Merlin or the Istari. Warner Bros. Pictures / New Line Cinema

20 Times You Wished Keith Mars Was Your Dad

Who’s your daddy? When he knew friends and enemies could be made on the first day. Especially when your daughter is Veronica Mars.

Australian Tennis Player Perfectly Destroys Olympic Legend Over Racist Rant

“Blatant racist. Australian legend,” wrote Nick Kyrgios on his Facebook page. Australian Olympic swimming legend Dawn Fraser has chimed into the debate over tennis player Nick Kyrgios, saying he should "go back" to where his parents are from.

A Theatre Festival Rejected This Man's Volunteer Application Because He Has A Disability

The festival has apologized after a heap of backlash. This is Daniel Hughes. As he has in the past, Hughes applied to volunteer at this year's Edmonton Fringe Festival.

16 Honest Toasts Every Musician Wishes They Could Make

“May your fifths never be parallel.” Hulton Archive / Getty Images Robyn Beck / Getty Images Thinkstock Thinkstock View Entire List ›

Which "Game Of Thrones" Actor Should You Date?

The things you’d do for love.

11 Charts That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Book Addict

Books > Anything else Farrah Penn / Via BuzzFeed Farrah Penn / Via BuzzFeed Farrah Penn / Via BuzzFeed Farrah Penn / Via BuzzFeed View Entire List ›

We Set Out To Find The Perfect Sports Bra, And Here's What We Learned

Time to find out which ones we liked breast. Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed / Kristin Chirico for BuzzFeed It goes without saying that finding a sports bra is hard: It takes guesswork and witchcraft to find a bra that not only fits, but is able to do its own stunts as well.

31 Thoughts I Had While Watching The First Episode Of "Dragon Ball Super"

GOKU DRIVES A TRACTOR. Warning: Spoilers ahead. So, I watched the first episode of Dragon Ball Super, which premiered Sunday on Japanese television.

We Asked People At EssenceFest What It Means To Be Southern

“Class, sass, and lots of ass! The festival attracts people from all over the world, but a lot of them are Southerners, born and bred.

19 New Relationships That Are Moving Too Fast

“I’ve moved in with him and it’s only been a month.” Confessions courtesy of Whisper. View Video › View Video › View Video › View Video › View Entire List ›

This Adorable Puppy Experiencing Air Conditioning For The First Time Will Take You To A Happy Place

This is what the joy of discovery looks like. It's summer. It's hot. Lucky for this sweet lil' pup, he is about to discover air conditioning.

19 Reasons Lydia Martin Is The Undeniable Queen Of "Teen Wolf"

You know it, she knows it. She's the kind of person who casually learns archaic latin in her free time.

11 Bizarre Photos Show Who's Under The Costumes At Tourist Spots

“There’s another Superman on the Boulevard and they’ve been stuck in a turf war.” Ken writes, "While in Los Angeles, I stayed at a hotel close to the Hollywood Boulevard.

This Guy Says He Will Pay $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Find Him A Girlfriend

Seriously. Meet Ren Lu You. He's a 29-year-old living in Birmingham, Alabama, and if you can find him a girlfriend he will pay you $10,000.