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10 Reasons Gwen Stefani Should Always Win "The Voice"

She def ain’t no hollaback girl! She shamelessly trys to buy-off her mentees. Mark Burnett Productions / One Three Media / Warner Horizon Television / Via Then performs very cute victory dances when she does buy them off!

14 Glorious Photos Of Maryland's Traditional Fall Tobacco Harvest

The Lewis Farm in Owings, Maryland, begins its tobacco harvest season. A tobacco leaf lies on the soil after plants are harvested on the farm in September.

This Compelling Video For Mary Kom's Academy Will Change The Way Indians Look At Sports

Because there is more to India than cricket. In a country blinded by love for cricket, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance took it upon themselves to show Indians that there are champions beyond cricketers.

17 Times "Little Miss Sunshine" Reached You On A Spiritual Level

“Everyone just pretend to be normal.” You've totally done this in the mirror. Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via You like your privacy.

19 Totally Abnormal Things Made Normal By College

Normal is boring. Pulling all nighters because. Drinking dirty beer after a dirty ass ball swirls around in it.

19 Things All Lazy People Don't Have Time For

Too much “getting up” required. Ordering takeout instead of delivery. Imma let the Whopper come to me.

4 Grilled Cheese Tricks You Need To Try

Macaroni. Grilled. Cheese.

Jeff Goldblum Did A Commercial For Lightbulbs In His Underwear And A Robust Wig

It’s a real commercial, for a real product. For some reason Jeff Goldblum is appearing in this commercial selling lightbulbs.

26 Things You Will Never Be Able To Explain To A Chicagoan

Besides Kanye. Why getting invited to someone's improv show is not actually meant to be a punishment.

This Dog Is Best Friends With A Raccoon, So The World Really Isn't That Bad

At least we have this. Besties! Via Dog = raccoon couch. Via

What You Think Will Happen Freshman Year Vs What Really Happens

Naps on naps. You will party every day all day. Silver Pictures / Via What really happens: 12:00 a.m.

How Well Do You Remember The Words To '90s Alt-Rock Songs?

Lyrics were pretty weird back then.

Here Are Beyoncé, Jay Z And David Beckham Watching A Football Game Together

The ultimate dream team. In awesome-celebrity-trio news, Jay Z and Beyoncé hung out with David Beckham tonight to watch Paris Saint-Germain v FC Barcelona in Paris.

Jimmy Kimmel Held A Spelling Bee For Baristas Because They Always Spell Our Names Wrong

Shout out to all the people with unusual names! This video is for you. Do these baristas know how to spell Khaleesi?

Chanel Staged A "Feminist Protest" At Their Paris Fashion Week Show

“Women’s rights are more than alright!” For this season's fashion show in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel held a feminist protest.

7 Facts About Testicles That Will Make You Feel Weird

The poor beavers never had a chance. BuzzFeedBlue / Via LINK: Bite-size knowledge for a big world.

Canadian Media Can't Say This Alleged Rape Victim's Name, Even Though Her Family Wants Them To

A Canadian law prevents the press from naming Rehtaeh Parsons, the Canadian teen who killed herself after she was cyberbullied following an alleged gang rape.

21 Amazing Food Moments You Need To Experience This Fall

Best food season? Best food season. Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed Trying to figure out what to do with the million apples you just picked...

Hunt For Man Who Killed Pennsylvania Trooper Continues, Police Find Pipe Bombs

Authorities confirmed they found two pipe bombs in the Poconos Mountains, which belonged to a man who allegedly killed a state trooper three weeks ago.

13 Things All Basics Got Right

BRB, looking through Pinterest for a pumpkin spice cookie recipe I can bake. Uggs Sure they're ugly as hell, but on a cold day they'll keep your feet warm and, bonus, they're actually comfortable!