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Taylor Swift Invited Fans To Her House For A Secret Listening Session

And she served them homemade cookies. View Entire List ›

Russell Brand, Emma Thompson And Cara Delevingne Join Thousands At London Climate Rally

The London People’s Climate March was held alongside 2,000 similar events around the world. An estimated 40,000 people hit London streets on Sunday, joining hundreds of thousands in New York calling for worldwide action on climate change.

20 Moments That Made "The Good Wife" Season 6 Premiere The Best One Yet

The CBS drama definitely isn’t cooling down with age, despite Will Gardner’s absence . CBS CBS And just when you think the entire episode is going to be devoted to getting Alicia to change her mind, Cary (Matt Czuchry) gets arrested!

This Video Of Leonardo DiCaprio Rapping Will Make Your Life

Leonardo DiRAPrio. OMG WATCH THIS VIDEO. "Leo DiCaprio rapping "Scenario" with Jamie Foxx!!! Epic to say the least.

This Is The Most Perfect Example Of Karma You Will See Today

YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE, FOOL. Footage has been uncovered of a driver performing an illegal U-turn and almost causing a crash.

23 Next-Level Biscuits You Need To Try

Biscuit purists, look away. Copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits Recipe here. Apple Pie Biscuits One with dinner, one for dessert.

YouTube Star Accused Of Sexual Harassment After Bum-Pinching "Prank"

#ReportSamPepper YouTube star and former UK Big Brother contestant Sam Pepper is causing quite a stir after posting a "prank" video which showed him pinching the backsides of women who weren't aware that it was him.

Make Your Day More Adorable With The BuzzFeed Animals Newsletter!

Can’t get enough cute? Then the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter is for you! Thinkstock / BuzzFeed Who it's for: Anyone who simply can't get enough fluff, and who knows that animals make our world a more magical place.

We Turned A Bunch Of Weird Snacks Into Ice Cream Flavors

Who says Sriracha ramen shouldn’t be an ice cream flavor? Well, several of my colleagues actually. They’re not speaking to me anymore.

19 Facebook Milestone Updates The World Actually Needs

What do you mean I can’t be married to my cat? View Entire List ›

A Mom's Powerful Essay On Keeping Her Children's HIV A Secret From Other Parents Has Gone Viral

“My HIV child is playing with your child, and you don’t know it,” she wrote on the Scary Mommy blog. Photojournalist Jen Mosher was tired of the loneliness and stigma around having HIV-positive children.

This Is What It Looks Like When You Have Sex In An MRI Machine

Plus some other cool stuff. Science! [Slightly NSFW-ish] / Via View Entire List ›

If Women Were Honest On Dates

“You’re cuter than I remember….now I wish I had shaved my legs.” BuzzFeedYellow / Via Featuring: Jill Jordan Jamie Kerezsi Jade Monroe Carmyn Xoluv Chantel Houston Becky Harris

35 Life Lessons We Learned From "Friends"

They’ll be there for you, (‘cause you’re there for them too.) Being a grownup isn't as scary as it seems.

The Amazing Story Behind The "Friends" Theme Song

The Rembrandts tell BuzzFeed News about the version of “I’ll Be There For You” that was deemed too dark for TV, the original music video concept that the cast didn’t like, and how they learned to love the song they can’t escape.

25 Times You Were Actually Louise Belcher From "Bob's Burgers"

Quiet dignity? Have you met us?! That time you met up with someone from Tinder. Ugh. Should've swiped left.

20 Beautiful Nail Tutorials You Need To Try This Fall

#AutumnNails. Half Moon Mani with a French Tip Twist Get the how-to at Cosmopolitan. View Entire List ›

A Definitive Ranking Of Manny's Hats In "Degrassi: The Next Generation"

Is her head always cold or does she just like statement pieces? The droopy beanie @Snow White, found your 8th dwarf.

14 Restaurant Horror Stories That'll Make You Want To Order Takeout

WHAT happened at Olive Garden?! Walt Disney Pictures / Via I work in a restaurant, and one time a man as drunk as could be pulled down his pants in the middle of the bar and pooped on the floor.

This Woman's Letter About Her Elderly Mother's Mobile Phone Problem Is Hilarious

In fairness, this must’ve been pretty horrifying. I am writing to inquire whether anyone else has experienced what I believe is a previously undiscovered threat to human life from over-engineering in new technology.