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Which Starbucks Drink Are You?

Calling all the lonely Starbucks lovers!

Brandy Answers 45 Rapid Fire Questions About Herself

Moesha. Cinderella. "The Boy Is Mine." Any way you put it, Brandy's career is iconic. She adds to all of that in her latest role as Roxie Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago.

If Seth Cohen From "The O.C." Had Instagram

Well his bio would definitely read “I’m Seth. I like comics.” Obviously his first post would be dedicated to Captain Oats.

21 Instagram-Worthy Health Cafes In Brisbane

Do it for the healthy glow. And the likes. Sol Natural Foods, Fortitude Valley Sol Natural Foods promises nutritious and wholesome meals in their industrial-themed outlet in the Valley.

For Girls Who Struggle To Gain Weight

You’re Trying To GAIN Weight?! BuzzFeed Violet / Via

30 "Friends With Benefits" GIFs That Perfectly Illustrate The Rebound Process

You start dating other people. This is probably only because you’re 96.4% sure your ex has already dated three Victoria’s Secret models and the local swim team.

How Much Do You Know About Scotland?

“This quiz is aff it’s heid!”

14 Incredible Beach Walks To Take In Western Australia

Because if you’re going to leave the house, you may as well go somewhere magnificent. Ellen Cove to Albany Port Take the boardwalk route from Ellen Cove at Albany's glorious Middleton Beach, right around the coastline to the town's port.

The Definitive Ranking Of "Harry Potter" Deaths By Sadness

Get ready for the feels. Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort Death: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, killed by Harry Potter.

15 Reasons Why You Should Ship Stydia From "Teen Wolf"

WARNING: prepare for the feels. He think she looks beautiful, even when she cries. MTV / Via She can't imagine her life without him.

This Adorable Singing Cat Is Happy And He Knows It

Instead of “clap your hands,” it’s “meow.” Meet Chaninho, the singing cat. While Chaninho's human sings the words "If you're happy and you know it" in Portuguese, he changes it up from "clap your hands" to "meow" and the talented kitty sings her part!

22 Photos That Prove Dogs Are Dumb, Majestic Beasts

It’s why we love them. This most noble of beasts, bravely displaying unbridled joy. This dope who turned confusion into a wonderful dance move.

Transgender People Talk About Bruce Jenner

What is your story? / Via BuzzFeed Video

17 Beauty Commandments All 2000s Girls Followed

Thou shalt honor thy hair straightener and love thy spray tan. View Entire List ›

Jennifer Lopez Got Confetti-Bombed At LAX By A Clown

WTF is this trend? According to X17Online, Jennifer Lopez was confetti-bombed by "Richie the Clown," at LAX on Tuesday.

19 Things You'll Definitely Want For The Lake This Summer

Life is better at the lake. A Boat Hair Don't Care tank for the long days spent on the boat. Via A side-by-side floating hammock for you and your favorite person.

American Cowboys Of The Last Great Horse Drive

The Great American Horse Drive is a two-day event where cowboys guide a gigantic pack of 400 horses across western Colorado.

What Is The Most Underrated Amusement Park You've Ever Been To?

There’s more to life than Space Mountain. Amusement parks: They're not for everyone. NBC / Via But if you love roller coasters, fried food, and the anticipation that builds after a long line...

22 Phrases Every Server Dreads

No substitutions means NO SUBSTITUTIONS. "Oh good, you're still open!" (Three minutes before closing time.) ABC "OK, so we're splitting between six cards..." WE TV / Via "Can you make this dish without salt?

22 Times "Gogglebox" Summed Up What We Were All Thinking

Gogglebox won’t be back until September, but until then we can all remember these wonderful zingers. Channel 4 Channel 4 When any antique appears on Antiques Roadshow.