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Why Deciding Where To Eat Is The Worst

We’ve all been here. BuzzFeed Violet / Via

22 Secrets McDonald's Employees Will Never Tell You

Would you like fries with that? Big Mac sauce is said to contain all the flavour in a Big Mac, except the beef.

Should You Have Been On The Bachelor?

Would it have been love or heartbreak?

18 Relationships Destroyed By The Dress That Broke The Internet

The world has been torn apart by a multicolored garment. As you probably already know, everyone on the internet is freaking out because no one can decide on the color of this dress.

No, Head Transplants Are Definitely Not Going To Happen

An Italian surgeon is making headlines with the claim that he’s found a way to transplant human heads onto new bodies.

How Well Do You Know "Home And Away?"

You know we belong together…

Here's What "Ear Boy" From "All That" Looks Like Now

Helloooooo, Josh Server. You remember Josh Server from Nickelodeon's All That. He was perhaps most famous for playing "Ear Boy." Nickelodeon / Via He was definitely one of the ones you had a crush on.

Can You Watch This Video Without Smiling?

We don’t think you can. Prove us wrong, and check out BuzzFeed’s new Cute Or Not app! BuzzFeed Yellow / Via LINK: Based on this adorable post.

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Crashes "The Daily Show" And Challenges Jon Stewart

The “Money in the Bank” winner interrupted The Daily Show’s “Moment of Zen” to issue a live challenge to Jon Stewart.

This Is What A Belly Button Looks Like When It's Not In Your Body

The procedure is apparently done by fans of extreme body modification. Warning: Super gross, slightly NSFW.

Boise City Council Members Are Disappointed Uber Is Suspending Operations

Uber announced it was suspending operations in the city earlier today, just two days after the City Council agreed on a drafted version of an ordinance that would allow the company to operate legally.

Which Australian TV Character's Death Broke Your Heart The Most?

Right in the feels. It happens to all of us at some stage. One day, you're sitting there watching your favourite show and all of a sudden they kill off your most beloved character, breaking your heart forever.

Which Secondary Character From "The Simpsons" Are You?

Worst quiz ever.

This New Comic Book Series Is About A Turbaned Sikh Superhero

I.T. employee by day, ass kicker by night… Say hello to the Elvis-loving Super Sikh! Meet Deep Singh.

No Immediate Charges Filed Against Truck Driver In California Train Crash

The Metrolink train derailed after colliding with a truck in Oxnard early Tuesday. The truck’s driver was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run, but prosecutors said they will wait for the investigation to be completed before deciding on criminal charges.

If You Could Ask Death Cab For Cutie Anything, What Would You Ask?

Submit your #TBT questions here! Hello, internet. Remember Death Cab For Cutie? They are a great band that probably reminds you of your high school years.

People Guess Military Terms

Because you better break it down barney style if you wanna cover yer six.

If "Buffy" Episodes Were Titled Like "Friends" Episodes

The One Where Joss Is a Genius. "The One Where Buffy Moves to Sunnydale" The WB "The One Where Cordelia Presses Deliver" The WB "The One Where Buffy Sings Macho Man" The WB "The One Where Xander Is a Virgin" The WB View Entire List ›

Watch This Tearful Reunion Between A 10-Year-Old Boy And His Missing Cat

Jared and Clyde, best friends forever. Jared, a 10-year-old autistic boy was devastated when his beloved 11-year-old cat Clyde went missing.

Who Said It: One Direction Or 5 Seconds Of Summer?

It’s the Brits vs. the Aussies.