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This Trainee Teacher Was Sent Home On Her First Day Due To Her “Inappropriate” Tattoos

The mother-of-two claims the school was prejudiced against her because of her body art. Charlotte Tumilty says she was sent home within an hour of starting her new placement as a teaching assistant because of her numerous tattoos.

30 Wonderful Things That Happen Every Diwali

Enjoy the festival of lights while it lasts… Because tomorrow you’ll be stuffed from the sweets, broke from the gambling, and hungover from everything else.

A University Student Threw Up In The Middle Of A Lecture When Her Professor Mentioned Jägermeister

[Insert “chundergraduate” joke here.] A first-year student apparently threw up during an English Language lecture at Oxford University when her professor started talking about Jägermeister.

Beyoncé And Jay Z Renew Their Vows

Crazy in love. The couple is also reportedly looking to buy a home in Paris. Sources said to People that the duo recently toured properties in "Millionaire's Row" (a gated community), an extravagant villa near Seine, and a luxury townhouse adjacent to the Elysee Palace.

Teyonah Parris Moves To The Head Of The Class

If you only know Teyonah Parris as Dawn on Mad Men , you’ve got some catching up to do. The star of Dear White People and Survivor’s Remorse officially has gone from supporting actor to scene-stealer.

North Carolina Republican Senate Candidate's Website Hacked

Thom Tillis and the “Gum Tree Pokie Machine.” The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Sometime Wednesday, hackers appeared to infiltrate the website of State Speaker of the House Thom Tillis, the Republican nominee for Senate in North Carolina.

10 Things We Learned About Freya Newman's Case

Freya Newman is guilty of accessing the Prime Minister’s daughter Frances Abbott’s student records and exposing a dodgy scholarship from the Whitehouse Institute.

This "Parks And Rec"-Themed Wedding Is The Cutest Thing That's Ever Happened

OK, the wedding was staged for a photoshoot, but it’s still insanely precious. "Great Gatsby, boho, rustic," she explained to BuzzFeed News.

Kenny G Deletes Selfie He Took At Hong Kong Protests, After Striking Sour Note With Authorities

The saxophone player is wildly popular in China. After government officials reminded everyone that they think the protests are illegal, Kenny G deleted the selfie, saying “I don’t really know anything about the situation.” View Entire List ›

16 Reasons "Fashion Bloggers" Will Make You Fall In Love With Australian Reality TV

Finally a show you’ll want to watch! Because Australia finally has a reality show aimed at a young audience and that's very cool.

IKEA Kills It With It's Halloween Commercial

Ikea Singapore creates a spooky Halloween commercial channeling Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining to promote their late night shopping hours.

Patti LaBelle Doing The Woody Woodpecker Laugh On "AHS" Is Everything

Thank you for this gift, Freak Show . WARNING: Slight spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the Oct. 22 episode.

The Man At The Center Of DC's TV Multiverse

DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns reveals the strategy behind the company’s sudden TV omnipresence, why secrecy isn’t always the best policy when it comes to superheroes, and why they’re doing things differently than Marvel.

Everyone Is Tweeting At A British Girl They Think Is Whistleblower Freya Newman

Say hello to your newest “Australian hero.” This is Freya Newman. Freya appears to be just your regular ol' British girl.

This Hobbit-Inspired Airline Safety Video Is One You'll Actually Watch

Air New Zealand are embracing their Middle Earth advantage. Air New Zealand has created a new safety video in honour of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.

Ranking The Halloween Costumes From "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

The Scooby Gang dealt with monsters every day of their lives. So how did they dress up when it was their turn to be scary?

Here's The Tracklist And Back Cover Of Taylor Swift's "1989"

THIS IS NOT A TEST! THE TRACKLIST IS HERE! The world’s luckiest Taylor Swift fan just sent the internet into a frenzy after she revealed that she gets to listen to 1989 almost a full week early due to a local supermarket screw-up.

Hidden "Beacons" Were Also Installed In L.A. And Chicago

A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals the quiet spread of Gimbal Inc.’s phone-tracking technology in some of America’s largest cities.

Poll: How Weird Are Your Couple Habits?

Find out if you and your S.O. are total weirdos. View Entire List ›

PSA: Cristin Milioti Looked Like The Karate Kid In Middle School

The How I Met Your Mother star appeared on Conan, along with her middle school yearbook photo. Cristin Milioti, best known for her role as "the mother" on How I Met Your Mother has appeared on Conan and revealed a childhood photo.