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Sgt. Pepper’s redux: Should you buy the $$$ new version of the Beatles’ classic or save your money?

“It was 50 years ago today, that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play…” Whenever I write a “review” of something that’s universally acknowledged to be a masterpiece, I usually try to go out of my way to explain to the reader that just as...

Big hair, big muscles, totally 80s: Glorious images & footage of the lady wrestlers of ‘GLOW’

A few of the girls of ‘GLOW’ back in the 80s.   Next month, on June 23rd Netflix is launching the highly anticipated series based on the gonzo television series Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or GLOW that got...

Try to imagine how insane this TV footage of Roxy Music (with Brian Eno) looked in the early 1970s

Roxy Music: Not just another guitar band.   The great Roy Wood said on some late-nite radio show that for a long time he thought Ike and Tina Turner were a cool-sounding R&B band called I Can Turn A Corner.

VHS fan builds a functional video rental store in his basement: ‘It’s like the 80s threw up’

  Though the advent of streaming video has made nearly any programming under the sun just a few quick clicks away, some of us still miss the ritual of going to a video store and spending quality time browsing the aisles searching for a particular title that struck our fancy.

Unhappy meal: McDonald’s ‘Free Razor with Breakfast’ 1978 promotional campaign

  In the mid-1970’s disposable razors hit the market and were all the rage which led to a very bizarre tie-in with USA’s largest fast food chain restaurant.

The B-52s’ lost recipe for sweet potato cornbread

  Some principles are non-negotiable. I like talking to people whose views on religion, politics, food, the environment, hairdos and footwear differ from my own.

Your Mother Should Know: Newly unearthed 1967 Frank Zappa interview taped at a Detroit head shop

  On November 13th, 1967, Frank Zappa was interviewed by two radio DJs at a head shop in Detroit. The conversation aired on the 18th and was promptly forgotten about.

Of Skinheads, Suedeheads and Knuckle Girls: The gritty novels of Richard Allen

  In the 1960s the New English Library, a British subsidiary of the New American Library, had been plodding along churning out westerns and science fiction novels, but after approximately 1970 the imprint stumbled on a new audience that would make it lots of money.

Death is My Lover: The Decadent Erotic Art of Takato Yamamoto (NSFW)

  Some artists keep their lives hidden so the focus remains solely on their work. Takato Yamamoto appears to be such an artist.

‘Female Trouble’ dolls and other imagined retro toys based on John Waters films

Divine as “Dawn Davenport” doll   Opening today at La MaMa Galleria at 47 Great Jones Street in Manhattan (and there until June 24) is “Lost Merchandise of the Dreamlanders” a show featuring shouldabeen toys and other fake retro “merchandise” based on characters and situations from the films...

Pigeon caught smuggling ecstasy pills in tiny little backpack

  Well here’s something you don’t hear and see every day: A homing pigeon—normally used for carrying messages—was apprehended by Kuwaiti custom officials as it was crossing over from Iraq.

Fifties fetish model Tana Louise and her sky-high shoes

Burlesque performer and fetish model Tana Louise surveying her collection of shoes back in the 1950s.

50 ultra stylish lobby cards from the hip world of 1960s American cinema

  Drugs, counterculture, spies, and a hundred other elements that help define the word “cool.” Here’s a collection of lobby cards from American films that were used to promote their release in West Germany from 1965-1969.

Sgt. Pepper knew my grandfather: Huntz Hall meets the Beatles

From the ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ photo shoot   The Summer of Love hasn’t begun. There’s LBJ at Expo 67, thanking God for putting the U.S.A.

Electric Kool-Aid Cuckoo’s Bus: Go further with Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters

  In 1964 Ken Kesey published Sometimes a Great Notion, the follow-up to his smash novel

That time Nirvana snuck into a TV studio and made video magic

  In 1989 Sub Pop released Nirvana’s first album Bleach, and word of the (at the time) startlingly heavy and catchy masterpiece recorded with a tiny budget got around the indie underground rather quickly.

Before James Bond: Roger Moore knitwear model

  Depending on your age and first exposure to a James Bond movie, Sir Roger Moore may well be your favorite 007.

Take your foot fetish to a creepy new level by scoring some super-realistic looking silicone feet

Nothing creepy to see here. Just a pair of silicone feet chilling with a glass of vino and a pearl necklace.

‘Things as They Are’: New theater music from members of Six Organs of Admittance and Emeralds

  Though he may be best known as the mind behind the long-running ambient drone folk project Six Organs of Admittance, guitarist Ben Chasny is also a member of the noisy psych band Comets on Fire, and he’s made musical contributions to the legendary apocalyptic folk group Current 93.

‘Henry & Glenn Forever’ is now a coloring book so all is finally right with the world

  Tom Neely’s indie comic Henry & Glenn Forever has an amazing premise that made it an instant classic: the very very well known punk/metal singers Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are a couple in a long term romantic relationship, living together in a house next door to Daryl Hall and John...