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Artist scans her own body to make ‘boob and butt’ mugs (NSFW)

  Alice Lang, an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, makes utterly unique mugs that resemble anatomically correct body parts of the female form.

Disturbing edible fetal skulls, chocolate Vincent Price face, candy ouija boards & much, much more!

Chocolate Vincent Price life-mask   Ever wanted to taste Vincent Price’s face? Well now’s your chance with these macabre chocolate treats by

Wild world of movie posters: Classic cult films from around the globe

The House That Dripped Blood Christian McLaughlin, a Los Angeles-based TV writer/producer and the self-described “poster concierge” behind the online movie poster store, is my new best friend.

‘What, me worry?’ MAD magazine sent the best rejection letters ever

  Earlier this week DM posted a notorious rejection letter that EMI may (or may not) have sent to Venom in 1980; the letter (real or not) is a simple example of typewriter art, with the words “...

Weird monsters of Japanese folklore

Ubagabi—the ghost of an old woman that appears as fireball.   There’s an ancient Japanese legend of the one hundred yōkai—monsters, ghosts, apparitions and demons—who parade through the streets on hot summer nights.

Unboxing the Los Angeles Free Music Society’s new 13-LP collection—a Dangerous Minds premiere

Members of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, 1976 (photo courtesy of The Box LA and Fredrik Nilsen Studio)   In 2012, the Los Angeles Free Music Society celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding, and the LA gallery The Box marked the occasion with the exhibition “...

Condomania: Vintage contraceptive packaging, 1910-1950

A pack of British condoms—sometimes known as ‘johnnies.’   Condoms in one form or another have been around since 3,000 BC.

Psychedelic Blasphemy! Diabolical art curated by the High Priest of the Church of Satan

Orlon Borloff, untitled collage   Last spring, Dangerous Minds told you about “The Devil’s Reign,” a traveling exhibit (and its companion book) of Satanic art curated by Peter...

Mind-blowing functional glass bongs of Stephen Hawking, Edgar Allan Poe, Die Antwoord & more

Edgar Allan Poe ‘Raven’ dabbing rig by the incredible glass artist, Rollerghoster.   I recently stumbled on a the fantastic Tumblr of glass artist, Rollerghoster and I’m pretty sure that you’ll all agree that the images of his fully-functional glass creations...

Sad-looking Lou Reed sweater is sad because it costs $2,730

A spendy sweater made by LA-based company Enfants Riches Déprimés   And yes, I do realize that this image of Lou Reed is taken from the cover of his 1972 album Transformer however, you really can’t deny that Reed looks rather sad to...

Bob Hope and Raquel Welch’s unfortunate cover of ‘Rocky Raccoon,’ 1970

Rocky Raccoon sheet music; pictured here are its two very famous composers There have been countless covers of Beatles songs over the decades, but surely one of the most regrettable has to be the version Raquel Welch and Bob Hope essayed of “

INSANE 70s ‘War of the Worlds’ prog opera with Richard Burton & members of Thin Lizzy & Moody Blues

  In the course of decades of obsessive crate-digging, I’ve turned up plenty of oddities. Most of them stay in the bins, but there will always be things too weird or wonderful to resist.

This web oracle cuts up text and audio of William S. Burroughs’ ‘Naked Lunch’

Collage by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, c. 1965 (via Print)   What’s that, friend? You say you’d like to consult the I Ching, but it doesn’t have enough erotic hangings, aftosa infections, hot shots, or horrible “schlupping” sounds to...

Murderers and Meths Drinkers: A strange, grim tour of ‘The London Nobody Knows’

  The great actor James Mason stands in a Victorian urinal in London talking about goldfish. Here, Mason says referring to this Holborn convenience, is true democracy as “All men are equal in the eyes of a lavatory attendant.” It’s one...

‘Aleister & Adolf’: Douglas Rushkoff on his new graphic novel, Crowley and magical warfare

  Aleister & Adolf is a new graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics, the product of the creative pairing of media theorist Douglas Rushkoff—Professor of Media Studies at Queens College in...

Have a very ‘Phantasm’ Christmas with this deadly ‘Sentinel Sphere’ ornament

  Mondo presents the Phantasm Sentinel Sphere ornament! If you recall, the Sentinel Sphere drills into its victims’ brains and is unleashed by supernatural undertaker, The Tall Man.

East Germany’s leading fashion magazine, Sibylle

May-Jun. 1981   One of the contradictory artifacts of the Communist bloc was the arena of clothing design and fashion.

You make me wanna SHOUT: The Beatles, Bowie, Bee Gees, Jimi Hendrix, Sinatra and… Lulu

  Scenes from an imaginary documentary about Lulu… Prologue. Glasgow 1951. Exterior night. A busy city street.

KFC scented candles ARE A THING

  Ever wanted your home to smell like greasy fried chicken made with eleven herbs and spices? Well now is your chance with this KFC chicken-scented candle.

That time David Duke and KKK patrolled the Mexican border…

A 27-year-old David Duke (the then Grand Dragon of the KKK) helping to keep the Mexican border safe, 1977.