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‘The Thorn’: Intense orchestral Siouxsie and the Banshees rarity

  The Thorn is one of Siouxsie and the Banshees more obscure releases.

Listen to celery being used by Hollywood sound designers to make that disgusting flesh-ripping sound

  Who knew that celery—the blandest vegetable of all—is a go-to favorite in the film industry to create that gnarly flesh-ripping, bone-breaking sound you hear in movies?

Mind-blowing animatronic of Yul Brynner as the Gunslinger from ‘Westworld’

  If you’re a fan of Michael Crichton‘s 1973 science fiction western-thriller WestWorld, then you’re definitely going to dig this life-like silicone robotic version of Yul Brynner as the Gunslinger.

Square people gawk at Haight-Ashbury hippies from the safety of a tour bus, 1967

  Between January and April 1967, the following albums were released:

John Lennon becomes the first Beatle to admit to taking drugs, in 1965: A DM exclusive

  It was fifty years ago today…well, almost… While it has been long believed that Paul McCartney was the first Beatle to ever admit taking drugs during an interview with Independent Television News (ITN) in June 1967, it can now be revealed that John Lennon was in fact the first...

Just imagine how STRANGE this Residents’ radio special from 1977 sounded in 1977

“SIAMESE TWIN TAG TEAM WRESTLERS INDEED”: Arf and Omega on the Vileness Fats set   In 1977, the Residents marked their fifth anniversary with an hour-long radio special.

Hoarders: Photographer recreates grim scenes from his childhood

  The hoarders I’ve seen on reality TV tend to be isolated and lonely. Often the shame of hoarding fosters seclusion, and/or the environment their disorder has produced alienates and repels friends and loved ones.

Everything ever recorded of Bill Hicks—EVER—to be released in 2015

  The premature death of Bill Hicks was one of the greatest tragedies to ever befall American comedy.

‘The Twilight Zone’ meets M.C. Escher meets Dali in the philosophical comic strip ‘the bus’

  A few weeks ago I highlighted “Dope Rider,” the trippy Wild West cartoon that appeared in High Times over a number of years in the 1970s...

Douchebag denim company sells $298 jacket and $348 jeans with fake heavy metal patches on them

  Apparently “Heavy metal Chic” is the hot new look, whether you like the music or not! First, retailer H & M created an affordable line of metal vestmentss for bands that have never existed, including a few pieces that appear to reference...

‘Bringing eye contact back to the 21st century’ with The Texting Hat

  Okay, so maybe this isn’t a real thing yet… but, c’mon, you know it’s coming! With the tagline “Bringing eye contact back to the 21st century” the Texting Hat is here to solve all your phone zombie problems.

SATAN! Amazing trove of outsider art found in Detroit

  A very Henry Darger

The Rolling Stones take over ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ 1965-66

  “The weekend starts here!” was the opening catchphrase for Ready, Steady, Go!—the preferred pop show of choice for millions of British youth between 1963 and 1966.

The Cramps’ long-lost video for ‘Human Fly’ FOUND!!!

  The story goes that in 1978, the Cramps made a video, filmed by Alex de Laszlo, for their song “

Fried chicken à la DEVO: Mark Mothersbaugh’s recipe for ‘Chocolava Stump Logs’

  The Rock and Roll Cookbook: Favorite Recipes from the Chart Toppers, Hit Makers and Legends of Rock and Roll

Here’s an incredible unreleased 1982 studio session from Flipper!

  Always defying both cultural and counter-cultural conventions, San Francisco’s

Joey Ramone and his proud mom on ‘Geraldo’

Birthday boy Joey towers center, mother Charlotte Lesher is on the right.   Geraldo Rivera is an idiot, and The Geraldo Rivera Show was Oprah on crack, minus the nuance, double the audience manipulation.

Man sings ‘If I Only Had a Brain’ during an MRI

  As everyone knows you have stay damned still during an MRI.

These stackable coasters create a 3-D brain on your coffee table

  I’m digging the hell out of this ten-piece set of glass brain coasters that create a 3D brain if stacked in the proper order.

Cheeky 19th-century ‘pickup line’ calling cards

  These fantastic introduction cards were used in the United States during the 1870s and 1880s.