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Wild portraits of Dali, Bowie, Jimi, Jagger, Bruce Lee, Basquiat & more made from junk

A portrait of David Bowie made out of junk by Bernard Pas.   French painter, photographer, and sculptor Bernard Pras has been creating pictures out of everyday objects such as toys, wood, clothing and whatever else he happened to come across for over two decades.

‘Alien’ Chestburster Plush Toy

  A few days ago I blogged about the Alien Xenomorph egg cookie jar. I really wanted to get one but the damned things are already sold out.

Months later, Bob Dylan is STILL trolling the Nobel Committee!

  After last year’s surprising choice of Bob Dylan<...

Trophy Wife Barbie

  Like most boys of a certain generation, I had an Action Man. Action Man was the British equivalent of America’s G.I.

The world’s spider population could eat every human being in a year

  If you’re scared of spiders, don’t read this post. Seriously, don’t read this. The great evolutionary biologist

Bizarre hospital images from a very strange cache of Japanese stock photos

Japanese nurse blowing through a conch shell   There’s a website called Sukima Nurse that offers pictures of a Japanese nurse holding unusual objects in a hospital and similar locales.

‘Country Mike’s Greatest Hits’: The Beastie Boys’ secret country album

  In the 1990s, from certain corners of the indie music landscape writ large, there cropped up a strange little genre we’ll just call “shitty country”: country music done without really the slightest attempt to carry it off properly, executed of course with a good dose of irony and, yes, condescensi

‘Come with us now on a journey through time and space’: Mighty Boosh nesting dolls

  Man, do I miss the The Mighty Boosh! We need their surreal weirdness back in our lives, please? Anyway, I discovered these magnificent Mighty Boosh nesting dolls by BoBo BaBushka.

Love and Demons: The 19th century erotic art of Mihály Zichy (NSFW)

“Falling Stars” (1897).   Sometime in the mid-1870s, while living in Paris, the Hungarian artist Mihály Zichy produced a series of erotic illustrations.

The king of Kinbaku: The erotic works of Japanese bondage artist Seiu Ito

A painting by Seiu Ito depicting the art of erotic Japanese rope bondage, Kinbaku.   Tokyo-born artist Seiu Ito didn’t start his career as an artist by tying people up and painting or photographing the resulting scene, rather

Extreme as F**K: That time Death Squad held its audience hostage by gunpoint

  “Power electronics” is not listener-friendly music on a good day.

Alien egg ceramic cookie jar with Facehugger lid

  Check out this fantastic-looking ceramic Alien cookie jar with a “facehugger” lid. If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, this has got to be the perfect cookie jar for you.

‘Secret Hitler’: Board game of the year (from the same people who sold you a box of Bullshit)

  A few years ago, I was living in New York City but had struck up some friendships in Cleveland, where I would eventually relocate.

Iconic Raymond Chandler covers: The Complete Philip Marlowe Novels

  Thankfully Raymond Chandler was a lousy poet. Chandler started writing after he was fired from his job with the Dabney Oil Syndicate.

Amusing ‘Punk!’ pinball machine from the early 1980s hints at certain bands to avoid paying them

  I’ve never liked arcade video games much, but I’ve always been really into pinball machines. So much so that in the last few years I’ve joined a local pinball league (great fun!

Horror-film worthy sculptures of the human body that are just dying to meet you

A sculpture by Italian artist Francesco Albano.   The work of Italian artist and sculptor Francesco Albano have been highly praised since he got his start nearly two decades ago.

‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie!’: The fantastic 70s K-Pop disco funk of Bunny Girls

The cover of the 1978 album by South Korean duo Bunny Girls.   The obscure South Korean girl group that went by both Bunny Girl and Bunny Girls were around for over a decade, and the music they put out under both monikers is full of funky disco-synth goodness.

Glass night lights of David Lynch, John Waters, Robert Smith, Sonic Youth and many more!

David Lynch I have a thing for night lights. Probably because they work. They make the dead of night less creepy and I never stub my toe in the dark.

‘Acoustic KO’: Stooges classics stripped down by James Williamson and Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek

  Though he achieved his greatest notoriety as the founder of Australia’s punk progenitors Radio Birdman, Deniz Tek is a Detroit kid—no surprise, as guttural guitar ferocity like his has the Rust Belt written all over it.

The Kids are not Alright: Keith Moon’s 1975 solo record that made Brian Wilson cry

A vintage print ad for Keith Moon’s 1975 solo record, ‘Two Sides of the Moon’ that I’m guessing the Mighty Boosh have seen?