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‘Girlfriend’: Austere portraiture of spectacular 90s drag queens

Lady Bunny   Photographer Michael James O’Brien‘s Girlfriend exhibition—now showing at Liverpool’s international photography festival—is an absolutely captivating array of vintage 90’s queer aethetics.

Vintage cinema sleaze: Remarkable ‘neo-retro’ video covers and poster art

John Carpenters’ They Live Blu-Ray cover art (UK), 2014   In the early 80’s it was rumored that the UK had the largest number of VHS players per household, than anywhere else in the world.

East beats West: Sensational Japanese posters of popular 70s films

  Japanese movie posters of the sixties and seventies kick ass. They always seemed more exciting than their American or British counterparts, managing to take choice images and compose them like frames from a comic book.

The Mummies’ infamous ‘fuck you’ letter to Sub Pop and some other ‘fuck yous’

  San Francisco’s The Mummies were kings of the 1990s garage punk “budget rock” scene. Known for their outrageous and insulting stage antics, the group, clad in tattered bandages, straight tore shit up until their demise on New Year’s...

San Francisco police need your help locating a stolen Residents eyeball head mask

  The San Francisco Police Department has issued a statement detailing the theft of one of the original

Vintage photos of ‘drag queens’ before it was safe to be out and proud

Brigham Morris Young   Here’s a collection of historical “drag queens” dating back to the 1800s and then onwards.

Fart terrorist’s secrets revealed

  So many of the great scientists have suffered or sacrificed for their work. Jonas Salk gave the world a vaccine for polio without patenting it (and therefore majorly profiting).

Palettes of Picasso, Matisse, Degas and Van Gogh are works of art unto themselves

Vincent Van Gogh   Some years ago the inventive German photographer Matthias Schaller<...

Got old before he died: Roger Daltrey threatens to stop Who gig over audience pot smoking

  Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Roger Daltrey threatened to stop a

Watch the first silver screen portrayal of Aleister Crowley in 1926’s ‘The Magician’

  W. Somerset Maugham based Oliver Haddo, the titular character in his 1908 novel The Magician

There’s a Roku channel just for cheesy old sex-ed and exploitation films

  When streaming players boast about their huge numbers of channels, I’m generally even less impressed than I am by the “wealth” of offerings on the grossly overpriced wasteland that is cable TV.

Ten-hut! X-rated ‘Beetle Bailey’ comics

  If you’ve ever so much as glanced at any Beetle Bailey<...

Satan’s daughter is getting baptized tomorrow?

  “Satan’s mother” placed an advert in Sweden’s daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet on Tuesday announcing the baptism of her daughter Lucy on Saturday 23rd May in Elmsta.

Meet ‘Patrick’: The robotic proctology-simulation ass

  This week Medical Daily reported on “Patrick,” a “simulated patient that talks to medical students while offering real-time feedback about the virtual prostate exam he’s receiving.” Patrick is connected to a mock prostate in a robotic ass.

Title sequence of ‘Twin Peaks’ recreated using nothing but paper

  As I write this, Showtime and David Lynch have been going back and forth on the possibility of new episodes of

Orson Welles talks about the conspiracy to suppress ‘Citizen Kane’ in 1960 interview

  This short interview from 1960 has some fascinating comments from Orson Welles on the uphill battle he faced getting Citizen Kane into theaters.

‘Black Eunuch’: the elemental soul-punk of Algiers. A DM premiere.

  There are few releases I’m looking forward to this year like the self-titled debut from

‘Music-Hall Humorist’: Read Marc Bolan’s Melody Maker article about David Bowie

Bowie and Bolan on the final episode of Bolan’s TV show, MARC He had a mime act and used to open up the show.

The last of the Samurai: Beautiful hand-colored photographs of the warriors and their courtesans

  When photographer Felice Beato arrived in Japan in 1863, he found the country in the midst of civil war.

My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’: still awesome backwards

  Surely you know by now whether or not My Bloody Valentine’s pivotal Loveless...