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Dangerous Finds: Jim Morrison’s X-rated ‘Peanuts’; Republicans for Bernie; ‘Sticky Fingers’ unzipped

  Sticky Fingers: Unzipped: The 40-year-old mystery of ‘who’ is really gracing the famous Warhol-designed cover of the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers LP is finally put to rest.

Black Sabbath’s cover of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ from 1970 is a lyrical massacre

Don’t worry, I know the shoes!   Back in 2004 when Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was working the press circuit for the release of Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978), he noted that the collection would include the band’s obscure cover...

Your fun wasted teenage years rendered in awesome ballpoint pen drawings

  Not too surprisingly, Paris-based artist Helena Hauss’ choice of Bic pens to be her primary artistic implements does go back to her school days.

Maskull: The Gothest Album of All Time

  Upon hearing the very first word uttered on Maskull’s self-titled (only) album, it’s impossible to fathom the sheer duress that the singer/composer is under.

Nightmarish movie posters based on Stanley Kubrick films

A Clockwork Orange movie poster   The work of Israeli born artist Tomer Hanuka may be familiar to you.

‘They call me Jurassic Mod’: Brits of a certain age, still deep into their subcultures

Isobel Varley   For his series Rebels Without A Pause, British photographer Muir Vidler captured the most daring and stylish renegades “of a certain age.” Muir seems to specialize in surreal portraiture, extreme events and settings with the odd flash of quiet.

That time Chris Elliott took a huge crap on artsy mime troupe Mummenschanz on ‘Letterman,’ 1986

  In his long career as a giant smartass pretending to be a know-it-all idiot, Chris Elliott has pissed off many, many people, including directors Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, and Jonathan Demme.

‘It Conquered the World’: The sci-fi atrocity that inspired Frank Zappa

  “Cheepnis,” from Roxy & Elsewhere

The Grateful Dead guide to dealing with a bad LSD trip

  This weekend, the Grateful Dead is playing their last shows ever in Chicago, so they won’t be needing these notably square-minded security guidelines as to how to deal with LSD, instructions that were recently “leaked” according to WAXQ-FM 104.3 radio station in New...

Rare and treasured 1977 LP by heavy teen rockers Midnight to be reissued by Drag City

  In 1974, four teenage kids from the Chicago area formed the rock band Midnight. The boys, Dave Hill (organ, vocals), Frank Anastos (guitar), Scott Marquart (drums), and John Falstrom (bass), met while taking lessons at an area music store.

Donald Trump: ‘F*ck your Hair,’ the beer

  Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican comments have made him few (no?) friends in America’s Hispanic community.

Hey Donald Trump: ‘F*ck your Hair’!

  Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican comments have made him few (no?) friends in America’s Hispanic community.

They have Nick Cave dolls now? I want one!

  L.A. based pop-artist Plasticgod has created a series of Nick Cave figures that he’ll be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con on July 9th.

Check out the Pink Mice, Lucifer’s Friend’s amazing classical-prog side project

  If the early works of prog-metal eclecticists Lucifer’s Friend aren’t on your radar, you’re missing out.

‘The world’s worst orchestra,’ featuring Brian Eno on clarinet

  Do orchestral musicians really have to practice four to six hours a day? Yes and no. It’s true that groups like the Chicago Philharmonic expect their members to know “notes,” “chords” and “scales.” If you don’t, they won’t let you join, and they won’t even let you...

Vexillophagy: Is it OK to eat the flag?

  This Independence Day weekend will see families across America cracking some cold ones, lighting fireworks, and bar-b-queing outdoors.

Dangerous Finds: Obama is the new Reagan; Frozen flies having sex; Dutch city giving free money away

  Barack Obama is the new Ronald Reagan: “President Obama in many ways has helped start the same kind of political revolution that Reagan did,” Obama’s former campaign manager Jim Messina said.

‘Punk Elegies’: Riveting late 70’s punk memoir set in the City of Angel Dust

  Memoir is a smooth sounding word that can often deliver either salacious insight or NPR-friendly whisper-soft introspection.

Groovalicious Peter Max fashions from 1970

  Of all the designers in the world, probably none are as exclusively associated with the late 1960s and early 1970s as

‘God is dead’: Piss yourself funny ‘short versions’ of Republican Presidential announcements

  For the past few weeks I have been emailing friends links to YouTube editing genius Vic Berger’s “trash compactor” cuts of Republican Presidential campaign announcement speeches.