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Pulp fiction painter: The suggestive and sexy art of Paul Rader

    Pulp fiction cover art is sexy. The whole point of it is to entice you to pick up a random novel called Tall, Blonde and Evil that you probably would ignore unless there was a tall evil-looking blonde staring back at you suggestively.

King of Gonzo: Portraits of Hunter S. Thompson by Ralph Steadman

A portrait of Hunter S. Thompson by Ralph Steadman.   Artist Ralph Steadman remained tight with his friend and muse Hunter S.

The psychedelic optical illusions of Victor Vasarely

  Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely is considered to be the father of the Op Art movement, a style known for creating optical illusions—often extremely psychedelic ones—from extremely precise repeating patterns, interlocking shapes and vivid yet strictly defined color palettes.

A collection of wonderful vintage portable record players

  I’m digging this nice visual collection of vintage portable record players amassed by Japanese turntable enthusiast, Fumihito Taguchi.

Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ is now a poseable action figure

  Figma, who manufactures articulated action figures, unveiled their new Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” figure.

‘The Wall’: Stunning behind-the-scenes images from Pink Floyd’s harrowing cinematic acid trip

A behind-the-scenes images of Bob Geldof as ‘Pink’ and actual skinheads from the 1982 film ‘Pink Floyd - The Wall.’   I don’t know how many nights I spent in my youth tripping balls on acid in a dark movie theater with 100 or so of my stoned out peers watching 1982’s WTF film ...

They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy: This is the album of the year

  There’s a theory that our deep connection to music is a function of the developing frontal lobe, and that when it stops developing around the age of 25 we begin to become rather jaded in our listening.

‘Please Don’t Hit Me’: Provocative work by ex-KLF art terrorist Jimmy Cauty for sale on eBay

  Artist Jimmy Cauty achieved international fame as “Rockman Rock” one half of The KLF (along with Bill Drummond aka “King Boy D”) in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

There’s a Public Enemy action figure set (does not come with noise, bring your own)

  I’m loving this Public Enemy action figure set designed by Ed Piskor, author of the New York Times best- selling and Eisner Award-winning comic series: Hip Hop Family Tree.

Florida man changes his name to ‘Kraftwerk’

  The competition for the world’s biggest

Sex, Satan and the single girl: Bewitching vintage occult-themed ‘men’s interest’ magazines

Black Magic magazine, Volume three, Number two.   The rise of interest in New Age and occult practices in the 60s and 70s (with a heavy nod of thanks to satanic merchant Kenneth Anger for picking up where Aleister Crowley left off) helped pave the way for a new crop of...

Meat: Strange, disturbing and grotesque sculptures of flesh and bone

  Russel Cameron creates surreal life-like sculptures of flesh and bone appendages.

Body Horror: David Cronenberg’s mad doctors… dissected

Oliver Reed as Dr. Hal Raglan in The Brood (1979)   David Cronenberg really directed some doozies between about 1975 and 1990….

David Tibet of Current 93 and Killing Joke’s Youth debut their new duo, Hypnopazūzu

  This is a welcome development: Hypnopazūzu, a duo comprising Current 93’s David Tibet and Killing Joke bassist Youth, will be releasing an album and playing a show in London this year.

Awesome cassette tape coffee tables that you can buy right now

  A company called Altar Furniture has a spiffy line of coffee tables that resemble audio cassettes from the 1960s through the 1990s.

Dreamy sci-fi paintings show the world after an alien invasion

  While science fiction is a rich genre for both film and literature, the visual art it inspires—most frequently relegated to the covers of bad paperbacks—is very often astoundingly corny, regardless of how good the book it’s interpreting might actually be.

See Frank Zappa on ‘The Monkees’ for the first time in HD!

  Episode #57 of The Monkees saw two of the most “out there” moments of the entire series flanking one of their less memorable escapades—Peter has his mind taken over by an evil hypnotist he visits to get over his writer’s block—and we’ve got an exclusive HD version of that...

Rare pix of Anton LaVey performing Satanic rites, cavorting with Jayne Mansfield and Forry Ackerman

Edgar Swank in cloak, two female members of the COS, Anton LaVey, Lois Murgunstrumm on the fireplace altar, and Diane LaVey.

Wilco’s new album ‘Schmilco’ will feature Joan Cornellà cover art

  At DM we are yuuuuuge fans of the work of the Spanish illustrator

Slade: Not just for Christmas but the whole year round

  It starts around late October every year—the loop of Christmas songs played out over sound systems and tannoy in department stores and shopping malls across the UK.