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Girls on the Verge: The subversive art of Zoe Hawk

‘In Her Willows’ (2017).   I like figurative paintings because they tell stories. I like stories. I like paintings that have embedded narratives waiting to be discovered that tells me something about the action contained within the frame and perhaps a hint of the artist’s own experience.

That time Bill Murray interviewed William S. Burroughs on Ken Kesey’s farm

Bill Murray, Ken Kesey, and the video crew at the First Perennial Poetic Hoo-Haw, 1976 (photo by Clyde Keller)   “Everybody with his fucking hand out,” William S.

‘Enter Sandman,’ but the drums are played with dildos

  Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your daily dose of “this is why the Internet exists.” A couple of days ago a musician operating under the YouTube moniker 66Samus uploaded a “drum cover” of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” under the title “Metallica - Enter...

Outsider Art: Stunning pics of Bowie & Eno visiting mental patients in Austria, 1994

  In 1994 the well-known artistic impresario André Heller invited his chums David Bowie and Brian Eno to his native Austria in order to spend a day in the town of Klosterneuburg, on the northern edge of Vienna, to visit the Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic (universally known as “Gugging”).

Cowboys, Pop Stars, Droogs, and Artists sporting the ‘hat that won the west’

Paul McCartney.   John Wayne got all those cowboys wrong. So did Clint Eastwood, come to that. Most cowboys didn’t wear Stetsons or ten-gallon hats on two-pint heads but generally anything that came to hand.

Meet Carol Doda: Pioneering topless dancer & friend of The Monkees (NSFW)

Exotic dancer Carol Doda held up by Peter Tork of The Monkees, and surrounded by the rest of the band (Davy Jones, far left, Michael Nesmith, left back, and Micky Dolenz, right) in 1968.

Four songs from Yo La Tengo’s new LP ‘There’s A Riot Going On’

  Since their emergence as college radio and critical faves in the late ‘80s, Yo La Tengo have been among the most revered and influential standard-bearers of American independent rock music.

Richard Pryor, Timothy Leary, Beach Boys and more talk psychedelia on Canadian TV, 1968

Canadian DJs Fred Latremouille and Red Robinson on the ‘Let’s Go’ set, 1964 (via Tom Hawthorn) The CBC television series Let’s Go, which grew out of a segment<...

‘The Vampire Happening’: Probably the weirdest blood-sucking fest you’ll see all day

  During these cold dark winter nights, I’ve been catching up on some those still-to-be-read literary classics like Biggles Flies Undone, Where’s Dildo?

Bleeding hearts and lovesick slashers: Horror-themed ‘Vile Valentines’

A Valentine’s Day card designed by Dr. Jose of Camera Viscera based on the 1990 flick, ‘Frankenhooker.’   Though I hate to admit it, I am, in fact, a grownup.

HE IS RISEN! The face of Frank Zappa has miraculously appeared on a doorknob

  Jesus of Nazareth, known in certain circles as “Christ” and regarded among members of that fellowship as the spiritual redeemer of humanity, has a long-standing reputation as a worker of miracles.

Photoplay Editions: A forgotten generation of movie tie-ins and novelizations

  Everyone loves paperback movie tie-in novels. If you don’t, you really should. From their accessible prices and lurid covers to their not-always-screen-accurate content, this literary genre has provided joy for its fans for many decades.

Vintage photos of Freddie Mercury & Queen playing tennis in bellbottoms

Queen hanging out on the tennis court at Ridge Farm with a couple of gal pals in 1975.   Prior to heading into the studio to record their fourth album, A Night at the Opera, in 1975, Queen would spend time at

That time Buddy Holly called the record company to ask for his songs back (and recorded the call)

  On February 28th, 1957, Buddy Holly placed a call to Decca Records. At the time, he assumed he had been dropped by the label.

Aces High: Pan’s People’s sexy, strangely alluring promo for ‘Top of the Pops’ in 1971

  Pan’s People were the reason so many dads watched Top of the Pops. They would sit and moan and ask daft rhetorical questions about all the acts that appeared on the BBC’s legendary chart show saying things like “You call that music?

Ladykillers: Murder ballads and the country women who sang them

  Country music is my favorite genre to listen to if I want to hear really dark shit. My favorite tunes should probably come with warning labels.

Two-Fisted Sentences and Hard-Boiled Covers: Mickey Spillane’s pulp fiction

‘I, the Jury’ (1947).   Mickey Spillane said he was a writer, not an author. “Authors want their name down in history; I want to keep the smoke coming out of the chimney.” During his lifetime, Spillane sold over 200 million books, most...

Bond girls are forever: Seductive trading cards featuring 007’s femme fatales

A trading card featuring Swiss actress Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder in 1962’s ‘Dr.

There’s a ‘Stranger Things’ ouija board

  I’m a bit late to the game with Stranger Things 2. I just started watching it this past weekend. So far, so good, although I’m not loving it as much as the first season.

Vocalist for clown-themed Iron Maiden cover band busted in Japan with 9.8-kilogram drug stash

  First off, I must admit I had no idea that a clown-themed Iron Maiden cover band even existed. Sadly I was hipped to Vancouver’s Powerclown only after seeing the news about vocalist Dicksee Di�...