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Blood Freak! The ultimate Thanksgiving gore film (and a true Golden Turkey!)

  For those of you true seekers out there, here is the ultimate Thanksgiving film on so many levels. First thank the universe this was even made, wasn’t burned or left in a dumpster like so many other small weird films and is waiting for you to devour it.

Art Spiegelman: The Playboy Years

January 1982   Art Spiegelman is about as close as you can come to an eminence grise in the comix game.

‘Weed Snobs’ pretty much nails weed snobs

  Meet pompous old Yale buddies Richard and Sebastian, who have expert knowledge on the finer things in life and who also happen to be world class “weed snobs.” Much like wine tasting, Richard and Sebastian take you on an amusing journey through weed class snobbery.

There’s a Facehugger from ‘Alien’ dog leash

  You might have been expecting something closer to a muzzle, but this is not a Facehugger per se, more like an Alien “Backhugger.” Still you have to admire this creative take on a dog leash by Etsy shop GCFX.

Not for the squeamish: Man survives being hit by three cars

  In a scene reminiscent of the video for Thom Yorke and UNKLE’s “Rabbit in Your Headlights,” a middle-aged man survived being hit by three cars while crossing a busy road in Kunshan City in east China’s Jiangsu province.

The acid-inspired interactive art of 1960s psychedelic collective ‘The Company of Us’

Artist Richard Aldcroft, in his “Infinity Projector,” featured on a 1966 cover of LIFE. The goggles prevented binocular vision and showed kaleidoscopic images.

Morrissey talks to nobody on MTV, 1985

  I can hardly think of a better format for a Morrissey interview than this: in 1985, MTV’s monthly weirdomusic program

Another year, another awesome Descendents Christmas sweater

  SoCal punk heroes the Descendents have turned their Christmas sweaters into an annual tradition—here’s a gander at last year’s edition.

‘Made in Germany’ documentary explores the enigmatic blankness of Heino

  There is something about Heino’s image that captures the imagination. All of the interview subjects in the documentary Heino: Made in Germany talk about the elements of the look: the blond hair, the dark sunglasses, the turtleneck, the inert stage presence.

‘How To Blow Your Mind And Have A Freak Out Party’: The stupidest record of the 1960s?

  I have been avidly buying records since I was eight. By that age, I had a pretty full grasp of rock and roll and its furthest reaches (the second record I ever bought was Mothermania by The Mothers of Invention).

Black Friday in 1983 vs. Black Friday today

  Before you hit play, I must preface this with a disclaimer that the video gets awfully preachy towards the end (it’s the product of a survivalist group).

Bland Aid: ‘Fleece the World (Let Them Know It’s Pantomime)’

Who the fuck are these people? You knew this would happen. Somewhere in the back of your mind you knew this was bound to happen, even as you hummed along to that charity single raising money and awareness about Ebola, poverty and alike, you thought someone, somewhere, would eventually get...

Eyes on drugs

  VICE visited a nightclub in Berlin and photographed close-up images of people’s eyeballs while they were under certain er, illegal (and some legal) substances to see it you can tell what drug they’re on by the size of their pupils.

Bugs Bunny’s racist adventure

  So many friends of mine are Disney fanatics, but I’ve always been partial to Warner Brothers cartoons.

Turn on Negativland’s ‘No Other Possibility’ and fry your brain

  No Other Possibility was Negativland’s first video, released in 1989,...

1948 NYC pot bust caught on film. Arrestee has a mean case of the giggles

  As public support for the decriminalization of marijuana grows, states are loosening restrictions left and right and the US is making its slooooooow crawl towards sane drug policies.

Kurt Cobain and Mark Lanegan’s short-lived Leadbelly tribute band

  Before either of their bands achieved major national prominence, Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan and Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain were briefly members of a tribute band honoring the great blues artist Leadbelly.

‘Up against the wall, Redneck Mama’: Don’t mess with Amanda the Power Child

  If you are a fan of outsider music, The Shaggs, and/or feral, obnoxious children in general, then the “music” of Amanda is probably right up yer strasse.

Sparks, Christian girls, drugs & lemon meringue pie: Meet obscure new wavers Gleaming Spires

  As much as the mainstream clamors for something truly unique and edgy, the minute they get it is the minute that they typically do not want it.

The Jam deliver two scorching songs on ABC’s ‘Fridays,’ 1980

  From 1980 to 1982 ABC ran a live comedy show on Friday nights at 11:30 pm—live, just like Saturday Night Live; it had the appropriate (and similar) name of