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Keanu Reeves wants to blow your face off

  When John Woo’s The Killer first hit American shores in 1990 its impact on hardcore film buffs was a bullet to the head.

Spy-Fidelity: Dean Martin and the sexy ladies of the ‘Matt Helm’ films

  When I was a little boy, I used to love the Matt Helm films. Of all the sub-Bond spy movie imitators of the Sixties, I liked the Matt Helm series the most.

Guy proposes to his girlfriend while on a paddle boat… but there’s a slight problem

  I don’t know what I was expecting when I clicked “play,” but I certainly wasn’t expecting what happened.

5th grade girl discovers Dead Kennedys CD at school library; writes diary entry about it

  Okay, so this adorable letter supposedly written by a 5th grade girl has been making the rounds on the Internet the past few days.

’What Every Child Needs To Know About Punk Rock’ is a real children’s book that actually exists

  The Ramones’ 40th anniversary celebration just happened at Bowery Electric last weekend, and the last living original member of the band died, aged 65, just a couple of months short of being able to attend.

Strunk and White supremecy: Racist secessionist eggheads obsessed with spelling and usage

Take note, Tea Party: No spelling mistakes here   The League of the South is not your ordinary band of Southern racists.

Lucifer, Wozards & Music for Plants: The Electronic World of Mort Garson

  When people talk about pioneers of electronic music, several key names are invoked. Musique concrète founder Pierre Schaeffer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage and Moog-goddess Wendy Carlos, just to mention a few.

‘Cycle Slut’ Barbra Streisand gets naughty in BDSM photoshoot, 1970

  Holy hell! I had no idea Babs had it in her! Barbra Streisand looks absolutely crazy-hot here in a series of photos from a photoshoot she did for the 1970 film The Owl and the Pussycat.

Dear God. Some rich guy is trying to produce a suit/onesie hybrid called ‘The Suitsy’

In case you needed clarification, he created a diagram.   Ever wonder what San Francisco venture capitalists do in their free time?

Pricasso: The artist who uses his penis as a paintbrush (NSFW)

  Meet Pricasso—the artist who uses his penis as a paintbrush. Australian artist Pricasso (real name Tim Patch) started using his dick as a brush after watching a performance of Puppetry of the Penis in 2005.

Title Shots: Luke Rockhold

  In this episode of “Moving Portraits: Title Shots,” we travel to Santa Cruz to learn how a lifetime of surfing and skating has shaped middleweight Luke Rockhold’s fighting style.

The Rolling Stones’ studio receipt for recording ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Brown Sugar’

Bill Wyman, Jimmy Johnson, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Marshall Chess (president of Rolling Stones Records), Ahmet Ertegun (president of Atlantic Records) and Terry Woodford   Is

Guided By Voices have broken up

  Fans of that great Dayton, OH indie band Guided By Voices have been greeted with a rather startling and not terribly informative goodbye on the band’s tour date page: Guided By Voices has come to an end.

‘The Pharmacy’: A Nick Cave-themed show with Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos & ‘20,000 Days on Earth’

  Gregg Foreman’s radio program The Pharmacy is a music / talk show playing heavy soul, raw funk, 60′s psych, girl groups, Krautrock.

The return of the f*ckin’ Trailer Park Boys

  If you haven’t heard yet, Canadian cult comedy television heros The Trailer Park Boys have returned… again.

‘Man of 10,000 Sound Effects’ Michael Winslow sings Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’

  I posted this video of Michael Winslow on Norway’s TV show Senkveld med Thomas og Harald (“Late Night with Thomas and Harold”) singing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” back in 2011.

Get hip to the Vout-O-Reenee of Slim Gaillard’s musical genius

  Fortunately, I was never blessed with any musical talent. At junior school I was classed as a “non-singer,” which thankfully meant I avoided having to regale parents with “The Skye Boat Song” and “Mairi’s Wedding” at end of term concerts.

‘My Rules’: Glen E. Friedman book documents hardcore punk, hip hop, skaters and YOU NEED IT

  I don’t normally write posts and say “you must own this!” but… you’ve gotta get this! Glen E. Friedman’s new My...

‘The Diatomist’: Explore the creation of microscopic kaleidoscopic Victorian-era artforms

  The Diatomist is a short documentary about Klaus Kemp, master of the Victorian art of diatom arrangement.

‘Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises’ (SFW)

  Holly Stewart, aka “HollyPolyester,” manages to combine cute, funny, feminist and kitsch with her Master’s thesis “Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises: An exploration of the phallus as the site of female empowerment and the rightful status of the crone in contemporary society.” The Kansas City