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For a healthier home avoid the 'dollar' stores

It's probably a little known fact that 'dollar stores' - those ubiquitous weird stores that have a little bit of everything and with prices at just one buck - are actually more numerous in the U.S.

New York City is considering a bag tax, so it’s time to re-watch “Plastic State of Mind”

New York City legislators are considering a bill that would place a ten cent fee on disposable shopping bags, in a effort to cut down on litter and waste associated with both paper and plastic single-use bags.

China's coal production falls for first time this century

First we heard that China's coal consumption may have fallen. Then there were reports that coal imports had declined too, which would of course make sense.

The anatomy of a McDonald’s french fry

An anti-foaming agent and beef flavor are just two of the 14 ingredients that go into forming the famous fries.

Cycling superhighways announced for London

Recently we noted that In London, they say "Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such" They are certainly backing up those words with action; Boris Johnson has just approved a cycling superhighway along the Thames embankment.

Explore one of the West's last wild rivers with Google Street View

Google Street View has allowed us to visit some of the most beautiful and remote places that we may not ordinarily have had the chance to see.

Durable Danish seaweed furniture can be reused as fertilizer

We're more familiar with seaweed as an ingredient in sushi or maybe as an alternative fuel. In Denmark, however, seaweed has been used as an effective and durable insulation material, lasting as long as 150 years.

In London, they say "Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such"

When a new London project, 250 City Road went through its approval process, the Islington Council planners wanted parking for bikes.

Bathroom has sink and tub built into the bed

I am kind of obsessed with bathrooms, and just built my own weird one with a sink in the hall and the toilet in a room of its own.

DIY brown sugar vanilla lip scrub

In the dead of winter, chapped lips seem unavoidable. So, a gentle scrub may be in order, to exfoliate away dead and dry skin.

7 recipes for snow

From maple candy to simple snow ice cream, here’s how to put the bounty of winter to work. Snow is a wonderfully ephemeral form of precipitation, turning from crystalline wonder into plain water at the whims of ambient temperature.

London is too rich, too transient to care about solar

As cities around the world aim for 100% clean energy, London appears to be falling behind. At least as far as distributed solar power is concerned.

"Smart growth" does not make housing unaffordable. But it does make conservatives and developers crabby.

Greenbelts, those agricultural preserves found around cities like Toronto, Portland and London, do tend to put a limit on suburban sprawl.

SnapPower Guidelights turn outlet covers into LED nightlights (Review)

This plug-n-play LED night light is an easy-to-install safety light option for any standard outlet in your home, and uses just 10 cents of electricity per year.

U.S. and India agree to “cooperate closely” on climate change

Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a deal to work together against climate change.

Obama to add 12.3 million acres to Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

No drilling The Obama administration is seizing the opportunity brought by the oil crash to try to protect more of Alaska's from the "drill, baby, drill" crowd.

The Pedal Wash makes a lot of sense; somebody should start a laundro-gym

It's a regular feature on TreeHugger: the pedal powered washing machine. If only we had known about Steven M.

Can Whole Foods' Responsibly Grown certification change mainstream farming?

Organic agriculture may avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but there are a growing number of voices concerned about the environmental impact of large-scale, monoculture organics too.

8 ways to spice up your morning coffee or tea

Take an average cup of coffee or tea to a new tasty level with these quick, easy additions. Make the cold, dark, wintry mornings a little easier to bear by spicing up whatever hot drink it is that you love.

Smart desk moves you between sitting and standing throughout the day

We've been covering standing desks for a long time now because experts quantifiably agree that sitting all day is killing us.