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Why standing on the subway makes you look younger

It's rush hour. Bodies packed together, bent in awkward angels just to fit in the subway. Those standing glare at the ones who found a seat, willing them to get off at the next stop.

BikeShield App could prevent collisions between cars and bikes

Studies show that the best way to keep cyclists safe on the road is to have better bike lanes and related infrastructure, but until those protected bike lanes are built, inventors and researchers are trying to come up with technology that protects cyclists like better, smarter bike helmets and, in this case, an app that warns drivers of nearby cyclists to keep those collisions from happening in the first place.

Elegant moss-covered furniture for nature-lovers is preserved with resin

Recent years have seen designers merging bits of living nature with furnishing, in the hopes of bringing biophilia or "love of nature" into our homes and into our everyday consciousness.

Zoobombing: Portland phenomenon of grown-ups speeding downhill on kiddie bikes (Video)

Biking has generated a subculture unto itself, as seen with global naked bike rides, the decades-old Critical Mass and an endless parade of creatively customized vehicles.

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Solarade portable solar charger is powerful and lightweight (Review)

This small solar charger is as fast as charging from a wall outlet, and is portable and lightweight enough to go just about anywhere.

Will Toronto finally reduce speed limits?

If Toronto politics were not enough fodder for late night television, Mayor Rob Ford is in the hospital with a tumor in his abdomen, has withdrawn from the race for re-election and his brother, Doug the Thug Ford, has stepped in to take his place.

Marlow Goods offers farm-to-table purses

Is fashion the next step for the farm-to-table trend? Brooklyn couple Kate Huling and Andrew Tarlow have created a line of handbags made with ultra local leather called Marlow Goods.

Mantis Murder Shrimp Strikes Again (Video)

It may be small, but it is powerful. The peacock mantis shrimp, a deep sea murder machine, can strike its arm-like appendages so fast that it attains the same velocity as a bullet shot from a 22 caliber rifle.

Houses keep getting bigger, but the number to watch is the area per person in it

In Citylab, Richard Florida looks at the increasingly bloated American dream, at how once again the average size of the single family suburban home is on the rise.

Want some plastic particles with that cold German beer?

Researchers filtered 24 brands of German beer for contaminants and found some things that really shouldn't be there.

Ideas why 0 bikers have been killed on bike-sharing bikes

When Mike reported on the fact that there have been 23 million bike-sharing trips in the US since 2007 and 0 deaths, one of the first things I thought was, "How could that be?

5 consumer products linked to illegal rainforest destruction

Tropical rainforests are home to rich indigenous cultures and amazing biodiversity. They also play an important role in stabilizing the climate and sequestering carbon.

It turns out that protected bike lanes speed traffic up while decreasing accidents

Who'd have thunk it? Protected bike lanes are awesome, no doubt about it. We're very excited to see them become more popular all around the US, and that includes New York City.

Urban Death Project wants to compost your grandma

Instead of preserving the body of the deceased with embalming fluid, and then burying it in a casket designed to last for years and years underground, this project aims to turn them into compost.

Cozy Cacoon is part hammock, part tree tent, all fun

Many of us love the simultaneous idealism and down-to-earth fun of treehouses, but if you haven't got the time or money to build your own treehouse, tree tents can be the next best thing to getting a foothold in the trees.

"The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Constant Connection" (book review)

We love the Internet, and yet it has taken away as much as it's given us. Author Michael Harris argues for why we still need absence in our lives.

Smells fishy: acidic oceans are bad for shark noses

The ocean is vast and meals can be hard to come by. That's why sharks evolved an excellent sense of smell.

Caffeine confessions: coffee, tea or…both?

In this installment of TreeHugger Town & Country, we talk about our caffeine obsession of choice. Katherine shares her secret to the perfect latte, while Margaret wants to make teatime all the time.

Documentary reveals Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam's visionary bamboo architect (Video)

Rapidly developing nations are a wild frontier of sorts for sustainable design and architecture; often building codes are lax or non-existent here, allowing local architects to experiment more freely with unconventional ideas and materials.