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Looking back at Superstorm Sandy

TreeHugger Emeritus Mat McDermott describes his experience of living through Sandy. Two years ago this day I was in the midst of what ultimately, I would learn, was getting off easy.

Should we legalize the rhino horn trade to protect rhinos?

Animal reserves in Africa are fighting a losing battle. No matter what measures they take, they can't protect their rhinos from the market demands for their horns.

Egg-shaped pavilion is world's largest collectively 3D printed project

Desktop 3D printing has become increasingly affordable in recent years; there are still some limitations and some debate on how home 3D printing will or will not change manufacturing.

86 square foot Paris apartment has the works in a drawer

The small space living website Living in a Shoebox certainly lives up to its name with this apartment in Paris.

The Joy of Fix: Experience the true joy that comes from a fulfilling fix life

Fixing and making feels good, and everyone's doing it, so don't be shy. Experience the Joy of Fix. We TreeHuggers love fixit initiatives, DIY projects, and home and gadget hacks with an eco-focus, and are big advocates of repairing and reusing products, because it not only makes environmental sense, but also because in our modern disposable society, taking the time to fix something to prolong its useful life isn't nearly as common as it once was.

Net-zero building unveiled in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach neighborhood

A ribbon cutting ceremony for a green apartment building was held today in Brighton Beach, on the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated this neighborhood in southern Brooklyn.

Off-grid 84 sq. ft. tiny homes are handcrafted for rustic living

While we often showcase tiny homes with modernist leanings, some of us may secretly yearn for a more rustic package -- on wheels.

Student invents low-tech bicycle-powered blood centrifuge

The fight against one of the most common nutritional blood disorders in the world may be getting an effective low-tech tool that could be used for better diagnosis in the developing world.

Game-changer: Rooftop solar will be at grid parity in all 50 U.S. states by 2016

According to Deutsche Bank Right now, the cost of a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system has reached grid parity - which means it costs the same or less than getting electricity from the power grid - in 10 U.S.

How to make your own DIY fire logs out of recycled newspaper (Video)

Burning wood for heat has several advantages: it's cheap, it burns hot and it's relatively better suited to places that are off-the-grid and rurally located.

Your dinner, now Plated

The following post is sponsored by Plated. We’ve all been there. It’s 7:30 on a Wednesday night, you’re just getting home, and all you’ve got in your refrigerated arsenal is frozen shrimp and—if you’re lucky—some cocktail sauce.

Wolf hunt up for vote on Michigan’s November ballot

The grey wolf was taken off the federal list of protected species in 2012, having recovered from being nearly hunted to extinction by the mid-twentieth century.

Frank Gehry gives the finger to 98% of architects. Why he should look in the mirror.

Frank Gehry made a rude gesture recently, that can't be shown on a family friendly site like TreeHugger.

Crowdsourced platform helps parents make informed decisions about kids' apps & games

Kids spend anywhere from 5 to 7 hours per day in front of a screen, often without supervision. This app allows parents to easily discover constructive media that fits their family values.

Megabattery demonstrated successfully

Alternative energy cannot take over from fossil fuels without a way to bridge over the peaks and troughs that can occur when the wind fades or the sun dips.

In 30 years time, will government carbon reduction targets even matter?

The European Union recently agreed to a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions, based on 1990 levels, by 2030.

Learn how to clean your house with food

Say goodbye to toxic cleaners. Look no further than the fridge and pantry to learn how to clean everything from pots and pans to yucky grills to carpets.

Find out what's really in your food with this new easy-to-use Food Scores app

Want some help choosing healthier, simpler, and greener food choices? EWG's new Food Scores has you covered.

5 fruit and vegetable fries you have to try

Sweet potatoes aren’t the only challenger to the conventional potato’s French-fried dominance. In fact, there are many fruits and veggies that make for a great alternative to french fries (or what our British friends might call chips).

Best in Show: The Nexus eWater recycler saves water and energy

If you live in a hot, dry climate like much of Australia or the southwest United States, grey water recovery and reuse makes a lot of sense.