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8 natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety is a wily monster – an insidious mix of fear, worry, and uneasiness that culminates in nervous inner turmoil, it’s no fun.

What's better than a superhero? A bike-riding superhero!

Avengers 3: The Bike Squad Here's a great marketing campaign to promote cycling by Italy's VeloLove and the art students at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano.

Bike sharing comes to Philadelphia, finally! 60 stations with 600 bikes (video)

Yesterday, Philadelphia launched a bike sharing program that has been many years in the making. Our friend Clarence was there, and since he doesn't need sleep, being a robot and all, he spent all night editing a great video showing the launch and how cool the new Indego system is.

OVER illustrates perils of overshoot and impacts of human overpopulation on our planet (review)

This large format photo book features hundreds of stunning images highlighting the effects that our global population of 7 billion (and growing) has on the Earth.

Here's another way to store your bike in your apartment: The Milestone

A lot of people are proud of their bikes and store them in their apartments; that's why 10 ways to hang your bike on the wall like a work of art is one of our most popular posts.

Has Steelcase designed the answer to the 'problem' of the open office?

It is all the rage these days to dump on the open office and yell "offices for everyone" like they do at Fast Company.

Apple gives us an environmental responsibility update for Earth Day

Good & Bad Earth Day is coming, and to celebrate, the fruit company has updated its environmental responsibility disclosure.

On finally getting my Kickstarter-funded Jorno keyboard, two years late

An important update has been added at the bottom of this post. I got a real surprise this morning; the delivery of my Jorno folding keypboard that I bought on Kickstarter- on September 19, 2012.

Elon Musk almost sold Tesla to Google for $6 billion in 2013, a new book reveals

They came *this* close to a deal... Excerpts from a new book that is coming out next month have revealed that Google almost bought Tesla in 2013, when the company was going through a tough period soon after the Model S came out but before all the kinks were ironed out and it had the traction that it has now with buyers (the company is now selling everything they can make, with waiting lists, but back then they had trouble turning some pre-orders into real sales).

Eat a beer: ReGrained repurposes spent grain from brewing into granola bars

Only about 10% of the ingredients used to make beer end up in your glass, but the products from Regrained help to put some of that back on your plate.

10 tips to make every day Earth Day

Walt Kelly/ Pogo/Public Domain Readers of a certain age will remember Pogo, the political satire strip that was probably the Doonesbury of the sixties.

Increasing demand for rubber is catastrophic for endangered species

A new study predicts that up to 21 million acres of rubber plantations will be required to meet our needs, spelling doom for biodiversity in parts of Southeast Asia.

5 solar + EV partnerships making our world much, much cleaner

Solar power and electric vehicles each get a lot of attention amongst their own segments of followers, and there's certainly a lot of overlap there.

8 grandma-approved beauty habits to adopt now

Behold the spunk, simplicity, and sustainability of granny wisdom.. In the book Michael Pollan writes, “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food,” and honestly, it’s advice well suited for any number of our modern habits.

Enter the World Environment Day blogging competition and win a trip to Milan

In anticipation of World Environment Day on June 5, the United Nations Environment Programme is hosting a blogging competition to raise awareness about this year’s theme of sustainable consumption.

This is one terrific steampunk teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailers are wonderful things, a classic aerodynamic design that slides through the air when you are towing it.

The power of 'puppy dog eyes' explained

The gaze between human and dog can share physiological properties similar to that of mother and infant, a new study finds.

British architects demand construction industry take responsibility for cyclists' deaths

Four of the five deaths of London cyclists were caused by tipper trucks, or what we call in North America, dump trucks.

Innovative Loopwheel has integrated suspension for a smoother ride (Video)

Bike riders will know that riding on bumpy roads with potholes or going up a curb will cause some discomfort -- ditto for wheelchair owners and folding bike afficionados.

Self-powered camera can take photos forever

Columbia University researchers have figured out an ingenious way to build a self-powered digital video camera .