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Activist fuels his bike tour with dumpster food to call attention to Food Waste Fiascos

By eating from dumpsters during his cycling tour across America, activist Rob Greenfield is hoping to draw attention to, and find solutions for, food waste.

No more animal testing with human organs-on-a-chip

A small, clear plastic chip with red and blue 'veins' could end, or at least drastically decrease, drug testing on animals.

Old tires could be recycled into better car batteries

A new technology puts old tires to new use. A substance recovered from the tires called carbon black that's similar to graphite can be used as an anode in lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicles and wind and solar energy storage.

How to remove stains from clothes and carpet naturally

Use common kitchen ingredients to fight all manner of stains. There are many household ingredients that you can use to remove stains from clothes and carpet.

Taking back the streets: Open Streets takes Toronto

Rob Ford's head must be exploding. Here it is, Sunday morning at eight o'clock, when people should be in bed nursing their hangovers or driving home from the booze can down the wide empty streets, which is the way streets should be on a Sunday morning in Toronto, and is the way the streets always have been.

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Construction halted on world's tallest prefab in Brooklyn

Construction on what was to be the world's tallest prefabricated building has been stopped; the workers have been furloughed, the contractor has locked the doors and blames the architect, the developer is blaming the contractor, and the whole thing is a big mess.

Tesla showroom goes virtual thanks to Google Streetview

High-resolution window shopping You're curious about Tesla's electric cars but there's no showroom close to where you live?

Build a self-watering container garden from a 55 gallon barrel (video)

Wicking beds and self-watering plant pots can produce veggies, herbs, and flowers with less water, and are simple enough to build yourself.

Not-quite-Super: Tesla has been quietly building another charging network

All the attention is going to Tesla's Supercharger network, with huge expansion plans in North-America, Europe, and Asia over the next few years (the map below shows plans for 2015).

City of Toronto pulls great anti-littering campaign

The City of Toronto is buried in lawyers. Try to pay a parking ticket online and you have to check through pages of acknowledgements and disclosures that make most software EULAs read like Sandra Boynton.

Fish take a hike

Make way for the fish! Scientists reared 111 walking fish on land to see how they would compare to fish raised in water.

Customers can pedal for a scoop at this bicycle-churned artisanal ice cream parlor

At this small LA creamery, every batch of ice cream is churned by bicycle, and 20 minutes of pedaling earns you a free scoop of their organic frozen desserts.

The frugal lesson in my grandma's delicious relish

The past has so much to teach us about simple, frugal, and wise living that goes beyond anything that our gadget-obsessed society can ever achieve.

Woman survives leopard attack

At 10 am on a Sunday morning Kalama Devi, 54, encountered a leopard. She only had a farm tool to defend herself when it turned on her and attacked her, she told CNN.

The Happy Cheap House is precisely that

Every time we show a small prefab the upper case comments pour in: ITS SO EXPENSIVE! There is always the statement that "prefab should be cheaper than site-built" and cost about $50 per square foot," which my dad built his house for on some farm in Arkansas." I try to explain that these houses are built of better materials to higher energy efficiency standards, that it costs more to not build out of carpet and vinyl, that building small costs more per square foot than building big.

100% of new US electricity capacity came from renewables in 3 of the last 10 months

The tides are a shifting. Renewables may not dominate the electric grid yet (far from it), but they are growing fast.

World's oldest wooden toilet seat discovered at Hadrian's Wall

The Romans had pretty sophisticated toilets, often with running water and stone seats. But up in the north end of Roman Britain, where they were building Hadrian's Wall, a stone seat would be pretty uncomfortable.

I can’t enjoy nature with your dog chasing after me

There’s a network of beautiful trails winding their way around the town where I live. They are well maintained, either paved or covered with a fresh layer of woodchips every two weeks.

Verizon to install 10 megawatts of solar this year

Verizon has already committed to slashing its carbon intensity by 50% by 2020, and it has apologized for previous support of a climate change-denial rally.