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Another reason to stop buying antibacterial soap - will it finally be banned?

The marketing claim 'antibacterial' still sells soap. I know this because people are still buying it, which I know because it is still all over the shelves at the supermarket.

Being thin is not the same as being strong and healthy

A post-pregnancy corset may have worked for Jessica Alba, but those kinds of magic bullet solutions for weight loss are a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

How vodka can help de-ice roads

Every winter, the United States spreads between 10 and 20 million tons of rock salt over icy roads. In total, the country spends $2.3 billion on de-icing for highways alone - this cost covers plowing, salt and other methods.

Valuing the essential element: Water

By Emily Simmons, coordinator for The Nature Conservancy’s securing water program Do you know where your water comes from?

Toyota on hydrogen fuel cell technology: “Simply a better battery”

On Monday, November 17, 2014, Toyota invited Treehugger and several other select journalists from around the world to Newport Beach, California, to witness the unveiling of their long anticipated, finally road-ready, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), dubbed Mirai.

Protect your fertility with underwear that shields your manly bits from EMF radiation

Could that smartphone in your pocket, and the computer on your lap, be lowering your fertility? These EMF-shielding underwear might be the answer.

Smart light bulb designed by ex-Tesla engineer adjusts itself

There has been no shortage of smart LED light bulbs hitting the shelves. From Philips Hue to LIFX LED to WigWag, all are wirelessly connected and can be controlled by your smartphone to go from dim to bright, go on and off on a schedule and make a rainbow of hues.

This holiday season, try to focus less on physical gifts and more on experiential ones

Giving gifts just for the sake of giving loses its noble purpose when it results in an overstuffed house and more trash in our landfill sites.

Preserve your brain, live in a walkable neighborhood

Walkable neighborhoods are great on many levels. The latest news is that they help to preserve your brain.

This UK bus is powered by food waste and poop

The future of sustainable public transport could come through fueling buses with gas made from two of the things that we seem to have a lot of, human waste and food waste.

General Mills agrees to drop “100% natural” labeling in face of lawsuit

In the fight for a better food system, it’s a largely known that labels like “all natural” mean next to nothing.

Tesla's factory upgrade: X-Men characters, climbing plants, giant robots, murals, etc

Behind the scenes From making zero cars a few years ago, Tesla made 22,000 last year, is now on pace to make 35,000 this year, and expects to make about 50,000 next year (a growth of about 50% in one year).

Three questions to ask when decluttering

Decluttering, the question of what to keep and what to get rid of, has been weighing on my wife's and my mind for the last year.

Acoustic tags turn monitored animals into targets

It starts out with good intentions: put acoustic tags on tuna, salmon, seals, sharks and eels to track them.

The tiniest apartment in Rome packs a lot in to 75 square feet

Two summers ago I must have been in my canoe or under a rock, because I missed this lovely little apartment in Rome that apparently owned the design internet then, starting at Business Insider and ending up in LifeEdited.

And the International Highrise Award for 2014 goes to the Bosco Verticale

It's the building that everyone has been talking about; four years ago some critics called it "the most exciting new tower in the world." Stephano Boeri's two towers in Milan, with their giant planters cantilevered out from the building and filled with trees, were going to be a whole new kind of green building.

Buy an antibiotic-free turkey for Thanksgiving to reduce the spread of drug resistance

Approximately 23,000 Americans die of antibiotic-resistant infections annually -- a problem that's perpetuated by the ongoing consumption of contaminated retail meat.

A bicycle that could save 6,000 children's lives each day

It's not a secret that TreeHugger believes in the beneficial powers of the bicycle. We've covered the excellent bikey ideas that could really benefit the world in a big way.

Old blankets and curtains become beautiful clothing by Wintervacht

Cold winter weather can make it hard to want to get out of bed, but Wintervacht has answered our wish to stay wrapped up in blankets.

Should the U.S. kill 16,000 birds to save salmon?

Every year, millions of salmon make their way up the Columbus River to create the next generation of fish.