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Organic foods found to have less toxic cadmium than conventional crops

This summer, a large meta-study published in the British Journal of Nutrition gathered together data from hundreds of studies comparing conventional and organic crops.

Your dinner, now Plated

The following post is sponsored by Plated. We’ve all been there. It’s 7:30 on a Wednesday night, you’re just getting home, and all you’ve got in your refrigerated arsenal is frozen shrimp and—if you’re lucky—some cocktail sauce.

In Bruges, they deliver the beer by pipeline

The medieval town of Bruges is a UNESCO Heritage site, which among other things means that it is "an outstanding example of a type of building, architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates a significant stage in human history." It also means you can't mess around with the views; to keep its status, the whole site must be intact.

Didymo risk goes beyond green snot in rivers

BBC news just featured a fascinating report on The green snot taking over the world's rivers. If you have seen the signs encouraging action to stop the spread of 'rock snot', aka Didymo, you will be interested to read in BBC's report that the Didymo may have been there all along.

Slow Watch single-handedly reimagines your relationship with time

This twist on analog timekeeping promises to help us shift the way we see time, and to stop chasing every minute.

Meet the people who want to turn predators into vegans

A gazelle grazes on the savannah, unaware of the leopard lurking in the grasses, ready to pounce. As the leopard makes its move, the gazelle tries to escape, but it’s too late.

Classic contemporary wooden watches are made with lumber offcuts

Wooden accessories often stand out, above their plastic counterparts, thanks to the natural grain and beauty of the wood.

“Dear Climate” is a playful yet dark invitation to meet climate change

“Dear Climate” is an art project that was conceived as “a new way to talk about the weather.” The project is a collection of posters and sound collages that take on climate change with a more personal and conversational tone.

Moby speaks for the bees: “If the bees go, we’re next.”

As part of a new Hollywood Food Voices PSA series, electronic musician/DJ Moby speaks about his passion for bees and very real threat of their disappearance.

Germans are "too good at conserving water" (what?!), says Wall Street journal

Is there such a thing as overdoing conservation? Sometimes life is unfair. If we succeed in avoiding the worst of global warming by changing how we do things, such as by switching to clean energy sources and stopping deforestation, those who are against those measures will say: "See, nothing's happening, we did all this for nothing." This backward way of looking at things is at the center of a recent Wall Street Journal piece that more or less tries to convince the reader that Germans are pointlessly frugal and conserving water too effectively.

Bison help put the "Prairie” back in Prairie State

By Michelle Carr, State Director of The Nature Conservancy in Illinois Growing up in the Midwest, I have fond childhood memories of hiking through the golden prairies that blanketed much of the region.

The sharing economy comes into the commercial kitchen

It's that time of year when people are canning like mad. Some people have got really good at it, and might even consider setting up a table at the farmers' market and selling their product, but in most places they can't.

Futuristic suit cleans the air around you

That’s the concept explored by the BB.Suit 0.2, a garment presented at Beijing Design Week. Designboom reports that this concept model is the result of a collaboration between Dutch designers: Studio Eva de Laat, byBorre, Martijn ten Bhömer, StudioFriso and Want.

Take a stand against factory farming by signing the 4F Pledge

A new campaign launched by the Organic Consumers Association strives to educate people about the evils of factory farming and encourages them to refuse to eat those products.

Summing up yök Casa + Cultura with upcycled cardboard furniture, VOC-free paint and sustainable tourism

Here is one last article about my current business venture in Barcelona. After having written about the VOC-free drywalls, tips on energy saving, the PVC-free piping, our reclaimed bathroom sinks, the natural wood fibre wall insulation, bathrooms and kitchens, beds, our office, and some of our furniture, I would like to mention a few more materials and actions we have taken at yök Casa + Cultura in Spain.

Reclaimed wooden "zome" structures are an expression of nature's double helix

We've heard of geodesic domes and have seen them built as greenhouses, homes and more. But have you heard of a "zome"?

Maine conference brings together the "most experienced passive house minds on the planet"

The Passive House, or Passivhaus Standard is one of the world's toughest energy standards. The NAPHN's "mission is to support and promote regional groups that promote the Passive House Standard to the public at large." Andrew Michler attended their recent conference; TreeHugger asked him to tell us what happened.

Man arrested with 51 turtles down his pants

A Canadian man has been charged with smuggling and illegal trading, after border officers caught him with 51 turtles stuffed into his pants and taped to his legs.

Cargill announces zero deforestation policy across entire global supply chain

One of the largest agricultural companies in the world has pledged to extend its zero deforestation commitments from just the palm oil sector to its entire supply chain.

Video production company run out of modern green garden shed in London

The shedworking movement has never really caught on in North America like it has in the UK, and perhaps the reasons can be most clearly seen in this interesting shed shown recently on Alex Johnson's site Shedworking., built by Green Studios in South London.