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Sweden Arming Itself Against Islamist Terror With Gender-Equal Concrete Lions

Sweden’s Security Service has warned of a risk of a new Islamist terrorist attack in the country in 2018.

Germany: 300,000 Migrant “Family Visas” Issued

The German government is currently preparing nearly one third of a million “family visas” for the immediate families of Third World invaders given “asylum” in that country—and this is just the start of the program of “family reunification.” According to a report in the Bild newspaper, the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin is currently preparing at least 300,000 visas for “family members of refugees” living in Germany with subsidiary protection.

Bilderberg globalist boss Peter Sutherland dies at 71

Peter Sutherland, the notorious mass migration and multiculturalism campaigner dubbed the ‘father of globalisation’ and a Bilderberg Group attendee, has finally died.

WHO: Asia, Africa, Literally Earth's Biggest "Sh*tholes"

558 million Central and Southern Asians and 220 million sub-Saharan Africans defecate in the open—and only 36 percent of Asians and 28 percent of Africans have access to “basic” toilets, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

New DNA study finds Ancient Egyptians were European whites, not black Africans

A map showing the main areas of immigrant populations that contributed to Egyptian heritage between 1400 BCE and 400 CE.

Twitter Going Rogue? Titans in Silicon Valley Do Wield Outsized Power

Project Veritas’ exposure of Twitter’s alleged bias added to the controversy over potential censorship by major social media platforms.

Chain Migration Expected to Add 8 million Foreigners to U.S.

The United States’ current “chain migration” process, where newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S.

“White Race Doesn’t Exist,” Says Rome’s Top Jew

The white race does not exist, and to say it does is “ignorant,” the President of the Jewish Community of Rome, Ruth Dureghello has announced on Twitter.

After reaching $20,000 in December, Bitcoin Plunges to $10,000

The cryptocurrency bitcoin plunged massively this week, dropping to $10,200 on Tuesday and sparking speculation on what could have caused the fall and whether the cryptocurrency is actually of any use.

British Army Features Islamic Soldier Praying to Allah In New Commercial

A commercial for the British Army featuring a Muslim soldier in prayer is part of a new ad campaign called “This Is Belonging 2018” that many are ridiculing as politically correct and a weakening of the military’s image and targeted recruiting.

Mohammed Is Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys In Holland For 2nd Year Straight

Dutch mainstream media reported that Noah was the most popular baby name for boys in the Netherlands, but a little digging turned out a different finding.

Poland threatens to leave the EU if it doesn't stop the Muslim invasion of Europe

Sad but great at the same time… its sad that the EU may be collapsing because having a European alliance is very important for a good economy, free travel and other benefits but not at this cost.

Russia Prepares Norway Blitzkrieg As Turkish Troops Ready Attack On US Forces

A foreboding new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has authorized the deployment of Russian Navy and Marine Infantry forces to conduct a blitzkrieg [intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory] against the US Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway (MCPP-N)—with these thousands of elite Russian troops having just completed preparations for this invasion at their Khmelyovka training ground—and that is planned as a preemptive response to Turkish tanks nearing the Syrian border to attack American forces.

Israeli Minister: “Africans are an Unsanitary Nuisance”

Africans are an “unsanitary nuisance,” the Israeli Minister of Communications—a senior member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party government, told a party meeting in Eilat, south Israel, last Friday evening.

Germany Migrant Bill to Top a Trillion Euros

About 1.5 million refugees have arrived in Germany since 2015, prompting local authorities to allocate huge sums for migration-related issues.

Researchers Find Thick Sheets of Ice Hiding Under Martian Surface

The layers of ice discovered on Mars could serve as a life-saving source of water for human explorers of the Red Planet, NASA scientists believe.

AfD Refuses to Back Down From Double Scandals

Regional party leader Björn Höcke will be allowed to remain in the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) despite controversial statements about the Nazi era, media reported Monday.

US State Department Issues Warning Against Traveling to "Sh!thole Countries such as Haiti for example"

The State Dept. recommends US citizens avoid traveling to third-world countries the mainstream media claims President Trump referred to as “shitholes.” In particular, the department said travelers should “reconsider” going to Haiti “due to crime and civil unrest.” “Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common,” warns the State Dept.

Africans Deported from Israel "Appear" in Rome

African invaders who were earlier “voluntarily deported” from Israel to Rwanda with a $3,500 payment each have been found and interviewed in Rome, according to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees.

'We Must Tell Refugees They're for Limited Period of Time in EU,' German MP Says

Following the recent attacks of migrants on German teen girls as well as the release of a film that implicitly support child marriage, more and more of the country’s residents support obligatory age tests for migrants who claim to be underage.