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Lack of Investigation Into US Strikes in Syria Proves Idlib Attack Was Staged

The US strikes in Syria without investigation prove that Idlib chemical attack was staged, Syrian deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad said on Wednesday during a press briefing in Damascus.

North Korea Backs Down from Guam Attack Plan

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced he would not move forward with plans Tuesday to launch missiles near the Pacific Island of Guam.

Dyatlov Pass remains Classified but few details emerge: Tourists died during tests of Neutron Weapons

A mysterious object was discovered near the site, where tourists died when trying to cross the Dyatlov Pass.

Germans may be DRUGGED by the Government to Accept More Migrants

Drugging up Germans with oxytocin will help make them “friendlier” to migrants and more susceptible to open borders, a study suggested.

Car Intentionally Plows Into Pizzeria Near Paris, 8yo Girl Dead, Multiple Injured

An 8-year-old girl has been tragically killed after a driver “deliberately” crashed his car into a busy pizzeria near Paris.

Antifa goes nuts, topples Confederate soldier statue in North Carolina

A crowd of protesters gathered outside the old Durham County courthouse on Main Street Monday evening in opposition to a Confederate monument in front of the government building.

How Trump got "elected" with the help of Secret Societies

Is Trump he playing intergalactic 4D ultra HD chess? Are you guys gonna defend him regardless of what he’s doing, saying that he’s only playing chess?

Steve Bannon may be fired by Trump after Rupert Murdoch pressure

Wow, just wow, we supported Trump and we still do, we still think he is probably better than that old witch Hillary Clinton, HOWEVER, Trump continues to disappoint his base.

Seattle police use pepper spray as pro-Trump and Antifa protesters face off

Police used pepper spray and blast balls on rival demonstrations in Seattle on Sunday, just one day after violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, leaving one dead and dozens injured.

15 Moroccan Teens Treated for Rabies After 'Loving' Local Donkey

Fifteen Moroccan teens were treated for rabies after having sex with a local donkey. According to local officials the number contracting rabies could be much higher.

Baked Alaska Hospitalized, Partially Blind After Suffering Antifa Acid Attack

Baked Alaska, one of the men scheduled to speak in Charlottesville yesterday, was sprayed with what might have been some kind of acid yesterday, and is still in the hospital now, according to a statement from his guy Matthew.

Ohio driver beaten to death by Mexican gang in front of 4yo daughter, Media Silent

Ohio father, Thomas Lehman (pictured with daughter), 23, died Thursday – four days after he was severely beaten by a group of men during a road rage attack in front of his four-year-old daughter and best friend.

Charlottesville Car Ram: Man Snaps after 5 Hours of Violence by Antifa Thugs

Five hours of violent attacks—including the use of homemade flamethrowers, rocks, fireworks, chemicals, paint and feces—by anti-white thugs against a peaceful and legal gathering of whites in Charlottesville, VA, caused one white man to snap and ram his car into the crowd of anarchist terrorists, killing at least one of the reds and wounding 35 others.

LEFTIST MOB Shuts Down Talk by White Nationalists in Charlottesville, Chases Them Through Woods

A violent leftist mob shut down a talk today by white nationalists Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler outside of Charlottesville City Hall.

Antifa punched leftist journalist from The Hill in Charlottesville protests

A female reporter for the Hill was allegedly punched by an “Antifa” protester in the wake of a deadly car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday as she tried to film the ensuing chaos.

Turkey Closes Border with Syria after Completing 435 Mile Border Wall

Liberals and controlled media all over the world who so vehemently opposed Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall with Mexico have been totally silent about Turkey’s completion of a 435 mile-long reinforced concrete border wall with Syria—a construction which is 9 feet high, 6 feet wide, 11 inches thick, and topped with barbed wire and 120 observation towers manned by armed soldiers.

President Trump Given Final “Deep State” Warning: “We Are Going To Kill This Guy”

A shocking new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the “Deep State” forces aligned against President Donald Trump have just issued a “final threat” warning against him by their publically stating on a CNN newscast: “We are going to kill this guy”.

Federal Prosecutor Investigating Wasserman Schultz's Visa Fraud Found Dead

A federal prosecutor’s body was discovered on a Hollywood, Florida beach on May 24. He was shot in the head.

US Could Drop Neutron Bomb on North Korea

“If we have one [neutron bomb] that is what’s going to be used, that is what Trump is hinting at,” radio host Michael Savage said in response to President Donald Trump’s threatening to unleash “fury and fire… never seen before” on North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, and his doubling down saying the threat wasn’t “tough enough.” Dr.

Alt-Right & Alt-Left Clash in Charlottesville

Left goes nuts! Black Lives Matters and Antifa communist terrorists throw urine, feces, ink, stones, water balloons, glue and even tear gas among other stuff while also pepper spraying alt-right activists.