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Wikileaks Podesta 16: FAKE POLLS, Ineligible Voters & More - Full Summary

HAHAHA! BAM! TAKE THAT! Wikileaks #PodestaEmails16 has now exposed all those phony polls with one single email!

NEW Wikileaks Emails Confirm Project Veritas Videos as 100% AUTHENTIC

James O’Keefe III’s Project Veritas was proven right again by CNN and WikiLeaks. A video released by O’Keefe earlier this week showed Hillary Clinton and the DNC actively planning and executing violent protests at Trump events.

Turkey Endorses Donald Trump for US President

A little over two weeks remain before the US goes to the presidential polls, and Turkish mainstream media seems to have already chosen sides: it clearly supports Donald Trump and here is why.

Clinton Campaign Says It's OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver's License: Wikileaks

In the latest Wikileaks Podesta documents John Podesta actually says it is OK for illegals to vote if they have a driver’s license.

Chemicals in Drinking Water Linked to Feminization of Men

Atrazine, which was banned in Europe in 2005 due to its potent properties and harmful effects on animals and humans, has been found in nearly 1 in 6 Americans’ drinking water.

URGENT! Early Voting Results the Media Does NOT Want You To See

The Corrupt Clinton machine has been working in overtime this year to deceive voters. We now know, thanks to Wikileaks, that Hillary and the liberal media are working together to get her elected.

Clinton Foundation Paid Women Less Than Men - Wikileaks

Leaked email exposes Hillary’s gender gap hypocrisy, pay disparity at family charity. The Clinton Foundation in 2011 employed more women than men but paid them less, on average, according to a salary schedule included in an email released Friday by WikiLeaks.

Clinton Staffer Caught Feeding Questions to Reporters During Post-Debate Conference

Video of Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s post-debate press conference appears to show her campaign’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill feeding questions to reporters.

Top British General Warns of Nuclear War With Russia; “The End of Life as We Know It”

Senior British army officer and former deputy supreme allied commander Europe Gen. Sir Richard Shirreff warns that NATO faces “nuclear war with Russia in Europe,” and that America is already technically at war with Russia.

Germans Fleeing Germany in Droves Due to Refugee Crisis

Angela Merkel’s decision to flood Germany with Muslim migrants has made many Germans feel like foreigners in their own country and as a result, they’re leaving.

Pedophile CAUGHT ON CAMERA Joe Biden Threatens to PUNCH Trump

In a normal society, in a normal democracy, Joe Biden would have been locked up a long time ago for being caught on camera molesting a minor girl and proposing to her to have sex.

Bernie Sanders Wife BEGGED HIM Not to Endorse Hillary - Wikileaks

Wikileaks reveals that Bernie Sanders’s wife, Jane Sanders did NOT want her husband to endorse Hillary Clinton!

Obama Says Hillary May Have Cheated During 3rd Debate

Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s brother, was invited to the debate last night in Las Vegas. Malik was sitting with the Trump supporters during the Las Vegas debate.

Madonna Promises to give Free Blow Jobs for Everyone who votes Hillary

58-year-old “pop star” Madonna is pledging to perform oral sex on voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Asks Trump to Give her a presidential "PARDON"

SHOCK! Hillary Clinton “accidentally” bumped into Donald Trump at the Catholic Al Smith dinner in New York today and subtly asked him to give her a presidential pardon for her negligence/crimes.

TV Reporter Breaks Silence: "Clinton Sexually Assaulted Me"

Any time a woman comes forward to complain about Donald Trump’s behavior, the liberal media gives her hours of coverage.

Putin Issues US Election Theft Warning, Orders Military To Protect Trump “At All Costs”

A remarkable Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin states that President Putin became “enraged/infuriated” earlier today after learning that the Obama regime has broken for the first time in American history the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and is refusing to allow Russian experts to monitor the US presidential election, thus signaling Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s attempt to steal it—and who after this meeting then promptly ordered the Federation’s military forces to “protect/defend” Donald Trump “at all costs” as this American billionaire is now all that stands between peace and World War III.

Democrats Threaten to "Lynch N**ger" Utah GOP Leader for supporting Bill Clinton's Son

Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans has become the target of racist and threatening calls in the aftermath of a national television interview in which he raised questions as to whether former President Bill Clinton had an illegitimate child with a prostitute.

Hillary Needs 11 Advisors and Lengthy Consultation to Post a Single Tweet - Wikileaks

It took at least 11 Hillary Clinton staffers nearly eight hours to respond to a single tweet sent out by Marco Rubio, which highlights the campaign’s struggle to cover up Hillary’s lack of accomplishments – and the inner workings behind Hillary’s fake public persona.

Arrogant Hillary Laughs When Trump Says Gays Thrown Off Buildings During Debate

Minute 9:40, Hillary Clinton thought it was HILARIOUS when Donald Trump mentioned gays being tossed off rooftops during the final debate.