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Chinese vet from California snaps, kills 3 white women in his home

The hostage crisis in California has ended, after Chinese suspect Albert Wong and 3 hostages were discovered dead inside the veterans’ home in Napa County, authorities have confirmed, following an hours-long standoff.

Denver Sheriff Shields Illegal Hit-and-Run Suspect From ICE Deportation

An illegal alien has been charged with vehicular homicide and ICE agents want to take him into custody, but the Denver Sheriff’s office will not honor the detainer.

Trump to meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un by May after Commitment to Denuclearization

U.S. President Donald Trump has agreed to meet Kim Jong Un, top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), by May at the invitation of Kim, a visiting South Korean envoy said here on Thursday.

Muslim randomly stabbed Austrians on streets because he was in a "Bad Mood"

Can you believe this? Look at what it has come to. People getting stabbed in the streets by refugees who shouldn’t even be here to begin with because they were in bad mood.

Zambia bans sex dolls, threatens jail time for sellers, liberals angry

There is no one formally authorized to sell them in the southern African country, nor can anyone admit owning one, or going still further and using one even in private.

Alex Jones sued by former employees for Anti-Semitism, Racism and Sexual Harassment

A former employee of Alex Jones claims the Infowars owner bullied, ridiculed and humiliated him for months and discriminated against him because he was Jewish.

Trump Admin Warns Google to Stop Censoring Conservatives, Christians OR ELSE

Brad Parscale, who was recently appointed as campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid, has warned Google, Facebook, and Twitter to maintain a “level playing field,” following a month of high-profile revelations of bias at big tech.

London Sees Sharp Increase in Rapes, Murders, Robberies and Knife Crimes

The Third World invasion of Britain—which turned London majority nonwhite seven years ago—has resulted in a massive crime increase, including a 20% rise in rapes, a 33% rise in murders, a 40% rise in robberies, and a 25% increase in knife crime over the last year alone, new statistics have revealed.

Putin-Trump Begin Emergency Talks After Top US Nuclear Commander Disappears

An alarming new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his American counterpart US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (both of whom are on the African Continent, with Tillerson cancelling all events today) have established a secure communication channel enabling advisors of both President Putin and President Trump to maintain continuous contact while investigations are taking place into the whereabouts of US Navy Vice Admiral Charles Richard—who is the Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) that controls Americas nuclear weapons in time of war—and who, for reasons unknown, has not had his presence accounted for in the past nearly 24 hours.

Tommy Robinson Knocks Out Violent Migrant in Italy

TOTAL RESPECT for our HERO here Tommy Robinson! To see the action, skip ahead to 2:10. Former leader of the English Defence League and frequent Infowars guest Tommy Robinson released a video of himself punching a migrant in the face for threatening to kill him and attacking his camera crew.

AG Sessions Slams California Dems for Open Borders Agenda

In a rare appearance AG Jeff Sessions actually uses mean words against California’s open border lunatics.

Hungarian minister: White, Christian Austrians have moved away from Vienna

Janos Lazar is a senior Hungarian politician, formally “Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office”, informally Viktor Orban’s right-hand man.

200 Fake “Refugees” Rejected by Australia moved to US: 1,000 More to Come

At least 200 nonwhite invaders whose “asylum” claims were so bogus they were rejected by Australia, have already been “resettled” in the US and at least 1,000 more will soon be on their way, it has emerged.

Seizure of White Farmers' Land in S Africa 'Severe Infringement on Human Rights'

Last week the South African parliament adopted with an overwhelming majority of 241 votes in favor versus 83 votes against the motion to change the country’s constitution in order to pave the way for a planned expropriation of land from white farmers without any financial compensation.

Illegals Flaunt Unlawful Status Outside ICE Headquarters

Illegals in New Jersey flaunted their unlawful immigration statuses outside of ICE headquarters during protests Monday over the DACA Act.

EU Parliament Reportedly Demanding Over 420,000 Euros From Euroskeptic Parties

The Europe of Nations and Freedom, a group of European Parliament members, is obliged to reimburse Europe’s parliament for expenses which include meals costing more than 400 euros per person and one hundred Christmas presents worth more than 100 euros each, according to AFP.

Clashes Break Out Before Richard Spencer’s Speech at Michigan State University

Richard Spencer was at Michigan State University yesterday giving another one of his college speeches.

Stephen Colbert is "a danger to this country" Nunes

Comedian Stephen Colbert is no laughing matter, according to House Intelligence Committee head Devin Nunes, who said his jokes are a “danger.” He accused Democrats of using Hollywood to deflect evidence of their own wrongdoings.

Lobby Demands Google, Twitter & Yahoo Internet Censorship or Face Lawsuits

The self-described “legal arm of the pro-Israel community” Jewish lobby has issued “cease and desist” legal threats against Google, Twitter, and Yahoo, demanding that they censor content critical of the Jews’ “Holocaust” narrative—or face legal action.

Danish Politician: Returning '3rd World Migrants' 'Best Affair in 1600 Years'

A Danish historian and politician has ventured that problems with integrating “third world immigrants” are insoluble, hence the best bet is to return them to their home countries and continue to “pay them off” to stay there.