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Immigrants Arrested in Sweden After Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live

Three Arab immigrant men have been arrested in Uppsala, Sweden over suspicions of gang rape. Local media report police were alerted after being tipped off that the crime was being streamed on Facebook.

Trump immediately signs executive order to ease the burden of Obamacare

President Donald Trump wasted no time getting to work on Friday night, heading straight to the Oval Office where he signed his first executive orders since arriving at the White House.

Pope Satan Compares Donald Trump to Hitler

Heretic Jesuit Pope Francis (also known as the Antichrist who favors gay marriage, divorce, Muslim mass immigration and more) warned against populist leaders, saying that Germany came to elect one in 1933, and ended up with Adolf Hitler as its dictator.

Asian Press Reporting US has Withdrawn from the TPP

WikiLeaks has tweeted that the Asian Press is already reporting that the US has withdrawn from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Billionaire George Soros Behind 50 Groups Supporting Women's Protests

Yesterday’s liberal women’s events around the country were backed by more than 50 groups which in turn were supported by former Nazi and now current Democrat financier George Soros.

Bill Clinton Busted by Hillary Checking Out Ivanka Trump at Inauguration

It was not the day his wife would become president after all, but it seems ‘Slick Willie’ Bill Clinton still plenty enjoyed himself at the inauguration.

8 Most Unhinged Inaugural Media Meltdowns

Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States, having been sworn in by John Roberts, chief justice of the United States.

Trump orders a standing ovation for Hillary and Bill Clinton

Donald Trump extended an olive branch to Hillary Clinton on Friday afternoon in the form of a 30-second standing ovation for his political nemesis after a luncheon with members of Congress.

4 kids rescued from Italian hotel buried in avalanche

Rescuers have pulled four children alive from the ruins of an Italian hotel, two days after it was hit by a massive avalanche.

Donald Trump and the New American Patriotism

Donald Trump’s inaugural address was a stirring call for national unity and a declaration of war against the establishment in Washington, D.C.

What Concentration Camps Did In 12 Years, Abortions Do In 88 Days

A Lesson In History And Math On Saturday, extremist Michael Moore falsely insinuated that Mr. Trump was guilty of carnage.

Trump becomes America's 45th after Glorious Inauguration

Donald Trump promised to put America first, after he took the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States on Friday.

America On The Brink As President Trump Prepares To Issue CIA Ultimatum

Barely 24 hours after stunningly revealing that President’s Donald Trump and Barack Obama have been leading a secret Freemason coup against the Bush-Clinton Crime Families, the Security Council (SC) in a new report circulating in the Kremlin today states that over 50 top Obama regime Pentagon and State Department intelligence experts have now joined with Trumpian forces as America’s new leader prepares to confront and issue an ultimatum to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tomorrow at their secretive Langley, Virginia, headquarters.

Muslim Rams Car into Australian Crowd Killing at least 3 and Injuring 20

In a breaking news story, a car has rammed into a crowd of Australians in Melbourne, killing at least 3, including 1 Jewish child.

Majority of Americans View Trump Favorably

Despite multiple polls from fake news companies who got the election wrong saying Trump’s favorability ratings is around 40%, a new poll from Rasmussen shows Trump at 52%.

Assange stands by US extradition offer, promises big publishing year ahead

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has said he’ll stand by his promise to be extradited to the US following Chelsea Manning’s commutation, while promising a “big publishing year ahead.” In a press conference broadcast on Periscope on Thursday, Assange said he “stands by everything I said including the offer to go to the United States if Chelsea Manning’s sentence was commuted.” “We look forward to having a conversation with the DoJ [Department of Justice] about what the correct way forward is,” Assange said.

CNN Openly Calls for Trump Assassination, They Need to Be Arrested!

On Friday President-Elect Donald Trump is going to become President Donald Trump. Consumer confidence, small-business optimism, and other economic indicators are the highest they have been in years.

Russia Accuses UK, Germany And France Of “Grossly Interfering” In The US Election

Having listened stoically for the past two months to accusations without evidence that Moscow “hacked the US election”, and that Hillary’s loss was indirectly due to Putin’s alleged meddling, which resulted in Obama’s expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, on Wednesday Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov finally snapped, and lashed out at the ongoing US election scapegoating fiasco, saying that leaders and top officials from the UK, Germany, and France have “grossly interfered” in US internal affairs, “campaigned” for Hillary Clinton, and openly “demonized” Donald Trump.

Demon George Soros Comes Out of Shadows, Openly Lashes Out at Trump

The gray eminence of US politics, billionaire financier George Soros, criticized President-elect Donald Trump, calling him a con man and would-be dictator.

Marine Le Pen Moves Into 1st Place In France

When the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, they surely couldn’t have imagined the effect that it would have worldwide.