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Attention turns to FBI, Apple after celebrity nude-photo leak

Attention turns to the FBI and Apple today after the hacking of nude celebrity photos, including those of Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton.

Ukrainian forces dig in defence of port town as pro-Russian separatists advance

Ukrainian forces looked to secure Mariupol in the country's southeast on Monday, as pro-Russian rebels threatened to advance on the major port city.

Should a child have access to an Uzi? Accident exposes debate

A deadly accident on Monday at an Arizona gun range is providing a platform for debate about whether there should be new laws restricting how old a child should be to go to a shooting range and what kinds of guns they can handle.

Provoking Putin a delicate diplomatic dance for NATO, Obama

NATO sees Estonia and its sister Baltic states — in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s backyard — as its new front line.

Ebola outbreak sends food prices soaring, threatens harvests in West Africa

The world's worst Ebola epidemic has put harvests at risk and sent food prices soaring in West Africa, the UN said on Tuesday, warning the problem would intensify in coming months.

Russia's 'space sex geckos' found dead upon return to Earth

Five geckos launched into space on board a satellite for an experiment on sexual reproduction in zero-gravity environments were found dead after their spacecraft returned to earth, Russia's space agency said Monday.

Syrian rebels lay out demands for release of UN peacekeepers

Islamist fighters who seized dozens of Fijian UN peacekeepers on the Golan Heights last week are demanding that their group be removed from a global terrorism list and that compensation be paid for members killed in fighting.

Amid foreign crises, Obama takes solace in economic turnaround

With the U.S. economic growth now far more robust than when he took office, Barack Obama is finding some measure of solace on the domestic front while a number of crises rage abroad.

U.S. forces target al-Shabaab militants in Somalia

U.S. military forces targeted the Islamic extremist al-Shabaab network in an operation Monday in Somalia, the Pentagon said.

Burning Man 2014: Caravansary wraps up in Nevada desert

Burning Man, the arts and culture festival held annually in the Nevada desert, attracts some 60,000 people from around the world who spend a week camping and exercising what organizers call radical self-expression on a dry lake bed.

China's anti-dissent playbook may fail in Hong Kong

China's Communist leaders have pulled out their usual playbook to suppress resistance to their plans to tightly limit the first direct election of Hong Kong's leader, but are likely to find that the results are quite different.

First evidence of Neanderthal artwork discovered

Belying their reputation as the dumb cousins of early modern humans, Neanderthals created cave art, an activity regarded as a major cognitive step in the evolution of humankind, scientists reported on Monday in a paper describing the first discovery of artwork by this extinct species.

Iraq crisis: UN diplomats examine ISIS alleged crimes

Iraq's government asked the UN's top human rights body today to investigate alleged crimes against civilians committed by the Islamic State (ISIS) group in its rampage across northeastern Syria and northern and western Iraq.

David Cameron to speak on new anti-terrorism legislation

Britain Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to expand powers to combat terrorism in hopes of preventing attacks by Islamist militants returning for terror training in the Middle East.

Parents of U.K. boy with brain tumour ordered held in Spanish custody

A Spanish judge has ordered the detention for 72 hours of a British couple who took their critically ill five-year-old son abroad against doctors' advice.

Liberia's president orders civil servants to stay home amid Ebola crisis

Liberia's president ordered most civil servants to stay home another month in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, according to a statement released today.

Hacker leaks nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, other celebrities

Intimate images of dozens of celebrities have been leaked online by an anonymous hacker who claims to have stolen materials from more than 100 actors and singers.

New techniques helping curb advanced melanoma

Melanoma, a preventable skin cancer, has traditionally had high death rates, but that could change as new techniques are showing promise in dealing with the advanced forms of the disease.

Pakistani state TV briefly forced off air by violent protesters

Pakistani soldiers and paramilitary forces entered the headquarters of the state television channel PTV in Islamabad on Monday after a crowd of protesters stormed the building and took the channel off the air.

New sanctions will force Russia to 'protect our economy,' Lavrov says

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday any new sanctions from the European Union or the U.S.