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ISIS fight: Airstrikes in Syria have killed nearly 600, monitoring group says

Airstrikes by U.S.-led forces appear to have killed over 460 members of ISIS and 32 civilians during a month-long campaign in Syria, a monitoring group which tracks the violence said on Thursday.

Blackwater guards get murder, manslaughter convictions in Iraq shootings

Lawyers for four former Blackwater security guards convicted in the 2007 shootings of more than 30 Iraqis in Baghdad plan to appeal, they said.

Man who faked coma caught on camera strolling around supermarket

A British fraudster who pretended to be quadriplegic and sometimes comatose for two years to avoid prosecution has been convicted after police caught him on camera driving and strolling around supermarkets.

White House and the world react to Ottawa shooting

The shooting in Ottawa has drawn international attention and reaction from Canada's closest ally, the United States, and beyond.

Dinosaur with huge 'T. rex' arms had hooved toes, fantail

In 1965, paleontologists dug up a gargantuan pair of tyrannosaur-like fossil dinosaur arms. Now, finally, they have uncovered the rest of the dinosaur and found it 'more bizarre than we could even possibly have imagined.'

Kobani battle against ISIS rages on as Kurds get air-dropped supplies

Large explosions continue to rock the Syrian border town of Kobani, hours after the Pentagon warns the town could still fall to ISIS militants, despite U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the area.

Kenny G's visit to Hong Kong protests an 'illegal campaign' says China

Kenny G, the famed U.S. smooth jazz star, stopped in at Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests on Wednesday, but his visit was out of tune with Chinese authorities.

Tuberculosis claims 'staggering number of lives,' WHO says

Multi drug-resistant tuberculosis remains at crisis levels, with about 480,000 new cases this year, and various forms of lung disease killed about 1.5 million people in 2013, World Health Organization says.

Renee Zellweger, Oscar winner, 'glad' people notice she looks different

American actor Renee Zellweger has responded to internet buzz over her radically different face, saying she owes the changes to a peaceful, healthier lifestyle.

Detainee arrives home to Ohio from North Korea after surprise release

An Ohio man detained for nearly half a year in North Korea has landed back home.

Fraudster who faked coma caught walking at supermarket

A U.K. man who pretended to be quadriplegic and sometimes comatose for two years to avoid prosecution has been convicted after police caught him on camera driving and strolling around supermarkets.

Snowplow driver says he didn't see Total CEO plane

The driver of the snowplow that apparently caused the plane carrying the Total CEO to crash at a Moscow airport says he neither saw nor heard the private jet as it sped toward him down the runway in the dark.

YouTube sensations: How online celebrities get rich in an often-wacky world

In the wild, wacky and often wealthy world of YouTube, online celebrities have found fame by creating content that is so popular it has attracted advertising and turned some of them into multimillionaires.

Dallas Ebola victim's family wonder why medical records aren't forthcoming

The family of the first Ebola victim to die in the United States says the hospital that cared for him has refused for weeks to release lab results showing the effects of an experimental drug treatment, fanning their suspicions that the facility mishandled the case.

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Dutch ship joins search for missing plane

A second ship was preparing to join the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in a remote patch of the Indian Ocean on Wednesday, as Malaysia's defense minister expressed confidence the plane will be found.

Nelson Bunker Hunt, billionaire oilman, dead at 88

Nelson Bunker Hunt, the Texas oilman once considered the world's richest man before his fortunes were undone by Muammar Gaddafi and his own epic overreaching in the silver market, died on Tuesday at age 88.

Actress who accused LAPD of racial profiling charged in notorious incident

Actress Daniele Watts, who suggested she was detained by Los Angeles police because of racial profiling after she was found in a parked car with her boyfriend, was charged Tuesday with lewd conduct.

North Korea frees U.S. man accused of promoting Christianity

North Korea's reclusive government abruptly freed American Jeffrey Fowle Tuesday, nearly six months after he was arrested on charges of leaving a Bible in a nightclub, but Pyongyang refused to hand over two other U.S.

Suspect in Indiana case confessed to killing 7 women, police say

Darren Vann, a man suspected in the deaths of seven women in northwestern Indiana, has been charged in one of the slayings.

Ben Bradlee, the Watergate editor who unleashed a 'messianic media'

Keith Boag looks at a complex man who helped topple Richard Nixon and oversaw a sea change in contemporary journalism.