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Global deal on cutting greenhouse gases could be reached this year

A global agreement on cutting the use of hydrofluorocarbons — potent greenhouse gases used in aerosols, refrigerants and air conditioning — seems within grasp, delegates said on Sunday after 10 days of talks on climate change in Vienna.

Father, dancer, extremist: The multiple lives of the Nice attacker

A 31-year-old father of three obsessed with fitness and sex, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel led multiple lives.

Soldiers involved in failed coup will face 'severe punishment,' Turkey's chief of staff vows

The chief of Turkey's military general staff said on Sunday soldiers involved in last weekend's failed coup had done great harm to the country and would face "the most severe punishment."

G20 finance leaders vow to lift growth, dampen Brexit shock

The world's biggest economies will work to support global growth and better share the benefits of trade, policymakers said on Sunday after a meeting dominated by the impact of Britain's exit from Europe and fears of rising protectionism.

14 killed in Baghdad suicide attack, ISIS claims responsibility

A suicide bomber attacked a security check point in northern Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 14 people, Iraqi officials said.

'Right to safety:' Munich attack prompts call to lift Germany's post-Nazi era military restrictions

Bavaria's top security official on Sunday urged a constitutional change to allow the country's military to be able to be deployed in support of police during attacks like Friday night's deadly rampage at a Munich mall, while Germany's vice chancellor proposed even stricter controls on firearms.

'Horrific firestorm:' Burned body found as wildfires rage through California

Thousands of homes remained evacuated Sunday as two massive wildfires raged in tinder-dry California hills and canyons, and authorities said a burned body was found in one neighbourhood swept by the flames.

Afghanistan marks day of national mourning after deadly Kabul attack

Afghanistan marked a national day of mourning on Sunday, a day after at least 80 people were killed by a suicide bomber attack on a peaceful demonstration.

Black lives, blue lives, all lives: What does it mean when we say certain lives matter?

The recent shooting of black men at the hands of police and the killings of law enforcement officers in response have reinstated complicated discussions about what it means when we say certain lives matter.

Diehard Sanders backers descend on Democratic convention vowing 'Bernie or Bust'

Some loyal Bernie Sanders voters have organized multiple events and rallies in support of the failed Democratic presidential nominee in Philadelphia to coincide with the party's convention.

Calgary man detained in Turkey accused of plotting failed coup, friend says

A family friend says a Canadian man is being held in Turkey on accusations he was a leader of the failed July 15 military coup in that country.

'We are not afraid': Munich mourns after deadly mall shooting

As, one by one or in small family groups, the people of Munich come to lay flowers, place notes or light candles, the main sentiment most mourners strained to convey is the hope this terrible attack will not change their city.

Clinton and Kaine debut as Democratic ticket in Florida

Hillary Clinton introduced running mate Tim Kaine as "a progressive who likes to get things done," joining the Virginia senator in the crucial battleground state of Florida to help kick off next week's Democratic National Convention.

Dual wildfires in California threaten 1,300 homes

Two forest fires in California continue to expand as officials warn the blazes could threaten more than a thousand homes.

Democratic Party was hostile to Bernie Sanders, hacked emails show

A cache of more than 19,000 emails from Democratic party officials, leaked in advance of Hillary Clinton's nomination at the party's convention next week in Philadelphia, details the acrimonious split between the Democratic National Committee and Clinton's former rival, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Tim Kaine becomes Clinton's running mate

Hillary Clinton announced Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate on Friday. The self-described "boring" Virginian has wide governing experience and a reputation for low-key competence.

Russian balloonist lands safely in Australia after around-the-world flight

A cold and exhausted 65-year-old Russian balloonist came back to Earth with a bruising thud in the Australian Outback on Saturday after claiming a new world record by flying solo around the world nonstop in 11 days, officials said.

Deadly blast strikes protest in Afghan capital of Kabul

An explosion struck a large demonstration march in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Saturday, killing at least 31 people and wounding some 160 others, according to the country's health ministry.

G20 pledges to bolster defences against Brexit headwinds

The world's leading economies will do more to lift global growth and share the benefits more broadly, top policymakers said on Saturday as they sought to deal with fallout from Britain's Brexit vote and counter dissatisfaction with globalization.

Floods kill at least 112 across China, leave scores missing

At least 75 people in northern China have died or gone missing since Monday in some of the worst flooding in years, the government said Thursday.