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Christopher Cantwell, The White Supremacist Featured In Vice’s Charlottesville Doc, Got Bailed Out By The Internet

Mediaite Christopher Cantwell, who is best known by the Internet as the “crying Nazi” from Vice’s Charlottesville mini-documentary, was utterly “terrified” in June by his newly mainstream reputation for pushing racially-fueled violence and went into hiding.

Survive And Thrive On Your Christmas Road Trip With This App Toolkit

iStockphoto On Five Apps, we’ve talked about getting on the road before, both for travel and for work.

A Woman Threatened To ‘Kill Everybody’ Aboard A Southwest Airlines Flight After She Was Caught Smoking

On Saturday, a woman was caught smoking in the bathroom aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento, California.

Condi Rice Asks Voters To ‘Reject Bigotry, Sexism, And Intolerance’ In Alabama’s Special Election

Getty Image With ex-presidential robocalls and sketchy Facebook ads swarming in Alabama ahead of Tuesday’s special Senate election between Democrat Doug Jones and accused child molester Roy Moore, another prominent Republican voice has called on Alabama voters to head to the polls and reject Roy Moore: Condoleeza Rice.

Kyle MacLachlan Tries To Settle The ‘Twin Peaks’ TV Show Vs. Movie Debate

SHOWTIME The atomic bomb ain’t got nothing on Film Twitter. Last week, the well-respected magazine Sight and Sound named Twin Peaks: The Return the second best movie of 2017, despite the fact that it aired on a television network in weekly installments.

President Trump’s Orders For NASA To Send Astronauts To The Moon And Mars: What You Need To Know

Getty Image Today, Donald Trump signed an order changing, yet again, the thrust of NASA’s mission. Normally, this is just political rigamarole and of more annoyance to space wonks and policy fans than anybody else.

Behind Closed Doors, The U.S. Military Said Sgt. La David Johnson Survived The Initial Ambush In Niger

Shutterstock / U.S. Army What did officials at U.S. Africa Command know about the fate of Sgt. La David Johnson, and when did they know it?

2018 Might Be The Year You Can Afford Your Dream Trip

Unsplash 2017 has been a banner year for cheap flights around the world. In fact, overall prices for long-haul flights fell by seven percent.

Obama Is Urging Alabama Democrats Not To Sit Out The Special Election: ‘This One’s Serious’

Getty Image Over the weekend, the Alabama Senate race reached its homestretch as national Democrats like Sen.

Sketchy Facebook Ads Are Attempting To Influence The Alabama Special Election

Getty Image 2016 was a bad year for Facebook as it struggled to keep up with a tidal wave of fake news and sketchy political advertising.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Clashes With Reporters Over What Constitutes As ‘Fake News’

Over the weekend, Donald Trump called out Dave Weigel of the Washington Post for a tweet that misrepresented the crowd size at his Pensacola Florida rally — a tweet that Weigel admitted was inaccurate and deleted it shortly after.

Fear Not, Procrastinators! KFC Is Here For All Your Holiday Gift Needs

KFC They’ve brought you limited edition sunscreen, nail polish, and Japanese bath bombs, but now KFC is poised to supply you and everyone you love the perfect winter holiday.

Actor And Comedian Tommy Davidson Shares His Favorite Spots In Miami

Christian Long Welcome to Meet this City, your chance to explore our favorite cities in the world through the eyes of the celebrities, star chefs, creative mavericks, and pro athletes that love them.

This Marine Biologist Wants To Change The Way We See Sharks

Sharks get a bad rap in media. Whether they’re in news reports for attacking people or in scary movies about, well, attacking people, sharks inspire fear for many.

The Pentagon Will Accept Transgender Troops In Early 2018, After A Federal Court Blocked Trump’s Ban

Getty Image In October, a federal court ruled that transgender members of the military who had filed a lawsuit, and those planning to sue, over President Trump’s ban on transgender service members were likely to win and blocked the ban from taking effect.

A Pro-Trump Super PAC Thought It would Be A Good Idea To Have Roy Moore Interviewed By A 12-Year-Old Girl

Roy Moore has been keeping a noticeably low profile in the weeks leading up to the Alabama Senate special election, which makes sense since he’s been accused by over a half dozen women of sexually assaulting or creeping on them when they were teenagers.

Beyonce Is Having None Of This Brooklyn Brewer Who Named A Beer After Her

Getty/Line Up Many have learned the hard way that if you kick the beehive and mess with Beyonce, you’re gonna get stung.

North Korea Is Reportedly Making Advances In Developing A Biological Weapon

Getty Image The world is watching closely as North Korea ramps up its nuclear power and weapons programs in a very public manner.

The Surprises And Snubs Of The 2018 Golden Globes

HBO/NBC The Golden Globe nominations are almost always controversial. Unlike other awards ceremonies, the Globes cover both TV and film.

Extra Butter And The North Face Just Dropped A VHS-Inspired Collaboration

Extra Butter x The North Face You may think that the VHS is dead, but that’s not the case. The nostalgia runs strong.