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An Federal Judge Declares An Arizona School District’s Ban On Ethnic Studies To Be Unconstitutional

Getty Image While the rest of the country has been debating whether removing Confederate statues means erasing Civil War history or would expand cultural dialogues to include the experiences of people of color, Arizona has been engaged in a legal battle over banning ethnic studies for high school students.

Starbucks Is Using Camouflage Coffee Sleeves To Fight Faux Outrage

Starbucks Back in 2013, Starbucks made the fairly uncontroversial move of joining several major American companies in launching a veterans hiring program.

Steven Mnuchin And Louise Linton Reportedly Used A Government Plane To View The Eclipse

Getty Image Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was already in hot water for his somewhat supportive response to President Donald Trump’s bonkers comments on Charlottesville when his wife’s Instagram rant went viral on Tuesday.

U.S. Rabbis Cancel Their Annual High Holiday Call With The President Over His Charlottesville Remarks

Getty Image In May, President Trump’s first foreign trip made him the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism.

‘The Batman’ May Not Take Place In The Same Universe As ‘Justice League’

Warner There’s something odd going on with Warner Bros. and DC Comics. The collaboration between these two titans of entertainment to create a unified superhero universe has not been without bumps.

These Photos From The Oregon Eclipse Festival Capture All The Beauty, Bodies, And Dust

Jacob Avanzato There’s no two ways about it, you’re either a “festival person” or you’re not. The answer can usually be found by pouring over photos.

The Trump Administration’s Science Envoy Resigned With Not-So-Secret, Coded Message For The President

Getty Image Acrostics — the spelling out of words through the first letters of lines or paragraphs — are all the rage with the frustrated civil servants who were trying to offer up their expertise to the Trump administration but find themselves unwilling to do so after the president’s Charlottesville comments.

James Comey Will Deliver Howard University’s Convocation Address And Several Lectures On Public Policy

Getty Image Former FBI Director James Comey, who was controversially fired by President Donald Trump and later testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a public hearing, has accepted a part-time lecturer position at Howard University.

A Beginner’s Guide To Getting The Best Experience From A Live Golf Tournament

Getty Image Golf, as a sport, has spent the past few years trying to find its footing with the casual sports fan in a post-Tiger Woods era.

A NYC GOP Mayoral Candidate Is Getting Roasted On Twitter For Calling Columbus ‘Founder Of Our Nation’

Getty Image Plenty of people have piped up about their belief that removing Confederate monuments and other such statues will cause the U.S.

Christopher Cantwell, The Nazi Featured In Vice’s Charlottesville Doc, Has Gone Into Hiding

The name Christopher Cantwell skyrocketed to notoriety last week when the self-proclaimed Nazi was featured in a Vice News mini-doc about the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, in which he bragged about his capability for violence, admitting that he’d like to see America elect someone “a lot more racist than Donald Trump.” Cantwell later blubbered like a baby when the clip went viral, claiming that he was now terrified for his life.

Former CIA Spy Valerie Plame Wilson Is Trying To Buy Majority Ownership Of Twitter So She Can Ban Trump

Getty Image / Uproxx On an almost daily basis, President Trump makes headlines for his tweets. And although Kellyanne Conway grumbles about the amount of press coverage for Trump’s 140-character-or-less jumblings, it’s hard to make the point that they should be ignored when Trump’s proposing transgender military bans via social media.

A Visual Tour Through LeBron James’s Favorite Wines

Uproxx LeBron James has some strong opinions on food. He also has some pretty solid takes on wine. King James has been dropping some serious bottles on Instagram for a while now.

Marc Maron’s New Netflix Special ‘Too Real’ Gets Its First, Anxiety-Ridden Trailer

Marc Maron helped Netflix conquer the summer with his turn in the highly successful pro-wrestling series GLOW, but the WTF podcast host won’t be abandoning his stand-up comedy roots anytime soon.

U.S. Diplomats In Cuba Are Suffering Serious Conditions, Including Brain Injury, After A ‘Sonic Attack’

Getty Image In late 2016, U.S. diplomats in Cuba began experiencing strange symptoms including nausea and hearing loss that led to several cutting their tours short and returning to the U.S.

‘The Daily Show’ Star Jordan Klepper’s New Show ‘The Opposition’ Channels Alex Jones In Its First Trailer

The Jordan Klepper Solves Guns Comedy Central special in June may have been many audiences’ first introduction to the comedian’s solo work.

‘Star Wars’ Showcases Porgs In A Cute Short Film About Kidnapping BB-8

Lucasfilm In recent years, nothing in the Star Wars universe has divided fans dramatically as the unveiling of the porgs.

One Man’s Quest To Find The Perfect ‘Tacos Al Pastor’ In Austin

Uproxx You want to talk Mexican food classics? Don’t you dare sleep on the “taco al pastor.” The dish is a straight up gem.

Here’s Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In September 2017, Including ‘BoJack Horseman’ And ‘Jaws’

Netflix August was a big month for Netflix, thanks in part to the premiere of Marvel’s The Defenders.

The U.S. Navy Removes A Vice Admiral Following Multiple Deadly Warship Collisions At Sea

Getty Image Developments regarding this weekend’s fatal collision of the USS John S. McCain with a merchant ship — the second such collision in as many months — are ongoing after Tuesday’s discovery of several sailors’ remains.