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Meet Caleb Lawrence, Our New Favorite Player In College Football

BTN Caleb Lawrence is a 300-lb giant that plays for Jacksonville St. In his four seasons at the school, they have yet to find a jersey that fits him.

Weekend Movie Guide: The ‘Ghostbusters’ Are Back To Save The World Again

Columbia Pictures Opening Everywhere: Ghostbusters, As Above/So Below, The November Man Opening Somewhere: Starred Up, The Congress FilmDrunk Suggests: Take the kids to see Ghostbusters on the big screen while you have the chance.

Nature Remains Terrifying: Watch Millions Of Locusts Swarm The Capital Of Madagascar

When you first watch this video, it looks like maybe leaves or some sort of debris is being around by the wind above a busy intersection in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

Russian Dash Cam Captures Drunkest Woman In The World Face-Planting On A Car

FACT: The internet has become wildly more entertaining since the introduction of dash cams from Russia.

Weekend TV Preview: More ‘Simpsons,’ Puppies And A Jay Leno Car Special

Getty Image The Simpsons (FXX, all the time) — There’s not a lot going on this weekend, so might as well catch some of The Simpsons later years of arguable quality.

‘Community’ Fans Finally Spotted The Donald Glover Easter Egg In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Sony The below image is from the first Amazing Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield as the neighborhood web-slinger (despite the internet’s #Donald4Spiderman campaign pushing for Donald Glover to be considered for the role).

Snoop Dogg’s White Guy Persona Named Todd Is Inexplicably Promoting ‘White Guys Connect’

Instagram So I have no idea what’s going on here, but yesterday Snoop Dogg unveiled his new white guy persona named “Todd” to the world, which first popped up on Instagram, and now there’s a bunch of YouTube videos of Snoop/Todd promoting something called “White Guys Connect,” which is apparently a dating service for meeting ladies.

Witness Edgar Wright’s Mastery Of The Closeup In This New Mini-Supercut

As we’ve discussed here a few times before, Edgar Wright rightfully gets a lot of credit for being one the few directors around that doesn’t just direct comedy, but uses unique framing and blocking to create visual comedy.

College Football Preview: 5 Must-Watch Games This Weekend

Getty Image Everything about life will take on a heightened sense of shittiness after Monday. Gone are lackadaisical Summer Fridays (or the idea they exist), weekend getaways to large bodies of water where alcoholic beverages come in coolers, and your boss’ prolonged absence from the office because of vacation.

Let’s Remember That Time Stephanie Tanner Called Kimmy Gibbler A Whore On ‘Full House’

YouTube It’s Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend and we’ve got no f*cks to give — so on the heels of the news of that possible Full House reboot, let’s all reflect fondly back to the time that Stephanie Tanner called Kimmy Gibbler a “whore” on Full House.

Hugh Grant’s ‘The Rewrite’ Trailer Is Here To Charm You Or Whatever

For a period of time from 1989–1999, I was subjected to a series of terrifying sleepovers, where I was forced to endure Hugh Grant rom-com after rom-com, always without my consent.

Best Story Of The Day: The Rock Met Hornswoggle And Thought He Was A Make-A-Wish Kid

WWE Leprechaun: Origins star and WWE joke fulcrum Hornswoggle gave an interview with Alternative Nation on Thursday and revealed what might be my new favorite WWE backstage anecdote ever: Hornswoggle called The Rock out for having notes written on his wrist that one time because of pre-existing heat involving Rock thinking Hornswoggle was a Make-A-Wish child.

The Phantom Stranger Faces Judgement In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Phantom Stranger: Future’s End’ #1

DC Comics The Phantom Stranger has spent centuries working to expunge his sins. And now, he’s back for final judgement… but his jury isn’t who he expects, in this exclusive preview.

Friday TV Conversation: So What Do You Want Out of A Series Finale?

hbo Big week. First we found out Tony didn’t die in the closing moments of The Sopranos, then we all fought about, then David Chase put out a statement saying his words were “misconstrued” and that he still hasn’t answered the question, then we all fought about it some more.

Five Places That Are Definitely Up For Whatever

Via Flickr/Pete Zarria You can find people that are up for whatever, even groups of people willing to try anything.

The NYPD Is Investigating Bryan Singer In A New Sexual Assault Case

Getty Image Much like what happened with John Travolta and Kevin Clash, all of the once-front-page previous sexual assault allegations against X-Men: Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer have either been dropped, dismissed, or stalled indefinitely.

Vintage Best And Worst: WCW Monday Nitro 9/11/95

WWE Pre-show notes: - This is actually the second episode of WCW Monday Nitro, originally aired on September 11, 1995, but it’s the first one uploaded to WWE Network.

Snoop Dogg’s Now A White Guy Named Todd

This is Todd. I think he’s a philosophy professor Snoop Dogg will be playing in a movie set in the ’90s.

‘Super Smash Bros. 3DS’ Is Looking Good, The New 3DS Less So

First of all, here’s last night’s Nintendo Direct boiled down to the part you actually care about. Five minutes of footage, and yeah, it looks spectacular.

‘I Want To Go There': 25 ‘30 Rock’ Quotes We Still Think About Every Day

NBC I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: the UPROXX staff basically only talks to each other in The Simpsons and 30 Rock quotes.