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SAVOR IT: The Warriors’ Dynasty Window Can Always Close As Abruptly As It Swung Open

Getty Image The Golden State Warriors hadn’t made the playoffs in half a decade. Steph Curry was an undersized guard with ankle problems who settled for a four-year, $44 million extension.

Larry Wilmore Compares Josh Duggar To The ‘Pink Bubblegum’ Flavor Of Baskin Robbins

It was late last week when the Josh Duggar scandal broke, and with most late night shows off this week, you really haven’t heard too many jokes made at the expense of the 19 Kids and Counting family. Larry Wilmore stepped up to the plate on Wednesday night, however, with a blistering take down of the Duggars, saying, “So, you mean to tell me the family that goes around saying gay and trans people are pedophiles preying on America’s young people actually has a pedophile that preys on America’s young people?

Channing Tatum Allegedly Can’t Find A Director For ‘Gambit’

Getty Image Gambit is happening mostly because Channing Tatum wants to make it happen. From day one, he’s been the driving force behind bringing the thieving Cajun to the screen.

We Ranked Every ‘Song Of The Summer’ Since 1985

Ahh, the summer. School is out, the air conditioning is blaring, and everywhere you go, you can’t help but hear that one same tune everywhere.

Ronda Rousey’s Next Opponent Doesn’t Want The Champ To ‘Kill Herself’ After Losing

USA TODAY Sports Bethe “Pitbull” Correia already has her dance card filled for an August meeting with undefeated UFC bantamweight champion, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey at UFC 190.

‘San Andreas’ Is About One Buff Man’s Unstoppable Love For His Busty Daughter In A Time Of Earthquakes

Warner Bros In San Andreas, director Brad Peyton shows us what all those Roland Emmerich movies (from The Day After Tomorrow to 2012) were missing: a jacked superhero to growl one-liners at all the CGI falling stuff.

A Former Notre Dame Player Went Scorched-Earth On The NCAA In An Alcohol-Fueled Twitter Rant

Getty Image If you aren’t familiar with the name Garrick Sherman, here’s a quick backstory. Sherman played college basketball at Michigan State for his first two years of eligibility for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons.

Watch Tom Hardy Shut Down A Journalist’s Sexist Question About ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

(Skip to 9:45) Much has been made about the feminism of Mad Max: Fury Road, whether it be whargarbling calls to boycott it or the “Feminist Mad Max” meme.

‘Suicide Squad’ Set Video Shows A Familiar Character Take On The Joker

As Suicide Squad films in Toronto, Canada, fans have been crowding on public walkways to snap photos and take videos, and we can’t get enough of it.

A Mysterious Note Potentially Worth $300 Took Over The Internet Yesterday

REDDIT In February 2014, Redditor Jason Dang found a note inside a book in a nearby café. This wasn’t your typical grocery list or something Ryan Gosling might write to Rachel McAdams.

Let’s Celebrate Robin From ‘How I Met Your Mother': TV’s Favorite Canadian And Best Ex

CBS If you love scotch and fear babies, Robin Scherbatsky probably spoke to you on a spiritual level.

Peter Capaldi ‘Thrilled’ To Make His San Diego Comic Con Debut For ‘Doctor Who’

BBC Fire up your Human TARDIS costume, because Peter Capaldi will appear at the San Diego Comic Con this summer for Doctor Who.

This Fashion Boutique Owner Regrets Naming Her Business ‘Tinder’

Shutterstock So you’re trying Tinder for the first time, and surprise! You have a really terrible time with it.

Steph Curry’s Destructive Darling Of A Daughter Tore Up Post-Game Once Again

Twitter (@Jared_Wade) Remember when a select group of media members created an uproar by bemoaning the post-game media availability of Steph Curry’s adorable two-year old daughter?

So Tilda Swinton Might Be The Ancient One In ‘Doctor Strange’

Getty/Marvel No, seriously. First Academy Award nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor was rumored for the part, then Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman‘s name popped up.

The Warriors Finish Off The Rockets And Clinch Their First Finals Berth Since 1975

USA TODAY Sports The 2015 NBA Finals are now set after the Golden State Warriors knocked off the Houston Rockets in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals Wednesday night with a 104-90 win.

The ‘Transformers’ Cinematic Universe Just Added Two ‘Ant-Man’ Writers

Marvel/Paramount The ridiculousness that is the ever-expanding Transformers shared universe just expanded a little bit today.

HBO Ordered A Pilot Of T.J. Miller’s YouTube Talk Show About A Human-Digesting Alien

Ever heard of The Gorburger Show? Better yet, have you ever watched an episode? It’s a really, really weird Internet talk show on YouTube that features a giant, furry alien creature of some sort who nearly kills a studio full of Japanese media personalities before taking over the show.

Dwight Howard Gets Away With A Nasty Elbow To Andre Iguodala’s Throat

With the the Rockets’ season slipping away in the fourth quarter of Game 5, frustration is mounting for Dwight Howard, who got away with a nasty elbow to Andre Iguodala‘s throat while setting a screen.

This Flying Trevor Ariza Knee To The Face Sent Klay Thompson To The Locker Room

In the fourth quarter tonight, Trevor Ariza inadvertently sent a second Splash Brother back to the locker room.