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Kanye West Won’t Be Smiling For Any Selfies At The Super Bowl

#SuperBowlSelfie (via @boomp0w IG) — FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) February 2, 2015 If you thought his Waffle House stoneface was something, Kanye topped it with these selfies taken at the Super Bowl.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Are Being Awesome At The Super Bowl Together

Let's go #12s #JurassicWorld trailer #twitterbowl #Psalm126:3 #12sEverywhere #TomBradysBeautifulSkin #LOB #SuperBowl — chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) February 1, 2015 Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, otherwise known as Star Lord and Captain America respectively, have put their bitter feud (for charity) aside for an evening of football glory.

Heisenberg Lives In Bryan Cranston’s Super Bowl Esurance Commerical

Missing Breaking Bad? Don’t worry. Walter White / Heisenberg / Sorta Greg is here in this Super Bowl spot for Esurance.

Watch These Babies Have All The Feels As They Experience Traveling Through Tunnels

Every single day is likely an adventure for babies, as they experience more and more of what the world has to offer.

A Former Power Ranger Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Killing His Roommate With A Sword

Sabin Some of the former Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are doing great. Jason David Frank is still loving the franchise and talking up the reboot, while Amy Jo Johnson is just plain awesome.

Nationals Outfielder Jayson Werth Is Apparently Signing Autographs While In Prison

FX Some of you may know Jayson Werth for his prodigious beard, his resemblance to Opie from Sons of Anarchy, or his $120 million plus contract.

Watch Chris Pratt Train His Velociraptor Army In The New ‘Jurassic World’ Super Bowl Spot

“It’s killing for sport.” So warns Chris Pratt about the terrifying mutated dinosaur in the Super Bowl spot for Jurassic World.

Watch Idina Menzel’s Powerful National Anthem At Super Bowl XLIX

  Tony award winning singer and songwriter Idina Menzel absolutely crushed the national anthem at tonight’s Super Bowl, holding her final note for an incredible seven seconds.

David Duchovny Really Wants To Return To ‘Twin Peaks’ As DEA Agent Denise Bryson

ABC First there were talks of David Duchovny’s return as Fox Mulder in the possible X-Files reboot series.

Here’s President Obama Drinking A Beer With His Pinky Up

NBC President Obama did a quick one-on-one with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie during today’s Super Bowl pregame show.

This Is How Chris Pratt Explains Seahawks Super Bowl Strategy To Anna Faris

Via Twitter Whether it’s making the most altruistic Super Bowl bet imaginable with Captain America or talking trash to Ellen with Macklemore (wait, what?

More Alleged Sexts Sent By ’60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft: ‘Very Hard Playing Golf With A Bulge In My Pants’

CBS We brought you the alleged sultry texts from 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft back earlier in the month.

Justin Timberlake Announced He Is Going To Be A Dad In The Most Adorable Way

Getty Image Justin Timberlake announced yesterday on Instagram that his wife Jessica Biel is pregnant with their first child.

Bart The Zombie Cat Will Live To Eat More Brains, Thanks To This Hero Cat

Facebook Here’s an update on Bart the “zombie cat,” that returned from the dead five days after being hit by a car and buried by his owner.

Fall Out Boy Are Sorry You Had To Hear Their Song ‘Centuries’ An Ungodly Amount Of Times On ESPN

Getty Image If you’ve tuned into ESPN to watch the College Football Playoffs, chances are you’ve heard Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” about 42 billion times.

Watch Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant Totally Bungle This Wide Open Dunk

Via TMZ Dez Bryant may have football on lockdown, but he might want to brush up on his basketball skills.

Here’s Bill Murray Goofing Off On The Set Of ‘Lost In Translation’ With A Japanese Make Out Book

Last February while making the rounds on the Monuments Men promotional tour, Bill Murray and some of his castmates went on The Graham Norton Show.

ESPN’s Suzy Kolber Breaks Down As She Talks About Her Friend Stuart Scott At The Super Bowl

“So what will I miss the most? He was universally known for his hugs? Strong, meaningful and filled with love.” -Suzy Kolber ESPN’ NFL Countdown crew paid tribute to their former host and colleague Stuart Scott in an emotional segment this afternoon.

Here’s Mariah Carey Allegedly Lip Syncing During A Concert In Jamaica

Is Mariah Carey lip syncing here? Because it looks like she’s lip syncing. This video was allegedly taken at the Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica on Friday.

Stacey Dash From ‘Clueless’ Just Called Rape Victims ‘Bad Girls’ Who Like To Be Naughty

This year is the 20th anniversary of the release of the seminal ’90s film Clueless. In that time, the careers of the cast members has ranged from wildly successful (Paul Rudd) to steadily working with various degrees of success (Breckin Meyer, Jeremy Sisto, Donald Faison), but the three female leads have experienced wholly different journeys — Brittany Murphy of course passed away in 2009, Alicia Silverstone is a vegan-lifestyle writer who sometimes feeds her child chewed food from her own mouth like a baby bird, and Stacey Dash is a conservative Fox News correspondent who sometimes says things like this when asked about the decision from national sorority organizations that their members avoid fraternity parties: “[I think it’s] ridiculous.