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Report: Bernie And Jane Sanders Lawyer Up As The FBI Investigates Potential Bank Fraud

Getty Image After months of murmurs surrounding alleged bank fraud, the FBI investigation into a $10 million loan took out by Jane Sanders while president of Burlington College has come to a head.

The Instantly Viral Story About Andy’s ‘Toy Story’ Dad Is As Bogus As It Is Heartbreaking

Disney The Toy Story franchise has delivered a fair number of emotional gut punches over its silver screen run.

A Biker Club Linked Russian Official Invested Millions In Miami Trump Palace Condos

Getty Image “It’s like Zorin owned a place in Hell,” said Ilya Shumanov, deputy director of the Russian chapter of Transparency International, of a minor Russian bureaucrat’s bizarre $5.4 million dollar investment in condos at the Trump Palace high-rise in Miami.

These Are The Best Steam Summer Sale Deals For Under Ten Bucks

Warner Bros. The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, which means it’s that time of year for us to spend money on games that we will likely install, but never play.

What Does The ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ After Credits Scene Mean For The Future Of The Series?

Paramount WARNING: Spoilers for the ending of Transformers: The Last Knight ahead There seems to be a consensus that the latest entry in the Transformers film franchise is not the best waste of time at the theater this summer.

The New York Times Made A Comprehensive List Of Every Blatant Lie Trump Had Told Since Taking Office

Getty Image There have been only two straight weeks in Donald Trump’s presidency when he hasn’t told a lie, according to a new study by the New York Times.

One Of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Compares His Town Hall Plan To ‘Jeffrey Dahmer Hosting A Town Hall On The Joy of Cooking’

Cosby’s town hall on sexual assault is like “Jeffrey Dahmer hosting a meeting “on the joy of cooking,” says accuser — CNN (@CNN) June 24, 2017 In what could be considered Bill Cosby’s take on O.J.

Edgar Wright Discusses His ‘Heartbreaking’ Decision To Split With Marvel And Leave ‘Ant-Man’ Behind

Marvel Baby Driver auteur Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios parting ways over Ant-Man certainly raised many an eyebrow a couple years back.

Sir Ian McKellen Is Disappointed By Magneto’s Costume Options In The ‘X-Men’ Films

Fox It’s safe to say that Sir Ian McKellen owns the role of Magneto at this point. Even with Michael Fassbender taking over the character for the past three X-Men films — alongside the original in Days Of Future Past — McKellan has added Magneto to the list of his iconic roles.

Corey Stoll Wrote About The Protests Against The Controversial Production Of ‘Julius Caesar’ And His View From The Stage

Getty Image Corey Stoll, who played Brutus in the Central Park production of Julius Caesar, has opened up about what it’s been like starring in such a hot topic show and carrying on through the occasional protest.

Trump’s ‘Deals’ To Keep Carrier And Ford In America Are Already Showing Signs Of Falling Apart

Getty Image Donald Trump and Mike Pence spent a lot of time last year talking up their amazing deals with Carrier to keep over 1,000 jobs at an Indiana plant in the United States.

Sean Hannity Tells Ann Coulter To ‘Cut The BS’ After She Claims She Was Censored On His Show

Sean Hannity survived his brief advertising exodus after pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy, but now someone else is mad at him— Conservative firebrand Ann Coutler.

Will Ferrell Confirms Those Claims About Mariah Carey’s ‘Diva’ Behavior That Ended Up Being Cut From ‘The House’

Rob Huebel revealed some trouble on the set of The House back in May stemming from a planned cameo by Mariah Carey.

Hillary Clinton: If Republicans Repeal Obamacare ‘They’re The Death Party’

Getty Image With most of the country furious over the so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act (Trumpcare), GOP Senators standing firm against the bill and various research centers saying it will be catastrophic not only for people’s lives but for the insurance industry, you would think the lawmakers behind the bill would get the point.

The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Early Screening Reactions Have Arrived And Everyone Loves It

Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures With two weeks to go before Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ experiment in co-production hits theaters, the buzz surrounding Spider-Man: Homecoming sounds really good despite its being a remake of a remake.

Stephen Colbert Jokes He’s ‘Considering A Run For President In 2020’ On Russian Late Night TV

Stephen Colbert‘s apparent The Late Show trip to Russia isn’t just an opportunity to troll Donald Trump on Twitter.

The CNN Sketch Artist’s Drawings From The Audio-Only White House Press Briefing Led To Some Fantastic Memes

Getty Image On Tuesday, a recently fat-shamed Sean Spicer appeared on camera for the first time in over a week to address reporters at the White House Press Briefing.

Google’s Isn’t Scanning Your Emails To Send You Ads Anymore

Shutterstock/UPROXX Because I am an unreasonably trusting person, the kind that buys things at mall kiosks fully expecting that the refund policies are real, it had not occurred to me before today that Google might be scanning my emails in order to send me targeted ads.

North Korea Calls Itself The ‘Biggest Victim’ In The ‘Mystery’ Of Otto Warmbier’s Death

Getty Image Only about a week has elapsed since ex-North Korean detainee Otto Warmbier returned to the United States in a coma after 17 months in custody.

‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered’ Is Finally Arriving As Its Own Game, But It’s Gonna Cost You

Activision Love or hate what it set off, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare defined gaming after it came out.