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‘Jason Bourne’ Is A Lot Like Seeing The Guns N’ Roses Reunion Tour

Universal When people I know ask me what I thought of Jason Bourne — the return of Matt Damon to the Bourne franchise after sitting out The Bourne Legacy — I’ve had trouble putting a finger on it.

Daniel Radcliffe Had A Surprise ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion After A Recent Performance

Warner Bros. Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is currently performing off-Broadway in Privacy.

Seth Meyers Unleashes Some Hard Truth For Debbie Wasserman Schultz At The DNC

Seth Meyers has really put some quality work into his Closer Look segments on Late Night, highlighting the big stories of the campaign season with the type of sharp humor that helped him make the jump from Weekend Update to the late night realm.

Stephen Colbert Had To Bust His Way Onto The Podium At The Democratic National Convention

Stephen Colbert brought his “Hungry For Power Games” character to the floor of the Republican National Convention and seemingly had no trouble making his way around the Trump universe while in full costume, even making his way to the podium.

Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel Make Another Go At Couples Counseling

The last time Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon went to couples counseling for their long-running feud, it didn’t end too well.

Samantha Bee Slams The RNC With A Venomous Rant Upon Her Return

Samantha Bee’s return to New York between the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia brought plenty of fire along with it.

DisabilIty Advocate Anastasia Somoza Gave Arguably The Most Moving Speech So Far At The DNC

There were lots of inspiring speeches on night one of the Democratic National Convention, all of which were filled with a plethora of reasons not to vote for Donald Trump in November.

Bernie Sanders Did Not Waver In His Rock Solid DNC Speech For Hillary Clinton

Getty Image Bernie Sanders arrived at the Democratic convention after a full weekend of calling for party unity, and things did not begin well.

WWE Raw Results 7/25/16

WWE Raw Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for July 25, 2016, the “first episode of a new era.” The show was headlined by a pair of fatal four-way matches, with the winners of each moving on to face each other for a chance to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

A Pepe Le Pew Movie Is In The Works And Is Being Written By Max Landis

Max Landis has had several screenplay pitches that went unnoticed and probably shouldn’t have. Last year, Landis was banking on his action stoner comedy American Ultra starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart to be successful, but we know how that turned out. Now Landis has a new project up his sleeve and it has to do with a pushy, chauvinistic, archaic stereotypical character from the golden age of cartoons.

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Played An Insanely Intricate Prank On A Cast Member

There’s something about a good on-set prank that just warms the heart. It’s probably because they indicate a degree of real-life camaraderie between cast and crew members, one that we like to think exists but can never be certain does.

Elizabeth Warren Challenges Donald Trump’s ‘Hate-Filled America’ At The DNC

Getty Image Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren addressed a restless crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Monday night.

Watch This Thirsty Reporter Go Chasing Off After A Shirtless Aussie Hunk She Met On The Beach

If I had a nickel for every time I daydreamed about peace’ing out of my job to chase after a set of perfect abs that happened to also be attached to some legs and a face, I’d be rich enough that hot guys with abs would come to me.  But alas, a daydream is all it is.

This Insane Tip Is A Great Reminder To Double Check Your Math At Restaurants

Getty Image Inverurie, Scotland‘s Rajpoot Indian Restaurant is one of the better-rated Indian restaurants in that Aberdeenshire town.

Michelle Obama Keeps It Very Real For Hillary Clinton On The DNC’s Opening Night

Getty Image The first thing that came to mind when Michelle Obama started her speech at the Democratic convention on Monday had to be Melania Trump.

Sasha Banks Wins The WWE Women’s Championship On Raw In a huge shocker, the first episode of Raw following the WWE Draft did indeed usher in a new era, in at least one respect.

Witness The Greatest Man cave A Gamer Will Ever See

Via Imgur Many of our childhoods involved playing video games, but few could imagine being successful enough to have a gaming setup worth showing off to the public.

Cory Booker Whipped The DNC Into A Frenzy: ‘We Will Rise!’

New Jersey Cory Booker took the stage on the Democratic convention’s first night to support Hillary Clinton.

Sega Is Matching Nintendo’s Mini-NES With A Portable Genesis Featuring Way More Games

Funstock Retro Begun, the mini-console wars have. The NES Classic Edition captured the hearts of gamers with its ability to play dozens of classic NES games on modern TVs without having to eventually blow into cartridges.

A White Sox Fan Used Duct Tape To Pay Homage To Chris Sale’s Bizarre Jersey Cutting Incident

Sight seen at #WhiteSox — Peggy Kusinski (@peggykusinski) July 26, 2016 The weirdest story in sports over the weekend was White Sox pitcher Chris Sale‘s war on the team’s uniforms.