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Brazil bans Secret over anonymous bullying, demands Apple and Google delete it from users’ phones

A judge in Brazil has ordered Apple and other hosts to remove anonymous app Secret, apparently over fears of anonymous bullying.

Comment sections are on their way out

In 2007, when I launched my first website, our comment section was central to the product. We scrutinized every detail of it.

Microsoft cuts ties with right wing climate change deniers ALEC. But what about Facebook, Google, and Yelp?

It might come as a surprise to liberal-leaning observers, but Microsoft, a corporation known for its efforts toward environmental stability, has been working with the American Legislative Executive Council (ALEC), acting as a member of its Communications and Technology Task Force.

Judge green-lights class action suit by former Gawker interns

Bad news for Gawker: A judge has agreed that a group of its former unpaid interns are entitled to bring a class action suit over their treatment while working at Nick Denton’s gossip factory.

Uber hires former Obama advisor (and shady telecoms consultant) David Plouffe to lead insurgent war

The word “hypocrite” is so ugly, don’t you think? So much more so than “pragmatist.” In unrelated news, Uber founder Travis Kalanick has further cemented his reputation as a grotesque pragmatist by hiring former Obama advisor David Plouffe as Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy.

What the hell is happening at Google Ventures?

Sure Google loves the almighty algorithm, but does it love it so much that it actually thinks it can have a venture firm without a committed, stable partnership of flesh and blood humans?

Don’t share “hate reads” on Twitter — but if you must, make sure you use this service

Today, the “Hate Reader of Record” (aka the New York Post) published an awful, awful article titled, “Hey, ladies — catcalls are flattering!

Watch out, PayPal just made 150M consumers “one touch” buyers

When it comes to mobile commerce, the winning formula is KISS (keep it simple, stupid). The more difficult it is to go from intent to discover to purchase, the more likely a consumer is to abandon their transaction.

More journalists arrested in Ferguson last night. So much for freedom of the press.

Last night, the Intercept’s Ryan Devereaux and Lukas Hermsmeier, a reporter for the German newspaper Bild, were among those arrested (or detained, as authorities are calling it) during the escalating protests over Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, MO. levels up, hiring its first ever CRO while IPO rumors loom

When burst onto the scene in early 2013 with a massive maiden financing round of $103 million, the Carpinteria-based video education startup was a complete unknown to most in the industry.

Over 7.8 million tweets have mentioned #Ferguson in the past 9 days

According to data given to the Wall Street Journal by Twitter, over 7.8 million tweets have mentioned the hashtag #Ferguson since August 9, the day a black teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, MO.

Now it’s time for Silicon Valley to profit from the new Indian ecommerce laws it helped shape

Late last month, the tech industry cheered two huge back-to-back investments into India’s fledgling e-commerce sector: India e-tailer raised $1 billion from global venture capital firms, the largest venture investment ever into an Indian Internet company, and 2014’s second largest investment round after Uber.

Is Twitter’s “favorite” controversy its first step on the road to ruin?

On first glance, Twitter and Facebook would seem to have a lot in common. Users follow humans, brands, and media organizations in order to see text, links, photos, and videos posted by these accounts in their feeds.

SF cab drivers form a union while Rome burns

San Francisco cab drivers have voted to unionize for the first time in over forty years, reports the SF Examiner.

AOL sites will now track you, whether you like it or not

AOL has updated its privacy policy to say that it won’t respect Do Not Track requests from visitors to its sites.

Julian Assange says he’ll leave the Ecuadorian embassy… soon

You have to hand it to Julian Assange: When it comes to publicity stunts, he makes PT Barnum look like an also-ran.

A look at the forces driving bitcoin down 23 percent in one week

The price of bitcoin continues to fall sharply as crypto-bulls scramble to understand the seemingly arbitrary decline.

Washington Post claims careful insertion of affiliate links into news stories happened by accident

Last week, I reported that the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post had started putting “Buy it now” links in its news stories.

Facebook ads already know everything about you. This company wants to bring the same ad targeting to Twitter

Facebook is an advertiser’s dream. On what other platform are users so ready and willing to provide their age, job, level of college education, marital status, and a host of other personal information that make advertisers lick their chops?

Another day, another Chinese hack: 4.5M medical records reportedly accessed at national hospital operator

In the latest evidence that corporate and consumer data are constantly under attack, Nashville-based Community Health Systems revealed in August 18 filing with the SEC that 4.5 million patient records were accessed by hackers.