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Tech reporters: The death of Gawker is not an excuse

Let’s give Gawker its funeral, and its wake. Let’s allow its editors and writers to mourn: To silence the pianos and with muffled drum ring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

TSFKAMSFWLIVE: Reasonable Doubtfire

In the latest episode of my US Presidential Election podcast, I'm joined from Las Vegas by capital defense attorney (and Pando contributor) Dayvid Figler.  Dayvid has been making headlines of his own recently over his defense of Bayzel Morgan, an alleged neo Nazi and even more alleged murderer who asked the court to hire a makeup artist to cover up his gang tattoos.

Indonesia: Harder than it looks

I was at a dinner party a few weeks ago and was asked what my favorite city I’ve traveled to was. I have a few, but one of them is undoubtedly Jakarta.

It's official: Lyft is now Jeb Bush to Uber's Donald Trump

If Lyft’s Logan Green and John Zimmer were to write a business book, what might the title be? How about “7 Habits of Highly Ineffectual Companies”?

As court rejects Uber's $100m worker settlement, Kalanick tries to pretend that driverless cars will actually need more drivers

Yesterday, a judge in California rejected Uber's much celebrated (by the company) $100m class action settlement with its drivers.

New York Magazine complains about the focus on Elizabeth Holmes' looks… by obsessing about Elizabeth Holmes' looks

Look, no one is a tremendous fan of Elizabeth Holmes in Silicon Valley right now. Well, except, say, Tim Draper who claims there is absolutely nothing wrong the blood testing former-corn that’s currently under federal investigation.

Am I unhealthily obsessed with the election?

A few weeks ago, a Twitter follower told me he was unfollowing me because my feed had become all election all the time.

In death, where is the Gawker for Gawkering Gawker?

(Update: Crikey. has announced it is closing down entirely next week. This in the same week that Breitbart announced it is taking over the Trump campaign.

Facebook's awfulness as a blog platform: Your responses

Earlier this week I shared my concerns about Facebook as a blogging platform. Specifically the here today, gone tomorrow nature of the thing.  Why would anyone in their right mind trust their words to something so hard to navigate, and so fond of banning its users for arbitrary reasons?

Finally there's a great Lyft billboard campaign (unfortunately it was produced by Uber)

As Paul Carr has noted-- twice-- Lyft’s billboard game is about as milquetoast as Uber is aggressive.

Katia Beauchamp on the moment she realized sexism was still alive and well in tech

Tell me if you’re sensing a pattern here. In undergrad, Birchbox founder Katia Beauchamp decided to major in math and economics because she noticed almost no women were in those classes, and she wanted to prove a woman could.

Dropbox grows up. Bill Gurley dances around his office. Will other decacorns follow suit?

Bloomberg reported yesterday that Dropbox has been meeting with financial advisors to test the waters of a 2017 IPO….

Burn bright, fade fast: The many risks of blogging on Facebook

There’s been a lot written recently about how Facebook’s regularly shifting rules and algorithms are killing media organizations.

Wall Street predicts huge IPO bounce in September… was that it for the great unicorn crash of 2016?

Since at least the third quarter of last year, industry watchers have been looking for new ways to say “this can’t last” about the venture capital market.

Where are all the email publishing startups?

Four years ago I had a revelation. I wrote about it here on Pando. Email isn’t dead. Despite a decade or more of predictions to the contrary, I wrote, email - not Facebook, not Twitter - was proving to be the single biggest driver of subscribers and subscriber engagement to NSFWCORP.

Facebook inadvertently screws over small publishers… again

When Facebook was only a few years old, the eventually ad proposition was clear. It would know so much about you that its ads would have more relevance than anything else.

The iPhone as the true window into our souls

I recently found an old iPhone from my first year building Pando and becoming a mother. First off, I was jealous at the smaller, compact form factor of the iPhone of 2011.

Startups increasingly rely on the corporations they should be disrupting. What could go wrong?

In any other era, I wouldn’t devote this much time to covering a 60+ page report on the state of corporate venture capital.

Breeze: The scamming startup that just won't quit

A few weeks ago, I shared great news: Breeze, the Mark Cuban backed rideshare loans company that lied to attract new users, was going out of business.

With another mega-round in progress, Airbnb has achieved something Uber hasn’t

In the shadow of all the Uber madness over the last seven years, is the story of Airbnb. In any other era, Airbnb would be considered lawless and disruptive.