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The War Nerd: Doing the math on Alawite casualty numbers

The Sunday Telegraph said recently that Assad’s Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will collapse soon, because one-third of Syrian Alawite “males of military age” have already died fighting the Sunni.

CyPhy Works CEO Helen Greiner on drones, Kickstarter, and being the ‘First Lady of Robots’

In the late 1980’s, MIT was a place where a generation that grew up on the writing of Isaac Asimov, Star Trek, and the Star Wars films was trying to make the worlds that they had found in science fiction a reality — albeit one without robots as overlords and all powerful droids trying to destroy humanity.

SoundCloud’s doomed monetization efforts have somehow alienated both small-time creators and major labels

Digital platforms can be divided into two distinct breeds: There are products like Facebook, which despite being immensely popular are rarely described by users as something they “love.” Whereas Zuckerberg’s social network was once a fun way to connect with old friends and stalk the girl who sits behind you in Chem 101, today Facebook is as much a utility as anything.

“Safe writing, ladies”: It’s female reporters who are holding Uber’s feet to the fire

After a year of threatening and intimidating multiple female journalists who wouldn’t fall in line, Uber appears to have awaken a sleeping female reporting giant.


“So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa Earlier this week, the US Director of National Intelligence released a list of books and documents seized from Osama Bin Laden’s hideout in 2011.

San Francisco’s independent retailers disrupt themselves to survive

Retail in San Francisco is hard for the little guy. Shoppers have migrated to mobile. Commercial tenants have no rent control protections.

Uber hard at work on effort to replace drivers with machines

Travis Kalanick might be able to replace Uber’s drivers faster than expected. Pittsburgh Business Times has spotted a vehicle emblazoned with “Uber Advanced Technologies Center” on a side door.

By way of the UK and Vegas, Mitoo wants to capture the adult beer league market

San Francisco-based sports league platform Mitoo has slowly been making its way West since it was founded in London in 2011.

Germany sues e-commerce sites for sharing data with Facebook

Facebook isn’t the only company receiving flack from regulators over the data it collects through its “Like” button.

Here’s how Google plans to disassociate the White House from racist search terms

Google plans to implement a “key algorithmic change” to prevent its mapping product from displaying racist results, like showing the White House when people search for “n***** house.” Yes that actually happened.

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” creators once again punt on sexism issue

satire [n]: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc There are two major criticisms brought against HBO’s Silicon Valley: The first is that it just isn’t that funny, at least when compared to some of Mike Judge’s other films and television shows, including Idiocracy, Office Space, and King of the Hill.

David Letterman and the long, Internet-enabled decline of the nightly talk show

Everyone once in a while we like to throw a PandoMonthly curve ball. A fascinating guest who entrepreneurs can learn from but who you probably weren’t expecting to see on a Pando stage.

The US wants to restrict exports of software vulnerabilities. But is that such a good idea?

Researchers are concerned about a United States Commerce Department plan to treat software vulnerabilities like “dual-use” items that could be weaponized.

MassChallenge is quietly growing into one of the most influential forces for global entrepreneurship

Through a maze of hallways, each indistinguishable from the next, in the still very under-construction and hard to find HULT International School of Business on the Boston-Cambridge line, the world’s largest startup accelerator, MassChallenge, held the official welcoming ceremony yesterday afternoon for the 128 startups that will be joining its four-month bootcamp for early stage companies.

How health site “The Mighty thinks it can build the next big content platform without selling its soul to Facebook

When Mike Porath’s daughter was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder that includes autism and other challenges, he spent a lot of time on WebMD.

Snowden documents show spy agencies exploiting issues with China’s most popular browser

New reports from CBC News and the Intercept show that intelligence agencies in Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand exploited vulnerabilities in Alibaba’s UC Browser to surveil 500 million people.

Pew: Most Americans don’t trust private companies or government agencies with their data

Pew reports that a majority of Americans (roughly 65 percent) believe there are inadequate restrictions on government data collection.

“Mad Men Integrated” imagines Don Draper as a millennial social media marketer. And it doesn’t suck!

Here at Pando, we’re big fans of Mad Men — or at least I am, to such an extent that I ranked and recapped all 92 episodes the other day.

As the douchebags start piling up in HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” maybe Erlich isn’t so bad?

Forgive the lateness of this: I’ve been stuck at Sterling Cooper writing 19,000 words about the Mad Men series finale and all 91 other episodes. Silicon Valley isn’t anywhere near the same level as Mad Men in terms of documenting the emotional contours of a workplace.

Walking with Disruptors: I crashed yesterday’s big sharing economy conference in SF

Yesterday, in a windowless, former “Italian men’s club” in San Francisco’s North Beach, flanked by strip clubs on all sides, the “On Demand Conference” was held to address the surging on-demand economy.