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To Silicon Valley’s surprise, Donald Trump has made it uncool to be a sociopath

“What does President Trump mean for Silicon Valley?” That was the question posed by an audience member at John Battelles's recent “NewCo Shift” tech conference in San Francisco.

What does Mark Zuckerberg actually stand for? Today it's impossible to tell

The Mark Zuckerberg I knew in Facebook’s early days was not someone who snowed reporters, mostly because he didn’t know how.

“This brand is about empowering women”: How motherhood changed Amy Errett’s life and career

Everything Amy Errett does is steeped, soaked and infused with love. It’s the underpinning of the culture of her company Madison Reed.

How Nasty Gal could become a Nasty Woman

The womenswear line Nasty Gal filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2016, the same day half the nation mourned the evaporated hope of a first female presidency.

Aaron Hirschhorn: The $70m dog sitter

[Editor's note: This piece originally ran on as part of an editorial collaboration with Pando aimed at sharing founders' struggles, challenges, and origin stories with millions of founders across America.] When I first heard about DogVacay, it struck me as one of those “Airbnb of X” or “Uber of X” derivatives that swept through startup-dom over the last few years.

Snap’s IPO messaging has failed: It’s the new Facebook comp, like it or not

It’s a good thing Snap is calling itself a “camera” company not a communications company. Because something about its IPO talking points appears to be getting lost in Wall Street translation.

When it comes to satire, the Internet is getting its ass kicked by a bunch of old people

Private Eye magazine isn’t particularly well known here in the US. Certainly it’s not as well known as some other British news  magazines like The Economist or the Week.

Half a trillion in market cap is betting that the Internet finally displaces TV

The Internet has had a spotty record for the last few decades of claiming it would take on television.

First China, then European bans, then Indian driver strikes, now a Brazilian judge rules Uber drivers are employees. Can we all agree world domination has utterly failed?

Ohhhhhh shit. Core to Uber’s valuation is global domination. Has been for several years. Since about… $50 billion in valuation or so.

When John Podesta is using Signal, it's safe to say it has gone mainstream

For the longest time, privacy and security nerds activists folks have been anticipating the product that brings encryption to the masses.

White men to women and minorities in tech: We just DGAF

Last November, LinkedIn published a study that showed just how much white men care about diversity in tech.

Self-driving cars: The hottest talent war in the already talent-strapped Silicon Valley

I’ve been writing for months that the only battle that will matter when it comes to self-driving cars will be the war over talent.

So, where’s Trump's anti-tech backlash that terrified the most powerful people on earth?

In the beginning there was an astounding lack of courage for an industry that pretends it’s full of reckless contrarian mavericks above the law.

The Hyperbole Hyperloophole

With all the hubbub about 9th Circuit Judges and Ivanka Trump clothing lines, you might have missed yesterday’s truly exciting news: Brogan BamBrogan is Brogan BamBack!

Twitter's dismal performance gives Dorsey another excuse to finally act on Trump

I spent the past couple of days - on and off - attending John Battelle’s NewCo ShiftForum conference in San Francisco.

“I came back from China and I just gave birth in my house because I was so tired”: Lisa Fetterman’s version of having it all

This is one of the most extreme episodes of “A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug” yet. We get way into the weeds on pregnancy: Talking about how Nomiku CEO Lisa Fetterman came back from setting up manufacturing for her sous vide company in China and endured 36 hours of labor at home because she missed her bed so much.

Silicon Valley has always been an echo chamber. So why is it suddenly so bad at predicting consumer Internet winners?

There is really no correlation with what makes a great VC. Is it Wall Street experience? A background in tech or financial journalism?

A cynic, a social justice warrior, a fashion mogul, a composer: VC David Hornik on raising kids in the Bay Area

Back before I had children, VC David Hornik was one of the only people I know who could tell me endless stories about his kids and I would sit and avidly listen.

You know what’s more exciting than the journalism being produced by women’s magazines today? The army of girls reading it

Yesterday, Lily Herman had a Tweet storm that was actually worthy of the overused format. In response to shock all around that Cosmopolitan broke major political news, Herman-- a contributor for Teen Vogue and managing editor at WayUp-- listed the many scoops and impact pieces women’s magazines have had of late.

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass: “I’ve been batshit about Trump for a year... he’s acting somewhere between a dictator and a small business owner”

“You are talking to the wrong CEOs. There are plenty of CEOs who have been going batshit crazy for months over Trump.” That was from an email I got last Monday from, Carl Bass, a tech CEO who has been going batshit crazy for months over Trump.