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Not torn apart

I’m not sure the universe has room for another opinion column written about the barbaric terror attack in Manchester earlier this week.

Greg Gianforte allegedly assaulted a reporter. Wait. Greg Gianforte, the RightNow Technologies guy?

A few days ago, I started paying attention to the special election in Montana. Particularly how the Democratic candidate was making in-roads not by running against Donald Trump - who apparently is still pretty popular in Montana - but by running against Paul Ryan.

In six years, Kai-Fu Lee says China has gone from mere copy cats to potential global AI domination. What changed?

Kai-Fu Lee is a master of transcontinental tech self-promotion. Everyone in Beijing and Silicon Valley will tell you this, some of them with an envious sneer.

Nine months ago, it was unclear how committed Alphabet was to beating Uber. Now, it has two powerful motivators: Revenge and $70 billion

Editor’s Note: “Uber Tuesday” is a new weekly column by me all about Uber. To protect my sanity, I’m (mostly) confining everything I have to say about the Valley’s most highly valued and most toxic startup to one day of the week.

For the first time, almost entirely by accident, it’s great to be Lyft

No one is more surprised than me to be writing these words: It’s suddenly looking like Lyft is the best positioned of anyone in the on-demand/self-driving world right now.

The Beat

Did you see Trump fired Comey? Did you see Trump gave secret intel to the Russians? Did you see Trump told Comey to stop investigating Flynn?

Ben Lerer: "We're in 1985 all over again"

[Editor's note: This piece, based on my PandoMonthly interview with Ben Lerer, originally ran on as part of an editorial collaboration with Pando aimed at sharing founders' struggles, challenges, and origin stories with millions of founders across America.] It's hard to decide who has changed the most in the last 12 years: Thrillist or its co-founder and CEO Ben Lerer.

What shield law? Lawyers for Ebbu co-founder Michael Wendschuh tried to subpoena Pando writer's notes and sources

As regular readers will know, Pando has a longstanding policy of publishing any and all legal threats we receive, no matter how baseless or ridiculous.

Even Steve Jobs worried about retaining employees. Good luck, Uber

Editor’s Note: “Uber Tuesday” is a new weekly column by me all about Uber. To protect my sanity, I’m confining everything I have to say about the Valley’s most highly valued and most toxic startup to one day of the week.

Take that, patriarchy: Even more evidence of the productivity of working moms

People keep asking me if I’m going to review Ivanka Trump’s new book This isn’t a crazy question. Pando certainly hasn’t been opinion-free when it comes to the first family.

The Quitter: Schadenfreude Tourism? Cash me in!

"Brexit means Brexit!" With those words British Prime minister Theresa May confirmed that Britain’s exit from the EU would be complete and irreversible.

Snap's unhappy honeymoon

I'll admit it, the first thing I thought when Snap unveiled its magic eraser this week was that a company losing as much money as Snap is should think twice about using that name.

One reason Blue Apron just may outlast the rest: Working mom guilt

When I saw the news earlier this week that famous New York chef David Chang’s food delivery company, Maple, had ceased operations I wasn’t surprised.

"Nobody is hiding at Uber": Dispatches from the Waymo vs Uber courtroom

"The only way to run a railroad like this is the American way, put a jury in the box over there to decide and I'll just sit here and watch." SAN FRANCISCO: This past Thursday, Judge William Alsup addressed a packed courtroom on the 19th floor of the Philip Burton Federal Building.

Don’t let the macro numbers fool you: Seed investing is in an absolute funk. And with good reason

While I’m not yet done “snorkeling in the swamp” -- Paul’s term for what covering the tech industry has become-- I can certainly think of more fun times to be a tech reporter.

The Quitter, Week One: The happiest lot on earth

"The happiest lot on earth is to be born a Scotchman.  You must pay for it in many ways, as for all other advantages on earth...

Week One: Signal and Noise

Last Friday afternoon, after quitting technology journalism for good, I packed a small suitcase and headed North up the 101 towards Napa.

Facebook: Entering middle age like a durable baseball player

It's been 13 years since Mark Zuckerberg first wrote code that became Facebook, a time span that usually qualifies a tech company for middle age.

Lesley Gold: My husband isn’t dying, he just wants to be a stay-home dad

The Silicon Valley PR firm SutherlandGold still bears Scott Sutherland’s name… first. But that should tell you absolutely nothing about the dynamic of the two founders, Sutherland and his wife Lesley Gold.  When they decided to build a firm together, she caved on which name would come first, because the two had already agreed their kids would have her last name.

“Why are we trying to hide this?”: Finally, Uber gets its big, ugly, un-hackable day in court

Yesterday, I attended Michele Dauber’s Stanford Law Center conference on how to protect Title IX in a President Trump world.