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The UK plans to reveal a watered-down “Snooper’s Charter” to collect citizens’ IP addresses

A new bill expected to be revealed on Wednesday would require Internet service providers in the United Kingdom to keep records of their customers’ IP addresses which would be handed over to police to combat terrorism, online bullying, suicidal thoughts, and other emergencies.

Symantec discovers sophisticated malware likely made by a Western intelligence agency

Researchers at Symantec have discovered malware that has been used to spy on individuals, telecoms, and businesses since 2008.

Careful what you wish against: Silicon Valley just rolled out a red carpet to government regulation

It may seem from the outside as if Silicon Valley repeats the same boom and bust cycle over and over again.

The guy who accused Sarah Lacy of “playing victim” over Uber forgot to disclose he’s “bros” with the company’s two most senior execs

Ordinarily, guns don’t make me feel relaxed. This past Wednesday, however, as I waited in a glass-walled conference room for Sarah Lacy to finish an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang about Uber’s plan to smear her and other journalists, I took comfort knowing that the man hired to protect Sarah – an off-duty agent for a federal agency I won’t name — was armed to the ears.

Uber’s smear machine thinks you’re a total idiot

Uber’s attempt to silence and smear journalists reporting next n its business practices has moved into its next phase.

What Medium’s big play for politicians says about the platform’s future

With the latest midterm elections at a close, politicians and analysts have now set their ramblings and pontificating on the 2016 Presidential race.

“A productive member of society”: Talking immigration with Jose Antonio Vargas

It’s been quite the week here at Pando, but at times like this it’s good to have one’s own problems put in perspective.

‘weev’ in Beirut: I can’t go home until “most of the agents of the federal government are dead.”

“The only hope I have of returning to the land I love, where I was kidnapped at gunpoint and had my house bulldozed, is if there is a such a consistent level of change that most of the agents of the federal government are dead.

Maturing Surf Air adds new planes, new routes, and fresh appeal to its membership-based airline

Surf Air is growing up and it’s got some new toys to reflect that maturity. The first in the company’s arsenal of shiny new objects is a brand new Pilatus PC-12NG Aircraft.

How once high-flying Fab’s sale for parts is both worse and not as bad as it seem

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just 17 months ago, investors were strapping Fab with a $1 billion valuation and talking about it as the next Amazon.

Aereo admits defeat, files for bankruptcy

Aereo seems to have finally accepted its demise. The company announced today that it has filed for bankruptcy to “maximize the value of its business and assets without the extensive cost and distraction of defending drawn out litigation in several courts.” The absurd tale is over.

Utah might stop sending water to an NSA data center — in 2021

Here’s a novel solution to the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs: shut off the water that will allow its data centers to store and analyze unimaginable amounts of information without turning into a puddle of melted hard drives.

With the help of Ben Horowitz, rapper Ryan Leslie wants to reinvent the record label for the new music economy

I arrived a few minutes early to Open Kitchen, a cafeteria-style hangout in New York’s Financial District, to meet Ryan Leslie.

On stage at Goldman Sachs event, Travis Kalanick compared his company’s woes to Ferguson

Last night, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took a break from his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week to speak at a ritzy gathering of bankers and tech tycoons in Las Vegas, hosted by Goldman Sachs.

Seth Meyers: Travis Kalanick is Axe body spray in a suit, turned sentient

“What exactly is going on with the corporate culture at Uber? … Are you a man [Travis Kalanick], or did they just spray Axe Body Spray into a suit until it became sentient?

With Bitcoin Foundation to focus solely on core development, crypto-bulls look to wipe the slate clean in 2015

A major shift is underway for the Bitcoin Foundation, which yesterday announced that it will cease all education, outreach, and public policy efforts in favor of focusing exclusively on core development of the Bitcoin protocol – its original purpose.

The War Nerd: Why Sherman was right to burn Atlanta

KUWAIT CITY — There are times when the sheer ignorance and ingratitude of the American public makes you sick.

ZenPayroll CEO: Fundraising is a lot like recruiting. We care about shared values and vision

For ZenPayroll founder Joshua Reeves, fundraising is a lot like hiring. It’s an opportunity to build a team of people with shared values, complementary skills, and a parallel vision for how a product and industry should evolve.

Is Snapcash a tool for the porn industry in disguise?

Earlier this week, the disappearing-messages app Snapchat took a huge leap into an industry few people would have expected from what’s still considered by many to be a “sexting app”: Payments.

Bezos has turned the Washington Post into a public relations tool for Amazon’s tablets

Kindle Fire tablet owners now have exclusive access to a new application from the Washington Post, and they’ll be able to use it for six months without having to pay for a subscription, just by virtue of using a product made by the company that allowed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to buy the Post in 2013.