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Software bug made the seemingly secure Blackphone vulnerable to snooping

The Blackphone might not be as secure as advertised. Ars Technica reports that the device had a bug which allowed anyone to read messages sent to it, write code to its internal storage, view its contacts list, and track its location.

Uber aims to squash its off-duty insurance problem with per-mile coverage from Metromile

Uber may have finally solved one of the thorniest issues facing its US driver-partners: insurance. The company has been routinely criticized for the ambiguity of its insurance situation, including what commercial liability coverage it provides drivers while they are transporting passengers and how that dovetails with a driver’s own personal automotive coverage for the rest of their driving time.

This indie rocker just made the perfect parody of the new music economy

The antipathy toward streaming music services from many in the artist community is well-known. Their arguments cover everything from low royalty payments to more philosophical concerns — like that streaming music, which exists entirely in the cloud and not as an MP3 or physical product, has created a more disposable culture around the artform.

The FTC wants to make sure consumers don’t drown in the Internet of Things’ flood of data

Can a regulator struggling to manage the handling of data generated by smartphones keep pace with a world in which everything from refrigerators to toilets is connected to the Internet?

Here’s a copy of Uber’s emergency surge pricing agreement with the state of New York

The “Hashtag-Blizzard-of-2015″ has come and gone in New York. And despite dire warnings from meteorologists that the city would be blanketed in 20-30 inches of snow, the final snow-counts across the 5 boroughs were more in the 6- to 10-inch range.

Snapchat does what Facebook couldn’t: Get publishers to trust it with their content

Snapchat has introduced a new feature which allows its users to view articles, images, and videos from a variety of publishers inside the company’s messaging application.

Twitter parrots Facebook with group messaging, video features

The Facebook-ification of Twitter continues today with the announcement that Twitter users will now be able to send group messages and upload videos directly to the service.

HelloTech raises $2.5M to bring on-demand convenience to in-home IT support

It’s not just transportation and food delivery that are going on-demand today. Increasingly, most service categories can benefit from the friction-reducing effects of modern, smartphone-powered booking and the flexibility of a dynamic workforce.

Epoxy partners with top MCNs to makes multi-platform content management less of a pain

With the emergence of online video stars that rival traditional Hollywood celebrities in popularity and influence, it’s no surprise brands are turning to digital platforms to reach consumers.

The DEA is collecting information about “millions” of Americans without public oversight

A semi-secret surveillance program developed by the Drug Enforcement Administration is collecting location information about “millions” of Americans through the use of a license plate-reading system to which state police departments also contribute data.

Keep YouTube Weird: How YouTube lost its soul — and may lose the creators that built it

In 2013, Jason Calacanis wrote a post titled, “I ain’t gonna work on YouTube’s farm no more.” In it, the media entrepreneur detailed how, despite being one of the top funded YouTube creator partners, he turned down the platform’s money when it was time to renew his contract.

PandoLIVE is LIVE right now, refusing to be awful and talking about snowpocalypse surging

PandoLIVE is LIVE right now. Because after 24 hours you can’t possibly be sick of listening to us talk.

Dear Travis: A Miami Uber driver takes exception to the company’s rate cuts

[Editor’s note: The following represents the combination of two articles which originally appeared on the UberDriverMiami blog and have been republished here unedited with the author’s permission.

Kleiner may not be acquiring Social+Capital Partnership, but don’t rule out M&A among VC firms

In the highly competitive world of venture capital, firms of all sizes are looking for a competitive edge for getting into the best deals.

After de Blasio calls snowstorm gouging illegal, Uber still uses surge prices — just not as horribly as usual

Here in New York City and other parts of the Northeast, the snow has begun to fall and it likely won’t stop for the next 24 hours or longer.

BADASS intelligence program shows there’s no distinction between for-profit and governmental surveillance

A newly-revealed intelligence program called BADASS once again demonstrates the connection between corporate analytics tools and government surveillance programs.

Police want Google to nix Waze’s cop-tracking feature due to safety concerns

California sheriffs are protesting a feature which allows Waze users to learn the location of police officers because it might allow potential cop-killers to easily find their targets.

With Coinbase Exchange, US Bitcoin users get a fully-licensed, insured, and domestic trading option

As first reported late last night, Coinbase has launched the first regulated, US-based bitcoin exchange.

Turkey orders Facebook to block pages depicting or criticizing Muhammad

Facebook has been ordered to block pages depicting the Prophet Muhammad, including those featuring the cover of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s latest issue, with a warning that its service could be banned from Turkey if it doesn’t enforce the blockade.

Why Priceline’s problems may soon be tech’s problems

Sometimes it seems like the tech industry is its own little world, comfortably insulated from the turmoil that might be happening in other parts of the global economy.