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Silent Circle: “The reports of [our] death have been greatly exaggerated.”

This past Tuesday I wrote about the lawsuit pending against Silent Circle, manufacture of the super-secret Blackphone.

Yahoo exclamation mark, R.I.P.

One of the hazards of business journalism is Schadenfreude. It's one thing to feel some justice when a Turing Pharmaceuticals gets its comeuppance.

Your monthly helping of serious ridesharing allegations: July

Based on the sheer number of blog posts I had to sift through for this month’s wrap-up, you’d think that the heavens parted while Moses himself etched into stone “Uber drivers aren’t paid well!

Serious question: Does Tim Armstrong even believe his own bullshit anymore?

If you’re like me, you’ve lost track of who is said to be buying what parts of Yahoo for what amounts of cash.  I’ve spent so many years writing about the potential fate of one of the saddest assets in Silicon Valley history, I’ll be honest: I’ve just lost interest with the day to day.

Publishers should trust Facebook like drivers should trust Uber

Facebook has once again announced changes to how posts by media organizations appear on the News Feed.

Now showing in theaters: Chinese tech company product placement

Tech product placement in Hollywood movies is nothing new. Since Legally Blonde and Mission Impossible in the early 90s, Apple products have shown up in hundreds of movies.

Subscription commerce is dead. (Except when it comes to platforms and digital goods)

Today, I became a Postmates Unlimited customer. For $10 a month, I get free delivery on all my Postmates orders over $25.

Management, Motherhood, and Mistakes: What I learned taking parental leave in tech

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Nikki Pechet, VP of Marketing at Thumbtack.  One of the things I love most about Thumbtack is our focus on First Principles Thinking, an approach where “you boil things down to the most fundamental truths … and then reason up from there.” With this approach, my job feels like a chance to start from scratch and build the perfect solution to any problem every day.

Can it be true? Tellspec claims it has (re)started shipping beta devices

If you've been following our coverage of "miracle" "food" "scanner" Tellspec, you'll know the company has succeeded in delivering little more than disappointment (to its army of Indiegogo backers) and threatened lawsuits (against us).  When we last updated the saga two months ago, the company had de

Desperately seeking disconnection? eBooks continue to fall against print books

Beware anecdotal evidence, but I noticed a curious thing during my week off in Palm Springs. I was staying at the Ace hotel -- a favourite with hipsters from the Bay Area and (even more so) LA.

The business press really wants you to think Lyft is for sale. Is it?

My entire social media feed last night has been about how sad it is that Lyft is for sale. The reason: The news that Lyft is reportedly working with Qatalyst Partners.

Is the super-secure Blackphone about to go dark?

When I first heard about Silent Circle's Blackphone -- the NSA-proof smartphone -- it sounded pretty cool...

HBO Silicon Valley, S3, Ep. 10: “Every time I try to do the right thing I get fucked”

In theory, HBO’s Silicon Valley should have the same challenge as a high school drama like Saved by the Bell, 90210, or The OC.  After four years or less-- depending when it starts-- the kids all graduate.

An undignified Brexit

In this week's episode of the podcast formerly known as NSFWLIVE, James Aylett joins me live from London to talk about the end of the world.

Prisma: A flash in the pan, maybe, but a delightful reminder of why we fell in love with apps

Someone with a social network should buy this thing stat.

A dignified Brexit

I knew Britain was doomed the moment I saw Re/Code's headline, right after the polls closed. "It’s close but it looks as though the U.K.

Quote of the day: Theranos investor Tim Draper says the company is being unfairly attacked.... just like Uber

Just in case you needed more proof today that the world has gone loopy... "Here's the thing, nothing has gone wrong with Theranos...

“If ‘bitch’ means good, then, great.”

Some 18 years ago Jennifer Justice (yep, that’s her real name, and she’s an entertainment lawyer) was on a three-day weekend with her friends in Malibu.

Post LinkedIn, is there a wave of tech M&A deals coming?

Finally, some good news for capital-hungry startups. In the wake of Microsoft's $26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn, there's likely to be a wave of tech M&A deals coming.

The Pugnacious Matt Maloney on BlueApron: “I don’t think there’s a chance they go public now”

I’ll put it this way. When my interview with GrubHub’s Matt Maloney wrapped up, the next guest, Thumbtack’s Marco Zappacosta had this to say, “Wow.