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The War Nerd: A Brief History Of The Yemen Clusterf*ck

DILI, EAST TIMOR — I ought to be familiar with the Houthi, the Shia militia that’s now conquering most of what’s worth taking in Yemen.

Former Homeland Security head tells Pando why he doesn’t trust his fitness data to the cloud

Michael Chertoff is one of the millions of Americans who use fitness trackers to accompany them when they exercise.

Instagram grudgingly agrees that photos of menstrual blood shouldn’t be banned

From its removal of a page promoting a nude charity calendar to its ban on art critic Jerry Saltz for posting artistic representations of genitalia, Facebook’s policies on sexually suggestive material are among the most Puritanical of all major tech companies. That’s no small feat considering Google’s recent removal of adult blogs and Snapchat’s policy against porn stars making a living wage.

Kleiner partners respond to judgement in Pao trial with two line, gloaty statement

This press statement just landed in my inbox from Kleiner, moments after the jury delivered their final verdict exonerating the firm from any discrimination against Ellen Pao.

LIVE: Pao/Kleiner jurors explain how they reached their verdict

Right now, Judge Kahn is asking jurors in the Kleiner vs Pao case to explain why they reached their verdict.

Let’s try that again: Despite flip-flopping jury, Pao loses Kleiner suit on all counts (definitely this time)

Earlier this afternoon, in a final twist, the judge in the Pao vs Kleiner trial ordered the jury to go back and try again to reach a majority verdict after confusion over juror votes.

DripDrop is a rare startup that actually saves lives

Plenty of startups claim to be changing the world. But how many can truly deliver on that promise by saving lives?

After a crazy day, Meerkat founder says “I want to be in India, I want to be on Jimmy Fallon… I want to be everywhere”

Yesterday was quite a day for Meerkat founder Ben Rubin. First, his company announced that it had raised money from Greylock Ventures and a bunch of other venture funds, many with connections to the entertainment industry: Lorne Michaels-connected Broadway Video Ventures, Universal Music Group,  and Comcast Ventures.

Cloudera’s Jeff Hammerbacher on the ugly underbelly of Silicon Valley’s startup culture

Jeff Hammerbacher actually had to fly to San Francisco for his PandoMonthly last month. The former Facebook mafia “data god” and Cloudera co-founder made his name and fortune in the Valley, but he’s since moved to New York.

Oh boy. Jury sent back out in Pao trial, court in recess

    “At this point I am going to ask you to resume your deliberations. I am unable to record the verdict, i will speak to the lawyers outside of your presence and very possibly ask you to come back in, but in the meantime you must talk amonst yourself about Ms.

BREAKING: Jury finds in favor of Kleiner in Pao vs Kleiner trial

BREAKING… (Previously.) After two days of deliberation, the jury in the Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers trial has emerged to deliver its verdict.

Why digital media conferences are a waste of time for everybody involved

In 2011, I attended my first-ever “new media conference” — and with any luck, it will also be my last.

Slack reveals February data breach

Slack has announced that its customers’ usernames, passwords, and email addresses were compromised by hackers who broke into the company’s internal servers.

Ten red flags on the GoDaddy IPO

Barring any eleventh-hour surprises, GoDaddy will launch an IPO sometime next week. Ten months after it filed its first prospectus, the domain-registration and web-hosting company hopes to price its shares between $17 and $19 each.

Meet the apps hoping to be the Fitbit for your financial fitness

Everyone wants something different from the quantified self movement. Some delight in learning more about themselves; others want to use all that data to improve their lives.

Why aren’t law firms required to disclose when they’ve been hacked?

Citigroup has warned against trusting sensitive information to law firms, which aren’t required to reveal data breaches and often cover them up.

As Facebook successfully tests its first drone, privacy questions loom

Facebook has successfully tested one of its solar-powered, Internet-delivering drones in the United Kingdom, according to a blog post from Mark Zuckerberg.

Life350 takes family peace of mind overseas with Yahoo! Japan partnership

The desire to remain close to and protect one’s family is as universal as anything, transcending language and culture.

Here’s why Accel just committed $305 million to startups in India

If you Google “startups” and virtually any city or nation in the world, you’ll inevitably find true believers insisting that such-and-such region is the new Silicon Valley.

Unfazed by #myNYPD disaster, the NYPD turns to social media to hear public complaints

No matter how many times the New York Police Department is burned when it tries to reach the public on social media, it still seems to believe the disconnect between officers and the public can be bridged with a hashtag or status update.