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Jeremy Levine on why so many Silicon Valley investors passed on Pinterest

$762.5 million in funding. A $5 billion valuation. 70 million hyper-engaged users who actually buy shit, and that’s just as of last year — this number is almost surely higher today.

Chris Christie lies yet again. Tells press conference that Sirota was fired by Pando over inaccuracies

I thought we’d already put this to bed, but apparently not. Speaking in a press conference today, New Jersey governor Chris Christie responded to the continuing scandal over his handling of New Jersey pension funds by adding yet another lie to his long, long record of untruths.

“Kid, haven’t you heard of Friendster? Forget about it.” How Jeremy Levine missed out on Facebook

“If you invested in every one of the ten next best VC investments, but you miss a Facebook or a Google, the next ten don’t add up to even one of a Facebook or a Google.” Thus is the nature of regret in the venture capitalism world.

What if Oracle’s CEO changes were a crazy plot to secure Ellison’s legacy?

When the Roman Emperor Tiberius had to choose a successor, he actually chose two: His grandson Gemellus and the notorious Caligula.

Facebook’s latest algorithm tweak makes it more like Twitter (and hopefully better for news)

As anybody who manages a brand page on Facebook knows, the company is constantly tweaking its News Feed algorithm, the little robot that decides which posts each users see and which ones are lost forever in the social media ether.

With Ellison resigning, is Oracle now led by its own “Tim Cook”?

You don’t replace Larry Ellison. And yet, today Oracle finds itself in the unenviable task of trying to do just that, replace its larger than life founder, the company today announced that he would be stepping down as CEO, effective immediately.

In New York? Don’t miss tonight’s Pando Monthly with Jeremy Levine

Just about three hours to go until tonight’s Pando Monthly NY with Bessemer’s Jeremy Levine. Along with a couple of hours of sparkling conversation between Levine and Pando’s Sarah Lacy, there’ll also be all the beer and dim sum you can drink and eat, PLUS all attendees will get a copy of the latest Pando Quarterly print magazine, fresh off the presses.

What the hell is going on with Twitpic?

Two weeks ago, Twitpic, one of the earliest platforms for sharing photos on Twitter, announced it was shutting down. And while the advent of Twitter’s own native sharing tools has rendered Twitpic largely irrelevant, it was still sad to see a company that was so integral to shaping how we share photos on the social web close up shop.

Google announces open source security initiative, continuing its love-hate relationship with user privacy

  Google, Dropbox, and the Open Technology Fund have partnered to create Simply Secure, a group meant to make it easier for companies to build open source security tools into their products.

LucidWorks debuts new Fusion platform, offers modularized, personalized search for the enterprise

Amid its battles with disgruntled employees and overzealous tech bloggers in search of scandal, LucidWorks has been heads-down for the better part of a year designing its next generation enterprise search platform.

No, U2’s new secret Apple music format won’t “save music”

Last week, Apple and U2 set off an Internet firestorm by adding the band’s latest record, “Songs of Innocence,” to half a billion users’ iTunes libraries without asking.

Instead of its discriminatory “real name” policy, Facebook should let people celebrate their identity

There’s an odd obsession with learning something’s “true name” in most fantasy literature. This name is said to give a person incredible power over whoever it is they’re trying to control — and because this power would create problems if it were attached to the name someone is given at birth, it is instead concerned with the “name” that describes who someone is in their most basic sense.

Apple publishes huge accountability report on privacy and security. But does it go far enough?

In the wake of criticism related to Labor Day Weekend’s celebrity photo leak, Apple has published a detailed look at its built-in security tools, the government’s requests for customer data, and its thinking on how much information should be shared with other parties.

Jack Erwin grabs $9 million and 135 years of retail experience as Brown Shoe leads it Series A

It’s no secret that building an ecommerce business is hard. It’s a task that becomes even more difficult when combined with the challenge of building a fashion brand at the same time.

With 4M monthly visitors, can One Green Planet convince millennials to save the planet?

Last week I wrote about the Dodo, an environmental site founded by Huffington Post cofounder Ken Lerer and his daughter Izzie. The pair had just announced $4.7 million in new funding and a content-sharing partnership with Discovery.

“What has to scale is trust.” Tilt’s crowdfunding platform is in it for the long haul

Having watched as Indiegogo failed to take action on crowdfunding sham after crowdfunding sham this year, seeing Tilt in early September take down the campaign for the Scribble Pen, which had raised $227,000 — over twice its target — was refreshing.

Thiel: Alibaba is “fundamentally a political investment” that I wouldn’t make

With Alibaba set to have the biggest IPO in history, investors around the world are looking to handicap the mysterious and largely misunderstood Chinese Internet company.

I guarantee Uber isn’t losing any sleep over this Alibaba-backed “challenger”

According to a press release issued today, American ridesharing companies need to watch their back! China-based Kuaidi Dache is heading to our shores!

Faulty Android tablets leave children (and their parents) exposed even after factory reset

It’s hard to protect a child’s personal information online. So many kids are now using tablets and other devices to play games, read books, and communicate with their friends that working to keep them safe on the Web can sometimes seem like a particularly stressful full-time job.

Startups Anonymous: What Every Founder Should Ask An Accelerator

[This is a weekly series that brings you raw, first-hand experiences from founders and investors in the trenches.