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The Boston vs. New York tech rivalry takes an unexpected turn according to CB Insights latest data

On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for HubSpot’s initial public offering last fall — which came one week after I was in the same room for Wayfair’s IPO — I chatted up one of NYSE’s staff members about the New York tech scene.

Fizzics, a gadget that makes bottled and canned beer taste like draft brews, is the ultimate “dad startup”

When I first heard the idea for Fizzics, I was fairly certain it was either a lie or a joke. It had all the trademarks of what Pando alum James Robinson would have called a “scampaign.” It makes an unlikely claim — in Fizzics’ case, that it can make any bottle, can, or growler of beer taste like it was just poured from a tap at a bar.

Blockchain Summit is glad you noticed they didn’t invite many women to their island conference

Late in April, a wave of articles announcing the Blockchain Summit lapped onto the Internet’s shores.

A tech earnings season to forget. But also worth thinking about

As earnings seasons go, the parade of financial reports these past few weeks is one that many tech companies will be happy to forget.

Broke Ass Stuart, Hipster Citizen Kane

Another San Francisco media entrepreneur has completed an impressive round of funding to keep the dream alive.

Surprise! “Uber for money” might actually be a good idea

“Uber for money” sounds like Travis Kalanick’s wet dream. Just imagine a black car filled with hundred-dollar bills… it’s the logical conclusion to the company’s focus on the 1 percent.

Microsoft’s wildly inaccurate “How Old Do I Look?” is a data miner’s dream

Microsoft thinks I’m a 39-year-old man. I know this because I, along with countless others, uploaded a photo to the company’s “How Old Do I Look?

Elance-oDesk rebrands as Upwork, starts new chapter as the freelance marketplace for the information age

Well-known freelancer marketplace Elance-oDesk unveiled new hiring technology today, and, at the cost of the brand cache it has built since it launched a decade ago, rebranding as Upwork.

Apple’s finally going to fix the Apple TV’s awful remote

Apple is expected to fix one of the worst things about the Apple TV: its remote. The New York Times reports that the remote, which currently has a circular dial and two face buttons, will be updated with a touchscreen at Apple’s developer conference in June.

Streaming royalties suck, but a new Bandpage-Stubhub deal finds even more ways to get artists paid

It’s easy to forget the enormous importance of Myspace for musicians in the mid-2000s. I played in a forgettable yet fun — or us at least — college band, and before the music-centric social network rose to prominence, having a web presence meant operating your own site out in the seemingly desolate wilds of the web.

After going three whole episodes without being sexist, the gender problems of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” are back!

Last season at its worst, HBO’s Silicon Valley was unfunny, boring, sexist, and insulting to Valley workers who don’t fit neatly into the awkward-straight-male-obsessed-with-his-own-penis paradigm.

We’re LIVE with PandoLIVE. Listen LIVE right now

We’re LIVE with this week’s episode of PandoLIVE. Join me, Sarah and Yasha Levine in the studio, and David Holmes via Skype, right now.

As police militarization increases, Bounce Imaging claims its device can reduce violent confrontations

Recent tragedies in Baltimore, Ferguson, and elsewhere, have put a national spotlight on everyday policing procedures as well as how law enforcement behaves and reacts during high-pressure situations.

Twitter probably won’t buy Circa — nor should it, if it wants to compete with Facebook for news

Unless a company is incredibly good or incredibly lucky, its product will likely never garner more press than it did on the day it launched. So it was when Ben Huh and Matt Galligan unveiled Circa two and a half years ago, and the mobile news app was met with a heap of excitement, particularly among those who believe we need technology to “save” journalism.

If you can’t beat ’em, join them? Comcast to offer live-streaming features similar to Periscope and Meerkat

In terms of boxing excitement, Saturday night’s Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was a total snooze. However, as predicted, the PPV event ended up being an enormous victory for Periscope and Meerkat.

How Google benefits from invasive apps that share Android customer data

New research might convince Android users to think before they download. Eurecom has found that some applications reach out to almost 2,000 URLs in just a few minutes of usage on a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini running Android.

Germany investigates its own intelligence agency for helping the NSA spy on Europeans

Germany’s top prosecutor is investigating reports that the country’s leading intelligence agency knowingly helped the National Security Agency surveil European governments and companies from at least 2008 through 2013.

Apple reportedly plays dirty to kill Spotify’s free tier — and I hope it gets away with it

Over at the Verge, there’s a report out that Apple is pushing music labels to “force” Spotify to abandon its free, ad-supported tier.

Facebook cracks open to address net neutrality concerns

Facebook has introduced a new platform to address concerns that threatens net neutrality in the developing markets it’s hoping to bring online.

The War Nerd: Escape From East Timor (Part One)

BITOLA, MACEDONIA — Indonesia just executed two Australians by firing squad, putting a bit of a chill into bilateral relations.