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Listen to this week’s PandoLIVE

This week’s PandoLIVE was taped in an LA hotel room as we prepared for the last PandoMonthly of the year.

Open Garden raises $10.8M to build a “Second Internet” — for the people, by the people

Open Garden has raised $10.8 million to create the next Internet. And as crazy as that sounds, thanks to the success of its FireChat peer-to-peer messaging service, it might just work.

Flowboard presentation product renamed FlowVella, ushers in the post-tablet era of digital storytelling

What’s in a name? Flowboard, the upstart presentation and storytelling platform, is betting today that a beloved product is more important than the branding with which it’s adorned.

The Islamic State joins North Korea as a surprising suspect in a cyberattack

A new report from Citizen Lab claims the so-called Islamic State could be responsible for a cyber attack meant to reveal the location of members of the “Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently” (RSS) advocacy group for reporting on the Islamic State’s human rights violations in occupied Syria.

A popular phone-breaking tool has been updated to bypass iCloud’s heightened security measures

A tool used by law enforcement to gain access to Apple’s iCloud service has been updated to bypass the two-factor authentication feature, which requires a randomly-generated code in addition to a user’s normal password.

Bustle raises $15.5m to “double down” on strategy, hire more (better paid) journalists

Women’s lifestyle site Bustle has closed a $15.5m funding round, lead by new investors General Catalyst.

BandPage is helping artists make more money than ever off Spotify — and it has the numbers to prove it

Featuring your music on Spotify is the ultimate devil’s bargain. On one hand, it allows artists to capitalize on one of the most powerful distribution platforms in the world, making their music available to millions of fans around the globe at the click of a button.

Facebook Product Designer Bobby Goodlatte joins Greylock as investor and Designer-in-Residence

Greylock Partners is deepening its investment and startup advisory bench with the addition of former Facebook Product Designer and active angel investor Bobby Goodlatte as Designer-in-Residence and associate on its consumer investment team.

The New York City Council shows how hard it is to regulate drones

Competing bills introduced to the New York City Council highlight the difficulties legislators encounter when seeking to regulate drone use in their jurisdictions.

eBay CTO Brent Peters joins Aims to scale the hit enterprise platform for an IPO

It’s the law of the land in Silicon Valley that talent flows from old, slow-growth companies to younger, more agile, more disruptive upstarts.

Five months later, Gawker updates its privacy policy to disclose use of affiliate links

Back in July, I pointed out that Gawker appeared to be using affiliate service Skimlinks to hide advertising links inside its editorial content.

Closer to home: Boston Uber driver charged with rape

Less than two weeks after an Uber driver in Delhi, India was charged with raping a female passenger, the company is facing similar charges much closer to home.

This year has been a brutal trial-by-fire for Uber’s newest senior executive hires

It’s tough to be a new executive at Uber. The second half of this year has seen several of the company’s high profile senior hires, namely Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy David Plouffe and Head of Global Safety Philip Cardenas, face trials by fire within weeks of joining the ride-sharing giant.

On this we agree: Tor’s executive director calls for “respectful” dialogue around Pando’s reporting

Back in July, Pando’s Yasha Levine wrote about the close funding ties between Tor and the US government.

Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel: Our secrets are sacred, but yours aren’t

Yesterday, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel became the latest high-profile victim of the ever-worsening Sony hack, which revealed personal emails, social security numbers, full unreleased movies, and a host of other materials.

Startups Anonymous: Will people quit saying that it’s all about the team. It’s ALL about the idea!

It really pisses me off that people keep saying that ideas are worthless and that the only thing that matters is the team or execution or whatever else they come up with.

[SPONSORED] “Payments is a messy business”

This post is sponsored by Braintree. Pando retains full editorial control over the content of sponsored posts.  In this sponsored interview with Braintree’s Bill Ready, he talks about hugging it out with ApplePay, why Venmo worked and Blippy didn’t, and why payments are so damn hard.

Reddit quickly bans users for sharing Sony Pictures’ leaked documents. If only it had done the same for #celebgate

It’s easier for a corporation to convince Reddit to prevent its users from sharing information than it is for celebrities whose phones were hacked to trust the site to remove stolen photos.

ChowNow integrates Apple Pay, helps its SMB restaurants beat the majors to one-touch checkout

Running a small business is hard. Not only do you need to worry about acquiring customers and delivering your product or service, but in today’s instant gratification world, business owners are expected to offer their consumers the newest, most exciting technology, whatever that may be and however often it may change.

Google opens an experimental end-to-end encryption tool up to scrutiny

Google has moved End-To-End, an experimental tool meant to bring end-to-end encryption to the company’s Gmail service, over to GitHub so it can be scrutinized by independent groups.