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Imagpic make it easy to make money from pictures on your website. Our app connects visitors to items they want, seamlessly.


NewsHedge Squawk automates the way financial professionals discover key market events using a synthetic voice and audibly reports on over 5,000 stocks, sectors, and top commodities, Our algorithmic solution helps you recognize anything in the capital markets which begins to trade irregularly, or notably, allowing you to easily discover opportunities and hidden risks.


Monitority is a free website monitoring service that enables users to track unlimited services (websites, urls or ip addresses etc.) and receive alerts (via email, text-sms, tweet) when these services are not responding.


Salsa is the world's first anonymous community where you can share anything about your job or company.


Screeps is a first MMO game for programmers. You play in an endless sandbox real-time world with funny 2D graphics, but instead of manually controlling your units (creeps) you do it by JavaScripting.


Blinq is an Android app that brings you the latest social updates of the people you communicate with, while you communicate with them!

Online Labs

Online Labs provide true, dedicated servers in the cloud. It's an infrastructure-as-a-service based on dedicated ARM servers.


Rumly is a website that enables people and small businesses to sell anything to others in the same town or city.


Zapla is an online booking system designed to be embedded directly on your website. Using a single code snippet you can insert the booking widget anywhere on your website and it will automatically adapt to your design.


Goowi helps businesses to become socially responsible. It allows them to give money to their customers so that they can donate that money to their preferred social causes with a click on their phone.


Audienti is audience-first B2B marketing software that helps businesses grow more traffic by ensuring that the right content reaches the right people through the right channels.


Makemove tries to establish an alternative for professional networking, a mobile environment driven by startup culture and innovation, by connecting people with each other and encouraging collaborative knowledge.


Mafeeshee is an online co-working network. Connect with talented people and startups around the world.


Campr is an online social platform that offers unique camping experiences to travellers and hosts. You can find the camping spot you desire and enjoy a unique camping experience.


SquishClip is a completely free and simple way to make videos with friends, family, and fans, creating stories and memories together that are truly social and easy to share.


Prepperoni makes it fun and easy to build custom survival kits for any emergency, whether it’s a hurricane, a power-grid failure, or a Godzilla rampage.


GRVNT is a frictionless newsletter service embracing content generation, newsletter design and rock-solid delivery for artists, museums and art galleries.


UnCord is an application for transferring files or streaming videos for all your mobile devices & computers.


Mautic is the world's first open source marketing automation software and is a powerful tool which businesses and organizations can use to effectively communicate with their audience and market their products and services by improving their lead generation, nurturing, and tracking capabilities as well as email marketing, asset management, results analytics and a variety of other useful add-ons.


Acquainted is a platform that connects new businesses and their locals by showcasing recently launched startups in area-specific format.