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MailPad simplifies the search, discovery and direct contact of new leads by enabling anyone to search for leads by keyword and then to directly email the most relevant and targeted leads with MailPad's powerful built-in messaging tool.


Mixbridge knows it's easier than ever to record at home, but it's still really hard making those recordings sound professional.


Sixtysix.o helps you replace those old bad habits with new good ones and develop a new version of you.


qlc helps ambitious and highly skilled corporate professionals explore alternative career and lifestyle opportunities.


Lockr is an app that, once paired with your Mac, will check if your iPhone is around. Lockr will automatically lock and unlock your Mac depending on the distance to your iPhone.


Complete turns your to-do list into the perfect productivity tool by combining an intuitive task management system with a community that supports each other in completing tasks and accomplishing goals.


Taskfully is a task management tool that leverages proven productivity techniques, hacks and research to help you accomplish more each day.

Batch Insights

Batch Insights's basic idea is that smartphone notifications matter. It’s the next interface for users while developers rely on them for growth and usage.


Duorey is a new way to discover music and friends by sharing your favorite songs. Each user can create and share playlists with others and find out who has the same taste in music.


Stintern connects startups and emerging businesses to student talents for short-term and project-focused work, which we call 'stints'. is the only app that lets you express yourself in the ways in which we truly express ourselves in real life.


Uptop is an online social content network that enables users to add content from anywhere around the web and share with friends or groups easily.


TermSheet provides a platform for angel investors and startup founders to connect and close deals entirely online using standardized deal terms.

Pip West

Pip West merges the mobile and desktop experiences. The standard mobile device has turned into a powerful handheld console, leaving most of us with essentially two computers and two screens to bounce between.


Pipe is a simple & secure communication tool for busy professionals. Pipe lets you communicate in real-time with anyone, your co-workers, clients, or prospects without ever sharing your personal phone number.


OpenHedgeFund is a free community base platform, based on an intuitive and simple design. Traders are empowered to create, test and run their investment portfolios (actively managed with different strategies) through an all in one, simple to use, online professional tools.


Ogment is a one-of-a-kind lesson creation and resource management tool that helps teachers quickly create, align, share and deliver lessons, assessments or courses using web content or already-existing materials.


BIZBACE takes your business' lead generation and marketing execution out of your hands so your team can focus on delivering your product and building your business.

Escrow my bits

Escrow my bits is a new escrow service for bitcoin users that is proudly powered by bitreserve. Escrow my bits supports some never before seen escrow features.


Snaptivity is a unique open environment that allows you to share snaps with people selected by their presence in the picture.