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Signal AI

Signal is an artificial intelligence-powered app that helps you keep current with your social network.


Squareize lets you see what's inside web videos, helping you connect with content creators, music, movies, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, all in one place while you watch.


Postnd is an easy tool/platform for creating web pages, blogs, and landing pages. View startup


Milo want to help make change happen. A simple and easy-to-use app that tracks daily transactions, round them up to the nearest dollar, and saves those roundups to help you reach important financial goals.


Classi is a leather strap that makes any classic watch smart. With Classi, users can enjoy the benefits of the best wearable technology and keep their favourite watch without compromising nor hindering its design, brand, culture and sentimental value.


TimeFlip is a revolutionary tool for time management. Elegantly shaped and enhanced with powerful software, TimeFlip has been designed to make time tracking an intuitive and tangible task View startup


Zixual reads inside instagram photos to provide visual intelligence. Because out of over 1.8 billion images posted to social media channels, nearly 80% of posts lack associated text or hashtags.

DayPoint - See where your time goes!

DayPoint is an iOS app that captures how you spend your time at a high level throughout the day, then shows beautiful visuals so you can truly see where your time goes.


Sgnl is the smart strap that enables the user to engage in phone conversations simply by placing their finger to their ear.


Girafi is a software which will help you to get more from your clients by creating effective interactions.


Awhereness is currently developing a sociopolitical networking site designed exclusively for donors, volunteers, voters, activists and nonprofit organizations.

iMessage Memes

iMessage Memes are meme faces for iMessage. In iOS 10 Apple introduced stickers in iMessage. So here are the popular Meme/Rage faces for your new iMessage :) View startup


Phpartist is a community driven collection of awesome resources for web developers such as; package directories, plugins, code snippets and much more.


Paperform is a website that makes it easy for anyone to make a form online. Forms made with paperform aren't just forms though, they're a beautiful web page tailored to your event, survey, or invitation.


Sgnl is the smart strap that enables the user to engage in phone conversations simply by placing their finger to their ear.


Skillchat is an online mobile group chat, skill chat and interactive problem-solving service that enables its users to join skill groups, get immediate help, help others and develop skills, and save/share chats.

Rezi Instant

Rezi Instant is a faster, easier, more effective way to make a resume. Rezi Instant is built with a focus on optimization for modern hiring technologies - the software companies use to manage and select job applicants.


Mirror is a video support platform built to transform the way Sales and Service Agents interact with their customers leaving the guess work out of support.


Nubi™ is the all-in-one solution for building stunning and responsive cross-platform websites and online stores.


Stylejetter brings together fashion and travel by enabling its users to discover and rent clothes by destination.