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Party Play

Party Play is a free social jukebox that lets you share a collaborative playlist with your friends, family or other party music collaborators.

Garçon Coffee

Garçon Coffee, find the perfect coffee drink, see what it looks like, and learn how to order it. View startup


GitGuard is a point-in-time, multi-region, git backup solution. People are not infallible. Data gets lost.


Stitcht is a brand new way to capture moments shared with friends. You all upload clips to a single place and whenever you want, Stitcht will combine all the clips into a single video memory for you to share online.


Presence is a web app to discover unique experiences in food, art, music, performances, and adventure.


Dreem is a non-invasive and effective headband monitors, analyzes, and enhances brain activity to help people fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed.


BotEngine is a natural language understanding framework that allows website owners to create intelligent chatbot that will communicate with their customers.


ClearCalcs is an online engineering design software structural engineers can trust to quickly and easily automate repetitive calculations.


Workscopic, a tech job site that is specifically for Product Managers and Product Designers. Join the community to get valuable feedback, best practices, learn about new things and also surprises like discounts on software, free premium resources, and private invites to paid resources.

Exact Finance

Exact Finance is a alternative. Access and manage all your accounts from one website, get real-time, tax-optimized recommendations on what to do with your money, and see future balance projections for all your accounts.


Dialogue is a CRM for managers and their teams. Relationship building is focused around individual 1:1 conversations between manager and employee.


Muno is beautiful native Mac OS (soon windows) music player which combines Souncloud and Youtube. Bringing a native music experience to your Mac.


Dust is a marketplace that connects non-technical founders with developers who can build minimum viable products at low costs, in just a few days.


Anyleads is a Lead generation infrastructure for small & larger companies. it allows to find emails, send drip campaigns and sell more!


QallOut is the world’ s first online community for social (live) video debates. After a very divisive 2016 and a growing bullshit epidemic, we are tearing down social media echo chambers and giving people the opportunity to discuss and corroborate critical issues over live video.


Goshly is a Do it Yourself Website Builder. Build beautiful Websites or Stores that look like they were designed by a high-end agency for several thousand dollars.


Pilotship collects all of your shared content and makes everything discoverable in one place, so your teammates can find and subscribe to what they want.


Shoutify is a simple concept, you can be an influencer, a marketer or both. We simplify the process of buying and selling shoutouts, through a sleek interface allowing all parties to easily manage their business.


hellobeano is a chatbot that’s built to assist busy e-commerce store owners and executives. It can provide quick reporting for the store and help manage/administrate orders, all through popular chat apps and even SMS!


Evenication is like a compass for finding your favorite events, except that the events find you, using your mobile's location.Evenication is an app that sends you notifications of all current tech events that are happening in your vicinity, using your mobile's location and your stated interests.