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Haus is a utility to make your home life easier: from paying your bills on time, to remembering where you put that lease, to dealing with perpetually-late-paying roommates.


TwinPics is funny a memory game that allows you to improve your memory by discovering beautiful pictures from Unsplash.


Immediately lets business professionals close deals anywhere they are, from inside their mobile email inbox.

Promoter's Table

Promoter’s Table is working to change the way ladies get access to exclusive table and bottle service at the hottest clubs and lounges around the world.


MobileSuites lets guests access hotel services (room service, cabs, amenities etc.) at any hotel directly from an app on their phone.


EduSpanish provides you with a cultural and personalized learning experience through stories and interactive content.


MobileSuites lets guests access hotel services at ANY hotel (room service, cabs, amenities etc.) directly from an app on their phone.


Buyopedia is an online social collaboration service which enables users to collect products into collections and also provides a way to visually search and discover those collections.


Jobstore has an overview of featured job applications which are all endorsed by applicants' colleagues, friends or classmates, and because of that, applicants are getting hired easier by potential employers.


Rocketboard is an augmented reality technology that let's you transform any real-world writing surfaces into a digital experience.


Weld simplifies the way you view and interact with scheduling emails by bringing together the context of your calendar with your email -- and providing one touch buttons to quickly schedule a meeting and have a conversation to coordinate details.

Mobile Video Platform

Mobile Video Platform provides media and entertainment video content producers a fast and cost effective way to create iOS, Android and Connected TV video apps.


Moose is a modern CMS for web agencies and freelance designers that need to develop websites tailored to their customers.


Collexion is putting the whole collectible world in one place for you to discover. We’re curating millions of collectibles from a global community of collectors who love to share their collections, passions and knowledge.


Outfield is a mobile interactive relationship management tool that keeps you connected to your business in the field.


Zeplin enables UI designers and frontend developers to collaborate efficiently and save time. Designers can quickly turn their designs into powerful specs and guidelines while developers can access all the resources they need in a single location and generate code snippets that are tailored to the platform they’re working on.


Showpitch is a collaborative community that empowers emerging filmmakers and content creators along with aspiring talent, musicians, athletes and writers to connect with each other, to fans, to opportunities, and to industry insiders and brands looking to buy, back, sponsor, endorse, manage, distribute and discover the hottest new talent and content.


Figibox lets you drop messages anywhere to anyone. To access the message, recipients must go to the real-life location where the sender dropped the Figibox.

People Clothing

People Clothing will send you a monthly supply of premium t-shirts at the beginning of every month. Send back last month's and they will be given to people in need.

Akordis Sales

Akordis Sales is an easy way to close more deals. If you've got a lead that you want to win, Akordis Sales will show how to improve your chances as you build a strategy to beat your competitors.