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BetaList Jobs

BetaList Jobs aggregates job openings of over 1,500 popular startups such as Snapchat, BuzzFeed, SpaceX and many more.


Pile lets you create trackable and private links for the documents and presentations that you want to share with clients, investors.


Spaces is a shopping guide for your home where you can find the best products curated by people with a passion for design and home decor.


Nodio is a super fast and totally secure router that works as a platform for decentralized applications.


YAM is a Video Q&A app that allows you to get paid asking or answering questions in short videos. We accomplish this via a unique micropayment scheme.


Curie is on the mission to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while still having a sitting job. It's your personal trainer at work.


Aura is an advanced fitness tracker with bioimpedance feature. Track how your body changes during workouts or diet.


React2 is a social platform that enable people to react to events in real-time. People can track how they are feeling about an event and compare their reactions to their friends and the rest of the world.


SalesWings LinkedIn message tracking plugin tracks links in messages and inmails in order to show you which prospects visit your website after receiving your message, and sync the information to Salesforce.


Zenkit is an online project management tool that lets you follow your data through its entire lifecycle.


Profecta allows you to share visuals, create user requirements, and define scope via the Epic. Epics break down into User Stories and Actions (tasks). is Reddit for music, letting anyone create their own democratic playlist for any community.


Kimono is an app (web, Slack, and HipChat) that gives people a way to be heard at work by letting them submit, vote on, and respond to questions, ideas, & suggestions and helps leaders listen and understand better so people can do remarkable things together.


Lifeslice is the easiest way to create amazing collaborative videos with your friends and family. Best part is, it only takes minutes to make them!


Perf helps developers with application monitoring with a super short setup, noiseless monitoring and a "to-the-point" dashboard.

Audio Analytics

Audio Analytics helps you track your auditory impact by providing simple yet insightful metrics about your overall audio performance.


CodeBox is a cross-platform snippet manager with seamless synchronization across Windows, Linux and Mac.

Callmaker for Slack

Callmaker for Slack is a tool for websites, that allows you to convert visitors into inbound sales calls.


Presshour will launch Jan 1st 2017 with human-curated profiles of 10,000+ journalists who cover startups and small businesses.