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Cake Browser

Cake Browser, simply swipe through your search results—no more back-and-forth between results links and web pages.


Tovala is a steam oven that uses a barcode scanner to cook Tovala meals and your own recipes perfectly.


WebinarSuite is an affordable and easy-to-use webinar solution. With all the overpriced and over-complicated webinar platforms available (most of which are targeted at the corporate world), our mission is to provide a simple solution to entrepreneurs and startups who want to run webinars but can't bear the significant cost. lets your friends comment / React / Vote on stories you make on Snapchat and Instagram! Create a link without signup and attach the link to your story so your friends can swipe up and comment on your new cute little Puppy you posted a story about or help you decide what to wear over Voting page and also show reaction over your random stories.


Delta is the ultimate cryptocurrency portfolio management tool. With Delta, you can keep track of all cryptocoins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 2000 alt coins.


Poligraph in an online community that makes it easy to keep up with national politics. We rewrite headlines to provide fact-focused summaries, rate and review news articles to promote highly credible sources, and engage in meaningful and substantive discussion of current events.


Releasable is a beta testing management & collaboration tool for companies to collect feedback from real customers prior to officially launching a product.

CallHippo SDK

CallHippo - Integrated telephony is essential for survival of any business application however, building and maintaining telephony is always a challenge.


Memeois is an all meme app that provides an intuitive yet comprehensive meme-ing experience and allows you to browse, create, share and edit memes on the fly.


Lyster is all about letting you focus on what's next. Feel good about clearing todays agenda and simultaneously make a great plan for tomorrow.

You Group

You Group lets you discover, create, and join awesome communities about the stuff you love. There’s a community for every topic imaginable and even those you never imagined.


Unifly Music leverages Spotify to allow friends (or strangers) from any location to listen to music - together.


With Weblium Professional website building has never been faster and easier. Just pick a concept, remove unnecessary items, add your content, and go online.


Applyr is designed to be the most human recruitment tool. Our recruiter chatbots 'sit' on a company's careers page and engage with, pre-select and schedule interviews with candidates.


Jiggsoft has developed the worlds first usb attack platform for offensive security testing. View startup


Burst is an app that connects you to people you disagree with. We believe conflict can be resolved with conversation so we built a product to help people do that.


Jumpsoft is a web app that uses its 25k+ members network to run Value Proposition tests for products, apps, and startup landing pages.


AcadGild is a technology education startup, founded by IT Industry professionals from IIT/IIM. We aim to create an ecosystem for skill development, where people can learn from mentors and from each other.


Vervoe is your online hiring assistant, replacing face-to-face interviews with online simulations. Vervoe seamlessly automates the interviewing process, and allows all candidates to show their skills and style through online simulations.

Minnit Chat

Minnit allows you to create a free HTML5 chatroom for your website. It's supported on almost all devices and users aren't required to download an app or register to join your chat.