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CodeHabit teaches programming on a mobile in a whole new way. You can practice anywhere you go with bite-size interactive lessons and fun practicals.


Composercat is a comprehensive GUI for the Composer package manager, designed both for professionals and people taking their first steps with Composer.


Holahtrail is a web and mobile-based field management system that enables companies to assign track and manage their field operations team.

Ronin8 Technologies

Ronin8 Technologies is redefining the mining industry by transforming electronic waste into resources while unlocking global environmental and social benefits in a closed-loop system.


GoHire streamlines the entire recruitment process into one incredible hiring dashboard. It is a fundamentally better way to track, analyse, and recruit applicants, collaborate with your hiring team, schedule interviews, and hire the best.


Reqfire helps you communicate what your website or app requires and how it should work. Both business and tech teams use reqfire to generate requirements models and specifications to build better tech.


CornerThought is a knowledge management platform for storing and tracking current and past project issues, lessons learned, and business improvement initiatives within your organization.


Muralio automatically converts Google Analytics data into visual infographic reports. For free. With a simple dashboard, you can generate a quick overview of your website in seconds and share the report with clients.


SmartKai is a smart social media scheduler. You add your content (e.g., blog, infographics etc.), and link your social accounts.

Text for Link

Text for Link allows you to share a link or file with your audience while capturing their phone and email. is a messaging app powered by machine learning to help you convert more prospects into customers.


WeeAct is a new decision-making social network where users make smarter and faster decisions using the power of crowdvoting and decision sharing.


Sygnal’s fitness apparel helps you attain fitness goals like never before – stay fit, and enjoy the moments.

Infinite Studio

Infinite Studio is a web development interface for professionals. Built exclusively for web development, this is the first ever tool for visually building websites using VR, 3D, SVG editor, dynamic data, web audio, expressions, components, and much more!


Polyglot is an application that helps you expand your knowledge of a foreign language or enables you to share your local tongue with others.


Edit Layer is a content management system what works with any HTML5 website. You have to add one line to your website's source code and after that it's editable.


ChiefApplying is a new way to manage your HR recruitment process. Create a career page within minutes and setup new application forms and vacancies easy and simple.


RookieUp is a platform for people learning creative skills to find and connect with a community of on-demand creative mentors.

Timing 2

Timing 2 is an automated time tracking app for Mac. It automatically tracks which apps you use, which websites you visit and which documents you edit.


Audrey is an intelligent personal assistant that reinvents how people interact with artificial intelligence by allowing everyone to teach it instead of guessing what it'll understand.