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>botmother| helps to create useful cross-platform chatbots for business in 1 business day. With botmother chatbot could be done by any employee who once in life was drawing a flowchart.


Tumbleweed is a platform for you to speak openly and honestly about the issues that matter to you and your generation.


Custics lets you listen to all type of customer signals to improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost to serve and grow revenues.


Changemap helps you keep your community up to date on new features and changes that are suggested, upcoming, and in progress — then turn completed tasks into a nifty changelog. uses machine learning to continuously improve apps. With each new user the app learns to become more profitable and engaging.


Flashbackr automatically organizes all your important thoughts, files and links in a single private place.


Audiunt is a conversational bot that you can invite to join your team. It will periodically ask questions in a friendly conversational manner inviting honest feedback and for opinions to be shared.


Caesium is the first full-circle productivity tool and marketplace for freelancers and teams. Freelancers can track their activity, create reports and invoices, get paid and manage collaborative teams while working on larger projects.


Collapsed accelerates the growth of emerging startups & businesses by allowing them to avoid mistakes made by their predecessors.

Jaspr Trades

Jaspr gets you the things you want by trading, cash-free, with like-minded people in your area. Save money, make new friends, and unlock really cool experiences in a help-and-help environment.


Airfocus is an intuitive web-app for decision makers and teams to collaboratively prioritize ideas and projects.

Sharon, your PA

Sharon is an always online virtual PA whom you interact with via Facebook Messenger. She gives you extra time in your life.


Flashbackr automatically organizes all your important thoughts, files and links in a single private place. is a Mac application for accessing data in analytics services. (Google Analytics, MixPanel, iTunes Connect..) It's all about quick exploration.


Captiona is the first-ever App designed to match great captions to your Instagram post; saving you time and engaging your followers.


KnoBis is a knowledge sharing platform that enables employees to quickly find the information they need to do their jobs.


SeaLights is the first cloud-based Continuous Testing platform. Our mission is to bring together development and QA teams, engineers and managers in a single cohesive platform that enables high quality while increasing release speed.


Podiant is a podcast host built by a guy who's been a web developer since the early 2000s and a podcaster for over a decade.


Ransomly is a bluetooth beacon and app that blocks apps in any room – whether at home, school, the office or car.


Huntr makes it easy to visualize the progress of your job search, like how many places you have applied to, or how many you’ve heard back from.