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ExpatGenius is an online marketplace where expats can connect with local people or long-time expats offering a wide range of services -home search, administrative, translation, job search- to help them to settle in abroad.


Parachute is an app that gives your device automatic cloud storage abilities, this all happens in the background. enables companies to easily create AI and natural language conversational apps and services through our developer platform.

Security Dojo

Security Dojo is a gathering place for training in the foundational principles of application security.


Unbandon watches your forms and saves leads before they leave. By measuring exit intent, we capture unsubmitted forms so you don't lose customers.


Horntell converts your Android App's notifications such that whatever the user had to do inside the app after clicking on the notifications, can be done from the notification itself.

Circle for Roommates

Circle shows you a consolidated list of your friends and “friends of friends” who are looking for a roommate in your city.


Aimy is your best new friend if you need focus, want insight in what's really important, or just want a beautiful dashboard to track your progress.


TravelGap is a mobile app that lets city travelers and backpackers save their favorite locations on the go and immediately share them with their network or the world.


Photolemur is the world’s first fully automated photo enhancement solution, designed by a team of photo professionals for people, who don't have time or knowledge to perform complex photo editing with traditional photo software.


LitlBot is the quintessential classroom bot built for teachers and students. It enables a teacher to run polls and get feedback to assess retention and adapt teaching methods in real time.


DearHeart allows you to have heart to heart relationships by sharing perspectives or stories on the same topic rather than looks.


ManyContacts extracts your visitor's email address while they fill your online forms. The profile is enriched with valuable data including company name, traffic source, browsing path & social media profiles.


ExpenseTron is built for teams and people that love Slack. Just tell details of expenses and it will autocategorize them, file them and send them for approval.


ElasticPIM is a cloud based, lightweight Product Information Manager (PIM). It lets users import product information from excel sheets.


BotonBots believes that chatbots will change the way we do business in the future,so it's important to educate people on the importance and advantages of chatbots.


Nucleus brings all your professional relationships and communications in one place, so that you can be more social and less transactional.


Gemsmark is a home for all the interesting things you find on the internet. From articles and videos to entire webpages, once saved, you can access them anywhere and anytime, even if you’re offline.


Aimy is your best new friend if you need focus, want insight in what's really important, or just want a beautiful dashboard to track your progress.


Proofy api lets you run email address process verification straight on your web or mobile application.