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LiveVenues lets you see others nearby, and check in or check out to control your privacy. Find friends, even in a crowded venue, or connect with new contacts nearby.


Digle is a people powered finding engine, connecting people around the world; those who seek information and those who know how and where to find it.


TheraChat is an automated, intelligent system will reply and save the conversations so you can monitor their mental status in between sessions.


Wishbox is a solution that provides you with a real gift that you can hand to your friends and loved ones.


HEAVN brings natural daylight into your office and makes you more productive. This smart connected light is not only lighting for the workplace but it also imitates the ideal variation of the sun over the day.

Gifted Bunny

Gifted Bunny is an app, which allows parents and their kids to explore the world through virtual adventure.

AdFree.Press helps save your favorite sites from disappearing. Showing ads gives websites the opportunity to bring you fresh and interesting content.


Wordhop lets you can log, analyze and optimize your bot for conversation. Watch your chatbot fail at conversation so you can make it smarter.


Babun is a virtual startup butler, powered by artificial intelligence and supervised by human. Babun helps entrepreneurs find good tools and be more productive in their startup project.


Autopilot is an AWS based provisioning and orchestration tool for Elasticsearch, think Heroku but managed inside your AWS account.


Prosky is performance-based hiring. Test-drive, evaluate, and manage your talent in one integrated platform.


Octomail API allows you to enrich any email database of your customers, subscribers or simply a person corresponding with you via email.

AMPSound by Jabees

AMPSound Bluetooth hearing amplifiers are easy-to-use, personal hearing amplifiers that double as rechargeable Bluetooth headphones.


Ada is a new computer designed to teach kids how to code. Powered by the latest Raspberry Pi 3, Ada is a fully-fledged Linux computer that allows you to start learning straight out of the box.


Cactomain is the simplest way of registering domains and domains only! We tried to simplify domain registering process and came down to this: “I want to buy a domain → 20s @ Cactomain → Ok, done”.

Thought Recap

Thought Recap is an iOS app that helps you quickly capture all those great ideas you get throughout the day.


Belong is a free advertising platform that rewards it's users for featuring their favourite brand(s) on their phone as a wallpaper.


Drafted helps you hire. Your team connects their networks, and Drafted surfaces great candidates that match open positions at your company.


ClientFlow is a conversation and approvals platform for agencies to have more organized and transparent conversations with clients.


Silli is the app which enables you and your friends to continue to take each other by surprise, by allowing you to change your friends background image remotely and anonymously.