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FarmerFinder helps farmers receive a more fair price for their produce both locally and globally. Buyers can discover over 1000 different species of produce farmers grow for food, medicine and textiles, and source it direct through our marketplace.


Mailsoc is a modern mail platform. Instead of attaching files from other applications like Word and Excel Mailsoc has editors built-in allowing you to email all kinds of media (documents, video, spreadsheets, video, audio, etc) without relying on you and the recipient using external software.


Travelhey is a social travel network making it possible to seek real time and referred connections every place you travel.


Chameleon is an iOS app that becomes your personal shopping companion for any store you are shopping in.


Pickasound is a social collaboration platform that allows you to build a song off of any artists’ track by simply uploading or recording your musical ideas to their projects.


TeamGrid is a full-fledged project and task management platform with great overview, integrated telephony and smart-office capabilities.


Unblockit helps you be more productive. We believe the secret of great team productivity is when your team can work in a flow, no blockers, nothing to wait for.


BizMetrics provides essential and powerful metrics for your SaaS / subscription business. We offer both one-click hosted and self-hosted analytics for Braintree, Paymill, Stripe and non-mainstream payment providers as well.

Freight Prophet

Freight Prophet is financial analytics software for small business shipping. We solve one of the most critical & complex problems for small businesses: are you charging your customers the right amount for shipping?


Mealplannr aims to solve the problem of figuring out what to eat, by automatically creating custom meal plans and shopping lists out of the recipes you like on Yummly or Pinterest.


Octave is a platform that allows anyone to learn any musical instrument of their choice. Our curated list of expert tutors have designed the course to make it easy to follow.


SNAPCARD is releasing their multi-currency, digital currency wallet for all iOS users. With the wallet you're able to buy, store, send and receive digital currencies.


Cardalo is an online marketplace for animators to make animated greeting cards and sell them across our global network.


Rapidcloud is a service for Java developers to easily deploy their web applications to the cloud of their choice.


Musketeers are there to help. Instead of walking alone to your car scared at night, you can call for someone to walk with you.

EOD Scan

EOD Scan is a simple, easy-to-use end of day stock screener. Find setups that match your technical entry criteria and rapidly review 1000's of stock charts.


Favorsome is a new type of platform where people can credit actions and review one another after meeting, in person or online, as facilitated by the website and mobile app itself.


CrowdTransfer presents the next step for collaborative international money transfers: eliminating the middle-man.


Netlify builds, deploys and host static websites and apps. Your content and source files live in a Github repository.


Spontivity instantly connects you with others in your area. With Spontivity, you can post, browse, and join all your favorite activities in a matter of seconds.