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oList helps you get more done in less time. Manage your daily schedule wherever you go. View startup


PopKey lets you send animated GIFs to your friends using SMS/text and email. As easy as sending an emoji. is the one place for all things music. Listen to millions of songs for free, and access exclusives from the artists you love, all from the palm of your hand.


nextub will transform the way you enjoy your city. Tired of going to the sames places? We know what you like, let show you something new and amazing.


Impressions is an iOS app that allows users to anonymously answer questions about those around them and learn more about themselves along the way.


Devbox sends quality, vetted leads to your inbox each day. Why spend hours of your day looking for quality leads when we can do it for you.


LastRoom is the easiest way to find an hotel for your company. Hotels worldwide, all your invoices in one place, data collection and reporting.

Decision Agony

Decision Agony is an app which helps you make a decision by asking your Facebook friends to vote on the option they prefer.


AlumTree allows you to form deeper connections with your Alumni Network. We are building tools that enable you to explore opportunities within your network and form sustainable relationships through valuable and meaningful conversations.


Saleswhale allows professionals to keep their networking with business professionals organized, and also keeps a clear log of every interaction you have shared with your contact.


GitColony gamifies the code review experience by giving incentives for developers to help others improve the quality of their code, similar to a dating site, developers are matched with code and get to review only the code they are experts on.


Scriber is an autofill application that saves the place of a website visitor through any form, allowing them to pick up right where they left off, no matter when they return.


Kollecto helps young professionals start art collections. Get your own Personal Art Advisor, cover your walls with conversation-starters, & become an art collector without stressing your wallet.


Materialyze simplifies the 3D printing process by allowing users to browse through print-ready design files that can be streamed directly to a 3D printer.


Vidium is an easier way to communicate with emotions through video messages and the twist of video reactions, and the ability to reply to video messages directly after viewing.

Dress Jack

Dress Jack offers guys a more personal online shopping experience where they can invite their friends to choose clothes for them, so they have time to do the things they actually want to do.


Blippy is a new service to make discovering, creating, and sharing GIFs simple on mobile devices. GIFs are the new emoticon, sticker, and emoji -- they help us make our messaging more playful and entertaining.


SlideHeroes provides online, video-based training to professionals looking to create compelling and impactful business presentations.


HERE helps you notify people that you've arrived. No one at reception? Use HERE. Need to let them know you've arrived for the meeting?


Creedoo is new presentation software that enables users to easily create eye-catching presentations that are responsive to audience interaction.