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Favorsome is a new type of platform where people can credit actions and review one another after meeting, in person or online, as facilitated by the website and mobile app itself.


CrowdTransfer presents the next step for collaborative international money transfers: eliminating the middle-man.


Netlify builds, deploys and host static websites and apps. Your content and source files live in a Github repository.


Spontivity instantly connects you with others in your area. With Spontivity, you can post, browse, and join all your favorite activities in a matter of seconds.


Tiles turns your Android lock screen into a beautiful collage of your Instagram feed. View and like posts without having to unlock your phone even when you’re offline.


eBoardRooms is a site that enables users to centralize all activities related to your board of directors.


SocialBucket is a cloud storage service that lets you automatically sync and backup all your photos and videos from social networks.


Sniplo rewards you for taking pictures of your food. The mobile app allows you to take a picture, post it to social media, and collect a reward instantly.


Odysee lets sports enthusiasts and families capture unlimited videos mixed with photos. Never worry about phones filling up, get every memory everywhere, and don’t be forced to keep everything on the cloud.


Rediim allows merchants to understand and target its customers better with relevant messages. With Rediim, merchants can design rich and personalized content targeted at selected customers.

Music Promo University

Music Promo University is the easiest way to learn to promote your music. Our digital marketing experts teach you advanced tactics in an easy to learn, video-based format.


Stagename is a new video-based social network. Featuring beautiful, full screen HD video, Stagename stories are short segments captured over time and seamlessly connected together to form a narrative that feels like watching a reality TV show.

Pitch Monitor

Pitch Monitor understands fundraising is extremely time consuming and it is often difficult to know if an investor has even opened your email.


Rediim is a contextual marketing platform that enables merchants to target customers by segmenting them into smaller, more targeted groups.


ClipDis is an app that turns your text into a video clip out of popular movies & TV series. It uses thousands of words and phrases cut out from movies and edits them together in the order of the typed text.


Everpresent is a web-based application that manages your social media updates so you don't have to. It stores content you choose and posts it at times you choose just like you'd do yourself.


Scripbe helps you keep up to speed with high school news that interests you. Follow your high school newspaper and discover news from around the country.


Autopilot lets you distribute your apps in a beautiful way. You can design your app download page to match the style of your customer or your company.


StackHands helps fast-growing companies easily collect ideas and anonymous feedback from their employees to improve the happiness, productivity and engagement of the entire company.


Weta is a free Android app that helps you easily save your temporary contact numbers. That’s not all.