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Uber is still burning cash at a rate of $2 billion a year

ANALYSIS: The good news in Uber’s second-quarter financials: Revenue totaled $1.75 billion, more than double the figure from a year ago and up 17 percent from the first quarter.

To avoid copyright disaster, the future of game streaming is licensing

GUEST: We continue to sit on the edge of our seats watching the contests of League of Legends, Dota 2, and others on the big screen.

Blockchain startup Winding Tree could upend the travel industry

GUEST: The travel industry has been pretty stagnant for years. Yes, we’ve seen a number of travel startups emerge, but with a few major players controlling all the inventory (flights, hotel rooms, etc), there’s very little actual innovation going on.

FTC approves Amazon’s $13.7 billion Whole Foods acquisition

Amazon’s $13.7 billion planned purchase of Whole Foods Market moved pass two potential obstacles today as the Federal Trade Commission said it would allow the deal to proceed and Whole Foods shareholders voted to approve it.

What Amazon and Walmart might buy next, according to Foursquare foot traffic

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and Walmart’s purchase of Jet, Bonobos, and other ecommerce companies are intensifying the rivalry between the two retail giants as they encroach on each other’s traditional turf.

Call of Duty: WII beta test gets new recruits: Comcast cable customers

Comcast announced today that it is giving access to Call of Duty: WWII‘s beta to all of its Xfinity internet customers.

Farmers face vendor lock-in as agriculture goes digital

GUEST: Data is becoming integral to the operations of farms everywhere, despite the persistent belief among some in Silicon Valley that farming is not a high-tech industry.

AI fact vs fiction: AI biz decisions that really work (VB Live)

VB LIVE: As AI technologies multiply, how do you sort fact from fiction? Register now for our upcoming VB Live event and find out.

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with shell, Edge, and input improvements

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs, with three minor additions as well as shell, Edge, and input improvements.

Gabi raises $2.6 million to disrupt car, home, and renter’s insurance

Gabi Personal Insurance Agency has raised $2.6 million in seed funding to ensure that you will always have the best rate when it comes to car, homeowner’s, or renter’s insurance. The company provides more visibility into insurance rates, allowing people to compare all the major insurance companies’ rates and instantly get a quote.

Uber has reportedly been sued at least 433 times in 2017

Just in case the incoming CEO of Uber won’t have enough messes to clean up, here’s one more legal headache to add to the list.

LexisNexis is testing chatbots for lawyers

LexisNexis, one of the largest legal research providers in the United States, is testing chatbots for lawyers, chief product officer Jamie Buckley recently told VentureBeat in a phone interview. The goal, he said, is to give users the option to take more of a conversational approach to LexisNexis research or AI services, rather than the “typing keywords into a search bar” approach that has become so common.

Gamescom PUBG Invitational winners get a golden frying pan trophy

Bluehole has crowned the first champion of its Gamescom PUBG Invitational tournament by giving a golden frying pan (really, it’s a cast-iron skillet) to the top finisher in the solo rounds, Evermore.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ rough first tournament had 140,000 simultaneous viewers

The first official tournament for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is underway in Germany starting today, and the event has a viewer count in the millions … if you believe the Chinese livestreaming service PandaTV.

Samsung confirms plans to launch a smart speaker

Samsung is working on a smart speaker to take on Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices, Google Home, and soon Apple’s HomePod.

Overwatch’s new short is a-Mei-zing

Overwatch debuted its new CG short today, “Rise and Shine,” at its Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany.

Blizzard gives Hearthstone the silly animated short it deserves

Hearthstone has been one of Blizzard‘s biggest games since it launched in 2014. The digital card battler for PC and mobile and helped to popularize an entire genre, attracting competitors like The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Gwent, and Artifact.

Galaxy Note8 specs: What Samsung changed

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note8 today, successor to the failed Galaxy Note7. After months of leaks, Samsung’s latest stylus-equipped phone is now official.

Twitch follows Bob Ross and Power Rangers with Lucha Libre

Twitch announced today that it is going to livestream AAA Lucha Libre’s Triplemania XXV event on August 26.

Hellboy, Raiden, and Black Manta are coming to Injustice 2

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the next wave of Injustice 2‘s downloadable content characters, and it includes one big surprise: Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics.