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Stop interviewing developers like it’s the ’90s

GUEST: Looking back on my first ever software development interview, I wish I had known that I was about to experience everything from discomfort with my professional style to frustration surrounding the inaccessible interview questions.

Mobile app shops: Diversify or die

GUEST: Few technologies — possibly the car and the computer — have matched the app’s wildfire spread.

Intel said to be considering sale of its cybersecurity business

NEW YORK (Reuters) — Chipmaker Intel Corp is considering the sale of its cyber security business, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

The bot revolution: How conversational interfaces will replace apps

GUEST: We’re at the cusp of a sharp rise in devices that have no screen but do have conversational voice controls, such as the Amazon Echo.

Green Man Gaming carves out a $40 million niche in Steam’s shadow

Companies survive — and thrive — as they compete with Steam, the largest online store for downloadable PC video games in the world.

Kip is a chatbot that uses emojis to find products you want to buy

Kip is a chatbot that simplifies group purchases — it can poll your co-workers about who needs more office supplies, or whether to order dark-roast or light-roast coffee for the kitchen.

Small tech hubs: Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and New Orleans want your startup

GUEST: While Silicon Valley and New York City might sound like the perfect places to base your startup, exorbitant rental and living costs are putting off many first time entrepreneurs.

Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell is bullish on virtual reality

Last week, I saw industry legend, Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s cofounder Nolan Bushnell, talk at the 2016 NXNE Future Land Interactive Conference in Toronto.

Uber’s hundreds of freewheeling outposts fueled its growth but also caused headaches

In 2014, Uber’s office in Lyon, France, unveiled what’s now the ride-hailing company’s most infamous ad campaign: pairing “hot chick” women drivers with passengers for a 20 minute trip.

Baidu will soon let users review individual food dishes, not just restaurants

EXCLUSIVE: Baidu, the equivalent of Google in China, will roll out an update to its group-buying e-commerce app Nuomi later this year that will significantly change the way people review food.

French telco Iliad quietly launches an AWS Glacier competitor

Through its subsidiary, the French telecommunications company Iliad has quietly launched a new “cold storage” cloud service that developers can use to store files that they don’t need to access extremely quickly.

Line, the biggest tech IPO of 2016, struggles to show its growth plan can work

TOKYO (By Yoshiyasu Shida and Thomas Wilson, Reuters) – In delaying its IPO by two years, Japanese messaging app company Line bought time to correct weak financial reporting controls, work on its business plan, bolster staffing — and left billions of dollars on the table as its valuation shriveled.

What we learned from bots, before they were cool

GUEST: Last week I bumped into Robert Hoffer, the famed creator of SmarterChild, the automated chatbot that used to sit at the very top of everyone’s AIM Buddy List.

Google is apparently surveying people about what a ‘Chromebook Pro’ should be like

Google appears to be looking into the idea of a “Chromebook Pro.” Through its Google Opinion Rewards app for Android, which gives people Google Play Store credits in exchange for anonymous responses to surveys, Google asked some people a few questions about a “Chromebook Pro.” Two people said as much yesterday on Reddit.

Steam has 107 VR games on sale — and here are the 6 best

It’s summer, which can only mean one thing. No, you shouldn’t put your headset down and get outside; you should take a look at the typically mad Steam Summer Sale and spend even more time inside your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

The ‘app slowdown’ is a myth

GUEST: With the app evolution coming off a high, there is a wide misconception of an “app slowdown” in today’s market.

Human-in-the-loop deep learning will help drive autonomous cars

GUEST: In a not-too-distant future, autonomous cars, driven largely by AI systems, will hit the road in large numbers.

Gone Home creators have gone to outer space with Tacoma

One of the most promising indie games coming for Microsoft’s platforms is Tacoma, the latest from the creators of Gone Home at the Fullbright Company.

Intel Disrupted: Why large companies find it difficult to innovate, and what they can do about it

GUEST: In the 21st century, it’s hard for large corporations to create disruptive breakthroughs. Disruptive innovations are coming from startups – Telsa for automobiles, Uber for taxis, Airbnb for hotel rentals, Netflix for video rentals, and Facebook for media.

This app teaches people a Midwestern accent

Want to learn to talk like you’re from Kansas? Pick up Elsa Speak. It’s an app that uses machine learning to teach the pronunciation of a Midwestern accent.