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Google’s Eric Schmidt: Better broadband will save the world

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Google’s Eric Schmidt told a crowd at the annual elite vacation/conference that better Internet connectivity will solve most of the world’s major problems.

The CMO’s guide to crushing sales kickoff

Around this time every year, sales leaders begin to dream up ways to motivate their sales teams and supercharge their revenue targets.

5 temptations to hire at your startup — and why you shouldn’t

GUEST: When you’re the founder of an early-stage startup, you know your top job (perhaps second only to finding a product-market fit) is to build a winning team.

CEO fight club: Why one software exec became an MMA cage fighter

GUEST: “I can totally understand what you’re feeling.” It’s almost as if sales reps everywhere expect this generic line to magically crack the safe, giving them access to unending budgets.

Why future tablets won’t burn your lap (interview)

It’s no fun when you fire up a heavy-duty game on your tablet and it starts to get warm. Imagination Technologies, the chip design company that owns the MIPS processor and PowerVR graphics technologies, wants to create a future where tablets are both capable and power efficient.

It’s a startup’s job to make the European dream come true

GUEST: Europe is not doing well today. Most countries are either climbing their way out of recession or are suffering from anaemic growth, while unemployment, especially in the south of the region, has reached unsustainable levels.

Are early stage startup valuations determined at random?

To many, it seems like early stage startup valuations are determined at random. Given that these companies often fetch higher valuations vs.

Microsoft’s Revolution deal is the latest proof the company is serious about open source

A significant percentage of Microsoft’s revenue comes from the sale of proprietary software like Office and a little thing called Windows.

When to talk to CorpDev

GUEST: Paul Graham’s article last week on why companies shouldn’t talk to CorpDev* made a bold suggestion (the headline, “Don’t Talk to CorpDev,” is a pretty good summary).

Sony: North Korea ate our Q3 homework

Sony announced Friday that it will miss the deadline for posting its third-quarter earnings report, blaming the hack that wreaked havoc on its movie division last year.

The Backed Pack: An at-home brewery, a vintage gaming system & a wireless phone charger

Each week, our friends at Backerjack bring us updates on some of the most successful gadget crowdfunding campaigns.

Amazon learns how to fail faster

FEATURE: In just the last couple of days, Amazon shut down its private-label diaper product (only six weeks after launch) and withdrew its mobile wallet (six months after a prominent rollout).

California DMV abruptly backtracks on rule that Uber and Lyft drivers need commercial plates

In an abrupt turn of events, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has retracted a new rule that forced drivers of services like Uber and Lyft to get commercial plates for their vehicles.

The smartphone: The new central nervous system

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced by AppBoy. Walk down any street or take a quick subway ride and you’ll see plenty of people with eyes on their phones.

If it wasn’t clear, brands on Facebook win by answering customers’ questions

Brands that respond to at least 65 percent of customer inquiries on Facebook get more than three times the interactions of those that don’t.

Mobile game maker Animoca Brands finally goes public in Australia

Animoca Brands, the maker of mobile games such as one based on the Garfield cartoons, has gone public on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

What Poweliks tells us about our current state of security

GUEST: “No foreign nation, no hacker, should be able to shut down our networks, steal our trade secrets, or invade the privacy of American families, especially our kids.” – President Obama, State of the Union address, Jan.

This week on VentureBeat: Profanities, HoloLens, 4chan, & more

Every week, the news team at VentureBeat brings you a blitz of news day after day, but even for our most dedicated readers it can be a challenge to catch every single story.

Lyft one-ups the hell out of Uber with $2.25 rides

The Valley’s latest price war is going to be a doozy. Yesterday, Uber sent its San Francisco users some good news: Effective immediately, Uber’s carpooling service (UberPool) now costs a flat rate of $5 in the city.

Can service startups pay contract workers well? This investor says yes

On-demand and delivery services have radically changed how some of us do things like getting from point A to point B, eating food, mailing packages, cleaning house, and more.