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Why the sensors in this car are so intelligent

I was driving on a country road, not thinking too much about the act of driving. This is a normal mode for most of us — it turns out the brain goes into automatic mode, which is a good thing.

How AI will play a major role in the auto industry

GUEST: Artificial intelligence (AI) systems, blending data and advanced algorithms to mimic the cognitive functions of the human mind, have begun to simplify and enhance even the simplest acts of our everyday experiences – and the automotive industry is no exception.

3 important tips for bot builders

GUEST: In 2017, it’s time for artificial intelligence (AI) to be part of your company’s strategy. More than 10 million Amazon Echo devices have been sold in the US alone and 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month.

How Google’s Chrome plans will impact publishers, ad blockers, and the web

GUEST: I’ve spent the last two years fighting in the ad-block trenches, so I’ve gotten lots of questions about Google’s recent announcement that new Chrome ad blocking options are on the way and what that means for publishers, ad blocking, and the industry as a whole.

The U.S. is slowly submitting to the EU’s 2018 privacy law

GUEST: Figure this one out: Just shy of 100 percent of U.S.-based privacy professionals believe the importance and complexity of managing privacy in their organizations is increasing.

Samsung wants your fridge to be the command center for the connected home

ANALYSIS: From connected ovens to smart beds, the burgeoning “internet of random things” (IoRT™) industry is showing no signs of easing.

What Amazon taught us this week: Data-centric companies will devour competitors

GUEST: The initial head-scratching phase over the Amazon-Whole Foods deal is giving way to some aha moments as commentators absorb the idea of a mostly online retailer buying something as tangible and localized as an organic grocery chain.

Microsoft wants to make Direct Reality VR’s answer to DirectX

Just ahead of Microsoft’s media event prior to E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show) last week the company filed a trademark for Direct Reality.

Donut County shows how much fun you can have with a hole

In Donut County, the starring role is a hole. I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but this is a pretty quirky game.

Judge tells ZeniMax and Oculus to end their legal battle

One of the biggest stories of 2017 for the VR industry is also one of its longest. The year started out with ZeniMax Media taking Facebook-owned Oculus to court over an alleged theft of technology.

State of Decay 2 fully simulates the world of the undead

Most undead games try to hook you with the number of zombies you can shoot in a minute. But Microsoft’s upcoming State of Decay 2 is different.

Softbank says its $50 billion will reach entrepreneurs from Kansas to Kentucky

It’s a bold vision: 50,000 new American jobs to be created by a series of investments from Softbank Capital.

Xbox fans hate ‘parity,’ but I want it after playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Bungie confirmed at E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show) in Los Angeles last week that its upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny 2 will run at 30 frames per second on all consoles.

Google Home 6x better than Amazon Alexa in 3,000 question test

Don’t judge a smart speaker by its sales — at least that’s the story floating around the internet today, as Ad Age has revealed a study showing that Google Home is six times likelier than Amazon Alexa to answer user requests correctly.

These were the 10 biggest European tech stories this week

This week, tracked 12 technology M&A transactions, 2 IPOs and 57 tech funding deals totalling about €751 million (about $841 million) in Europe, Turkey and Israel.

DoJ asks Supreme Court to decide Microsoft foreign email battle

The U.S. Department of Justice has asked the Supreme Court to hear a case that could have a massive impact on the way tech companies respond to law enforcement agencies’ requests for user data.

PC Gaming Weekly: Beyond E3’s spectacle, smaller games shine

I’m still in my recovery coma after last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the huge game industry gathering at and around the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Andrew Ng to launch months after departure from Baidu

Former Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng today announced plans to launch a new business called The company launched with little information about what to expect beyond an exploration of the “frontiers of AI,” but alludes to additional details being shared in August about’s focus and mission.

Super Mario Odyssey: Yo, what’s in this hole?

Super Mario Odyssey is reintroducing exploration to the 3D platforming series. As we saw at E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade event) in Los Angeles last week, that means you will find secrets hidden everywhere throughout the various worlds.

I played Nintendo Switch with a stranger on a plane

OPINION: I never thought it could happen to me, but it did … I somehow ended up in a Nintendo commercial in real life.