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Hyundai Sonata plug-in hybrid coming next year, Kia Optima too

While the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is a completely redesigned vehicle for the new model year, the Sonata Hybrid for 2015 continues to use the previous-generation body.

Mark Zuckerberg does a public Q&A session — in Mandarin Chinese

Mark Zuckerberg did a public Q&A session today — in Mandarin Chinese. Yes, the Facebook CEO set out to learn the (very difficult) language in 2010, in his spare time.

AT&T shares down 3% after earnings miss

AT&T just reported earnings and revenue that missed expectations. In immediate reaction in after hours trade, the stock was down as much as 3%.

iPad Air 2 design changes mean good and bad for ease of repair

Apple announced the new iPad Air 2 just last week, and already the good people at iFixit have torn it apart.

Health tech’s radical promise to patients: Pay doctors for results, not treatments

GUEST POST Image Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock In recent decades, the health care industry has made remarkable progress in the understanding, detection and treatment of disease, primarily thanks to technological advancements.

Study: more Americans fear spying from corporations than the government (also, clowns)

Both tech companies and the U.S. government have raised the ire of privacy hawks. This may explain why even though Congress hasn’t done a thing to stop the National Security Agency from collecting data, corporate threats to privacy seem to inspire the lion’s share of angry headlines.

Microsoft yields to Spotify, kills the free ad-supported Xbox Music Pass

Image Credit: via Microsoft Microsoft plans to shut down the free version of its Xbox Music Pass streaming service in December, the company announced today.

Connected health is progressing, but obstacles remain (and some of them are doctors)

Image Credit: The Javorac via Flickr Technological developments in the health care sector hold great promise for delivering a better standard of care in the United States. But just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come.

Mobile games to overtake console revenues in 2015 — and Apple’s revenue could double Nintendo’s

Above: Mobile games will overtake console revenues in 2015. Image Credit: Newzoo The console business has ruled gaming for years.

At Flight, Twitter’s Dick Costolo extends an app-infused olive branch to developers

Above: Twitter chief Dick Costolo Image Credit: Richard Byrne Reilly San Francisco — Twitter’s developer conference in the city by the Bay, called Twitter Flight, was really about extending an olive branch to app developers.

Why Google’s Inbox is my new favorite email app

Above: Google Inbox Image Credit: Google Email is a real pain in the neck, but Google’s upcoming email application, Inbox, could dramatically cut the time wasted on the task.

San Francisco’s former mayor and current senator pens aggressive anti-Airbnb op-ed

Image Credit: Flickr user quinn.anya While Republicans are proudly supporting sharing economy startups to boost their support among young voters, Democrats appear to be doing the opposite.

How Welltok tapped IBM’s Watson to upgrade its health optimization platform

Above: Welltok's CafeWell Concierge app, powered by IBM's Watson Image Credit: Welltok For Welltok and IBM, a partnership couldn’t have been timed much better.

Yahoo Mail now tells you about upcoming flights and events

Today Yahoo is rolling out new travel and event notifications for its mobile mail client, Yahoo Mail.

V12 Group Launches Simple Ads, a Digital Display Advertising Tool for Launchpad

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Roku raises $25 million amid growing competition from Amazon and Google

Image Credit: Tom Cheredar/VentureBeat Set-top box company Roku has secured a fresh $25 million round of funding, according to a SEC form D filing released today.

FTC orders work-at-home scammers to pay $25M to consumers’ fund

Image Credit: Shutterstock/evka119 If you’ve ever been tempted by one of those work-at-home-make-zillions ads, forget it.

Intuit overhauls QuickBooks Online and inks new deals with Box and PayPal

Intuit is giving some much-needed love to it’s online QuickBooks platform with a series of new updates, including a new developer-friendly app store, cloud storage through Box, and integration with PayPal.

Sonos sues Denon, alleging wireless speaker patent infringement

Denon’s newly-released Heos line of wireless speakers are remarkably similar to those from Sonos — so much so that Sonos is suing Denon for patent infringement.

Twitter’s Digits lets you sign up for apps with just your phone number

Image Credit: Maryland GovPics/Flickr As part of the new Fabric software development kits announced at its Flight conference,Twitter is introducing Digits, a new onboarding tool that uses a user’s phone number instead of the traditional email address.