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Indicative launches a data analytics startup for the technically disinclined

Above: Indicative's Jeremy Levy and Andrew Weinrich Image Credit: Courtesy Indicative Indicative, an analytics startup based in the Big Apple, is coming out of stealth beta in about an hour.

Coupa Kicks off Worldwide Roadshow Series

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Facebook adjusts newsfeed so real-time events show up higher in your feed

Image Credit: Eric Blattberg / VentureBeat Looks like Facebook wants a piece of the real-time events coverage that Twitter dominates.

PrecisionHawks raises $10M for its land-surveying drones

Image Credit: PrecisionHawk/Facebook Drones. Box’s Aaron Levie likes them, Amazon and Google want to use them to deliver stuff, they’ve creeped up on national soccer teams during their World Cup practices…. The list goes on.

Augmate raises $2.8M to put smart eyewear in the enterprise

Image Credit: Shutterstock Enterprises are starting to get interested in using Google Glass-type eyewear in the workplace to make their workers smarter, faster, and more agile.

It’s time to take care of our clogged data plumbing

GUEST POST Image Credit: Eliott Hutchins/Flickr I’ve been researching big data and analytics for well over a decade, and my focus has generally been on the business opportunities provided by this amazing resource.

Foursquare revamps ‘lists’ feature after power users panicked

While updating its app for iOS 8 today, Foursquare causally reintroduced a favorite feature among Foursquare die-hards: “lists.” Foursquare never technically killed lists, but the company did hide them behind a menu (Profile > Saved > Lists) and cut down related features.

Is Apple really working with U2 on a new music format?

Image Credit: s_bukley/Shutterstock Part of Apple’s multimillion-dollar deal with iconic band U2 apparently includes building a new digital “format” for music, according to U2 front man Bono.

Shippo grabs $2M for its shipping API for small businesses

Image Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock The beauty of today’s technological age is that for every derivative photo-sharing, ephemeral, anonymous, or dating app out there, there’s also a startup using tech to make logistics much more accessible for small business and even consumers.

Are the mysterious ‘interceptor’ cell towers the handiwork of foreign entities?

Above: New interceptor towers discovered near the Senate and White House Image Credit: ESD America ESD America, the makers of a secure phone that originally made public the existence of mysterious “interceptor” cell stations in the U.S., tells VentureBeat there are over a dozen more near the Senate and the White House.

Sources: Mystery cell towers host mobile ID catchers that stealthily intercept calls

Image Credit: Cell towers photo via Rigucci/Shutterstock The perplexing mystery of a new breed of suspicious cell towers cropping up across the country may have been solved — at least partially.

With $2M in preorders, Tangible Play ships its Osmo social iPad game

Above: Osmo Words Image Credit: Tangible Play Tangible Play is announcing today that it has begun shipping its Osmo game platform, which combines an iPad app and physical objects to entertain kids with a new breed of social games.

Hazelcast adds $11M to grow its business based on an open-source in-memory data grid

Above: The Hazelcast team. Image Credit: Hazelcast Hazelcast, a startup looking to challenge legacy database providers like Oracle and fast-growing startups pushing open-source databases, has landed $11 million in new funding.

Study: MIT’s online physics class can teach students of all abilities

Image Credit: Flickr user Tulane Public Relations One of the hopes with Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is that they give anyone around the world access to great teachers.

Code Climate, a set of digital eyes to inspect your code, brings in $2M

Above: A screen shot of the Code Climate app. Image Credit: Code Climate Developers could ask their bosses to check for issues in their code before they deploy it.

Next generation apps need better file systems to scale

SPONSORED POST This sponsored post is produced by Bitcasa. Creating an app involves a lot of moving parts.

Businesses might not be quite as ready for iPhone 6 and iOS 8 as their employees

GUEST POST By now, we have all become well accustomed to Apple’s unique style when it comes to releasing a new version of iOS, a new iPhone or other gadgets.

Google & Dropbox announce ‘Simply Secure’ project to make security tech more user-friendly

Today Dropbox and Google announced the creation of Simply Secure, a research project which aims to make security tech, like two-factor authentication, easier to use.

NFL fans don’t need to pay Comcast or Time Warner to watch football. Here’s how

Image Credit: Denver Broncos - Eric Lars Bakke The NFL season is here, and if you don’t have the biggest cable package around, you might think you’re out of luck, doomed to miss out on live game coverage.

Small businesses have their own social network today in Brazzlebox

Above: Small businesses now have a place of their own Image Credit: Brazzlebox Do small businesses need their own social network?