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As smart contracts get smarter, the rules of development will change

GUEST: If 2017 was the year of Bitcoin, 2018 will be the year of the smart contract. Smart contracts — the self-executing coded contracts running on blockchain networks — enable decentralized apps (dApps) and the brand new economic models we are see emerging on blockchains.

5 ways mobile games can avoid a sophomore slump

GUEST: It is hard enough for a game to become a hit in the App Store or Google Play these days; it’s harder still to maintain that success.

How do developers hook U.S. mobile gamers? Achievements and progress tracking

GUEST: When designing or localizing your mobile game for international release, it is critical to examine whether or not it’s a good fit for what people in local markets want to play on their mobile devices.

Fears of bots in the workplace are likely overblown

GUEST: Journalists have used a lot of ink, both real and digital, to discuss the potential of AI to eliminate jobs.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is what Microsoft promised

PREVIEW: Microsoft is bringing back of the Age of Empires series, and it is starting with an updated version of the original game for $20 on February 20.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera hands-on — 25 million players get new ways to die

Ubisoft is taking the wraps off of its Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege expansion, dubbed Operation Chimera.

10 tips for acing your market-size slide

GUEST: The most controversial slide in every pitch deck is often the market size slide. It can set the stage for the future of the company, but too often it is overly exaggerated and not efficiently backed up.

Investing in cryptocurrencies? Understand how to diversify your portfolio

GUEST: Most investors will tell you about the importance of a well-diversified portfolio and how you should never go all in on any single asset.

OrbusVR shows the promise of MMOs in VR

As someone that grew up playing MMOs like EverQuest, Minions of Mirth (an obscure indie one), Runescape, Guild Wars, and more, a high-quality VR MMO is one of my ultimate dream games.

How Machinima plotted its strategic rebranding across platforms

Warner Bros.’s digital video site Machinima rebranded this week as it makes a bigger push to expand beyond its YouTube roots to all the new platforms where gamers celebrate their culture.

Chris Messina: Alexa leads the ‘god bot’ wars because Amazon gets the most interest from developers

A little over two years ago, before Facebook Messenger or iMessage opened to third-party bots, and before the arrival of Google Assistant, conversational AI champion Chris Messina helped coin the term “conversational commerce.” Messina, who is perhaps best known as the creator of the hashtag, has since 2015 examined trends like chat apps surpassing social media in monthly active users, buzz among developers and investors, and unanswered questions, like how experiences created by third-party developers can attract attention in a conversational world.

Bigscreen’s new update adds support for 12 players

It’s time for another Bigscreen update, and this latest edition makes the social VR app even, well, bigger.

How a love for Minecraft can blossom into a love for reading

GUEST: Millions of kids around the world play Minecraft, and it didn’t take long for adults to notice something: It has educational value.

GamesBeat Decides 71: That Pavlovian Stuff

On this week’s GamesBeat Decides podcast, hosts Mike Minotti and Jeffrey Grubb talk about some recent releases and some that are not quite as recent.

AI Weekly: Get ready for AI chips everywhere

This has been a big week for specialized chips aimed at performing machine learning tasks. Google announced the open beta of its second generation Tensor Processing Unit, Amazon is reportedly working on a dedicated AI chip for its Echo smart speaker, and ARM announced its own AI hardware.

Brazil’s Independent Games Festival is ready for your cool games

Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival is now taking submissions for its sixth annual event. It celebrates indie games from Latin America and abroad, and this year will be held in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from June 23 and July 1.

Nippon Marathon parodies Japanese game shows with its wacky foot racing

Nippon Marathon has entered Early Access on Steam, and the full game will be coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC later this year.

HomePod listening tests reveal the grimy truth about audio reviews

ANALYSIS: As Apple’s HomePod has been out for a week, most of the news, reviews, and early problems have already been discussed ad nauseum.

Swery and Arc System Works team up for his latest mystery: The Missing

Deadly Premonition creator Hidetaka Suehiro, aka Swery, is teaming up with Arc System Works on a new game: The Missing.

Descenders is Spelunky with bicycles

When I started the downhill biking sim Descenders earlier this week, I didn’t understand its structure.