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FPV car racing is getting kinda gnarly

Perhaps you like the idea of FPV (first-person view) drone racing, but you're a little uncomfortable with the thought of piloting a rapidly-moving quadcopter through the air.

Interview: How Indian Motorcycles made it back into flat track racing

Nearly 65 years after the last Indian motorcycle raced in flat track racing, the company's return to the sport has given fans the potential to see a revival of the historical rivalry between it and Harley Davidson.

Bike tire insert takes on flats and rough rides

For decades, various manufacturers have dabbled in flat-proof bicycle tires that have a solid or foam-filled core.

Lego launches Saturn V Apollo rocket set

As the first rocket to put people on the moon, NASA's Saturn V occupies a special place in the history of space exploration.

Review: Active noise cancelling earplugs help you get your quiet on

Are active-noise cancelling earplugs – specifically, this US$200 pair from QuietOn – better bringers of silence than passive options like traditional foam or silicone plugs?

Female dragonflies fake death to avoid lusting males

Rassim Khelifa was standing by a pond in the Swiss Alps collecting insect eggs one day, when he noticed something strange.

Got this kind of face? You're more likely to be left-handed

Our faces are a key way in which we evaluate each other. We can glean trustworthiness, threat, love and humor from a simple glance at another person's visage.

Jawa plots four-stroke future for its iconic 350

Once a mighty European powerhouse, Czech Republic's Jawa never stopped producing motorcycles throughout its 88-year history.

Sustainable design takes flight at Oslo's airport terminal extension

Norway's Oslo Airport has received a smart-looking new terminal extension courtesy of local architects Nordic – Office of Architecture.

Fender builds world's first agave Stratocaster

It's Fender Custom Shop's 30th birthday this year, and the firm began the celebrations in January with a NAMM showing for Master Builder one-off creations, and followed that with a number of limited run guitars crafted by some of its founding builders last month.

Guests climb tree-lined trail to summit of mountain-themed hotel

NOA (Network of Architecture), the designers of the hotel with the crazy pool in South Tyrol, Italy, recently completed another unusual hotel nearby.

Mitsubishi will remake 1917 Model A with plug-in powertrain

We've seen some crazy automaker centennial celebration cars in recent years, including the Vision Next 100 BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce and the Aston Martin CC100 Speedster.

MIT is working on a fully autonomous robo-builder that designs and prints homes

This MIT robot, rolling on tank tracks, can already 3D-print a concrete dome structure in 14 hours. But the development team has plans to have it roaming the land on its own, selecting and clearing building sites, designing homes, gathering building materials and completing construction without any human intervention...

With the barley genome sequenced, better beer and whiskey is on the table

Sequencing the entire genome of an organism is no easy feat, but the benefits can be as important as saving species from the brink of extinction, fighting cancer, getting rid of pests – and now, brewing better booze.

Flight tests of Lockheed's Fury drone heat up ahead of production

Over a series of flight tests in the last 12 months, Lockheed Martin's Fury drone has demonstrated a reliable ability to fly for more than 12 hours at a time.

Flight tests of Lockheed's Fury drone heat up ahead of production

Meet the Fury drone, Lockheed Martin's latest Group 3 Unmanned Air System. Built for electronic surveillance, recon, intelligence and communication link missions, the Fury launches off a trailer-mounted catapult and lands by flying headfirst into a big net...

New 2DS XL shows Nintendo hasn't switched off support for 3DS family

While most of the Nintendo buzz lately has been focused on the portable/home console hybrid, the Switch, a surprise announcement today shows the company hasn't completely dropped its other portable gaming line.

Nissan expands Nismo to wider range of cars in more markets

NISMO is one of the most recognizable names in world motorsport, but Nissan has been slow to capitalize on its pull.

Musclebound mice study brings "exercise pill" a step closer

New research could mean that a pill to provide some of the same health benefits as exercise could eventually move from fantasy to reality.

Four new human rights proposed to protect us from mind reading and brain hacking

The human brain is an enigma wrapped in a skull, but the field of neuroscience is beginning to unravel its secrets.