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Ford Ranger Wildtrak review: One truck to do it all

Americans might love their trucks, but they aren't the only ones. The folks Down Under are partial to a good pickup at the moment, and Ford would argue the range-topping Ranger Wildtrak is the best pickup you can buy.

It's official: New Nissan Leaf will be semi-autonomous

Life should be a little easier for buyers of the upcoming new Nissan Leaf, as Nissan has confirmed that the car will feature ProPILOT Assist technology.

"Exploration telepresence" may virtually get people to Mars

As far as many people are concerned, there are just two ways of exploring other planets – either robots do it while all the humans stay back on Earth, or astronauts go and do so in person.

Study suggests that Parkinson's could be an autoimmune disease

For degenerative diseases like Parkinson's, any insights we can gain into its development in the brain could be vitally important in coming up new ways to apply the brakes.

Bosch brings ABS to e-bikes

According to two studies conducted by Bosch Accident Research, e-bike accidents could be reduced by up to 25 percent if the bikes were equipped with anti-lock braking systems.

University of Michigan's self-driving buses will shuttle students across campus

The University of Michigan has played home to some interesting developments in the self-driving space.

Synth hack gives exercise bike its own beat

Last year, sonic wizard Sam Battle transformed an old kids bike into a rolling synthesizer. The faster the Synth Bike 2.0 was pedaled, the quicker the beat.

LG Display's latest screen is huge, transparent, and flexible

It's an exciting time in display technologies, with flexible and transparent screens popping up regularly, albeit in the lab rather than on our devices.

MVRDV's latest tower looks different from every angle

Even for a firm as happy to experiment as MVRDV, its Bałtyk tower has a very unusual design. Located in Poznań, Poland, the mixed-use building looks totally different depending on the where you view it from, appearing almost too narrow to support itself from some angles and solid and wide from others...

GE is building the world’s largest laser-powder 3D printer

GE has announced its plans to build the world's largest laser-powder additive manufacturing machine. The device, which will be developed through a new branch of the company called GE Additive, uses a laser to mold metal powders and will be able to build parts measuring up to 1 m3 (35 cubic feet)...

It's important to remember that forgetting is important

If files on your computer suddenly vanished after a while, you'd be in line for a new one pretty quickly – and yet, that's basically what our brains do all the time.

Review: How practical is the BMW i3?

The BMW i3 is a compact, well-designed little electric five-seater with a nod towards both sustainable design and operation that speaks to the German make's dedication to clean motoring.

Putting the brakes on runaway electrons brings fusion power a step closer

A functional fusion reactor may still be a dream, but its a dream that is slowly becoming a reality with numerous research efforts and experiments aiming to unlock the near unlimited supply of clean energy that such a reactor would provide.

"Mushroom sausages" provide building material with a tasty bonus

Mushroom sausages may sound like something off a vegan menu, but for Brunel University London student Aleksi Vesaluoma, they are the building material of the future.

Video: Sit behind the wheel of a self-driving racecar

RoboRace is shaping up as an intriguing motorsport category, but there's still plenty of work to be done before autonomous racers are trading paint like humans.

NASA plans probe of mysterious ice giants in the outer Solar System

Uranus hasn't had a visitor since 1986 and Neptune's been neglected since 1989, but NASA has begun to outline its plans to return to the ice giant planets on the fringes of our Solar System.

Ferrari takes home 2017 International Engine of the Year

As emissions standards get tighter, you might think International Engine of the Year would go to a clever compact powertrain, or an engine that mixes miserly fuel consumption with punchy performance.

CARNAC program to put robots in the pilot's seat

Unmanned aircraft are generally either built that way from the ground up, with robotic systems integrated from the earliest design stages, or are existing aircraft that are extensively modified to add such systems so they can fly without a human pilot on board.

Krayon Everywhere brings sunrise and sunset to mechanical watches

They say there's nothing new under the sun, but the world of haute chronologie still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

RhinoWolf modular, all-in-one tent system sleeps one or 100

Camping has always been a social experience, a place to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with family and friends.