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Ocean study: Expect starvation, extinction and more jellyfish

Projections for the way in which our planet will be affected by the current trend of rapid planetary warming are dire.

France is raising drone-killing eagles

We've covered quite a few creative approaches to defending airspace from illegal drones, but if there's a cooler example than this we'd like to see it.

Musicon looks like a barrel of music-creation fun

Learning to make music should be fun. It should also be easy. Traditional instruments like guitar and piano can be tough for youngsters, but composing and performing on the Musicon is as simple as pushing a button.

Can three-cylinder Fiesta ST keep the party going?

It's been around for almost four years, but the current Ford Fiesta ST remains one of our favourite hot hatches.

Counting the days: Our five most anticipated upcoming buildings

Though we've reported on many amazing buildings over the past 12 months, some of the most exciting designs are still to come.

Excess sugar linked to Alzheimer's in new study

You already know that sugar isn't the best thing for your health, but new research out of England might just give you another reason to avoid the white stuff.

Traveler cuts the uppercut on Strat-like road-ready guitar

Chances are pretty good that if you've traveled with a six-string companion in the last 25 years that had an odd in-body tuning system and a short scale headless neck, that guitar was a Traveler.

Folding electric fat bike promises "moar" features

One look at the all-new Moar e-bike and you can tell this isn't your average pedelec. The bike greets the eye with fat tires, thickly sheathed wires and a battery compartment that shoots off the back of the seat post to double as a cargo rack.

Artificial synapse bridges the gap to brainier computers

The human brain is nature's most powerful processor, so it's not surprising that developing computers that mimic it has been a long-term goal.

Review: US$119 Insta360 Air unlocks bizarre and awesome camera effects

For a cheap, cheerful and tiny little gadget, the Insta360 Air can do some pretty amazing stuff. 360-degree video and photos, naturally - but also some truly whacked-out, trippy morphing video effects that we simply haven't seen anywhere else before...

Quartz at the core of Earth's magnetic field paradox

For centuries, scientists have wondered why Earth has a magnetic field. It's still a mystery, but by using super-high pressures and temperatures to duplicate conditions at the Earth's core, scientists at the Earth-Life Science Institute at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have discovered that there may be quartz crystals there that help explain how the Earth gets the power to generate its field...

Solar telescope recovered after a year on ice

Scientists have recovered an advanced solar telescope that has been sitting out in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica for a year.

Average life expectancy on the rise – but the US lags behind

Drawing on long-term data on mortality and longevity, researchers from the Imperial College London and the World Health Organization (WHO) have predicted the average life expectancies for people in 35 countries born in 2030.

Amazon argues Alexa data in murder case is protected by First Amendment

Amazon is currently battling the State of Arkansas, which wants Amazon to deliver any information that may have been collected by an Echo device owned by a defendant charged with murder.

How termite settlers arrived to help shape the Australian Outback

Like many great architects of the human world, the critters that have helped shape Australia's arid Outback are descended from immigrants.

Portable ECG is aimed to be hands – or feet – above others

We've already seen a few portable electrocardiographs (ECGs), that let users monitor the electrical activity of their heart, wherever they may be.

LG Watch Style review: Compact and compromised

If you're looking for a smartwatch that isn't overly huge, Google and LG recently launched one that runs the new Android Wear 2.0 platform.

What will the James Webb Space Telescope reveal about the newly discovered exoplanets?

The discovery of seven habitable planets just 40 light years away is certainly impressive, but the fact is, they are still 40 light years away.

Mobile 101: A quick explanation of quick charging

As we gear up for this year's first smartphone flagships, we expect "quick charging", alternatively known as fast or turbo charging, to be an increasingly common feature.

Porsche and Lexus the winners in JD Power Dependability Survey

A number of factors come into the car-buying decision, but few are more important than reliability. Most of us are heavily reliant on our cars, and it's nice to know if your big, shiny purchase will still be running smoothly long after the new-car smell has worn off.