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Can antivirus software 'cure' my sick computer?

Q. If my computer already has a virus, are the antivirus software programs that you recommend good, or is there another way to clean it up?

Should my teen use a credit or debit card?

  Q. My 18-year-old daughter is new to banking and credit. She knows to pay off any credit-card balances each month.

Do I need to flip my pillow-top mattress?

Q. I read your most recent mattress reviews with great interest. Some manufacturers put the pillow top only on one side and claim that the mattress doesn’t need flipping.

Give your car a clean start for summer road trips

Giving the family chariot a thorough cleaning inside and out is not just a good way to protect your investment, but it’ll make the car a nicer place to be on those long drives to vacation spots.

Help! I think my dentist overdoes it on X-rays

Q. “The surprising dangers of CT scans and X-rays" led me to review the schedule of my own dental X-rays.

How to check for bed bugs in hotels

Q. I’ll be staying in hotels this summer. How can I check for bed bugs? A. To avoid the tiny bloodsuckers—which hide in hotel mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture—put your luggage in the bathroom and inspect bedding and furniture before you unpack.

Everything you need to know about the Takata airbag recall

About 33.8 million vehicles, made by 11 different automakers, have been recalled to replace frontal airbags on the driver’s side or passenger’s side, or both.

Are you a victim of age discrimination?

Last fall Ohio-based shoe retailer DSW agreed to pay seven former managers and about 100 other employees a total of $900,000 to settle an age discrimination lawsuit.

How do we smartly limit smartphone use when driving?

Want to feel less safe when behind the wheel? Let your mind chew on these stats from an AT&T survey released earlier this week on smartphone use while driving: 61 percent of drivers admit to texting when driving, 33 percent check email, 27 percent use Facebook, and 14 percent are on Twitter.

Why is customer service so bad?

Talk about infuriating. More than half of Americans storm out of a store or without making a purchase or hang up the phone without resolving their problem because of poor customer service.   There's no disputing that finding help can be a nightmare.

Hot cars: A deadly danger that can happen to anyone

On average, 37 children die of heat stroke each year after being left in a hot car, according to

Best deals on American cars for Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day weekend may be known for commemorating fallen heroes, barbecues, parades, and road trips, but it can also be a great time to buy a new car.

How to keep your health care insurance costs down

Co-pays and deductibles can gobble up a lot of cash every year. Even with good insurance, you’re probably paying more for medical bills than you’d like.

Best robotic vacuums from Consumer Reports' tests

Who wouldn’t appreciate some extra help with the vacuuming before the guests arrive? Robotic vacuums such as the six we’ve tested won’t clean carpets as well as your average upright or canister, but those vacuums can’t push themselves around.

The best way to stop sunburn

Summer may not officially begin for a few weeks, but Memorial Day is the unofficial start of sunburn season.

What makes a car 'American'?

It's been almost 40 years since the first U.S.-built Volkswagen Rabbit rolled off an assembly line in Westmoreland, Pa., forever changing the definition of “American car.” During those four decades, the automotive industry has increasingly become a global enterprise, with automakers and their suppliers grabbing parts from all over the world, then building and selling those polyglot vehicles in as many countries as possible.

Don't miss these Memorial Day home center sales

Holiday weekends are a great time to check out sales at the home center and this Memorial Day weekend is no exception.

Is your toilet running up your water bill?

With the drought in California stretching into a fourth year, residents may be running out of ways to cut their water use.

Best luggage brands revealed in new Consumer Reports survey

When it comes to luggage, subscribers are a pretty happy bunch. Of 7,000 luggage-owning respondents to a recent luggage survey* conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 61 percent of said they did not have any issues with their primary piece of luggage, and 78 percent said they are “completely to very” (highly) satisfied.

4 great wireless speakers for under $300

Memorial Day weekend signals the start of summer fun, and that means you'll probably be spending more time outdoors.