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NHTSA Accelerates Takata Airbag Recall

Federal regulators are stepping up the timetable for Takata to fix defective airbags in millions of U.S.

5 Good Reasons to Get a Charge Card

There's one piece of plastic that might actually help you become a more disciplined spender: a charge card.

How to Clean Your Best Bed and Table Linens

After a year in storage, your holiday table linens may be looking a bit dingy. If so, it’s time for a little laundry therapy with a top-performing detergent.

Reverse-Mortgage Ads Still Making Misleading Claims, Federal Regulators Say

Senior alert: Consumer watchdogs say reverse-mortgage companies are still trying to trick you with ads promising a risk-free way to tap the equity in your home.

How to Fix (Hopefully) the MacBook Pro's Battery Life Problem

In the past few days, Apple's new MacBook Pro has provoked heated complaints in user forums from consumers disappointed with their new laptops' battery life.

Parkinson's Disease and the Microbiome

A study published last week in the journal Cell offers the strongest evidence yet that Parkinson’s disease begins in the gut, not the brain.

IIHS Names Safest Cars

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named the cars, SUVs, minivan, and pickup truck that meet the stringent standards to be named a 2017 Top Safety Pick.

Surgeon General: E-Cigarette Use by Young Consumers Is a 'Major Public Health Threat'

Months after the Food & Drug Administration finalized rules that treat e-cigarettes like traditional cigarettes and cigars, including banning the sale to minors, a new report from the U.S.

Consumers Worry That Sprint, T-Mobile May Revive Merger Talks

Renewed speculation about a possible merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is causing worry among mobile phone customers and consumer advocates, though some industry observers say it may be the only way for those cellular carriers to compete against industry giants Verizon and AT&T.

3 Ways to Save While Shopping at Outlet Malls

To save money while holiday shopping, it may seem like a good idea to head to the outlets. But beware: Outlet malls can cause even the most disciplined shopper to overspend, especially this time of year.

Should Developers of Driverless Cars Share Test Data?

A key issue is emerging in the development of self-driving cars: In order to make sure the technology works, should developers be sharing with the government the data they collect in road tests?

Did That Supplement Make Someone Sick?

Ever wonder what happens when you complain to the Food and Drug Administration that a food, cosmetic, or supplement might have made you sick?

The Truth About Supplements

Dietary supplement makers offer a dizzying array of products to improve your health: Ginkgo biloba to boost memory, St.

How to Give Large Money Gifts for the Holidays

If you are feeling particularly generous toward your family members this year, you may decide to give them money gifts for the holidays.

Best Stick Vacuums for Busy Households

There’s a reason stick vacuums are one the fastest growing products in floor care. The lightweight machines are a convenient alternative to full-sized vacuums, especially when it comes to the routine cleaning required in homes with pets, kids, and other mess-makers.

10 Small Appliances for $50 or Less

With the holidays fast approaching, stores and online retailers are offering discounts and free shipping, so there are bargains to be found.

Pebble Swallowed by Fitbit: What You Need to Know

For the Pebble smartwatch, time has finally run out. Fitbit has acquired Pebble's software assets and most of its engineering team, but has no plans to build new hardware.

Star-Spangled Presents: Holiday Gifts Made in the U.S.A.

The presidential campaign focused a white-hot spotlight on the loss of domestic manufacturing jobs, so it wasn't surprising that in a Consumer Reports survey just before Election Day, 40 percent of Americans said it was increasingly important to seek out gifts made in the U.S.

Going Shopping? How You Pay Can Affect How Much You Spend

With the holiday shopping season upon us, get ready to whip out those credit cards. Or maybe not.  Research finds that some ways of paying, including by credit card, can increase the amount of money people spend—and can lead them to buy more frivolous items.

Congress Passes Bill with Billions for Cancer Research

Congress has passed the most expensive and far-reaching health reform bill since the Affordable Care Act in 2010.