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The best places to buy exercise equipment

January is the busiest time of year for exercise equipment sales, as well-fed consumers look to make good on their health-based New Year's resolutions.

Should I upgrade my old computer or buy a new one?

Q. I am trying to decide between replacing the hard drive on my 2007 iMac for $250 or buying a new iMac for about $1,350.

How to save your back during holiday shopping

Holiday shopping may be tough on your wallet. But did you ever consider how your wallet might be equally tough on you, especially your back?

Holiday shipping deadlines: Make sure your Christmas gifts arrive on time

If want all of your holiday gifts to arrive by Christmas this year, you'd better finish your gift shopping soon.

Don't get ripped off at the checkout during the holidays

During the holiday shopping rush, whether you’re buying gifts, food, decorations or anything else, it’s easy to lose focus on what you’re paying.

What to do if you lock your keys in the car

The odds are you’ll lock your keys in the car sometime, and those odds are on the increase. The American Automobile Association reports that it gets calls from more than 4,000,000 locked-out motorists every year.

Holiday shipping deadlines: Make sure your Christmas gifts arrive on time

If want all of your holiday gifts to arrive by Christmas this year, you'd better finish your gift shopping soon.

The best time to buy things, month by month

Every day you probably get e-mail, texts, tweets, and circulars announcing great sales. The days of watching the calendar and buying products at the time of year when prices are lowest would appear to be over.

8 products on deep discount in December

This time of year you'll see plenty of discount signs in stores. You might think just about everything is on sale for the holidays.

Why you should shop around for health insurance every year

Q. I bought a Michigan Blue Cross plan on last year for $143 a month. This year the same plan costs $218.

Don't count out the e-book reader—new models are better than ever

The e-ink screens on most e-book readers are already about as good as they can get—text is crisp and very readable, even in bright light.

How to take a good holiday photo

If you’re getting together with family during the holidays, you may want to capture the moments by shooting candid photos or even a formal portrait.

Inexpensive dishwasher detergents get the job done

Imagine your toughest pile of dishes—maybe a few hours after a big holiday meal, plates covered in sticky cranberry sauce, pots coated in grease and stuck-on mashed potatoes.

Are crowds ruining Black Friday?

Come this extended holiday weekend, more Americans will be thinking about turkey, football, parades, and leftovers instead of shopping.

Top 10 Black Friday TV deals for 2014

Finding the best deal on a TV can take a lot of time and effort. To help you find the right TV at the right price, we've spent the past few weeks scouring ads from Target and Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, and others.

Automotive turkeys of the year

We have a lot to be thankful for in the automotive world. Cars are more sophisticated than ever, with continued innovation related to entertainment, fuel economy, and safety.

How to prep your car for a holiday road trip

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to get the family sleigh ready for travel and gift-delivery duty.

Huge Black Friday sales on large appliances

Forget those silly doorbusters, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sears are having some serious sales this weekend that can make it worth braving the crowds.

Make sure your Thanksgiving doesn't go up in smoke

Your kitchen may be the center of your holiday activities, but be careful—it’s also where most house fires start.

How your credit report can help you—or hurt you

In a data-driven world, your credit record is your reputation, and false information can have deep repercussions.