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Mercedes-Benz makes a pickup? Giddy up, partner

By the end of the decade, Mercedes-Benz will launch its first ever pickup truck. Yes, a real get-dirty midsized truck with a three-pointed star in its grille.

The medical bills you should never have to pay

Back in 2007, Consumer Reports put out a call for stories about the health insurance coverage problems that consumers were facing.

Sugru silicone-rubber adhesive sticks to its claims

Who hasn’t wished to strengthen the charging cord of a cellphone, tablet, or laptop that’s begun to fray?

Don't let tax-identity theft happen to you

Tax-related identity theft can turn your life upside down and take years to resolve. I know, because it happened to me several years ago, after someone submitted an electronic tax return—days before I filed—containing personal information about me and my family, and a bogus return address.

NFL should end TV blackouts permanently

It’s seemingly never the off-season for the National Football League. About two weeks after Super Bowl XLIX, the league held its scouting combine—essentially highly scrutinized workouts for college players hoping to be picked in the league’s annual draft, itself another multiday televised bonanza that this year kicks off on April 30.

The best small SUVs

Small SUVs make up the fastest-growing vehicle segment on the market. It's no wonder: These right-sized crossovers promise an affordable combination of commanding ride height, spend-thrift fuel economy, interior versatility, all-weather capabilities, and parking-lot-friendly footprint.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones are a bold step ahead

Consumer Reports' engineers are already pouring over T-Mobile versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, the company's brand new flagship phone, and edgier sibling, the curve-screened Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

New mowers offer easier starting and maintenance

Starting difficulties are a chief gripe with gasoline-powered lawn mowers, and the need to maintain the machines also a common complaint.

Some halogen lightbulbs are brighter than others

When it comes to energy-saving lightbulbs, LEDs and CFLs spring to mind. But what about halogen bulbs?

Updated 2016 Mazda6 remains fun, but limited

Mazda’s midsized family sedan is refreshed for 2016, building upon its attractive styling, agile handling, and impressive fuel economy.

3 last-minute tax moves

With just a few weeks left of tax-season 2015, here are a few actions worth taking to save you money on 2014 taxes, jumpstart savings for you or a relative, or possibly get a tax break on health coverage for 2015.

Changing jobs? Watch out for a forced rollover of your 401(k)

Amid the stress of switching jobs, people often forget to shift the money in their old 401(k) to their new employer.

Is an updated Apple TV media player coming?

With its recent product announcements and HBO Now exclusive deal, Apple has been in the news of late.

5 things we liked about the BMW X5

The odometer is a great gauge of how much the Consumer Reports auto-testing team enjoys the cars we review.

High-performance 2016 Ford Focus RS spools up 315+ hp

Ford has pulled the wraps off the U.S. version of the smoking-hot Focus RS hatchback, just days ahead of its New York International Auto Show debut.

12 ways to save even more at Costco

If you’re a Costco member, you probably know a thing or two about saving a buck. But there are ways to cut costs even further at the ubiquitous warehouse club, with its nearly 700 locations worldwide.

BMW releases important software update for i3 electric car

The BMW i3 earned one of the highest scores of any electric car when we tested it. But it gave us a few disconcerting moments when we were driving it this past fall.

5 small HDTVs from 2014 are good bargains in 2015

While there's nothing like a giant-screen TV for watching movies and TV shows in the main viewing room of your house, many of us are looking for smaller sets for bedrooms, home offices, and maybe even the kitchen.

10 great gas grills for $300 or less

Most gas grills sold cost less than $300. If that’s what you’re planning to spend then consider these 10 grills from Consumer Reports’ latest tests.

8 tips to help you sell your own home

With real estate agents’ commissions often as high as 6 percent of a home’s sale price, it’s tempting to hang out a “For Sale by Owner” sign and save the commission.