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3 Winning Strategies for Fall Leaf Removal

It’s time to break out the rake and leaf blower to get rid of all those leaves. But don't despair, the solution to getting some leaf relief could be as close as your garage or shed.

Cars With Advanced Safety Systems

Need a new car? Then consider one with active safety systems. Manufacturers are building cars with systems that can help you avoid or mitigate a crash in all sorts of situations, such as closing in on another car too quickly, changing lanes into an unseen car in a blind spot, or simply backing out in a busy parking lot.

Best Cars With Cargo Capacity and Fuel Economy

With today's ever changing gas prices, many car buyers are opting to trade cargo space for fuel economy by purchasing a smaller vehicle than they might have otherwise.

Best Safety Performance - Best Cars for Accident Avoidance Maneuvers & Braking - Consumer Reports

A vehicle with good braking and emergency handling can help you avoid an accident. Typically smaller, sportier vehicles perform well in these tests and larger trucks are slower to maneuver.

Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs

SUVs are very versatile vehicles for transporting passengers and cargo, and now you don't have to sacrifice fuel economy to get the space you want.

Best Cars With Cargo Capacity and Fuel Economy

With today's ever changing gas prices, many car buyers are opting to trade cargo space for fuel economy by purchasing a smaller vehicle than they might have otherwise.

Best & Worst Fuel Economy

The lists below highlight the vehicles within each category that achieved the best or worst gas mileage in our tests.

How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

The maintenance section of your lawn mower owner’s manual probably runs on for pages, with instructions on everything from greasing the pinion gears to gapping the spark plugs.

Why You Might Not Be Able to Sue Your Bank

If a bank employee opens fake accounts and credit cards in your name, as recently happened at Wells Fargo, you may be charged fees for those fake accounts, which you didn't pay because you didn't know the accounts existed.

Secrets to Stress-Free Flying

In January 2015 Eileen Dube of Glendale, Calif., spent $2,268 booking round-trip flights online from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., for her husband, herself, and their two daughters for a mid-March vacation.

How to Get Your High Blood Pressure Under Control

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, lowering it to a healthy level has been proven to reduce your risk of a litany of health problems, including heart attack, stroke, and kidney damage.

Most Fuel-Efficient Cars - Consumer Reports

Fuel economy is an important factor to consider when buying a new car, even when gas prices are down—they won't stay that way forever.

Cost of Opioid Rescue Drug Naloxone Becoming Unaffordable

EpiPen isn't the only rescue medication to undergo huge price hikes. A House Judiciary Subcommittee recently heard testimony about the skyrocketing cost of naloxone, a medication that reverses a potentially fatal overdose from heroin and other drugs, such as OxyContin or Vicodin, in minutes.

Consumer Reports Gives Faulty Comfort Zone Humidifier a Don’t Buy Designation

Buying a product that has only a 50-50 chance of working right out of the box isn’t a good bet. But that’s what happened when Consumer Reports recently tested the Comfort Zone CZHD81 humidifier.

Best Ultraportable Laptops

In laptops, lightweight used to mean sacrificing performance and battery life, but that’s less true every year.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Sipping a grande to celebrate National Coffee Day? That may bode well for your brain. New research published this week in a Gerontological Society of America journal suggests that consuming caffeine may lower your odds of of developing dementia or cognitive impairment—at least if you're an older woman.

Best Cars for Families With a Bit of Everything

The vehicles here are suitable for families as they move from one stage of their lives to the next. In analyzing our test ratings from different family perspectives, several models routinely made the cut.

Best Cars for Families With Grandparents

Getting into and out of the car can be the hardest part of traveling for older adults. Combine that with an uncomfortable seat and a harsh ride, and you have enough factors to deter anyone from wanting to suffer through a multi-hour trip.

Best Cars for Families With School-Age Kids

As kids prepare to start elementary school, they begin transitioning out of their harnessed car seats and into boosters or sitting with just a seat belt.

Best Cars for Families With Teenagers

Teenagers present unique challenges for parents, and we’re not just talking about missed curfews, dating drama, or rebellious attitudes.