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Don't bring a deadly infection home from the hospital

You go to the hospital to get better. But too often, the opposite hap­pens. One in 25 patients, or about 720,000 Americans each year, pick up an infection while in the hospital.

A genetic test for eye vitamins?

If you have macular degeneration, can a simple genetic test taken with a cheek swab accurately determine which eye vitamins are best for you?

Apple Watch comes out tops in Consumer Reports smartwatch tests

We’ve been spot-testing smartwatches for a while now, but the with the arrival of the Apple Watch, the category has catapulted into mainstream status (even analysts who are down on the Watch’s prospects have Apple selling 30 million of these devices next year).

Watch out for tax-season robocall scams

The phone message literally scared me silly. An official-sounding voice purporting to represent the IRS claimed I owed money on my taxes and that I had to pay immediately or risk a severe penalty.

Warren Buffett's Woodstock, 2015 edition

The premier event of the weekend may have taken place not in not Las Vegas or Kentucky, but Omaha, Nebraska where Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting is held. Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett fielded questions from some the 40,000 shareholders in attendance.

Take the guesswork out of mower maintenance

Keeping track of when to change the oil, sharpen the blades, or replace the filters of your riding mower used to be a combination of checking the mower's hour meter and following guidelines in your owner's manual.

Picking a paint palette you can live with for years

Susan Hable approaches color as a textile designer and artist, not an interior designer, and is the author of the recently published “A Colorful Home: Create Lively Palettes for Every Room.” But it’s not just her artistry and expertise that draws you in.

Why younger women should skip taking narcotic painkillers

Enough prescriptions are written every year for drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin to provide every U.S.

Luggage and accessories that make great Mother’s Day gifts

A new piece of luggage or two for Mother’s Day is a gift that will endure for years. And with frequently changing airline luggage rules and fees.

Do new front-loading washing machines still have mold problems?

Q. I’m about to replace my 10-year-old Kenmore HE3t front-loading washing machine. I’m leery of another front-loader because of my constant battle with mold.

No-brainer backups

Have you backed up your computer lately? That question seems to strike fear into the hearts of many computer users.

Driving the 2016 Hyundai Tucson

You can’t really call it a comeback. The Hyundai Tucson never had a summit from which to fall. Rather, it spent the last decade traversing a plateau of mediocrity.

5 Mother's Day gifts that will entertain Mom all year long

Treat one of the moms in your life (or all of them!) to a Mother's Day gift that will bring enjoyment all year long: a speaker, headphones, camera, tablet, or smartwatch.

Why don't mobile phones have better voice quality?

Q. I read with interest your most-recent mobile phone reviews and Ratings, and noticed that none of them scored Very Good or Excellent for voice quality.

Great books to read on retirement planning

Retirement planning isn't just about amassing funds and figuring how and when to take required minimum distributions from your savings.

A diabetes test you can do yourself

Are you urinating more often, feeling very thirsty, hungry, or tired? Maybe you’re losing weight. You may have type 2 diabetes.

Lawn care without the chemicals

The average yard contains 10 times more chemicals per acre than a typical commercial farm. You can make your lawn less toxic by skipping the nitrogen-rich, fast-releasing fertilizer.

3 chain saw alternatives that make the cut

A chain saw can be an intimidating power tool and to be safe you need to learn how to handle one. Maintaining a gas-powered handheld chain saw takes some expertise—you need to keep the chain tensioned, sharp, and oiled, and replace it now and then.

Every smartphone should have a kill switch

Smartphones keep getting smarter, allowing you to store your financial, health, and other sensitive information all on one device.

High-end grills that are worth the price

Spend $300 or less on a gas grill, as most Americans do, and it will probably be at the curb in three years.