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Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Ice Cream?

When you dip into a creamy pint of ice cream on a hot summer day, it can be challenging to limit yourself to just one serving.

Credit Card Numbers Aren’t Worth Much Now, So Hackers Want Your Mobile Banking Info

If you’re worried about the security of mobile banking, you’re not alone. Mobile banking apps use a wide array of complicated passwords, biometric tools (like thumbprint or facial scanning), and two-factor authentication to make sure you’re you before “you” try to mess with your money.

How to Jumpstart Saving for College

As college costs rise, so does the level of worry parents have about how to pay for it all. But, it turns out, worry can be a great motivating force.

How to Salvage Your Valuables After Serious Flooding

Roads remain closed and thousands of residents of southern Louisiana are still in shelters after devastating flooding this month that damaged or destroyed more than 60,000 homes.

7 Smart Car-Packing Tips for Heading Back to School

After endless trips to stores to stock up on back-to-school supplies and dorm essentials, you’re ready to send your child off to college.

Under Fire Over EpiPen Price Hike, Mylan Expands Savings Card Program

After receiving intense backlash from consumers, lawmakers, and health advocates over the skyrocketing price of emergency allergy treatment EpiPen—the costs increased as much as 600% in just nine years—pharmaceutical giant Mylan plans to cover some of that cost for certain patients.

Choosing Between Hard-Sided or Soft-Sided Luggage

Decades ago, most luggage was hard. Remember the metal-framed valise? But in the 1980s, composite fabrics that were pliable, strong, and light-weight, led many people to start buying soft-sided luggage instead.

The Rise of Medical Identity Theft

It began like an ordinary purse snatching. The credit card reader on the gas pump at her Houston neighborhood station wasn’t working, so Deborah Ford went inside to pay.

Generator Safety Tips to Get You Through a Storm

For all the positives of owning a generator, misuse can be deadly. Carbon monoxide deaths, or near deaths, and burns happen too often during power outages and storms.

Should You Choose a Stationary or Portable Generator?

The choice boils down to cost vs. convenience. If you want to be ready for any power outage anytime, nothing beats a stationary generator.

Protect Yourself From Medical Identity Theft

There is a lot you can do to avoid medical identity theft and to reduce its negative effects if your personal data is stolen.

Medical Privacy Laws, Explained

Laws have been enacted to help protect your medical privacy. Here's the lowdown on two such regulations and the aspects of medical privacy they protect.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Health Records

You may have noticed during recent medical exams that your doctor or an assistant is typing away as you talk, inputting data into a tablet or computer.

How to Prepare for a Prolonged Power Outage

Hurricanes and tornadoes get the most play in the media, but any extreme weather—heavy rain, wind, hail, or snow—that results in a power outage can cause turmoil in your household.

Best and Worst Cars of 2016

Dozens of car models have been launched or completely redesigned in the past year, bringing many new choices to dealer lots.

The Promise of a Post-Driver Life

A leading killer of Americans under the age of 35—vehicle crashes—will have become less common in 2096 than death by a lightning strike.

Transportation Evolution: Keeping Roads, Rails, and Skyways Safe

The past decades have carried America through an evolution in transportation as our love affair with cars deepened and as we took to the skies.

9 Ways to Save Money and Your Sanity When Flying

From long security lines to cramped cabins to rude passengers, there’s a lot to complain about when it comes to flying in economy today.

5 Ways to Make Your Connecting Flights

Booking a flight with at least one layover can save you $100 or more on a trip, says George Hobica, founder and president of the website Airfarewatchdog.

Combating Air Rage

Sometimes incidents of air rage are so serious that they make the headlines. A seatback recline battle on a United flight from Washington, D.C., to Ghana in 2011, for example, got heated enough that the plane had to return to the departure airport escorted by F-16 fighter jets.