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New White House office aims to help run government 'like a great American company'

Donald Trump is creating a new government office that will apply lessons learned from American businesses such as Apple and Tesla in a bid to make speedy political reforms, The Washington Post reports.

Lyft will allow riders to round up their fare to make a charitable donation

In the coming weeks, Lyft will introduce a new program called Round Up & Donate, which will allow riders to make a charitable contribution when they take a ride with the service.

This fan-made VHS commercial for Rogue One is delightfully retro

Rogue One, A Star Wars Story will soon be available on DVD and Blu-ray (the digital version was released on Friday), but there’s one format that the film won’t be released in: VHS.

A new sci-fi anthology collects stories from up-and-coming authors

Awarded annually, the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer is given to a writer just starting out their career.

United refused to let three girls to board a flight because they were wearing leggings

This morning, a United Airlines passenger took to Twitter to complain that a gate agent refused to let three passengers board because they were wearing leggings.

Scientists claim to have designed the perfect, drip-free wine bottle

Some physicists use their degree to study space. Some research materials to aid technology product designs, like headphones or batteries.

A glittery phone case is a solid choice if you want to look spunky and young

Weird Phone Case of the Month is a monthly series in which we live with, and subsequently review, our time with a phone case.

The US and UK airline electronics ban was prompted in part by a plot involving a fake iPad

Earlier this week, United States and United Kingdom officials announced new restrictions for airline passengers from eight Middle Eastern countries, forbidding passengers to carry electronics larger than a smartphone into an airplane cabin.

Norway wants to build the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel

The Stad Penninsula in Norway has one of the most dangerous coastlines in the region. As the meeting place between the Norwegian Sea and North Sea, the turbulent waters have claimed the lives of dozens sailors over the last several decades.

Blizzard is remastering StarCraft in 4K resolution this summer

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it will be remastering its classic real-time strategy games StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War, as StarCraft: Remastered, which it anticipates releasing this summer .

One of the most basic facts about dinosaur family trees might be wrong

The dinosaur world is buzzing this week because of a new paper that suggests the way we classify dinosaurs may be very wrong.

A female Uber employee spoke out after a company trip to a South Korean escort bar

Amidst Uber’s recent problems surrounding its workplace culture, a new incident involving a company trip to a South Korean escort bar has been brought to light, according to a report published by The Information.

Exclusive: How Drake and Apple Music broke streaming records with More Life

Drake’s latest project More Life was streamed 300 million times worldwide in its first week on Apple Music, Republic Records tells The Verge, surpassing the 250 million streams the label said Views, an Apple Music exclusive, did in its first week last year.

NASA has selected a mission to study the cosmic matter between stars

While space is largely devoid of matter, it does contain some gas and dust that floats between stars, material known as the interstellar medium.

Aquaman is already the Justice League’s MVP

Today brought us a brand new Justice League trailer, and I’m going go out on a limb and say that I’m cautiously optimistic about where the film is heading.

I fixed Apple’s red iPhone with a $14 screen protector

The new red iPhone looks just awesome. Well, the back of it does, anyway. I’ve never been a fan of phones with white bezels.

A VPN can stop internet companies from selling your data — but it’s not a magic bullet

Earlier this week, the Senate voted to repeal privacy measures that would stop internet service providers from sharing their users’ internet activity with third parties.

Call of Duty could be going back to its World War II roots

During an earnings call in February, video game publisher Activision announced that it would be taking its Call of Duty franchise “back to its roots,” fueling speculation that the next entry would be returning to the Second World War.

The fictional NASA in Life is run by a bunch of psychopaths and idiots

Life, or as stylized during the opening credits, L I F E, is about six astronauts aboard the International Space Station for a fictional “Mars Pilgrim Mission” sometime in the very near future.

Hit hard by digital sales, GameStop is looking to close up to 150 stores this year

During its earnings report for the final fiscal quarter of 2016, retail chain GameStop announced declining sales in games and hardware, and that it could potentially close at least 150 of its 7,500 stores, according to The Wall Street Journal.