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Supergirl pilot leaks six months early in full HD

The first episode of CBS's forthcoming Supergirl series has leaked online a full six months before it was scheduled to air.

NASA astronaut records stunning view as he flies across the night sky

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station don't need to flick on the TV to help them fall asleep at night.

These 'freelance spies' are recording conversations around New York City

Now that the Senate has voted down the USA Freedom Act and the NSA is preparing to dismantle its bulk surveillance programs, you might be feeling pretty good.

Instagram 'highlights' emails hitting your inbox soon

Instagram is getting on board with email. The popular social network started sending out "highlights" emails to some of its users this month.

NSA is getting ready to shut down bulk surveillance programs in response to failed Senate vote

After a late Senate vote after midnight on Friday, the NSA is starting to take moves to shut down its bulk surveillance programs.

The Twin Peaks title sequence recreated with paper will make you feel nice

Now that Showtime's Twin Peaks reboot is back on with David Lynch once again at the helm, we've got a little breathing room for nostalgia.

This is what an astronaut sees during an aborted spaceflight

Yesterday, SpaceX released footage of a May 6th pad abort test for its Crew Dragon spacecraft. The video is filmed from the point-of-view of an astronaut inside the rocket — the rocket that accelerates from zero to 100 mph in 1.2 seconds, that is.

Justice Department releases guidelines on domestic drone use

After years of operating in a legal gray area, domestic drone use is starting to amass a number of official rules and guidelines.

Pac-Man's famous glitch is a main character in this new game

One of the most famous glitches in gaming history is getting its very own video game. Pac-Man's level 256 glitch is returning as a "menacing supervillain" in a new mobile game from the makers of Crossy Road.

Watch astronauts dock with the International Space Station

Sometimes reality can be just as stunning as the movies. That's certainly the case with this latest video from NASA.

Canadian teen pleads guilty to 23 charges for online harassment, bomb threats

A Canadian teen has pleaded guilty to 12 charges this week related to online harassment and "swatting" families across the US and Canada in 2013 and 2014.

Star Trek fan gives William Riker the hilarious, strange TV show he deserves

The world was never graced with a Star Trek spinoff series devoted to commander William Riker's escapades, but one YouTuber is giving us a tantalizing taste of what could have been.

Obama administration wants to make the skies safer for birds

The Obama administration proposed new laws this week that would protect birds from threats like oil wells, gas flares, and power lines.

Good deal: $200 off Retina 5K iMac

Earlier this week, Apple cut the price of its beautiful Retina 5K iMac by $200, but Best Buy is where you'll want to go if you're looking for the best deal on the new all-in-one.

California regulators approve farmers' plan to reduce water usage by 25 percent

Water regulators in California this week approved a deal set forth by farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta who voluntarily agreed to cut their water usage this upcoming season.

The Weekender: Eurovision, IndyCar, and cybersecurity extortion

Hello fellow weekend-goers, and welcome back to The Weekender. This week, we learned what it was like to be a child research subject, we rode in an IndyCar, and we went to the talent competition Eurovision.

Senate votes down USA Freedom Act, putting bulk surveillance powers in jeopardy

In a midnight session, the Senate has voted down the USA Freedom Act, putting one of the legal bedrocks of the NSA's bulk surveillance programs into jeopardy.

Florida says former Uber driver is an employee, threatening its business model

Uber promises big things for its drivers, from plenty of work to flexible hours, and even discounts on vehicles that can be used when drivers aren't on the clock.

BMW shows off its newest concept car: the 3.0 CSL Hommage

Every now and then, BMW releases a concept car that is the design team's way of honoring its classic models.

Elon Musk created his own grade school for the children of SpaceX employees

Evidently relying on the old adage "If you want something done right, do it yourself," Elon Musk is now a school founder. In a recent interview on Beijing Television, the Tesla founder revealed that he opened a school, called Ad Astra, last year for his five children.