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Tim Cook says the next iOS update will allow users to disable intentional battery slowdowns

Apple CEO Tim Cook today shared that the next update to iOS 11 will allow users to disable battery performance throttling on their device.

“Time well spent” is shaping up to be tech’s next big debate

In 2016, Tristan Harris, whose job title at Google was “design ethicist,” left the company to focus on a new nonprofit he called Time Well Spent.

Verizon gets exclusive mobile rights to sell NBA League Pass

Verizon and the NBA have expanded their digital partnership with a new deal that allows Verizon to sell subscriptions for NBA League Pass and let users stream out-of-market games through its Yahoo Sports app.

YouTube is taking down Tide Pod Challenge videos and oh my god don’t eat laundry pods

I’m not the first person to write this on the internet, and I won’t be the last, but good lord, DO NOT EAT TIDE PODS.

The pee-soaked Ikea pregnancy ad is actually more than just a gimmick

Early last year, an ad agency approached Jonas Hansson, product manager for Mercene Labs in Stockholm, to see if he could create a quite unorthodox advertisement for Ikea: a magazine ad that asked pregnant women to pee on the page to reveal a discount for a crib.

Microsoft puts Minecraft boss in charge of Xbox games

Microsoft is promoting its Minecraft boss to the head of the company’s games studios. Matt Booty’s new role sees him oversee Microsoft Studios, second only to Microsoft’s games chief Phil Spencer.

Nintendo is making a bunch of weird DIY cardboard toys for the Switch and they’re awesome

Nintendo has long been the quirkiest major video game publisher, a company eager to buck industry trends in pursuit of fun.

Apple is giving employees $2,500 bonuses in restricted stock units after new tax law

Apple is giving its employees $2,500 bonuses in restricted stock units following the passing of new US tax law, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Hasselblad’s new 400-megapixel Multi-Shot camera captures 2.4GB stills

A couple years ago, Hasselblad released a 200-megapixel, Multi-Shot version of its H5D medium format camera.

Amazon’s new ‘$10 and Under with free shipping’ section takes on budget shopping app Wish

Amazon has added a new $10 and Under section to its app and website, featuring, as one could infer, items that are priced $10 or cheaper.

Delays and safety concerns mar NASA’s plans to fly astronauts on commercial spacecraft

NASA’s ambitious initiative to fly astronauts on commercial spacecraft continues to suffer from schedule delays, as well as questions regarding the program’s safety — and Congress isn’t happy about it.

You could be fined and jailed for drunk droning in New Jersey

Drunk droning is apparently a thing, and one that’s officially illegal in the state of New Jersey. Gov.

DJI might unveil Mavic Air at drone event next Tuesday

DJI has sent out invitations for an “Adventure Unfolds” event next week on January 23rd. There’s not a lot of information included about to expect, just a teaser video with some dramatic music, drone shots, and what might be close-ups of a new drone.

For marmots, being more social means dying earlier

Social marmots die younger than their more withdrawn counterparts, according to scientists who studied yellow-bellied marmots for over a decade.

Instagram is testing a new text-only option in Stories

Instagram is testing a new “Type” feature within Stories for users to share text-based messages as an alternative to photos or video, as reported by The Next Web.

Mechanical Turkers may have out-predicted the most popular crime-predicting algorithm

Our most sophisticated crime-predicting algorithms may not be as good as we thought. A study published today in Science Advances takes a look at the popular COMPAS algorithm — used to assess the likelihood that a given defendant will reoffend — and finds the algorithm is no more accurate than the average person’s guess.

Apple says it will pay a $38 billion tax bill to move foreign money back to the US

As part of an announcement today, Apple said it would pay $38 billion in taxes to bring money held overseas back to the United States.

Here’s why 60 percent of the world’s saiga antelopes were wiped out in 2015

In May 2015, researchers in central Kazakhstan witnessed something really strange: thousands of saiga antelopes began acting a bit weird, becoming unbalanced, and then just plopping on the ground within a few hours — dead.

Apple plans to build a new US campus and hire 20,000 workers

Apple plans to open a new campus in the US for its technical support staff and to hire an additional 20,000 employees over the next five years, the company said today.

How The Shape of Water’s visual effects turned a merman into a romantic lead

Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, The Shape of Water, contains many of the director’s hallmarks: it’s a meticulously rendered fairy tale about outsiders and misfits, it’s obsessed with ghosts of the past, and it puts a marvelous movie monster front and center.