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The physicist who melded the science and fiction of A Wrinkle in Time

The new Disney film adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 book A Wrinkle in Time follows awkward teen Meg Murry (Storm Reid) as she hopscotches through the universe in search of her father, NASA scientist Dr.

Huawei’s P20 Pro could have one of the best phone colors in years

It seemed like pretty much every detail had leaked about Huawei’s forthcoming P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro — but some new images published today by WinFuture’s Roland Quandt reveal something new: the colors they’ll come in.

Jake Paul has decided that it is ‘time to end school shootings’

In a video posted today to his channel, YouTuber Jake Paul speaks with survivors of the tragic school shooting that took place last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as state senator Marco Rubio, in an awkward and at times tone-deaf new video that he hopes will help “activate parents and kids within their own schools and communities.” In the video’s description, Paul “[vows] to be part of the solution and utilize my platform to raise awareness and action across the board,” but the execution is often clumsy and painful to watch.

Trump issues order blocking Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm, citing national security

President Donald Trump issued an order Monday evening blocking any merger of the chipmaking giants Broadcom and Qualcomm, saying it was necessary to protect national security.

Apple is letting companies make 3.5mm to Lightning cables now

Apple has updated the specs for its MFi accessories program (which also got a snazzy new logo over the weekend), letting companies now put USB-C ports on licensed devices, as well as create 3.5mm to Lightning cables for the first time, as reported by 9to5Mac.

Microsoft reveals Sony is blocking Fortnite PS4 vs. Xbox One cross-play

Fornite cross-play between consoles and PC, Mac, and mobile is coming soon, but PlayStation 4 owners won’t be able to play against Xbox One gamers.

iFixit has some close-up photos of the Galaxy S9’s aperture blades

The only things that actually move on a modern smartphone these days are the silencing switch, the lock button, a volume rocker, and (if you’re lucky) a dedicated button for Bixby.

How the director of Social Animals made a documentary about teens and Instagram that doesn’t suck

Social Animals, the feature-length debut from documentary director Jonathan Ignatius Green, stars three kids: self-taught New York street photographer Humza Deas, dancer and aspiring fashion brand mogul Kaylyn Slevin, and Ohio high school student Emma Crockett, who stands in for the everyman teen.

Calendar app in Mac App Store mines cryptocurrency in the background

A calendar app in the Mac App Store has been mining cryptocurrency in the background in exchange for giving users additional features — and an option to opt out of mining has been broken.

The SimuLife Diaries: I was kidnapped by anti-technology anarchists in Austin

At SXSW 2018, I was invited to take part in a four-day immersive story experience called a SimuLife. Mounted by the Austin-based creative lab Interactive Deep Dive, SimuLife is meant to blur the line between fantasy and reality by letting me interact with the story as part of daily life.

Google takes on WhatsApp in India with chat option for Tez payments app

Google is adding a chat feature to the Tez person-to-person payments app it launched in India last year.

Fyre Fest organizer pleads guilty to two counts of wire fraud

Billy McFarland, the organizer behind disastrous music festival Fyre Fest, pleaded guilty today to two counts of wire fraud.

New Fiat Chrysler and VW models will include free Apple Music trial

Apple has joined with two automakers to offer introductory trials to its subscription music service. The partnerships could also help take a bite out of Spotify’s subscription base at the same time.

Are these Ready Player One posters supposed to be cool or cringeworthy?

The advertising for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, which hits theaters on March 29th, treads a weird tonal line.

The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept is a big, pretty consolation prize

Toyota Supra fans, you were not having visions. There really is a new Supra coming, which Toyota obliquely confirmed in the press release for the new GR Supra Racing Concept that’s being shown off at the Geneva Motor Show.

Target will expand Drive Up delivery to 1,000 stores by the end of 2018

Target announced today that it’s going to expand Drive Up to almost a thousand stores in the US this year.

Sitting inside Bugatti’s $3M Chiron Sport didn’t make me a better person

The only way you can be more extravagant in your attention seeking would be to run for president Continue reading…

The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door is for the family that likes to drift

Say you’re a fan of the muscular-looking Mercedes-AMG GT, but it’s woefully impractical for carrying your two kids or any sort of cargo.

Star Wars and Solo Cup team up for a partnership made in pun hell

niThe marketing brains behind Solo: A Star Wars Story would like you to know they have wed the film’s name in branding matrimony with the most obvious pun you, me, or they could think of: Solo cups, the No.

The Huawei Mate SE is a US-branded version of the Honor 7X

Huawei is releasing the Mate SE in the US today as a rebranded version of the company’s recent Honor 7X phone, according to Android Police.