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Can a massive seawall save New York from flooding?

Come along with The Verge for the second season of Detours. We’ve traveled across the country to find the people, groups, and companies that are solving America’s problems in new and unconventional ways.

Watch the first full trailer for Ridley Scott's biblical epic 'Exodus'

If the first teaser for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings showed us just how somber the movie is portraying Moses' story, the first full-length trailer, which has just been released, really starts to show us why.

Please don't ask me to visit my bank in virtual reality

Here is, without a doubt, the most dangerous thing about virtual reality: it's convinced way too many people that the highest-bandwidth solution to a problem is the best one.

Sophisticated iPhone and Android malware is spying on Hong Kong protesters

A fake smartphone app is being used to remotely monitor pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, according to a report from the New York Times.

Cortana will tell you when your favorite musicians are playing nearby

The new Concert Watch feature located in Cortana's Notebook will keep you updated on whether your favorite musicians are playing in a town near you.

Garmin announces new flagship $450 Forerunner 920XT sport watch

Garmin today announced the Forerunner 920XT, its latest multisport watch designed for athletes who need metrics beyond what your average fitness tracker can provide.

Nervous Chinese officials search pigeon anuses for bombs

Officials in China this week examined the anuses of 10,000 pigeons that were set to be released today in celebration of National Day, amid government fears of a possible terrorist attack.

Hackers charged with stealing Xbox, 'Call of Duty,' and US Army secrets worth over $100 million

Four hackers have been jointly charged with conspiracies to commit computer fraud, copyright infringement, wire fraud, mail fraud, identity theft, and theft of trade secrets.

These solid state hard drives will self-destruct if you text them

British company Secure Drives' Autothysis128s and Autothysis128t are solid state drives with 128GB of storage space.

Microsoft teases Windows 10 phone and Xbox interfaces

Microsoft's Windows 10 unveiling was focused on the desktop and the enterprise, but the company also dropped some significant hints at its future direction for phone and Xbox.

Gold iPads coming this month, rumored 12.9-incher next year

Apple will add gold to the iPad's monochromatic palette, according to Bloomberg. "People familiar with the plans" reportedly stated that the color option will be revealed this month along with new versions of Apple's tablets.

76 of 79 deceased NFL players' brains had evidence of degenerative disease

New data from the United States' largest repository of human brain samples has shown that an overwhelming majority of NFL players who submitted their brains for analysis after their death suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

The Wu-Tang Clan is selling its new album inside a $79.99 speaker

In a world where Neil Young is trying to sell an MP3 player for $399, and Taylor Swift sees selfies as a form of currency, the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA wants to sell the group's latest album inside a portable speaker.

This is what Cortana looks like on Windows 10

Microsoft showed off a small number of Windows 10 features at the company's event this morning, but one rumored one was missing: Cortana.

'Rush Hour' may be made into a TV show

It's probably impossible to replace the hilarious duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, but someone's going to try: Deadline reports that Rush Hour is now in the process of being adapted into a TV series.

TiVo now lets Android users stream their recorded TV shows

You can now stream TV shows recorded with TiVo's latest DVRs on Android devices. Today, the company announced that its app for Google's mobile operating system is finally available.

Watch Microsoft's Windows 10 event

Microsoft didn't live stream its Windows 10 event this morning, but the company has now posted the full 40 minute video from its press event for all to see.

California is the first state to ban plastic bags

California has become the first US state to sign into law a ban on single-use plastic bags, including those used for bagging up purchases at grocery stories.

Blizzard teases a full Hearthstone expansion with more than 100 new cards

We've been singing the praises of Hearthstone for some time now, a collectible card game based on the characters from Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

First case of Ebola diagnosed in the US, CDC reports

The CDC has just confirmed that a case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the US for the first time. Developing...