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Uber employees say all-hands meeting about sexism allegations was ‘honest, raw, and emotional’

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick apologized for the mistakes that helped create a culture in which an ex-engineer was repeatedly stymied in her attempts to report sexual harassment, in an all-hands meeting at the company’s San Francisco headquarters that employees who participated described as “honest, raw, and emotional.” Uber employees, who requested anonymity to recount some details of today’s meeting, said they were taken aback by Kalanick’s response to ex-engineer Susan Fowler’s allegations of sexism, which she detailed in an explosive blog post on Sunday.

Facebook reportedly working on deal to live stream MLB games

Facebook is in discussions with Major League Baseball to retain live streaming rights to one game per week, according to a report this afternoon from Reuters.

Please meet my terrible fur sons

Every time I hear the creation tales, I scoff a little. Who would bother making such ridiculous things as the blue-footed booby, or a Taonius squid?

Show Notes: Apple’s ecosystem walls keep getting higher

Before every episode of The Vergecast I sit down, read through a bunch of news, and take a bunch of notes.

UPS has a delivery truck that can launch a drone

UPS has unveiled its plan for delivery drones: build them right into trucks, and launch them at various points along their route.

Qualcomm announces its second gigabit LTE modem for phones

Despite the fact that its first gigabit LTE modem isn’t available in a smartphone yet, Qualcomm has already announced the successor to the chip.

Your Apple Pencil needs — nay, deserves — a bespoke leather grip

The Apple Pencil is a wonderful piece of technology. But for all its technical smarts, the design leaves something to be desired.

Best games of 2017: Horizon Zero Dawn, Hidden Folks, Resident Evil 7, and more

Updated February 21st: The most recent update adds Horizon: Zero Dawn and Hidden Folks. I’m a sucker for end-of-year lists.

These may be the first photos of a working Samsung Galaxy S8

We’re not expecting to see Samsung officially unveil its Galaxy S8 until late March, but as the big reveal gets closer, more leaks and details about the company’s next flagship smartphone continue to emerge.

Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from Breitbart

Former Breitbart News senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned, after comments condoning pedophilia surfaced earlier this week.

Ajit Pai is making the FCC more transparent — but only when it suits him

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has had a whirlwind first month, taking immediate action to scale back net neutrality, slow broadband subsidies for low-income households, and block efforts to reform the exorbitant calling rates to prisons.

Watch Roborace’s self-driving racecars duel for the first time ever

The world’s first self-driving robot racing series took a big step toward reality this weekend. For the first time ever, both of Roborace’s prototype autonomous racecars ran against each other on a track.

SodaStream bottles recalled for potentially exploding under pressure

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has just issued a recall for select SodaStream bottles that may burst under pressure.

Soundwall’s touch-controlled artwork doubles as a speaker

Today, Soundwall is updating its line of speaker artwork — spartwork, if you will — with the launch of its new Nova line.

Four things you should get for your Nintendo Switch before it arrives

We’re quickly approaching the March 3rd launch of the Nintendo Switch. While you (hopefully) have your console’s preorder locked, there are a few other things you might want to grab for your Switch in advance.

Uber’s self-driving cars are now picking up passengers in Arizona

Almost two months to the day after Uber loaded its fleet of self-driving SUVs into the trailer of a self-driving truck and stormed off to Arizona in a self-driving huff, the company is preparing to launch its second experiment (if you don’t count the aborted San Francisco pilot) in autonomous ride-hailing.

The appeal of watching an animal chase live

This afternoon, monotonous online conversation about Katy Perry and our crumbling democracy cleared briefly to make room for a conversation about cows.

Chance the Rapper-backed Vine tribute moves local woman to tears

Compelling others to feel emotions disproportionate to their experiences is called, as the terrible man T.S.

Google’s incredible Tilt Brush VR app is now on Oculus Rift

Tilt Brush, one of the most fun, immersive, and impressive virtual reality tech demos for the HTC Vive, has arrived on that other VR platform.

Keep the best, discard the rest: curating the perfect modern horror anthology

Anthology fever is sweeping the nation. Ryan Murphy has flooded TV with shows like American Horror Story and Feud, which switch up premises and casts from season to season.