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I just found my sixteen-year-old diary on the internet and it's horrifying

Last year I cried a lot for people I never knew. David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, and George Michael all passed away, and they were huge parts of my childhood.

Microsoft shows off its new Xbox One dashboard

Microsoft revealed last week that it’s planning to rebuild the Xbox One dashboard with a focus on speed.

UK App Store prices will rise 25 percent following Brexit currency fluctuations

Prices in the UK’s App Store are set to rise 25 percent as the pound continues to lose value after Brexit.

Former Microsoft AI expert Qi Lu moves to Chinese search giant Baidu

The same day that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella was outlining the company’s plans for artificial intelligence, Chinese tech giant Baidu announced it had poached one of the US firm’s former leading AI researchers.

Download your Vine clips today, while you still can

If you're reading this on January 17th, you've only got a few hours left to download any of your Vines that you want to keep for the future.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick isn't on 'Snapface' or 'InstantChat'

The NFL's football players are increasingly using social media to build their brands, express their frustrations, and sell their condos, but the same familiarity shouldn't be expected from one of the game's most successful coaches.

Analyst: Apple’s next MacBook Pros will have Kaby Lake processor, more RAM

Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities in Taiwan has issued a new note indicating that this year’s MacBooks will be upgraded with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, as well as 32 gigabytes of RAM in the 15-inch model.

Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan has passed away

Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the Moon, has died at the age of 82, according to NASA. He was a veteran of three spaceflights: as the pilot for Gemini 9A, the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 10, and as the commander of Apollo 17.

The original iPhone changed phones as we knew them, but iPhone 4S was a game-changer too

Last week the tech internet lit up with a collective nostalgia around the ten-year anniversary of the launch of Apple’s iPhone.

A Japanese spacecraft has spotted a massive gravity wave in Venus’ atmosphere

The Japanese probe Akatsuki has observed a massive gravity wave in the atmosphere of Venus. This is not the first time such a wave was observed on the Solar System’s second planet, but it is the largest ever recorded, stretching just over 6,000 miles from end to end.

Portlandia renewed for final, eighth season

Even Portlandia, “a city where young people go to retire,” must come to end. The critically acclaimed sketch comedy hit on IFC, was renewed for an eighth final season, Variety reports.

Caffeine may be able to block inflammation, new research says

Caffeine may be able to tamp down the inflammation that worsens with age, according to a study that investigated caffeine’s effects on immune cells.

The Bragi Headphone is finally shipping

Bragi announced today that the company’s latest Headphone earbuds are finally available for immediate shipping.

Watch La Lisère, a gritty, post-apocalyptic French short film

If you’re looking for a new fix after finishing The Hunger Games, The Last of Us, or any similar piece dark, post-apocalyptic media, then check out La Lisère (The Edge in English).

Tiny Japanese rocket fails to make it to orbit after communications issue during flight

After the fanfare of SpaceX’s return to flight, Japan attempted to launch a rocket of its own on Saturday — but the vehicle failed to achieve orbit.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with a Joy-Con Charging Grip

We knew from the recent glut of information that the Nintendo Switch includes a set of Joy-Con controllers along with a Grip attachment in the box.

Nest will sell its smart home products in more European countries

There have been a lot of questions around what the future of Alphabet-owned Nest will be now that Google has stepped firmly into the smart home market, but in the near term Nest continues to ship its home monitoring products.

The original Nvidia Shield TV gets updated to add features from the new model

Nvidia announced a new, upgraded version of its Shield TV streaming box at CES 2017 that due to come out soon, but the company isn't leaving the original 2015 model out in the cold.

Nvidia’s new Shield TV is a refined media box, but it’s still best for gamers

About two weeks ago, Nvidia announced a new version of its Shield TV media streaming box. The new box features a smaller design, redesigned controller, an included remote, and a couple of other minor tweaks.

Microsoft patent reveals foldable phone that turns into a tablet

Microsoft is attempting to patent a device with a flexible hinge and display that would transform a phone into a tablet.