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Chelsea Handler Posts Topless Photo to Instagram, Decries Sexism

Chelsea Handler wants to show everyone her boobs, because of sexism (obviously). Read more...

Time for Your How to Get Away with Murder Open Thread

TGIT, it's time for another Shondaland open thread! "What do you want?" We want your comments below. Who's watching?

Here Is Your Scandal Open Thread

Jake is framed for the murder of President Fitz's son! What will Olivia do now? Watch live with us and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Brittany Maynard Has Chosen Not to End Her Life

Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old whose video about scheduling her own death went viral, has chosen not to die.

Lindsay Lohan Sued for For $60 Million For Stealing Idea for App

Very important breaking closet-related news! Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan, Jr. are being sued for $60 million, by a former business partner who claims they stole a virtual closet app.

Newlyweds Enter Marriage With a Fail of Epic Proportions

This is why we can't have nice things.

Dr. Ruth's Halloween Advice Is the Best Halloween Advice

In today's Tweet Beat, you have to admire Dr. Ruth's ability to stay on-brand, Heidi Klum lucks out with her airplane seat partner and Olivia Wilde would make a terrible president.

Here Is a Map of the United States By Average Heel Height

The online shopping site Gilt employs a Principal Data Scientist, which is unsurprising and probably not that exciting, as far as titles go.

Farrah Abraham Dresses as Frozen's Elsa to Promote Her Plastic Vagina

Because nothing says "sexually gratifying love product" like dressing as a princess whose sole power is turning everything frigid.

Ronda Rousey, UFC Star, Uses Fight Tactics on WWD Interviewer

Ronda Rousey is an Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar, but she's currently beefing up her resume with modeling and acting gigs: she's just been named the face of Buffalo David Bitton jeans, and is appearing in big budget films like Fast & Furious 7, Entourage, and last summer's The Expendables 3.

David Beckham Progeny Models for The New York Times Style Magazine

Brooklyn Beckham, rich teen and son of two beautiful people (Posh Spice and David Beckham), has a modeling spread in the recent issue of The New York Times Style Magazine.

Online Sweepstakes Obsessives Are Winning All Kinds of Crazy Crap

Most of us gave up on sweepstakes around the time we realized Publisher's Clearinghouse would never appear toting that giant check.

Portlandia Preview: Watch Some Goths Plan Their Funerals

Estate planning is an adult responsibility that is generally not considered an enjoyable activity. Unless, perhaps, you're a goth with a very specific vision for your last rites, planned down to a level of detail rarely seen outside of a Pinterest board.

Tyson Beckford's Naked Torso Beckons You To Enter Chocolate City

Move over Magic Mike XXL! There's a new stripper movie in town and it's got Tyson Beckford flexing everything that God gave him.

Deadspin In Defense Of The Selfie | Gawker What Are The Odds These New Media Brands Will Survive?

Deadspin In Defense Of The Selfie | Gawker What Are The Odds These New Media Brands Will Survive?

Benedict Cumberbatch Promises Sherlock Would Be Very, Very Good at Sex

Tumblr sex symbol Benedict Cumberbatch recently sat down for a little chat with Elle UK. Among the topics discussed: whether Sherlock would any good between the sheets.

We Reread Fall Into Darkness and Good God Almighty It Was Lurid

As part of this series, I've reread several YA classics fondly remembered for their thrills and chills.

Texas Football Team's Rapey Tee Shirts: 'Ssh, Just Let It Happen'

A Texas high school football team is very sorry if anybody misunderstood their hilarious team t-shirts, which read: "We take what we want — Shhhhhh just let it happen." The Warriors, the footballing youths of Martin High School in Arlington, say that the joke is definitely not an allusion to rape, and they're not sure how anyone could possibly draw that conclusion.

Rush Limbaugh Watched Street Harassment Video, Saw Men Being Polite

Rush Limbaugh spends many hours each day in a confined space, talking and talking and talking into a microphone, getting a mild buzz off the fumes of his own recycled cigar smoke and stale farts.

ABC Works to Make The View More...Something

Ratings for The View are down now , that we know. And in related news, the show is being moved out of ABC News's daytime unit and into the nonfiction unit.