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Democratic VP Nominee Tim Kaine Proves to Be the DNC's Increasingly Charming Dad

Do you think you know Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who formally accepted his party’s nomination as vice president on Wednesday night at the 2016 Democratic National Convention?

Cagney & Lacey Reunited at DNC to Rally Against Gun Violence, Set My Heart on Beautiful Fire 

After a program filled with efforts to rally against the gun control lobby at the 2016 Democratic Convention helmed by advocates and those affected by gun violence alike, an ensemble musical performance provided both a moment of inspiration and levity—and unexpectedly, a reunion between the stars of the hit show Cagney & Lacey, which enveloped my heart in actual fire, and probably yours.

Searching for the Wokest Man in Philly at NARAL's 'Men for Choice' Celebration 

PHILADELPHIA—“I have to settle once and for all if Matt McGorry is actually sexy,” I heard a man tell his companion shortly after I arrived standing at NARAL Pro-Choice America’s “Men for Choice” event.

Kesha Opened Up About Dr. Luke Trial, Gun Violence at DNC Performance

During her performance at a Democratic National Convention event in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Kesha took a oment to speak about her ongoing legal battle with her former longtime producer Dr.

Oprah's Former Harpo Studios Has Been Torn Down

In today’s Tweet Beat, Oprah says goodbye, Lupita Nyong’o is a goddess and Lin-Manuel Miranda is a big deal.

First Promo for The Hills 10th Anniversary Special Proves So Much Is Still Unwritten

Because the main cast members of The Hills (2006-2010) have spent over half a decade making sure we’ve been keeping up with their post-Hills lives (some with more success than others), the folks at MTV decided to opt out of a more typical Where Are They Now?

Kristen Stewart Tells Elle UK, 'I'm Just Really in Love with My Girlfriend'

In a new interview with Elle UK, Kristen Stewart—who’s been dating girlfriend Alicia Cargile on and off for years now—plainly and publicly discussed her sexuality for the very first time.

Prince Harry Got a Lot of People in the UK to Take HIV Tests 

Earlier this month, Prince Harry did an HIV test on Facebook Live that racked up two million views. At least one UK organization says requests for their HIV self-tests have shot up ever since.

Teacher Who Doesn't Speak Spanish Sues School After Being Rejected for a Job That Teaches Spanish

A teacher in Florida is suing the Miami-Dade County School Board for race discrimination after she was turned down for a position in the district’s Extended Foreign Language program because she does not speak a foreign language.

Olympians Will Be Swimming in Rio's Literal Shit, But It's Even Worse Than We Thought

Each day closer to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, it becomes more astonishing that they haven’t canceled this frickin’ thing.

Well, After All That, the Ice Bucket Challenge Helped ALS Researchers Discover a Gene

The ice bucket challenge seems to have led to positive change in the world. Actually, the ice bucket challenge could heal the world.

Lorde's Uber Driver Gushed About Picking Up a 'Celebrity Passenger' Just Before Her

Lorde told a brief tale on Twitter Tuesday about how her Uber driver was oblivious to the fact that she was Lorde.

Democrats for Life Just Want to Be Included, and They Have a Good Reason For Why They Should Be

PHILADELPHIA—On Wednesday morning, a group of around 50 pro-life Democrats gathered in a small conference room in a DoubleTree hotel in Philadelphia’s Center City, in part to honor Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards with the Governor Casey Whole Life Leadership Award for his commitment to protecting the lives of the unborn.

Oh No! 

Tonight at the DNC, hands will be held and feelings will be felt. Prepare yourselves accordingly. Read more...

Lincoln Chafee Might Be in Brazil, But I’m Still Searching All of Philly For Him

PHILADELPHIA — It is day three of the Democratic Convention, and I have still not found Lincoln Chafee.

The Garage Here’s Everything Wrong With My $3000 Daily Driven Mercedes-Benz S-Class | Two Cents The

The Garage Here’s Everything Wrong With My $3000 Daily Driven Mercedes-Benz S-Class | Two Cents The Amazon Rewards for Your Chase Card Are About to Get Worse | io9 Will Smith Made the Best Possible Choice During Suicide Squad Filming | Kotaku Pokémon Go Players Are On A Desperate Quest To Find Ditto

This Week In Tabloids: Everyone on This Fucking Planet Thinks Kelly Ripa Is Mean

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we avoid the increasingly batshit real-life political news by reading untrue batshit news about celebrities!

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Nixed Airing a Video About Her Mom at the DNC Last Minute

Dorothy Rodham was born on the same day that the 19th amendment—which, as a reminder, guaranteed women the right to vote—was ratified by the United States.

Laid-Off Employees Criticize Revolve Clothing's Big Budget, Celebrity-Laden Event Spending

Revolve Clothing, an increasingly popular Los Angeles-based fashion e-commerce business, is the latest such retailer to fall victim to layoffs, even as the company’s profits continue to grow.

Save $10 When You Buy Two Blouses from Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s blouses are some of the most comfortable around, and right now, buy two blouses at $30 each and get $10 off.