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U.N. Official: ISIS is 'Institutionalizing Sexual Violence'

Zainab Bangura, a U.N. special representative, recently concluded a tour of refugee camps that house refugees largely from Syria and Iraq - countries where the Islamic State hold a large amount of territory.

32 Additional Competent Things Men Do That We Find Sexual, Unranked

The Hairpin has issued a stirring list of competent things men do that are pretty hot. And good. And sexual.

John Nash, Mathematician Who Inspired A Beautiful Mind, Dead at 86

John Nash, the mathematician who inspired Sylvia Nasar’s book A Beautiful Mind and subsequent film adaptation, has died in a car accident.

Judge Rules That Sofia Vergara's Ex Can Sue For Custody of Embryos

A judge granted Nick Loeb - Sofia Vergara’s terrible ex - permission to seek custody of the two embryos that were created during the couple’s relationship.

Saturday Night Social: Clearly Canadian and New York Seltzer Are Back

I know most of us are against reboots, but two very important classics are returning to our poor, middling lives: Clearly Canadian and Original New York Seltzer!

How Dare You Break The Heart of Stamos, Olsens Twins

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen recently confirmed their non-involvement with Full House reboot , Fuller House, and Uncle Jesse is upset at the news.

Millennials: Pretty Chill For People Who Aren’t Getting Laid That Much

You may not know whether to love or hate millennials, but you do know you are supposed to be envious of their freewheeling love lives, even while pitying them for never knowing where they stand with anyone amidst all these wild, ambiguous hookups.

Unusually Buff Kangaroo Moves Into Australian Neighborhood

A kangaroo with unusually large muscles has recently taken up residence in a Brisbane suburb, prompting locals to ask, “Who’s this new stud in town?

65-Year-Old Grandma Who Was Pregnant With Quadruplets Has Given Birth

Break out the bubblegum cigars. Annegret Raunigk, the 65-year-old grandma who was pregnant with quadruplets, has recently given birth to the babies in a Berlin hospital.

Police Find Woman Pushing Dead Child in Playground Swing

Baltimore police were called to a park on Friday morning to find what could have been a terrifying scene from a horror film.

GOP Legislation Expands Birth Control Access (But Not Really) 

On Thursday, Republican Senators Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) announced that they would sponsor legislation that would essentially let common forms of birth control (i.e.

Michael B. Jordan Responds to Critics of His Casting in Fantastic Four

Apparently people are upset that Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot .

Today's Best Deals: $2 Summer Reading, Surround Sound Starting at $65

Fill up your Kindle today with books starting at $2, including Water for Elephants. If some of your favorites are on the discount list definitely us know in the comments.

'$50 For a Fucking Hookah': Grim Yelp Reviews of Nightclubs

Welcome to Grim Yelp Reviews, a new regular feature where we share people’s worst experiences at the worst places.

Ireland Has Legalized Gay Marriage 

Ireland will become the first country to legalize gay marriage through popular vote. Though the country isn’t done counting votes, it seems that that victory was so overwhelming that the campaign declared victory earlier today.

Josh Duggar's Police Records Have Been Destroyed

Apparently the records pertaining to the 2006 investigation of Josh Duggar have been destroyed by the Arkansas police.

Friday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Julia Sugarbaker

It’s the Friday night of a long weekend, so we’ve got something special for you: an open thread featuring the dazzling Julia Sugarbaker telling off Miss Georgia for being an awful person.

Pissing Contest XXL: Your Best Worst Celebrity Encounters

For last week’s Pissing Contest, we asked you to share stories of your worst, most outrageous, and disappointing encounters with celebrities.

Stacey Dash and Ben Carson Make a Terrifying Couple 

In today’s Tweet Beat, Stacey Dash prepares Ben Carson for his future has a Fox News correspondent, Florence Welch wanders through a forest and I have no idea what Reese Witherspoon is trying to say.

You Can Now Own The Clothes From Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video

You know how that one girl Becky released a new music video with 500,000 of her closest friends earlier this week?