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Couple Buy Beanie Baby Only to Find Out It’s Worth Almost $100K

This beanie baby is worth a fortune— The Independent (@Independent) April 19, 2015 Read more...

Hundreds Attend Little Girl’s Party After Classmates Turn Down Invite

Residents of a Minnesota town got together to help make a little girl’s birthday unforgettable when no one showed up to her party.

Karen O Is Pregnant, Looks Cooler Than All Of Us

Karen O was in Cleveland last night to attend the 30th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, showing off a badass all-black ensemble that included a studded leather jacket and a surprising baby bump.

Dog Acts As Cameraman During Owner’s Wedding Proposal

A man proposed to his girlfriend on a New Jersey beach and instead of taking a post-engagement selfie, he decided to have his dog record the moment by strapping a GoPro camera to his pup’s harness.

Evil Vet Kills Cat With Bow and Arrow

A Texas veterinarian thought it would be a cool idea to post her first bow-and-arrow kill on Facebook—an orange tabby cat that was believed to be someone’s lost pet.

The Godmother of Bohemian Style Has Her Turn in the Spotlight

While the words “boho chic” might make you cringe due to the excessive usage of the term during Coachella season, the 70s-inspired, flowy pieces that make up the trend are popular for good reason.

One Man's Dying Wish: Don't Vote For Hillary Clinton 

When North Carolina man Larry Upright, 81, passed away earlier this week, his family decided to celebrate his passing by turning his obituary into a political statement.

A Third of American Women Don't Allow For Enough Time Between Births

The average American mother spaces the birth of her children two and a half years apart. But one-third of women don’t allow enough space between children.

Rand Paul: No Need for a Female President, 'Women Are Kicking Butt'

While speaking at the Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, New Hampshire, Rand Paul took the time to let womankind know that he thinks we’re “kicking butt.” Read more...

People Went Crazy For Target's Lilly Pulitzer Line This Morning 

This morning Target launched its collaboration with whimsical print queen, Lilly Pulitzer. And unsurprisingly, it turned into a epic shit show because affordable Lilly Pulitzer is something that a certain kind of Southern woman dreams about a night.

Actor Who Played Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables Has Died  

Jonathan Crombie—best known as Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables series—has died. The forty-eight-year-old actor suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away on Wednesday.

Saturday Night Social: Channing Tatum's Bag Is On the Loose

Channing Tatum lost his bag. What could be in it? Breakaway pants? Sanrio gum? An old VHS of MTV’s The Grind?

Woman Discovers Husband Has Second Wife Through the Ice Bucket Challenge

A woman discovered her husband was not only a cheater, but had a second family through what else—Facebook.

Everyone Hates Superman in the Batman v Superman trailer

After a low-quality version was leaked online, director Zack Snyder released the HD teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

You Can Now Officially Post Your #Brelfies On Instagram 

Breastfeeding in public has always been a controversial subject, especially when photos of it are shared on social media.

Boring Baby Won't Play With Corgi 

Here are Beau (baby) and Tucker (dog) enjoying a bit of tummy time. The baby seems to be content with tummy time, likely amazed that he can finally lift his head.

School Cancels 'Covered Girl Challenge' Meant To Combat Stereotypes

A Mason, Ohio school has cancelled their “Covered Girl Challenge.” The event, organized by Mason High School’s Muslim Student Association, invited fellow students to wear a headscarf for the day in order to “combat stereotypes students may face when wearing head coverings.” Read more...

David O. Russell Treated Amy Adams Like Shit on Set of American Hustle

It turns out that all of the rumors about director David O. Russell are true: He’s kind of a dick. The latest round of leaked Sony emails include an exchange between journalist Jonathan Alter and Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton (the two are also brothers-in-law).

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Approving Nitrogen Gas For Executions 

On Friday, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signed a bill that allows the state to execute inmates using nitrogen gas in the event that traditional lethal injection drugs are unavailable.

Zayn Malik Appears in Public, Has Shorn His Powerful Locks 

Zayn Malik went out into the world and made his first public appearance since leaving One Direction. Malik accepted an award for Outstanding Achievement in Music at the Asian Awards in London.