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Lifehacker How to Stream Tonight’s First Presidential Debate Online, No Cable Required | Jalopnik Is

Lifehacker How to Stream Tonight’s First Presidential Debate Online, No Cable Required | Jalopnik Is This Virginia Police Department Popping The Hoods On Cop Cars To Block Dashcams?

Tons of Famous People Attended a Fancy Wedding in France This Weekend, and I Have No Idea Why

Let’s say you suddenly find yourself in another part of the world. You find yourself in a beautiful region of France.

A Great Debate Moment: When Geraldine Ferraro Called Out George Bush's 'Patronizing Attitude'

Tonight’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and—God help us—Donald Trump coincides with the 56th anniversary of the infamous 1960 sweaty Nixon/hottie Kennedy matchup.

Under The Mask, Scary Clowns Are Just Dorks In a Clown Suit

Scary clowns have been coming out of the woodwork in the last month, inspiring copycats, false alarms , and police warnings that dressing up like a clown to scare children is completely idiotic.

'You're All Fucking Losers!' Watch Vanderpump Rules' Lovely Season 5 Trailer

We’ve followed the dysfunctional Vanderpump Rules cast now through four seasons of cruel, abusive treatment toward humanity and each other.

Woman Suing Whole Foods Says Supervisor Told Her 'Only Gay People Wear Crocs'

A former Whole Foods employee in Boulder, Colorado who’s suing the store for discrimination claims she faced frequent harassment for being gay.

For The Love Of God, Stop Making 'Cars For Women'

At this point, it’s probably safe to say that labeling cars as being specifically for women is stupid.

Amazon's Fleabag Is a Complex Look at an  'Unlikable Woman'

In the first episode of Amazon’s Fleabag, the titular character (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) bangs on the door of her father’s house at an unreasonable hour.

Ava DuVernay's Trailer for 13th Points Out the Hypocrisy of Both Presidential Candidates 

The Netflix streaming documentary 13th will have its opening night at the 54th New York Film Festival, then begin a limited theatrical run on October 7.

Why WAGS Is the Fakest Reality Show on Television 

This headline is perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but not by much. As someone who watches a lot of reality television, I have a deep catalog of knowledge with which to assess WAGS and, also, this shit is pretty damn fake.

John Oliver on Election Scandals: 'You Can Be Irritated by Hillary's, But You Should be Fucking Outraged by Trump's'

In a Last Week Tonight segment measuring Clinton’s “scandals” against those of her amphibious competitor, John Oliver underlined the insanity of considering both candidates equally controversial.

Catherine Hicks Says Says She’d Consider a 7th Heaven Reunion as Long as the Dad's Dead

While being interviewed, or perhaps ambushed, by a TMZ reporter after getting her nails done, 7th Heaven star Catherine Hicks (the mom) was asked about her relationship with her former TV children, including Jessica Biel and Beverly Mitchell.

Olivia Newton-John Hasn't Gotten the Memo About Her Missing Ex-Boyfriend

In an appearance on Australia’s version of 60 Minutes, which is just like the American version of 60 Minutes only with a 50 percent better chance of seeing Nicole Kidman wandering in the background of an interview, star of Grease and close friend of John Travolta’s Olivia Newton-John was asked about the “mysterious” 2005 disappearance of her ex-boyfriend of nine years, Patrick McDermott.

Join Jezebel Tonight for a Debate Where Everything's Made Up and the Facts Don't Matter

Tonight, in an arena at Long Island’s adequate Hofstra University, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be evaluated on a number of factors that have virtually nothing to do with each candidate’s ability to serve competently as president.

Barack Obama Advises His Past Self in a Short Video that Makes 2016 Even More Painful

If only we could all go back eight years and have a serious sit down conversation with ourselves about the choices we’ve made that have lead us to the current election.

Blind Woman Who Lived With Dead Son's Skeleton for 20 Years Maybe Didn't Know He Was There

In what one law enforcement source called a “reverse Psycho scene,” the remains of a man—yet to be named by police and thought to be around 50 years old—was found at the Brooklyn home of his mother, Rita Wolfensohn, a woman who is legally blind and a hoarder.

Today's Best Lifestyle Deals: H&M, ASOS, ModCloth, Alternative Apparel, and More

H&M sweaters , layering pieces at ASOS, discounted ModCloth dresses, an Alternative Apparel sale, and more lead Monday’s best lifestyle deals.

Time Warner Will Gladly Take Your Money for Mediocre DC Films

Tragic reviews aside, the DC Comics film Suicide Squad broke an opening weekend record and pulled in decent box office numbers, which means people are down to see presumably sucky movies.

Anti-Vaccination Mom Changes Mind After All Three Kids Contract Rotavirus

Kristen O’Meara, a teacher who lives just outside of Chicago, decided not to vaccinate her three daughters when they were born, citing belief in scientifically unsound anti-vaccination “research.” She has since changed her mind after her daughters (who are all under the age of seven), and she and her husband, contracted rotavirus, a painful illness that can cause diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.

A Back-to-School Reading List From the Jezebel Staff 

When we’re not blogging about the Kardashians, sometimes the staff here at Jezebel sits down and reads some books.