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I Think I Worship The Young Pope Now

In episode two of HBO’s The Young Pope, a scene begins with a caged kangaroo thrashing about inside a nearly-filled warehouse that has been drenched in an eerily peaceful mixture of midday sun and the unflattering fluorescents.

Will & Grace Is Definitely Coming Back: How Do You Feel?

It was hinted in early January that Will & Grace might grace us against our will once more. Nostalgia is a hungry beast that demands to be fed.

Watch Sen. Michael Bennet Lecture a Shaken Rep. Tom Price About GOP Health Care Hypocrisy

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) is a Tea Party Republican who voted, last week, to repeal the Affordable Care Act without any shred of a plan to replace it.

Kesha Explains How It Feels to Have What She's Worked So Hard For Taken From Her

Kesha has been through a lot in the last few years, most specifically, a complex and exhausting legal battle with producer Dr.

Today's Best Lifestyle Deals: Uniqlo, Activewear, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and More

Uniqlo’s Lunar New Year markdowns, a huge Amazon sale on activewear, discounts on e.l.f. Cosmetics, and more lead Wednesday’s best lifestyle deals.

Republicans Are Coming for the Endangered Animals

Donald Trump’s transition team has been making everyone extremely nervous with its inquiries into employees who believe in climate change, “gender-related” programs, and the money spent on aid to Africa.

Do You Care That Video Piracy Makes Studios Lose Money?

You know your illegal downloads of Titanic and every episode of Lost are theoretically hurting someone, but many of you content thieves don’t think too deeply about it, do you?

Don't You Dare Step on That National Mall Grass, Your Father Spent a Fortune Putting It In

Early last year, the National Park Service spent a ton of money—$40 million—re-doing the iconic grass panels of the Washington Mall.

George H.W. Bush Has Been in the Hospital Since Saturday

Former President George H.W. Bush has been in the hospital for shortness of breath since Saturday. Read more...

Jalopnik Why We Didn’t Get The 2018 Ford Mustang At The Detroit Auto Show Press Days | Lifehacker Li

Jalopnik Why We Didn’t Get The 2018 Ford Mustang At The Detroit Auto Show Press Days | Lifehacker Live Like You Don’t Give a F*** By Caring Strongly About Just a Few Things | io9 When to Expect the Arrival of Gotham’s Proto-Harley Quinn | Steamed The Most Interesting Answers From Gabe Newell’s AMA |

Stop this Train, I Wanna Get Off: It's Another Senate Confirmation Hearings Liveblog

Choo-choo! It’s another day of living on the Snowpiercer, an inequitable dystopia in which the vindictive king eating steak at the front of the train waves his hand and knights his wealthy, corrupt minions to attempt to govern us while we eat roach cakes.

Steve Harvey Finally Opened His Notes App and Apologized For Making Fun of Asian Men

During the January 6 episode of his show, comedian and bestselling author of misogynistic self-help books Steve Harvey decided to make fun of an admittedly shitty looking book called How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide For Asian Men.

Look At That: Fox News Correctly Identified a Fake Paid Protester Site As Fake 

If you were reading conspiracy mega-warehouse InfoWars earlier this week— and why wouldn’t you be—you would’ve seen an eye-popping item about a business called Demand Protest, which claimed to stage mass protests across the United States.

Get Your Basics Figured Out With Amazon's Activewear Sale

In a world of $200 sweatshirts, $100 leggings, and $75 running shorts, what’s a person gotta do to get affordable activewear?

The Girl Scouts Will March in Donald Trump's Inaugural Parade 

Much to the chagrin of many on social media and elsewhere, the Girl Scouts of the USA are set to march in Donald Trump’s inaugural parade.

Lady Gaga Will Do the Super Bowl Halftime Show Alone

Breaking with the “tradition” set forth by...someone that usually allows for one big celebrity and then a few smaller, less sparkly ones to take the stage with pyrotechnics and dancing and sliding towards the camera on their knees, Lady Gaga will be doing the Super Bowl Halftime show alone.

Betsy DeVos Says Schools Might Need Guns to Protect Themselves from Grizzly Bears

As the confirmation hearing for Secretary of Education plods along, Betsy DeVos calmly told Connecticut Sen.

Has Lindsay Lohan Converted to Islam or What?

I am not one hundred percent sure who to believe here, but this seems not entirely implausible, maybe: Lindsay Lohan has maybe, quite possibly, but probably not converted to Islam.

Betsy DeVos Smiles Tightly, Evades Questions on Political Donations and Sexual Assault 

Betsy DeVos’s hearing for Secretary of Education is underway, and considering she is a billionaire GOP donor with little demonstrable regard for or experience with the public schools she’ll be tasked with running, her reception amongst Democrats in the committee has been pretty chilly.

Century Gothic Is the New Comic Sans

Remember how, in 2011 or thereabout, everyone was all mad at Comic Sans for the crime of being ugly and dopey?