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Backstreet Boys Wear Hats, Hug Each Other In New Documentary Trailer

"20 years is a long time, for anybody. Let alone a buncha dorks jumping around on stage, singing and dancing," A.J.

Demi Lovato: Kim Kardashian Revolutionized the Way Women Are Seen

Demi Lovato credits Kim Kardashian with revolutionizing the way women's bodies are seen. Read more...

Madonna Claims Leaked New Album Is 'Artistic Rape,' 'Terrorism' 

Sit down, Madonna.

Hollywood Loses Its Shit Over The Interview Cancellation

In today's Tweet Beat, Hollywood and Newt Gingrich are not happy about the cancellation of The Interview.

Amy Adams Is Actually a One D Superfan in This Week's SNL Promo

Amy Adams is hosting Saturday Night Live's Christmas episode this week with One Direction as a music guest and OH MY GOD LOUIS!

​Y/N: Jean Grae Gets Awkwardly Sexy, Nicole Scherzinger Channels Ciara

Weekly-ish, a pre-approved, snap-judged music guide based on our very scientific, non-subjective Yes/No rating system.

Clarinet-Playing Pole Dancer Has A New Christmas Video; You're Welcome

He's in boxers! He's in a sleigh! He's got a wind instrument that he knows how to use with rudimentary skill!

Samantha Power, Goddess of the U.N.

Samantha Power, who last year became the youngest ever U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations at the age of 42, is the subject of a lengthy profile by Evan Osnos in this week's issue of The New Yorker.

Big Sean DENIES Dating a Little Tiny Baby

DISPATCH from the UNDISCLOSED LOCATION where I've been living since dropping the TRUTH BOMB that ARIANA GRANDE IS ACTUALLY A BABY .

Gifts for the Avowed Hoarder in Your Life

Hoarding's been having a wild time as of late. Not content merely to make a name for itself by providing the basis for several award-winning and delight-inducing shows — did you see the one with the CATS — hoarding's ditched its previous DSM classification and has burst, debris flying everywhere and smelling faintly of dog poop, into a disorder of its own.

Study: Women Are More Empathetic Toward Their Partner Than Men

In terrible, not particularly shocking news for heterosexual women worldwide, Griffith University and the University of Queensland in New Zealand just announced research demonstrating that women have more empathy in relationships than men.

Marco Rubio Reacts to Cuba News By Picking a Fight With the Pope

Today President Obama announced that the United States and Cuba will be reestablishing diplomatic relations and easing economic and travel restrictions that date back to the Cold War.

Woman Catches Husband Banging Her Twin, Gives Them What They Deserve

A Chinese woman suspicious that her husband was stepping out on her got the shock of her life when she followed his car and discovered that his other woman was her twin all along.

Angelina's Cleopatra Catastrophe: The Other Side of Sony's Jobs Disaster

Among the biggest stories coming from Sony's hacking crisis , the botched attempt to make a Steve Jobs movie stands out, revealing an ugly relationship between top Sony Pictures exec Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin .

Viola Davis May Have Landed a Role as a Villain in Suicide Squad

Comic fans are freaking out because Viola Davis may have been cast as villain Amanda "The Wall" Waller in the DC Comics-based movie, Suicide Squad.

Jenny Slate Singing 'Landslide' as Marcel the Shell Is Delightful 

This one doesn't need much wind-up from me: it's Jenny Slate singing a tiny snatch of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" in her Marcel the Shell voice.

This Week in Tabloids: Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss in Super Sexy Love

Welcome to Midweek Madness, in which a goat wearing novelty sunglasses climbs to the top of the Empire State Building and whispers "CELEBRITY" before plummeting down to the ground.

Pope Francis Got a 'Mass Tango' for His Birthday

Pope Francis just turned 78. In celebration, a bunch of followers sang happy birthday in several languages and also danced the tango en masse.

Images of Teenage Rape Victim Reportedly Shared at New Mexico School

This story is getting to be disturbingly familiar: a widely-shared social media post in Albuquerque, New Mexico claims that a 15-year-old girl, a student at Valley High School, was raped at a party in early November by at least two men.

Ashanti's Stalker Cross-Examined Her During His Own Trial 

A man who's already been convicted once for stalking Ashanti's mother is on trial yet again, this time for harassing the singer and her sister in a variety of terrifying and creepy ways.