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Montreal Teacher Fired After Students Find Her 40-Year-Old Nude Scenes

A 73-year-old teacher at a prestigious Christian secondary school in Canada has been fired after several of her students discovered nude scenes she filmed more than 40 years ago.

Sasha Grey and 'Creepy Text Theater' Turn Terrible Sexts Into Comedy

It's one thing to read all those awful Tinder and OKCupid messages from dumbasses who think they're entitled to women's attention and bodies—it's another thing to hear them read aloud.

Shailene Woodley's Boobs Are Perfect, Declares Shailene Woodley

Wood sprite Shailene Woodley took a break from protecting the rainforest of FernGully to film White Bird in a Blizzard, a soon-to-be released film that features a naked sex scene between her and Thomas Jane.

As seen on the Huffington Post.

As seen on the Huffington Post. Well, as they say, what goes around comes around. Read more...

And Here Is Italy's Singing Nun Covering 'Like A Virgin'

Sister Cristina, the singing nun who charmed the pants off The Voice Italy with her Alicia Keys cover , has just dropped her first single.

Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Here's Channing Tatum Stripping Just for You In Da Club

Everybody calm down and take a seat. There's enough Chan Crawford for everyone. Here's a video of him stripping before he was famous and, you guys, he is an entertainer.

Meet New York's First And Only Trans Woman Firefighter

Brooke Guinan is someone you'd probably think of as brave because of her position: she's a FDNY firefighter.

GOP Candidate Mocks Opposing Staffer With Picture of Fat Woman

A Republican Congressional candidate in California is in hot water after an email surfaced wherein he appears to mock his opponent's deputy campaign manager with a picture of a fat woman eating a Twinkie.

Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta Dead at 82

Oscar de la Renta, legendary fashion designer, has died at the age of 82. Read more...

Shonda Rhimes to Tweeter Who Doesn't Like 'Gay' Scenes: 'Bye Felicia'

Important life lesson: Don't tell writers, actor or producers of shows you supposedly like that you don't like the "gay"scenes they depict unless you really want them to tell you what's what.

Slow-Ass Sloth Speeds Into Our Hearts

This three-toed sloth has a problem: it loves to eat but is also slow as fuck. This is also a problem I have sometimes but the sloth has an advantage: It's in a tree that has a shitton of leaves that are ripe for the snacking.

New DC Restaurant to Charge For "Artisanal" Ice Cubes

A new restaurant in Washington DC (come the fuck on, hometown) has declared they're going to charge for "artisanal" ice cubes.

Sam Lutfi Swears He's Only Trying to Help Amanda Bynes

Sam Lutfi penned an open letter swearing to the world he's only trying to help Amanda Bynes and not, say, take advantage of her situation to gain exposure for himself.

Pharrell Is Recording Music With Cara Delevingne

The list of supermodels with attemped—and quite often, failed—music careers is long and storied. Perhaps that's why it's FAIRLY exciting that Pharrell is reportedly working with British eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne on her first-ever single.

Brooke Shields Definitely Knows How to Ride the Wave

In today's Tweet Beat, LeAnne Rimes has been lugging many, many pumpkins, Brooke Shields is kind of a badass and you can help decide what Susan Saradon should be for Halloween, Read more...

Rich People Are Ruining Red Wine By Putting Their Buttholes in It

Do you enjoy a nice glass of red wine with your dinner? Well, next time you take a delicate sip of your Merlot and feel it slide down your throat, remember that someone, somewhere is dipping their dirty ass in a barrel of Bordeaux at the same time.

​Prehistoric Scottish Fish Responsible for the First Ever Sex Act

The next time you and your sex pal get your freak on, maybe take a moment to thank these ugly ancient fish for paving the way for sex hundreds of millions of years ago.

Taylor Swift's New Song Is the Gentrification Anthem NYC Didn't Need

The inevitable march towards Taylor Swift's new album 1989 continues with a new single , and it's only getting worse: "Welcome To New York" is a gentrification anthem so obtuse it makes one wonder if she is, in fact, trolling at this point.

UC Berkeley Investigating At Least Six Rapes at Campus Frats

Good Lord: campus police at the University of California, Berkeley are investigating multiple reports of drugging and rape at two different frat houses, both in the past week.