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Trailer for Miss Hokusai Follows a Young Female Artist’s Coming of Age in 1814 Edo, Japan

Miss Hokusai, an animated film that opened in Japan last summer, is making its way to the United States this fall.

Report Suggests NX Controllers Will Finally Phase Out the Wii Remote by Replicating Its Functionality - Wii'll miss you, Wiimote.

The Wii Remote was the selling point of the console that brought Nintendo back to dominance after the GameCube floundered, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo kept it around for a second console generation despite introducing a new gimmick with the Wii U.

Fans Create Spot-On (But Tragically Short) Stranger Things Point-and-Click Adventure

It seems that our repeated requests for a Stranger Things game have finally been (kinda sorta) answered.

Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Talks More About That Musical Crossover - Prepare to sing it once more with feeling.

I’d like to start off by thanking CBS for canceling Supergirl so that the show could live on in a more suitable home on the CW Network.

Beauty and the Beast Images Reveal Enchanted & UnEnchanted Character Designs

sO EXCITED UGH — mac (@maconodom) August 25, 2016 The first teaser for Bill Condon’s live-action Beauty and the Beast was a gorgeous, but empty view of the Beast’s castle.

Here Are Your Netflix Additions and Losses for September

Is August ending already? While back-to-school season can be tough, Netflix has got your back this month with some awesome new additions to help make that transition a little bit easier.

It’s Women’s Equality Day! It’s also National Dog Day. Let’s Celebrate? - How did anyone even find out about national holidays before social media?

President Barack Obama has just proclaimed today to be Women’s Equality Day, as every US president has done every year on this day since 1972.

Queasy Does It: Jason Bourne Made People Nauseous in Beijing, Inspired Protests for Refunds

Jason Bourne seems to be running into trouble everywhere he goes. This time, it seems that a whole lot of people who watched an “exclusive” 3D version of the film created for select Asian markets, have found themselves afflicted with significant nausea while watching the movie.

French Court Overturns Bans on Burkinis, and It Only Took Worldwide Social Media Shame

image via Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/Shutterstock Yesterday, in our Feminism Around the World column, we highlighted the fact that some French towns had instituted bans on burkinis on public beaches.

A Live-Action James and the Giant Peach Adaptation is Coming and Sam Mendes Might Direct - Well that's just peachy.

Another live-action adaptation of a childhood favorite is headed your way and this time, Disney is looking to the James Bond franchise for some assistance.

Daisy Ridley Hints at a Long Wait For Star Wars Episode VIII Title - The Force Takes a Nap?

When the title for Star Wars: Episode VII was revealed to be The Force Awakens, there was a palpable, collective squee in pop culture-loving circles.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé Suggests a Strong Launch Lineup for the NX After Wii U’s Failure

The Wii U has some pretty great games, but not all of them make enough use of the console’s dual-screen gimmick to really sell the concept, and they didn’t really make it in time for launch.

Steven Universe Recap: Mindful Education - Estelle. Singing. This is not a drill.

The Recap: Garnet helps Steven and Connie learn to communicate their problems more openly, so that they can maintain a better fusion.

The Avengers Prove They Need Some Oversight in the Captain America: Civil War Blooper Reel - You can't just go throwing f-bombs everywhere.

Earlier in the week, we got a look at some of the bonus material coming to the disc-based home release of Captain America: Civil War, but we know what you’re all really waiting for: the blooper reel.

These Marvel and DC-Themed Business Suits Keep Your Secret Identity Close to Your Chest

Fun Suits has put together a collection of business suits inspired by Marvel and DC Comics characters, including several super-classy “Secret Identity” styles that keep the logos hidden.

Things We Saw Today: Prince’s “Paisley Park” to Open As a Museum in October

image via Brook Harris/Shutterstock Since Prince’s untimely death back in April, fans have created a makeshift memorial outside his home/recording studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

It’s Official: Steve Rogers is No Longer Captain America in the MCU - Rogers, out.

When we last saw Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War, he threw down his shield and walked away from a stunned Tony Stark.

U.S. Senate May Soon Have Record-Breaking Number of Female Senators

image via Albert H. Teich/Shutterstock While we currently have more women in the U.S. Senate than we ever have before (20 whole women!

The Fault in Our Stars Writers Will Tackle X-Men Spinoff, New Mutants - Well, alright then.

If you loved The Fault in Our Stars, you’re really going to dig the new writers for Marvel’s New Mutants.

Rick and Morty Co-Creator and Epic Games’ Tanya Watson Are Starting a VR Game Studio! - VR is probably about to get weird ... er.

VR is still a motion sickness-induced vomit machine for a lot of people, which … probably makes Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland a perfect fit for the platform!