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The Nominees for the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids’ Comics Are Almost All White

Comics’ problems with diversity are well-established at this point, but this one feels particularly egregious.

Google Says It’s Too Expensive to Investigate Wage Discrimination - Because who cares what it costs women?

Google, whose parent company made $6.8 billion in pre-tax profits this past quarter alone, has claimed it would be “financially burdensome” for their HR team to spend $100,000 to comply with a federal wage discrimination lawsuit.

The Ghost of Richard Nixon Thanks Trump on The Simpsons: “I’m now the 44th-best president.”

Content Warning: This video includes a (very brief) depiction of suicide. (If the above video won’t load in your country, you should hopefully be able to access it through The Simpsons on Twitter.) The Simpsons followed up their painfully accurate 100-days review of the Trump administration (and even more painfully accurate prediction of the Trump presidency) with a 125-days haunting.

Let’s Help Paul Ryan Learn How to Use GIFs, Which He Just Learned Are a Thing

Given that vast majority of the Republican party seems to be stuck in the last century when it comes to civil liberties, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that’s where their technological abilities are as well.

Betsy DeVos Confirms That She Will Literally Never Stand up Against Discrimination

Representative Katherine Clark (D-MA) recently pushed Betsy Devos on her budget proposal, which will cut $11 billion from the Department of Education’s overall budget while funneling $1.4 billion into school voucher programs.

Things We Saw Today: Alien Actually Makes a Pretty Good Comedy, Don’t You Think?

Hi again, it’s me, Jessica, queen of strange remixes, mashups, and recuts. Today I’m coming to you from our Things We Saw Today desk (it’s actually just a kid’s table in the corner, sadface) to share this recut Alien trailer, which is made to look like a comedy movie.

Review: Manifesto Is a Cate Blanchett Acting Master Class, But Little Else

As an actor, Cate Blanchett can do no wrong. She’s usually the best part of anything she’s in (yes, even Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Disney California Adventure’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Is Full of Artifacts

At the media preview for the @Guardians ride. It’s fantastic! 🔥🔥🔥 — Ryan Parker (@TheRyanParker) May 26, 2017 The Hollywood Reporter‘s Ryan Parker shared some images from the new attraction, which turns what was previous The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror into a Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: Breakout!

Guess Which Jokes Veep Had to Pull Because of Trump

On a recent appearance on Conan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus discussed how Veep‘s nonpartisan brand of political satire works in today’s comedy landscape.

Tucker Carlson Desperately Trying to Remind Us He Exists By Coming After Lauren Duca For No Reason - Remember Tucker Carlson?

@laurenduca FOX Trump Stooge Tucker Carlson is using the assault of Ben Jacobs to attack you. — Richard W.

Wonder Woman Rises Again—and Just in Time

  Wonder Woman leaps onto the big screen this June, and I’m about to bust out of my eagle bustier with excitement.

“We Won’t Let Hate Win:” Ariana Grande to Return to Manchester for Benefit Concert — Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) May 26, 2017 Today, Ariana Grande released her first full statement about the Manchester bombing to offer her condolences to the families suffering and to announce her return to the city for a benefit concert.

Judge Away: I’m Actually Looking Forward to Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

I’m so excited for Boo 2! A Madea Halloween and I just can’t hide it. Judge me all you want but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the first one and can’t wait to see what Tyle Perry and crew do this time around.

Get Excited Clone Club! Orphan Black Co-Creator Graeme Manson Talks the Final Season

A scene from the S5 premiere. Orphan Black is coming to an end, and we are preemptively mourning one of the most creative, intelligent, and brilliant female-led sci-fi shows ever created.

Patty Jenkins Has Been Dying to Show Wonder Woman and Disprove “Discombobulated Mess” Rumors

Movie rumors are a weird thing. Sometimes, they’re just a whisper in the wind and have little-to-no impact, but other times, especially when you’re a film under as much scrutiny as Wonder Woman, they can be extremely frustrating and harmful.

Still Star-Crossed Showrunner on Renaissance Europe: “This was not a white world, really”

When we first heard that Shondaland would take on Shakespeare with an adaptation of Melinda Taub’s young adult novel, Still Star-Crossed, we knew the casting would be racially diverse.

If We Don’t See the 27 Star Wars Takes of Carrie Fisher Slapping Oscar Issac, What Are We Even Doing?

Oscar Issac recently went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert for an interview that has everything you could ever want, including incredible anecdotes about Carrie Fisher, childhood movie clips, dad jokes, and geeking out about Shakespeare interpretations as the actor prepares for his debut as Hamlet in New York this summer.

Exclusive: Lumberjanes Gathers Female Comics Talents Like America‘s Gabby Rivera For Annual Special

Art by Marina Julia One of the highlights of the comics season are annual specials, especially when they come from one of our favorite titles: BOOM!

Far Cry 5 Ever-So-Poignantly Focuses on a Violent Religious Cult in Montana

Ubisoft just dropped its first full-length trailer for Far Cry 5, which is, poignantly enough, set in rural Montana and focuses on a religious cult that’s been “harvesting the souls” of the local populace.

Ben & Jerry’s Is Putting Unfair Restrictions on Ice Cream to Fight Unfair Restrictions on Same-Sex Marriage

We’re banning any same-flavour love in the fight for #marriageequality! Join us by signing petition to get Australia moving.