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Supergirl Review: Kara Needs Balance as We Head Toward a “Legion of Superheroes”/Worldkillers Showdown

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW Apologies for not hitting the ground running with a Supergirl recap this week after the show returned from its hiatus.

Things We Saw Today: The Heathers Reboot Has a Trailer & It Has Much, MUCH Damage

You may have heard that there was a Heathers reboot series coming to the Paramount network. The premise was … interesting.

Captain America Is the Most Overrated Avenger by Fans

A fascinating analysis exposes the discord between how Marvel rates its superheroes and villains compared to fan opinions.

So … Did Amazon Just Decide They Were Too Relevant and Their Shows & Movies Were Too Good?

Over the last few years, Amazon has made a huge push to be taken seriously when it comes to original programming.

Get 20 Hours of Photoshop Training for $29

Photoshop is a must-know tool for photographers, designers, and pretty much anyone who wants to learn how to make things that look awesome.

Student Found Out That Posting Racist Videos Full of the N-Word Gets You Expelled—Who Knew?

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a college student from the University of Alabama thought it was the right time to put her racist personality on Instagram for the world to see.

Trump’s Fake News Awards Were Predictably Weird & Unsatisfying

For weeks, Donald Trump has been promising to hold “THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR” (caps obviously his).

Dylan Farrow Details Her Allegations of Sexual Assault By Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow has maintained for years that the director molested her as a child.

Grown-ish Came in Strong Last Night on Bi-Phobia & Bisexual Double Standards

While Grown-ish is a pretty hilarious show, it also promised to tackle some of the issues facing young people today and last night it came through on its promise when it talked about bisexuality.

New #MeToo PSA Tackles Harassment, Assault, and Rape of All Types Across Many Demographics

 While there’s been a focus on the higher-profile cases of harassment and assault being experienced by figures in the public eye, the #MeToo Movement, as well as the #TimesUp initiative, have always been about the instances of harassment, assault, and rape that women experience in all industries, among all demographics, and at all socioeconomic levels.

Supernatural Spins Off Its Wayward Sisters, and It Couldn’t Come at a Better Time

Sometimes, fans can be psychic. They can attach themselves to an idea or a character long before the “mainstream” or powers that be realize what a great thing they’ve found.

Sam Bee Tells Men That If They Want to Call Themselves Feminists They Better “F*** like One Too”

Last night, Samantha Bee took the #MeToo backlash to task, addressing the problems that the media are so fearful of.

Here’s the Snazzy Teaser Trailer for the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game

Because you do not spend enough time on your phone at present, the Harry Potter-themed Hogwarts Mystery mobile game might ensure that you never put it down.

Apple Will Soon Let iPhone Owners Turn Off Performance Throttling

Recent confirmation that Apple actually uses its iOS operating system to slow down older iPhone models was met with a lot of uproar, even though the feature is specifically tuned to spread out battery usage over time to prevent phones with aging batteries from unexpectedly shutting off.

Why Did The Last Jedi Fail so Badly in China?

“Fail” is a kind way of putting it. “Bombed” is is more accurate. The latest Star Wars epic is likely to earn less than movies like Valerian (remember Valerian?

The Very Existence of Non-Disclosure Agreements in Sexual Abuse Cases Is Despicable

Olympic gymnasts McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Jordyn Wieber and Gabby Douglas. Maroney, Raisman, and Douglas have all accused USA Gymnastic’s Dr.

Things We Saw Today: Black Lightning Lit up the Internet and the Ratings

Last night, CW’s Black Lightning premiered and not only was I watching, but it appears everyone decided to tune in and #GetLit.

You Can’t Get This Sweet Wonder Woman Merch Anywhere Else

Readers of The Mary Sue get an exclusive 15% off your first box with the code MARYSUE15—and we can finally reveal the secrets contained within CultureFly’s awesome Wonder Woman collection.

New Federal Rule Would Protect Transphobe and Anti-Choice Doctors Who Want to Deny Patients Care

According to a recent report in Politico, the Trump administration is getting ready to “overhaul the HHS civil rights office” in order to offer stronger protections for healthcare workers who don’t want to perform abortions, help transgender patients to transition, or offer other services they’re morally or religiously opposed to.

“Aziz, We Tried to Warn You:” Lindy West Reminds Everyone That Feminists Have Been Talking About Consent for Decades

Since the Aziz Ansari conversation began over the weekend it has reaped several think-pieces from multiple sites.