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Do Mermaids Get Periods? or, Explaining The Menstrual Cycles of Various Mythological Creatures - That is menarche! Er, sorry, malarky. Either or.

Part of the fun of being a nerd is using an interest in science to imagine how it would be possible for our favorite monsters and magical creatures to exist.

Watch A Chainmail Dress Protect Its Inventor Against 500,000 Volts Of Electricity - Dry-clean only.

Anouk Wipprecht designed this fashionable and functional chain mail dress with the help of ArcAttack and wore it herself at Maker Faire when her models were too nervous to try it in action.

D.C.’s Museum of Science Fiction Wants To Pay For Your Design - I volunteer as tribute!

Nonprofit organization The Museum of Science Fiction is an institution in D.C. dedicated solely to you-know-what, and they’re willing to pay $1,000 in Earth currency for the best “preview museum” design to house exhibits in the nation’s capitol.

Neil Gaiman Announces New Short Story Anthology! - Get your money ready.

Good news, everyone!! A Tumblr user asked, “I feel like you’ve written enough short stories since Fragile Things to warrant a new collection.

Karen Gillan, Natalie Dormer, and Katie McGrath Did the Ice Bucket Challenge, But Only One Of Them Dressed As the Pink Power Ranger - With bonus Red Power Ranger John Cho!

But who was it? Wait in suspense no longer. This shining example of geek is… Karen Gillan, with some assistance from her Selfie co-star John Cho as the Red Power Ranger.

Lingerie for Cosplay: What to Wear to Comic-Con - A handy resource for all your cosplaying needs.

My Black Widow costume The following was originally published on Cora Harrington’s blog The Lingerie Addict and has been republished with permission.

Game of Thrones Casting News And An Update On The Church Nudity Scandal - Valar More-booblis?

Mark Gatiss didn’t get too much screen time as the Iron Bank of Braavos’ Tycho Nestoris but good news!

True Life: I Was A Babysitting Dinosaur - Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.

As a young, money-grubbing middle schooler, I experienced a lot of babysitting-related anxiety. What if I dropped the kid on his head?

Dorkly Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Your Favorite Movies - HULK APPRECIATE DIFFICULTY OF MOTION CAPTURE.

Good movies make you forget that what you’re seeing isn’t real and that somebody had to make it. Great movies make you excited to find out how they make it.

Disney Has Patented Illegal “Gepetto Drone” Technology To Operate A Fleet Of Enormous Puppets - Do you want to amass an army?

For all their possible positive uses, unmanned aerial vehicles don’t exactly have the greatest public image—much like puppets, they’re an inherently creepy and untrustworthy human innovation.

No Investigation Will Be Made Into Doctor Who’s “Lesbian Kiss” After a Whopping 6 People Complained - I'm gonna go life-saving-breath-pass my boyfriend now.

After the season premiere of Doctor Who, I wondered if there would be any ridiculous uproar over the kiss that wasn’t even a kiss by the strictest definition of the word.

A Disheartening Account Of The Harrassment Going On In Gaming Right Now (And how Adam Baldwin Is Involved) - AKA, an actual depression quest.

This month has been terrible in every conceiveable sense of the word, in some part due to the rapidly escalating harassment of prominent feminists in gaming.

Ridley Scott Offers an Incredibly Dissatisfying Explanation of Why Exodus: Gods and Kings Is So Very White - I'm not impressed.

I’m listening, Ridley. Not that I think there could possibly be a good reason for whitewashing Moses and Rameses in Exodus: Gods and Kings.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenges From Westeros, Middle Earth, & a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

The ice is just piling up! So many people have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that even fictional characters are starting to get in on the charity fun.

Is It Anatomically Possible to Do Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman Cover? Three Gymnasts Test The Theory. - I think you can guess.

After seeing the Spider-Woman butt cover that will live in infamy and reading the critiques (and defenses) of its anatomy that followed, Alice Dranger asked herself: Can you really scale a wall in that position?

Jessica Chastain Wants to Know Why the Hell Scarlett Johansson Hasn’t Gotten a Superhero Movie Yet - Preach.

Marvel, you don’t appear to be listening to us when we clamor for a Black Widow movie. But will you listen to Jessica Chastain?

Update: Hello Kitty Isn’t a Human, Either - I can't take much more of this.

Yesterday the Internet (save for hardcore Sanrio fans—you’ll have to forgive the rest of us) flew into an existential frenzy as it was revealed by a Hello Kitty historian in a LA Times interview that the famous Sanrio character is not to be referred to as a cat.

The Wolverine’s Rila Fukushima Replaces Sin City’s Devin Aoki As Katana On Arrow - SWING ALL THE SWORDS AT OLIVER!

Well this is disappointing. But not, like, too much. Back in early July we were pretty excited to report Sin City star Devon Aoki (Miho) had landed the role of Tatsu Yamashiro (aka DC Comics’ Katana) for Arrow Season 3, both because Katana was being cast at all and also because The CW had actually cast a Japanese actress to play a Japanese character.

I’m Not Sure What to Make Of This Game of Thrones Single by French Singer Luc Arbogast - I am also not sure what to make of his facial hair.

I kind of like it, but I’m also starting at my screen in head-tilted confusion. There’s nothing too weird about this, but… I don’t know.

Are You A-Were? Underworld Is Getting the Reboot Treatment - Bloody good fun

Now that I wrote that defense of reboots, I can’t say anything bad about this without being a total hypocrite, can I?