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Things We Saw Today: A Video Tour of Every Star Wars Video Game

IGN put together this super-cool montage of every Star Wars video game ever made. It’s fun to see not only how video game technology has evolved over the years, but how the medium has helped to expand the Star Wars universe.

Nope, James Damore’s Autism Is Not the Cause of His Misogyny

[NB: I know that opinion is somewhat mixed about person-first versus identity-first language, and both sides feel very strongly; since I’m not autistic, I don’t get to have an opinion on this, and I’ve therefore switched between the two here to try and acknowledge both.] Now, let me start off this article by emphasizing something: it’s the author of this Guardian article, not James Damore himself, who makes the harmful suggestion that Damore’s infamous Google memo and subsequent doubling-down are somehow caused by his autism.

As Long as Companies Care More About “Customer Service” Than Their Workers, There Will Always Be Roy Moores Around

Since the sexual misconduct, pedophilia, and assault allegations against Roy Moore came out, much has been made of the way he used malls to find his teenage victims.

See All of Baby Jack-Jack’s Powers (Plural) in the First Incredibles 2 Teaser

The first trailer for The Incredibles 2 has finally dropped, and while it doesn’t tell us much about the plot, it does reveal all the superpowers of baby Jack-Jack.

Jessica Chastain Rips Into Sexist Casting With “Every Audition Ever” Skit on Jimmy Fallon - "Try it again, but hot"

Look at you, Jimmy Fallon! You can get political, and it’ll still be funny! When Jessica Chastain appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, they put together a skit which mocked the way that actresses are asked to sex up their delivery of even the simplest lines, as well as the way that male directors and writers can treat “hotness” as the primary personality trait of their female characters.

The Rock Battles 30-Foot Wolves, Gorillas, and Crocodiles in the Truly Ridiculous Rampage Trailer

The trailer for Rampage has landed, and it looks deliciously absurd. Based on the 1986 arcade game, Rampage follows Davis Okoye, a primatologist played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as he deals with an outbreak of Kong-sized monsters.

Interview: The 100‘s Eliza Taylor Trades Genre for Contemporary Grit in New Film Thumper

One of the things that makes The CW’s The 100 so awesome is the nuanced and finely-calibrated central performance by Eliza Taylor, who plays our favorite bisexual dystopian leader, Clarke Griffin.

Things We Saw Today: Have Yourself a Merry Little Peek at the Doctor Who Christmas Special

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again, kids! That’s right: we’re approaching Doctor Who Christmas special territory.

Actual Sexiest Man Alive Patrick Stewart Discusses Violence Against Women: “It’s a Man’s Problem”

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Blake “Him? Really?” Shelton has been named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Extended TV Spot: Kylo Ren Failed Luke Skywalker

I mean, “fail” may be a bit of an understatement here, considering that Kylo Ren went rogue on his Jedi uncle, slaughtered a bunch of trainees, and betrayed his family and the New Republic.

Who’s Your Favorite Tabletop RPG Character You’ve Ever Played?

With the advent of shows like Stranger Things or podcasts and live “Let’s Plays” like The Adventure Zone, Critical Role, The Glass Cannon, and Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice, tabletop RPGs have seen something of a renaissance, a return to the blessed mainstream.

Essay: Jamie Rotante Says Betty and Veronica: Vixens is About “Women Helping Women”

Art by Fiona Staples We’ve been really excited about the upcoming Archie Comics ongoing title, Betty and Veronica: Vixens, in which Betty and Veronica are the leaders of the Vixens, the toughest motorcycle gang in Riverdale!

GOP Adds Fetus Rights to Tax Bill So We Can MAGA, or Something?

Welcome to The Week in Reproductive Justice, a weekly recap of all news related to the hot-button issue of what lawmakers are allowing women to do with their bodies!

Donald Trump’s Crude, Blatant Concern Trolling Over Al Franken Assault Backfires

It’s been more than a week since the first allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore broke.

Fox News’ Brit Hume Thinks the Way to Avoid Harassment Is for Men to Never Be Alone With Women

In what is surely a contender for the stupidest thing Tweeted this week, Fox News’ senior political analyst Brit Hume made an incredibly short-sighted and inaccurate analysis of our culture of harassment and assault.

Why Hari Kondabolu Decided to Take on The Simpsons in The Problem With Apu

In one scene of Hari Kondabolu’s truTV documentary The Problem With Apu, actor and former White House worker Kal Penn pauses before answering whether or not he’s regretted an acting role, and says he’s realizing that he’s not in a PR event.

Transparent‘s Jeffrey Tambor the Latest Disappointing Addition to Growing List of Alleged Sexual Harassers in Hollywood

  Hearing about problematic behavior always hurts more when it affects something you love. For the past four seasons, I’ve been enjoying following the journey of the Pfefferman family on Amazon’s Transparent.

New York City Criminalizes Revenge Porn, but Does It Do Enough?

On Thursday, New York City finally criminalized revenge porn. The legislation was first introduced last year and was passed unanimously, according to Gizmodo.

Jake Gyllenhaal Being Eyed to Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

The Justice League rumor mill is churning once again and this time it has to do with rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal is being eyed to replace Ben Affleck as Batman, but that doesn’t mean he has to be Bruce Wayne.

Netflix Just Locked Down a Superhero Movie With Daisy Ridley!

Disney has Daisy Ridley for two more Star Wars movies that we’re incredibly excited about (including the one coming out in just under a month!