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Canary, Firestorm, The Atom, and Captain Cold Series in the Works at The CW as Arrow/TheFlash Spinoff - O.O

WHAT. No really. I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll just give you the fresh-off-the-presses news via Deadline: DC Comics superheroes are uniting in a potential new drama series at the CW, a spinoff from hits Arrow and The Flash that will feature several fan-favorite recurring actors/characters from both shows.

The Search For Sex-Positive Hentai - Harder than you might think.

According to Porn MD, “hentai” is the fourth most searched porn term in the world—in other words, approximately everybody alive has seen anime characters grinding.

Things We Saw Today: Medieval Weapon Hair Accessories Are Adorable, Terrifying - Customized options available; needle here I come!

These hair styling sticks are made of 8″ solid oak shafts topped with 3D printed PLA plastic; every teen-tiny battle axe and war hammer is also painted, assembled and stained by hand.

Boston University Is Running A Harry Potter-Themed Sex Ed Seminar Tonight - "A Harry Potter sex-ed seminar" was the other name for

Is that a bottle of Skele-Gro in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Though JK Rowling’s epic saga of teenagers in boarding school almost entirely avoided the topic of sex, two grad interns at Boston University want to use Hogwarts to open up a broader conversation about sexual education.

DC Comics’ Catwoman is Officially Bisexual — Here’s Why That’s Important

Catwoman #39 was released yesterday and confirmed what many fans have guessed over the years about everyone’s favorite cat burglar.

The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Steven Universe #8 (Final Issue!)

Click to view gallery Meanwhile in related galleries Minimalist Movie Posters, Made With Simple Sheets Of Paper These Paper Video Game Dioramas Are On A Whole 'Nother Level Jill and Rebecca's Favorite Moments from Game of Thrones, "Mockingbird" 10 Terrifying Doors You Really Don't Want to Open thumbnails Thumbnails n of 10 Image title this is some kind of spaceship or something.

Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne Is Voicing a Train in a Thomas the Tank Engine Movie. Delightful. - Yes. Really.

Eddie Redmayne to voice Thomas the tank engine film — Radio Times (@RadioTimes) February 26, 2015 While you and the entire Internet were distracted by a live feed of escaped llamas, we got word that Best Actor Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne would play a train in a Thomas the Tank Engine movie.

The Best Of Twitter’s Reaction To #LlamaWatch - We llove you, llamas.

Earlier today the entire Internet came to a standstill not in celebration of our newfound Net Neutrality victory, but instead to watch a pair of escaped llamas frantically prance their way through the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, as dozens of men chased them in hot pursuit.

Facebook Adds New Suicide Prevention Tools and a Fill-in-the-Blank Gender Option

Trigger warning for self harm and suicide. In two separate posts this week, Facebook announced that the company will be increasing resources for members who may be contemplating self-harm or suicide, as well as adding a more free-form option for users to describe their gender identity.

There Are Fewer Women On Corporate Boards Then There are Men Named John, Robert, William or James - Aggggh.

You know you have a problem with gender diversity when you can start dividing your number of men by their names and there’s still more of them than there are women of any name.

We Interrupt Our Regularly-Scheduled Programming To Bring You A Tiny Bat Nomming A Banana - Ba na na na na na na na, bat bat!

Look at him! All wrapped up! Listen to his munching! Oh gosh! Oh gosh! According to the original Facebook post by Batzilla the Bat, he was rescued out of the netting of a fruit tree last week and was “a little feisty until he spied the banana.” Found down under, this little guy was super hungry because they’ve had heavy rains, which “washes the nectar and pollen out of the blossom and flying-foxes are forced to seek sustenance elsewhere.” Poor little guy!

Julie Andrews Slays in this Metal Take on Mary Poppins, Should Probably Join GWAR - \m/ \m/

Bert the Chimney Sweep ain’t half bad, either. (via io9) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

ORLY: Jonathan Pryce Says to Expect Surprises and Deaths in Game of Thrones Season 5

Are you excited for some new characters to show up for Game of Thrones Season 5? I know I am and one of them in particular is Jonathan Pryce’s turn as the High Sparrow.

Yurikuma Arashi Recap: “Bride-in-the-Box” - And I thought Jack-in-the-boxes were creepy.

The following was originally posted on Dee Hogan’s blog The Josei Next Door and has been republished with permission.

The FCC Upholds Net Neutrality, Votes to Reclassify Broadband Internet as a “Title II” Utility - Victory!

The people—and the president—have spoken, and the FCC has listened. They just voted to approve their new “Net Neutrality” rules and reclassify broadband Internet as a utility in the eyes of regulation.

Here’s 20-Year-Old Amy Poehler Hacking, Rapping and Being Super ’90s in a Previously Unreleased TV Pilot - She's a beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby.

Galentine’s Day foreshadowing: she quotes Queen Latifah’s “Ladies First.” Earlier this week Second City shared an archival video for the first time ever of a TV pilot baby Amy Poehler shot in Toronto in 1995 with Matt Dwyer and improv superstar Del Close.

Spongebob Squarepants Might Be Heading To Broadway, With Music By Aerosmith and John Legend - Who lives in a Pineapple in... NYC?

Anything can get onto The Great White Way—Shrek, Spider-Man, even Fifty Shades of Grey (kind of—technically that one’s “off”-Broadway).

The Real Green Power Ranger Doesn’t Approve of That Gritty Fan Film - Do you think he'd say he was... repulsa'd by it?

The people behind the Power/Rangers fan film are probably a lot more concerned with the opinions of Saban’s lawyers right now, but those who didn’t like the movie just got some much better company: original Green Ranger Jason David Frank isn’t having any of it.

Here’s Why Everyone Is Mad at This Four-Year-Old Axe Body Spray Ad - Other than that it's terrible, of course.

Axe Body Spray has a much-deserved reputation for buying into the worst, most toxic stereotypes about gender roles in an effort to get middle school-aged bros who don’t know any better to buy their sickening scents.

HBO Offers New Writing Fellowship for Women and People of Color, Seeks Diverse Emerging Talent - May the odds be ever in your favor.

HBO has just announced its inaugural HBOAccess Writing Fellowship, an 8-month (plus) program designed to bring more diverse voices to HBO and Cinemax programming and give emerging talent a leg-up into the industry.