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The Reason Queen Elizabeth Didn’t Take The Iron Throne Has Been Revealed

It’s not that she didn’t want to pander to how much of a kick the Internet would get out of it. Spoiler alert for the Late Night With Seth Meyers video: According to David Benioff, “the Queen of England is not allowed to sit on a foreign throne.

Weekend Getaway: HarmoKnight - Featuring games you can finish in one weekend!

Video Games are wonderful, but they can also be very, very long. Many of us simply don’t have the time to play massive games like Skyrim or Minecraft for hundreds of hours, no matter how badly we want to.

The Mary Sue Interview: Nina Freeman On Developing Her New Game, how do you Do it?

I could almost envision myself when I was in middle school, packed in a room full of sweaty adolescents, some are aware and others not so much of their bodies gradually going through physiological and cognitive changes.

Things We Saw Today: 3-D Armor Dresses and Underwear for Your Everyday Battles - You never know when you'll need to defend Conté.

Etsy shop Mitmunk crafts eye-popping polyester-spandex dresses and underwear that use shading to create a 3-D armor effect.

The Mary Sue Exclusive: Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day Edition

Click to view gallery Meanwhile in related galleries Minimalist Movie Posters, Made With Simple Sheets Of Paper These Paper Video Game Dioramas Are On A Whole 'Nother Level 11 Fantastic Photos and Videos of Yesterday's Annular Eclipse Gotham Character Art Has a Lot of People Dressed In Monochrome Looking Broody thumbnails Thumbnails n of 5 Image title this is some kind of spaceship or something.

Our Very Favorite Moments And Cosplay From CoastCon 2015

The following was originally posted on SheGeeks and has been republished with permission. One of the Gulf Coast’s longest running conventions, CoastCon, is a volunteer-run organization with a focus on community in fandom that’s been around for more than 35 years.

The Mary Sue’s Fave Comments of the Week: Idris Elba, Apocalypse Canceller, to the Rescue - How dare you insinuate there's anything Idris Elba Can't do?

Idris Elba may singlehandedly make us want to watch Star Trek 3, but that doesn’t mean everyone is on board.

What Indiana’s Laws And GenCon’s Response Means For All Of Us

Corporations are people. It’s what is called ‘legal fiction,’ a conceit that somehow we’ve all been signed on to without having a say in the matter.

Featurette Explains Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Powers, Personalities, & Role in Age of Ultron - Is it May 1st yet?

[Mild Age of Ultron spoilers in the vid.] Scarlet Witch’s powers, while wide-ranging and varied as to what her “hexes” could accomplish in comics, have been streamlined down to telekinesis and telepathic  abilities for the MCU, and this featurette gives another tease of her wielding them along with more information on how she and Quicksilver shape the plot of Age of Ultron.

Steven Universe Recap: “Joy Ride” - For all your aliens-taking-selfies needs; ominous foreshadowing included free of charge.

Quick-cap!: After a hard day trying to gather up the wreckage of the crashed Gem ship, Steven is talked into a night of hanging out with local teens Jenny Pizza, Sour Cream, and Buck Dewey.

President Obama Professes His Love for Comics Via Email, Asks for Supporters’ “Origin Stories” - Barack Obama, president of DGAF.

I love me some laid-back, no-more-campaigns-to-run, do-whatever-I-please, last-two-years-in-office president Barack Obama.

The Walking Dead Spin-off Gets a Seriously Un-Cool Name, Will Premiere First Promo This Sunday - I guess The Welping Dead was taken.

Considering The Walking Dead‘s upcoming spinoff will be set in L.A. and feature arguably the goriest part of any zombie apocalypse (the part Rick slept through, OF COURSE), I expected the new series to get a title that at least distinguished it from the original show to some degree, but I have seen WiFi networks with more compelling names.

Marvel Announces a New Fashion Line for Men, Uses MCU Lookalikes as Models

Whenever we post cool fashions from Her Universe, We Love Fine, etc on the site, inevitably we have some guys wishing there was stuff “this cool” for them.

Gone Girl‘s Gillian Flynn to Write Steve McQueen’s Lady-Centric Heist Movie, Widows - Gone LADEEZ.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gone Girl author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn has signed on to co-write Widows, the lady-led heist movie from Twelve Years a Slave director Steve McQueen.

The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Feathers #4

Click to view gallery Meanwhile in related galleries Minimalist Movie Posters, Made With Simple Sheets Of Paper These Paper Video Game Dioramas Are On A Whole 'Nother Level This Star Wars Staples Art Will Punch Thousands of Tiny Holes In Your Brain Bask In The Wonder Of This Low-Cost Cosplay thumbnails Thumbnails n of 8 Image title this is some kind of spaceship or something.

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Shows Us True Horror—and it’s 20 Years Old - This Claire sandwich needs more kick.

Revelations is supposed to bridge the two phases in Resident Evil’s history: the “classic” survival-horror style, with long mansion hallways and tricky puzzles, and the newer breed, where zombies move fast and bioengineered monsters grow gigantic pus sacs from every orifice.

Two-Year-Old IRL Katniss Sets A New Record In Archery And In Our Hearts - Three-finger respect gesture to you, tiny archer.

India’s Dolly Shivani Cherukuri isn’t even three years old yet, but she’s already set to win the Hunger Games and the hearts of Panem with her incredible archery skills.

Gillian Anderson Looking for Love, “Gender Irrelevant.” Have Mercy. - HornofGondor.gif

Gillian Anderson has spoken publicly before about her unwillingness to settle, and it seems that determination has paid off: in a recent interview with The Telegraph, the once and future X-Files star explained “I’m so lucky to have such great work.

The New Terminator Genisys Trailer Has J.K. Simmons Explaining Things Are “Really, Really Complicated” - If it's not complicated, it's not time travel!

So we finally got a look at J.K. Simmons in new Terminator Genisys stills the other day but I think after you watch the new trailer you’ll agree his delivery might steal the show.

Watch the Sand Snakes Kick Some Serious Butt in This Game of Thrones S5 Stunt Video

We’re all excited for Game of Thrones‘ new season—but mostly we’re just excited about the Sand Snakes, the awesome new lady warriors from Dorne.