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Stovetop Double Berry Dumplings

Summertime in southern Missouri where I live is packed FULL of so many good things, including: days spent on the lake, long sunlight hours, fireflies in the evenings, and hot/humid days (yes, I count this as good so long as it’s not an extended heat wave as those can get dangerous for some).

5 Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

The warm summer months are finally upon us! It actually gets quite hot and muggy in southwest Missouri where I live due to the humidity, but I won’t lie—I sort of love it.

Win Our NEW Collab Camera Bag!!!

We are in full-blown celebration mode over here! In case you missed our announcement last week, we just launched our latest collaboration camera bag with Kelly Moore.

Flavored Simple Syrup—Four Ways

Nothing adds a touch of whimsy to a hand-crafted cocktail like flavored simple syrup. These flavor-infused syrups are like an instant upgrade for cocktails, sparkling water, or iced tea.

Tousled Topknot Tutorial

I’m always looking for easy styles that will add some volume or height to my hair (if you have hair that tends to fall flat as well, then you totally understand the struggle!

Mid-Century Play Set

Hi, friends! As you know I am in full on nesting mode. I’ve become quite good at inventing new projects that are absolutely essential to complete as we are in the waiting period for our adoption.

Make Your Own Nontoxic Dry Shampoo!

One of my favorite things lately has been replacing beauty products in my bathroom with DIYs that I make myself!

Hairpin Leg Breakfast Tray DIY

Let’s talk for just a minute about how luxurious it feels to stay in bed just a bit longer on the weekends!

DIY Cactus Oven Mitts

Cactus oven mitts! You guys! I, Kara, am so excited to share these DIY cactus oven mitts with you all today.

Scrapbook Sunday: June Messy Box

                        Happy Sunday! It’s Laura here, and I’m back to share my June Messy Box scrapbooking pages with you.

A Color Story: Using Curves for Outdoor Photos

When figuring out the curves feature on A Color Story, it can be confusing. So we’re having Arielle Vey share what she knows about curves and how they can make your photos pop!

Kelly Moore x A Beautiful Mess *new* bags!

Today we have a SUPER exciting announcement. We have teamed up with Kelly Moore to create a camera and laptop bag that can be worn as a bag or a backpack!

Retro Style Embroidered Photo DIY

Hello, friends! Today I am here to share a project that I had SO much fun making! I have been a longtime fan of retro hand colored photos as well as embroidering or collaging photos.

DIY Palm Leaf Soap

Nothing says summer like palm leaves! I, Kara, am so excited summer is finally here and am in the process of giving my home a little summery refresh.

Make Your Own Shaped Candle Mold

Apparently the other night my husband, Trey, walked into our bedroom after I had already gone to bed and tried to start talking to me.

Cozy Hooded Bath Towel DIY

My kids have had some favorite animal-themed hooded bath towels for years that were looking their age, so I decided it was time for new ones.

Green Apple and Pear Chi-Chi Cocktail

Summer is primetime for many things. A few of my favorites are camping, floating (can you tell I’m from the Midwest?

The Value of Just-For-Fun Projects

There are pros and cons to making your creative passion into a career. The obvious pro is that you get to spend your work days, at least in part, doing something you love!

Make Your Own Bubble Bath Bars

If you ask me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is getting to soak in a big warm tub full of bubbles.

Make Your Own Guest Room Mini Bar

I, Kara, absolutely love having guests come to visit, and what better way to make them feel welcome than to make your own guest room mini bar for them to use during their stay?