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Sister Style: Sparkle and Shine

Hey, there! I'm not going to lie—I've been sitting here for 20 minutes starting and deleting opening lines.

Rainbow & Gold Lustre Bath Bombs

A sure way to impress your friends and family is by making them a homemade bath bomb. Seriously! I got so many oohs and ahhs after making this DIY at home and absolutely loved giving them away.

Are white walls overdone? We say nah. But what do YOU think?

Oh hey, guys! I'm excited to open up a big debate here today! So I just listened to the new episode of Young House Love Has A Podcast (one of my favorite podcasts, by the way) where I was a guest, and my mind is BLOWN.

Sister Style: BW Forever

Transitioning to cold weather means the end of sandal season for me—the tragedy! I know some people hate wearing any kind of open toe shoes, but I LOVE it.

Boho Modern Patchwork Pillow

Pillows are such an easy way to change up your living space with the change of seasons, but this fall I practically needed a matchmaking service to connect me with a pillow to have and to hold.

Baked Buckwheat Crackers

It's soup season, friends! So I thought I'd share a homemade cracker recipe because it's the perfect companion to soup.

Sister Style: BW Forever

Transitioning to cold weather means the end of sandal season for me—the tragedy! I know some people hate wearing any kind of open toe shoes, but I LOVE it.

DIY Splatter Napkin Rings

Dressing up your table a bit for a dinner with friends or a romantic evening in doesn't have to be an elaborate amount of work.

Zucchini Pizza Crust with Lemony Pea Pesto

Today we're sharing a recipe from Nutrition Stripped, a brand new whole-food cookbook written by our friend McKel Hill. The photographs are gorgeous, and we love all the healthy recipe ideas!

At Home with Michelle Gage in Havertown, Pennsylvania

Today we are welcoming Michelle Gage to the blog to share her lovely home with us! One look at that infamous flamingo wallpaper and you're sold, right?

10 Amazing Nail Polish DIYs

Ready to take your nail polish game to the next level? Here's some of our favorite tutorials that you can do at home, like this cute eye mani.

Hot Cauliflower Pizza

This pizza recipe is very much inspired by Nashville hot chicken. My sister has taken me to all sorts of delicious Nashville spots over the past year, but probably the one I hear about most often from people who are visiting or thinking about visiting, etc.

How My Mood Board Keeps Me Inspired

Now, I'm a huge fan of Pinterest, and I have my fair share of project inspiration folders scattered all over my desktop...

Easy Retro Victory Rolls

I grew up watching more old films than modern TV shows or cartoons, so it's no surprise that now some of my favorite daily outfits look like Halloween pinup costumes!

New Oui Fresh Items for Autumn

Elsie and I are excited to share a few new items Oui Fresh is offering this autumn season! One of our goals with our clothing line is to offer a curated number of cute and versatile clothing items each season—and we could not be more excited to share our 3 picks for fall!

Woven Infinity Necklace DIY

I'm back with another easy afternoon project that lets you play with those weaving skills and leaves you with a soft statement necklace that is perfect for layering over your basics or adding to an already busy ensemble.

Skull Candle Holder DIY

Halloween time is fully upon us—BAWAHH HA HA!! As a year-round lover of skulls, I usually like to make a few Halloween skull-related decor items to get into the holiday spirit but also to keep out long after the candy is gone.

Mostly Raw Pad Thai Spring Rolls

Last month I visited Nashville with Rachel and Jacki. As you can probably guess, we spent a disproportionate amount of the trip eating—because what is traveling for after all.

Happy Mail & Messy Box Reveal: October

Hi, friends! It's time for the Happy Mail and Messy Box reveal. SO excited about this month. The sunglasses notepad is my favorite!

Couple's Costume: Britney and Justin (The Denim Outfits!)

We love a good Halloween costume over here at A Beautiful Mess (check out some of our previous ideas from past years), and for those of you who lived your golden teen years through the late 90s and early 00s, this Halloween couple's outfit idea needs no introduction!