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June Favorites

Happy Wednesday! Here's a look back at our favorite posts from June. Let's start with food! We shared some delicious recipes including Emma's favorite peach pie, baked rosemary parmesan chickpeas, spicy tempeh taco salad, pineapple coconut daiquiri (in a pineapple cup!

Sister Style: Brunch Me

Hey, there. Here's another Sister Style we snapped while visiting Nashville recently. The very first time I (Emma) ever visited the city, I was meeting up with Trey, who wasn't quite my boyfriend yet but there were some sparks to say the least.

Mini Chocolate Bark Bites (+ Giveaway!)

While I was purchasing a couple of supplies for this snack, I thought of a game we could totally play together.

At Home With Alayna Powell

Today we are welcoming Alayna Powell to the blog as she shares her lovely home with us! "I moved into my 115 year old house almost two years ago.

Hand-Painted Abstract Curtain Panel DIY

With so many fun abstract patterns making the Internet rounds right now, I knew I needed to try my hand at it, too.

Copper Pipe Side Table DIY

I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many side tables. They can be put next to couches to hold flowers and coffee mugs, act as bedside tables or a nightstand, or even be used as plant stands to liven up a dull wall.

A Beautiful Mess x Domino Magazine

You, guys. Emma and I are so happy to share that we're in the current issue of Domino sharing a few things that make us happy!

3 Fun Twists on the Moscow Mule

It's no secret that one of our favorite cocktails is the Moscow Mule. With only three ingredients, it's super easy to make and has become our go-to party cocktail.  Today we're teaming up with Hangar 1 Vodka on this post, which is kind of perfect because it's definitely a go-to vodka for me.

10 Things We Learned During #Whole30

Hey, friends! Recently I completed two Whole 30 challenges in a row. My husband got interested during my first thirty days and decided to join me on the second 30.

Watermelon St-Germain Slush

You guys! I don't want to seem dramatic—but I think this is the best cocktail recipe I have ever made!

How to Create Mermaid Waves

I think of all the hair possibilities that are out there, my favorite hairstyle is a wavy, loose curl look.

DIY Photo Notepads

Did you know that making your own tear-off notepads is really (and I mean REALLY) easy? It's true! You can use your own photos, original artwork and other design elements to create something really unique to jazz up your desk area.

Our Top 12 Posts About Blogging

We are so very proud of how our blog has grown over the years—we feel so lucky! We get to connect with about 1.5 million people from all over the world every month.

Sister Style: Hey, Nashville! Good to see ya!

Hey, friends! This past week we got to do our favorite tourists! We spent three full days in Nashville doing nearly nothing but eating and exploring for an upcoming city guide.

Watermelon St-Germain Slush

You, guys! I don't want to seem dramatic—but I think this is the best cocktail recipe I have ever made!

At Home With Emory Kurysh

Today we are welcoming Emory Kurysh to the blog as she shares her beautiful, rustic home with us! "My husband and I built our home from the ground up.

15 Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Eat Healthier

Let's face it—we could all use a little help making healthier choices throughout the week, right? It can be hard to choose the right thing (and we all have slightly different descriptions of what's "healthy" anyway), but there are a few kitchen gadgets that I've discovered over the years that can help you not only make better better choices with your food, but also make it easier as well.  Vegetable spiralizer: I actually found out about this one through Elsie who was spreading the good word about her vegetable spiralizer through the office.

My Homemade Denim Dress

One of my goals for the month was to sew a dress. Yes, I have weird goals. And last weekend I finally got to mark that one off the list!

Crunchy, Cheesy Asparagus Sticks

Oh yes. Today we're making some total comfort food for the season! This is a melty, cheesy, crunchy treat featuring one of my favorite vegetables from this season: asparagus.

Vintage-Inspired, Ride-On Wooden Toy DIY

Wooden toys have my heart, and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for the larger, ride-on trucks that used to be so common years and years ago.