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How to Bounce Back From a Holiday Food Hangover

When there's such a delicious (and elaborate) meal on the table, it's easy to go overboard on Thanksgiving.

18 Paleo Snacks Even a Caveman Would Love

If you're unfamiliar with the Paleo diet, it's a modern take on the diets our cavemen ancestors followed.

Beyond Breathing: 3 Stress-Relieving Hacks

Stress! It builds up as the commitments and chores pile up. Yes, the holidays are fun, but only if you can chill out enough to enjoy yourself.

Everything You Missed From the American Music Awards

The American Music Awards took over LA's Nokia Theater on Sunday night, putting many of the music world's top entertainers under one roof.

How Much Should You Exercise to Lose Weight?

The contestants on The Biggest Loser spend hours a day in the gym with one goal in mind - to lose the most weight.

Only 10 Minutes of Prep For a Week's Worth of Breakfast

Not a morning person? You are now! As soon as your alarm goes off, the warm aroma of pumpkin pie oatmeal will waft into your bedroom and gently pull you smiling out of bed.

Don't Starve Yourself: 5 Natural Ways to Detox the Body

Forget what you think you know about detoxing: juice-only diets, colonics, and herbal supplements are not the healthiest ways to cleanse the body.

Our 25 Most-Pinned Thanksgiving Recipes

While we're all about tradition, it's fun to mix things up and introduce new festive fare on your holiday table.

What Will Going Off the Pill Do to My Body?

Between reports of health complications and more women thinking about IUDs, you might be considering a break from birth control pills.

The Very Best Gifts For Your Yoga-Loving Zen Friends

Everyone knows one: a free-spirited friend who is constantly heading to yoga, aligning their chakras, or telling you it's time to transform your life with a daily meditation practice.

10-Minute Workout to Tighten the Arm Jiggle

Sculpted arms are always in season, so it's time to say adios to the arm jiggle. Here's a 10-minute workout to tone your arms with extra focus on the triceps.

The Most Effective Ball Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing

Don't just walk by your stability ball! It's one of the best fitness tools you can own, so put yours to good use with these incredibly effective moves.

Your Vegan Thanksgiving: Apple and Cranberry Crisp

For a warming dessert that satisfies, this easy apple and cranberry crisp is a must try. Vegans and nonvegans alike will love the traditional Fall flavors, crisp topping, and genius addition of pumpkin pie spice.

Do You Eat Healthy While You Travel?

Let the holiday rush begin! It's hard enough juicing your own green drinks, whipping up healthy homemade salads, and resisting takeout on even the most normal of days, so taking shortcuts when things get hectic is understandable - especially during holiday travel!

Do These 10 Things in Your Kitchen to Lose Weight

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it's also the place that can make or break you on the weight-loss front.

The 25-Minute Treadmill Workout That Kicks Celebs Into Shape

The celebrity secret to shaping up in not a lot of time? Hard-core treadmill intervals that blast fat and burn tons of calories.

Lightened Up, Just as Delicious: 46 New T-Day Recipes

If you're in need of a fresh take on a Thanksgiving classic, here's the answer to your recipe prayers!

Lust-Worthy Gifts For the Basic Fitness B*tch

She's got her almond milk latte in one hand and her iPhone ready for a photo in the other. She spends weekends counting down the minutes until her next SoulCycle class while also practicing her barre moves in the mirror.

How to Beat a Stomach Bug

There are so many unpleasant procedures (think dentist and ob-gyn visits) that seem like a party when compared to the symptoms of a stomach bug.

2014 Gift Guides: Perfect Presents For Everyone on Your List!

We've still got a few weeks until it's officially the most wonderful time of the year, but be careful, because it can sneak up on you.