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Detox Deliciously With These 8 Fall Superfoods

Photo: Nicole Perry With the feasting season quickly approaching, we are here to remind you that your diet is not doomed!

Burn More Calories on the Elliptical With These Tips

Elliptical trainers are a gym favorite. Not only is this cardio machine joint friendly, it's incredibly versatile.

Print It, Do It: 30-Day Squat Challenge

Give your backside some attention and try our four-week squat challenge! Learn the specifics on each style of squat included in this circuit, then put your knowledge to practice with this plan.

POPSUGAR Shout Out: When Disney Princesses Do Halloween

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Beat Belly Fat: 5 Research-Proven Ways to Trim Inches From Your Middle

American's waistlines are expanding at an alarming rate! Dietitian Julie Upton, MS, RD, of Appetite for Health, has five research-proven ways to trim inches from your middle.

Why You Should Throw Away Your Scale

The following post was originally featured on fANNEtastic Food and written by Anne Mauney, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

17 Times Disney Princesses Totally Felt Our Workout Struggles

Working on your fitness isn't always easy, and navigating the gym . . . Well, let's just say sometimes it's a struggle, but luckily you're not in it alone.

Done in 5 Minutes, Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter Is Full of Fiber

If you're trying to get more fiber in your life, instead of pairing your strawberry jam with peanut or almond butter, SunButter -made from sunflower seeds - is a delicious option.

Carve Your Core! 10 Workouts All About Your Abs

Strong, sculpted six-pack abs are only a click away! Aside from making you feel confident in your formfitting clothes - without worrying about your muffin top hanging over your waistline - strong abs also prevent back pain, improve posture, and make you better at running and everything else physical (wink, wink).

Come Inside For Cardio: 26 Treadmill Workouts For All Levels

While there's nothing quite like running outdoors, unruly weather sometimes makes it impossible. For those rainy or blustery days, there's the trusty treadmill.

Here's What a Full Week of Fruits and Veggies Looks Like

You know that it's important to eat your fruits and vegetables every day, but do you really know how much is enough?

No Matter Your Workout, This IS the Ultimate Warmup

Fitness is an important part of a healthy life. And stylish, functional gear that supports your workouts makes those sweat sessions even more enjoyable.

20 Foods That Help Curb Overeating

Eating well-balanced meals and snacks are both important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But whether it's because you find yourself mindlessly snacking or because your meals aren't keeping you as full as you'd like, sometimes you need something to keep you from rummaging through the pantry.

How Your Drinking Habits Are Causing Weight Gain 24/7

These drinking habits are making you gain weight all day long - Women's Health How to get more out of your sweat session - Shape The circus trick that's actually a great workout - HuffPost Healthy Living These lunches give grab-and-go a whole new meaning - Self 9 ways to lighten up your favorite Fal

Healthy Habits That Lead to Weight Loss

Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of the Australian activewear line Lorna Jane, has a confession: while she may seem like she lives the perfect healthy lifestyle, she struggles just as much as the next person to stay healthy every day.

Break This Workout Rule to See Results Faster

Trying to up your fitness? Shape shares the workout rule you should actually be breaking. For years, we've heard the strength-training rule of thumb that the more weight you lift, the longer you need to rest between sets.

Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Green Tea?

Between its metabolism-boosting powers and ability to prevent colds, green tea is a miracle in your mug.

Lose Weight by Stopping These Salad Mistakes

If you're making a salad your healthy main dish, it isn't enough to throw some greens, dressing, and croutons together on a plate.

Quick, Intense, Effective: Your 5-Minute Arm Workout

Tone up your arms with our five-minute, five-move plan. Perform the following exercises for one minute each - all you need are a yoga mat and a pair of light five- or eight-pound weights to get started.

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