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Own the Treadmill With This Interval Run - No Matter Your Level

Time to blast some fat with a drop-set interval run - perfect for your next treadmill workout. Because we love this workout so much, we've created three versions of this run, so choose the workout that works for your level.

The Detoxing Wellness Elixir You've Been Waiting For Is Also Primed For Instagram

Hot wellness drinks are totally the new green juice - and many are swapping their morning cup of joe for a healthful tonic or hot elixir that offers nutrition and healing properties with every sip.

Realness of the Year: Periods

This is the year of menstrual realness. Half of humanity has had to deal with having periods since the beginning of time, and women are fed up with pretending it's something to be embarrassed about.

Vice of the Year: Weed

Potheads are getting a makeover. The image of the sloppy dude who won't budge from his couch will be replaced by the "power pot woman." She does Ganja Yoga, dabbles in elevated edibles like weed-infused dark chocolate brittle with smoked almonds and crunchy toffee bits, has a high-end smoking accessory like this Ombre Pipe, and experiments with cannibis-infused beauty products.

Are Steel-Cut Oats That Much Healthier Than Rolled Oats?

Rolled oats sound healthier for you than quick oats because they're less processed, right? So if steel-cut oats are even less processed than rolled oats, they're the healthiest of them all, right?

The Healthy Vegan Drive-Thru Ordering Guide

Vegans, we know how tough it is out there. Everything is soaked in butter, layered in cheese, or has surprise ingredients like eggs or condensed milk (we're looking at you Pumpkin Spice Latte).

Work Your Arms and Legs Together With This Lunge Variation

Ready to work your inner thighs, booty, calves, arms, shoulders, and back . . . all at once?? One move, no equipment, 20 reps alternating sides - ready?

Fire Dancing Is Smokin' Hot!

Love in the Fire's Lester and Samantha tempt fate with their daring - and dangerous! - fire dancing routines, classes, and retreats.

You'll Never Eat Another Gummy Bear or Marshmallow Again After Hearing What It's Made From

If you look at the ingredients on a package of gummy bears - even organic ones - you'll see expected things like corn or brown rice syrup and sugar.

11 Workouts For Ab Day Inspiration

This post is a love letter to ab day, because who doesn't love a workout dedicated to just your midsection?

16 Badass Female Trainers to Inspire Your Sweat Sessions This Black History Month

Now that it's February and our New Year's resolutions have admittedly fizzled out, we're in dire need of a little motivation.

Celebrate National Margarita Day With Our 144-Calorie Cocktail

Before you celebrate National Margarita Day at your local bar or restaurant, make this low-calorie recipe at home.

Created by Collective: Stunning Spring Trends You Need to Shop ASAP

One flawless Spring staple fit for any occasion - Carrie Bradshaw Lied Take your layering tricks from Winter to Spring - Penny Pincher Fashion 20 Spring sneakers to feed your shoe addiction - My Style Diaries Instantly add glam with a pleated skirt - Cute and Little This color combo will have you gl

Take 10 to Tighten and Tone Your Waist With This Abs and Back Workout

Take 10 minutes to work your waist with one of our favorite trainers on YouTube, Rebecca-Louise. You don't need any weights for this workout, which targets your abs, especially the obliques, and your back.

Try This Coconut Oil Detoxifying Green Smoothie For Glowing Skin

Spring is almost here. Along with the warmer weather and greener landscape comes a shift in our diets, where we begin to crave lighter and brighter foods.

The Cheat Sheet to Washing Your Workout Clothes the Right Way

Activewear can be crazy expensive. The first time I bought a pair of full-priced Lululemon leggings, I had a miniature stroke; I had never paid that much for workout clothes.

The Protein Ball Formula to Customize Whatever Flavor Your Heart Desires

Protein balls make such an awesome pop-and-go healthy snack; they're also incredibly easy to make and an awesome raw alternative to baked goods.

This Is How Romee Strijd Stays Runway Ready For NYFW and Beyond

If you thought models were dainty little things who couldn't lift a two-pound dumbbell, then think again.

Why You Should Definitely Be Drinking More Hot Chocolate

Who would have guessed that the key to a healthy heart really is chocolate after all? New research continues to add up to making chocolate a part of a heart-smart diet.

Jillian Michaels Shares a Killer Full-Body Workout Involving Just a Bench

A post shared by Jillian Michaels (@jillianmichaels) on Feb 20, 2017 at 5:23pm PST Jillian Michaels just reaffirmed the notion that you don't always need a lot of equipment to get in a full-body workout.