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Get a Better Booty With JJ Dancer's 30-Minute Dance Cardio Workout

Get your body and booty right with this nonstop dance cardio workout! Jennifer Johnson, creator of JJ Dancer, shares how to get those long, lean dancer legs with this 30-minute body-sculpting workout.

Kick Your Workout Into High Gear With This Metabolism-Stoking Mashup

Burn calories and build metabolism-boosting muscle with the next workout in our Better-Body Challenge.

5 Foods You Didn't Know Were High in Sugar

Even if you're not a dessert junkie, you might be shocked at some of the everyday foods that pile on the sugar.

20 Ways to Ensure Workouts Happen Every Day

You sit in a car to commute to your desk job where you sit for eight or more hours straight, only to continue the ever-popular tush time by sitting on your commute home.

How to Curb Your Appetite Naturally So You Can Start Losing Weight

If you feel like your appetite has a mind of its own, you're not alone. Taking a look at your habits and revamping your daily rituals can renew your relationship with food and tame your hunger pangs.

The 1 Shift in Your Diet That Will Guarantee Results

For celebrity trainers and hosts of Extreme Weight Loss Chris and Heidi Powell, there's a simple way to change the body instantly and beat belly bloat - just in time for bikini season.

See Ya, Sciatica: Yoga Poses to Offer Relief

Are you dealing with shooting pains or numbness from sciatica? Discomfort is caused when the sciatic nerve (which runs from the lower spine down the back of each leg) gets pinched.

Around-the-Clock Weight Loss: What to Do Every Hour to Drop Pounds All Day

Losing weight isn't about doing one good thing like going for a run or throwing kale in your smoothie - it's made up of a million healthy choices that you make all day long, every day.

Want to Lose Weight? Keep These 10 Foods in Your Fridge

If you want to be healthier and lose weight, a fridge makeover may be just what you need. Keeping powerful perishables on hand will help you make a smart choice when you're tired, busy, or just craving junk.

Get Inspired by These Instagram Snaps From Fit and Healthy Celebs

Some days it's easy, but other times, keeping up with your healthy lifestyle can feel like a serious struggle - and we'll take whatever healthy inspiration we can get!

Go Long, Get Fast, Burn Calories: Treadmill Run

Today's workout in our Better-Body Challenge is cardio. This 45-minute workout starts at a slower place, but to keep things interesting, the speed picks up toward the end, making this a negative-split run.

400-Calorie Tush-Toning Interval Workout

Running burns an insane amount of calories and also targets your tush and legs, so it's the perfect workout if you're trying to slim down and tone up below the waist.

Skip the Pastry Case With These Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

It can be easy to convince yourself to go for that buttery croissant in the coffee shop pastry case. After all, it's so convenient, and you're starving!

Top 10 Things You Worry About When Working Out

What gives? Getting those endorphins flowing is supposed to reduce stress when we work out, but somehow anxious thoughts seem to sneak in when we're trying to enjoy this time to ourselves.

How I, a Carb-Loving Italian, Have Managed to Make Pasta Healthier

It's hard out there for a serious pasta-lover who also strives to be healthy. As someone who grew up in a big Italian family - two parents and 18 aunts and uncles all from New York, to be exact - pasta has always been a part of family meals, and it's by far my favorite food.

This Hourly Habit Can Benefit Your Health in Surprising Ways

We sit a lot, even though we know it's not good for us. Prolonged sitting (like a normal 9-to-5er is apt to do) can increase the risk of diseases, like diabetes and cancer, as well as death.

10 Critical Lessons I Learned From Having a Binge-Eating Disorder

An inspiring story from YourTango on one woman's personal triumph over her eating disorder. My self-esteem was at an all-time low.

Brighten Up and Get Outside With Our May Must Haves

Warmer temperatures have finally arrived all over the country, making it the best time to transition your workout routine to the outdoors so you can start enjoying the sunshine!

Paul Mason Continues Amazing Weight-Loss Journey With Skin-Removal Surgery

Paul Mason made headlines in 2010 after the TLC special World's Fattest Man but is now back in the news for continuing his weight-loss journey after already losing over 600 pounds.

Mae Whitman and Nicole Richie to Star in 2 New POPSUGAR Shows

Are you ready to laugh? Good! We have two new shows to help. At the Digital NewFronts in NYC this week, POPSUGAR announced a whole slate of video content, including two scripted comedies starring Mae Whitman and Nicole Richie.