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The Healthiest Fast-Food Lunches

Taking the time to pack up a healthy homemade lunch is worth the effort, but some days, you need to grab something easy and quick.

How Much Should You Exercise to Lose Weight?

The contestants on The Biggest Loser spend hours a day in the gym with one goal in mind - to lose the most weight.

The 10 Everyday Secrets of Happy, Healthy Women

Ready to make space for some much needed balance in your world? Follow these simple and straightforward rules to cultivate the happy and healthy life you've always craved.

7 Ways to Run Like a Pro

For some, running is a fun pastime; for others, it's a tiresome necessity. But no matter where you fall on the running spectrum, if you're striving to become better, then here are seven things you can do to become a better runner.

No Cleanses Necessary: 6 Daily Detox Habits

The concept of detoxing doesn't have to be scary; there's no need to feel deprived, as you're taking care of your body!

Strengthen and Lengthen With This Long and Lean Bodyweight Workout

We love adding lengthening moves into our strength training, and we do just that in today's workout in our No-Excuses Challenge.

The Fresh Juice You Need If You Had a Crazy Weekend

Hangovers happen. And while water, aspirin, and a little time are the best ways to deal with the after-effects of drinking, little things - like what you eat - can help.

Tomorrow's Weight Loss Depends On These 4 Things

While losing weight isn't something that happens overnight, doing some prep work the night before can make all the difference when you step on the scale.

Wanna Do a Handstand? 8 Moves to Get You There

If you've been playing around with how to do Headstands and Forearm Stands, Handstands are another fun inversion to try.

3 Ways to Wear Water and Stay Cool on Hot Summer Runs

High temps coupled with high humidity can make it pretty unbearable for your workouts. It's not only uncomfortable, but overheating could lead to cramping or even heatstroke.

No Ice Cream Maker Required! Low-Calorie Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

If you love Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream but don't love that a half-cup serving is 200 calories, get out your food processor, a spoon, and a smile.

What You Can Do Right Now to Banish Belly Bloat

If you want to fight belly fat, burning calories and fat through cardio - especially interval training - is your best bet.

Just in Time For Summer: Which Beer Has the Fewest Calories?

The Fourth of July is synonymous with barbecues, which means hamburgers, potato salad, and, of course, beer.

Post-Workout Protein Balls - Just 3 Ingredients!

When you need a quick post-workout snack, something with protein and carbs, look no further. Made with only three ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, these protein balls couldn't be easier to whip up.

No-Excuses Workout Challenge: It's a Rest Day

Best news ever! If you want to get stronger, you have to rest. Your muscles need time to repair themselves - this is when the strengthening actually happens.

6 Foods That Will Leave You Feeling Bloated

We know you're spending plenty of time getting your body bikini ready with healthy food and fun workouts.

Know Your Cookout Calories

If the Fourth of July means firing up the grill, overdoing it could be one reason you're feeling bloated in your bikini.

Rock Your Bottoms With Our Bikini-Butt Workout

With bikini season just around the corner, it is time to build a better backside. Take 10 minutes to tone, lift, and sculpt your glutes with this workout created by trainer Christine Bullock.

Hangover Helpline: What to Do When You've Had Too Much

No one ever wants to drink too much, but sometimes festivities happen. Keep this guide handy for preventing and dealing with the horrible hangover.

Channing Tatum's Response About His Body Proves He's a Real Human

It's hard to believe that Channing Tatum is ever anything less than the chiseled sex god of your dreams, but he admitted that he works really hard for that body and isn't afraid to let it go after a movie wraps up.