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7 Perfect Plum Smoothies

They're like a party for your taste buds! Plums are so juicy and flavorful in the summertime, but those huge pits in the center are no fun.

#StyleCrave: Sexy Heritage Streetwear

Rita Ora puts a fresh spin on the Adidas Originals line. WHAT: #Unstoppable: Adidas Originals by Rita Ora Limited Edition Collaboration WHY: Rita Ora entered our zeitgeist because of her musical chops, but the British recording artist is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion arena.

8 Kettlebell Exercises That'll Sculpt Your Entire Body

...and FAST! If you love yourself some kettlebells, this workout is for you. (And if you've never tried them out, this workout is for you, too!

Is Rabbit Meat Good for You?

And would you eat it? In today’s animal rights news, people across the nation are protesting Whole Foods, because the chain recently decided to sell rabbit meat—yes, rabbit meat—at select locations across the country.

The Majority of Millennial Men Manscape

It's official...manbush is out. Take a minute to think back to the last guy you hooked up with. Now take another minute to think about his, ahem, down-there parts.

9 Things You're Over-Thinking

Consider this the final word on the subject. What percent of your day would you say you spend worrying?

Hitched: I Still Can’t Believe My Husband Said This to Me

Oh yeah, he used the S word. My husband Chris recently said something to me that made me freeze: “You’re more serious than you used to be.” He said it in passing, but it completely freaked me out.

How to Create a Game of Thrones-Worthy Braided Pony

The simple technique for a style that would make Daenerys Targaryen jealous. Lots of the braided hairstyles that are so trendy right now seem like they'd require one or two extra hands to create.

Hooking Up Really Can Lead to Marriage

Says new research from the National Marriage Project Think a one night stand could be marriage material?

How to Turn an Over-the-Door Shoe Holder into a Garden (So Genius!)

The brilliant way to grow your own herbs—even if you have zero space If you’ve been dying to grow your own herbs but don’t have enough space for a garden, we have good news for you: Chef Candice Kumai came up with a super-smart workaround for which space is a total nonfactor.

5 Scary Facts About What You're Eating

This will make you rethink everything you're putting into your body. This article was excerpted from Digestion Connection by Elizabeth Lipski, Ph.D., and provided by our partners at Rodale News.

Why You Should DEFINITELY Sweat with Your Significant Other

And it has nothing to do with how toned you'll both be Exercising with your sweetheart can boost your bond in many ways, according to a recent survey from the U.K.

5 Tips for Kicking Butt During Your Next Cardio Kickboxing Class

We've got advice for preventing injuries and looking like a badass. Whether you like to spice up your fitness routine with an occasional cardio kickboxing class or you regularly attend the class, you probably know that these are some seriously challenging sessions.

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism in the Morning

Burn even more calories first thing in the a.m. This article was written by Leta Shy and repurposed with permission from POPSUGAR Fitness.

The Nutrition Tip Jennifer Aniston Taught Her Yoga Instructor

You'll definitely want to follow this stay-healthy advice. Jennifer Aniston is pretty much the poster child for healthy living.

5 Awesome Side Effects of Eating Healthier

Just in case you needed another reason to eat more fruits and veggies From spending time with people you love to scheduling fun vacations, you probably do a lot in the name of happiness.

8 Secrets from a Manicurist for Amazing Nails

Because if you're going to DIY, you might as well do it right. Is it just us, or does there always seems to be something a little off with your mani, whether it’s streaking, smudging, or chipping that always seems to happen the instant the paint dries?

The Best Playlist for Your Most Intense Workouts

These tunes from Willspace will help you unleash strength you never knew you had. Every week, Your New Favorite Playlist introduces you to workout-worthy tunes from a different fitness brand.

The Major Relationship Mistake You're Probably Making

Decades worth of research says it's pretty much the worst thing for your bond The silent treatment isn't something you left back on the playground.

How Your Relationship Can Survive an Affair

Marriage therapists spell it out For many people, infidelity isn't just a speed bump, it's a full-on, relationship-ending collision.