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Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Gives 5 Tips on Looking Rested

Fake a full night's sleep with clever makeup fixes for tired eyes and skin. "I haven't slept in years!

7 Crazy, Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About the Pill

A new book reveals everything you've ever wanted to know about your birth control. At any given time, approximately 17 percent of women of childbearing age are taking oral contraceptives, according to the Guttmacher Institute, making it the most popular baby-proofing method in the nation.

10 Ways to Make Girl On Top Even Hotter

Saddle up for a very good time. If we had to crown the MVP (most valuable position) of sex, it'd be girl on top.

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Why He Finally Got Married

It's not what you think. (Oh wait, actually, it probably is...) All right, all right, all right! We finally get the scoop on what made Matthew McConaughey feel totally ready to walk down the aisle.

6 Things Weight-Loss Experts Want You to Know BEFORE You Start Trying to Drop Pounds

Don't walk into a diet blindly. Learning the hard way sucks—especially when that lesson is about weight loss.

3 Ways to Test How Strong Your Core Is

Because it really does all start from the core. As a trainer, I often hear people lament that they have a “weak” core, but I’m not always sure what they mean—and I’m not sure they do, either.

The Crazy-Impressive Fish Dish You Can Totally Make

It's healthy, easy, and affordable, too! A seafood dinner is great for you and definitely delicious—but it can also leave your wallet feeling a little light.

What It's Like to Be a Male Breast Cancer Survivor

Bret Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. His brave story shows that the disease does not discriminate, and awareness shouldn't either.

10 Halloween Nail Ideas You'll Love

With claws this spooktacular, who needs a costume? Stumped on a costume, or just not feeling the whole dressing up thing this year?

The Super-Filling Ingredient You Should Add to Your Smoothies

It's loaded with fiber, protein, and healthy fats to keep your stomach satisfied. You've probably nibbled on pecans in baked goods and ice cream—but you can enjoy the nuts in a much healthier way by bringing that crunchy, rich texture to your smoothies.

8 Lunch Habits That Are Derailing Your Weight-Loss Efforts

It’s time to give this meal—and your waistline—the respect it deserves. Lunch is the meal that gets the least love: So many people eat it hunched over their desks or in the car—or feel so overwhelmed that they try to skip it entirely.

11 Relationships You’ve Probably Been in At Least Once in Your Life

From your first love to that guy that sometimes sexts you There are as many types of relationships as there are types of guys: the one that breaks your heart, the one you barely remember, the one that makes you re-think everything you ever knew about love (or lust)…the list goes on.

Can You Use the Treadmill to Train for a Race?

Yes.* (*With a smart plan.) Signing up for that winter or early-spring race seemed like a fantastic way to stay motivated and in shape through the holiday season.

7 Things You Never Knew About Your Smile

How much do you really know about your grin? No two smiles are alike: Every individual person has something unique about their teeth, whether it's how they fit together, how white they are, or how many crackers they can chow down on in a minute.

Researchers Admit Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight-Loss Study Was Bogus

Another reminder that a healthy-eating plan and exercise are the safest routes to weight loss If you've heard of green coffee bean extract, then you've probably heard some of the amazing-sounding claims about how it helps people lose more than 17 pounds, 105 percent of their body weight, and 16 percent of their body fat without diet and exercise—all in just 22 weeks.

Renée Zellweger Has the Best Response Ever to All of the Judginess Over Her New Look

Yep, she does look different—and she's glad you noticed. When Renée Zellweger stepped out at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills on Monday, the Internet basically exploded with comments on her new look.

The Super-Common Habit That’s Hurting Your Nails

Why this ritual could be doing more harm than good If part of your daily beauty routine includes filing or trimming your nails, you might want to cross that task off your to-do list—pronto.

12 So-Bad-They're-Almost-Good Pickup Lines

People say the darndest things for love. First impressions are everything. So when you're trying to spark a conversation with that smokeshow across the bar, you want to choose your words very carefully.

9 Things You Do After an AMAZING First Date

It's pretty much the one time that real life is even better than a rom com. They say love is a drug, but the intense afterglow of an amazing first date will get you just as high.

6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Sexiest Place Ever

None of which involve installing a sex dungeon or painting your walls red. Setting the mood for sex is important.