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5 People Describe How Being Bisexual Affects Their Love Lives

Dating one gender is hard enough. Try dating two. People tend to understand concepts that are black and white better than those that have shades of gray.

How One Woman Lost Nearly 100 Lbs by Making Weight Loss Fun

"If your workout feels like suffering, try something else." Before: 232 lbs After: 137 lbs Kacey Lauchnor, 25, grew up in a family with suspect health habits.

How To Tell Your Partner You Need Some F*&%ing Space

...Without being *too* harsh. I was in the shower the other morning when I heard a tap on the glass. It was my husband, Chris.

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss in 1 Day with These 5 Meals

The tastiest way to drop lbs fast Want to lose five pounds the healthy way? Put these five power foods on your plate, and eat your way to a smaller size.

5 Women Reveal Their Favorite Sex Toys—and How They Use Them

Their intimate thoughts on their most intimate accessories This article was written by Hayley Macmillen and repurposed with permission from Refinery29.

The Reason This Couple Is Getting Married Again Is the Definition of Love

This message brought to you by the best husband ever. To hell with The Notebook—no Hollywood movie can compare to this true story of love and commitment.High school sweethearts Jeremy and Justice Stamper, from Marion, Virginia, got married last August in a ceremony they said was perfect, but less than a month later, Justice was in a serious car accident, according to

These Women Swear the Secret to Happiness Is NEVER Getting Married

These ladies don't have rings on their fingers—and they say they're better off for it. Dating, moving in with a guy, getting engaged, and planning a wedding are all part of what some women would call happily ever after.

8 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Bread

The good, the bad, and the constipation The low-carb craze is going strong. Bread is out. Pasta is overrated.

8 Women Who’ve Tried Anal Sex Describe What It’s Actually Like

It can be good—or seriously cringe-worthy. For some women out there, anal action is the cherry on top of the sex version of an ice cream sundae: a little extra delight that completes something that was already delicious on its own.

Do Pathological Liars Know They're Pathological Liars?

Or do they truly believe their own BS? Wellness blogger Belle Gibson, 23, has quickly gone from an admired source of healthy-living wisdom to a scorned fraud, outed for lying about something that's deadly serious: having terminal brain cancer.

How to Get the Softest and Shiniest Beachy Waves Ever

This summer hairstyle staple doesn’t have to leave your hair crunchy. Last year, the Women’s Health Top Beauty Instagrammer contest brought in thousands of submissions from makeup- and hair-obsessed Insta-stars around the country.

Meet the Woman Who Makes Art Out of Semen

Orgasms serve as inspiration. Most artists draw inspiration from a pretty landscape, flowers, or loved ones.

Is It Wise to Choose Your Workout Based on the Instructor's Body Type?

Find out if the best programs really have the fittest teachers. Workout instructors are the poster children for exercise classes everywhere—so is picking your exercise class based on which instructor’s body you like a decent fitness strategy?

11 Breakups That Nearly Broke Us

Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by the Bennifer split. We're not going to lie: The news that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are splitting after 10 years of marriage kind of devestated us.

9 Times We'd Really Rather Not See a Guy Naked

His birthday suit isn't always a gift. Generally speaking, there are few things as yummy as seeing an attractive man au naturale.

5 Packaged Foods That Are Just as Easy to Make on Your Own

Yep, really. You know you need to stop eating packaged foods. You know they’re filled with preservatives, added sugars, and impossible-to-pronounce ingredients that can pack on the pounds, up your risk of heart disease, and possibly even cause cancer.

The Two Dances Every Couple Should Know

According to Women's Health's latest cover star, Julianne Hough You might say that Julianne Hough knows a thing or two about dance. The five-time Dancing with the Stars champion (and now judge) may be as well-known for her acting roles and her ever-changing fabulous hair, but her dancing skills have certainly defined her career and, it seems, her personal life.

Can Eating Clean Be Practical?

Clean food might be good for you, but can it be practical? Embark on a clean food journey with Panera Bread and see just how easy it can be.

Turns Out, Contouring Isn't As Complicated As It Seems: Watch the No-BS Way

Follow these easy steps for a gorgeous faux glow! Allow our beauty guide to show you how to get a gorgeous faux glow!

16 Weight-Loss Tips to Live By Every Day

Advice from the pros that actually works This article was written by Lizzie Fuhr and repurposed with permission from POPSUGAR Fitness.