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The Rise of Yoga Pants All Day, Every Day

Even scientific research is on board with the athleisure wear trend. There’s no end to the splendor of wearing yoga pants.

How to Deal with an Itchy Scalp

Because it’s really the worst. This article was written by Maria Del Russo and repurposed with permission from Refinery 29.

Screw Destination Weddings, Destination Divorces Are Now a Thing

Check in married, check out divorced. Taking a three-day resort getaway with your husband, complete with spa treatments, champagne, and picturesque walks through the grounds sounds like the perfect way to turn up the romance—or, you know, the perfect way to get divorced.

100-Minute-Old Baby Saves an Adult Stranger's Life

He was the youngest organ donor ever. It’s tragic news no parent wants to hear: At 12 weeks pregnant, Jess Evans learned that one of the twins she was carrying was terminally ill and wouldn’t survive more than a day or two.

Body Honesty: The New Social Media Trend That Deserves a Billion Likes

Good riddance, thigh-gap craze. For years, social media streams have been jam-packed with pictures of the "perfect" woman.

How to Recreate Spa Water at Home

Treat yourself to some hydration heaven. Ever notice how the water at spas always tastes so much better than...just about any other attempt at flavored H2O?

The Perks of Belonging to a Smaller Gym

Is your home away from home the right size? "Is that a basin of holy water?" my client Nadine asked, peering over at the stainless steel bowl jutting out from the wall across the room.

Why Quitting My Job Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to My Relationship

My toxic situation at work was turning into a toxic situation with my husband. About a month ago, I left a job that had great pay, full benefits, and normal working hours.

How I Overcame My Dieting Frustration and Lost 130 Pounds

Steal the strategies that helped Amanda Brown get her health in check. Before: 293 After: 164 The Lifestyle Throughout high school and college, I stayed at an average weight.

The Obituary This Woman Wrote for Herself Before Dying Will Move You to Tears

“Grace and love win, not cancer." We’ve all known someone who’s died from cancer—and we all know how frustratingly unfair the whole experience is.

What Drives Someone to Lie About Having a Serious Illness?

A health blogger recently admitted to making up her brain tumor, and many others have pulled the same stunt.

These Rainbow Fruit and Veggie Photographs Are Totally Mesmerizing

Can't. Look. Away. You've heard the phrase "taste the rainbow"—and food photographer Brittany Wright is taking that concept to a whole new, beautiful level.

What It's Like to Survive a Deadly Disease

Samantha Bennett has undergone 30 surgeries in 39 years. When Samantha Bennett was a baby, doctors told her mom she would never be able to walk or write.

How to Turn Down Being a Bridesmaid

...Without killing the friendship completely. Being a bridesmaid has its perks (first dibs on any cute groomsmen, for example).

Get Your Upper Body in Crop-Top Shape

Belly-baring season is right around the corner! Join the Women's Health Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count.

Why Are So Many Women Obsessed with Getting Plumper Lips?

It goes way beyond the #KylieJennerChallenge. The social media-based Kylie Jenner Challenge exploded across the Internet earlier this week, sparking intense conversation as it trended.

What Doctors Discovered Wedged Inside This Woman's Brain Will Make You Shudder

Let’s just say it had teeth. Last week, Hrayr Shahinian, M.D., a neurosurgeon at the Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles, performed a first-of-its-kind surgery to remove a tumor deep inside the brain of a 26-year-old Ph.D.

I Got Busted for Using Free Passes at 7 Different Gyms

One marathon runner 'fesses up to her money-saving, kind-of-sketchy training plan. I’m training for a marathon right now, which means I'm currently on a workout schedule that’s just shy of medieval torture.

19 Songs That Will Set the Perfect Mood for Your Next Yoga Sesh

Ommm-compatible tunes from Sangha Yoga Shala Every week, Your New Favorite Playlist introduces you to workout-worthy tunes from a different fitness brand.

How Much Can You Really Increase Your Metabolism?

Has all of your green tea drinking been in vain? Drink green tea. Build more muscle. Eat chili peppers.