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Travel Style: Karen McCann

Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.

Top 10 in Travel News: Week of May 27, 2015

THE TOP 10 IN TRAVEL NEWS THIS WEEK: Man strips naked at Charlotte airport, upset about overbooked flight Woman allegedly makes bomb joke at airport, gets grounded and charged with breaching the peace Child drowns in cruise ship pool Police Use Stun Gun on Man at Los Angeles Airport World’s largest hotel to be built in Mecca Eiffel Tower disrupted amid workers’ anger about pickpockets United celebrates workplace equality, flies all-female flight from Seattle to Chicago ‘New’ startup Eastern Air Lines to fly charters to Cuba Volaris launching Costa Rica flights Southwest Rushes Woman Home to Son in Coma More news: L.A.

If you must purchase a selfie stick…try one of these 7

Selfies made easy! Photo: Gorilla Gear Let’s face it: No one really needs a selfie stick. However, some of us at Johnny Jet have been warming to the idea—and a few of us have even been testing them.

Travel Video of the Week: British Airways’ The Welcome of Home

Last week my wife and I spoke at the annual Ritz-Carlton east coast meeting at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach.

Travel Product of the Week: Mountie Side-Mount Phone Clip

Are you a serious multi-tasker? If so, you’ll love the Mountie, a portable little side-mount clip that holds your mobile or tablet device next to your laptop.

Travel Website of the Week: Honeyfund

If you’re planning to get married this summer (or know someone who is), you might want to check out Honeyfund.

Travel App of the Week: Twicer

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of “twicer” is “one that does something twice or does two things.” And that’s exactly what this new app—called Twicer—has been offering users since it launched at the Cannes Film Festival.

12 reasons to visit Southeast Asia with Holland America

The Volendam with the Singapore skyline beyond during our cable car ride Check out more on Caitlin Martin’s Holland America adventure here, and stay tuned for the next chapter next week!

Travel Tip of the Day: The Cheapest Times to Visit Your Summer Destination

The Cheapest Times to Visit Your Summer Destination My colleague Wendy Perrin just helped TripAdvisor create a list of the 10 most popular destinations this summer—and identify the least expensive week to visit each.

Travel Tip of the Day: Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Happy Memorial Day! Natalie and I are in Connecticut, where I grew up, for some tradition (like the annual stickball game) and time with family.

Reader Travel Tip of the Day: More London Airport Help

More London Airport Help Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day.

Alberta in the Springtime

My wife Natalie and I recently visited Alberta, Canada. It was my second time there and it’s a part of the world that many travelers refer to as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Travel Tip of the Day: How to Get from London to its Airports

How to Get from London to its Airports I just returned from London, where I spent a quick but exciting 30 hours.

Win roundtrip air for two to Iceland with Icelandair!

Iceland is a place of stunning beauty. Waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, black sand beaches, volcanos—the land just gives and gives in Iceland, and the people are as nice as any I’ve met anywhere.

Travel Video of the Day: Delta’s New Meme-tastic Safety Video

Delta’s new in-flight safety video captures basically every internet sensation possible. We appreciate the Dancing Baby the Dramatic Chipmunk!

Travel Contests: Week of May 20, 2015

This week’s travel contests include: Win roundtrip air for two to Iceland with Icelandair!

Summer travel predictions with Chris McGinnis

Chris McGinnis discovering a market in Seoul, South Korea (Photo: Caitlin Martin) Our good friend and fellow travel writer Chris McGinnis has partnered with Best Western as the business travel expert to offer some predictions for the summer travel season ahead.

A video tour of the luxury safari camp Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara

Feel the excitement when pulling up in a cruiser to camp Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara. Masai warriors welcome guests with a traditional dance, and with it, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure begins.

Top 10 in Travel News: Week of May 20, 2015

THE TOP 10 IN TRAVEL NEWS THIS WEEK: It’s Now Very Legal To Keep Your Devices On During Takeoff And Landing United to Spend $573 Million on LAX Terminal Refresh United Airlines rolls out beta version of new website Dad made to pay $88 to guarantee seat by toddler daughter on Delta flight American Airlines to expand wireless in-flight entertainment program Icelandair to resume year-round Chicago flights CEO of troubled Frontier Airlines resigns TSA slammed for flawed maintenance of passenger screening equipment United rewarding hackers for bug testing How could flight attendants ignore a woman trying to save her husband?

Travel Product of the Week: AccuRelief Pain Relief System

With summer right around the corner, millions of Americans are about to take their vacations, which means long lines, airport security and lots of plane and car rides.