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Armchair Italy: 10 Instragam Feeds To Inspire La Dolce Vita

@gmcguireinrome By: Andrea Gambino and Ismael Rattalino We’re so lucky to get to live, work and play here in Italy—the Bel Paese.

Undiscovered India: Five Landmarks To Uncover

By : Pratima Sharma India is easily defined as one of the most ancient and unique places in the world.

Falling for Georgetown

By: Madeline Weinfield As a New Yorker looking for a fall weekend escape, it’s hard not to want to pack my bags and head directly north into New England’s changing colors, country roads, endless farms, and quiet corners.

Alistair MacLeod’s Cape Breton Island

By: Lawrence Wells Alistair MacLeod. Frame-capture from the TV documentary “Reading Alistair MacLeod” by William D.

This Moroccan Healing Clay Mask is the Secret to Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Since my mid-thirties I have struggled with puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. It’s most likely a combination of genetics and environmental allergens (we live in New Jersey, which has one of the worst air quality indexes in the country).

Land, Sea & Everything In Between:  Six Companies Changing the Way We Pack

The Weekender by Birdling By: Madeline Weinfield As a frequent (over)packer, I’m always on the lookout for companies that take the thought out of packing.

An Enchanted Retreat on Oahu’s Seven Mile Miracle

As I scooped up two handfuls, the course sand flowed through the spaces between my fingers releasing the granules as I sifted through with my thumbs in search of tiny shells.

A Personal Journey of 6000 Miles

Photo via Flickr By : Mica Soellner About 130 miles south of Tokyo, there’s a small coastal city that became the central focus of my upbringing despite being 6,000 miles away from me.

Journey to the City of Liberation

By Megan King Lobsang is just ten years old. She is excited because her parents tell her that she is moving from Khan Thongpa, her remote village in the Tibetan countryside, to go to school in the capital city of Lhasa.

Poems for Humanity: Let Go

Is the dream you dream yours Or is it a product you bought because they told you you’ll soar? Do you wake up clenching and in pain Because that dream you dream is really in vain?

Jakarta: Up Close in the City of Java

Jakarta, with its mess of traffic confusion, remnants of Dutch colonial buildings, and strong echoes of the robust coffee trade, can be an assault on the senses.

Poems for Humanity: Rwanda Left Behind

  Left behind after a genocide  Rwanda struggles to find her stride A country now forgotten  Living in the shadows of current conflicts She groans and moans and fights for air Gasping for a breath so she can rise  – does anyone care?

Medellin: City of Music

Photo via flickr. By : Séverine Grosjean Welcome to Medellin: City of Music. Medellin is a member of UNESCO’s Network of 116 Creative Cities but its musical roots predates the network’s 2004 launch.

An Ode to the Plazas of Bolivia

Photos via flickr By : Chantelle Bacigalupo Like clockwork, at around 5:30 p.m. my cousins finish their last gulps of coca cola and head out for their usual social routine—dar vueltas por la plaza.

Agriturismo: Italy’s Fast Growing Slow Travel Trend

Photo via flickr By: Andrea Gambino When you imagine a trip to Italy, your thoughts likely go to Rome, Florence or Venice–the “Big Three.” And it makes good sense–those cities are bursting with attractions.

Should You Start a Non-Profit or a Social Enterprise?

  Photos courtesy of Global Dream Collective   By : Elisabetta Maria When I started my nonprofit, I found myself faced with a question anyone getting ready to start a socially-minded project might encounter: should I start a nonprofit, a social enterprise, or some sort of hybrid?

An Organic Oasis on Orcas Island

By: Madeline Weinfield There’s a certain serenity on Orcas Island, in Washington State, that’s startling.

Rooftop Fever: Lisbon’s Best Spots With a View

Photo by Srudeep Reddy By: Sara Ramalho Lisbon has been stealing the spotlight from other major European cities recently.

Why Travel to Iran?

Featured image c.Flickr / Kamyar Adl – “Liberty.” Photography of sensitive images (like this one) and government buildings is not allowed / encourgaged in Iran.

Bali Lost and Found

By: Madeline Weinfield There are few places that exist so persistently in the mind’s eye as the island of Bali.