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Your Dreams vs Reality

Casey Neistat is well known for his incredible talent as a filmmaker and vlogger. Although I’m always happy to watch him ride his boosted board and snowboard through the streets of NYC, my favorite vlogs are when he sits down for some straight talk and rants to the camera.

10 Cities With the Highest Quality of Life

Vienna is at the top of the ranking for the seventh time in a row. (Brian Kinney / Almost everyone has their own personal dream city in which they would like to live.

The Women’s March on Washington in Photos

It was heard around the world. An estimated 5 million people gathered in cities and towns around the globe to stand for what they believe in and demand equality, empathy, a cleaner environment, and the opportunity to have a future to believe in.  Maria and I were in Washington, DC on to be a part of this historic day, January 21, 2017.

Where to Go and What to Taste in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

No visit to the decidedly relaxed and outdoorsy city of Portland is complete without a visit to the beautiful and expansive Willamette Valley.

Exploring Wellness (Solo) In Saint Lucia

Welcome to The BodyHoliday! “Who are you traveling with?” “Myself,” I reply assertively, though the customs officer’s confused expression makes me falter slightly.

Where the Magic Lies: A Spiritual Journey in Tulum

Most of humanity goes through life never realizing that there is a true magic that lies within the fabric of all that is.

Exploring Mexico City Through Food and Culture

A sample eclair crafted by Chef Johnny Iuzzini to demonstrate his methods By Jessica Festa There’s so much more to Mexico City than guacamole.

Yes India Broke Me, But I’m Thankful For It

Old Delhi at night By Jessie on a Journey This post is based on a tour I took with my friend and fellow blogger, Wandering Earl, who runs an awesome trip to India via his company Wandering Earl Tours.

How to Be an Ally to Immigrants After the Election

by Victoria Sagardía Let’s face it: many jaws dropped after the 2016 election. And if you are at all aware of the vast community of immigrants in the United States and of the realities of the immigrant experience, you will know at least one of the reasons why.

Will Trump Terminate Travel From the U.S. To Cuba?

by Cat Trudell For the first time in over 50 years, commercial flights from the U.S. to Havana are taking off.

How to Find Calm in Post-Election Chaos

by Jessica Weber It comes as no surprise that the presidential election has left many feeling a wide range of emotions, many of them negative.

Gifts That Give Back: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Humanity Unified International We have to admit we’re a little biased, our co-founders’ non-profit, Humanity Unified International is first on our list.

This Lawyer is Working to Protect Immigrants from DACA Uncertainty

By Priscilla Liguori Since Donald Trump became the president-elect, millions have been apprehensive about the uncertain future of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), making the work of immigration lawyers like Emily Amara Gordon more important than ever.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood Get Creative

By Chantal Lozano Since the election, I’ve read many headlines about the surge in appointments for IUDs and donations to Planned Parenthood under Mike Pence’s name.

12 Travel Books to Gift This Holiday Season

By Alaina Leary Growing up, I didn’t travel often. My mom was physically disabled and visually impaired, which made it impossible for her drive and difficult for us to even think about leaving the country.

The Story of US

Each time I look at this photo it makes me smile knowing that the journey to get to that very moment in Rwanda took 10 years.

3 Organizations Helping to Save Wild Cats From Vanishing

by Natalie Yera It’s now suspected that there are more tigers living in private homes and backyards than in the wild.

Vilnius, Lithuania, Is Travel’s Real Deal

By Shane Athridge In the firmament of European travel destinations, there are a few stars that burn brighter than all the others: Paris, Rome, London.

Can Cuddle Therapy Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

by Chantal Lozano Would you pay someone to cuddle? It may seem bizarre, but people would and people have.

How One Woman Is Bringing Books to Syrian Refugee Children

By Maureen Kellett In September 2015, the photo of a drowned Syrian boy on a Turkish beach went viral around the world and put the Syrian refugee crisis in the international spotlight.