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Tentrr: Perfection in a Canvas Tent

By: Madeline Weinfield There are few joys in life as great as swimming in a natural pond, standing in the woods under a solar shower, falling asleep to a wood burning stove, or hearing nothing but the sound of birds overhead.

Another Sun: Getting Lost In Mexico City

By: Madeline Weinfield By May it was already fully hot. Not quite the sweltering heat of mid-summer, but there was an intensity reminding me this wasn’t the sun of home.

The Fanciful Aesthetic of a Quaint Village in Poland

by ERIN L.K. LARSON Erin Larson shares a magical guide to the “Painted Village” of Zalipie, Poland Over a century ago, prior to modern cooking and improved ventilation technology, smoke from wood-burning kitchen stoves would escape through a mere hole in the ceiling of the common villager’s humble abode.

Five Beautiful Places To Watch The Sunset In London

Photos via flickr By : Faith Strickland From ornate royal palaces to cloud-piercing sky scrapers, there’s no denying that London is a beauty.

Cruise the Coast: California’s Highway 1 Discovery Route

By : Maggie Peikon Spanning over 101 miles of California’s scenic coastline, California’s Highway 1 Discovery Route offers a taste of all that this great state has to offer, from pristine beaches and stunning piers, to wildlife sightings (did you know there are wild zebra in California?

Allbirds: These Eco-Chic Shoes are the Epitome of Cozy Ethereal Comfort

Why we love Allbirds These wooly eco-chic kicks are the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever slip on your feet.

Why Reflection is Key to Living Our Purpose and Expanding Our Horizons

How do you find your purpose? And when you find it how do you continue to follow it throughout your life?

A Tiny Getaway in New York City

Sometimes getting away from it all is less about how far you go and more about where you go. Believing firmly in that statement, I had been anxious to stay in one of Getaway’s tiny homes for quite a while.

The Queen of the Caribbean

A guide to Havana’s historical sites by Erin K. Larson With an architectural heritage and style preserved from the 16th century and a vibrant mélange of customs and influences, Havana, Cuba appreciates its past through a dedicated preservation of culture.

Tulum’s Newest Boutique Offers Luxury Sans Grandeur and Environmental Impact

The Spot: TATA Tulum This sweet adults-only boutique is located on Tulum’s main strip – Carretera Tulum Boca Paila – in an ideal location (close to our favorite restaurant, Restaurare and a ten-minute bike ride to Raw Love).

An Industrial Town Finds New Life

If New York is the city that never sleeps, Beacon is the town that took a nap. As the longtime home of legendary folk singer and activist, Pete Seeger, Beacon has long been a town known for its commitment to environmentalism and social activism, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that the town began to rebrand itself as a hip hamlet where the industrial and rural meet in a harmonious match.

Exploring Humanity’s History in Morocco

By Sara Caputo If you want to know the roots of your ancestry, maybe you’ll take a DNA test – they’ll take a swab of your spit and a machine will tell you that your family tree extends to this country and that region, and maybe it’ll even surprise you.

Happiness is on a Houseboat: The Perfect Summer Vacation

By ERIN L.K. LARSON Ouachita Valley. First occupied by a variety of Indian tribes – one of which it was named after – the valley is now known as Lake Ouachita State Park and marked by its scenic beauty.

Pura Vida: 5 Eco-Lodges Worth Visiting in Costa Rica

By: Andrew Day Costa Rica has been pushing the boundaries of sustainable travel for decades now, so it’s no surprise that the country plays host to some of Central America’s most innovative and beautiful eco-lodges.

How To Stay Productive (And Better Yourself) On The Train

Photo via Fotoworkshop4You/Pixabay By Jessica Festa For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.

Hope’s Edge – A Film that Confronts the Geopolitics of Food Scarcity

BY ERIN L.K. LARSON When Luis Medina, a graduate Food Studies student at New York University, read “Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet” by Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé, he was captivated by the positive, solution-oriented message about world hunger, poverty, and inequality.

Good News First, Bad News Never – An Inspiring Kickstarter

BY ERIN L.K. LARSON Branden Harvey – a curly-haired storyteller, photographer, and writer – has been travelling the globe documenting the world’s little-known stories since he was a mere teenager.

Why We Need to Let Go of the Stories We Create About Ourselves

The art of storytelling is arguably one of the greatest attributes of humankind. For centuries, we’ve relied on stories to tell the events of history and, on a more personal level, the story of our ancestors’ lives.

Packing For Adventure: Ten Brands for a Well-Traveled Life

For me, the hardest part of traveling isn’t adjusting to a new time zone, navigating my way through unknown streets, or attempting to learn a few key phrases in other languages, it’s packing.

An Exploration Of Nice Through The Palate

By Jessica Festa, Epicure & Culture Editor Walking along Nice’s iconic Promenade des Anglais, Hard Rock cafes, casinos and beachfront cafes offering crepes and margaritas try to entice my boyfriend Andy and I with colorful signs boasting 100 cocktails and stunning beach views.