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How Airports are Becoming Spaces for Art

  Image of via Shutterstock On a recent trip to Nashville, something caught my eye as I wandered through the city’s airport with typical traveler’s exhaustion.

Dining with a (Stuffed) Moomin: Japan’s Latest Anti-Loneliness Cafe Trend

By Annemarie Tompsen Single diners have no fear. A new café trend is taking over Japan and China; one that can save restaurant goers from the awkward experience of dining alone.

How Three U.S. Cities are Bringing Healthy Food to Corner Stores

Image of via Shutterstock When I lived in Philly, the nearest supermarket was about a mile away from my apartment.

Short Stories Everyone Should Read by 30

BY STEPHANIE KASHETA  The Distance of the Moon by Italo Calvino. This is one of my favorite stories of all time and it happens to be a part of Calvino’s larger work of linked stories Cosmicomics.

Perseverance in Nepal

By Shelby Welinder Pushpa Basnet stands in the courtyard outside her damaged orphanage. A force to be reckoned with, she directs 40-some children about their daily chores and routines.

A Tirade on What it Feels Like to be Part of the First US Generation Worse Off Than Their Parents

BY STEPHANIE KASHETA Every day I am somehow reminded that I am a part of the first American generation to have it worse than my parents.

Among the Hill Tribes of Laos, a Sacred Meal and the Ultimate Exchange of Kindness

By Jonathan Look I was wakened from sleep by a blood-curdling scream. It wasn’t quite a human sound, but in that middle ground, between slumber and consciousness, I couldn’t be too sure.

5 Reasons Why Malawi Will Surprise You

Meghan Black is just back from Malawi. She shares how this often-overlooked African country is poised to step into the spotlight, and why you should go before everyone catches on.

Four Organizations Bridging the Divide Between Western and Middle Eastern Cultures through Art

Art is a fundamental form of human expression with a rich past. Tracing the trajectory of its history reveals that it often mirrors the shifting states of societies at any given time.

How Ireland is Becoming a Leader in Social Entrepreneurship

Image Cliffs of Moher via Shutterstock In recent years, Ireland has begun to evolve as an incubator for innovative thinking, and in many ways, taking the lead in social entrepreneurship.

Vegetarian Indian Recipes to Make at Home

  BY STEPHANIE KASHETA My mother introduced me to Indian food at a very young age and forever ruined me for all other foods.

5 Green Products You Can Use Now and Plant Later

Yep, this calendar can be planted to grow vegetables (Botanical Paperworks) The modern era brings with it an inherent eco-dichotomy: on one hand we love innovation – shiny new things, handy gadgets and great ideas.

Cozzee Lets You Choose Your Coffee and a Cause to Help Change the World

Photo via Coffee Side of Cozzee page A machine percolates in the kitchen emitting the routine scent of an aromatic roast.

Why Big City Dwellers Need Bali

Christa Russo is on a mission: to reset, rejuvenate, bliss-out, and find holistic wellness in Bali. She goes beyond the legendary spas and fabled beaches (although, she’ll certainly squeeze in some of this as well!

Summer Hiking Guide: Five Scenic Trails in the U.S.

By Annemarie Tompsen Millennials, put down the TV remote and grab your hiking boots because hiking season is here!

Worldwatch Institute’s “Nourishing the Planet Project” Finds Innovative Agricultural Methods

By Chelsea Stuart The “Nourishing the Planet Project” is a huge undertaking by the Worldwatch Institute to research the ways in which agricultural processes have evolved and how we can make the industry more productive, sustainable and diverse.

Five Caribbean Writers You Should Get to Know this June

For most of us, the Caribbean calls to mind the sound of waves crashing along the shore, the salty smell of the sea and the soft feel of sand beneath your feet.

Five Delicious Scandinavian Recipes that Remind me of My Childhood

By Annemarie Tompsen Not always the first thought on a food enthusiast’s mind (with maybe the exception of Noma), Denmark, Sweden and Norway often get out-shined by some of their European cousins when it comes to cuisine.

World Environment Day: Consume With Care

BY DEJA DRAGOVIC It’s June 5th – World Environment Day, and this year’s theme is “Consume with Care”.

Eco-friendly Funerary Practices

  Though Americans have come a long way from the funeral industry’s pre-Jessica Mitford days, we still have a long way to go before fully embracing ecologically sound funeral practices.