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See How These Young Changemakers Have Paired Up with KIND to Make a Difference

Every month, KIND supports individuals and organizations working to make the world a little kinder with $10,000 through its KIND Causes platform.

7 Sun-Soaked Post-Holiday Getaways

November and December can be a bit stressful as many of us prepare for the holidays. As January commences and the coldest months of the year follow, many of us look to escape to a place with warmer days and nights, food that makes our senses come alive and experiences that bring that spark back into our stressed souls.

9 Incredible Initiatives Around the World Creating a Sustainable Future for Us All

 Curated by Seanna Pratt Narrated by actor and U.N. Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador, Ian Somerhalder, this short documentary, “Climate Heroes: Stories of Change,” was created by the U.N.

#CharityTuesday: Help Stop the Spread of Ebola by Supporting This Campaign for PPE

By Jennifer Kamara I am the director of World Health Equity, an organization seeking to improve health equity for vulnerable populations.

On the Streets of San Francisco with Monsieur Henry: A Life Lesson

  By Bernie Lee Just off of Union Square in downtown San Francisco is Maiden Lane. It’s a small street…well, it’s more like an alley, and it’s filled with hoity-toity little shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

The Science Behind the Honey that Heals

By Mikhail Blacer Since ancient times, honey has been consumed by humans as food – our ancestors obviously had to endure dozens, perhaps hundreds of stings every time they collected this sweet, golden liquid from a beehive.

12 Insightful Books For Social Entrepreneurs

For many millennials, changemakers and startups, social entrepreneurship has become the career path of choice.

Totes, Bags, and More – the Eco-friendly Way

By In this day and age, people have become so consumed with leather and fine quality handbags that it’s all about prestige and luxury.

10 Illustrated Idioms from Various Languages

Source – HotelClub 10 Illustrated Idioms from Various Languages

Sierra Leone is in the Spotlight, in Diaspora, in Need and Always for Tragic Reasons.

“Aporto! Aporto!” A child shouts as I whizz by on a motorbike taxi.  “Snap me, Aporto!” The man in the wheelchair being pushed by children, is a local teacher and aid worker.

#KnowWhoMadeIt: A Personal Look at the Amazing Artisans Behind Krochet Kids Int’l

On Wednesday, Krochet Kids International is launching a new campaign called #KnowWhoMadeIt. The goal of the campaign is to start a conversation around the importance of knowing who makes the organization’s hip apparel and not just where the items come from.

Back To The Wild: A Nostalgic Photo Essay from Etosha National Park

BY SHAZ DE PINTO My earliest memory, or rather my earliest string of memories of Etosha involves one particular year where my parents dragged (maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic here) both me and my sister to Etosha a staggering thirteen times.

9 Awesome Volunteer Based Travel Tour Companies

By Seanna Pratt Travel is an incredibly valuable experience in the way it shapes and enriches our lives.

Go Green: How to be a Responsible Traveler While Visiting the New York Area

New York is not the first place to come to mind when thinking about green cities, but it does offer responsible tourists plenty of ways to get involved and give back to ongoing green initiatives.

8 Reasons Why Bhutan is the Perfect Destination for the Socially Conscious, Culturally Curious Traveler

Taktshang Monastery via Shutterstock By Diana Smith The Kingdom of Bhutan is just larger than the state of Massachusetts.

Bringing Out Blue Skies: China’s Makeshift Pollution Cleanup Before the APEC

By Jessica Rowe When Obama arrived in Beijing on Monday, he arrived to a pretty spectacular greeting—but perhaps even more impressive, but less-talked about, was the fact that the sky was blue.

Why a Slum in Haiti Is the Most Entrepreneurial Place on Earth

By Mina Chang On paper, Cité Soleil is a very unlikely ambassador for entrepreneurship. It’s the most dangerous region of the entire Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world.

7 Sexy Items That are Empowering Women Around the World to Rise Above Poverty

Who’s says shopping isn’t important? By purchasing any one of these products you will help empower a woman who is working to rise above poverty.

We are in Rwanda: Find Out More About Our Purposeful Journey to This Beautiful Country

Since we launched The Culture-ist back in 2011, it’s been our dream to develop a philanthropic organization that benefitted from the ideas, passion and support of this incredible community – from you.

A Giveaway for Good Riddance Day: Free 5 Night Trip to NYC and Tickets to the Biggest NYE Bash

It’s that time of year when the holidays begin to seep into mind. In the shops, Halloween candy and pumpkins are replaced with white lights, frosted window displays and turkey brining kits.