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11 Eco Yoga Retreats in Tropical Paradise

For most people, yoga is about learning how to be more present, mindful and in tune with their inner self.

Small Cities for Beer Lovers

Beer glasses and crayfish via Shutterstock By Diana Smith When it comes to great American beer cities, we’re all familiar with the major ones.

14 Socially Innovative Companies Changing the World

Social innovation seems to be a buzzword these days, and it’s no surprise being that many young professionals are jumping at job opportunities to do something meaningful with their talents.

13 B&Bs on the Vineyard

13 B&Bs on the Vineyard By The Culture-ist Indulge your senses and enjoy an unforgettable fruit of the vine experience at these 13 bed and breakfasts located in the world's top wine hotspots.

22 New York Wine Bars for the Oenophile

Take a sneak peek into some of the hippest New York wine bars — from tapas and chocolate pairings to scenes marked with live music and romance, the city never falls short of places for winos.

10 of the Most Remote Places on Earth to Visit

As travelers, we’re always fascinated when we meet other travelers who only seek to explore the most remote places on Earth.

Who Am I? The Self-Exploration of a Third Culture Kid

By Ana Prundaru I’m a third culture kid. My home is floating somewhere along the airport buzz, between flavorless in-flight meals and random conversations with strangers.

Rio’s Coolest Food Haunts: Confessions from a Local ‘EatWith’ Host

We caught up with EatWith host and Rio local, Liana to get the scoop on the city’s best food haunts. Where can you get the best sampling of the local food in your area?

A Travel Guide for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular foods. Europeans in particular are passionate about cocoa – the chocolate industry is worth around £4 billion in Britain alone.

Block Shop Sisters and the Painted Scarves from Rajasthan

  By Agnieszka Bielecka What happens when you bring together two talented sisters, Indian textile artisans and inspirations from the American desert?

Join Us in NYC on September 21 for the Largest Climate Mobilization in History

On September 21, tens of thousands of people will come together in NYC just as world leaders arrive in town for an emergency climate summit at the UN.

#LiveOutLoud on Instagram: A Life Worth Eating

Adam Goldberg is not a jet-setting travel TV host nor is he a food critic, he’s simply someone who loves to eat at and venture to awesome places around the globe.

Proof in the Potatoes: Organic Food is Better for You

This post comes courtesy of Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank Organic and agroecological farming methods typically build healthier soils, produce less pollution, and protect ecosystems better than conventional cultivation methods. However, scientists have only recently discovered that organic products are also better for eaters.

Shall We Fika? Five of the Best Places for a Coffee Break in Stockholm

By Agnieszka Bielecka Italians may claim to have perfected the skill of coffee making, and the best flat whites in the world arguably come from Australia, but if there’s a paradise for coffee addicts, it must be Stockholm.

Why You Need to Get This Life-Changing Coffee (PHOTOS)

In 2005, Jonathan Golden, founder of Land of a Thousand Hills, recognized a simple and tangible opportunity to positively contribute to the reconciliation of the Rwandan people who are still picking up pieces of their lives shattered by the 1994 genocide.

InstaHope: Fashion for Freedom in Uganda

Brittany Merill Underwood was a sophomore at Southern Methodist University when she decided to head off to Uganda to teach at a local boarding school for a semester abroad program.

Trash Talk: The Wild Effects of Garbage

By Monique Sosnowski How often do you take out the trash? You might think you know where all that junk goes, but what’s the real story?

Without Footprints: A Sustainable Journey Through Kerala

Kerala’s Canal Route. Photo courtesy of Jessica Festa. By Jessica Festa “The people of Kerala don’t like barren land.

The Coolest Airports Around the World

Airports are usually seen as boring, but they don’t have to be., uncovered some of the world’s coolest airports where the time spent waiting for your plane will fly by.

A Guide to Exploring the Allure of Croatia

By JJ Fox Croatia is the new kid on the block when it comes to Mediterranean holiday destinations, but it came fully equipped and well prepared to give France and Italy a taste of competition.