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Kula Project: For the Farmer

By Diana Smith Sarah Buchanan didn’t grow up on a farm. She didn’t study agriculture at her university, Georgia State, and until a few years ago, the only plant she may have envisioned herself cultivating was basil.

Why Curiosity, Soul Searching and the Ability to Ponder is Necessary for Success

Yes, we know this looks like an advertisement for Ariana Huffington’s book, THRIVE, but we actually just really dig the infographic below her sassy picture (disclosure: none of us have read Huffington’s book).

Saving the Language of Norfolk Island

By Francesca Baker There’s a small island just off the coast of Australia. I mean small – a population of 2800 live on 36 square kilometres.

Street Dining in Style at London’s Dalston Yard

By JJ Fox London is the home of swanky restaurants and chic eateries with enough celebrity chefs to populate a small village.

Links That Make Us Think: 6/26/14

Thinking child photo via Shutterstock A roundup of meaningful, insightful and fascinating stories from around the globe: 4 Scenarios Show What Climate Change Will Do To The Earth, From Pretty Bad To Disaster  CO.EXIST | TUE, AUG 26 Europe’s 10 cheapest major cities  THRILLIST | MON, AUG 25 14 Unique

Get Cultured: Warsaw – A Modern Guide to This Historic City

Photo by Michał Gawryś We caught up with Agnieszka Bielecka who gave us the scoop on her native city.

A Letter to Those Obsessed with Finding Their Purpose

By Katie Albee Purpose is an amazing thing to have in life. It gives us drive, meaning, and even joy when our actions are fueled by it.

Why Oaxaca is One of Mexico’s Best Kept Secrets

By Steven Van Yoder When Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez was asked to describe the Mexican landscape he conquered some 500 years ago, he crumpled a piece of paper and set it on a table.

Strange Drinking Customs the World Over

Strange Drinking Customs the World Over

Black Ink and Red Wine: An Evening with Vo Trinh Bien

By Thomas Page Vo Trinh Bien is a busy man, as well he might be. Half artist, half restaurateur, the mixture of business and bohemian lifestyles shouldn’t work, and yet for him it does.

Eco Friendly Hostels from Around the World

Eco Key Chain via Shutterstock By Diana Smith When it came to finding a good hostel, it used to be that travelers were lucky if they could land in one that provided a warm shower.

Exploring Olive Oil Culture In Tuscany

The Tuscan countryside. Photo courtesy of Jessica Festa. By Epicure & Culture Olive oil is a super ingredient with the ability to enhance the flavors of a dish while also adding antioxidants and heart-healthy benefits.

Links That Make Us Think – 8/20/14

A roundup of meaningful, insightful and fascinating stories from around the globe: The 10 most visited countries in the world  THRILLIST | TUE, AUG 19 Kenya’s Growing Ketamine Problem  VICE TRAVEL | MON, AUG 18 How Do You Compete With a Flying Toilet?

Standing Behind Women Farmers

Women in harvest photo via Shutterstock This post comes courtesy of Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank Women are the backbone of farming.

See Why a Tech-Free Vacation is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do For Yourself

INFOGRAPHIC: TAKE A TECH FREE VACATION [Infographic] by the team at Modis Feature photo Red Rocks Sedona via Shutterstock   See Why a Tech-Free Vacation is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do For Yourself

The Most Incredible Places to Picnic the World Over

Picnic on beach photo via Shutterstock By Meghan Black Picnic—just the word alone is joyfully buoyant, a bounce of syllables that signifies savoring the moment.

Generation Rent: Why Many Millennials are Choosing a Nomadic Lifestyle

By Britany Robinson Over the pond, they’re calling us “generation rent”. That nickname hasn’t stuck in the states, but it’s clear that Millennials both here and abroad are not purchasing houses in the same fashion our parents once did.

Heterochromia – Children of Hags

By Maria Cavali I am Lithuanian and Lithuania is the last pagan country in Europe. In pagan tradition, people who had different colour eyes were called “Children of hags”.

A Message for All Humanity (Video)

Hands tied photo via Shutterstock Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.

Farm Stay Programs for the Millennial Traveler

Tea plantation photo via Shutterstock By Diana Smith Finding a way into the heart of any culture can be a challenge even for the most experienced traveler.