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Muslim Gone Bad Attacks Canada's Capital

Since representatives of the bad apple wing of Islamic faith (those who think others shouldn't be allowed to choose their own spirituality or speak their own convictions without threat of death) have attacked Canada's capital today, I am here reposting one of our most popular and profound articles.

Smooth Getaway Postcard From Shenandoah Valley

Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is not merely noted for lovely scenery, though its position between the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Mountains certainly provides beautiful landscapes.

Wandering Mystic Meditation From Forest Park

It was on cool, damp St. Louis mornings like this one that I most enjoyed my daily walks in Forest Park.

Why I Have Rights Most People Don't

Just received my new U.S. passport. This document allows me to travel faster, cheaper, more easily and to more destinations than most people can.

Cantinflas Can't Even Entertain Us

Cantinflas is one of those English and Spanish films that Latinos in The United States are supposed to make their kids watch so they can appreciate their cultural roots.

Primal Wilderness Rambling From The Adirondacks

When you say “New York,” people generally think of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyscrapers or endless entertainment in “the city that never sleeps.” Yet, there’s more to New York than the “Big Apple.” A different type of adventure awaits in the Adirondack Mountains of the Empire State.

Music is the Universal Language

In my experience, music is the universal language, because it communicates passionate sentiment directly to the heart with or without comprehension of the lyrics.

Public Drunkenness As Performance Art

We're not breaking the law, just taking a break from the law.My students may look a bit like criminals, but they're actually just really friendly drunks.

Tasteless Ethnic and Gender Humor

During this photo, I was hoping Victoria was grabbing my butt not Harold.The mind is the most attractive part of an elegant woman, but damn sure not the only part.

Robin Williams Stamps His Own Passport

Robin Williams starred in what is likely the most life-affirming movie ever made, Dead Poet's Society, but he ended his own life this week, echoing the despair of a suicidal actor he wept for in that film.

The Best Person I've Ever Known

The greatest person I've ever known, Maribel Diaz, died this week. Her traditional Mexican funeral was a tutorial on what matters in life.

Road Babe Mittie Roger Fills Out

Not only will I be reading my work this Friday at the Garrison & Garrison Books anniversary party, but Mittie Roger (who pioneered the Road Babe Dispatches column in this magazine) truly fills out the program with a reading from her new book.

Join The San Miguel Bookstore Fiesta

This is a bimbo-friendly bookstore with millions of shorter words.In a selfless humanitarian effort to combat illiteracy, I'll be reading from my canonical works at the anniversary celebration of Garrison & Garrison bookstore in San Miguel on August 1st.

The New World Children's Crusade

With our typical condescension, we moderns ponder how barbaric medievals sent hordes of children to struggle and die in the crusade for a foothold on the promised land.

How to Find Breathtaking Orgasmic Romance

The most shockingly romantic moment I can remember took place on the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Twisted Vagabondage Tale From Vancouver Island

As a paying contributor to The United Negroe College Fund, for sage reasons of philanthropy as well as tax evasion, I was a little surprised to find absolutely no black people in the maritime city of Vancouver Canada—only Commonwealthy Europeans and Asians plus a few Native Canadian Kwakwaka’wakw Redskins. Still, Vancouver is indeed an international city on par with other slightly vanilla claimants like Portland or Seattle, with many fabulous bistros to recommend it, including some proudly locavore and part of the so-called Slow Food movement.

A Successful Author's Day

Ernest Hemingway looked at the world with feeling but without sentimentality.When I do public readings or presentations, people often ask, "How does a professional writer spend a typical day?

Attack of the Amazon Bully

Bullies often become crybabies. Such is the case with the traditional publishing syndicates now bawling about being pushed around by an Amazon that has taken up residence on their former turf.

Attack of the Amazon Bully

Bullies often become crybabies. Such is the case with the traditional publishing syndicates now bawling about being pushed around by an Amazon that has taken up residence on their former turf.

Nebraska: An Epic and Ludicrous Journey

What does an old man do when his life offers substantial evidence he might be a loser and the clock is running out on his mental lucidity?