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8 spots that prove Bali is gorgeous

1. Ceking Rice Terrace Ceking Rice Terrace Tegallalang, Indonesia A vibrantly-green, polished rice terrace close to Ubud.

Mexican singer supports

NOT ONLY THE AVENGERS GET TOGETHER to promote the act of voting and Hillary Clinton. Iconic latino celebrities are making their contributions too.

Gauley River overnighter

When booking my trip to West Virginia, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Adventures on the Gorge has world class rapids, a tree-top zip line canopy tour, and rock climbing, amongst other outdoor activities.

College brewery and pub

Photo: Grand Rapids Community College. This may seriously make you rethink your law degree you never really wanted to get anyway.

15 signs you learned to drink in Taos, NM

Una foto publicada por Taos Mesa Brewing (@taosmesabrewing) el 10 de Ene de 2016 a la(s) 6:15 PST 1. When you ask for a bottle opener, you’re handed a lighter.

France's disappearing road

Photo: Tudre Bolivia’s “Death Road” usually gets all the attention, but there’s a road in France that can definitely give it a run for it’s money when it comes to sketchy drives.

6 destinations being ruined by mega-cruise ships

OVERBOOKED: THE EXPLODING BUSINESS OF TRAVEL AND TOURISM is one of the most eye-opening non-fiction books I’ve read in years.

8 uncomfortable truths about living in Colorado

Photo: Armand 1. Choosing to live in a beautiful, laid-back place means dealing with the job market of a small town.

Can you name all of the world’s continents and oceans in under 60 seconds? [QUIZ]

Featured photo: Oh Debby

Culture Trippers in Seattle: Dance

Explore the many sides, senses, and subcultures of Seattle. In “Culture Trippers,” a Matador original series, you’ll see Seattle’s take on dance, street food, craft drinks, and boating through the eyes of a local and a visitor who share the same passion.

7 things travelers can do to support racial justice

Photo: Johnny Silvercloud Racial justice is about making sure people of all races are treated equally everywhere.

9 unmistakable signs you were raised in Tennessee

Photo: Johnny Silvercloud 1. You learned Tennessean respect. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, you better hold the door open for the person coming in after you.

14 vegan restaurants that prove Texas is more than BBQ

1. The Vegan Nom Una foto publicada por The Vegan Nom (@thevegannom) el 7 de Sep de 2016 a la(s) 4:39 PDT Tacos are Texas.

#DontFeedTheLandfills in our parks

Join Subaru and the National Parks Conservation Association in their sustainability initiative to encourage national park visitors to pack-in and pack-out recyclables, employ reusable containers for food and drink, opt for online brochures and maps, and to otherwise leave the rubbish at home.

What I learned at Burning Man and why you should go too

Luke Elijah Lim It was the middle of the night, and I couldn’t see more than two feet in front of me as white cake-like dust swirled around my face, clogging my nose and stinging the back of my throat.

Trans-Canada: Greatest road trip of your life

Whether this is your starting point or ending point, the view over Vancouver from Eagle Bluffs gives you an idea of the scale of this trip.

Assumptions about homeless people

Photo: Kid Clutch 1. “They’re all criminals.” This is one of the most dangerous generalizations that we can make about homeless populations because it prevents non-profit organizations and the general public from feeling sympathy towards this demographic.

17 things you’ll get addicted to in the South

Photo: Ms. Phoenix 1. Finding new family members in line at Kroger. Meeting new friends at bars means always having someone to throw back shots of whiskey with.

Tallest hotels in the world

THERE’S NOTHING BETTER THAN A ROOM with a view. And if you want a really, really great view — one that doesn’t look out on a brick wall — you’ve got to book a really tall hotel.

Identify these famous monument.

Featured image: Arian Zwegers