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12 expressions from Wisconsin

1. ”Cheesehead” If you are ever called one, you should swell with pride. 2. ”Up North” If you go on vacation pretty much anywhere in the state north of Milwaukee and Madison, you are “Up North.” If you live farther north in Wisconsin, this vacation destination could be qualified as any place north of where you live.

20 Californian expressions

1. “The City” Bay Area locals don’t refer to San Francisco as Frisco, but rather “The City”. Other city nicknames include: The Town (Oakland) and The Island (Alameda), but these are less common and found mostly on hipster T-shirts.

The GBR is dying

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF IS one of the natural wonders of the world, and it’s dying. That’s according to scientists, who say the reef is “terminal” thanks to the massive bleaching events that have happened as a result of climate change.

10 things to do in Kentucky

THERE’S ONLY ONE home of bourbon, and there’s only one horse capital of the world. There’s also only one state in America that’s home to the world’s biggest cave system and some of the best barbecue on Earth.

On photography in a digital world

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Short documentary film on photography and creativity in a changing digital world following and interviewing enigmatic action sports photographer Blake Jorgenson through his home mountains of British Columbia Canada.

When you should book your vacation

Planning your next vacation? If you haven’t booked your flights yet, stop here for a minute. You’ve probably heard this one before — your trip can be way cheaper if you choose the right day to book your flights.

Match the language to its writing

An interview with Mary Sojourner, on her short story collection The Talker

MARY SOJOURNER and I have worked alongside each other for nearly three years. Together, we’ve mentored countless students through the MatadorU writing program.

The Lies of the Sharing Economy

THERE IS NOTHING RESEMBLING A “SHARING ECONOMY” IN AN UBER INTERACTION. You pay a corporation to send a driver to you, and it pays that driver a variable weekly wage.

34 photos that prove the Cayman Islands are one of the most relaxing places on earth

In the Caribbean Sea, encircled by Mexico, Belize, Cuba, and Jamaica, are the Cayman Islands. Made up of three separate islands — Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman — it offers up land, water, and wildlife adventures unlike anywhere else in the world.

What to do in Los Angeles

Angelenos love to opine about the rapid gentrification of Downtown Los Angeles, but we also can’t help but appreciate the thriving restaurant and bar scenes that have emerged as a result.

Landscape diversity in Colorado

A PATCHWORK of land stitched together by rivers and aspen groves, Colorado consists of an endless network of patterns and textures.

Quick guide to Sagada, Philippines

SAGASA is a beautiful small town in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. There are tons of outdoor activities you can enjoy here, particularly cave and waterfall exploration.

Europe's most iconic artworks

AT MATADOR Network, we always encourage other travelers to visit museums (even the weirdest ones) and check out street art when they are abroad because we know that art is a window into a country’s culture.

Winter and summer in Texas

1. Winter is unpredictable, summer not so much. A post shared by Texas Humor (@texashumor) on Apr 13, 2017 at 9:30am PDT Let’s get this out in the open.

8 reasons to visit Ireland NOW

IRELAND’S BEEN ON your must-see list for a while, right? Well, you need to put down your coffee and get to planning your trip ASAP.

Traveling with mental illness

GOING ON HOLIDAY CAN be stressful. You’ve got packing to do, accommodation to book, important documents to keep an eye on — the list is endless.

France's election results

THE FIRST round of France’s 2017 presidential election took place yesterday. The final two candidates have been announced: Macron and Le Pen will face off for the presidency.

13 images of vanlife in New Zealand

Not only is New Zealand absolutely gorgeous, it is extremely van friendly with many dump stations and freedom camping spots all across the country.

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