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9 things not to miss in the FL Keys

Photo: John B. Kalla 1. Diving the Adolphus Busch wreck The Adolphus Busch (yes, of relation to the brewing company) is a sunken cargo ship near Looe Key.

Skateboard mission to Bali [vid]

Filmmaker Sebastian Linda has made three short movies about the “Beasts” — a group of skateboarders in Dresden — but the films have never actually left Dresden.

Philadelphia's Mural Mile [pics]

In 1984, Philadelphia was feeling the first effects of a drug epidemic that would turn whole sections of the city into virtual post-apocalyptic wastelands.

10 misconceptions about study abroad

Photo: Thompson Rivers University I’ve been working in the field of education abroad for the past seven years, most recently as a study abroad advisor for a large public research institution.

How to ruin a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam

Photo: Maxime Guilbot 1. Get hit by a motorbike while crossing the road. At any given time during the day, there are millions of motorbikes zigzagging through Hanoi’s streets.

Oakland: A premier US sports city

Photo: Nicole Abalde 1. It has three major teams — and three major sports — to choose from. Oakland fields contenders for the three biggest of America’s pastimes: the Raiders (football), the Warriors (basketball), and the Athletics (you can just call them the A’s, baseball).

Money, fear, & happiness in America

Photo: What are our lives really about? FOR REASONS TOO STUPID to relate in a public forum, one morning my travel companion, Michael, and I were lazing around our hotel room in Hoi An discussing the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Why you should drive across the USA

Photo: Jocelyn Catterson 1. You’ll get to know your own backyard. A former road trip copilot once told me she yearned to drive across the country after spending college on the East Coast.

The story of Rocky Mountain Front

Fifty years ago this September, the Wilderness Act was signed into law. It protects over 110 million acres of American land from development, including roads, mining, and other industrial activities.

America's 59 national parks [pics]

I never think, when I start itching to travel again, to just seek out the nearest national park. That’s Shenandoah for me, and it’s only about an hour and a half away from my home in DC.

Grilled meat around the world [pics]

GRILLED MEAT. “What is there to it? It’s as simple as it gets, right?” Wrong. While seemingly basic due to the small number of ingredients involved, grilling throws one pesky, hard-to-control, constantly changing variable in the way of the poor soul in front of the grill: temperature.

25 picturesque US mountains

The United States has its share of incredible mountain ranges — the iconic Rockies, the misty Appalachians, the volcanic Cascades, the titans of the Hawaiian archipelago, the glacial massifs of Alaska — each with an allotment of high-profile peaks.

Drone footage of surfers in SoCal

It’s a well-established fact by now that it’s impossible to film surfers and not make it look amazing.

Combat food waste with this new app

Photo: Wikimedia According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans waste about 30-40% of their yearly food supply, despite the fact that more than 50 million Americans don’t have enough food to eat on a daily basis.

Meet the youngest RTW sailor ever

In 2010, Laura Dekker, a 14-year-old Dutch girl, tried to become the youngest person to successfully sail around the world.

20 of the world's best aquariums

IF YOU’VE EVER OWNED A PERSONAL AQUARIUM, you know how hard it can be to maintain. You’ve got to keep the water clean, you’ve got to make sure it has the right level of saltiness, and you need to ensure the fish you put into it won’t eat each other.

13 signs you're an au pair

Photo: Cams 1. You swear you’ll never have kids. All the tantrums, fights, unbelievable requests, and time putting children before yourself has you swearing you’ll never have kids.

See NYC in slow motion

New York City isn’t known for being a slow city. No one has ever un-ironically called it that. So it’s especially impressive that the thought of slowing down the fast-paced life of NYC even crossed filmmaker Tim Sessler’s mind.

3 places altered by climate change

Photo: eutrophication&hypoxia We like to think of climate change as a future event, something that hasn’t quite hit yet, that we can still stop when we decide to set our minds to it.

On visiting BsAs for the first time

Photo: Gustavo Brazzalle 1. “Where are all the vegetables?” Before you arrive, everyone will make it a point to mention how exquisite you’ll find Argentina’s steak, praising the tenedor libre restaurants around the country.