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23 things that piss off Mexicans

Photo: Eneas De Troya Hacé clic para leer este artículo en Español. Tambien podés darnos un “me gusta” en Facebook!

22 weird facts about animal sex

Photo: clairejim FOR HUMAN BEINGS, the beginning of spring means longer days and warmer weather. For the animal kingdom, it’s that amorous time of the year — mating season.

10 steps to germanize yourself

WHAT EXPAT DOES NOT WANT TO BLEND IN? Being mistaken for one of the natives in a country where you are only an expat is one of the highest compliments you can receive.

This is the best prom proposal

EVERYONE WANTS AN AWESOME DATE to go to the prom with and both Jacob Lescenski, and is best friend, Anthony Martinez, two Las Vegas, Nevada high school students, will have just that on prom night.

9 foods you must try in Puebla

Hacé clic para leer este artículo en Español. Tambien podés darnos un “me gusta” en Facebook! 1. Mole poblano Photo: austin tx Mole poblano is Mexico’s most famous, and tastiest mole.

Survival guide to Japan hot springs

Photo: spDuchamp FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO AREN’T FAMILIAR, Japanese people like to get naked and take baths together…in public.

Crazy hard geography quiz

Featured photo by Kenneth Lu

How to parent like the Chinese

Photo: Matt Barber Make education the top priority. At age four, start teaching your kids to count to one hundred, do basic arithmetic, and memorize the multiplication table.

6 addictions you'll get in Japan

Photo: OiMax 1. Peeing to the sound of a babbling brook Some Japanese toilets have so many buttons and gadgets that you almost expect to be launched off into space while sitting on the throne.

An Afghan millennial in exile reflects on his country from the US

Photo: Ben BrodyGroundTruth Project Qais Akbar Omar says he appreciates his life in the United States, which has given him shelter, an education and a certain amount of fame.

Spaniards are obsessed with religion

Photo: Juanedc The number of Spanish people who go to church keeps decreasing, and more and more the population defines itself as agnostic or atheist, but religion is still winning in one important part of life in Spain: language.

You know you're in Mexico City when

Photo: sari_dennise Hacé clic para leer este artículo en español. Tambien podés darnos un “me gusta” en Facebook!

5 habits I lost in Spain

Photo: Juanedc 1. Being surprised to see children at bars Everything in Spain operates on a slightly later schedule than in America.

Signs you miss Hungary

Photo: Gabriel GM 1. You keep wandering around aimlessly in the streets in search of a kebab place that serves you döner after midnight that’s just half as good as Babam’s at Blaha.

English football supporter tradition

Photo: Roving Eye 365 1. We never lose our comic side when we are losing heavily. It all too easy to leave the stadium when you’re getting drummed 4-0 by a better team, but it takes real comedic talent to turn the experience into a great day out.

15 signs you're a true Canadian mom

Photo: Dondy Razon 1. You make your kids drink milk out of a bag. 2. And you’ve fed them a beaver tail for dinner at least once.

Unless you can make your office job look this exciting it’s time to go traveling

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Unless you can make your office job look this exciting, then it’s time to go traveling.

These Seattle Instagrams are amazing

SEATTLE and its surrounding regions offer up so much to the visitor, and endless possibilities for the Instagrammer.

9 times you'll say 'FML' in Vietnam

Photo: kc7fys 1. There’s a bus smack in the middle of a six-way controlled intersection. You’ve been trying to turn left onto Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh for about 15 minutes.

The stories behind city nicknames

I’VE NEVER TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD why New York is known as “the Big Apple.” Why an apple? There’s nothing particularly apple-y about New York.