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14 reasons you should never go to Kansas

1. Isn’t Kansas the state where the creator of basketball was born? Yeah, no thanks! Une photo publiée par 🏀Franz_Depra🏀 (@franzie_d) le 9 Mai 2015 à 6h11 PDT 2.

Stop asking how I afford to travel

Photo: Photo: Gloria Atamno Whenever someone asks me how I afford to travel, I have to force myself not to respond with “selling Nutella by the spoonful and procrastinating Sallie Mae payments.” It’s just so funny because people think there’s this magic formula out there.

Where can you get the most drunk?

ACCORDING TO AN AMPILOT STUDY carried out to find where to organize the best bachelor party in Europe, the price of beer — an essential element of every stag night in the western world — varies greatly, even between neighbouring countries.

18 signs you were born and raised in Portugal

1. You publicly sing “I threw a stick at a cat.” And the cat did not die… Atirei o pau ao gato was probably one of the first songs you ever sang, and you know the small rhyme by heart as you have sang it more often than the national anthem.

18 things every self-respecting Clevelander has to to before they die

Photo: Robert Bejil 1. Eat a meatball the size of a softball at The Feast of the Assumption. Little Italy in Cleveland is one of those cultural neighborhoods everyone can picture themselves living in, and it’s the only place where the constant crooning of Dean Martin amplified onto the streets is acceptable.

6 Things Southerners Refuse to Acknowledge About the Confederate Flag

1. The flag as it’s seen today was rarely even used in the Civil War or beforehand. During the Civil War, the Confederate states went through three different official flags.

I’m Mexican, and I say: you can’t do this to guacamole!

MELISSA CLARK, FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES, RECEIVED AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF HATE from the internet last Wednesday when she decided to modify one of Mexico’s most iconic dishes: guacamole!

What era of American History do you belong to? [QUIZ]

Photo: Sam Wolff

Why Trump's wrong about Mexicans

Photo: Gage Skidmore TRUMP’S NOW INFAMOUS STATEMENT about Mexican immigrants caused NBC, Univision, and Macy’s to end business relationships with him.

The best travel writers on writing

Ernest Hemingway at Work. Photo: Florida Keys Public Library PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE WANTS TO BE a travel writer.

What if Mexicans celebrated Fourth of July the way Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube It’s almost July 4, and, as usual, people all across Mexico will be dressing like Uncle Sam, shot-gunning Budweisers, and putting ketchup on giant T-bone steaks.

13 reasons we are stoked Comic Con will stay in San Diego (where it belongs)

BREAKING NEWS, GEEKY TRAVELERS: After months of uncertainty and intense negotiations, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Comic Con International announced today that San Diego Comic Con will stay in San Diego through 2018.

9 gorgeous landscapes in Turkey

HISTORY IN TURKEY RUNS DEEP. We’re talking incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, well-preserved ruins and art from pretty much every major civilization in the Ancient World — even the origins of civilization itself are rooted in Turkey.

9 signs you were born and raised in New Zealand

1. You think it’s totally normal when kids take their pet sheep (or pig, or calf) to school. On annual Calf Club Days, an institution in most rural primary schools, children turn up with a beloved farmyard pet in tow and compete for the prestigious awards of ‘Best Behaved Sheep’ or ‘Fattest Calf’.

14 bars and restaurants that Oahu locals swear by

1. Roy’s Waikiki How does stuffing your trap with flaky macadamia nut monchong slathered with lobster butter sauce sound?

Take a road trip from Moscow to NYC

Russia plans to make airplanes and boats obsolete by connecting Eurasia to North America with a tunnel, according to the Siberian Times.

30 untranslatable illustrations

THE BEAUTY OF UNTRANSLATABLE WORDS is in their ability to capture the feelings and actions we don’t know how to put into words.

6 birthing practices from around the world that the US should adopt

Photo: Big D2112 1. Laughing gas instead of epidurals Considering labor has been compared to stretching your upper lip over the back of your head, it’s not difficult to see why over 60% of women in the United States receive an epidural during vaginal birth.

Food nationality quiz

Photo: Leonid Mamchenkov

7-day nightlife guide to Calgary

Photo: Asparukh Akanayev This post is proudly produced in partnership with Heineken. #LiveLegendary CALGARY’S EXPLODING POPULATION means there are plenty of sophisticated people with disposable incomes looking to blow off steam when they’re not working.