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travel risks over the holidays

A record-breaking 100 million Americans will be traveling for the holidays this month. Considering that a vast majority of them will be using their car to begin a long weekend of social anxiety posing as a holiday, a little information about road safety could go a long way.

14 venice-like cities quiz

Flight attendant language

Slam-clicker? Deadhead? Why won’t my flight attendant say it’s OK to use the bathroom? The terms and phrases flight attendants use with each other or in response to passengers can be quite confusing at first.

Save money on trip to Sweden

You may have heard: Scandinavian countries are incredibly expensive. A recent report by the World Economic Forum lists Sweden as number 8 on a top ten list of most expensive countries in the world to visit (Norway and Denmark are on there too).

chef shares best Parisian desserts

In a world full of indulgence, the food and fashion of Paris stand out for their luxuriousness. But only the most decadent of these items fall under the lens of graphic designer and pastry chef Tal Spiegel: Parisian shoes and desserts.

Moving overseas for love

There’s an old-fashioned romance to the idea of dropping everything to move halfway across the world for someone you love.

What it feels like to study abroad

When the plane takes off When you show up to orientation When you receive your first care package from home When the care package just makes you really homesick When you find your friend group When you figure out the public transportation When you successfully order in the local language When you te

A journey across Mongolia

As a travel photographer and filmmaker, I have had the privilege of traveling to some very cool places.

Before traveling to Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best destinations to escape the winter blues, so for you to make the most of your time away from the mainland, we’ve compiled a short list of things you should know before heading that way.

Traveling with kids for the holidays

The winter holidays are not just rapidly approaching; they’re already here. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or are just going somewhere nice and warm for your winter break, here are a few tips if you’re hauling your offspring out of your house in the next few weeks.

11 facts about San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is having a birthday, and it’s a big one — the Alamo City is turning a whopping 300 years old.

The last true tattoo artist

AT SOMEWHERE AROUND 100 YEARS OLD, Whang-od is the last living Mambabatok (tattoo artist) of her generation in Buscalan, a remote mountain village in the Kalinga province of the Philippines.

When Colorado people are snobs

1. Beer 348. By next week it could be 349. No, that’s not the number of consecutive Denver Broncos home-game sellouts, it’s the number of breweries we have here in the Centennial State.

popular holiday meals around world

If the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, then it might also be said that the fastest way to the heart of different cultures is by partaking in their holiday meals.

new island offers insight to Mars

Back in 2015, an underwater volcano near the main island of Tonga belched enough magma that it broke the ocean’s surface.

Travel and don't take photos

I have a vivid memory of standing on a beach in Cape Town when I was 20 years old. The sky was crystal clear, and a hard wind was sweeping down from Table Mountain, over the beach, and into the ocean.

Visit Cathedral Beach in Spain

Who said man made the best cathedrals? This coastline proves nature does a fine job of it. While officially it’s called the Praia de Augas Santas or “Beach of the Holy Waters” it’s known to the locals as Praia das Catedrais or “Cathedrals Beach.” The raw power of the Atlantic Ocean and the relentless wind has carved sea caves, caverns, and arches all along this Galician coast in northwest Spain.

Snow season on a budget

I’m a dirtbag ski bum. After growing up in ski towns, obtaining a ski industry degree, experiencing winters around the world, and working almost every kind of resort job offered, I have often struggled to survive on a budget.

Solo travel tips

Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, taking a solo trip can feel totally disorienting. You might get on each other’s nerves, but having a companion to lean on, complain to (and about), drink with, and get lost with, can really make the whole experience more comfortable.

difficult US history quiz