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Indigenous cultures in Mexico

There are around 15 million indigenous people, distributed in 56 different ethnic groups, living in Mexico.

When and where to travel

What’s the next place you want to travel to? If you’re still in the planning (ie daydreaming) stage of your trip, if you still haven’t started to think dates or book flights, this might be really helpful for you: the guys at have put together this cool guide to the high and low seasons in countries around the world.


The 21 coolest ski towns in North America – 2018 The coolest ski towns make you jealous you don’t live there.

See cities through the eyes of dogs

Sometimes, the hardest part of the day is saying goodbye to your dog in the morning. When you get out of the shower, they are hogging up the bathmat because they don’t want to be too far from you.

13 photos that will make you want to visit the Alps right now

In July 2017, Finnish based producer and artist, Joonas Linkola, flew from Helsinki to Munich where he rented a car and drove towards Austria.

Bartenders at bachelorette parties

Your wedding should be the most magical day of your life. Your bachelorette party should be the drunkest.

Indigenous cultures in Mexico

There are around 15 million indigenous people, distributed in 56 different ethnic groups, living in Mexico.

Most romantic spots for proposals

Romance means different things to different types of people, but there are certain places around the world that just evoke dreamy, warm feelings in nearly all of us.

10 Arctic Europe winter adventures

DINING ON A frozen sea in Sweden. Ploughing through feet of snow while cross-country skiing in Finland.

Piss off an Arizonan

Arizonans are a pretty tolerant bunch…well, some are. We’re accustomed to snowbirds flocking in and doubling our population during the idyllic season we call “winter.” We’re patient with tourists (even though some of us call you “tourons”) who clog up the streets and mispronounce words.

How to see the Newfoundland puffins

Watching puffins (aka sea parrots) in Newfoundland is something you really shouldn’t miss if you find yourself on this rocky east coast Canadian island.

The beauty of Northwest Vietnam

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Why do you travel? If words like ‘people’ and ‘landscapes’ come into mind — and how could they not?

23 signs you were born and raised in North Pole

1. The “lower 48” is the continental US. Travel to the “lower 48” was a common occurrence during the winter months to break up those monotonous winters.

Views from the Colorado 14ers

A three-day weekend in Denver opens up a world of possibilities, from road tripping around National Parks to barbecuing at some nice spots in your own neighborhood.

El Peñon de Guatapé in Colombia

El Peñon de Guatapé, literally “the rock of Guatapé”, is an unusual attraction in Colombia. It’s a giant monolith in the middle of flatlands that looks like it’s been sutured, but those ‘stitches’ are just the 740-step staircase that will transport you to the top.

Hurricane turns European skies red

As the deadly Hurricane Ophelia spins its way up the North Atlantic it has had a startling effect over western Europe.

Find the countries in each sentence

Digital nomad depression

In 2014, my fiancee and I decided to move back to her home state of New Jersey. I had just recently quit my 9 to 5 office job in Washington, D.C.

National parks as theme park rides

Maps don’t just show us the world, they also reveal how we choose to see it. A daydream at Expedia Viewfinder led one creator to put together a map of the United States’ national parks as theme park rides.

6 essential skills that are second nature to Alaskans

Growing up in Alaska equips you with smarts that will set you up for life. Here are a few essential life skills that are second nature to Alaskans.