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Maine's lobster industry is a model

There’s a finely calibrated system to the unyielding success of the Maine lobster industry. Sustainability is key.

Black Lives Matter explained

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube In this video, the founders of Black Lives Matter — Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors, and Alicia Garza — speak about what led them to spark this movement and what makes them stay committed to this work.

What kind of traveler are you?

Lead image by Daniel Foster.

10 commandments for dating a Texas boy

Photo: Eric Ward 1. Thou shall never draw attention to his accent (or lack thereof). Yes, he grew up in Dallas.

The traveler’s paradox –in search of elephants and authenticity

In typical millennial fashion, each student at my 2002 end-of-year award ceremony was to receive an individualized certificate of honor.

20 giveaways you’re from California

Photo: Gabe Shore 1. “Dude, I have no idea, but these buds are hella sticky.” 2. You wouldn’t, but you could successfully navigate a four lane highway during rush hour blindfolded while texting, updating a playlist, posting on Instagram, and eating a torta.

Colombia voted against peace treaty

Photo: Camilo Rueda López On October 2, 2016, Colombia held a vote to determine whether or not President Juan Manuel Santos’ peace agreement with Marxist rebel group, FARC, would become official.

10 commandments for living in Colorado

Photo: Stuart.m.d Thou shalt clean up after ones self in the backcountry. No Coloradan in this state would have the indecency to leave a bunch of trash and destruction behind in the mountains we all love and care for.

Trump is affecting Latinx kids

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube This video is a clip from journalist Jorge Ramos’ new documentary: Hate Rising.

These Mexican women have been helping Central American migrants to the United States for 20 years

It was a cold, rainy day and it seemed like the muddy road I was on would never lead me to La Patrona, a tiny community that was lost in the heart of the Mexican state of Veracruz.

Don't dress us as Native Americans

Photo: Nigel Last Halloween I was sitting on the front porch watching Scrub Jays dart from branch to branch.

Signs you're back in the US

Photo: Erin Costa 1. You’re currently in a customs line that’ll take you over an hour to get through.

19 ways to confuse a Bostonian

Photo: Chase Elliott Clark 1. Show reruns of Law & Order SVU at your bar instead of the Sox game. 2. Smile or talk to them in public even though you don’t know them.

A Norway adventure

Norway might just be the coolest place in the world for adventurous couples. Its quaint villages, wide-open spaces spanning breathtaking views, and endless adventure pursuits will blow you away.

Watch: These twin brothers want to change the way we invest in Latinx businesses

Investing In Latinos Latino businesses are booming across the U.S.—but banks aren't investing in them.

I’m a traveler on a budget — not a budget traveler

My beautiful bowl of Japanese ramen, 600 yen Here’s a list of things I’m not willing to do to save money when I travel: carry my own bedding, eat out of a can, share a room with strangers, sleep in an airport, and/or take long, uncomfortable bus rides when there’s a faster, more convenient option.

Watch: What the world thinks about the U.S. election

This election looks like a joke Think you’re disgusted with Donald J. Trump and the 2016 election? The rest of the world is just as horrified – and they’re not being shy about it.

Watch: #thisis2016 shares Asian Americans stories of the racism they still experience

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube After a woman yelled at him to “go back to China,” New York Times’s deputy Metro editor, Michael Luo, wrote an open letter to the woman speaking about his experiences with racism as an Asian-American.

Aziz Ansari: Go vote, please

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube THE WHOLE TREND OF CELEBRITIES telling people to vote is a little bit ridiculous.

14 spots that prove Montreal is as multicultural as you think it is

Photo: Pedro Szekely Montreal is the multicultural epicentre of Quebec, and one of the most diverse cities in the world.