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America, i'm breaking up with you

Photo: Leo Hidalgo Dear ‘Murica, I use your nickname here to make a point. You know I’ve always hated this epithet, the colloquialism that your redneck followers and Bush re-election supporters have drilled into the world’s head.

Things Bulgarians do better

Photo: Donald Judge 1. We’re not afraid to speak our minds. We Bulgarians are not ones to conceal our real thoughts, even if it’s for the sake of diplomacy.

Bolivia just made it legal for citizens to change their gender on official identity documents

Photo: Eneas De Troya Bolivia joined Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia as the only countries in Latin America to allow its citizens to change their gender on identity documents.

The 10 Commandments of Living in Wisconsin

Photo: Matthew Grapengieser Thou shalt go eat Fish Fry on Fridays. Fish Fry Friday is a Wisconsin version of New York’s Sunday brunch, lots of booze and socializing included.

24 Hours in DC, Washington

Photo: Jirka Matousek Morning  Start your day in one of the old hearts of the city, Dupont Circle. Situated on the Metro’s red line, it serves as a good central location to the entire city.  Before anything else, you obviously need a good cup of coffee and a nice breakfast.

12 ways you’ll be stereotyped for living in Hoboken

Photo: Jazz Guy 1. We don’t live in the city, and therefore, we’re lame. “Hoboken’s where you go when you can’t take the city anymore,” That’s what a friend told me last week.

Bizarre laws in the UK

WHEN YOU’RE A COUNTRY AS OLD AS THE United Kingdom, you’ve got a long legal history. And this means that there will be some pretty strange laws on the books that, for some reason, were never repealed.

British class vocabulary quiz

Featured photo: Matt Biddulph

13 Latin food experiences you need to have in NYC

In the melting pot of New York City, Latin American cuisine has been established not only as a profitable business but also as a reminder of home for the latinos living in the Big Apple.

Born and raised in Hawaii

Photo: photoskate 1. You pronounce words correctly. Hawaiian is actually quite easy to pronounce, as words are spelled as they are spoken.

Americans in Cuba

Cuba has been on my “must see before I die” list for about ten years now. Something about the impossibility of it made it more appealing to me.

Never travel to Alaska

1. Denali National Park is probably not that impressive. 2. Why bother seeing the Northern Lights in person?

12 awesome experiences in Canada

PARTYING AT THE LARGEST comedy festival on Earth and kayaking in the world’s highest tides, drinking Iceberg Vodka — while looking out at icebergs — and exploring North America’s only walled city north of Mexico.

Economy class etiquette

EVEN WHEN EVERYONE ON YOUR FLIGHT IS COOL, economy class travel can still be a total nightmare. So why contribute to the nightmare?

Watch: how Texas history textbooks promote harmful stereotypes and false statements about Mexican American history

Activists are calling to remove the Texas textbook for Mexican-American heritage and history, arguing it makes false statements that promote harmful stereotypes.

7 things I’m learning to accept about being a freelance writer

Photo: Eelke 1. If I’m not failing, I’m not trying hard enough. In writing, failure and rejection isn’t what happens when you’re doing it wrong.

10 commandments of living in Denver

Photo credit: Paul Sableman Thou shalt not elect a Republican mayor. Our beloved city hasn’t had a right-wing mayor since the early sixties, and with the hordes of progressive millennials streaming in and cramming the city’s apartment buildings, it sure doesn’t look like that streak will end anytime soon.

9 things only Latinos in Dallas understand

Photo: Rondo Estrello 1. Dallas is a Mexican Paradise. They say that everything’s bigger in Texas… and that’s especially true for the Mexican community.

American expats let it out

Photo: Camdiluv ♥ 1. You actually prefer making friends with other expats. “I married an Argentine, my child is Argentine, I work with Argentines, I watch Argentine TV, eat Argentine food, read Argentine books and newspapers — and yet most of my friends are expats.

Piss off someone from Birmingham

Photo: Kat Owens Take James Spann’s advice lightly. This guy is our weather guru, and what he says goes.