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Celebrity travel profile: Alexa Vega

Photo via PMK/BNC Alexa Vega can currently be seen in the film 23 Blast in theaters now, as well as the hit television series Nashville.

Travelers are old souls [photos]

Travel is often depicted as an activity for the young of body, but rarely for the young of spirit. It takes the courage of an old soul to leave the familiar and examine the cultural assumptions that are the foundations of our lives.

12 things to do before having kids

Photo: Joe Stump I love getting old. I’m 28, and I much prefer it to being 22. I found a few gray hairs earlier this year; I’ve finally grown a decent beard; and I’m getting carded less and less at bars.

Story behind the shot: Fang-Od

Photo by the author. It was a long trip from Manila to Kalinga: 12 hours by bus, three hours by jeepney, another hour by minivan, and finally, three hours of trekking into the jungle.

Most inspiring NYC timelapse ever

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube About a year ago I was invited by the creators of to make a video that shows New York City in a creative way — as one of the most-photographed and documented cities in the world this was no easy task!

Girls' guide to the stripclub

Photo: uclu photosoc I’m something of an accidental strip-club frequenter. I’ve patronized clubs from Vegas’s Spearmint Rhino to a Detroit 8-Mile staple called the Coliseum to the tin-roof patchwork, double-wide glory of the Beehive in Western PA.

A year in Budapest in 26 experiences

Photo: Rodrigo David 1. When you visit another town, you walk into old, abandoned houses because you assume there is a bar inside.

How I became American

Photo: Jonathan Kos-Read It was my first time in New Orleans. I was in town for an activist conference.

Harvesting marble is a work of art

From your kitchen countertop to the Siena Cathedral in Italy, marble is associated with beauty and luxury.

Drone races look just like Star Wars

You no longer need to sit through Ewoks to watch drones race through the forest: YouTuber Olivier Yorgandjian and his friends put First-Person View (FPV) Cameras on their quadcopter drones and then raced them through the forest.

It's very easy to make moss graffiti

For the past few decades, vandalism has slowly been earning a place in the art world, thanks to the rise of street artists like Banksy and the fact that some cities are even encouraging graffiti as a form of public art. Now, young aspiring artists/vandals who have an environmentalist bent can get in on the zeitgeist, too, thanks to moss graffiti.

3 hardcore ways to save for travel

Photo: JB Dodane Most of us don’t buy into the whole “I’ll-travel-when-I-have-enough-money-to-afford-it” idea.

7 super-lux experiences in Utah

1. Hiding out at Amangiri in Canyon Point Photo: Steve Jurvetson Like a water-filled uber-minimalist mirage, Amangiri blends right in with its desert surroundings near the Arizona-Utah border.

10 dates people from Brooklyn go on

Photo: Melissa Segal 1. The Artsy Date: artisan craft fair We spend the day strolling through booths of beautifully crafted jewelry and artfully hand-lettered posters, eating our way through samples of homemade jams, cheeses, and momofuku cookies.

How to piss off the northern English

Photo: Tom Blackwell Refer to “The North” The North of England has no official definition, but we all know where it starts, just after Birmingham on the M6.

When you date a Chilean guy

Photo: Cristian Labarca 1. You’ll become immune to, and willingly participate in, PDAs. You used to roll your eyes when you came across a couple canoodling in public.

You've become culturally Argentine

Photo: Gabriel Louback 1. In any WTF situation, your thumb, index, and middle finger automatically unite and rise.

Hikers discover firearm booby trap

Photo: Russ Seidel EVERYONE KNOWS THAT PORTLAND’S WEIRD and I am a partisan of keeping it that way, but this is going a little too far.

Why we Israelis travel in packs

Photo: Achi Raz That noisy group sitting around the table, sharing a home-cooked meal and speaking something that sounds like guttural French?

Watch this waterfall ceased to exist

IT IS A RARE SIGHT that was captured by British photographer Rod Kirkpatrick on a stormy day in Derbyshire, England.