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Is anyone here Jewish?

Photo: Israel_photo_gallery “Is anyone here Jewish?” My ears perked up. I was sitting in the courtyard of Café Mazal, a restaurant serving Jewish-themed food in what was once the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba, Spain.

I’m OCD. My partner’s ADD. Here’s what happens when we travel.

Photo: Sean McGrath I am a diagnosed Obsessive-Compulsive and my husband Shawn has Attention Deficit Disorder.

8 things that will completely baffle foreigners in Colombia

Photo: Brian Moore 1. The Lip Point If a woman asks you to pass her a magazine that is in the room, and you ask her which one she means, she won’t point at it with her finger and say ‘that one’.

The language diversity of the US

Photo by James McDowell AMERICA’S LANGUAGE SKILLS MAY SUCK, but its linguistic diversity is incredible.

Ireland is about to make history

From Dublin’s 2013 Pride celebration. Photo: Daniel Dudek-Corrigan GAY RIGHTS HAS MOVED FROM AN ISSUE on the margin to a front-and-center global issue in a pretty short period of time.

What I learned from my Amish grandma

View image | 1. If you don’t talk about it, it never happened. I’ve always wanted to hear about how my Amish grandma met my non-Amish, motorcycle-riding grandpa in 1942 but she would never tell me.

The most compelling argument to see the Oregon Coast for yourself

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube Uncage the Soul Productions takes viewers on tour of the rugged Oregon Coast in their latest video for Travel Oregon.

What makes me so American is my Blackness.

Photo: August Brill “A powerful way to sidestep America’s reluctance to become post-racial would be for more Black Americans to become post national.” – Thomas Chatterton Williams As 2015 already seems exhausting with regards to the frequency of police brutality, I’ve been having parallel conversations with a number of friends, mostly Black, about their holiday travels.

What is your food nationality?

Featured image by amrufm.

How to piss off someone from Wyoming

Photo: David Salafia 1. Assume we’re from Jackson Hole. There’s only 550,000 Wyomingites and less than 2% of us claim Jackson Hole as our residence.

culture shocks in france

Photo: Valentin Ottone 1. Customer service is an adventure in itself. Forget the smiley waiter who tells you his name with a big grin and says he will be “taking care of you” for the evening!

Humiliate yourself in Savannah

Photo: allison 1. Fall for the tourist trap that is The Lady & Sons Just be warned that if you do decide to eat here, you’ll have to stand in a two-block-long line soaking in your own sweat and the sweat of dozens of other tourists — all for a $16 plate of sloppy buffet food that tastes like a platter of melted butter and fried pig lard seasoned with a splash of racism and a dash of homophobia.

Guide to Idaho's coolest small towns

Ketchum (Blaine County) Photo: Michael Edminster Home to the world’s first chairlift and the birthplace of Powder Magazine, ski culture runs deep in this lively mountain town of 2,700.

The Sacred Headwaters: A journey to kayak the Stikine and protect the land

The Sacred Headwaters A journey to kayak the Stikine and protect the land By Carlo Alcos The Sacred Headwaters (Klabona) is the name given by the local indigenous Tahltan people to the remote and pristine valley where three of Canada’s most important salmon rivers are born: the Stikine, Skeena, and Nass.

The future of languages is bleak

Photo: Anthony Knuppel TODAY’S 6,000 LANGUAGES MIGHT SOON BE REPLACED BY 600. While 78 percent of people speak the 85 most dominant languages in the world, only 12 percent speak the “weakest” 3,500 and, according to linguist and philosopher John McWhorter, it would only take one century for the “weakest” languages, i.e.

Surf champ gets DQd for great reason

Follow Matador on Vimeo Follow Matador on YouTube MARTIN PASSERI IS ARGENTINA’S FIVE-TIME surf champion, so when his name was called in the championships, everyone braced for the champ to win it again.

Reasons to Never Go to Oregon

You just don’t get all the hype about Oregon. Craft beer taps at gas stations? Bicycle valets? Vegan Free-Range Christmas Trees?

Which world famous traveler are you?

things Tennessee has given us

Photo: Kathleen Tyler Conklins 1. The largest treehouse in the world Crossville, Tennessee is home to The Minister’s Treehouse, which is unofficially listed by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest treehouse.

The limits of being black in Namibia

Photo: Rafael Castillo The last time I felt my skin sting under the weight of such ogling eyes, I was walking through Koh Samui burnt three shades of black by the tremendous Thai sun while juggling a sandy bundle of beach towel, Junot Diaz and coconut in my sticky paws.