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14 images that show the stunning terrain and culture of Patagonia’s Northern Fjords

WHAT MOST PEOPLE don’t realize is that Patagonia encompasses more than Subantarctic wilds like the iconic Torres del Paine National Park.

Signs you're born, raised in Manila

Photo: Jerald Guillermo 1. You use Facebook to keep up with Manila’s gangs. There’s the budol-budol gang where they hypnotize or sweet-talk their victims into giving them their valuables.

Business travel is for classholes

Photo: Gary Bembridge In James Kwak’s “Don’t Fall for First Class,” he reveals what uber-luxurious airlines experiences, like the $23,000 Singapore Airlines’ Suites Class, is actually selling: Status.

15 immortal quotes from Frida Khalo

Hacé clic para leer este artículo en español. Tambien podés darnos un “me gusta” en Facebook! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

10 places not to miss in Santiago de Chile

Photo: Juan Nosé 1. La Vega La Vega Central. Photo: Damien Moureaux Nowhere in Santiago feels more South American than La Vega.

50 British phrases you need to know

Photo: Aaron Jacobs 1. “How’s your father,” “Rumpy pumpy,” “Good rogering” Meaning: To have sex, sexual relations, get “your groove on.” 2.

What happens on a Canada work visa

Photo: Bernard Walker 1. “The minimum amount of funds required will be more than enough.” Wrong! The recommendation of $2500 dollars will be lucky to get you through three months if you don’t have a job on arrival.

22 necessities to pack for any winter adventure

Snowboarder Danny Davis at Stevens Pass, 2014. Photo: Dean Blotto Gray, via Burton Outdoor adventurer and Matador Ambassador Tucker Patton shares his packing list for staying safe, comfortable, and stoked on any winter mission.

53 ways to annoy your bartender

Photo: swilk0 1. Snack out of our fruit tray. 2. Rip your cocktail napkin up into tiny bits of confetti.

9 things Philadelphians love to hate

Photo: torbakhopperHEDEAD 1. The Dallas Cowboys Walk the streets of Philadelphia for an hour asking people what Philadelphians hates the most, and 9 out of 10 people you meet will immediately blurt out, “THE COWBOYS!

What people say when you're from NYC

Photo: David Urbanke 1. You’re from New York? Say caw-fee. I’ve gotten this one a lot. In fact, one of my closest friends from abroad used to tell people, “I have this friend named Alex from New York, and she says “caw-fee.” Many people love to hear a New York accent, and just as many love to try and mimic it (mostly with little success).

10 signs you’ve been in France too long

Photo: Christoph Leung 1. You now consider Fanny to be a perfectly normal first name. It threw you the first hundred times, but you don’t even bat an eyelid now.

20 signs you're culturally Chilean

Photo: Javier Andres Castro Flores 1. You use the diminutive form of every word. Upon arriving in Chile and hearing Chileans speak for the first time, you might come to the conclusion that everything in Chile is tiny.

The world's 10 wackiest museums

Photo of the Mustard Museum by Sandor Weisz SO YOU’VE BEEN to the Louvre and the Guggenheim and the MET.

Stunning images of Tonquin Valley

As a photographer, I love discovering places that are less well-known and off your typical tourist radar.

8 of the strangest places on Earth

Derweze, the Door to Hell. Photo: NMK Photography EARTH IS A MIGHTY BIG PLACE, and if you’re willing to strap on some snowshoes or trek through barren deserts there’s a whole lot of strangeness left out there.

Why traveling with kids is better

Photo: Siim Teller A lot of people seem to think that you can’t travel with your kids. Believe me, they are missing out.

Snowboarders kill nipple deep pow

Do you feel it? You know, the unmistakable feeling in the air that massive powder days are near? Winter’s arrived and the snow is falling in places like Colorado, Tahoe, the Tetons, and, of course, Stevens Pass, Washington where this sick episode of “Nipple Deep” was shot.

The mass murder of African elephants

Take a look at the elephant in the photo below. His name is Igor (as named at birth by Cynthia Moss of Amboseli Elephant Research).

8 things the Greenlandic hate

Photo: Nick Russill 1. Losing our jobs to the Danish Since 1814, when Danish people colonized in Nuuk, they have been moving up here.