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Belgium: Your shoe for a beer

A man walks into a bar in Belgium and the bartender says, “put your shoe in this basket.” It sounds like the start of a joke, but at least one bar in Belgium has started demanding that customers hand over one of their shoes whenever they order the house beer.

JetBlue free ticket to the sunshine

In case you haven’t heard, the weather is just miserable in Boston right now. The city is currently waiting for its fourth Nor’easter in a matter of a few weeks, which will likely dump more snow on top of the 15 inches already covering the city.

Steve the Purple Aurora

If you have ever witnessed an Aurora Borealis, you probably didn’t take a deep breath while admiring one of the great wonders of our universe and think to yourself, “now that’s a Steve.” Yet, that is what amateur Canadian scientists decided to call a new kind of Aurora in a paper that was published on Wednesday.

$156 million dropped from airplane

Picture this: It’s dark and bitterly cold — negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit, let’s say — and you’re bundled up walking through a remote city in Siberia with a flashlight.

3D-print tiny homes

With the cost of living skyrocketing in cities around the world, it’s about time someone came in with an affordable solution.

Brutal chairlift malfunction Georgia

A lift at Georgia’s Gudauri Ski Resort reportedly suffered an engine failure, resulting in a ropeway malfunction that caused lift chairs to careen backward towards the bottom turnstile at a high speed.

Free Interrail passes for teenagers

Traveling by train is a romantic way to explore the world, but when a monthly ticket to ride around Europe costs 510 EUR (630 USD) and there are cheap airlines offering deals left and right, you leave the glamour behind and choose what makes the most sense for your wallet.

Best places to enjoy spring blooms

Spring has come to the northern hemisphere. One of the sure fire ways to know winter is over is by seeing color come back into the landscape.

Volcanoes to see up close

There is something deeply hypnotic about watching a fire blazing. Anybody with a fireplace, a wood stove, or a love of campfires knows what I’m talking about — you can just sit for hours looking at the flames dancing.

Women from Pennsylvania

This year, we celebrated some of the best Pennsylvanian athletes who participated in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and some of the best food to come out of this amazing state.

Get paid to go on a road trip

Tepui, an adventure product brand which specializes in roof-top tents for automobiles, is sending 10 lucky travelers on the road this summer.

Expressions you hear in New Mexico

Yes, we may be right above Mexico and are frequently confused for being part of Mexico, but New Mexico is its own separate entity… including our language.

Signs you've gone full Australian

It’s happening. You start asking people how they’re “going.” Most of your sentences end in “eh” or “mate.” You’re fiercely loyal to either Woolies or Coles.

How to get a job and move to Ireland

On my first visit to Ireland in 2010, I fell head over heels for this country. The friendly locals, the music, the pubs, the landscapes, the beer — everything about it spoke to me.

Product hacks for digital nomads

Life as a digital nomad looks like a dream from the outside, but there are some downsides. From the frequent internet connectivity issues to having the airport lounge as your second home, the lows can often be as intense as the highs.

Female record-breakers

What does a record-breaker look like to you? Perhaps they’re tearing through the finish line in an Olympic race.

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is a bucket list experience for countless travelers. We’ve all seen the sea of green hat-wearing, Guinness-chugging people that swarm the country on its biggest national holiday.

Mouth-feeding wild hyenas

I don’t harbor some kind of death wish, although such a desire might explain why I decided to feed a wild hyena from my mouth, placing my face within easy striking distance of one of the fiercest, most dangerous predators on Earth.

What Alaskans are obsessed with

Alaska is a quirky place, and its remote location means that it has its own rules and more than a few strange obsessions.

11 ways Oxford, MS will surprise you

If you know anything about Mississippi (or college sports), your only association with the city of Oxford is probably the University of Mississippi (aka “Ole Miss”).