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TUI throws in the towel with AsiaRooms hotel booking site

The recently created TUI Group has made its first strategic move and will close the under performing AsiaRooms brand.

5 hotel distribution trends in 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

March is upon us, and as winter theoretically fades into spring, there’s still a solid bit of 2015 remaining to plan strategies and achieve goals.

Google Flights comes out of beta, but still isn’t profitable

Google Flights, the travel metasearch tool, has officially come out of beta. The Flights product now appears as an option within the Google products dropdown menu.

Oracle Micros, losing hotel connectivity market share, ties up with SiteMinder

For a couple of years now, SiteMinder, the Australia-based hotel channel manager, has been stealing market share away from Micros, the hotel technology provider recently purchased by Oracle.

Citymaps raises $6 million to fuel its Yelp/Google Maps mashup

Citymaps is a mashup of Yelp and Google/Apple Maps, spinning mobile mapping in a new direction. This direction includes large logos, which the company calls its “logo maps.” The idea is to shift the way that maps are navigated via mobile by offering engaging pictorials and not just business names.

Epteca unveils ancillary platform, Travelport with TAP and Bivest, Amadeus with Eurostar, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel DISTRIBUTION in tourism and hospitality for February 2015.

CMO of becomes CEO of brand

Paul Hennessy, the chief marketing officer (CMO) of for the past three years, will step up to become chief executive officer of the brand at the start of April, said the Priceline Group, the top online travel agency, by transactions.

Franchise hotels and the framing of online travel agencies

For more than a decade, online travel agencies such as Expedia or have been demonized by franchise chains for being too expensive.

Hyperloop – from science fiction to real engineering

SYSTEMS: Apart from the space “tourism” fantasies of a very select (and rich) few, transportation has not really changed from the car-ship-rail-aircraft model which has existed for decades.

Amadeus closes year on a high, scoping further acquisitions if price right

Gains across both distribution and the IT solutions businesses as well as mergers and acquisition activity contributed to growth for Amadeus in 2014.

WEBINAR VIDEO – How hotels can increase their revenue per guest

With the rise of millennials and technology-savvy travelers, guest expectations of hotels are evolving.

Do digital payments affect tipped wages in hospitality?

Digital payments are primed for growth, especially as Google prepares to enter the fray with its own “Google Pay” for one-tap payments via Android phones.

Move along there now, Airbnb just looking for business as usual

It must be exciting in the early days to be dubbed disruptive and gain column inches, good and bad, for every move you make.

TripAdvisor draws on acquisitions to develop latest destination tool

TripAdvisor is starting to use the assets from some of its recent acquisitions with the launch of what it calls a Neighbourhoods service.

Never mind the robots, give me a travel deal!

Digital agency BIO polled 2,000 British holidaymakers online and found that “saving money” is the most important benefit that digital technology can deliver to a traveller.

Travelport with TAP and Bivest, Amadeus with Eurostar, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel DISTRIBUTION in tourism and hospitality for February 2015.

HotelTonight tests a concierge messaging service

Mobile on-demand travel startup HotelTonight has been doing limited tests of a concierge service. A HotelTonight user was recently offered a chance to use a concierge, referred to as an HT Ace, “a.k.a., local/city host/concierge/travel assistant”.

Startup pitch: SmartCrowdz adds a marketing layer to event management

SmartCrowdz is a startup in Columbus, Ohio, creates websites and mobile apps for event managers. The founders see SmartCrowdz as a mass participation platform that can help event managers not only plan and manage activities and conferences but also market and monetize those events.

Behind the scenes of Airbnb’s impressively intricate commercial

Move over Wes Anderson, there’s a new twee game in town: it’s Airbnb‘s latest commercial, which can only be described as the world’s most intricate model train experience.

Facebook marks 2 million advertisers with native mobile app

Facebook has marked a significant milestone in its company history, logging over 2 million advertisers on Facebook for the first time.