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Time to rejoice? NDC has finally had its I’M HERE party

IATA has obviously used previous World Passenger Symposiums as a platform to advance the concept of its NDC (New Distribution Capability).

Steps to protect guest-facing apps and networks from unwanted hackers

Guest-facing apps are one of the most visible and high-profile rising trends in the hospitality sector.

Why this roll-on suitcase has a companion app for traveling

We don’t regularly cover crowdfunding campaigns here on Tnooz, as it can often be difficult to determine who is likely to succeed at building the promoted product and who may not manage completion despite the funds raised.

Why selling a startup for $20 million could better than selling it for $200 million

STARTUPS: All about the cash, right? Well, perhaps not… In a world where valuations and exits are seen through the prism of the bigger-the-better, perhaps the starry (greedy?

Web bots, scrapers and the new threat they pose to travel brands

When it comes to web bots and scrapers, travel sites are some of the most vulnerable websites on the net.

Online bookings in Japan to grow, steals share from offline

With the financial jury still out on the recovery of Japan’s economy, Euromonitor International reports that online travel is set for eye-watering levels of growth over next five years, at the expense of offline channels.

HotelsClick gets TripAdvisor, Sabre strikes HRS deal, Travelport signs CemAir, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel DISTRIBUTION in tourism and hospitality for October 2014.

Onyx Payments acquires again with purchase of Worldwide Payment Systems

Travel distributor and hotel payment processors Onyx Payments is in an acquisitive mood. The company has followed its purchase last month of Net Trans Services with an additional acquisition, buying Worldwide Payment Systems for an undisclosed sum.

Apple quietly releases best travel feature yet, the Apple SIM

In this week’s announcement, Apple released new versions of its popular-yet-struggling iPad lineup. Thinner and far more powerful, the iPad Air engineering has definitely stepped up a notch.

The how, why and where of people using devices for voice search

DEVICES: Voice technology is getting interesting. Travel and expense management companies are already finding ways to incorporate it into the user journey whether for assistance on the go or simplifying the expense process.

How hotels can hit the next wave of personalized and dynamic content

With one-to-one hotel marketing and pricing no longer just a concept, how can the industry implement it?

H-A-C-K is not a four-letter word

Well, yes, arithmetically, H-A-C-K is a 4-letter word. But, in contrast to some other 4-letter words in common vernacular, H-A-C-K is a word that represents great things for today’s technology companies, their stakeholders, their customers, and their people.

Momondo Group raises £80 million from Great Hill Partners

Big fund-raising deal alert: Momondo Group has taken a cash injection of £80 million from Boston-based Great Hill Partners.

Sabre strikes HRS deal, Travelport signs CemAir, Vayant taps up TAP, and more…

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel DISTRIBUTION in tourism and hospitality for October 2014.

Watch out, Bangalore – THack is coming back!

THack is returning to Bangalore… Get ready to code away for the chance to win your share of US$10,000 (or more) in cash and other prizes.

Google Glass blamed for user web addiction

SYSTEMS: Early lesson for the manufacturers of wearable technology – well, at least the kind that you wear on your head in the form of spectacles.

Marketing watch: TripAdvisor users contribute new video advertising for cash prize

User-generated marketing campaigns are a mixed bag – sometimes they produced magical gems that are far better than a company can produce on its own, and other times the campaigns are nothing but duds.

Travelzoo announces third quarter revenue dip

Deals publisher Travelzoo has revealed a 10% decrease year-on-year to $33.5 million in revenue for the third quarter ending September 30.

Google defends flight search – it’s hard to do it well and industry doesn’t appreciate us

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has claimed the company is still “working on it”, in a wide-ranging speech about in search in general and its flight product.

Abacus bombards market with new products driven by Sabre

Abacus International‘s commercial and corporate relationship with Sabre is giving it the impetus to take control of the Asia Pacific distribution market, while also putting both at the front of the queue as China’s travel tech market slowly opens up to foreign firms.