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Cruise secrets you're not supposed to know

A lot goes on behind closed doors on cruise ships - and some of them you might struggle to believe. Current and former cruise ship employees have revealed the shocking things you're not...

Entire country of Sweden put on Airbnb

There are some pretty quirky listings on Airbnb: an igloo in Greenland, or a converted playhouse in Germany...

The next big thing? Tombstone tourism comes to London

For most travellers, a trip to London might mean taking a walk over the London Bridge or taking a selfie in front of Big Ben.

Yes, Russia really just banned this for couples

A new law in Russia will ban live music at wedding ceremonies, among other things. Live music is big in Russian weddings, so this ban is bound to make engaged couples really angry.

Why you should avoid these three drinks when flying

Are flying off on your next holiday soon? Then watch what you drink! If you want to arrive at your destination feeling healthy and energised, this video is a must-watch.

Does this camera footage prove ghosts are real?

Is this the piece of 'haunted house' footage that will finally end the debate over the existence of ghosts and the supernatural?

Big Ben named UK's best landmark by TripAdvisor

Big Ben has been revealed as the best-rated landmark in the UK! The iconic clock has topped the list of iconic British buildings in the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Landmarks awards,...

Colin Firth applies for Italian citizenship amid Brexit worries

Colin Firth is reportedly applying for Italian citizenship because he's so worried about Brexit. The Bridget Jones' Diary star is attempting to become an official citizen of the country...

Girl attacked by sea lion treated for 'seal finger disease'

A little girl dragged from a pier into the water by a sea lion needs treatment for a rare disease, it has been reported.

Chelsea Flower Show 2017: Five things we didn't expect to see

The world's most prestigious garden event, the RHS Chelsea flower Show, opened to the crowds this week, promising thousands of floral fanatics a real treat.

French Open decision day looms for Kvitova

Petra Kvitova will announce on Friday whether she will be fit enough to play at the French Open next week.The two-time Wimbledon champion has been absent from the WTA Tour in 2017 after being the...

Cows invade Russian shopping centre

Shoppers in the Russian city of Surgut were left baffled after witnessing several cows entering a shopping complex through the parking garage.

UK city in Lonely Planet top 10 European destinations 2017

Planning a summer holiday in Europe but can't decide where to start? You're in luck - Lonely Planet just provided a major dose of travel inspiration as it unveils the top 10 best...

Eurostar launches direct service from London to Amsterdam

Eurostar are set to launch a direct service from London to Amsterdam - just in time for the Christmas markets.

Eurostar launching direct service from London to Amsterdam

Eurostar are set to launch a direct service from London to Amsterdam - just in time for the Christmas markets.

Takeaway owner falsely accused of selling human meat

Online trolls have targeted a takeaway in Birmingham - claiming the fast food outlet is selling human flesh.

Frozen planet may once have been habitable, scientists say

A frozen planet in a nearby solar system may have been warm and habitable for hundreds of millions of years, scientists believe.

Disabled man removed from plane seat due to prosthetic leg

A disabled passenger was asked to leave his exit row seat due to his prosthetic leg on an Asiana Airlines flight from Beijing, China, to Seoul in South Korea.

Baby owl clings to birdbox for dear life

The tawny owlet was 'branching', when they leave the nest before they can actually fly. Its mum seems completely oblivious as the owlet desperately battles to get upright again and...

'Dogging' and drugs force closure of UK beauty spot

A beauty spot in the West Midlands has been forced to close because of 'dogging', drugs and dog fouling.