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Flight Review: JetBlue Mint is a Refreshing Take on First Class

It’s been five years since this editor last flew JetBlue. So when faced with needing a one-way flight from JFK to LAX, it was with great pain that I made what felt like a Sophie’s Choice, and turned my back on my beloved Virgin America (and the opportunity to pile on Elevate points to my already hefty pile), to try out JetBlue’s first class offering, JetBlue Mint.

Sipping in Seattle: 'Wine Rocks' Goes Down This Week

Buzzing all Pacific Northwest locals and travelers: If you like good wine, music and giving back, head to beautiful Bell Harbor (Pier 66) on the Seattle waterfront on Thursday, July 9 for Wine Rocks.

Eat, Drink, and Be Cherry at Michigan's National Cherry Festival

Who knew the “Cherry Capital of the World” was located in Northern Michigan? Traverse City is probably best known for surprise May blizzards in Michael Moore (which is worse?

MSC Cruises Launches Summer Deal But, Like, Hurry Up

Put on your best infomercial-announcer voice and repeat after us: “Hot sale! Two weeks only! Going f-f-fast!

Qantas Introduces Virtual Reality Tour of Hamilton Island

For those of us in the Nifty Fifty in Australia's Hamilton Island is a world away. But thanks to some creative technology — and clever marketing — it might soon feel a bit closer.

Jaunted’s Research Roundup: What Science Has Discovered Lately and How It Affects Your Travel

What does science know anyway? Turns out, a lot. Jaunted’s Research Roundup is a recurring column aggregating some of the latest scientific research delving into areas of interest for today’s travelers.

No Speedboat, No Problem: Just Use This New Outdoor Toy Share Service

In 2014, consumers spent $3.61 billion on outdoors and sports toys. That’s a huge chunk of change dedicated to the fine art of having fun.

Washington: Here Are Some New Airport Eats Heading To Washington, DC

Your layover in DC just got better, as some new dining options area headed to the airports that serve America's capital.

Have You Herd? Google Sheep View Is Our New Favorite Site

Thank you, Internet. What are people doing with Google Street View? Besides, that is, nostalgically tracking the changes to your childhood home or manically searching for that McDonald’s next to a big tree and a stop sign (because you remember better by landmark than road name)?

7 Things to Know About the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog-Eating Contest

July 4th = hot dogs, amirite? And there is no finer display of hot dog consumption in this great land than the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest.

Icelandair Launches Stopover Stays in Lighthouse Hotel

If every detour were like this, we’d look to get lost a lot more often. If you’re looking for an excuse to visit Iceland — but not quite willing to commit to a dedicated trip — take note.

Diary of the Delayed: When Planes Don't Move, the Mind Wanders

I notice a lot when my plane is delayed. What I notice the most is the fact that I notice so much. Is it like that for everyone?

San Francisco: Where to Feed at San Francisco's Ferry Building

San Francisco might possibly be one of the best cities to nosh on delicious farm-to-table bites while sipping boutique wines — especially in the bay city's charming gems of neighborhoods.

Vancouver: Whale Sightings in BC? There’s An App For That

Whale watching season in the Pacific Northwest is in full swing! (Your best chance of seeing whales is from April to September.) If you find yourself in British Columbia this summer, keep an eye out for fins.

New York: JetBlue is Testing a 'Dedicated Check-in' Area For Mint and Mosaic Passengers at JFK

JetBlue made headlines this week with its new checked baggage fee (we can still hear the internet groaning about this) but the airline is also offering a new way to check in for your flight at JFK.

France to the French: 'Don't Be Too French in America'

With summer holidays in full swing, ‘tis the season for tourist advisories. But the latest to catch our eye didn't have much to do with international safety — rather, it had to do with social mores.

Prepare Your Spin-the-Bottle Skills: Here's a Summer Camp Series for Adults

Sleep away camp is way more fun as an adult — at least that's what Camp No Counselors is counting on.

San Fransisco: How to Get To (and Escape From) Alcatraz — And Why It's Worth It

For 30 years, from 1933 to 1963, this tiny island 1.5-miles off the coast of San Fransisco was a place that people never wanted to go.

Jaunted’s Cultural Tune-Up: Music to Travel To for July 2015

Jaunted’s Cultural Tune-Up is a monthly playlist-based guide for today’s music loving traveler. Each installment spotlights songs you need to hear, by artists you need to know, from places you need to visit.

Norwegian Is Launching East Coast to Caribbean Flights

Norwegian already has a rep for those affordable flights across the Atlantic, but now the carrier is looking for fame and recognition elsewhere.