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New York: Snap the Skyline: It's Manhattanhenge Weekend in NYC

How many were #caughtgramming in this shot? #manhattanhenge2015 #nyc #manhattanhenge A photo posted by Nathan K (@natenurse) on May 28, 2015 at 9:06pm PDT Just in case you happened to be around 42nd Street in New York City last evening and noticed crowds of pedestrians with their smartphones held high, seemingly looking off into the horizon, and wondered what was going's Manhattanhenge!

This Fake Ad for 'airbnb EXPRESS' is the Funniest Travel Video You'll See All Day

You know the old saying: There’s truth in jest. And perhaps never (never!) has that adage been more true than with this quick but hilarious clip that landed in our inbox, courtesy of the folks at the “digital comedy network” Above Average.

How To Not Be a Travel Douche: A Personal Tale of Encountering Awfulness

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably encountered douchey travelers. They're pretty much a fact of on-the-road life.

Bath: Gazing at Gowns at the Fashionable Fashion Museum in Bath

We’ve decided to make it our life’s work to unearth pockets of hip in cities that are not necessarily known to be hip.

New York : How To Get Last Minute Tickets To The Governors Ball

After being hailed the best festival of 2014, The Governors Ball is returning to Randall’s Island Park in NYC on June 5th-7th with a line-up that includes Friday headliners Drake, Florence + The Machine, My Morning Jacket, St.

TSA Has Been Losing Hundreds of Security Access Badges All Over The Country

There are small TSA screw-ups, like screwing up a PreCheck procedure. There are big TSA screw-ups, like publishing classified info in the dumbest way imaginable.

Anaheim: Man Buns of Disneyland is Our New Favorite Theme Park Instagram Feed

Two #manbuns spotted in front of the castle! #manbunsofdisneyland A photo posted by @manbunsofdisneyland on May 15, 2015 at 12:01pm PDT Whether you love 'em or want to cut them loose, man buns are here to stay.

'SkyMall' Is Back and OMG Take All Our Money Plz

They’re baaaaaack. Yes, that is a ‘80s “Poltergeist” reference. (What? You millennials thought the new movie is an original one?

Cold Cash: Is This Cooler Really Worth $400?

We don’t like to shop. Unless it’s for outdoor gear, which this contributor has been stockpiling to ready for a three month road trip throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

The Dude From Iron Maiden Is Relaunching This African Airline

Okay, so there's no such thing as Iron Maiden Airways — at least, not yet. (But this band-branded, big bad Boeing?

Johannesburg : Where to Learn About Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg

When we think of the country South Africa, the name Nelson Mandela is without doubt one of the first things to come to mind.

Eric Saade's New Music Video Will Make You Want to Road Trip Around Sweden

First, watch the video above. All done? So good you want to play it again? Us too… go for it. We’ll still be here.

Here's Why the Kennebunkport Festival is a Perfect Summer Getaway in New England

Pull on your critter pants and grab a cable knit sweater. (You know, just in case there’s an evening chill.) The annual Kennebunkport Festival is nearly upon us.

Killer Views: Harbor Country, Michigan

Summer season has officially kicked off in the beautiful Harbor Country in southwest Michigan, and we were there to capture the scenes.

Seattle: Some Like It Hot at Seattle Mariners' Sriracha Night

Sriracha and Major League Baseball don't have a whole lot to do with one another. Well, aside from the fact that they both boast some serious hotness.

#NewAmerican: It's Much More Than a Hashtag

If you happen to follow American Airlines on any of its social media channels, you may have noticed the ubiquitous hashtag #NewAmerican — usually accompanied by a picture of a smiling cabin crew or snaps of a flashy new Dreamliner.

Delta Wins The Internet With This Latest Safety Video

Delta has done it again with their latest safety video, and we have to say this has to be one of the best yet— maybe even better than that 1980s one.

View Points: What's the Difference Between the Zimbabwe and or Zambia Sides of Victoria Falls?

In light of the new dual visa that allows visitors to travel between Zambia and Zimbabwe on a single visa, checking out both sides of Victoria Falls is now easier than ever.

Official Proof That Disneyland Has Banned Selfie Sticks on All Rides

Last week, just before the kickoff to Disneyland's Diamond Celebration for its 60th Anniversary, the theme park officially threw down the gauntlet against controversial selfie sticks by banning the gadgets from use on rides.

TropOut, a New Gay Travel Experience, Launches With This Trip To Thailand

Around the world, equal rights for gays and lesbians continue to be won every day. (In fact, over the weekend Ireland became the latest country to legalize same-sex marriage — and the first to do so by popular vote.) But LGBT travelers must still make special considerations when traveling internationally.