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Weekend Reads: From Minibar Munchies to Itchy Expats

Travel is a 24/7/365 business, so at the end of every week we'll share stories you may have missed.

6 Quick and Quirky, DIY Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner and, if you've been traveling a lot or just plain lazy, you probably are just now trying to brainstorm costume ideas.

Florida: Horror Movie Filming Locations You've Gotta See for Yourself

Filmmakers love Florida for romantic beach scenes and car chases, but the state has been featured in plenty of scary movies, too.

The Whales on the Plane Go Splish Splash

Ever packed heavy for a trip, only to have the airline check-in agent weigh your bag with a scowl on her face?

Porto: Wish You Were Here: Porto, Portugal

View from Gaia across the Douro River to Porto Last year, we spent a week exploring Lisbon, Portugal's capital and largest city.

Brussels: Why Brussels Airlines is a Central Figure in the Ebola Panic

A Brussels Airlines A330, like the one Spencer took on his BRU-JFK flight "Freak out like it's Hurricane Sandy 2.0" - the Facebook status of a friend, after last night's news that a doctor in New York City had been diagnosed with Ebola.

Delta Begins the Long Farewell Countdown to Their 747s

The Boeing 747 is known as the Queen of the Skies, but even royalty sometimes needs to step aside for the next generation.

Fort Lauderdale: Only in South Florida: Starbucks' Special Latin-American Food Menu

Perhaps it's the imminent arrival of winter or maybe just the fact that Florida is fun, but we've had a good time rounding out what we're calling Florida Week.

FL: Travel Contest Roundup: 7 Ways to Get Yourself to Florida

We realize travel budgets may be limited, but it’s free to dream. This is where contests come into the picture, and there's always the chance that you could be the big winner—just don't forget to tell us if you are!

HotelChatter Hears Nashville is Next, VegasChatter Gets Inked

Our sis site HotelChatter does a bang-up job of covering the latest news and trends in the hotel world.

US Limits Potential Ebola Travel to Just Five Airports

We've made a sustained effort to calm you down over Ebola. As the Internet will be more than happy to explain, more Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died of Ebola.

Score an All-Expenses-Paid Trip to Help the Elephants of Thailand

If you've fantasized about traveling the world and helping wildlife without breaking the bank, DreamJobbing has the gig for you.

Fort Lauderdale: How to Go Yacht-Spotting on Fort Lauderdale's Intracoastal Waterway

The mere mention of Fort Lauderdale conjures up thoughts of sand between toes, endless beaches, and spending most of the day simply relaxing.

How to Kiss in France

Even tombstones get multiple kisses in France. Every country, and culture, has its customs. The Japanese consider tipping after meals an insult.

Oktoberfest is Over, But 5 German Beer Fests Prove the Germans Can't Stop Drinking

Mention Oktoberfest to most Germans and expect a few groans. It’s touristy, overpriced, and a poor parody of Bavarian traditions.

Buckle Up with Elijah Wood in 'The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made'

"The Most Epic Safety Video Every Made." That's actually the title of Air New Zealand's newest mini-film, just posted yesterday and coming soon to its aircraft.

Plan Now for 2015's National Park Free Admission Days

It’s never to early to start thinking about 2015, as there are trips to plan, tickets to book, and vacation days to take.

Lexington: Why Amtrak Will Be Stopping for BBQ in North Carolina

This weekend Amtrak is making an extra stop down in North Carolina, and it’s all because of a little bit of barbecue.

Reykjavik: $99 to London?! What You Need to Know About Iceland's WOW Air

Earlier this morning we breathlessly reported the news that low-cost Icelandic airline WOW Air will begin flying to the US beginning March 2015.

Florida: Help Restore Coral Reefs on Your Next Dive in the Florida Keys

The Coral Restoration Foundation now offers divers in the Florida Keys a unique opportunity to take action while doing something they love.