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Machine learning to estimate when bus and bike lanes blocked

Frustrated with vehicles blocking bus and bike lanes, Alex Bell applied some statistical methods to estimate the extent.

Bot or Not: A Twitter user classifier

Michael W. Kearney implemented a classifier for Twitter bots. It’s called botornot: Uses machine learning to classify Twitter accounts as bots or not bots.

Needle of uncertainty

The Upshot has used a needle to show shifts in their live election forecasts, because many readers don’t understand probability.

Using data to help end malnutrition

Kofi Annan for Nature on the importance of data in ending poverty and hunger: Such fine-grained insight brings tremendous responsibility to act.

One-way tickets out for homeless people

Many cities provide free bus tickets for homeless people who want to relocate. The Guardian compiled data from sixteen cities to show where thousands of people bussed to over a six-year period.

Outlier detection in R

Speaking of outliers, it’s not always obvious when and why a data point is an outlier. The Overview of Outliers package in R by Antony Unwin lets you compare methods.

What a neural network sees

Neural networks can feel like a black box, because, well, for most people they are. Supply input and a computer spits out results.

Visualizing Outliers

Step 1: Figure out why the outlier exists in the first place. Step 2: Choose from these visualization options to show the outlier.

Lottery hacking, winning millions

I always love a good lottery hacking story. Jason Fagone for The Huffington Post chronicles the winnings of Gerald and Marge Selbee, a retired couple from a small town in Michigan.

Making the Count

The 2020 Census approaches, and with budget cuts, resignations, and so much stuff up in the air, there’s cause for concern.

Sentence gradients to see the space between two sentences

In a project he calls Sentence Space, Robin Sloan implemented a neural network so that you can enter two sentences and get a gradient of the sentences in between.

Predictive policing algorithms used secretly in New Orleans

Speaking of surveillance cities, Ali Winston for The Verge reports on the relationship between Palantir and New Orleans Police Department.

Smart surveilled city

Smart home. Smart city. They have a positive ring to it, as if the place or thing will know what we want right when we need it and adjust accordingly.

All the astronauts and their spaceflights

556 people have gone to space. In an article on their changed perspectives, Jason Treat for National Geographic shows when these select few went on their travels.

[For Members] How to Make Unit Charts with Icon Images in R

Make the unit chart less abstract with icons that represent the data, or use this in place of a bar chart.

Traveling birds on a thousand-mile journey

Birds migrate to areas more hospitable, but where do they go? It depends on the bird. It depends on the time of year.

Speeding increases energy in a crash exponentially

A car moving at 70 miles per hour has to stop suddenly. Another car going 100 miles per hour also has to stop suddenly.

Beginner’s guide to visualization literacy

Mikhail Popov, a data scientist at the Wikimedia Foundation, led a workshop on visualization literacy recently.

How Long You’ll Have to Wait at a Restaurant Before You Get a Table

A waiting simulator to take out some of the guesswork. Read More

Who’s winning the medal race, depending on how you weight the medals

Every year, we look at the medal counts of each country. Who’s winning? It depends on how much value you place on each medal.