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The Best Data Visualization Projects of 2014

It's always tough to pick my favorite visualization projects. I mean, it's a challenge to pick and rank your favorite anything really.

Collection of physical visualizations

I'm pretty sure there's a ton of untapped potential in data represented physically. Maybe not in the analytical insights sense but in that fuzzy unmeasured way of feeling data somehow.

Using baseball bats to display data

When a baseball player is hitting well, commentators will sometimes say that it looks like he's hitting with a bigger bat out there.

Increasing rates of men who don’t work

Recent data from the Census Bureau suggests the rate of non-working men has increased. As more women go to work and more men stay at home to take care of the kids, you'd expect for the number of stay-at-home dads to contribute significantly to that rate.

When data gets creepy

You make and publish bits of data about yourself, intentionally and unintentionally, and it goes to the indexed public web or to companies' private black boxes.

Revealing location history via your phone’s Wi-Fi

When you have your phone's Wi-Fi turned on, even if you're not connected to anything, you broadcast the networks you've connected to, which in turn can reveal your location history.

Heartbeat during marriage proposal

The moments leading up to a marriage proposal can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Will s/he say yes?

How to Download and Use Online Data with Arduino

Before you can do anything with data, you have to get it into the application. Working with an Arduino is no different.

Physical infographics

Photographer Marion Luttenberger used physical objects and people as her visual cues in lieu of digital bars and lines.

Book genres for visualization

Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas from Google Research ran with the book metaphor for visualization in their talk at Tapestry 2014.

Data-ish physical gift things

Gift-buying season is in full swing, and it's time to get stuff for your loved ones. But, it has to be tangible, because stuff that occupies space in the physical world is how you tell someone you love him or her by that amount.

Understanding segregation with a simulation

In 1971, Nobel laureate economist Thomas Schelling proposed that a desire to have neighbors of the same race — even a small percentage — can lead to segregation.

Detailed visualization of NBA shot selection

Sports loves conditional distributions. What does Joe Billy Bob typically do against such and such team?

Player shows tremendous growth towards Godzilla

TNT described NBA player Anthony Davis' growth and accompanied the discussion with a graphic that showed a picture of Davis over the years.

Baseline matters

Sweet. I'm going to be able to save a ton of space by truncating all of my vertical axes from now on.

Make your own detailed tweet maps

Eric Fischer, known around these parts for his detailed dot maps, describes his process along with a code release.

Motion Exposure

Motion Exposure, a photography project by Stephen Orlando, captures movement patterns with light. I'm fascinated with capturing motion through time and space into a single photograph.

Map print clothing

Monochome, a new service brought to you by Rachel Binx, lets you make custom clothes printed with maps.

Serial views

Like many, I've been listening to Serial every week, but I always just listened through my podcast app.

Pie chart pyramid

This pyramid pie chart just might take the pie chart humor crown from the amount-of-pie-eaten pie chart.