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Can clear pots build drought-proof wheat ?

Growing grain in clear plastic pots may be a way to counter drought, which is expected to become more severe and more frequent worldwide.

To protect teens, don’t keep them offline

Helping teenagers deal with online risks, rather than trying to keep them offline, may be a more practical and effective way to keep them safe.

Does peer review pick the best science?

The concept of peer review is central to National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding and to science itself—journals choose articles for publication based on fellow scientists’ scrutiny.

Stigma keeps trans patients away from doctor

Discussing sexual history with a doctor can be an uncomfortable experience. But for many transgender people, the conversation never takes place.

Why it’s hard to quiet that ringing in your ears

A recording taken directly from the brain of a 50-year-old man with tinnitus is giving scientists insight into which networks are responsible for the often debilitating condition.

Well-rested flies briefly shed learning troubles

New research with flies suggests that a good night’s sleep might be vital for retaining our capacity to learn and remember.

Toxin in Botox can travel through nerves

Scientists have discovered that some of the potent toxin in Botox can escape and travel into the central nervous system.

Team uses DNA to ‘tune’ color of silver clusters

Scientists are working to create nanoscale silver clusters with unique fluorescent properties, which are important for a variety of sensing applications including biomedical imaging.

Brainy jobs can help when dementia starts early

A more intellectually demanding job may be the key to living longer after developing young-onset dementia, say researchers.

Do conformist women attract more men?

Experiments with online dating profiles suggest independent women fare better in the search for love.

Heart risks spike after 2 weeks of sugary drinks

Healthy young adults who consumed drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup for just two weeks showed increases in three key risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Tapeworm drug might stop deadly MRSA superbug

A drug approved to fight tapeworms in people may also be a powerful way to treat MRSA infections, which kill thousands of people a year in the United States alone.

NASA asked students to make space furniture

At NASA’s request, five mechanical engineering students designed and assembled a prototype table and chair for astronauts in space or for places like the moon or Mars.

Are websites that slide, zoom, and flip too fancy?

Before web developers add the newest bells and whistles to their designs, a team of researchers suggests they zoom in on the tools that click with the right users and for the right tasks.

How hell shaped early American politics

Early Americans weren’t just concerned with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, according to a new book.

Blame genes if mosquitoes like the way you smell

How likely it is that you’ll get “eaten alive” by mosquitoes may depend on your body odor genes, according to a new study with twins.

Stem cells, not surgery, may fix facial injuries

The discovery of the primary cause of a rare skull disorder in infants could help wounded soldiers, car accident victims, and others recover from disfiguring facial injuries.

3 ways to play with biotech from afar

Three special environments called biotic processing units let people interact with cells or even do simple experiments from afar.

‘Flameproof’ hawk is world’s most polluted bird

A Cooper’s hawk found in Canada may be the most polluted wild bird in the world. Researchers made the discovery while analyzing liver samples from birds of prey that were discovered either injured or dead in the Vancouver area.

Can a common cold virus lead to asthma?

Scientists have long suspected that respiratory viruses—the sort that cause common colds or bronchitis—play a critical role in chronic lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).