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Average BMI is rising in major league baseball

Major League Baseball players have become overwhelmingly overweight and obese during the last quarter century, say researchers.

Washington ‘insiders’ snub their noses at US public

Washington doesn’t think very highly of the American people, a study of 850 non-elected officials and others working in the nation’s capital concludes.

Dose of oxytocin may make men feel spiritual

The hormone oxytocin, dubbed the “love hormone” for its role in promoting social bonding, altruism, and more, may also support men’s spirituality.

Why you get thirsty before going to bed

The brain’s biological clock likely explains why we want to down a glass of water before going to sleep.

Rare flu mutation might lead to new vaccine

A rare and improbable mutation in a protein encoded by an influenza virus makes it unable to defend itself against the body’s immune system.

Have humans evolved to hunt social status?

The reproductive success of men in non-industrialized societies is closely tied to their social status, report researchers.

Ecstasy prices reveal its path from city to city

The Carolinas could be a hotspot for the trafficking and production of the drug Ecstasy, also called MDMA.

Early menopause is more than annoying

Women who experience hot flashes and night sweats earlier in life are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than women with later-onset menopausal symptoms, a new study finds.

Fungus makes mosquitoes more apt to spread malaria

A fungus that compromises the immune system of mosquitoes makes them more susceptible to spreading malaria, say researchers.

Alternatively certified teachers more likely to bail

Alternatively certified teachers bring quality and diversity to the classroom, but are more likely to leave the profession than traditionally certified teachers, according to a new study.

News portrayal of veterans less bleak than feared

Many American military veterans’ advocacy groups believe that the media portray veterans as mentally unstable or violent.

Meditation calms, even if you’re not mindful

You don’t have to be a naturally mindful person to reap the emotional benefits of meditation. When researchers recorded the brain activity of people looking at disturbing pictures immediately after meditating for the first time, the participants who weren’t mindful were able to tame their negative emotions just as well as participants who were naturally mindful.

Preschool teachers keep closer eye on black boys

Sophisticated eye-tracking technology shows that preschool teachers “show a tendency to more closely observe black students, and especially boys, when challenging behaviors are expected.” At the same time, black teachers hold black students to a higher standard of behavior than do their white counterparts, report researchers.

This crystal heals itself after cracking in two

Scientists have developed a smart crystal that can heal itself after breaking without any chemical or biological intervention.

28 years of penguin data show natural selection at work

Biologists of all stripes attest to evolution, but have debated its details since Darwin’s day. Since changes arise and take hold slowly over many generations, it’s a daunting task to track the process in real time for long-lived creatures.

To prevent chronic UTIs, don’t let E. coli hold on

Scientists have identified a potential way to prevent chronic urinary tract infections. The work points to a key protein that bacteria use to latch onto the bladder and cause UTIs.

Use your body, not WiFi, to transmit secure passwords

Sending a password or secret code over airborne radio waves like WiFi or Bluetooth means anyone can eavesdrop, including hackers.

Artifacts from schoolhouse privy hint at tribal life

A long-buried outhouse on a tribal reservation in northwestern Oregon is turning up clues to the lives of the people resettled there in 1855.

Fewer side effects with therapy for head and neck cancer

A type of radiation therapy called SBRT could come with fewer side effects for people with recurrent head and neck cancer.

Expel preschoolers or teach them social skills?

A program that trains teachers to help little kids develop social skills could be an effective way to bring down the high expulsion rate in US preschools.