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Was China home to the world’s first chickens?

Biologists have found the earliest evidence of domestic chickens in 10,000-year-old fossils from northern China.

How to turn astronaut poop into rocket fuel

A new way to make rocket fuel uses something that is usually stored and burned up on re-entry: human waste.

How selenium in broccoli may fight melanoma

The mineral selenium, which naturally occurs in foods like broccoli and garlic, appears to slow down a process that allows cancers such as melanoma, prostate cancer, and leukemia to spread.

Anxiety meds may turn teens into drug abusers

Teenagers who are prescribed anti-anxiety or sleep medications are 12 times more likely to illegally abuse them later.

Bone cells could help kids who need face surgery

Discovery of a new group of bone cells could mean some children with facial deformities won’t have to wait until they grow up to have corrective surgery.

In Beijing, weather and pollution are a deadly combo

Traffic and industrial emissions are largely responsible for severe urban haze in China, but weather also can make air pollution much worse.

MLB batting averages slump after concussions

After a concussion, Major League Baseball players don’t perform as well at bat during their first two weeks back.

Odd weather doesn’t sway climate skeptics

Many scientists believe that enough droughts, floods, and heat waves will convince climate skeptics that global warming is real.

2 in 5 teens report cyber dating abuse

Two in five teenagers have experienced cyber dating abuse in the last three months, according to a recent survey.

Was China home to the world’s first chickens?

Biologists have found the earliest evidence of domestic chickens in 10,000-year-old fossils from northern China.

Tibetans farmed ‘roof of the world’ 3,600 years ago

Humans figured out how to survive and farm year-round in the extreme, high-altitude conditions of the Tibetan Plateau about 3,600 years ago—much earlier than previously believed.

Gutsy chimpanzee moms with sons are more social

Chimpanzee mothers of sons are about 25 percent more social than the mothers of daughters, despite the dangers of hanging out with aggressive males.

This streaky little bird is brand new to science

Fifteen years after an elusive new bird was spotted on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, a team of scientists confirms the discovery.

Dying for more sleep? How insomnia may kill you

A 40-year study shows that people who suffer from chronic insomnia face a higher risk of dying. Insomnia—difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early—is a common medical complaint that affects about 20 percent of adults in the United States.

Hummingbirds and bugs share flight ‘tricks’

A tiny hummingbird hovering at one flower and then darting to another is an amazing sight. How do they do it?

Bee brain hints at how we make memories

Researchers studying honey bees have found that genes switch off as memories are being formed, allowing for new connections between nerve cells.

Fewer suicide attempts after talk therapy

People who attempt suicide then undergo counseling are less likely to try again. In fact, short-term counseling after a failed suicide cut repeat attempts and deaths by roughly a quarter.

Gene may drive schizophrenia by stunting ‘branches’

Too much protein expressed by a gene associated with schizophrenia causes faulty connections between nerve cells and keeps them from branching out and communicating with each other, according to a new study with rats.

‘Weird’ microbes could hold key to drug-resistance

One of the most mysterious forms of life, Archaea, could be a rich and untapped source of antibacterial drugs.

Blood vessels relax when they ‘see’ the light

Light can prod blood vessels to relax, a discovery that came about almost accidentally when researchers moved some gear into a room with motion-triggered lights.