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"Bombogenesis": Watch as a Storm in the North Atlantic Explodes into a Powerful Cyclone Want to cook up a nice meteorological stew called "bombogenesis" (otherwise known as explosive growth of an extratropical cyclone)?

Seen From Space: High Winds Kick up Big Dust Storm in Nevada and California

Last week I shared a dramatic animation showing a massive sand storm sweeping across the Arabian Peninsula and across the sea to India and Pakistan.

Winter Postcard from Antarctica: A Green Auroral Lightning Bolt From the Blue

A green lightning bolt zapping a British habitation module on Mars? Well, of course not. It's actually a display of the aurora australis setting the winter sky on fire above the Halley Research Station in Antarctica.

Odds of El Niño Continuing Through Summer Upped to 70%

In its monthly update, the U.S. Climate Prediction Center today said the odds of El Niño continuing into Northern Hemisphere summer have increased to 70 percent.

New Record Low for Arctic Sea Ice, Plus More Sobering News About Western U.S. Snowpack

The extent of Arctic sea ice in March hit a record low for the month in the satellite era, according to the latest update from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Watch as a Massive Sandstorm Sweeps Across a Region Nearly as Large as the Contiguous United States

It began relatively modestly as a few plumes of sand blowing out of the northwestern portion of the Arabian Peninsula.

North of Drought-Plagued California, Snowpack in the Cascades is at Record Lows Too

The news out of California this past Wednesday was so grim that it once again grabbed headlines away from another region that is suffering too.

Here We Go Again... Super Typhoon Maysak Swirls in the Overheated Pacific Ocean — And it Just Set a Record

Micronesia's Caroline Islands have been taking a beating today from Category 5 Super Typhoon Maysak. As of 2 p.m.

Watch the West's Snowpack Shrink Dramatically Right Before Your Eyes in Striking Satellite Image Animations

On March 18th, I posted a story about the other big drought story you need to pay attention to — not the one in California, which has been garnering most of the headlines but the one that has been afflicting the Colorado River Basin.

Antarctic Ice Shelves are Thinning Rapidly — and the Losses are Accelerating in West Antarctica

Yesterday, I posted a story about the Halley Research Station on Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf. I titled it a "Winter Postcard from Antarctica," and it included photos and comments about life at the station from Tom Welsh, the wintertime manager there.

As Seen From Space: Russian Volcano Throws A Tantrum

Shiveluch is at it again. The volcano — one of the largest and most active on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula — erupted yesterday, belching a giant plume of ash high into the atmosphere.

Winter Postcard From Antarctica: Life on Ice at the British Halley Research Station

Back in February, I stumbled across a Tweet about a 'not so nice day' at the British Halley Research Station in Antarctica.

Pic of the Day: Flying Saucers Shoot Death Rays Over Colorado?

The clouds and dramatic light rays that formed at sunset yesterday just east of where I live here in Colorado sure did look like an alien invasion had begun.

It's Now Official: Arctic Sea Ice Sets a New Winter Low In early March, I wrote that Arctic sea ice appeared to be heading toward a new record: the lowest maximum winter extent for Arctic sea ice in the satellite era.

The Other Big Drought Story You Need to Pay Attention To

With California's scary, record-breaking drought capturing so much attention lately, an important bit of news about the dearth of water across a much larger region has gotten short shrift.

WATCH: The Solar Eruptions That Caused Today's Spectacular St. Patrick's Day Auroras

Curtains of hyper-luminous green, white, purple and red light glittered in the skies around the world today as a result of a severe geomagnetic storm caused by two massive explosions on the Sun.

Month of February, as Well as This Past Winter, Were Second Warmest on Record Globally

Even as half of the United States shivered, exceedingly warm temperatures in most other places pushed winter temperatures globally to their second highest on record, according to figures just released by NASA.

Monster Flare Explodes From the Sun With Energy of Millions of H-Bombs

The first monster solar flare of the year exploded from the Sun today, causing disruption to radio communications here on Earth for a time.

Watch Not One But TWO Huge Hurricane Strength Storms Swirling in the North Atlantic

Back on Feb. 24th, I posted a video based on satellite data showing a low pressure system in the North Atlantic evolving into a hurricane-force storm.

Arctic Sea Ice Could be Heading for a New Low

In the ten days between February 25th and March 7th, swaths of sea ice floating across an area of the Arctic the size of Washington state simply vanished.