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Here's what real science says about the role of CO2 as Earth's preeminent climatic thermostat

Whenever I post something here at ImaGeo involving climate change, it's a good bet that I'll get a spectrum of critical responses in the comments section.

Say what? This is the storm-tossed north pole of Jupiter?

NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter has produced some wild imagery of the giant planet, showing massive swirling cyclones with a 3D effect When I first glanced at the image above, I thought I was looking at the surface of the Sun.

Permafrost in coldest Arctic areas will melt faster than thought, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases

No, calamity is not imminent. But new findings offer worrisome insights into the ongoing transformation of the Arctic—and our planet.

eARTh: A portrait of our planet painted with photons

When I first saw this beautiful remote sensing image, I couldn't help but feel that I was looking at a painting by an abstract expressionist.

Snowpack declines in the western U.S. are comparable to all of the water stored the West's largest reservoir

Thanks in large measure to warming temperatures, the average snowpack in U.S. western states has dropped by 15 to 30 percent since 1915.

In satellite imagery, the dangerous nor'easter battering the U.S. East Coast is a beastly beauty of a storm

A nor'easter with winds ranging up to hurricane strength is causing misery along much of the U.S. East Coast today.

WATCH: Heavy flooding stretching from Indiana to Mississippi, as seen in satellite imagery

As February was drawing to a close, heavy rains and melting snow led to extensive flooding in the central and southern United States that was easily visible to orbiting satellites.

Freakishly warm air has again surged over the North Pole, and sea ice is breaking up north of Greenland — in winter

Meanwhile, frigid polar air has spilled south into Eurasia and western North America. Is there a connection to human-caused warming?

Fishing activities take up four times as much area as agriculture—and can now be monitored in real time

The global footprint of fishing is even bigger than expected. But a novel monitoring tool could help put it on a more sustainable path.

Watch: Not just one but TWO hurricane-force storms swirling in the North Atlantic Ocean

In recent days, two powerful storms packing hurricane-force winds have spun up in the North Atlantic.

Rather than growing like it should in winter, sea ice off Alaska has been shrinking dramatically

Meanwhile, ice losses elsewhere allowed a Russian tanker to make the first winter crossing of the Arctic — without an icebreaker The Bering Sea off Alaska's west coast has just experienced a shocking loss of ice over a 10-day period — in winter.

As Trump seeks climate funding cuts, new findings and the U.S. intelligence community highlight serious climate risks

New research suggests that large parts of the world are headed for record-breaking extreme weather events.

A NASA satellite spotted this strangely prominent pattern of long, sinuous clouds over the Pacific

The conspiracy-minded will shout "chemtrails." Of course that's nonsense. But just what is creating these clouds?

Does this giant blob of warm water moving deep within the Pacific Ocean herald the end of La Niña?

La Niña is still with us and influencing drought and other weather patterns in the United States and elsewhere.

Sea ice just set another record low—in winter—offering new evidence that the era of the 'New Arctic' is here

And what's happening in the New Arctic is not staying there Another month, yet another record low for Arctic sea ice extent in a warming world.

The Naked Sun — Where Have All Its Spots Gone?

The Sun recently decided to go naked for awhile, as is evident from this image acquired by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Warm temperatures plus a lack of precipitation have taken a very heavy toll on snowpack in most of the western U.S.

Thanks especially to warm temperatures, plus a lack of precipitation, the snowpack in most of the Western United States is in bad shape right now — nowhere worse than in California's Sierra Nevada range.

Both an F-18 fighter pilot and satellites spied this cool swirling vortex of clouds off the Southern California coast

Check out this image captured Thursday by NASA's Aqua satellite. See that swirling vortex, complete with a clear eye?

Polar bears filmed themselves while hunting seals on sea ice, revealing why they are so at risk from global warming

As with our planet as a whole, if you want to know the fate of polar bears in a warming world, you need to follow the energy.

Last year was downright biblical when it came to weather and climate disasters — particularly in the United States

I'm a bit late to this story, but it's significant enough that I didn't want to let it pass by without posting something about it.