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With three presidential debates in the can, the loser is...

Earth was hardly mentioned, and that means the loser is actually . . . us The pundits will no doubt be yammering on for days about who won and who lost the final U.S.

Watch Super Typhoon Haima cut toward the Philippines in this incredible animation of satellite images

In just a matter of hours, Super Typhoon Haima is forecast to cut viciously into the northeastern coast of Luzon in the Philippines.

Arctic sea ice trends near a record low for this time of year

After tying for second lowest extent in September, Arctic sea ice began expanding rapidly. But that has turned around dramatically in October.

The heat streak goes on: NASA finds that last month was the warmest September on record

With that in mind, I have an urgent request for Chris Wallace, moderator of the next debate: please ask Donald Trump about climate change Although it is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity, climate change has barely figured in the past two presidential debates.

Is La Niña rising from the dead?

Written off last month as all but a goner, La Niña — El Niño's cool opposite — now seems to be stirring again in the Pacific, albeit weakly.

Stunning satellite image shows the powerful Ides of October Storm lit up by moonlight and plowing toward land

As I'm writing this on the afternoon of Saturday, October 15th, the powerful Ides of October Storm is bearing down on the Pacific Northwest, threatening strong winds, high seas, major storm surges, and coastal flooding, starting soon and continuing into the nighttime hours.

The 'Ides of October Storm' is gathering strength and charging toward the Pacific Northwest

Even as a vigorous Pacific frontal system is moving through western Washington today, the remnants of Pacific Typhoon Songda are pulling together into an even stronger storm and charging headlong toward the region.

Smoke from raging Russian wildfires blew thousands of miles to the east, reaching out over the Pacific Ocean

Toward the end of September, wildfires raging near Russia's Lake Baikal lofted thick clouds of smoke that cast a pall over a huge region.

Florida's Governor: If you need to evacuate and haven't, Hurricane Matthew "will kill you"

Here is some of the latest remote sensing images of a storm that now poses an extreme risk to the United States Hurricane Matthew is churning through the Bahamas this morning and is expected to approach Florida later today as a potentially catastrophic Category 4 hurricane.

Hurricane Matthew poses an extreme threat to Florida — and could even loop back to pummel the state twice

After getting torn up a bit as it passed over the mountains of Haiti and eastern Cuba, Hurricane Matthew reorganized today and began pummeling the Bahamas.

After exploding on Friday, Hurricane Matthew has weakened a bit, but it still remains a ferocious Category 4 storm

Matthew defied the forecasts, intensifying with shocking speed. The storm now poses a threat to Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba.

Eerily beautiful images captured 10 years apart reveal the Sun's shocking split personality

Here at ImaGeo, I love posting big, beautiful images of the Sun in all its fiery glory. So when I saw the composite of two images above, there was just no way I could resist — and not just because the colors and patterns are so dang pretty.

California's wildfire woes rage on

Even as the costliest wildfire to fight in U.S. history nears containment, a new, dangerous blaze has ignited I knew something bad was up when a Facebook friend posted this yesterday: Oh joy!

The trail of post-debate, fact-checking breadcrumbs reveals multiple falsehoods put forward by Donald Trump

Last night's climate claim was just one of many going back years. Others include falsehoods on energy, China and climate change, and drought in California.

With no La Niña to help cool Earth's fever, last month shattered the mark for warmest August on record

The heat goes on. And on. According to data released yesterday by NASA, last month was the warmest August on record.

This past July was the hottest of 1,639 months on record

July 2016 also was the 379th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th century average Even though the El Niño warming episode is over, Earth's heat streak is continuing. Big time.

As a giant cruise ship prepares to set sail, the fabled — and treacherous — Northwest Passage is nearly ice free

The 1,070 passengers scheduled to sail aboard the Crystal Serenity have global warming to thank for shrinking Arctic sea ice The largest cruise ship ever to attempt a complete transit of the usually ice-choked waters of the famed Northwest Passage is just days away from weighing anchor.

Prominent global warming doubter says there was a "hit list" apparently targeting climate scientists

In a comment on an August 3rd post at the Wattsupwiththat website, Patrick J. Michaels of the conservative Cato Institute said that there has been a "hit list" apparently targeting climate scientists, and that he had influence over who was on it.

First, a big chunk of the Sun seemingly goes missing; then a satellite sees a Sun-grazing comet plunge to its death

All the action was captured live and in color by spacecraft. Here's what it looked like — and what's going on.

Seen from space: eight days of a blazing California wildfire

The Soberanes Fire has scorched an area twice as large as Manhattan. Watch nearly its full duration so far in this animation of satellite images.