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Stunning Before and After Photographs Show the Impact of Global Warming on Greenland's Glaciers

I love NASA's Earth Observatory so much that I check in with it every day knowing I'll be rewarded with a visual treat about the Earth. But I'm a journalist, which means I have an urge to try to break news first. That includes beating the folks at EO to big, visual, Earth and environmental sciences stories (which I'm proud to say I've done from time to time).

Global Average Temperature Cools a Bit in November, But No Pause in Global Warming — And There Never Was One

This past November was the ninth warmest globally in a record extending back to 1880, according to data released today by NASA.

News Media #Fail: Storms DID Ease California's Historic Drought. But Erasing it Could Take Years

If you've been following news reports about California's epic drought in the aftermath of the recent storms there, it would be understandable if you've found yourself perplexed.

The Sun's Colossal Glowing Loops, Up Close and Personal

The gargantuan glowing loops that quiver and dance at the Sun's surface are absolutely mesmerizing. If you've never seen them up close and personal, make sure to check out the videos a little lower down in this post.

Pineapple Express Drenches California, Further Easing the Worst Drought in 1,200 Years

The fierce storm now battering Northern California is bringing welcome rain and snow to a state experiencing what may well be its worst drought in 1,200 years.

As Hagupit Weakens, Activists Hype Climate Connection

Please don't misread my headline. I'm not suggesting that I doubt the seriousness of the challenges posed by climate change — particularly for developing nations — and the pressing need to act.

Sun Develops Gigantic Hole Fifty Times Larger than Earth

Not to worry! As many of you may know, a gigantic hole in the Sun's atmosphere is not terribly unusual.

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Not Collapsed, But New Findings are Concerning. Do they Indicate a 'Climate Crisis'?

| Udpate: I've been asking some scientists what they think about characterizing the climate as being in "crisis," as well as other issues I raise below.

Super Typhoon Hagupit Aims for the Philippine Islands, Threatening the Region Devastated by Hayan

Typhoon Hagupit swirls to the east of the Philippine Islands in this image captured by NASA’s Terra satellite on Thursday, Dec.

A Gusher of Moisture Hoses California. Is El Niño Here?

Parts of drought-plagued California got hosed by a gusher of moisture streaming up from the tropics on Tuesday.

Weak Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends, Continuing Incredible Lull in Major Landfalling Storms in U.S.

Alexander Gerst, an astronaut with the European Space Agency, took this photo of Hurricane Edouard from the International Space Station in mid-September, 2014.

Satellite Spies Gargantuan Sunspots that Could Launch Solar Explosions Toward Earth

A composite of images captured by Japan’s Hinode spacecraft shows the evolution of massive sunspots during two weeks in October, 2014.

Dramatic Growth of Australian Bushfire as Seen from Space

An animation of images acquired by NASA’s Aqua and Terra satellites shows the growth of an Australian bushfire in the state of Queensland between Oct.

Stunning New Satellite Image of Brutal Lake Effect Snow

A GOES weather satellite captured this image of Lake effect snow streaming across and downwind of the Great Lakes on Nov.

Totally Insane! Buffalo Suburbs May Have Set a Record for 24-Hour Snowfall in a Populated Area

NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this view of clouds streaming across Lake Erie toward Buffalo and Erie County, New York on Tuesday— where they dumped gargantuan amounts of snow.

Both Beautiful and Disturbing, a New NASA Visualization Shows Carbon Dioxide Emissions Swirling Around the World

The following is a guest post from Paul McDivitt, a second-year master’s student studying journalism and mass communication research at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

October in a Tie As Warmest on Record. But What About that Global Warming Hiatus?

The weekly evolution of sea surface temperatures is seen in this animation of images from the start of 2014 through the week of November 5th.

Captured on Camera: Philae’s Big Bounce Off Comet Surface

A mosaic of images captured by Rosetta’s OSIRIS camera over a 30 minute period shows the Philae lander drifting above the surface of Comet 67P as it descended, and then making a big bounce after its first touchdown.

Philae’s Landing: Two Relatively Small Bounces for a Spacecraft, One Giant Leap for Humankind

A two-image mosaic captured by Rosetta’s lander, Philae, on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

History is Made: Philae Has Made First-Ever Soft Landing on a Comet

An animation of three images captured by the Rosetta spacecraft on Nov. 12, 2014 showing Philae as it departed for its landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.