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Something really crazy is happening in the Arctic

At a time when sea ice should be expanding, it's actually shrinking Sea ice in the Arctic has been trending at record low levels since the third week of October — and now, something really crazy is happening up there.

2016 on track to smash record for warmest year globally

"No surprise here, planetary warming does not care about the election" The heat streak continues, with October 2016 coming in as second warmest such month on record, according to the latest monthly update from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Smoke from a siege of wildfires spreading across the southeastern U.S. is easily seen from orbit

Spurred on by intensifying drought, wildfires continue to spread across portions of the southern United States, sending up palls of smoke that are easily visible from orbit.

She's back! La Niña conditions take hold in the Pacific

But will La Niña last for long? After much anticipation, La Niña is finally here. During October and now into November, cooler than normal sea surface temperatures indicative of this weather-altering phenomenon have been stretching across most of the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Middle school students help produce a spectacular work of Earth art, thanks to Sally Ride's EarthKAM project

Middle school children programmed a camera on the International Space Station to capture this stunningly beautiful photograph of the Sahara in Libya.

Dear President-Elect Trump: Climate change is not a hoax. Please consider this: It's raining near the North Pole.

A postcard to the incoming president Dear President-Elect Trump: You've said publicly that climate change is a "hoax," and that the concept "was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S.

Watch intense rivers of atmospheric moisture spray the Pacific Northwest like a firehose

In recent weeks, atmospheric rivers have also helped ease the drought in Northern California. During this past weekend and into Monday of this week, parts of British Columbia were hosed with copious, flood-inducing precipitation, thanks to at least two so-called 'atmospheric rivers' originating far to the south and west.

The Arctic, as you've never seen it: beautiful and in distress

NASA has published a spectacular image mosaic of the Arctic — just as sea ice extent in the region was reaching yet another record low.

Human-caused global warming contributed strongly to record 'snow drought' across the westernmost U.S. in 2015

In the Northwest, an infamous feature called "The Blob" also contributed to snow-shriveling temps, but not so much in California Exceptionally high temperatures, partly resulting from humankind's influence on the climate, was the primary cause of record-low snowpack — a "snow drought" — in the westernmost United States last year.

Arctic sea ice extent is trending at record low levels

Meanwhile, in far northern Greenland — where the Sun has set and will not return for more than 100 days — ice is melting Arctic sea ice continues to be in trouble.

October has been dramatically warm and dry in much of the United States — and relief is not yet in sight

October has continued a streak of remarkably warm and dry weather across large portions the United States.

Scientists snare their first ever observations of a solar wave erupting upward from a sunspot

The findings may help explain a deep and abiding solar mystery Solar scientists have a problem: They haven't been able to fully explain why the Sun's atmosphere is about 100 times hotter than its surface.

With three presidential debates in the can, the loser is...

Earth was hardly mentioned, and that means the loser is actually . . . us The pundits will no doubt be yammering on for days about who won and who lost the final U.S.

Watch Super Typhoon Haima cut toward the Philippines in this incredible animation of satellite images

In just a matter of hours, Super Typhoon Haima is forecast to cut viciously into the northeastern coast of Luzon in the Philippines.

Arctic sea ice trends near a record low for this time of year

After tying for second lowest extent in September, Arctic sea ice began expanding rapidly. But that has turned around dramatically in October.

The heat streak goes on: NASA finds that last month was the warmest September on record

With that in mind, I have an urgent request for Chris Wallace, moderator of the next debate: please ask Donald Trump about climate change Although it is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity, climate change has barely figured in the past two presidential debates.

Is La Niña rising from the dead?

Written off last month as all but a goner, La Niña — El Niño's cool opposite — now seems to be stirring again in the Pacific, albeit weakly.

Stunning satellite image shows the powerful Ides of October Storm lit up by moonlight and plowing toward land

As I'm writing this on the afternoon of Saturday, October 15th, the powerful Ides of October Storm is bearing down on the Pacific Northwest, threatening strong winds, high seas, major storm surges, and coastal flooding, starting soon and continuing into the nighttime hours.

The 'Ides of October Storm' is gathering strength and charging toward the Pacific Northwest

Even as a vigorous Pacific frontal system is moving through western Washington today, the remnants of Pacific Typhoon Songda are pulling together into an even stronger storm and charging headlong toward the region.

Smoke from raging Russian wildfires blew thousands of miles to the east, reaching out over the Pacific Ocean

Toward the end of September, wildfires raging near Russia's Lake Baikal lofted thick clouds of smoke that cast a pall over a huge region.