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Massive, 'Dead' Galaxy Puzzles Astronomers

Objects in the distant universe appear small and difficult to see – unless they’re sitting behind a cosmic magnifying glass.

Why Do Bird Eggs Come in So Many Shapes?

When something is described as egg-shaped, the ubiquitous hen’s egg typically comes to mind. But for birds, eggs come in myriad shapes: owl eggs look like ping-pong balls, hummingbird eggs are shaped like jelly beans, swift eggs are pointed at one end like a pear.

A Better Touch Screen, Inspired by Moth Eyes

Moth eyes and lotus leaves may be important to the future of touch screens. Researchers from the University of Central Florida and National Taiwan University designed an anti-reflective coating that was inspired by moth eyes.

Physicists Tackle the Wobbly Suitcase Problem

Rolling luggage is both a blessing and a curse for hurried travelers. While we no longer need gym-toned biceps to heft our sundries through the airport, the slightest misstep can send a two-wheeled suitcase rocking and spinning into an uncontrollable disaster.

Persistent, Deadly Heat at the Equator Could Be the Norm by 2100

Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona, the temperature kept some planes grounded. Phoenix was projected to reach of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a near-record for the desert city, and hot enough that small planes cannot generate enough lift to fly.

Kepler's Final Crop of Promising Exoplanet Discoveries

The newest Kepler catalog draws out 219 new planetary candidates and infers that 10 of them may be habitable — doubling the number of planetary candidates in the habitable zone of their star.

The Human Project Aims to Track Every Aspect of Life

If you smoke cigarettes, you're putting yourself at a heightened risk for heart disease. That correlation is well-known and unchallenged today, but that wasn't always so.

Australian Scientists Dredged the Deep Seafloor — Here's What they Found

In a dark world of crushing pressures and barren landscapes, creatures we've never seen before, and, likely, couldn't even imagine, are swimming.

Bendable, Stretchable Batteries Provide a Jump Start for Wearable Tech

Incorporating electronic components into everything we wear is the fashion trend of the future. But those LEDs, health sensors, heaters and whatever else we’ll come up with all need energy.

Large-Scale, Unhackable Communication Networks Are Within Reach

Veering from the path of their counterparts at other institutions, researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany say they've found an easier path toward large-scale, unhackable communication networks.

Microsoft AI Notches the Highest 'Ms. Pac-Man' Score Possible

A Microsoft artificial intelligence has achieved the ultimate high score in Ms. Pac-Man, maxing out the counter at just under a million points.

Surviving the Hunt: Female Elk Get Sneakier With Age

Cougars, wolves, and bears (oh my!) all scour the landscape of Western Canada, ready to take out an elk if the opportunity arises.

Flatworm Travels to Space With One Head, Comes Back With Two

Researchers have been sending animals to space for decades, and the growing roster includes everything from dogs and monkeys to scorpions and jellyfish.

Alien Life Could Easily Planet Hop in This Tantalizing Solar System

If we detect alien life on a planet in the TRAPPIST solar system, there’s a chance they’ve already spread to one or more of the other six planets orbiting this ultra-cool, ultra-tiny star some 40 light-years away.

As We Age, Friends Can Trump Family Ties

The importance of family relationships to happiness is pretty much viewed as a given. Blood relationships come with a closeness not found elsewhere in social relationships.

A Rare Genetic Mutation Reveals Secrets of the Common Cold

A rare mutation that nearly killed a young girl has revealed insights into the common cold. Researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases conducted a genetic analysis of a child who had been laid low by repeated bouts of rhinovirus (the virus that causes colds) and influenza infections severe enough to place her on life support.

Drone and 360-Degree Video Tech Showcases Aquaculture in Tanzania

SecondMuse, an agency that collaborates with organizations to help solve complex problems, looked to the latest drone and 360 video technologies to help showcase aquaculture — the farming of aquatic life-forms — in Tanzania.

Blustery Winds Push European Energy Prices...Negative

Recent weather conditions in Europe have been a boon to the renewable energy grid there, pushing prices briefly negative overnight as high winds forced turbines into overdrive.

Aliens, Comets or Crap? What’s Going On With The Wow! Signal?

In 1977, Ohio State University math professor Jerry Ehman walked into the Big Ear Observatory and looked over the past few nights’ observations.

For the First Time, Astronomers Measure the Mass of A Star Using General Relativity

For the first time, astronomers have measured the mass of a star by observing the way its mass deforms light passing by it.