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Resurrection's Most Awkward Family Dinner Has 3 Generations of the Dead

Take a back seat, mystery of why people are returning, we have got to sit through a dinner that is the exact opposite of getting "closure." Plus, Grandma?

The Advice on the Avengers' Motivational Posters Is a Little Warped

This the most useful advice about getting a man's heart I've ever seen. I imagine Tony Stark thinks these are brilliant PR.

Thank the Ebola Outbreak, Ridley Scott Will Finally Make The Hot Zone

Ridley Scott and Lynda Obst have had the rights to adapt Richard Preston's nonfiction best-seller The Hot Zone for two decades.

The Nopest Cat Is Here for All Your Gif Needs

This is Momotaro, a cat whose documented response to unwanted food is a universal expression of "No. No.

Here's The Easiest Way To Move Furniture Into A 12th Floor Apartment

In South Korea, moving companies rely on what looks like a pretty ingenious technique for moving furniture into high-rise apartments.

Aerial Drone Footage Of Killer Whales Is The First Of Its Kind

Earlier this year, researchers came together to investigate the health and habits of killer whales using a custom-built, remotely operated hexacopter.

Martian Robots Brace For Close Encounter With Comet Siding Spring

Mars is all set to protect its beloved robots as comet Siding Spring charges past today spewing dust and gas during its close approach to the Red Planet .

Dysprosody: When You Can't Stress Words or You Can't Stress Words

What's the difference between telling people they shouldn't do something and telling them they shouldn't do something?

This Truculent Duck Evolved The Bodily Equivalent Of Brass Knuckles

Everyone, meet the steamer duck. The steamer duck is one bad mother. See those orange nubbins on its wings?

This Year, Doctor Who is Built Around A Character Arc, And That's Major

Tonight's episode clinches it: Doctor Who is doing a much more ambitious character arc than it's done in years, even as the show's "mystery" storytelling is drastically scaled back.

Understanding Power Dynamics In The Silence Of The Lambs

Tony Zhou is back with another excellent episode of Every Frame a Painting (previously here and here ).

Watch The Expletive-Laden Teaser For Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD

The first trailer for the documentary on the making of iconic British comic 2000 AD just landed, and it's a profanity-ridden masterpiece.

It's Official: We're In Love With Legend Of Korra's New Antagonist

One of our biggest wishes for Legend of Korra Book 4 was that Kuvira, who is forcibly reuniting the Earth Kingdom, would be, if not a sympathetic antagonist, at least a relatable one.

To Open This Ingenious Lock You'll Need A Flexible Key

You may have heard it said that there's no such thing as an unpickable lock. That may be true – but this innovative lock assembly just bested one of the Internet's most famous lock-pickers.

Don’t Get Too Excited – No One Has Cracked Nuclear Fusion Yet

Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin's announcement this week that it could make small-scale nuclear fusion power a reality in the next decade has understandably generated excitement in the media.

Alternate Supernatural Eureka

Since the mention of Sheriff Carter's actor Colin Ferguson dealing with vampires , the idea of an alternate Eureka where the supernatural instead of super science was the norm has been stuck in my head.

Everyone is amazed by Sailor Venus on this week's Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Venus makes her grand début on Sailor Moon Crystal! Unfortunately, everyone is so amazed by Minako's amazing amazingness that they kinda forgot to bring a plot with them this week.

A Single Breakthrough That Could Cut Costs on Solar Energy by 25%

Costs on solar are coming down steeply, and now they're about to get even cheaper. A group of chemists at Ohio State University have invented a solar panel that stores energy without an external battery.

Is This UFO Commuting Between Canada and Peru?

This terrifying, greenish UFO appeared hovering over Montréal last week, right in the middle of an evening newscast.

What If You Had To Keep Paying A Life Support Machine To Stay Alive?

This short proof-of-concept film takes aim at for-profit healthcare. A woman copes with a terminal illness while a machine keeps her alive.