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Listen to this Jumping Spider Make Noises Like a Motorcycle

Like many animals, jumping spiders participate in mating rituals that involve dancing and singing. But the spider's song is sung using vibrations created by precise, varied leg movements — and it sounds just like a roaring motor.

New Yorker Reminds You To Keep Installing The Patches For Your Bible

If the Bible was a piece of software, the constant version updates and theological revisions would probably result in something as buggy as heck.

Sharks And Cats Combine To Form The Most Adorably Terrifying Creatures

On the list of questions we've never thought to ask ourselves is what kind of critter you'd get if you crossed cats with various species of sharks.

Here's The Perfect Dock for Your Enchanted Vessel

She thought her troubles would be over after she rigged her old houseboat up with a levitate spell. But she hadn't considered the fact that every boat, even one that floats on air, still needs a port.

Vampire Diaries Finally Acquires A Plot... And It's A Pretty Decent One

Only eight episodes into the season, The Vampire Diaries has finally spun up its might plot engine to give us some actual stakes, beyond just whether Damon and Elena will be together.

Can A Terrible Book Make A Great Movie?

A great book doesn't necessarily make for a great movie, but can a great movie come from a not-so-great book?

Why Doesn't Robert Wise Get More Props As A Science Fiction Director?

When people talk about the great directors in science fiction, names like Kubrick and Spielberg get bandied about...

The ESA Is Homing In On Philae's Final Resting Place

After bouncing around Comet 67P late last week, the Philae lander eventually settled far from its intended site.

Warren Ellis' Global Frequency Is Getting A TV Pilot—Once Again

Back in 2005, Warren Ellis' comic book series Global Frequency was adapted as a television pilot, but wasn't picked up for a full series.

This Panda Understands What Is Best in Life

When asked what is best in life, this giant panda at the Toronto Zoo had a good answer: To crush the snow, to see it driven before you as you slide down a hill, and to hear the chompy noises of bamboo being eaten.

Video Proof That We Must Restore The Original Battlestar Galactica

What would the original Batttlestar Galactica series look like if it was remastered, and rereleased? It would look a lot like this, and this is awesome.

Come party with us!

Come party with us! If you're in San Francisco on Tues. Dec. 2, we wanna meet you. io9 is having a meet-up at Borderlands Cafe @ 870 Valencia, from 6 to 8 PM.

A Change In Congress Has Increased The Chances Of A Europa Mission

Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) is now chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee for Commerce, Justice, and Science.

Here's What It Really Looks Like When Birds Attack

Nothing embodies the beauty of the hunt more than a bird attacking its prey. Here is some of the most incredible footage ever captured of what happens when these predators attack.

When Two Universes Collide, A Man Meets His Dream Girl's Exact Double

One day, our universe starts to merge with an alternate universe and gradually, duplicate versions of every human being on Earth start to appear.

Which Mutineer Or Traitor Actually Had A Valid Point?

Nobody likes a turncoat. When somebody abandons their friends and becomes an enemy, we always assume they're a monster.

Is Economics The Most Misogynist Of The Sciences?

Economists routinely get away with saying things that would be considered outrageously misogynist in other contexts.

The Biggest Myth About Household Pets, Debunked

Do you own a hypoallergenic dog? I thought I did, too* – but surprise! Apparently they don't exist. Read more...

The Best View You Can Get Of Comet 67P, Without Being The Philae Lander

If you're a robotic spacecraft that was hurled out of a larger spacecraft towards the briskly moving face of a comet, then keep on walking friend.

Deadspin The Moment Chicago Radio Hosts Found Out On The Air That They Were Fired | Gizmodo The Best

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