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Indian Woman Kills Leopard In Epic Fight To The Death

It was a battle that raged for nearly a half-hour. A 56-year-old Indian woman — armed with only farm tools — is now recovering in hospital after killing a leopard that attacked her.

What Is Science?

Carl Sagan famously defined science by saying, "Science, more than a body of knowledge, is a way of thinking." How do you define science?

Deadspin 15-Year-Old Catherine Bellis Upsets 12-Seed At U.S.

Deadspin 15-Year-Old Catherine Bellis Upsets 12-Seed At U.S. Open | Gawker Cops Who Used to Have Jobs Mistake King of Morocco For a Drug Smuggler | Jalopnik The Guy That Crashed A Veyron Into A Lake Pleads Guilty, Faces 20 Years | Kotaku If Real Combat Was Like Online Shooters Read more...

This May Be The Most Ludicrous Star Wars Action Figure Ever

At first glance, this appears to be the classic Boba Fett figure from Kenner. That's because your first glance will not inform you that this ridiculous thing is life-size, and now you can own one as well.

Which DC Comics Characters Are Hinted at In the New Flash Poster?

A new Gotham location is spotted on the Batman v. Superman set. A producer speculates on how old Harvey Dent would be on Gotham.

The Next Da Vinci Code Movie Is On Its Way

The next Da Vinci Code sequel will start filming in April, 2015, Deadline reports. We have Tom Hanks returning to star as Robert Langdon and Ron Howard back to direct.

These Cartoon Versions of TV Detectives Are Spot-On

Artist Olivier Fritsch Gomez uses only four colors in his caricatures of TV detectives. And yet, they're perfect.

With This Library Cake, You Can Literally Eat Yourself Some Knowledge

Once again, we find a cake that I love too much to eat. On the other hand, does eating cake versions of books make you smarter?

Violinist Discovers That Elephants Dance to Bach

Violinist Eleanor Bartsch decided to take her warm-up yo the local zoo. And discovered that elephants cannot let music go by un-danced to.

Stop What You're Doing And Watch This NASA Video Zooming In On Mars

This video takes you on a virtual descent from orbit into the so-called Distributary Fan on Mars, located just northeast of Holden Crater.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Art Shows The Kick-Ass Gamora We Could Have Had

We loved the green-skinned super-tough version of Gamora we saw on screen in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Doctors Say Schools Should Start Later In The Day

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued its strongest statement yet in favor of delaying the start times of schools attended by adolescents to 8:30 AM or later.

Why The Maze Runner Celebrates Friendship Instead Of Romance

There's been a spate of high-profile science fiction romances recently. But in The Maze Runner, it's friendships that are at the story's center.

See The Earliest Illustration of Shelley's Frankenstein For Yourself

Frankenstein's monster has had many appearances over the decades, from Boris Karloff to... Aaron Eckhart?

These Secret Artistic Masterpieces Were Hidden Beneath Other Paintings

Over the centuries, it has been common to reuse canvases and paint over murals, meaning that many great works of art have been lost between layers of paint.

​It's Time To Get Serious About Exploring Uranus. (Stop Snickering!)

Do names determine our destiny? Certainly, Uranus (properly pronounced, yur-an-us) makes a strong case for that theory.

What's Your Favorite Story That Started As A Joke And Became Serious?

Sometimes the coolest ideas start out as just satire, or a prank, and then grow more serious. Case in point: Judge Dredd (pictured above) started out as a straight-up satire on authoritarianism.

Lois Lane Is Finally Getting Her Own YA Novel

A few years back, it seemed that DC Comics wasn't interested in licensing a YA novel series around Lois Lane, but fortunately, times are a-changing.

​Oh My @#$% The '60s Batman Has A Giant Bat-Robot

There's a mountain of great graphic novels and trade paperbacks out this week, and more than a few excellent-looking new-series as well.

A Photograph Of The Future, Taken 100 Years Ago

While filing photographs at the Library of Congress, Barbara Orbach Natanson was momentarily startled by a 1920 picture that looked as if Portland, Oregon was being attacked from above.