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The Producers of the New Friday the 13th Movie Promise It's Still Happening

The 13th Friday the 13th movie has been lurking in the shadows so long we’d almost given up on it. But it’s still a go—and in a recent interview, Platinum Dunes’ Brad Fuller and Andrew Form spilled a few vague/tantalizing details on the forthcoming reboot from director Breck Eisner.

Report: The Rift That Led to Tim Miller Leaving Deadpool 2 Went Deep

Over the weekend, it was reported that Tim Miller, who directed Deadpool, would not be returning for the sequel, supposedly over a casting dispute with Ryan Reynolds.

Gigantic Lightsaber Lamps Can Light Up an Entire Cantina

Using a lightsaber as a flashlight is a bad idea, given you can easily lop someone’s arm off while flailing around in the dark.

Well, Here's a Ginormous Doctor Strange Spoiler

As is now the tradition for Marvel movies, Doctor Strange has released in the U.K. today—two weeks before it arrives in the U.S..

Deadspin Washington Coach Pulls Out Dong, Pees Freely Before The Masses During Game [NSFW] | The Slo

Deadspin Washington Coach Pulls Out Dong, Pees Freely Before The Masses During Game [NSFW] | The Slot Here’s the Very Sexist Trump Reality TV Show That Never Saw the Light of Day | Gizmodo Russia Reveals ‘Satan 2' Nuclear Missile Capable of Destroying Texas in One Blow | Jezebel Sean Hayes Feels Ver

A Brief History of Every TV Version of Knight Rider, Ever

With today’s news that car-a-holic director Justin Lin is spearheading a “digital reboot” of classic 1980s NBC action show Knight Rider, we got to thinking: exactly how many versions of Knight Rider have hit the airwaves so far?

Godzilla: Resurgence's VFX Reel Shows the Hard Work of Annihilating Tokyo

Below the surface, the Godzilla films have always served as a commentary on everything from jingoism to the perils of nuclear weapons.

The Awesome Scifi Short Cockpit Could Become a Feature Film (With a Bit of Help)

Back in 2011, io9 hosted the online premiere of an award-winning scifi short called Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement. Fast-forward to now, and not only does Cockpit—about space pilots battling aliens who use mind control as a powerful weapon—have nearly 800,000 views on YouTube, it’s becoming a feature film.

Mourn the Loss of This Incredible Force Awakens Poster, Too Beautiful For This World

Olly Moss has created some truly amazing bits of pop culture art over the years, but not every idea makes it to a final product.

This Gorgeous Stained Glass Dalek Is Just as Likely to Yell 'Excommunicate' as 'Exterminate'

What happens when you cross a Dalek with a stained-glass window? You get the most weirdly beautiful looking killer pepperpot the world has ever seen.

Ice-T Is a 1920s Vampire Bootlegger in Bloodrunners, Which Is Exactly as Amazing as It Sounds

No, this is not a Syfy Channel Original Movie. I checked. Read more...

Knight Rider's Getting a 'Digital Reboot' From Fast and Furious Director

One thing we know for certain about Justin Lin: he loves car movies. I mean he directed four entries in the Fast and Furious series, and was recently tapped for the toy-inspired Hot Wheelsfilm, so his association with the latest Knight Rider reboot makes perfect sense.

The Walking Dead Season Premiere Bludgeoned Its Ratings Rivals to Death


Please Help Us Break Some Bad News to Batman

There are no spoilers here—even if we’re more than a month past Detective Comics #940 at this point—but we’d still like your photoshopping help to break some news to Batman.

President Wonder Woman Guest Starred on a Gloriously Gay Supergirl

It is a shining episode of television when the dullest spot is Lynda Carter. Because Lynda Carter is not a dull spot.

This Short About Vengeance and a Magic Snake Demands a Sequel and a Prequel

“OURO” is animated short that has it all: a setting in a weird technological future, a giant snake, a weird ritual, and a vengeance spree.

Even More Details About That Monumental New Game of Thrones Meeting

Scott Derrickson already has plans for the Doctor Strange sequel. Listen to Dwayne Johnson sing in a new clip from Moana.

A Simple Card Game Unleashes Psychological Horrors in The Bridge Partner

Short film The Bridge Partner is based on a story by Peter S. Beagle, but it’s not the kind of fantasy usually associated with The Last Unicorn author.

The New Peter Jackson Project Is Yet Another Post-Apocalyptic YA Tale 

Peter Jackson helmed one of the greatest fantasy adaptations of all time, as well as The Hobbit trilogy.

Watch Supergirl Save President Lynda Carter From a Fiery Death

Supergirl is one of those characters who both embodies the audience and a superhero we’d all love to be.