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This Is How You Make Art from Microscopic Forms

The arrangement of diatoms into tiny works of art goes back to the Victorian era, but Klaus Kemp has made that old form into a more complex modern one.

Let's Play a Sci-Fi Trope Drinking Game with EKU's Football Intro Video

This is it. This is every now-ubiquitous sci-fi thriller trope, presented to us in the form of Eastern Kentucky's football team intro video.

Rejoice! The Deadpool Movie is Coming in 2016

You did it! Well, at least, Ryan Reynolds thinks you did it. Because the fan campaign, in whatever form it took, is what he believes moved this forward.

The Sexy/Crazy Eating-Sashimi-With-Prehensile-Hair Scene From 47 Ronin

47 Ronin had a lot of problems... but it also had Rinko Kikuchi as a sexy witch who uses her prehensile hair to eat sashimi, as she apparently tries to seduce the captive Mika (Ko Shibasaki).

Washington Policymakers Dislike "Ordinary Americans"

It's not exactly breaking news that Americans don't hold their government in very high regard. And now, with the release of a new study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, we can confirm that the feeling is mutual.

The Followup To Enthiran Is A Whole New Level Of Bollywood Insanity

You would expect the director of Enthiran, the logic-defying Bollywood robot movie, to go to some pretty extreme lengths to top himself.

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Confession To The Machine

This week's writing prompt confronts us with a hooded figure who pairs robes with wires. Is this a monk?

A Terminator: The Last Battle Bombshell, Plus Read Two Issues Free!

The human resistance dealt a major blue to Skynet in the 2009 movie Terminator Salvation, but the war wasn't over.

A Baby in Brazil Now Has Three Legal Parents

A judge this week granted two women and a man the right to claim legal parent status of a baby born in late August.

Why Extant Was Such An Insult To Our Intelligence

Well, it's over. The first (and hopefully only) season of Extant has come to an end. And yes, the idea that Halle Berry's character became pregnant on a solo mission in space wasn't the most promising premise, but did the show have to turn out to be such a turkey?

What Europe Will Look Like If Its Separatists Get Their Way

As Scottish voters head to the polls in its historic referendum, the European Free Alliance has put together this map showing what would happen if every single separatist movement managed to break free.

What's Hiding Beneath The Surface Of Kraken Mare, Titan's Largest Sea?

The largest body of liquid on Saturn's moon Titan is the formidably named Kraken Mare, a sea of methane that sprawls some 400,000 km 2 across the moon's north polar region.

The First Look At The Computer Animated Popeye Is So, So Strange

What's stranger: seeing the oddly off-putting forearms of newly CGed Popeye cartoon or how you can see every single hair on each character?

Common Treatment for Vampirism Could Help Ebola Patients

One of the typical tropes of the vampire movie is the "blood cleansing" scene, where vampires are cured by running their blood through a purification device.

Jaw-Dropping Videos Of What The World's Cities Look Like Without People

What if everyone on Earth suddenly vanished, leaving behind pristine cities devoid of human life? These astonishing timelapse videos show us what cities from San Francisco to Shanghai would look like as ghost towns .

The Judge Dredd Musical Explains Why We Need A Dredd Sequel ASAP

You know how bad we need a sequel to Karl Urban's pretty damned good Judge Dredd movie? Even Sylvester Stallone is willing to singing its praises, at least in this wonderful new Legolambs video.

An Astrophysicist Came Up With A Better Way To Destroy Alderaan

Considering the Death Star's ruinous design flaw, it's hardly surprising that the Empire developed a rather inefficient way to blow up planets.

Nat Geo Wild's Radical Approach to Science TV: "We Have To Be True"

Science television in America has had a rough few years. We've been told that mermaids exist (they don't) and that Megalodon lives (it doesn't ).

What's The Most Bizarre And Inexplicable Offshoot Of A Major Franchise?

Sometimes, when a property becomes ridiculously mega-popular, it starts generating spin-offs and alternate versions at such a crazy rate that something truly bonkers comes out.

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