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Watch Live: Meet Proxima Centauri, Home to Our Newest Exoplanet

It’s been an exciting week for planet hunters with the discovery of the nearest exoplanet yet found, orbiting a star called Proxima Centauri.

This Ghostbusters VFX Reel Is Beautiful

Whether you loved the new Ghostbusters, hated it, or found yourself somewhere in the middle, there’s no denying Paul Feig had a very distinct vision.

IFC's Horror Comedy Stan Against Evil Looks Like a Demonically Good Time

IFC’s new show Stan Against Evil has many, many elements that excite us. It’s a horror comedy in the vein of our beloved Ash vs Evil Dead.

Deadspin Is This Tristan Thompson’s Dick Or What?

Deadspin Is This Tristan Thompson’s Dick Or What? | Jezebel My Daughter Forced Me to See Women As People | Gizmodo You Should Update Your WhatsApp Settings Right Now | The Concourse Hillary Clinton Speaks Truth to Pepe | Read more...

Come Listen to One of Steven Universe's Best Songs Since 'Stronger Than You'

Aside from its thematic strengths and its delightful characters, if there’s one thing Steven Universe is known for, it’s having a killer soundtrack, jam-packed with powerful, toe-tapping songs.

Deathstroke Gets Back to Being DC Comics’ Biggest Asshole

Slade Wilson kills people for money. Sometimes, it’s just because he wants/needs to. In recent years, he’s been presented as a kind of antihero but his newest series is taking him back to his roots as a straight-up jerkwad.

The Director of Child's Play Is Making Another Movie About Creepy Dolls

Tom Holland, who made Child’s Play and Fright Night, is returning to his favorite genre with a new movie that sounds intriguing despite its title.

Deadpool's Creator Freaking Out About Toys Is the Best

I’m not sure I love anything as much as Rob Liefeld loves pop culture. The famous comic artist is extremely passionate not just about comics, but also about movies, TV, toys, pretty much everything.

Signs You're Stuck in a Young Adult Dystopia

Having teenagers nearly die through the complicated machinations of adults is a tried and tested storyline.

12 Awesome Cult Movies to Watch on Hulu

It’s been over a week since our list of Netflix recommendations , so here’s another stack of movies to add to your binge-watch pile.

The First Trailer For the Dog Reincarnation Movie A Dog's Purpose Is a Sociopathic Nightmare 

A Dog’s Purpose is a movie about a dog that keeps getting reincarnated to help people with their lives.

Gotham Showrunner, Surrounded By Good Superhero Shows, Doesn't Think Superheroes Work Well on TV

Oh really, Bruno Heller, showrunner of the hit Fox television show/Sisyphean punishment simulator Gotham?

Why Astronaut Mark Kelly Is Now Even Older Than His Twin Brother

Astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a year-long sojourn in space in June. His slightly older astronaut twin, Mark Kelly, stayed home as a control—part of NASA’s twin study to monitor the effects of space on the human body.

Your First Look at Lumière and Cogsworth in Disney's Beauty and the Beast Remake

After that fantastic teaser trailer , we’ve been patiently waiting for something, anything, in the way of information for the upcoming live-action musical version of Disney’ Beauty and the Beast.

Darth Vader Looms Large Over This Star Wars Rebels Concept Art

When the first season of Star Wars Rebels ended with the appearance of Darth Vader, the bar was immediately raised.

Squirrel Girl Shows Us Computer Science Can Be Extremely Metal

In a quest to continue being the go-to comic for creating the most nonsensical blogs, this week’s issue of Squirrel Girl uses basic computer science and counting in binary to deliver a splash page so fundamentally rad it should probably grace the cover of a mid-’80s metal album.

Avert Danger and Bring Out All Your Gifs for the Gif Party

It’s Friday, and it’s time to bring out the gifs. Otherwise the Lost in Space robot will keep freaking out.

All the Scifi, Horror and Other Great Genre Movies Coming To Theaters This Fall

Hollywood generally considers the fall movie season to be awards season. It’s when studios start rolling out their best films as the end of the year approaches.

Starfire Is Not Okay, Guys

Apparently, getting a solo series cancelled can really mess with a superhero’s head. Read more...

The Life-Size R2-D2 Figure You've Always Wanted Is Almost Here

After seeing Star Wars for the first time you undoubtedly wanted an astromech droid to call your own.