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Jared Leto Loves Atlas Shrugged, Because Of Course He Does

In the latest “surprise no surprise” revelation about Suicide Squad’s Joker, turns out the actor behind him has the most predictably unpredictable taste in books.

Open Channel: What's Your Harry Potter-verse Job?

It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure of wizarding proportions. Read more...

Tarantino's Suicide Squad is the Greatest Team-Up We'll Never See

I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that Suicide Squad is a thing and, yes, it looks like it could be awesome.

It's Official: Game of Thrones Ends After Season 8

The night is dark and full of terrors, also sadness. HBO has confirmed that Game of Thrones’ eighth season will be its last.

HBO's Westworld Finally Gets a Release Date

It feels like we’ve been waiting for HBO’s Westworld forever. The science fiction western/Firefly with robots was originally supposed to come in 2015, then 2016, then maybe 2017.

Take a Look at Tessa Thompson's Sweet Thor: Ragnarok Sword

We’re loving Tessa Thompson’s addition to Thor: Ragnarok as the badass warrior Valkyrie, and now we’ve got a look at her (possible) weapon.

Kiefer Sutherland Confirms New Flatliners is Actually a Sequel

It’s been a week of surprising sequels. First, The Woods was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con to be a continuation of the Blair Witch saga.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Comes Out Tonight And Everyone's Freaking Out

You wouldn’t think a play in book form would be the most-anticipated novel of the year, and yet here we are.

Saturday's Best Deals: Biscuits, DJI Phantom Bundle, Charging Cables, Knives

A fantastic DJI Phantom bundle, cooking gloves, and a drop biscuit pan lead off Saturday’s best deals.

Turns Out Killer Croc Wasn't Suicide Squad's First-Choice Monster

It looks like Killer Croc originally had some steep competition to be on the Suicide Squad. If things had been different, we would’ve gotten an entirely different monster on the team.

You Can Watch 8 Minutes Of That Cheesy Mr. Robot Horror Film Online

The previous episode of Mr. Robot finally gave us an origin story for the F Society, specifically where the group got its weird, Monopoly Man-inspired mask that has become its symbol and it comes from a fake 1980s horror film that you can watch online.

The Next Avengers Movie Is Called Infinity War, But We Don't Know About the One After That

In May 2018, the Avengers are going to have an Infinity War. A year after that though, we now have no idea what they’ll be doing.

Benedict Cumberbatch Says a Journey From Fact to Faith Is at the Heart of Doctor Strange

Rarely do characters go through as dramatic a change as Stephen Strange will in the upcoming Marvel movie, Doctor Strange.

Here Are the Difference Fight Scene Styles Used in the Bourne Movies

I’m still not entirely sure we needed another Matt Damon Bourne movie after not having one for nearly a decade, but we’re getting one this weekend.

The Chanels Are Back and Bitchy as Ever in This New Scream Queens Promo

In a promo entitled “We’re back, idiot hookers,” Scream Queens assures one and all that nuclear-strength mean-girl mojo will still be a major part of the Ryan Murphy horror comedy’s second season—even if circumstances have changed for the catty trio since leaving their killer-plagued sorority house.

The Horrifying Reason Siberia Is Dealing With an Anthrax Outbreak

In a news report that could easily be the plot of a cult horror movie, an anthrax outbreak has swept the remote Yamalo-Nenets district of western Siberia, killing 1,500 reindeer since Sunday.

The Uncharted Movie Is Once Again Being Charted With a Brand New Writer

Rumbling about a movie based on the hit game series Uncharted have come and gone over the years. So it’s no surprise that now, hot off the heels of the latest game, the film adaptation is gearing up once again.

Astronaut Academy, a.k.a. 'Harry Potter in Space,' Gets Optioned for TV and Film

“It’s Harry Potter in space,” says producer Vivek J. Tiwary and really, that’s all he needs to say. That short sentence is enough to get people interested in Astronaut Academy, a comic series by Dave Roman that Tiwary just optioned to make into both a TV show and movie.

Tom Holland Hints at How Captain America: Civil War Affects Spider-Man Homecoming

Fans who weren’t in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con last week haven’t seen it yet, but the first footage from Jon Watts’ Spider-Man Homecoming was excellent: it’s got an upbeat, ‘80s high school vibe with one very surprising moment for Peter Parker, which we asked star Tom Holland about.

io9 Review: The Killing Joke Movie Is Stuck in the Worst Parts of the Past

The biggest problem with The Killing Joke movie’s portrayal of Batgirl goes beyond a poor approach to a female character.