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New ‘Harry Potter’ crab species casts a spell

Animals Meet Harryplax severus There’s a new crab in town, and it’s no muggle.

Scientists want to give the world a second chance at Caspian tigers

Animals Or at least something close It's too late to save the Caspian tiger, but the Siberian tiger, a close relative, might be able to fill the ecological hole it left behind.

To get a man on the moon, China's program takes cues from the Apollo lunar lander

From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal The country is looking to launch in 2032. China tests the landing gear for its manned lunar lander, as part of a 15-year journey to humanity's lunar return.

Today's rarest space rocks were once the most common

Space Unfortunately for us, meteorites still come in all shapes and sizes The history of our solar system is a history of collisions.

This is what it would look like to land on Pluto

Space Based on NASA's best photos, anyway NASA has stitched together 100 photos from the approach and flyby into a color video that shows roughly what it might look like to land on Pluto.

How to make a survival whistle from a soup can

DIY This simple beacon can help you in the wild Learn to make a quick, effective emergency whistle in a pinch.

Tech can make your conversations with kids way more effective

Technology Research points to the importance of early language exposure for brain development, and new tools can help parents improve their children’s future language skills.

Report: Tesla's fatal crash can't be blamed on software errors

Cars Humans shouldn't treat autopilot like a self-driving car A review of a fatal Tesla crash found it was human error, and not vehicle failure, that caused the crash.

Going to space helped teach the world to work together

Space NASA was founded on the principle that "activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind" Popular Science and XPRIZE are teaming up to explore and explain technologies that make us say "The Future Is Now" in a video series called Future First.

Spandex exosuits, a hugging robot, and other amazing images of the week

Science Newsworthy eye candy Our favorite images from this week in science, health, and technology news.

New York City is tackling literal garbage fires with giant vacuums

Technology But they still suck a lot less than a delayed train New York City is testing two portable vacuums to suck up the 80,000 pounds of trash left in in the subway everyday.

California’s snowpack is good news for the parched state—for now

Environment It's still early in the season, and the drought isn't ending California's snowpack is getting deeper.

Even the 'most transparent administration in history' failed to pardon Snowden

Military Obama is out of time. Despite the promise of a radically transparent government, Barack Obama has failed to pardon Edward Snowden.

PopSci celebrates the scientific legacy of the Obama administration

Science Thanks, Obama As America prepares for the Trump administration to begin, Popular Science takes a last look at the Obama administration’s greatest scientific achievements.

Climate change threatens American agriculture

Environment Will America's breadbasket go stale? As temperatures increase under climate change, yields from crop staples wheat, corn, and soy will decline.

What happens to your body when you die in space?

Space And should colonists on Mars be allowed to eat each other? NASA isn't sure what to do with corpses in space, but they may need to figure it out soon.

This soft-shelled exosuit might put Iron Man's duds to shame

Technology Exoskeletons of the future look like high-tech workout clothes Researchers design exos…

Moth gut bacteria could help create new antibiotics

Health This benevolent bacteria fends off deadly microbial invaders A recent study suggests that a bacteria in a moth's gut secretes a toxic substance that kills off other invading, and often deadly, bacteria.

Come watch the Army's hoverbike prototype fly

Military From sci-fi scout to robot pack mule The army tested a prototype hover bike.

Ants can find their way home walking backwards, but they have to peek first

Animals Ants may have a complex understanding of their place in space You'd have to, too.