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Does Slacktivism Really Drive Science Forward?

Copper DK Images/Getty Images Social media has spawned the slacker-activist, someone who supports a cause through an audacious public display that actually requires very little effort.

Injection Of Brain Nerve Cells Into Spine Help Paralyzed Man Walk Again

David Nicholls (left) and his son Dan, who is paralyzed. The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation provided funding for the research.

Man In Japan Arrested For 3-D Printing Revolvers

ZigZag Revolver Unassembled Screenshot, "3D Printed Guns First in the world 3D Zig Zag Revolver Made in Japan" When the first working gun was 3-D printed in the United States, the government responded not through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, but instead through the State Department.

Jet Lagged Gut Bacteria Could Contribute to Obesity

tiegeltuf via Flickr After crossing multiple time zones it can feel like your entire body is worn out.

Will Your Next Best Friend Be A Robot?

Pepper Pepper, Japan's first affordable social robot, goes on sale in February. It can read emotions and will be a platform for new apps.

What To Wear When You're On The Run From The NSA

CV Dazzle Makeup They may look like high fashion, but these styles are actually designed to fool facial recognition software.

Physics Explains Ingrown Toenails

Fingernails. Neil Milne via Flickr CC By SA-2.0 Humans have been dealing with painful nail problems for a long time.

Who Loves LED Lights? The Nobel Committee -- And Flying Insects

Drawn Like A Moth To An LED Flickr CC by 2.0 Humans love their LEDs. So much so, they’re winning Nobel Prizes in physics.

This Thursday, See A Partial Solar Eclipse At Sunset

solar eclipse A solar eclipse photographed in 2012 Jason Hayes via Flickr This Thursday afternoon, most of North America will be treated to a partial solar eclipse.

The Editor's Letter From The November 2014 Issue Of Popular Science

Cliff Ransom, Editor In Chief Of Popular Science Marius Bugge About a year ago, Popular Science introduced a robot into the office.

Break In Transmission: How Nigeria Took Control Of Ebola

Ebola Is Now Intercontinental Katadikazo, CC BY-NC The World Health Organization has declared Nigeria to be free of the Ebola virus, after six weeks with no new cases being detected.

These Are The Sleepiest Parts Of The Internet

New York City is the city that never sleeps, and if a new study from the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering is any indication, it’s home to plenty of active Internet connections around the clock.

Apocalypse Coins, Biocakes, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Vegetative Consciousness Vegetative patients are usually assumed to have little to no function. But new research shows that some vegetative brains behave like healthy ones.

The Week In Drones: Pregnant Whales, Disaster Mapping, And More

Killer Whales Nuzzling As Seen From A Drone NOAA, Vancouver Aquarium. Here's a roundup of the week's top drone news: the military, commercial, non-profit, and recreational applications of unmanned aircraft.

The Week In Numbers: Secret Robot Space Planes, Elephant Weathermen, And Suspended Animation

needle Rubén Díaz 0.1: Percent of people who are frightened of needles. They could benefit from a new technology which may make injections pain-free.

Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Faster Than We Thought

Pole Positions. The ‘north pole’ — that is, the direction of magnetic north — was reversed a million years ago.

Lockheed's Fusion Promise: What We Know So Far

The CFR at Lockheed Eric Schulzinger/Lockheed Martin Researchers at Lockheed Martin made headlines this week with the announcement that they are on the fast track to building a nuclear fusion reactor.

Hackett Makes His Own Postapocalyptic Currency [Video] Please enable Javascript to watch this video Money makes the world run—but without a stable government, paper bills will be little more than fire starters, and coins chips of cheap metal.

Rubber Ducky Comet Site Needs A Catchy Name

The landing area currently known as Site J. ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA The astronomy community isn’t always great at naming things.

Video: Laser Beam Makes Falling Droplets Explode

In mere fractions of a second, a laser turns a millimeter-sized droplet of liquid into a constellation of tiny fragments.