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Watch This Superfast Raider Helicopter Take Its First Flight

Early this morning in West Palm Beach, Florida, a brand-new helicopter took its first flight. Made by Sikorsky, the S-97 Raider is designed as a future attack and fast…

Google Tone Shares Links To Computers Within Earshot Using Beeps And Boops

A new Chrome extension, called Google Tone, released this week makes it possible to share a URL with another computer in the room using a series of beeps and boops.

Robots Need Your Brain Power To Get Smarter

Roboticists are enlisting humans to help make robots smarter, by training them over the internet. RobotsFor.Me is a small project with major potential.

Ride Along On SpaceX’s Emergency Pad Abort Test [Video]

May 6 was a big day for SpaceX. The date marked the first critical test of the company’s Crew Dragon capsule, the vehicle SpaceX is making that will ferry astronauts to…

3-D Print Your Own Humanoid Robot Friend

Friendly humanoid robots, a staple of science fiction, may soon staff stores, hotels, airports, hospitals, and even our own homes.

Watch A Record-Setting Hoverboard Flight

Although the movie was set in 2015, Back to the Future Part II-style hoverboards remain the province of fiction or elaborate marketing stunts.

How Delaying A Subway Train Fixes A Subway Delay

To a harried subway passenger, learning that there's a delay ahead can trigger groans, rolled eyes, or mere stoic despair.

A Cellular Atlas Of The Human Body

If science textbooks are to be believed, you have about 200 different types of cells in your body. But several teams of scientists are now debating that number, saying that…

Could This Hydrogen-Powered Drone Work?

The biggest physical constraint on small drones is their power supply. Batteries can only hold so much energy, and as adding more batteries to a drone also increase the…

This Smart Parachute Wants To Save Your Drone From Disaster

The worst part of having a drone is losing it. Pilots will go to great lengths to make sure their drones stay clear of harm, whether it’s diving into a canal to save it…

Science Is Still Trying To Figure Out What Makes A Female Athlete

In 2013, professional sprinter Dutee Chand was banned from competing as a female athlete. She wasn't accused of doping, and she wasn't accused of not being a woman—she was…

Headline From 2030: Is Your Space Commute Making You Sick?

Muscle loss, lack of balance, backaches: human bodies act in strange ways in space. But scientists are only now starting to understand the changes that happen in the…

Maki at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

Good news if you're in the northwest, I'll be in town for this year's Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. It's free to attend, so stop on by Table E4, and grab a copy of the new…

Common Sense Bed Bug Control

When my book Infested came out last month, I got an email from a reader in Toronto—an entomologist named Sam Bryks.

Sensors Capture The Faces You Make Inside Your VR Mask

The whole point of virtual reality is to offer up the feeling of being transported into another world.

Murder Suspect Identified By DNA Left On Pizza Crust

In what has been called an “act of evil,” four people were murdered on May 14 in a mansion in Washington, D.C.

Print Picture-Perfect Pancakes

Pancakes are a delicious breakfast treat—but they look kinda boring. That's where PancakeBot comes in.

Apple To Deploy Robot Mapmakers Inside Buildings

When Apple unveils changes to iOS 9 next month, big changes are said to be in store for its Maps application.

Expert Dancers Get Jiggy With A Robot

Can scientists teach a robot to dance with grandma? No, that question wasn't a weird Mad Libs answer, this is the underlying focus of a study by researchers at Georgia…