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Take control of your computer's annoying pop-up notifications

DIY Save your productivity. And your sanity. The constant barrage of pop-up notifications on your computer can wreak havoc on your concentration.

Listen to the first-ever recordings of volcanic thunder

Science The sounds of science. It’s an explosion that starts within the earth, a release of pressurized gases and bits of rock, either sharp shards or molten fragments or both.

Stop shouting at your smart home so much and set up multi-step routines

Technology This week, Google pushed out its multi-step smart home actions you can start with a simple voice command.

NASA almost never came to be. Its creation is a lesson in political power.

Nexus Media News The battle over America’s space program shows how to turn science into a winning issue.

Here's where we're actually looking for intelligent life

Science Because it sure isn't here. Scientists at SETI send out signals in hopes of hailing alien life—and put out all sorts of telescopes and sensors in case one of them tries to flag us down.

Five rad and random music products I found this week

Gadgets The end-of-week dispatch from PopSci's commerce editor. Vol. 42. Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are ingenious or clever or ridiculously cheap.

They don’t make baby poop like they did in 1926, that’s for sure. Here’s why scientists care.

Health Our stool is a window into the health of our guts. It turns out, stool has a lot more power than we tend to think—and not just in terms of its pungent smell.

Add a dash of chemistry for the best microwave mug cake of your life

DIY This single-serving dessert takes 60 seconds—and some science. A microwave can transform a mug of batter into a single-serving dessert in 60 seconds.

These animals have nipples on their butts and that is not the most fascinating thing about them

Animals The tiny, venomous mammal outlived the dinosaurs, but might go extinct due to extreme clumsiness.

A primer on the primal origins of humans on Earth

Science Our history is complicated. Our pre-history, even more so. Discoveries pushing back milestones in human development happen all the time.

Now’s your chance to discover a new planet (with Google’s help)

Space The company's open source AI software is an armchair explorer's dream. What unknown worlds might be hiding behind nearby stars?

This car doesn’t need a steering wheel or pedals

Technology When the GM Cruise AV says “self-driving,” it really means it. The 2019 GM Cruise AV is ready to drive you around.

How about this disease-infested rat weather we're having?

Animals It's a beautiful day for bacteria. Rats are more likely to pick up disease-causing bacteria like C.

The best weather for hitting a home run, according to scientists

Science Factors like temperature and humidity have a real impact on your ability to hit a homer. Did you know that warm weather makes for better baseball?

Last week in tech: Listen to our new podcast

Technology Check out some fancy new cars, Samsung's new TVs, and our experimental podcast. We're talking tech—literally.

The shape of your city could determine how hot it gets at night

Nexus Media News New York City is a crystal, but Boston is a liquid. New research shows urban heat island varies according to city layout.

All the ways daylight saving time screws with you

Health When entire countries lose an hour of sleep simultaneously, bad things happen. Only a narrow band of people are really that affected by daylight saving.

How to follow as your favorite shows come and go from Netflix

DIY Don't miss your viewing window. Titles come to and leave Netflix on a regular basis. Here's how to follow that content so you don't miss the chance to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Why so many diamonds are making science headlines this week

Science They’re windows into the heart of the Earth. Diamonds have been in the news quite a lot this week, and not for any celebrity/engagement news.

The fast, fancy, and futuristic cars from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Technology There are lots of new rides to see in Switzerland this week. Electric cars, super cars, and a self-driving living room.