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Is Climate Too Complex to Model or Predict?

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News Scientists say no Despite their complexity, climate models do an impressively good job, and they are improving all the time.

A New Natural Antibiotic Has Been Discovered In The Human Nose

Health Could lead to antibiotics for some drug-resistant bacteria Today, scientists announced the discovery of a new antibiotic produced by bacteria in human noses.

'Black Mirror' Returns October 21 On Netflix

Entertainment Season 3 comes to Netflix in 86 days Black Mirror unceremoniously announced its release date on Twitter earlier today.

Artificial Intelligence Lets Donald Trump Sing About Obama

Entertainment Hear the presidential hopeful's new hit "Obama Leaves" Listen To Donald Trump Sing About Obama Through The Magic of A.I.

Lichens Can Be Made Of Three Organisms, Not Just Two

Science Fungi and a photosynthetic partner also work with fungal yeast Lichens are all around us, covering that tree on the side of the road or growing on an old building.

Blimp-Mounted Cameras Will Watch Everything That Happens At The Rio Olympics

Aviation Panolympticon Olympic cameras on blimps.

How Would The Nation Of Rationalia Defend Itself?

Entertainment A fictional story of a fictional nation at war War in Rationalia…

Apple Has Sold 1 Billion iPhones

Gadgets In less than 10 years Apple announced today that it has sold one billion iPhones…

10 Of The Finalist Entries For Astronomy Photographer Of The Year

Space Stellar images Some pictures are worth 1,000 words, but others are so out of this world that they will leave you speechless.

SESAME Hopes To Transcend Borders With Groundbreaking Science

Science A Middle East synchrotron experiment is looking for proposals The Middle Eastern experiment is looking for users…

New Magic Leap Demo Shows Shopping With Augmented Reality

Technology The technology lets you measure a room to see how objects will fit A new demo offers a glimpse of Magic Leap’s augmented reality technology at work.

FDA Approves Synthetic Liquid Marijuana Compound

Health FDA: Drink weed e'ry day.... sorta The FDA just approved a new synthetic THC product for use in treating a variety of ailments, in liquid form.

Pokémon Go Players Are Actually Helping To Rescue Wildlife

Entertainment Gotta help 'em all It's almost fitting that the insanely popular phone game Pokémon Go is actually helping out some wildlife…

Researchers Have Successfully Tricked A.I. Into Seeing The Wrong Things

Technology And here’s why that could be very bad for the future Research Proves A.I. Vulnerable To Real-World Attack…

Pokémon Go Plus Delayed Until September

Gadgets You won't be able to catch the wristband peripheral for another couple months. The wait continues for the first piece of official hardware associated with Nintendo's Pokémon Go.

Research Bouy Mistaken For Pokéball, Taken From Sea

Environment Bouy are these guys idiots. Let's be clear: pokéballs aren't real. There are no real pokéballs.

Hotter Vapes Could Put More Toxins In Your Lungs

Health Not every puff is created equal New research out of Berkeley Lab shows that not every puff is equal, and clearly outlines the factors that increase toxic risk.

New 'Dragon' Ant Species Are Named After Game Of Thrones Characters

Animals Don't expect them to breathe fire Meet Drogon and Viserion, the dragon ants.

Ice Bucket Challenge Funds New ALS Gene Discovery

Health Scientists used donations to ID a gene associated with the disease Scientists used donations from the ice bucket challenge to identify a new gene associated with ALS called NEK1…

Artificial Intelligences Are Writing Poetry For A New Online Literary Magazine

Entertainment Curated AI hosts poems written by algorithms Launched last week, the creative content on CuratedAI is written by machines (we don't mean typewriters).