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Video: Peter Thiel On How We Can Make The Future Awesome

Peter Thiel. The entrepreneur and author of a new book, Zero To One, stopped by the Popular Science offices for a chat.

Next Week Is Climate Week

Climate Change Collage Wikimedia Commons Next week is Climate Week in New York City. The happenings begin on Sunday with what promises to be a massive march demanding action to curb human-propelled global warming.

Astounding Auroras, Hiding Black Holes, And More Amazing Images Of The Week

Small Galaxy, Big Hole Don’t underestimate little galaxies, because they can pack one big punch. On Wednesday, a team of astronomers recently revealed that the dwarf galaxy M60-UCD1 is actually home to a giant, supermassive black hole.

The Week In Drones: Robots Piloting Robots, Indiana Drones, And More

Triton Drone Completes Its First Flight Alex Evers, via Wikimedia Commons Here's a roundup of the week's top drone news: the military, commercial, non-profit, and recreational applications of unmanned aircraft.

Self-Driving Cars: Marketers' Dream?

Prototype Google Self-Driving Car Google Picture this: You're on a cross-country road trip with your kids, passing through some dusty corner of Nevada in your self-driving 2030 Chevrolet Lumina.

Mousetronauts To Live In Space For the Longest Stretch Yet

Mouse in Space! Not really: This lab mouse is posing on a model spacecraft. NASA Among the 2.5 tons of cargo that's set to go up to the International Space Station this weekend, there will be five mice with a particular genetic mutation.

China Shows Off Less Deadly Rocket Launcher

DZJ08 Rocket Launchr This rocket launcher is similar to the new Shoulder-Launched Rocket with Low Collateral Damage.

How To Survive A Hurricane With Household Items

Hurricane Survival. Everything you need is right here in the kitchen. Chris Philpott It’s been a decade since the historic 2004 hurricane season, one of the Atlantic basin’s most active years ever.

How NASA's Microbe Detection Technology May Speed Up Tissue Transplants

Mining for Microbes AlloSource employees work in the microbiology lab AlloSource What do the Curiosity rover and a bone allograft have in common?

Artificial Sweeteners May Contribute to Metabolic Disorders

Table Sweeteners Becky Stern/flickr> Artificial sweeteners are a roughly $1.5 billion industry worldwide, often marketed as helpful for managing obesity and diabetes.

Throwback Thursday: Bullet Trains, Floating Toilets, And A Really Big Bridge

September 1964 Cover Popular Science On this Throwback Thursday, we go back 50 years to the Popular Science of September 1964.  What To Do When Your Brakes Fail "You start down a long, steep mountain grade at a fast clip, and suddenly find you have no brakes." Our September 1964 cover story explained what you should do in this nightmare scenario, as well as how to handle five other car crises.  The Verrazano-Narrows Was The Biggest Bridge In The World  Our reporter climbed it, in what sounds like a hair-raising experience: Up the outside of the 690-foot-tall bridge tower, a little steel-netting cage swayed and bumped its way to a platform at nearly 70-story height.

U.S. Army Wants A Parachuting Tank

A CH-47 Chinook With Japan's Self Defense Forces PD-self, via Wikimedia Commons After years of service in wars -- from Iraq to Afghanistan to Iraq again -- the Humvee is on its way out.

Solar Car Powers Your House When It's Parked

Stella Kristen Hall-Geisler Her flat roof, squashed teardrop shape, and low profile don’t scream “showroom-ready family car,” but Stella, which I saw at the 2014 Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in Detroit,  is indeed the world’s first four-seat solar-powered car.

Boeing's NASA-Funded Space Taxi Saves A Seat For Tourists

This Could Be You An interior view of Boeing's CST-100 Boeing When I first heard about NASA’s new partnership with Boeing and SpaceX, I went through a range of emotions.

How Tweets Can Save Lives

Patrick Meier Meier's open-source software is constantly evolving as it is applied in different contexts.

Pop Culture Mentions Of Global Warming Have Plummeted Since 2007

We Don't Talk About That Anymore Since about 2007, American pop culture has stopped talking about climate change -- at least in TV shows and movies.

Washington D.C. Is Littered With Phony Cell Towers

The White House Wikimedia Commons Continuing a sort of cross-country tour to detect phony cell towers, also known as interceptors or IMSI catchers, researchers associated with the security firm ESD America have detected 15 of the covert devices in Washington D.C., plus three more in nearby Virginia.

White-Dominated Medical Studies Put U.S. Minorities At Risk

Glassware in a medical laboratory Rafi Letzter When medical research focuses on white people, things get missed, and people die.

Lockheed Laser Brings Turrets Back To Airplanes

ABC Laser Turret In Test Flight Air Force Research Laboratory In World War II, mighty bombers came equipped with gun barrels, manned by gunners at the ready to protect the plane from attacking fighters.

Help Scientists By Marking Penguins In Pictures

Mark Those Birds! Zooniverse Penguin Watch Check out this latest citizen-science project. It's a site where you can look at photos gathered by an Antarctic network of wildlife cameras and mark if there are penguins in the photos.