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The First 4K Blu-Ray Player

Best Of What's New

Leaked Photos Show Apple's 2016 Macbook Has A Magic Toolbar

Gadgets Here's what we expect from the company's October 27 event If you just bought a Macbook, you're not going to be happy...

When Things Go Wrong In The Kitchen

Science The science of how to fix culinary disasters Cooking isn’t rocket science. It’s way more complicated…

Cooking With Seaweed

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News Two recipes from a new book Seaweed can be part of the solution to global warming while helping people navigate the near-term effects.

An Underground Oasis

Best Of What's New

From Seaweed Spaghetti to ‘Weed Cookies

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News With the right recipes, seaweed can feed the world. Seaweed is an acquired taste, but rich in nutrients and cheap to produce, it could replace carbon-intensive foods on menus everywhere.

A Driveable Supercar

Best Of What's New

These Musical Instruments Play With Fire

DIY Pyrotechnic projects from DIYers Three fiery musical instruments built by DIYers.

A Personalized Nutrition Company Will Use Your DNA To Tell You What To Eat

Health Is a diet based on your genome the future of nutrition? A new California-based company is working to get at the root cause of why it believes diets fail: None of them focus on the dieter’s unique genetic makeup.

The Future of Medicine May Involve Music

From Our Blogs: Under The Microscope Turning proteins into music compositions may one day help diagnostics.

This Fish Burrows Up A Sea Cucumber's Anus For Safety (And Food)

Animals An excerpt from a new book about absurd creatures Matt Simon just finished writing a book compiling all of the grossest, funniest, and most fascinating critters out there.

Everyone Can Now Download Apple's New Portrait Mode


Fighting A Case Of Really Bad Gas

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News Among global warming’s cast of characters, these two stand out. HFC-134a is short for hydrofluorocarbon.

Army Tests Self-Driving Supply Trucks

Military Autobots, roll out Smart, self-driving cars follow a human leader.

Powerful New Camera Will Observe How First Stars Formed

Space The fastest, largest observations of the Universe, ever Astronomers plan to take a wide-angle view through the interstellar gas of the Universe and observe how the first stars formed.

Fighting a Case of Really Bad Gas

From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News Among global warming’s cast of characters, these two stand out. HFC-134a is short for hydrofluorocarbon.

Is That Bug A Spy?

Military Newly released documents show DARPA has been trying to perfect insect espionage for decades A recently FOIA'd trove of documents shows dARPA worked on insect spies.

What To Drink While You Wait For Perennial Grains To Revolutionize Agriculture

Environment Foods that don't need to be replanted every year would be a boon for the environment. But when will they arrive?

Iridescent Leaves Take Advantage Of Quantum Mechanics To Thrive In The Shade

Environment A shiny solution the iridescence displayed by some Begonia species may be their way of enhancing photosynthesis in deep shade.

The End Of The Language Barrier

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