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Gut Microbes Take Over Your Body When You Die

Catching Killers With Gut Microbes Via Scottsdale Community College You have around 100 trillion bacteria living in your gut — and that’s a good thing.

Flying Foxes, Rococo Toads, And Other Creatures Of Darkness

After sundown, a completely different world comes to life.  Photographer Traer Scott writes that her journey into darkness started with moths, "the mysterious, moonlit cousins of the perky, sunny butterfly--flitting wildly and ever frantically near our porch lights but never coming quite close enough to be truly illuminated." Then she got to thinking about the bats that eat the boths, and an idea hatched.

The Last Passenger Pigeon Died 100 Years Ago Today

Passenger Pigeon Exhibit Wikimedia Commons One hundred years ago today, the scientific community mourned the passing of a very important bird.

The Week In Numbers: Hovercycles, Ashy Moon Smells, And A Disappearing Louisiana Coast

The Drone 3 In Flight I bet this would've caught Luke Skywalker on Endor. Malloy Aeronautics 15.4: combined weight in pounds of this robot riding a hovercycle.

The Week In Drones: Google Delivery, Reaper Gods, And More

Pumpkin King Scarecrow Imagine how much scarier this would be with a drone controlling it. SolarSurfer via Wikimedia Commons Here's a roundup of the week's top drone news: the military, commercial, non-profit, and recreational applications of unmanned aircraft.

Nautical Chimeras, Exploding Rockets, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Stunning Stinger The Portuguese man o' war is named after an 18th century warship. The creature may look like one organism, but it is actually a siphonophore -- a colony made up of different individual animals.

Google Already Testing Delivery Robots In Australia

Project Wing Drone Delivers Google In rural Australia, a drone delivers dog treats to a farmer. The robot is a proof of concept, part of Project Wing by Google X.

The Time I Got To Try On An Actual Space Suit Please enable Javascript to watch this video I was peering out through the helmet of my space suit, when something terrible happened: I got an itch.

The Alien Whisperer: Jill Tarter On 38 Years Of Hunting For E.T.

Jill Tarter, co-founder of the SETI Institute and formerly the senior scientist for the Allen Telescope Array (pictured)—the only radio telescope dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life.

Big Pic: Stunning Images From The Worlds Sharpest Commercial Satellite

Madrid From Space. DigitalGlobe The WorldView-3 satellite, which launched on August 13, has sent back its first images. They’re gorgeous, and kind of creepy.

Throwback Thursday: Flip Phones, The Baby Internet, And A Stephen Hawking Essay

Cover, August 1989 Popular Science As a magazine with 142 years of history, Popular Science sits on a treasure trove of vintage illustrations, perceptive predictions, obsolete technologies, essays by Nobel prize-winning scientists, and some seriously awkward advertisements.

Louisiana's Disappearing Coastline Threatens Entire U.S. Economy

An unholy trinity of forces – levees along the Mississippi River, sea level rise due to climate change, and fossil fuel extraction – have caused about 2,000 square miles of southeastern Louisiana to disappear into the Gulf of Mexico over the past eight decades.

Evolution Video Game Tests Your Ability To Spot Camouflaged Bird Eggs

Egg Ancestors The evolution of a successful strain of egg camouflage. Project Nightjar Call it a case of virtual selection.

If A Fish Grows Up On Land, Will It Learn To Walk?

Walk This Way A Polypterus senegalus fish on land. Nature The old idiom about “being a fish out of water” just lost some of its luster.

An Architectural Robot To Explore Other Worlds

Super Ball Bot An early prototype of the robot V. SunSpiral et al. As the Mars Curiosity rover's "Seven Minutes of Terror" video showed us, landing on a distant world can be extraordinarily difficult.

A Space Game Gets Real

The Gladiator, from the PC game Star Citizen 498,500 players have spent more than $48.1 million on virtual ships available for purchase.

Man 3-D Prints A Concrete Castle In His Backyard

Where Dreams Come True Andrey Rudenko, Total Kustom This is a castle that a man 3-D printed from concrete, using a printer he built himself.

Found: The Part Of The Mouse Brain That Motivates Exercise

Lab Mouse Wikimedia Commons A team of researchers has found a part of the brain that controls how motivated mice are to exercise, according to a new study.

China's Future Submarine Could Go The Speed Of Sound

Supercavitating Submarine South China Morning Post The submarine of the future may come to America in a super fast bubble, traveling under water.

Sneaky Panda Fakes Pregnancy For Extra Treats And Attention

Giant Panda Flickr CC by 2.0 Ai Hin was all set to be a star. The 6-year-old giant panda had shown signs of pregnancy last month, and staff at the Chengdu Breeding Research Centre in China had planned to film her labor in the first ever live broadcast of a panda giving birth.