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Get the dirt on drugs

Project: Drugs From Dirt A US research team wants the dirt on you. More accurately, it would like a sample of the dirt from your area, to check it for interesting new…

Skin-Implanted Microchips Open Doors At Swedish Office Complex

To hear biohacker Hannes Sjoblad talk about it, getting a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip installed under your skin is like an inoculation against obsolescence.

Bill Gates Fears A.I., But A.I. Researchers Know Better

As Bill Gates joins the ranks of luminaries warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence research, the general obsession with superintelligence is only getting…

How To Build A Cannon That Shoots Wiffle Balls At 50MPH [Video]

Chances are, your leaf blower is collecting dust in a garage right now--and it will until this fall. So rescue that yard-clearing device for a far nobler purpose: blasting…

Evidence Of Expanding Universe May Have Been Just Dirt

It was a huge win for Big Bang supporters when, in March 2014, a team of astronomers claimed they had found direct evidence to support the concept of cosmic inflation—the…

Survey Says Scientists And Public Disagree On Climate Change, GMOs, And More

A new set of surveys of scientists and the public finds the two groups have widely different views about scientific issues.

How To Make Speakers From Post-Its

On the ground floor of Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation in Brooklyn, New York, a bearded and flanneled trio played gloomy arrhythmic music one Wednesday night.

This Spider Weaves A Web Of Charged Silk

Spider silk is legendarily strong and light. So much so, that researchers are incorporating (or, at least, attempting to incorporate) variations of the material into…

Watch A Rocket Blast Off Into An Aurora [Video]

A few weeks ago, we wrote about an experiment that would launch a probe through an aurora, to try to unravel the Northern Lights' mysterious electrical structure.

To Keep Airplanes On The Map, Track Them From Space

Two commercial airplanes vanished from radar in 2014. Although the wreckage of AirAsia QZ8501 has been recovered, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing, with and…

Get Ready For The Next Generation Fighter Jet

Since the dawn of the jet age, military planners and industrialists have grouped the fighters borne forth from their iron loins into generations.

How We Used To Talk About Measles

These days, the happiest place on Earth isn't so cheerful. In December, a large number of people started coming down with measles after visiting Disneyland in California.

New Evidence That Baby Chicks Have Mental Number Lines Like Humans Do

Think about a series of numbers, 1 through 10. Chances are, you imagined the numerals in a line, in increasing order from left to right.

We Computer-Simulated The Deflategate Football Scandal

Last week, after the New England Patriots destroyed the Indianapolis Colts by a whopping 38 points, the Colts accused their opponents of under-inflating footballs.

FAA Declares Super Bowl A 'No Drone Zone'

Every day, people find new places where they shouldn’t fly drones. Earlier this week, it was the White House grounds.

Modeling Suspects' Faces Using DNA From Crime Scenes

This winter, a biotechnology company began offering a whole new service to police departments.

Next Generation of Chinese Space Vehicles Begins Its Long March (By Standing Up)

The CZ-7 is one of China's next big rockets, and engineers are putting it together for China's big space future.

'Super Saturn' Exoplanet Has Massive Rings

The rings of Saturn are one of our most instantly recognizable images of outer space, but those beautiful rings of rock and dust now have some competition.

This 3D Render Of A Paris Apartment Looks Amazingly Real

One 3D artist has created an impressive photorealistic computer rendering of a surprisingly mundane subject: a Paris apartment.