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Eeek! A Writhing Robot Snake

This slithering, contortionist robot is named the “Series II - X125 system.” The robot snake-arm is over 7 feet long, and can carry over 13 pounds.

How Microsoft's Machine Learning Is Breaking The Global Language Barrier

Earlier this week, roughly 50,000 Skype users woke up to a new way of communicating over the Web-based phone- and video-calling platform, a feature that could’ve been pulled…

Lawsuit About Mayonnaise Dropped

In the old days, the battle between condiments was fought by Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. That was mostly a debate about taste rather than substance.

Meet South America's Infamous Electric Eel

Meet the electric eel, the only other animal that knows how it feels to walk across a carpet and zap somebody you don't like.

Department Of Defense Tests A Bullet That Can Steer

Since the first gun appeared on a battlefield, bullets have dealt death in straight lines. As the shortest distance between two points, lines are great, but they mean…

Found: The World's Newest Deepest-Dwelling Fish

All hail the world's deepest dwelling fish. This mysterious, wispy creature was recently spotted in the darkness of the Mariana Trench by a team of researchers.

Will Silicon Valley Transform Farming?

At this point, Silicon Valley’s promise to Change the World or Make the World a Better Place or any other iteration is more of a punch line than a catchphrase, especially…

NASA Envisions A Cloud City Above Venus’ Hellish Surface

The planet Venus, named for the Roman goddess of Love, certainly wouldn’t be a very loving place to live.

2016 Toyota Mirai Test Drive: Remarkably Unremarkable (And That’s A Good Thing)

Toyota's hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle has an easy, comfortable driving demeanor that belies its amazing complexity underneath.

Was The Sony Hack Actually An Act Of Cyberwar?

It is hard to concisely describe how strange our cyberpunk present is. Yesterday Sony announced it wouldn’t be releasing “The Interview,” a rather raunchy film that…

World First: Man Controls Two Prosthetic Arms With His Mind

Until recently, losing both arms in an accident would probably have meant the end of a patient's two-fisted grip.

Medical Inhalers To Track Where You Are When You Puff

Tracking miles run and calories eaten was just the beginning. An inhaler made by Propeller Health, used for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, records the…

Bored Gemini V Astronauts Took These Amazing Images Of Earth From Space

When Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad launched aboard Gemini V on August 21, 1965, they were the first astronauts to have mission patches sewn into their suits, a patch…

Navy's Robot Tuna Goes For A Swim

Deploying Nemo…

6 Amazing Videos From The Olympus Microscopy Competition

We love it when science and art intersect. Sometimes that happens in the form of a stunning infographic, a colorful map, or a well-timed photograph.

Years Of Chinese Air Pollution Data Captured In Swirling Charts

Xiaoji Chen set out to find patterns in the air pollution that plagues Chinese cities. Using data from the country’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, she created spirals…

Watch An iPad Land An Airplane [Exclusive]

High above rural Arkansas, I'm jammed in the back of a small four-seat airplane. Andrew Barker pilots the aircraft while Austin Meyer sits beside him.

Welcome To The SURE House: Students Respond to Climate Change

We’ve all gotten the memo: climate change is real and it’s happening. That means we have to adapt to it while working to fix it.

Diagnose An Ear Infection With A Smartphone Accessory

The Oto Home is a smartphone accessory that lets doctors potentially diagnose ear infections remotely.

How 3-D Printing Made The Perfect Prosthetic Legs For Derby The Dog

You should see this dog run. Derby was born with deformed front legs, but recently received a pair of 3-D printed prosthetics, which he is quite good at maneuvering…