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How Frigatebirds Stay In The Air For Months At A Time

Animals They don't like getting wet Endurance, they name is the great frigatebird.

You Can Help Cure Zika At Home

Health Drawing on the computing power of the public to crunch numbers faster By connecting personal computers around the globe, the World Community Grid hopes to form a network dedicated to number-crunching Zika research.

Tiny Rocket Could One Day Deliver Meds Or Hunt For Cancer In Your Body

Health Ready for bubble-propelled blastoff Researchers at the University of Sheffield have developed a 3D printed micro rocket made of silk and propelled by enzymes.

First Known Tesla Autopilot Death Spurs Federal Investigation

Cars The first such incident involving a commercial semi-autonomous car First Known Tesla Autopilot Death Spurs Federal Investigation…

The Woman Who Helps Prisoners Use Facebook

Technology Helping inmates connect A Business Insider story looked at one woman who has made a job of running Facebook pages for incarcerated individuals, sharing things from the prohibited social network…

Female Bonobos' Phony Sex Displays Let Them Pick Mates At Leisure

Animals Gaining an evolutionary advantage Bonobos are way ahead of humans when it comes to “girl power.”…

Military Playing With Elaborate Sandbox To Explore Future Battlefields

Military Anticipating where levees will break Fancy sandbox.

New Species Of 'Magical Realist' Tarantula Attacks With Its Rear End

Animals Named after Nobel Prize Winning-author Gabriel García Marquez A new species of tarantula has been discovered in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria mountain range in Colombia.

Worst Game Ever

From Our Blogs: Boxplot I'll be limping around for the next few days…

Something To Celebrate: The Ozone Hole Is Really Healing

Environment Only volcanoes are being difficult about the 'hole' thing It might take almost 30 years, but environmental policies do work.

Watch The First Video Of A Shark Napping

Animals Sort of a cat nap. But with a shark. You often hear that sharks don't sleep. It's a legend based on facts, and it has the added benefit of making the world's favorite summertime horror villain into a…

Watch An Uncrewed Spaceship Burn Up In The Earth's Atmosphere

Space A fiery, beautiful end What goes up must come down in a fiery blaze of glory.

The FDA Robs Us Of Small Joys With Cookie Dough Warning

Health Are raw cookies worth diarrhea and cramps? FDA says no The FDA announced that raw cookie dough, even if it doesn't contain eggs, is dangerous to your health.

Half Of North America's Electricity Will Be Emissions-Free By 2025

Environment U.S., Canada, and Mexico agree on terms to mitigate climate change Renewables, nuclear and carbon capture and storage technology will be on the table to help North Americans meet their goal of 50 percent clean, emissions-free energy by…

Meet The Newest Addition To The National Zoo: A Baby Sea Lion

Animals Pup-ular Science The pup was born on June 26, 2016.

See Jupiter’s Psychedelic Auroras Like Never Before

Space Using Hubble's ultraviolet capabilities, the light show comes to life Huge, endless auroras caps Jupiter's poles, now brought to better light by Hubble's latest image.

'Future Shock' Author Alvin Toffler Dead At 87

Military The future, passed away Future shock author dead.

Who is John Snow? Siri Knows Something.

Entertainment But she's not necessarily telling John Snow's secret may be out, but for those unlucky few people still dodging spoilers, at least one person isn't giving up all the details.

NASA Is Putting SpaceX's Crew Dragon Through The Wringer

Space Making sure the capsule performs well under pressure The pressure vessel has to be vigorously tested on a brand new spacecraft like SpaceX's Crew Dragon.

Check Out The First-Ever Shark Sonogram

Animals It's jam-packed with little biting teeth! Aww! Scientists have captured the first-ever shark sonogram, and gosh is it cute.