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Courts use algorithms to help determine sentencing, but random people get the same results

Science Numbers aren’t always as impartial as they appear. There's lots of things you shouldn't leave up to people's best guesses, and determining which criminals are likely to reoffend is one of them.

24 hidden Android settings you should know about

DIY Master your Android phone. The customizable Android operating system gives users more flexibility than iOS does.

This tiny shark eats grass and it’s doing just fine

Animals The world’s only omnivorous shark doesn’t just poop grass for fun. Bonnethead sharks are the only omnivorous sharks, rivaling sea turtles in their ability to digest seagrass.

These companies claim blockchain could help fight climate change

Nexus Media News Is it a breakthrough, or just a buzzword? Blockchain technology could be an important tool in solving climate change—at least according to a crop of new companies.

That giant fireball in Michigan last night did not trigger an earthquake

Space But it was gorgeous. It brightened the cold Michigan night in an instant, a brilliant burst of light that streaked across the sky.

Here's where your new car lands on the self-driving scale

Technology Most modern rides rank around level 2 of 5 when it comes to automation. Our cars are getting better and better at helping us drive, but it's a long road ahead until they can truly drive themselves.

Lightning, meet snowstorm: The makings of thundersnow

Environment Nobody expects to see lightning while a blizzard is raging Thundersnow struck again during the bomb cyclone…

Why cities where it definitely snows continue to act like they’ve never seen snow

Environment Adapting to snow on the road is a long, cold process. Southern cities are increasingly forced to consider if they will invest in becoming a city where it snows.

Seven apps and tools to organize your life

DIY Restore order to your days. Sick of always running late? These seven organizational apps will help you track your time, build better habits, receive reminders, and more.

The strange side effect of gastric bypass that helps diabetics

Fat Month We don't really understand how bariatric surgery improves type 2 diabetes. Obese patients can lose over 50 percent of their body weight following gastric bypass surgery, but the biggest outcome isn't the weight loss.

Scientists just uncovered the cause of a massive epidemic using 500-year-old teeth

Science Why is it so hard to pinpoint ancient diseases? Nearly 500 years ago, in what we know call Mexico, a disease started rippling through the population.

The grease recycling industry feeds on your city’s oily underbelly

Fat Month While you're just sitting around causing fatbergs. We've all seen the fatbergs that result from improper grease disposal.

I've been researching products for a year. Here are my favorites.

Gadgets The nine best items of the year. IMO. I try out—and buy—products like it's my job. It, in fact, is my job, and has been for exactly one year.

No one knows if lobsters feel pain, which makes boiling them alive rather complicated

Animals Switzerland's new laws ask you to consider the lobster. If you like eating lobster but have never cooked one yourself, here’s a brief word of advice: don’t.

Don't expect a personal robot butler any time soon

Technology CES 2018 showed us that we shouldn't fear robot takeover just yet. The robots of CES 2018 did a lot of falling over.

I’ve dived in hundreds of underwater caves hunting for new forms of life

Science My primary focus is searching for new forms of life—mostly white, eyeless crustaceans. To study the biology and ecology of coastal, saltwater caves and the marine fauna that inhabit them, my cave diving partners and I head underground and underwater to…

Get off the couch and under a barbell with this weightlifting starter kit

Gadgets You don't need to be The Mountain from Game of Thrones to start moving mass. You don't need to be The Mountain from Game of Thrones to start moving mass.

How to keep your iPhone but switch to Google or Microsoft apps

DIY Your guide to a new software ecosystem. Apple may want you to use its own iPhone apps. But Google and Microsoft make excellent iOS apps too.

Remember those 'spot the difference' games? Here’s why your brain is so bad at them.

Head Trip They entertained you for entire minutes at the dentist's office. When we view something, we notice big features and fail to zero in on less important details.

Inside the biggest nuclear power plant tear-down in the U.S.

Energy Unbuilding an atomic giant. Unbuilding an atomic giant, from cooling it to burying it.