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Why Aren’t We Eating More Bugs?

Crispy cricket tacos, bee larvae sandwiches, banana worm bread--you may already know that bug-based recipes are all the rage lately.

Oculus Rift and Robotic Heads: A Match Made In Geek Heaven

DORA, a student-built robot with a highly-articulated neck, maps its head movements to an Oculus Rift.

Is This Weird 3-Story Solar Powered Jet The Airliner Of The Future?

The Progress Eagle is a gigantic concept airliner by designer Oscar Viñals. It's an amazing air transit behemoth, with solar panels and a giant wind turbine, all for a…

Drones Fly Over Melting Arctic Ice For Science

North of Norway, the robots wait. From a laboratory on Svalbard, a team of researchers led by Christopher Zappa of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory…

Falcon With GPS Could Save Birds From Wind Turbines

Falcons are perfected aerial machines, evolved over millennia to be very, very good at being falcons.

French Company Plans To Make Custom Perfume That Smells Like Your Loved One

People find all sorts of inventive ways to continue the legacy of their recently deceased relatives. Some start charity funds; others hang on to photographs or old keepsakes.

Vaccine Prevents Hundreds Cases Of Malaria During Experiment

In 2013, almost 600,000 people died of malaria, a disease caused by a parasite passed to humans through mosquito bites.

Human And Drone Swim With Alaskan Sharks

The normal human response to reports of a deadly shark in the water is to boil the sea, move inland, and spend the rest of one’s life in peaceful isolation at the top of a…

China Signs Huge Arms Deal With Russia, Buys World's Best Missile

China and Russia, as part of closer strategic ties, have finalized a long awaited deal for very long range S-400 surface to air missile system.

The USGS Is Mapping Human-Caused Earthquake Hazards

Just days after Oklahoma's government embraced the idea that human actions could, in fact, cause earthquakes, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) released a report…

How To Turn Conductive Paint Into A Liquid Lightbulb Switch

Q: How can I make conductive paint into a liquid switch that turns a lightbulb on and off? --Patrick Stevenson-Keating A: You’ll need to suspend the water-soluble…

Navy Makes Armor Clear As Clay

It’s a transparent armor so good it might turn the phrase “glass cannon” on its head. The Naval Research Laboratory developed a manufacturing process to reliably make a…

China and Russia Sign biggest arms deal in a decade; buy world's best missile

China and Russia, as part of closer strategic ties, have finalized a long awaited deal for very long range S-400 surface to air missile (SAM) system.

Scientists Can Trick You Into Thinking You’re Invisible

It looks like Muggles have finally caught up with the wizarding world. Neuroscientists from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet gave 125 study participants the illusion of being…

Maine Search And Rescue Company Gets FAA Approval To Use Drones

Drones are well known for their ability to search. Now, an emergency rescue service in Maine is going to see how well drones can do rescue too.

For The First Time, Visible Light From An Exoplanet Detected

One does not simply look at an exoplanet. In order to learn more about these space rocks lurking many light years away, researchers have various indirect methods for…

Computer Program Diagnoses Cancer

In recent years, researchers have figured out that the constellation of diseases known as cancer is in fact hundreds of distinct diseases.

Homemade Iron Man Glove Fires Lasers

Patrick Priebe isn’t Iron Man, but he’s getting pretty close. In a video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, the Priebe shows off his homemade Iron Man gauntlet, which…

See Inside A Guy's Head As He Sings From 'The Wizard Of Oz' [Video]

The longest half-hour of my life was spent in an MRI machine, getting my knee scanned after an athletic injury.