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Fujifilm X30 Camera

A compact camera that oozes class, meet Fujifilm X30, better designed, better battery, better performance, better results.


Carve out some waves with a clear conscience with the sublime Qudrofoil, the world’s first all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft.

Landmarks and Lions Classics Weekender

If you’re spending near enough a thousand bucks on a bag, it must be some bag. The handmade Landmarks and Lions Classics weekender is some bag.

Jawbone UP3

In a world full of very competent health and lifestyle trackers, meet the most advanced of them all. The Jawbone UP3 sports skin and ambient temperature sensors and is so smart it can even check your hydration levels.

Ministry of Supply Aviator Jacket

Dress to kill, get active, and don’t worry about working up a sweat thanks to this glorious Ministry of Supply Aviator Jacket.

PGS Whiskey Beard Oil

Cologne for your facial fuzz, PGS Whiskey Beard Oil is hand-batched in Maine, made with organic oils such as hemp, jojoba and marula.


Origami-inspired and deceptively durable, the Paperwallet is eco-friendly too. The ingenious design keeps it ultra slim line, expanding only as you add cash and cards inside.

Triton Black Titanium Collection

If you’re one of those guys who always thought that jewellery was for girls, then think again. The Triton Black Titanium Collection is a range of arrestingly trendy rings, their sterling silver interiors, embossed with the company logo, give way to a perimeter of contrasting titanium of matte black.

HP Sprout

This is one exciting and original piece of kit. HP Sprout blends all the Windows 8 goodies with 3D scanning cameras, an oversized touchpad and projector for a digital experience like no other.

AEV Filson Edition Wrangler

Nowhere is off limits with this latest beast from Jeep, the stunning AEV Filson Edition Wrangler. Among its most ferocious features are an optional 5.7L or 6.4L HEMI V8 engine, 3-1/2″ DualSport SC suspension, 35″ BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 tires, a 9,500-pound WARN winch and a heat reduction hood.

ONA Union Street Messenger

A range of bags that will cement your creative cool credentials, the ONA Union Street Messenger boasts enough space for a laptop and multiple cameras with all their gadgetry.

Wacom Bamboo Fineline

Get scribbling or sketching electronically with the Wacom Bamboo Fineline, a high-precision stylus that gives you untold control over your iPad.

Dyson Humidifier

Having removed the blades and re-invented the fan, Dyson have taken the same technology and revolutionized the humble humidifier.

Pyle Street Vibe Speaker System

Take your tunes a traveling with the Pyle Street Vibe Speaker System. It can be paired with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device, sports NFC technology and a micro-SD card and USB flash drive reader which also doubles it up as a charging device.

Greats Royale

Bow to the magnificence of the Greats Royale, a sneaker handcrafted in Civitanova, Italy, a region used by the nation’s most eminent designers.

QOR 400 Merino Full Zip Hoodie

Meet your new go-to hoodie come activity time. The QOR 400 Merino Full Zip Hoodie sports raglan sleeves with thumbholes, three zippered pockets and a fitted hood.


Navigate your urban jungle in a whole new way with a Halfbike. This combination running/cycling vehicle is fun for short commutes and small enough to take on public transportation.

Whiskey Wedge

Like your scotch or bourbon chilled but not watered down? Then invest in a Whiskey Wedge, an ingenious device that ensures your ice will melt much more slowly than the traditional cubes.

Pickup Power Surge Protector

Whether at home or on the move, the Pickup Power Surge Protector not only does the obvious, but even comes with its very own in-built pop-out portable battery.

Seavees Waxed Canvas Supply Bag

More retro-inspired coolness from one of our favorite firms, the Seavees Waxed Canvas Supply Bag is stitched using a vintage single-needle industrial lockstitch machine by one busy Cali-based man, Strawfoot Handmade’s Garret Kautz.