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Lems Boulder Boot

Possibly the world’s lightest boot, and undoubtedly the world’s most flexible, the Lems Boulder Boot is so collapsible it can be rolled into a ball.

PowerUp 3.0 Paper Airplane

Transform regular paper planes into motorized darts controlled from your smartphone with the ingenious PowerUp 3.0 Paper Airplane.

ForeverSpin Top

CNC-machined from one solid piece of metal, the ForeverSpin Top is one solid piece of precision Canadian-made craftsmanship.

QOR Performance Suiting Blazer

Sure, the QOR Performance Suiting Blazer looks stylish enough to be donned by a cinema-screen spy, but it also boasts a construction that could take everything that a real life spy throws at it.

Sony A7 Mark II

Having launched one of last year’s best cameras, the pressure was on for Sony to deliver, and they sure have.

Ceramic Flask

An original and unusual gift, the Ceramic Flask is a cool spin on the traditional hip flask.

Rail + River Fall Ties

In honor of the Big Apple, Rail + River Fall Ties are crafted, by hand, using New York’s finest mills, fabric sources and factories.

Satechi 10 Port USB Hub

Even in this wireless world, you can never have enough ports on your desktop and the Satechi 10 Port USB Hub adds a whole load of them with a whole load of style.

Big Ass Garage Light

We do love an amusingly literally named gizmo here at GearCulture (it saves with a lot of explaining), and you can’t get much more literal than Big Ass Garage Light.

Basis Peak

One of the many fine features of the Basis Peak is that unlike most fitness trackers, this one automatically detects when you’re sleeping, along with other activities such as jogging, strolling and cycling.

Byrd Pomade

Slickness, sixties surf style. Byrd Pomade harks back to those glory days out on the waves when quiffs came courtesy of tonics and old-school barbershops.

Executive Top

A wholly unique gift that quite literally puts an elegant spin on a classic childhood toy, the Executive Top is a manually machined solid copper spinning top that sports a sphere tip packaged in a gorgeous walnut box.

Worx Aerocart

Get far more done, far faster and with far less effort with the Worx Aerocart. A no-nonsense, all-purpose wheelbarrow, it sports two oversized off-road wheels that can handle 300lbs with ease.

Pavlok Wristband

Shock some good sense into yourself with the Pavlok Wristband, your very own super strict wrist-worn coach.

Reef Outhaul

Treat your feet to a touch of stylish surfing flair with Reef Outhaul. The all-new model boasts clean and simple styling around a premium suede and leather upper that has been intricately woven and sports a gusseted tongue.

Ebony Letter Opener

The ideal accessory to a luxurious desk and office space, the Ebony Letter Opener is a glorious piece of functional art.

Cocoon Home Security System

Say hello to the world’s smartest home security device. With Cocoon Home Security System, there’s no need for a slew of ugly boxes to be scattered around your home, for its SUBSOUND technology senses activity in other rooms and levels from one unit.

2015 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

  Who doesn’t want to ride a legend? If you can handle one, that is. The 2015 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie puts all other cruisers in the shade, even the company’s own models.

Kodak SP360 Action Cam

Capture your adventures from a whole new perspective with the Kodak SP360 Action Cam. It sports a unique fixed fish eye lens that records full circle thanks to its 360-degree panoramic capabilities.

Blitz Bombshell Lamp

Explosive-inspired illumination, the mega-cool Blitz Bombshell Lamp sports a high impact metal base fashioned from a World War Two practice bomb.