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Meet Strengthtape, five meters of badness that’s the official tape of Ironman. Boasting Allsport Adhesive, its stickiness will last through a week’s worth of mud, blood, sweat and tears, while its breathable cotton and Spandex construction ensures comfort.

Rockwell Sonicrafter F50

Turning, quite literally, oscillating tool technology on its head, the Rockwell Sonicrafter F50 offers an increased in the angle of attack, constant speed control and one of the fastest mechanisms on the market that can be pushed to a load of 35 lbs.

Levi’s Basics

Ensure that what’s under your coolest denim is just as cool with Levi’s Basics, a range of men’s underwear that includes t-shirts, tank tops, henley’s and socks.

GoPro Fetch

Ever wonder how the world looks from your dog’s perspective? Fetch a GoPro Fetch dog harness and you can capture the world from your pet’s point of view.

Apple iMac with Retina Display

Even by their standards, the Apple iMac with Retina Display is staggering. The world’s most advanced desktop operating system, unveiled just yesterday, just got more advanced.

Pixo Task Lamp

Versatility meets efficiency and a whole lotta compact cool, the Pixo Task Lamp is ideal for a desktop, end table or nightstand.

Apple iPad Air 2

Supermodel slim and supermodel sexy, the just-launched Apple iPad Air 2 is an astonishing 18% thinner that the firm’s first iPad Air.

Dewalt Concealer Safety Google

Only a fool doesn’t take the best care of his eyes when working with power tools, and few things better protect then peepers than the DeWalt Concealer Safety Goggle.

American Crew Shave

Look, smell and feel your very best with American Crew Shave, a premium collection of male grooming products that includes hair gel, shaving cream and lotion.

Skullcandy x Budweiser Air Raid

We can think of few more inspiring collaborations than that of good booze and good tunes. Skullcandy x Budweiser Air Raid sees the legendary King of Beers join forces with the retro aural designers to produce a drop-proof, water-proof Bluetooth speaker that is very, very loud.

Port Solar Charger

If you’re looking for a mobile power replenisher with an embedded USB port and eco-credentials then look no further than the Port Solar Charger.

Hure Crank Table

An absolute hulk of a surface, the Hure Crank table incorporates four 3-ton crank mechanisms to adjust from a 30″ to 42″ bar height, operated by handles on each side.

Trace Lamp

An illuminating take on minimalism, the Trace Lamp is essentially just an outline of a lamp shape thus maximizing your bulb’s beam.

Snap! 6

As if the latest iPhone cameras weren’t already mouth-wateringly good, along comes Snap! 6 to really rub salt in the wounds of digital cameras everywhere.

Killspencer Pencil Case

Made to order by highly skilled hands in an artisan Los Angeles workshop, the Killspencer Pencil Case is the perfect pouch for both stationery equipment and smaller tools.

Booq Taipan Shock

Shockingly attractive, shockingly roomy and shockingly cool: meet Booq Taipan Shock. This ultra-lightweight backpack features a quick front access pocket for your tablet and a separate laptop slot with extra thick padding, all protected by a water repellent zipper.

Trilogy Dock & Stand

Simple, functional and stupendously stylish, the Trilogy Dock Stand can be used in an upright or horizontal position, meaning whether you’re using your iPhone to watch movies, chill with some tunes or as an alarm, it covers all bases.

Dot Grid Book

Developed by Behance as an alternative to the usual lines and boxes, Dot Grid Book instead offers a subtle geometric dot matrix to guide both writing and sketches on 80lb premium blend paper.

Haven Smartlock

Welcome to the evolution of home security. With the Haven Smartlock, you can feel secure knowing that your home is, um, secure from intruders or unwelcome guests.


Get better connected, on a smaller scale, with the AKG Y45BT, an on-ear headset that’s as lightweight as it is efficient.