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Robot Nut Cracker

Wooden crafted, retro inspired the Robot Nut Cracker will bust open everything from tiny hazelnuts to mighty walnut ones.

Mobius & Ruppert Brass Pencil Sharpener

Fine German engineering taken to a miniscule scale, the Mobius & Ruppert Brass Pencil Sharpener is the design of choice for artists and professionals.

Silencer Co. Don’t Drone Me Bro Tee

Switching from the world of silencers to the sartorial the Silencer Co. Don’t Drone Me Bro Tee sports a nifty drone graphic and striking bold font.

Rabbit Cocktail Mixer

Create your favorite concoction in under 15 seconds with the Rabbit Cocktail Mixer, your very own private, electric mixologist.

Stromer ST2

Meet the future of electric bikes, today. The sensational Stromer ST2 sports a stealth-like 500-watt SYNO Drive motor that’s good for 28mph, smoothly, and efficiently.

Tumi Kawazu

The ultra-chic, Japanese-made Traverso Eyewear collection blends the state-of-the-art design of Tumi with revolutionary Zeiss polarized lens technology that both repels particles and resists abrasion.

Motorola Moto Hint Earbud

Making Bluettooth headsets stylish once more, because, well it’s practically invisible, the Motorola Moto hint Earbud offers ten hours talk time and turns itself on and off automatically when placed in or removed from your ear.

Howler Bros. Feedback Hoodie

Classic styling added to a truly classic look, the Howler Bros. Feedback Hoodie sports a choice of two cool contrasting color designs: Evergreen/Grey or Surf Blue/Turf with some neat orange trim.

Germinator Transit Jacket

Your very own personal force field, the ingenious Germiator Transit Jacket promises to protect you from the parasites and germs that patrol public transport.

Philips Pasta Maker

Bring out your inner Italian with the Philips Pasta Maker, a kitchen tool so efficient, it’ll churn out those delicious strips in 15 minutes or less.


A superb solution to urban cycling security, the SeatyLock is a saddle and safe in one. With a simple click and pull, the cycle seat slides up and out to instantly transform into a wraparound lock.

Stiga Studio Ping Pong Table

Home entertainment doesn’t get much more fun and functional than the Stiga Studio Ping Pong Table with its 2800-watt sound system delivering a mammoth sound through 360-degree free standing audio which includes a QSC CXD series professional processing amplifier, a pair of Kicker 12-inch Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofers and eight Kicker KS Series 3-way 6×9 speakers.

CL Companion Africa

Spy in style with CL Companion Africa 8×30 binoculars which provide a generous 372-foot field of view and come in a cool handcrafted waxed canvas bag with leather carry and wrist straps, eyepiece cover and objective lens cover too.

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack

A bag fit for a warrior, the high-performance, multi-purpose 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack is water resistant and offers 16 individual compartments, including a massive main one, a hydration pocket and a suede-lined pouch to protect your shades.

TrackingPoint Shotglass Shooting Glasses

Add a touch of Robocop to your hunting with the TrackingPopint Shotglass Shooting Glasses. The first ever digital hunting and shooting specs, they sport incredible smartglass technology that enables you to shoot round corners and record your hunt.

Kilimanjaro LED Carabiner Light

An LED like no other, the Kilimanjaro LED Carabiner Light sports a clever handle that clips, swivels, detaches and even boasts magnets that mean you can illuminate any situation from just about any angle.

Samsung Level-Over Headphones

Shut out the outside world wirelessly for up to 15 hours. Samsung LEVEL over Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones have Active Noise Cancellation for crystal clear listening pleasure.

Radius v2

  If you don’t like your cases to be bulky then check out the Radius v2, smartphone protection that’s so svelte, it barely protrudes past the volume buttons.

Pet House

From Korean designer Seungii Mun comes Pet House, part of a highly stylish collection of furniture for your favorite furry four-legged friends.

Libratone Diva

Raising the soundbar bar, the Libratone Diva not only offers a quite spectacular sound thanks to its five-inch 75W woofer and pair of 50W 3-inch midrange drivers coupled with a couple of 25W ribbon-based tweeters, but has been decked out with a stunning wool finish.