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Do You Want to be an Alpha Male? Here is What it Takes.

Let’s play a little word association. I’m going to write a phrase and I want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind.

Randy Rainbow Takes On Melania Trump and Makes Life More Bearable

Embed from Getty Images America’s preeminent fake interviewer Randy Rainbow is back, this time splicing himself into a real sit-down with mushy-mouthed Melania Trump.

Dad Responds to Trump Scandal With Open Letter to Sons on What It Really Means to “Be a Man”

Last night I sat in my home office with both hands hovering over my laptop’s keyboard, wishing there was an emoji that “nodded furiously in agreement.” If only Facebook would add a “Like” emoji version 2.0 that hopped up and down in approval, I thought.

Missing First Nation’s Men and Boys in Canada

Embed from Getty Images I ask myself: “why is all the focus on missing aboriginal women and girls?” What happened to the men and boys?

Food Addiction Affects Men Too: The Hidden Truth

Embed from Getty Images — Food addiction is a rapidly growing problem in modern times. Addictive foods are available on the corner of every street, and food producers are using an ever-increasing blend of additives to hook returning customers.

Sexy (boy) Toddlers: Why is no one talking about this?

Embed from Getty Images — My son wants to be Spider-Man for Halloween. So, like the procrastinating, non-crafty mother that I am, I went to the store in mid-October to find him a costume.

An Apology to Myself at 500 Pounds

Dear 16-Year-Old, 500 Pound Matt, I’m writing to you today because I feel it’s overdue. For years now, I’ve talked about you to others as though I needed to vent my feelings about an old friend I’d recently had an argument with.

The #1 Mistake Men Make That Kills Their Success With Women

Guys, have you ever wondered why the women you like don’t respond to your online dating messages? Or why they don’t want to go on a first or second date with you?

Today I Felt the Shame of Being a Man

Embed from Getty Images — Today I felt the pain of being a woman… Today I felt the shame of being a man… We sat in the cafe, me drinking an Americano and she a Capuccino, talking about our past, feeling our way through the pain and shame of our previous lives.

Successful Men – Unsuccessful Relationships

For many professionally successful men, the same traits that take them to the top of their career can take their relationships to the bottom.

The Manifesto for the Man Who is Committed to His Healing

Your Healing Manifesto We declare that there is no future in the past, no hope in living from yesterday.

Hallowen Dads Have Found Their Voices in the Dads and Families Section

  And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles.

How NOT Dating Taylor Swift Almost Got Me Fired

Embed from Getty Images Looking at the children before me, I should have stopped long ago. After working at Victoria’s Secret for a long, strange year, I continued like most creatives do when trying to avoid their mother’s basement: down the black hole path of retail.

No. No, Thanks. Never.

  It has always been a sign of age. Every single man I know, knew or ever met, who wears a lip pushbroom, has always looked old.

Who Wants To Go on a Killing Spree, Today?

Embed from Getty Images — Who wants to get out there and kill some people today!? It’s a ridiculous question, isn’t it?

Why I Let My Teenage Son Still Trick or Treat

We all remember how confusing the teenage years are. You’re not quite an adult yet and you’re not really a child either.

Late-Shift Families and the New American Dream, ‘Without’ Dad

It’s a familiar routine all across the country for the average family—Mom and Dad roll out of bed just before sunrise and guzzle a quick cup of coffee.


*** Read more of Ben Berman’s poetry. Interested in submitting poetry to The Good Men Project? Check out our guidelines.

5 Ways Schools Can Combat the “Trump Effect”

Embed from Getty Images Donald Trump’s comments from 2005, recently released on video, suggest he not only has committed sexual assault, but also views grabbing women “by the p***y” as the casual right of powerful men.

Society’s Parasite: A Look Inside the Treatment Industrial Complex or ‘TIC’

Now that mass incarceration is being threatened by a wakening public, the parasites are moving on to capitalize on the “treatment” process after prison.