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Four Key Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

The brain is the seat of our emotions, perceptions, and actions. A healthy lifestyle for our brain is easy to achieve.

Could You Make These Trick Shots? These Dads Can. [video]

Golf, football, soccer, pool, these dads have it. You might expect football guys to be able to make great shots, but when they called their Dads in for a special video, their pride was mixed with something else.

Where Is the Line You Walk?

Emotional expression, especially love, can stay locked up until the love is easy to be true. ––– Johnny Cash lived the struggle fame brings: rage, addiction, finance, and confusion.

Why I Miss Super Bowl Parties

JJ Vincent is feeling nostalgic about the hyperactive awesome crazy family-and-friend-fest Super Bowl parties of yesteryear.

The Evolution of Batman

Batman Evolution from ThePianoGuys on Vimeo. 50 years of music and film all rolled together in front of the cars that have become the icons of super hero history.

Inspiration Unpacked: Stop Faking, Start Acting

A reframe of “fake it til you make it” can make all the difference. — “Position yourself as a center of influence – the one who knows the movers and shakers.

Legalized Bribery in America: Radio Show on January 31, 2015 with John J. Higgins

  Please join Barb Adams and John J. Higgins as they discuss Practical Solutions for America on how to end “legalized bribery” in America this Saturday, January 31, at 11pm Eastern and 8pm Pacific on

I Kept It In My Pants For a Year – On Purpose! – And I’m Happier Than Ever

  “I’ve been everywhere sexually. So I’m abstaining until I connect with someone on a deeper level.” _______ By David Wygant Sex.

It’s Too, Darn Hot

Who says guys can’t think on their feet? Watch the Fox 10 weatherman’s improvisational feat. ___ When the tv temperature map went haywire with heat, Fox’s Cory McCloskey didn’t miss a beat.

Partying Like Its Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona . . . For a Good Cause

realt The NFL’s Jared Allen, Founder of Homes for Wounded Warriors Laurie Dickman covered the pre-Super Bowl bash benefiting Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, including exclusive interviews with Jay Glazer and Jared Allen.

To Shawshank, With Love

Brian Rutter contemplates life choices and finds redemption through the power of Shawshank Redemption.

Being a Dad—Babies’ First Moments

Midwives get emotional about men’s reactions to becoming new fathers. ___ Fatherhood happens gradually, then suddenly.

Seduction Strategies Don’t Lead to Love—These Skills Do

The real skills of dating are about intimacy, not seduction.   The search for love is one of our greatest life-tasks.

Our Super Bowl XLIX Super Guide: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Super Bowl Sunday

 Whether you’re a diehard sports fan, or you die hard watching sports, there’s something for everyone in this guide to winning on Super Bowl Sunday ___ There is nothing worse than going to a party and being a complete and total outcast.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry: How to Find her Perfect Size

Have you ever pondered how to buy the “just right” piece of jewelry? Getting the proper size can be a very important step.

21 Things Men Think About When They’re Not Thinking About Sex

Thomas Fiffer takes us inside the male mind and finds there’s more than just that one thought in there.

The Pressure to Raise Great Men

Marie Roker-Jones’ teen son taught her that to become a great man is a continuous journey.  - Recently, I saw a quote that made me think about everything I’ve done with my Raising Great Men brand.

DOJ Goes Silent on Report Owed to Philadelphians

Government official requests Philadelphians put pressure on Department of Justice to release the Collaborative Reform Review of Philadelphia Police Department.

So What. Do What You Want. WHATEVER.

Shawn Henfling shares a lesson from his mother, one he heard but did not heed. — So what.  I don’t care.

Death Match: Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play ‘Mortal Kombat X’ with Conan O’Brien

– Turns out the forthcoming installment of the brutal Mortal Kombat series is too graphic even for tough guys like Marshawn Lynch and Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski.