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Comment of the Day: “Are labels the real problem?”

The difference in not about the label, but rather the absence of fear. Allan commented in response to Same Sex Sex and Why We Need to Remove Labels: I believe there is a lot of merit in the above comments, however I do not believe labels are or are not the problem.

Restive Ukraine Signs EU Pact and Hands Rebels Self-Rule

A major step forward for Ukraine and its eastern rebels – but the tough part is still to come. — By Adam Swain, University of Nottingham On the same day that it finally voted to ratify the EU Association Agreement that helped spark the Euromaidan protests in 2013, Ukraine’s parliament also voted to give self-rule to the rebels holding major cities in its east and extended an amnesty to fighters on the pro-Russian side.

Soul Searching … Enjoy the Journey!

We’re all searching. Dave Kanegis shows us how to find. ___ Soul searching … we all engage in it at various points in our life.

Giving Up the Drink Or: Why I Had to Give Up on Booze

Alex Steed explains how his love relationship with alcohol soured, and how he and booze finally—and recently—broke up.

Who Needs Peace-Keepers?

How can we deal with life’s frustrations? Vaughan Granier shows us.  ______ I have spent the last few weeks experiencing different people’s resilience levels, as I have journeyed with them both at work and in personal circles.

This Dad and Daughter Sure Know How to Shake It Off!

Taylor Swift topped the charts with ‘Shake It Off,’ but Josh Rinder and his daughter shake it to a whole new level.

“Holy Imminent Release!” LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham

Alex Yarde geeks out hard over LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham’s DLC and added features!   I was super excited about Batman 3 Beyond Gotham since I first heard about it’s release a year ago.

Growing Up With My Daughter

  Jon Vaughn shares the story of the remarkable relationship between him and his daughter as they both grew up in different ways.  ______ Two-year-olds aren’t made to be quiet, so when my daughter left the room and a few minutes of silence followed, it caused alarm.

Is the Daniele Watts Incident a Tempest in a Teapot?

We must demand the police “protect and serve” and respect us. We must also cooperate and facilitate their very difficult job and respect them.

Divorce Lessons: 8 Critical Factors in Making a Positive Split

How you handle these eight factors everyone faces during divorce will determine whether things play out as cooperative or contentious.

Michael B. Jordan On Success, Creative Inspiration And Leaving a Legacy

Michael B. Jordan talks about photography, directing, and his inspirations. — The image of overnight success is a misleading one.

How to Break The Myth of “Tomorrow”

The mythical place we keep our dreams, this fantasy land called “tomorrow” – is a diversion we have to train ourselves to avoid and conquer.

Who Are You to Correct My Child?

Devin Robinson debates if the “Village Raising a Child” Mentality Still Stands - We’ve all heard “It takes a village to raise a child”.

3 Tips To Install a Toilet

There is no reason to fear replacing or repairing a toilet. Follow a few basic rules and it’s a snap – or a flush!

Consent Sucks If You’re Rush Limbaugh

To understand Rush Limbaugh’s opposition to consent, Thomas Fiffer explores the entitlement mindset. ___ I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

The Agony Of Realizing That “The One” Is Now Somebody You Used To Know

You neither can nor should try to avoid the sadness of love. There is always some loss associated with loving a person.  _______ To be very happy is to have experienced much sadness.

Geeky Feminazis – A Comic

You hear these kinds of complaints from dudes all the time but to me it doesn’t make any sense.  This is another one of a series a did a while ago.

There Are Only Two Kinds of Dads—Chickens or Pigs

Tor Constantino thinks good dads should be more like pigs than chickens. ___ Being called a “Pig” or “Chicken” might constitute fightin’ words for most men, since neither term is a particularly endearing moniker for manliness or fatherhood.

The Difference Between Tolerance And Acceptance

We need to stop interchanging the words “tolerance” and acceptance”, Brynn Tannenhill says. Tolerance is no longer enough.

Puncture Weed, Yard Work, Obsession, and Sunscreen

Puncture weed This weed is my obsession. There are some things in life I can’t control. This one I can.