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Comment of the Day: ‘I don’t need your money. I need your presence’

Embed from Getty Images Being emotionally available should not be about who earns more. — This comment was by Surgerychick  in reference to the post – Is a Man’s Value really Less If His Wife Outearn Him?

Funny Dads Have Found Their Voice in the Dads and Families Section

And you can too. Read their thoughts and ideas here. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. Submit your own articles.

What Does it Mean to #MakeLoveLouder at Chicago’s Pride Parade?

Activists Darren Calhoun and friends apologize to the LGBTQ community at Chicago Pride Parade for the way extremist Christians have harmed them.

What is Authenticity?

Embed from Getty Images Is “being yourself” bad advice? Ira Israel takes a look. ___ Professor Adam Grant states in his Sunday New York Times article “‘Be Yourself’ Is Terrible Advice” that, “Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world.” In fact, what Professor Grant provides is the exact definition of “congruence,” not “authenticity.” Congruence is when what one reveals to the outer world matches his or her inner workings; authenticity, on the other hand, is usually denoted in contradistinction to our false selves, facades or personas – what we show the outer world.

3 Ways to Help Our Children Find Beauty in the World

Embed from Getty Images When bad things are happening around us, we can teach our children how to focus on what is good.

How Men Can Boost Their Sexual Performance With Yoga

Embed from Getty Images From enhancing blood flow to elongating performance, yoga can make men better in bed and life.

‘Skylanders Imaginators’ Takes the Series to new Heights

(c) Activision Skylanders Imaginators allows kids to create their own characters providing hours of fun and entertainment I have never played any of the Skylanders games before.

Being a Young Muslim Man in the Early 21st Century

A PhD student discusses what it’s like being a young Muslim man in today’s world. — “I don’t like that man.

The Humanity of Others Helped Him Recover After Testicular Cancer: #IAmBallsy Stories—Gael Emonnot

This healthcare specialist learned the humanity and compassion of the industry after beating testicular cancer.

Why a Husband Needs to Treat His Wife Better in Divorce Than When They Were Together

Matt Sweetwood has learned the hard way, being a good guy in a divorce is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing as well.

4 Ways Trump Has Already Helped America

I’ve written some pretty negative things about Trump in the past. This time, I have decided to focus on the positives of his campaign!

This Mom’s College Send-Off to Her Only Son

I’m excited for you to start your next chapter. There are many opportunities available to you now that won’t be available at any other time in your life.

Are There Trustworthy Men?

View image | We all know the stereotype of the lying, cheating man, but does his opposite exist?

What the Conversation on Journalism’s Future is Missing

When discussing the future of news, very few people talk about emphasizing journalism as a public service.

The Cyclic Effect

Embed from Getty Images Does thinking happier thoughts make you live longer? Check out the interesting science here.

Six ways that Midlife is the best time to be alive

Are you ready for an adventure? Maybe it’s time that you have a midlife crisis? ___ “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.’  I should think so — in these parts!

The Next Time A Baby Is Crying On Your Plane, Take A Cue From This Guy

If only every passenger on a plane could be this understanding. ___ By Chaunie Brusie The last flight I got on, our plane was delayed almost two hours before take-off.

Why I Refuse To Apologize for My Son Wearing a Dress

Embed from Getty Images This loving mom believes her son has the right to express himself any way he wants, including as ‘gender creative’ and challenges people to see there is nothing wrong with his choices.

The Surprising One Thing NOT to Say When Someone Comes Out as Gay

You think you’re helping, but it actually really hurts. ___ By Raymond Miller There’s something I wish I could tell EVERY family member and friend of a person who is going to come out as LGBT: One of the most harmful things you can tell an LGBT person when they’re coming out is, “You don’t have to change just because you’ve come out”.

The Addictive Pleasure of Being Right

Embed from Getty Images The satisfaction of saying ‘I told you so’ can damage your relationship. — Our brain chemicals reinforce our behavior.