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Pompeo Can’t be Any Worse Than Tillerson, Social Sez

> Source: – Mike%20Pompeo-and-Secretary%20of%20State On Tuesday, the President fired Rex Tillerson, a decision the Secretary of State was made aware of though a Trump tweet.

My Kid Came Out, Now What?

Embed from Getty Images — Understanding what LGBTQ is does not necessarily mean one understands their LGBTQ child.

Losing Your Cult

Embed from Getty Images My wife and I had a short, two-year bout with infertility. We tried making babies the old-fashioned way, hit a few speed bumps, and got tested.

What to do When His Mom Doesn’t Like You From day One

Embed from Getty Images — My boyfriend and I dated for about two years before I met his mom. Typically, meeting the parents is no problem for me.

A Child’s Death: A Father’s Lesson About Being a Warrior

— “Is it dead?” My daughter spotted a butterfly in the school parking lot. Its wings were flat against the asphalt.

A Black Guy and a White Guy Walk into a Bar

Embed from Getty Images — I’ve known Josh for almost ten years. We met in San Diego through mutual friends and bonded over our love of hip-hop.

Men Going Their Own Way

Embed from Getty Images — This week Andy Grant is visited by writer and speaker, Anthony Simeone, to discuss the MGTOW movement, toxic masculinity, and the notion that women are evil.

Down’s Syndrome: A Different Perspective

— My wife Charlotte and I recently attended the National Down Syndrome Conference. Each year, people in the Down syndrome community across the country gather in a different city in the United States.


“Give me five,” called out a voice from across the main road leading into Nkhata Bay, a beautiful little slice of paradise on the beaches of Lake Malawi.

Social Mildly Bubbly Over Kudlow Joining Trump

> Source: – Larry%20Kudlow Kudlow does have policy experience, having served as Associate Director for Economics and Planning in the Office of Management & Budget under President Ronald Reagan and on the New York State Tax Commission under Governor George Pataki in 2005.

Men in Leadership: The New Vision

Embed from Getty Images — We see the effects daily. Men at the top rung of business, sports, entertainment, and the arts resigning en mass because of indiscretions, because companies see the reasonableness (and the public consequences) of fostering an environment that is toxic, sexist, misogynist, and racist.

Intensity vs Consistency

Simon Sinek’s wonderful talk for The RSA is about applying that positive attitude to work and life. RSA – Simon Sinek – Intensity vs Consistency from Jocie Juritz on Vimeo.

A Letter to My Husband’s Ex-Wife

Embed from Getty Images Dear Ex-Wife, I love my husband dearly and I am trying my best to understand your situation.

Honoring Your Word Like A Man

Dillan DiGiovanni explains how honoring your word differs from doing everything you say you will.   I am a bit of a perfectionist.

About the Young Man Dating My Teenage Daughter

Embed from Getty Images  — When my daughter’s mom got pregnant with our child, I let the jokes fly. The jokes about when your daughter comes of age, where she’s starting to turn some heads and the boys start prowling around.

OK Guys, Let’s Teach Our Kids Some Love, Compassion, and Humility Already

Embed from Getty Images — This weekend, one of my daughters was playing with a friend who told her, out of the blue, “Gay people can’t go to heaven, and if you support gay people you’ll go to hell.” I’m proud to say that my daughter replied, “I think people should love who they love.” This girl went on to say how “her bible” said that my daughter was going to hell.

Runaway Ski Lift Goes Haywire, Flings People Out

Join The Good Men Project Community. “Here’s the thing about The Good Men Project. We are trying to create big, sweeping, societal changes—–overturn stereotypes, eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, be a positive force for good for things like education reform and the environment.

Why Sex With Someone With a Disability Is the Best Sex You Could Be Having

Yep. We can mess up that bed. People with disabilites have sex. Andrew Morrison-Gurza is getting this out in the open.

How to Get Car Finance With Bad Credit

Embed from Getty Images — Your credit rating reflects your borrowing capacity. With a good credit score, you’re more likely to be approved for financing.

One Dude’s Perspective on Why Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Be Terrible For Men

— Psst… fellow dudes. I’ve got a secret for you. This whole Planned Parenthood thing, doesn’t just affect women.