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Police Reforms Will Soon Become as Visible as Transgressions, Hopefully

The countless deaths of unarmed black men by police, coupled with persistent activism from communities of color, has forced the conversation of race on America, causing officials to reevaluate, among many things, how policing is done.

Scott Walker Channels The Gipper

When it comes to how the Cold War ended, Scott Walker believes a pretty strange version of history. Wisconsin’s Republican governor, and current top tier contender for the White House, was recently giving a speech at the conservative policy group the Club for Growth.

From Boxer to Body Boarding Trainer: How One Man Made The Leap

The same is true no matter what sport you choose: the harder you train, the more you gain. ___ What does boxing have in common with body boarding?

The Near Impossibility of an All-In-One Relationship

In long term relationships one size rarely fits all, here’s why… - – - I had an interesting conversation with my partner the other day.

Five Things Teachers Want From Parents of Boys

Boys may struggle in school—but it’s not an unsolvable problem. Here’s how you can help the teacher help your boy to succeed.

When There Is No Normal

Norman Gold shares the challenge of parenting a child with a mental illness. _____ “Just had a visit from the police.”  I read those words on my son’s Facebook page.

It’s Ok to Go to Bed Angry and Other Principles of Marriage

  View image |  Tim Dowling has literally written the book on “How to Be a Husband” and puts a few marital myths to bed.

Joe Marraccino: Time Will Tell

Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads. __ There is no better place to witness the changing roles of men and women in the larger culture than through the lens of parenthood.

“Not all White People”

View image | I have a very modest goal for me and my white colleagues. ––– To be able to read something like José Luis Vilson’s recent post, or Mia McKenzie’s recent post, without feeling defensive.

Dikembe Mutombo Is . . . Doing It Right

“No matter what the circumstances are, you have to give people hope. You have to let them know there is light up there, … and that is what we are trying to do, too.” – Dikembe Mutombo — Dikemebe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo, more commonly known as Dikembe Mutombo is a retired professional basketball player known as one of the most prolific shot-blockers and defensive players in NBA history. Beside his incredible legacy on the court and his trademark finger-wagging and elbow-wielding, he is also known for his amazing dedication and commitment to his humanitarian work.

Making Mistakes Doesn’t Make You Less of a Man

His grandfather taught him how to be a man. His death left him questioning himself. — I called him “Papa” growing up and idolized him when I was a kid.

Tracy Martin, Setting the Record Straight About His Hero, Trayvon

A gentle, soft-spoken giant, the father of Trayvon Martin cleans stain off son’s image with a talk at PA college.

Easier Access to Prescription Drugs Puts Teens at Risk

Fortunately, the US is making strides in reducing substance misuse, especially among teenagers. — By Margie Skeer, Tufts University When you think about substance use and teens, drugs like marijuana or Ecstasy might come to mind.

Lust is NOT Love: 3 Key Differences That are Often Confused

 Brandon Davis on where people go wrong in mixing love and lust. ___ I think that our cultural definition of “love” is a little messy.

Meandering Through the Desert of Life

BELSTAFF X MR PORTER : ON THE ROAD 2 from Cale Glendening on Vimeo. About a two-and-a-half-hour drive east of Los Angeles along the Twentynine Palms Highway, a tiny intersection brings you to the town of Joshua Tree, population 7,414.

When men forget how to connect with each other, that’s sad.

When do many boys and men lose the ability to connect with one another? From Ted L. in response to Take Away the Tears?

Looking for Love as a Single Gay Dad

After Azul comes out to his wife – it turns out she’s gay too – he learns how to be a single dad. And then he goes to a coming out group.

Violence Against Women is Also Terrorism

Neil Hill wants to know what can be classified as ‘terror’. ––– For fifteen years the War on Terror has rarely been anything less than headline news.

So…This Happened: The Rise of The Beard, Duke’s Slow-Breaking Sexual Assault Scandal, and Trading Daddy Home

Mike Kasdan recaps the rise of The Beard, the year it took for sexual assaults by a Duke basketball player to finally come to roost, and a storybook ending of Daddy getting traded home.

The Madonna Complex

David Toussaint looks at exactly why we hate Madonna – and wonders if there’s a double standard going on.