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Just Be: This is What Abundance Means

The miraculous and the supernatural do not need to be sought for, it is here with us, seen through our windows and as we walk through parks and forests.

Men Saying ‘No More’ to Societal Expectations: A Call for Submissions

— If your are inclined to conform to societal stereotypes rather than be authentic in some way, is there a story related you are willing to share?

Comment of the Day: ‘It’s important to breathe and heal before hooking up again’

Embed from Getty Images This comment was by Vin DiMonte, Esq. in reference to the post – 10 Lessons My Divorce Taught Me About Lasting Love Excellent discussion!

The Father I Never Wanted To Be

Embed from Getty Images My parents divorced when I was just two years old. Though I was too young to remember the next few years, I have a distinct memory of seeing my father when I was five or six years old and not recognizing him.

4 Reasons Why He Stopped Opening Up To You

Embed from Getty Images Every relationship has ebbs and flows. After the honeymoon period, you’re settling into a routine with each other.

Comic Relief In Three Different Flavors

By The CS Team Spend a few minutes with the news these days, and the need for comic relief becomes pretty obvious.

9 Ways Parenting On A Caribbean Island Is Different From The U.S

By Bailey Gaddis Remembering the sandy-bodied, messy-haired, laughing kids (and mommas!) of Roatan, the Honduran island I used to live on in the Caribbean, gives me an itch to hightail it back there, or a similar beach community in Nicaragua, with my partner and toddler in tow.

Don’t Let Low Sperm Count Undermine Your Manhood or Your Marriage

Sage input from a reproductive expert. —       When problems conceiving a child boil in a relationship, both men and women can be left feeling inadequate.

Charter Schools: The Best Imperfect Answer to a Sprawling Public School System

Embed from Getty Images   I’ve had a recent email discussion with a fellow GMP editor on the topic of charter schools.

The Blood of Life for a Modern Man

I was raised to be a complete person of purpose. I knew I was responsible for my own success and understood human jobs had no sexual assignment.

To The Parent Whose Child Just Got A Food Allergy Diagnosis

Embed from Getty Images By Chaunie Brusie  Thanks to Mylan for sponsoring this post. Maybe you just received that life-changing diagnosis from the doctor’s office.

Digital Detox: How Dads (and all Dudes) can go Tech-Free for a Day

— It’s amazing how we can watch our long-lost childhood replay through our own children. Case in point: Saturday morning television.

What’s Your Happiness Set Point?

  “Happiness is a choice” is everywhere. In fact I often post memes with that saying. But I ask you this—is it?

Alcoholism and remembering the last drunk

A few minutes after 4 in the morning and you come to, not wake up because your body wasn’t sleeping. It was detoxing.

Dad, daughter & her first menstrual cycle

The day our little girls have their first period is a powerful moment in their lives. Unfortunately some dads screw it up.

What Happens When Men Become Brutally Honest? ‘Welcome to the Men’s Group’

[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “#WelcomeMen Twitter Chat Hosted by @GoodMenProject to Introduce ‘Welcome to the Men’s Group’ Film” on Storify</a>] — Do you want to talk about how to have richer, more mindful, and enduring relationships?

How One Announcer’s Tweet About Simone Biles’ Parents Is An Insult To Adoptive Families Everywhere

Embed from Getty Images By Erica Davis I don’t know about you, but I happen to be a huge Olympic gymnastics fan.

Love Made Real –– The Transformation of Love in Fatherhood

A new dad shares his insights on the love that has changed his life — forever. —   As a species, we are, by and large, obsessed with love.

Notes To My Son – Empowered Moms Of India Speak Out

These wonderful women are actors, designers, business women and mothers. Vogue talks to Gayatri Oberoi, Sonali Bendre Behl, Haseena Jethmalani, Anamika Khanna, Roohi Jaikishan and Farah Oomerbhoy about raising their sons into men who will one day empower the women in their lives.

How to Rescue Yourself and Conquer Your Fears of Abandonment

A reader recently reached out to me for advice. He was divorced and trying to date again after the dissolution of a 14 year marriage.