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Do Not Fear Your Local Anarchist 

Embed from Getty Images — People smashing windows, burning police cars, looting businesses, running around dressed in black – wearing Guy Fawkes masks –  creating chaos.

The ‘Still Star Crossed’ Pilot Tells the Story after this Tragedy Ends

‘Still Star Crossed’ Expands on the famous Romeo and Juliet story The story of Romeo and Juliet is quite famous.

The Role of Uncle Sam in the Decline of Prime-Age Male Labor Force Participation

Embed from Getty Images — I have reported in a previous article the well-known fact of a significant decline in the labor force participation rate of men between the ages of 25 and 54, i.e.

What it Feels Like Getting Bullied on Social Media

Embed from Getty Images The Internet is a terrifying and murky place. It can be a wondrous place, too, but it’s definitely home to its own brand of terrifying.

The Unexpected Death of a Young Man

— 25 years ago I built my home. Whereas many people move every 5-10 years, I’ve never felt the need to move.

457 Words About friendship

Embed from Getty Images — Caring, actively listening, having your back while you watch their front, always giving you an honest answer whether you want it or not, adventure, wisdom, playing video games from 4 in the afternoon to 3 in the morning… watching the NBA Finals, losing in games of one on one basketball (a lot), drunken karaoke nights, bottomless mimosas, road trips across the country, lazy days at the beach, snowball fights in winter, study buddies, first date advice, being a shoulder to cry on when they go through a breakup… sharing in the excitement when he proposed, early morning workouts, tailgating at the first home game, night before the important interview pep talks, heart to heart conversations that involve crying – all sorts of crying, vulnerability… backpacking through the Amazon, proms, fighting over something silly and laughing about it years later, going shot for shot and regretting it, holding their head over the toilet while they throw up, being nice to their partner even though you cannot stand them, never saying “I told you so” even when you desperately want to… borrowing clothes, hanging out during long layovers at the airport, Vegas trips, graduations, book clubs, dinner parties, photos, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, binge watching The Wire, moving to San Francisco with them after college graduation, helping them move, debates about who is the best rapper… embracing their differences, sticking up for them when they are with you and when they are not, knowing what to say when they had a bad day and what kind of wine makes them smile, vacations, double dates, slumber parties and sleep overs, calling their parents Mom and Dad… being honest about their new hairstyle, supporting them on their big move out of state, remaining a friend when they come out, being an ally in the fight against racism, sexism, and homophobia, sticking by them when they admit to you they are an addict, supporting them by any means necessary, celebrating their sobriety, meeting them and becoming instant friends… Coachella, Burning Man, learning about their culture, pigging out on buffalo wings, engagement parties, bridal showers, going with them as they pick up the ring, helping her pick out the wedding dress, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, calming them down during the wedding day, the best man speech, the maid of honor speech, baby showers, becoming a godparent, naming your child after them… being with them at their worst, celebrating them at their best, shopping trips, experiencing sorority rush week together and laughing about it after, quoting Goodfellas all day, high school reunions, traveling through Europe in the summer… yoga class, falling out, getting back together, keeping them in your heart when they pass, and cherishing everyday you can call them a “friend.” — Get the best stories from The Good Men Project delivered straight to your inbox, here.

Advice for the Modern Man: Should I Stay With My High School Sweetheart?

Embed from Getty Images   To send in a question, please complete this form. All submissions are anonymous.

If You Stick Around (A Letter to Those Wanting to Leave)

Embed from Getty Images Dear Friend, I don’t know you, but I know something about you: I know you’re tired.

We are Cave People

Embed from Getty Images — If you are not familiar with The Allegory of the Cave by the great Greek philosopher, Plato, then you really should Google the hell out of it.

West African Musicians Showed Me the Value of Vulnerability

Embed from Getty Images — I was somewhere in a remote village in the south of Senegal, hanging out with a band of traditional drummers, inside the house of a village chief, when I completely blacked out.

Stay In YO Lane: LaVar Ball and Self-Righteousness

Embed from Getty Images “You stay in YO lane!” These were the words of LaVar Ball to Christie Lahey, co-anchor/commentator with Colin Cowherd on “The Herd,” a sports-talk radio show on Fox.

Tiger and Steve, We Feel Your (Back) Pain

Embed from Getty Images Tiger Woods just had his fourth back surgery last month; Steve Kerr has had two back surgeries, and, due to severe back pain, is currently unable to coach his Golden State Warriors in the NBA play-offs.

What Philadelphia’s Mayor Omitted at Police Recruit Graduation

On Thursday, less than 24 hours before the Mayor of Philadelphia was scheduled to speak at the Police Recruits’ graduation, a bombshell story was published on that shed light on the practice of police officers, when performing a stop-and-frisk, reaching into the underwear of their subjects to search for contraband.

Welcome to the Dead Dads Club

— I must have received 200 texts and phone calls the week of March 26, 2012. That was the day my father died.

Unified Communications and Combining All Aspects of Yourself into One

Embed from Getty Images What do you do when you’ve decided to follow your passions and reality hits and you find out that you can’t make a living?

Finding Hope

— Finding Hope with Psychological Theorist, Vito Mucci Episode 61, May 23, 2017 This week on Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by author and co-host of Divine Union TV, Vito Mucci, to talk about finding hope. This isn’t airy-fairy stuff.

How to Find Peace With Your Soulful Androgyny

Author Andy Hall examines his life compared to stereotypes of the man box and finds peace with his androgyny.

A Fatherless Boy Becomes a Man

— My Father was never involved in my life in any meaningful way. He never paid a day of child support, never took me with him on weekend visitation—well, one day he did but it was at gunpoint and I was about 13 and that’s a REALLY long story.

Random Acts of Kindness: A Call for Submissions

Embed from Getty Images — Random acts of kindness are the actions that allow us to continue to have faith in humanity.

Boxer Shows Off Some Unreal Hand-Eye Coordination

____ The post Boxer Shows Off Some Unreal Hand-Eye Coordination appeared first on The Good Men Project.