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These BuzzFeed Videos of Guys Doing “Lady Stuff” Are Funny, But Also Weird

I need to talk to you guys about lady stuff and why it’s funny (and sometimes not) when guys do it. BuzzFeed’s been doing a lot of really funny videos where guys do girl stuff, and girls do guy stuff and we sort of get to look at the absurdity of gender roles and prescriptive masculinity/femininity.

The NFL Steps Up and Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence

After several high profile incidents some NFL players step up with a strong message. — There is no excuse for domestic violence or sexual assault.

Where’s Willy?

I lost my penis again last week. To be fair, it is that time of year, but it’s always disconcerting nonetheless.

How Many More Sayrevilles?

A Nation of Sayrevilles indeed. Michael Kasdan digests the latest high school locker room hazing and abuse incident, this one in Doylestown, PA.  – By now we are all familiar with the facts: Deeply troubling allegations of inappropriate hazing and sexual abuse at the hands of high school football players.

Australia Steps up to Prevent Violence Against Women [Video]

People notice sexism but not enough take action. This video encourages pro-social bystander action to address the determinants of violence against women.

Who Owns the Moon?

Greedy eyes are gazing at the moon glossed over with the potential of high profits from the next land of conquest.

Comment of the Day: “I don’t remember anyone telling me I was pretty.”

Can harm be done by not telling a girl she is pretty? Jen, in response to The “Pretty” Prison: the Dad of a Daughter Ponders the Weight of a Word: I had the opposite problem.

Nina Pham is Ebola Free. We Can Beat Ebola, Yes We Can

Ebola, although deadly and highly infectious, is not easily transmitted and can be successfully treated, especially if caught early.


This weekend we revisit Sharon Erby’s story, “Wren,” which was originally published here at The Good Men Project and is now collected in her book, Parallel.

How Both Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart Got It Really Wrong on Asian Americans

Why? Why did this happen? Jenn Fang is sick and tired of Bill O’Reilly’s commitment to the Model Minority myth, and wishes Jon Stewart had challenged the FoxNews star more effectively, and with more nuance.

A Man’s Reflection After a Year on the Transgender Journey

Poet Lex Beatty shares about his life over the last year. This might be the most profoundly raw piece you will ever read regarding a man’s personal feelings about the journey to himself and his correct gender.

Can Being Selfish Make You a Better Partner?

Thomas Fiffer (selfishly) believes that looking out for #1 makes you a better mate. ___ Let’s get this out of the way first.

How a Good Man Battled Racism and Died for It…And Why We Have to Keep Fighting a Hundred Years Later

Historian Louis Venters reexamines the life of a forgotten African-American intellectual and religious leader, and explains why the battle for racial justice is neverending.

Canada Loses Its Innocence

The Canadian reserve explodes in tears and anthems—just like the Americans we used to mock. — OK, now we get it.

Junior Talks Concussions, NASCAR and the Cost of Manning Up

NASCAR’s most popular driver talks about concussions, coming back, and the price of “pushing through”.

Commitments that Compete

Aaron W. Voyles continues to explore the gap between our commitments and our action. — For several weeks, I’ve been discussing commitment and responsibility.

3 Steps for Busy People to Create Success in Love

“It was found that the men who ranked highest in terms of warm relationships averaged an annual earning of $114,000 more than those who appeared to have the least warm relationships during their highest earning years.” ♦◊♦ I get it: You’re not relaxing on the beach every day with your partner sipping cocktails and enjoying the views.

Patience: A Dad’s Confession

Good Dad Project Larry Hagner admits that, as a dad, he struggles every day with patience. ___ I have been a Dad for seven years.

My Fear of Forgetting

  Vizag, the city that helped me forget to remember. What was it like for Sachin Rudraraju to go through his young life, never sure what he would be able to remember?

Call For Submissions: Working In Care

Andrew Lawes is attempting to force change in the Care industry by speaking out about the culture of abuse and silence, and he wants to break stigma surrounding learning disabilities.