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Can a Man Stop Being an ‘Eclectic Gypsy’?

View image | Sometimes, it’s worth it just to put the brakes on a traveling road show and call one place home.

How to ‘C’ Your Way to a Letter Perfect Relationship

View image | Successful coupling is as easy as remembering your ABC’s … and you can skip A and B.

Why Black Churches Aren’t As Forgiving As They’re Being Portrayed

Forgiveness, to the majority of Black churches, is a word as highly regarded as abstinence. — From childhood to my late teenage years, I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to admit in churches with mostly Black people, in predominantly Black neighborhoods.

When Siblings Squabble….Strategies For Maintaining Parental Sanity

Connie K. Grier shares tips on how parents can support their kids in mending sibling squabbles. – Well, it was bound to happen.

An Anthem for Our Generation

Courtney Dercqu may be a 20-something, but she’s wise beyond her years. ___ By Courtney Dercqu Attention to all you thirty-somethings who have now become moms and dads, whose medicine cabinets bear the ability to fix scraped knees, instead of remedies to cure a hangover.

7 Ways to Help Increase Your Spouse’s Self-Esteem

There are things every guy can do to help the self-esteem of the woman they love. — I remember fondly when my wife first started telling me I was her hero.

19 Ways That Quiet Leaders are Like Yoda

Are you a Yoda leader? ––– A Yoda leader is Quiet on the outside and Ninja-like on the inside, calm but always thinking and planning.

3 Things NOT To Do When a Woman Cries

How a Man Handles a Crying Woman ‘Makes or Breaks’ a Relationship. Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt Gets Vulnerable… Thursday night I asked the men something I’d never asked them before.

How to Break The Cycle of Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Beth Cone Kramer offers four escape routes out of a verbally abusive relationship. _______ By Beth Cone Kramer Most partners who end up in the whirlwind of verbal and emotional abuse don’t remember how they’ve arrived there.

A Lesson in Confronting Homophobia in the Classroom

When teacher Karen Anzoategui was faced with a student who admitted to being homophobic, their response was not what anyone expected.

5 Ways to Grow From a Traumatic Experience

 Allegra Jordan on forgiveness, reflection, and self-compassion. ____ By Allegra Jordan Sometimes society colludes with an attacker.

Sometimes Love is Walking Away

Elisabeth Corey teaches her daughter how to draw healthy boundaries. ___ My daughter wears a love mask. This isn’t unusual. We all wear masks. Every person on the planet is hiding some kind of emotion or insecurity behind a mask. And many wear the love mask. My personal choice is the perfection mask, although I will gladly pull out my anger mask when I want to be left alone.

The Reason Ice Cream Made Me Cry

Al Deluise isn’t lactose intolerant and didn’t drop his cone. The reason he’s crying over ice cream is actually a bit complicated.

How Two Buckets, Some Sand, Water And A Friend Changed My Priorities

This unexpected lesson changed his perspective and life. —  I was given an assignment on my first day in my human resources position in 1989.

The Ups and Downs of Late-Blooming Manhood

Coming into manhood ten years late means missing out on a few things. My twenties were a series of tragedies punctuated by a near-fatal catastrophe – a stomach-turning roller coaster with a steep drop at the end.

Compatibility: The Real Key to Happily Ever After

Serge Bielanko wondered what made his past relationships fail. Now he realizes that the answer may have been simple all along.

It’s All Getting Personal

Ken Goldstein had finally made peace with becoming an author. Then he discovered he had to build a platform.  — It’s a bit weird, this Author thing.

(Step)Fatherhood and the Blended Family

There isn’t a mountain he wouldn’t move, not a horrifying trombone solo he wouldn’t sit through, for these kids, that aren’t his own.

How Your Feet Help You Sleep

Is this the easiest life-hack to help make you fall asleep? ––– Could falling asleep be as easy as sticking your feet out of the covers?

When You Lose a Good Man: 5 Lessons for Daily Living

You know when you’re on the phone with your favorite person in the whole world and you can tell they are getting tired, but you aren’t ready to hang up yet?