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#LikeABoy Shows a Different Side of Little Boys

After the Always #LikeAGirl campaign took off, MommyShorts blogger Ilana Wiles started getting #LikeABoy snapshots.

If I Was a Black Man I’d Be Raising Hell Too

The fact that our leaders still meet black anger with riot shields and stun grenades is a clear sign that we don’t yet know how to fully care for each other.

Cool Dad Raps in the Car With His Sons

Look out Eminem. This dad can really rip it up! ___ Most dads keep it snappy with their kids in the car, but this cool dad really raises the bar.

A Man is Torn Between the Loving Dad of His Childhood and the Stranger His Dad Became

Hart Reiniger tells the story of his dad, his ultimate hero despite having to rectify feelings for the man he idolized against the one who cruelly rejected him as an adult.

How Would You Live Today if You Could see Yourself in 20 Years?

No one knows what the future will hold. But if we live a little less in the moment, and plan more for who we want to be in the years to come, we may facilitate our happiness today.

Traveling Down The Unknown Path

Sometimes you just have to make that turn into the unfamiliar. It might surprise you what you’ll find.  ___ A while ago, I went for a run.

Why I Love (Good) Big Bad Guys…And Why You Should, Too

N.C. Harrison sings the praises of the massive, powerful bad guys who force our fictional heroes to rise to the occasion.

Is the Bond in the Bedroom the Glue that Binds a Marriage?

The Whole Parent ponders whether the end of his marriage killed the sex, or the end of the sex killed his marriage.

The Challenge of Male Mentorship

Aaron W. Voyles looks at the impact of men’s mentorship.  — Last week, someone left a comment on my column that they did not want to read about mentorship.

Airline Mechanic Saves the Day for War Vet

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU   When an Afghanistan war veteran and quadruple amputee twists his prosthetic knee in an airport, help comes from an unexpected source – an airline mechanic.

The Brilliance Behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thomas Fiffer reveals the psychology that has made the Ice Bucket Challenge so wildly successful. ___ To date the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $40 million for ALS research, brought in hundreds of thousands of new donors, and inspired millions of Facebook videos.

I’m Done Taking Care of my Children!

Shawn Fludd doesn’t believe taking care of his children is not the most important thing anymore. What’s most important to him is how he takes care of future generations.

Ferguson Through the Eyes of a Teenager: ‘Am I Next?’

‘Am I Next?’: Ferguson’s Protests Through the Eyes of a Teenager from Transient Pictures on Vimeo. A 16-year-old kid says more with a marker and paper than all of the media did.

Do Liberals Focus Too Much on Guilt?

Guilt can be a powerful motivator in life, but is it wise to base a political strategy on it? ___ Working off a post by Tim F.

Why Do Humans Adventure? A Man Paddles From Vancouver to Victoria to Find Out

“The Questions We Ask” – Bruce Kirkby in a Kalum Ko film from Kalum Ko on Vimeo. After watching a man SUP across Canadian waters, Raoul Wieland wonders what questions will guild him in his own life.

Call for Submissions: From Gay, Bi, Asexual, Pansexual, Queer, and Trans* Folk

Yes, it’s a mix of orientations and identities. And we want stories from you all.   We’re looking for submissions from gay, bi, asexual, pansexual, queer, trans*, genderfluid, and others along the gender and sexual orientation spectrums.

Empathy Can Bring Light to the Internet’s Darkest Places

Remember, there is another human being on the other side of the page writing what we read. ________ I take offense to the way we treat each other online.

War Paint: New Images of Men and Masculinity

Artist Paul Richmond challenges views on masculinity and the male form in his new series, War Paint. When you hear the words “war paint”, you probably think of Braveheart, warriors and tribes of the past coloring themselves to declare their loyalty and intimidate their enemies.

100 Miles of Courage: 5 Life Changing Reasons to Work Out Today

Working out is only hard if you choose for it to be. But you are stronger than your excuses. Let one man’s dedication to a 100 mile mountain bike race show you how.

Ten Random Thoughts From a Dad Watching Frozen

Doyin Richards shares the thoughts rolling around in his head after watching Disney’s Frozen with his daughters.