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Jacob Laukatis’ Motorbike Trip in Thailand, Took a Severe Detour When He Suffered a Devastating Crash and $10,000 in Uncovered Medical Bills

Trying to brave, showing before and after pictures.     __   Photo/video credit: YouTube/Jacob Laukaitis The post Jacob Laukatis’ Motorbike Trip in Thailand, Took a Severe Detour When He Suffered a Devastating Crash and $10,000 in Uncovered Medical Bills appeared first on The Good Men Project.

America is Getting Gayer and Gayer, According to new Gallup Survey

— BY: GRAHAM GREMORE What Christian extremists have been warning us about for years is finally happening.

How to Make a Beeline to the Love of Your Life

Embed from Getty Images — Trudging to the portage path, Pat’s legs bowed beneath the weight of her Duluth pack.

Instead Of Competing, Go Where They’re Not

Despite what they say, entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have to be competitive to win. I was raised in a competitive environment.

Top Ten Education Goals to Help Your Child Own Their Learning: A Call for Submissions

Embed from Getty Images Children learn best when they understand what kind of learners they are. Are they tactile, observers, or listeners?

Butterfly Knife Tricks That Will Make Your Inner Mom Really Freakin’ Nervous

____ The post Butterfly Knife Tricks That Will Make Your Inner Mom Really Freakin’ Nervous appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Why do Science Issues Seem to Divide Us Along Party Lines?

Embed from Getty Images By Lauren Griffin Much has been made about the predictable partisan split between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on issues of science and public policy.

On Relevance: Why you Can’t be the G.O.A.T.

Embed from Getty Images — (Mom, G.O.A.T. stands for “greatest of all time.”) I’d rather die drunk, broke at 34, and have people at a dinner table talk about me than live to be rich and sober at 90 and nobody remember who I was.

The Biggest Squeeze Ever

Once part of a great mountain arch that united Africa and Europe, these bones of earth are all that remains of that great Betic uprising.

5 Reasons Martin Luther King, Jr. Matters More Than Ever

Embed from Getty Images — By: Rob Smith Today is Martin Luther King Day. While much ink has been spilled focusing on contribution to racial equality, it is important also to explore the meaning of the man and his work to LGBTQ people as we exist today.

‘High Maintenance’: Web Series Lights It Up On HBO

By Brian Steele High Maintenance, the acclaimed HBO anthology series centered around a drug dealer and the disparate people who buy his product, isn’t the first web sensation to make the leap from your laptop to your small screen. Broad City, Drunk History, and Children’s Hospital had done that already.

Why am I so Uncomfortable Getting Close to People?

Embed from Getty Images — Many of us are hesitant to get emotionally close to others. Getting close means sharing feelings, thoughts, wishes, and dreads—sharing our true selves, flaws and all, with someone else who accepts us as we are.

In Defense of Fatherhood

Embed from Getty Images   I am uncomfortable with confusion. So, naturally, my immediate reaction to fatherhood was to read everything, and I do mean everything, I could find on parenting.

What I Learned from 3 Embarrassing Business Failures

Embed from Getty Images — If you’re like me, you’re probably reflecting on the events of this past year—your highs and lows, your successes and failures.

My Wife And I No Longer Sleep In The Same Bed

Question: Should I be concerned if my wife and I are sleeping in separate beds? She said it was because she couldn’t sleep well.

Because Eventually You Have to Get Off the Fence

Embed from Getty Images   The fence can be a valuable place for a spell. Many times it’s helpful to sit between two extremes and to try and find the specific spot of balance that brings compromise. It can be the place where civility and dialogue are cultivated. The fence can allow you to hear differing sides and to broker understanding between them and to craft a way forward.

Godspeed, Barack Obama

— I found President Obama’s farewell speech magnificent. Maybe he did divide the nation. So did Abraham Lincoln.

Top 10 Signs You’re Pushing 40

1. You can’t imagine going to see a movie longer than two hours and twenty minutes 2. You’re trying to live by the “I can totally survive on five hours of sleep” mantra and failing miserably 3.

If You Leave Me Tonight, Do You Mind If I Come With You?

Embed from Getty Images   Breakups are usually heartbreaking, with inevitable feelings of pain and loss.

The Loss of my Father

Embed from Getty Images — Why did you die so young? Was it a haunting hidden death wish? You had your fill of life.