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Why Do I Have to Use a Number 2 Pencil?

Could it be: A) Because science! B) Due to unexplainable circumstances C) By the power of GreySkull D) Another way to mess with students’ heads.

Colonization Wave Hits Australia Again

The company built by ‘Cattle King’ Sidney Kidman is for sale. He enjoyed good relations with the Indigenous inhabitants, but proper recognition of their rights to their land seems ever more elusive.

Living With Depression. A Slam Poet Bares All

Dan Roman with a performance that will get you to look at depression in a way you never have before. Button Poetry The post Living With Depression.

Worlds within Worlds

There are worlds within worlds when we focus in and see ––– At the foot of the mountain, one of the winterborn streams creates a tiny waterfall.

Rebirth of Progressivism May Breathe New Life in Labor Unions

View image | Labor unions face assaults at every turn, yet growing concerns over income equality and Progressivism’s rebirth may help turn the tide.

The Smiling Skeptic: An Excerpt from THE MIRACLE GIRL

The crowds keep coming. More and more every day, drawn by rumor and whisper and desperate wish. They come to Shaker Street to see eight-year-old Anabelle Vincent, who lies in a coma-like state–unable to move or speak.

Native American Students Respond to Racist Theme Party on EMU Campus

Nathan Phillips Michelle Lietz, Vice President of the Native American Student Organization at Eastern Michigan University, shares a statement about last week’s racist party, which made national news.

Lessons from a Broken Heart

The silver lining for men of having our hearts broken. — I recently heard a story about an elderly gentleman who finally learned to express love after having a heart attack.

The Man-Box Failed to Deliver: On Men and Racism

Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project. — At the last call I was on, we had a fascinating (as always talk), and then at the end, one of the members of the group brought up the topic of racism.

#65: Wm Paul Young, ‘The Shack’ Author: “We Need to Talk Honestly about Loss”

“In a culture as sick as its secrets, loss brings us together again.” ––– Do you speak the language of loss?

I got called an “intellectual” — Should I be worried?

  It never occurred to me that there was a name for being curious and liking books. Originally posted at Someone had to tell me I was an “intellectual.” I didn’t claim it.

Coping With Fear During Divorce

Fear during divorce can be paralyzing. Jenny Kanevsky has 4 ways to help you push through. ___ As mediation day approaches, my anxiety rises.

The Burning of the University of Alabama

This is a story of redemption. This is how football saved the most racist state in America. Roll on to victory, hit your stride.

A Reminder of Costly Police Reforms

Police reforms are needed, but they’re not cheap.  — There’s a serious conversation that taxpayers must have with their government and it needs to happen sooner than later.

7 Behaviors Your Children Will Learn From You

Mike Berry knows the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and identifies 7 ways your kids will copy you.

The Times are Changing – That’s Why we Need a Book Club for Dads!

Shawn Fludd is starting a book club for dads and helping dads become a reading role model for their children.

How Kids Choose Colleges Today

Is your student bewildered by college options? Or does it all boil down to this? ___ Editor’s Note:  There are so many factors for students to consider when choosing a college.

The Day a 10-Year Old Held His Dad’s Hand

The act was a simple one. It was an impromptu gesture. But for this dad, it moved his world and awakened his heart with a moment he would savor forever.

The Cat Who Stole a Cop’s Heart and Taught Him About Love

John Patrick Weiss allergic to cats. But when you’re in love with a beautiful woman, you’re willing to make sacrifices.

Two Sports, Four Legends, One Number

  As Michael Malthouse, the coach of Australian Rules football club  Carlton, equals a long held coaching record this weekend, Tony de Bolfo looks at the sporting synergy of numbers.