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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Her

Gifts for new girlfriends … #1. SUCK UK Robot Nut Cracker ($20 @ Expect this reaction: “Oh, that’s soooooo cute.” It’s not too expensive and creative enough to look like there was effort behind it.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Eating and Drinking

#1. Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle and Beer Growler ($50 @ The double wall insulation will keep your liquid cold for up to a full day (as well as keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours).

5 Great Stocking Stuffers Under $65

$10 AND UNDER … #1. Tego 3-in-1 USB Data Cable ($9 @ Ideal for travelers who want to condense cords, this 3-in-1 cable can charge your smartphone, iPhone, tablet, camera, and MP3 player.  #2.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Clothing

#1. Alternative Eco-Heavy French Terry Zip Hoodie ($92 and up @ This zip-up makes for a great base layer on the slopes or when you’re shoveling snow.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics

#. Ion Block Party Live ($180@ Why would you want an app-controlled wireless portable speaker with a four-color LED light dome fixed to the top?

7 Easy Tips To Fix Dry Skin

Dry skin and chapped lips can be itchy, painful, and a huge eyesore to women. And while winter is a common time for guys to experience xeroderma — what eggheads call dry skin — the condition can do more than hinder a dude’s chances at getting laid.

Video: Cat Flicks Paper Because Why Not

There’s not a lot to say about this video. Well, except that it’s tremendously entertaining and reminds us that we should consider dating a cat lady.

How To Control Fear

Whether you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming job interview or the fact that your weirdo neighbors could possibly be blood-sucking vampires from beyond the grave, we all get that involuntary feeling of rattled nerves from time to time. But no matter what kind of drama you’re dealing with, the fear-based response is the same: Your heart rate increases, your blood pressure goes up, and your cognitive processing deteriorates.

How To Wear A Scarf — Like a Man, Man

The good news: A scarf is a versatile piece of clothing that can keep you from freezing your ass neck off in fall, winter, and spring.

6 Books That’ll Help Any Guy Advance His Career

Whether you’re trying to get your career to a new level, you’re attempting to proposition your boss to pony up for a raise, or you’re stuck in a rut and looking for a new business venture, these books will help you get there.

6 John Allan’s Grooming Products All Guys Should Own

#1. For sweaty sportos and active types: Sport Conditioning Shampoo ($12 @ Oily hair? This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner will not only get your filthy hair and scalp clean, its inclusion of wheat protein helps prevent split ends.

Supercut: Fake Commercials In Movies

If you spent most of your childhood and young adulthood camped out in front of the TV like us, most of these fake commercials will be familiar … and possibly make you want to make a Subway run or munch on some Big Red.

23 Of The Worst Tattoos Of All Time

#1. Just wait till you see Rafael (or is that Michelangelo) throw up. Not a pretty sight.

GIFs Explain Low T Level Warning Signs

Think you have low testosterone levels? It’s not out of the ordinary. Every year over the age of 30 years old your T levels start to dip about 1 percent annually, according to the Mayo Clinic.

What Guys Should Know About … Wine

Even if you’re not a wine drinker, wine is one of those things — like beer and cheese — that you should know a thing or two about. Now, we’re not suggesting you need to go get a sommelier certification (or look up what sommelier means), but knowing some basic info can pay huge dividends when it comes to looking good while out on a date or while cooking dinner for a date.

Photos: 18 Mustache Tips From Pro Wrestlers With ‘Staches

Facial hair requires continuous upkeep if you want to look presentable. And of course you want to look presentable.

Photos: 20 Hilarious News Fails

Getting your news delivered via the TV  is easy. Getting accurate news from the tube? Not so much. Fox News is consistently found to be both the most and least trusted news source in Public Policy Polling polls.

A Low Testosterone Checklist For Guys

Research shows that one in four men over the age of 30 has low testosterone. So unless you’re taking nightly bubble baths in a fountain of youth, there’s a high possibility that your T levels are plummeting as you read this.

12 TV & Movie Clowns Who Don’t Clown Around

#1. Crazy Joe Divola | Seinfeld (1992) Kramer (Michael Richards) is terrified of clowns. In fact, fear of clowns is a common phobia referred to as coulrophobia by eggheads.

12 TV & Movie Clowns Who Aren’t Clowning Around

#1. Crazy Joe Divola | Seinfeld (1992) Kramer (Michael Richards) is terrified of clowns. In fact, fear of clowns is a common phobia referred to as coulrophobia by eggheads.