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Seeing How Rich These Kids Are Will Probably Drive You Insane

Rico Rodriguez ($4 million) Rico is a child actor and he really started his acting career at an early age, by any standard.

10 Best Quotes From Airplane

Controller: I know but this guy has no flying experience at all. He's a menace to himself and everything else in the air...

These Lesser-Known Cheers Facts Will Make You Long For Happy Hour

  A “Cheers” Reunion Will Never Happen “We never even considered doing any kind of reunion show,” producer Glen Charles said, according to GQ.

The KFC Rat, Wendy’s Thumb, and Other Hoaxes You Should Revisit

A dude from California went to KFC to order buckets full of delicious tasting grease that would all but certainly lead to clogged arteries down the line.

10 Cool Facts About The Original Evil Dead

 The Evil Dead was banned in numerous countries in Europe The flick was subject to diverse censorship cuts and obscenity trials in the United Kingdom.

29 Athletes With Hilarious Names

Looking back at our 12 Hilarious Old Baseball Cards and 16 More Hilarious Old Baseball Cards posts made us realize a few things: 1) Nolan Ryan had no issues hanging brain for the camera, 2) we're idiots and should have kept those goddam cards, and 3) there was still mileage to get from names like Rusty Kuntz and Stubby Clapp.

Affordable Workout Gear For Your Home

You don't need expensive equipment to work out. In fact, you don't even need a gym. If you want to get a sweat going, drop to the ground and rep out some push-ups to work your chest; perform bodyweight squats to work your quads and glutes; and snatch an old lady's purse and get running to keep your cardiovascular health up to snuff.

47 Engagement Photos That’ll Make Your Cringe

If you buy into the old-school line of thinking, a guy should spend two months' salary on the engagement ring for his bride to be.

How to Say “No” to People

How To Say No To People How hard is it to say no to people? In a series of delightfully twisted experiments conducted by a Yale University psychologist during the 1960s, test subjects were asked to repeatedly administer increasingly powerful shocks to strangers in another room.

7 Heist Movies So Suspensful They’ll Make Your Heart Thump In your Chest

7 Heist Movies That'll Cure Your Boredom Fast Five (2011) Most people are familiar with the Fast and the Furious series of flicks.

40 Images That Capture Just How Lazy We’ve Gotten

It's not uncommon for people to look for the path of least resistance, which is what led us to these insanely lazy intentions that many of us — our editors included — have taken full advantage of … Next: The Super Straw!

Tips To Make Missionary Position Less Boring

How To Make  Missionary Position Sex More Exciting A lot of guys ask me if I like missionary position or if I find it boring and count the seconds before the sex is over.

8 Men’s Grooming Tips From Hideous Movie Monsters

You may think you look monstrous due to a bad complexion, a thick coat of body hair, or the aftereffects of an especially rough  night week of drinking.

10 Quotes That’ll Make You Question Everything (Including The Quote You Just Read)

"Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning." - C.S. Lewis

The Dumbest Explanations For Doping In Sports

The Worst Excuses For Doping In Sports After 17 months of litigation, Alberto Contador, the winner of the 2010 Tour de France, was found guilty of doping.

How To Hide Your Hangover At Work

If you've ever met friends or colleges out for drinks during the week, chances are you've overdone it and woken up with a nasty hangover.

The Right Way to Lie On A Resume

Before we get to the resume tips, let's get one thing straight: It's never really a good idea to lie on a resume.

The Worst Foods To Eat For Clear Skin

Looking to keep your skin and complexion clear? Then you have to keep your pores clean and eat the right diet.

13 Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees GIFs Because Halloween

It's October, and because of the Halloween tie-in, channels like AMC and the El Rey Network play (and replay) horror films such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Fright Night on a loop.

8 Stars Who Got Their Start In Horror Flicks

Celebrities Who Got Their Start In Horror Movies Sam Raimi was a virtual nobody before his 1981 low-budget horror flick The Evil Dead ($10 Blu-ray @ turned into a cult hit.