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10 Farts Facts You Never Knew You Needed To Know

#1. The first use of the word “fart” was in 1632. It came from an Old English word “feortan,” which means to break wind.

6 Real-Life Video Game Power-Ups

Awesome Real-Life Power-Ups Sometimes you can take what you learn in a video game and apply it to the real world.

If You Can Look At These 41 Cat Photos Without Smiling You’re A Robot

Amazing Cats That'll Make You Melt Data from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), a U.S.-based venture capitalist firm, found that roughly 1.8 billion photos are shared each day globally.

9 Christmas Movies That Aren’t Actually Christmas Movies

There are Christmas movies you've seen so many times you can practically recite every line: A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Love Actually (oh, just admit it).

5 Ways To Fix A Struggling Relationship

How To Fix A Struggling Relationship If you've committed adultery or have a secret love child (no judgment here, Mr.

8 Terrible Santas In Christmas Movies

The Worst Santas In Movie History Generally speaking, no Christmas movie is complete without someone dressing up like Santa Claus and either spreading holiday cheer or getting seriously hurt for comic effect.

How To Pretend You Like A Crappy Christmas Gift

Receiving, er, we mean giving Christmas or holiday gifts is the best part of the holiday season. Especially when you hit a home run with an amazing present that you scored for a super cheap price.

There’s No Way In Hell These People Ate What They’re Pretending To Eat

Selfies, pics of food, and pics of … well, whatever's around is common nowadays. Just sift through any Instagram or Facebook feed if you require proof.

How To Choose The Bestest Christmas Tree Ever

Top Tips For Picking Your Christmas Tree Buy the wrong Christmas tree and you'll be opening gifts under an emaciated stick on December 25.

7 Pairs Of Winter Gloves For Guys With Cold Hands

Best Winter Gloves For Men During the wintertime owning socks and hands are two surefire ways to turn into a curmudgeonly (and frigid) prick.

12 Things To Stash In Your Car This Winter

Things Every Guy Should Have In His Car This Winter You never know when that dickhead Old Man Winter is going to get his undies in a bunch and run you off the road via black ice or otherwise leave you stranded.

Bloodsport Movies Fact Every JCVD Fan Must Know

Bolo Yeung, who the intimidating Chong Li, is actually a very, very nice guy. As you may already know, Bloodsport is about a martial arts expert called Frank Dux.

The Most Famous Toilets In Movie History

The Most Famous Toilets In Movie History Even if a movie isn't the kind to have a lot of bathroom humor, it may still may very well feature a scene shot in a bathroom.

Is Moonshine Illegal and 6 More Moonshine Facts

Moonshine Facts Guys Should Know White lightning. Hooch. Branch water. Whatever name you have for moonshine, there’s no denying that moonshine is making a serious comeback.

11 Winter Hats That Won’t Make You Look Dopey

Cool Men's Winter Hats Unless you're an extreme mountain climber or an average Minnesotan, choosing the right winter hat isn't a life-or-death decision.

How To Choose The Bestest Christmas Tree Ever

Top Tips For Picking Your Christmas Tree Buy the wrong Christmas tree and you'll be opening gifts under an emaciated stick on December 25.

Cocktail Recipes: Wild Turkey Maple Apple Cider

Cocktails You Should Make — And Drink — Right Now Normally we don't drink apple cider because it's loaded with sugar.

How To Cook The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Tips For Cooking The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey isn't as hard as you might think.

How To Look Great For Any Holiday Occasion

Holiday Style Tips Every Guy Can Use The holidays are here. And from Rosh Hashanah in early September to New Year's Day, there's a continual need to eat, drink, travel, and endure time with your extended family drive.

Seeing How Rich These Kids Are Will Probably Drive You Insane

Rico Rodriguez ($4 million) Rico is a child actor and he really started his acting career at an early age, by any standard.