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62 Of The Worst Tattoos Of All Time

#1. The excitement happens when you see Rafael (or is that Michelangelo?) throw up.

4 Body Washes That Are Worth The Money

There’s nothing wrong with shopping the drug store or Target for a body wash or shampoo. But sometimes it pays to splurge on a higher-end men’s grooming brand.

13 Simple Ways Guys Can Organize Their Lives

It’s difficult not to get stressed out when your life is a cluttered mess. Papers strewn over desktops, important mail hidden or lost, cleaning supplies piled under the sink, ect., etc., etc.

How To Level Up Your Smartphone Gaming

We hear a lot of BS number about the remote gaming sector. And that’s probably because we hang out with a lot of drunken fools.

5 Things Guys New To Yoga Should Probably Own

Yoga has plenty of benefits, including an increase in flexibility, muscle strength, and exposure to hot women.

Own Your Own Baseball Stadium! Sort Of.

The art you choose to cover the empty space on the walls in your home can say a lot about you. For example, if you’re still showing your love of the Kansas City Royals by proudly displaying your 1990s “Bo Knows” poster above your bed, it tells guests that you A) probably loved Tecmo Bowl for the NES, and B) may have yet to touch a woman’s breast.

6 Classy Luxury Watches For Men

Your suit. You shoes. Your undies. Your watch. These are all things a guy should splurge on. And considering your watch reveals something about your personality and allows you to essentially put yourself out there via a time-telling wrist bracelet, it’s important to put thought into what you strap around the tip of your radius and ulna.

5 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make Right Now

We aren’t fond of the whole “New Year, new me” slogan. Why should we give up beer on Jan. 1 because it’s fashionable?

5 Simple Ways To Level Up Your Ride

These aren’t necessities, so to speak, but these piece of gear can do things like A) prevent you from stepping into a freezing cold car in the dead of winter; B) allow for hands-free listening of your aunt Rose as she drones on about her boring ass life; and C) receive a Back to the Future comment from every passenger you pick up.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Folding Bike

Why would you want to own a folding bike? We’re glad you asked (otherwise, there’d be no reason for this post).

5 Natural Toothpastes For Your, Uh, Teeth

Why do people opt for natural toothpaste? For the same reason they go with natural deodorants — fewer chemicals they rub into their already chemically-oversaturated bodies.

What To Get Your Buddies When They Get Old

When you turn 30 or 40 it’s far different than when you turn 21. For example, instead of getting sloshed on Red Bull +vodkas you might get tipsy on wine before slamming Red Bull + vodkas.

6 Things To Stash In Your Car This Winter

You never know when that dickhead Old Man Winter is going to get his undies in a bunch and run you off the road via black ice or otherwise leave you stranded.

4 Men’s Body Washes That Are Worth The Extra Money

There’s nothing wrong with shopping the drug store or Target for a body wash or shampoo. But sometimes it pays to splurge on a higher-end men’s grooming brand.

15 Bizarre Things You Can Actually Buy On

We love We have a Prime account. We stream movies. We buy lots of stuff, some of which we actually need or use.

Finally, A Custom Beer Pong Table That’s Classy

There are people who refuse to call it anything but Beer Pong, and there are people who insist the correct name is Beirut.

5 Ways To Eliminate Pocket Bulk

Puffy pockets can be annoying to walk around with as well as look ridiculous; the former being far worse than the latter, which only serves to make you look like your have huge junk in the most uncomfortable way possible.

7 Tips To Stay Regular (You Know What We Mean)

Do you really need us to discuss why staying regular is a crucial element to your daily existence? If you’ve gone a few days without going, you definitely don’t.

15 Awful Phobias That Make Life Awful

We have a huge phobia … of someday experiencing any of these awful phobias. Still, if you suffer through one of these — sorry, we were going to attempt to say something nice and helpful, but we just can’t.

6 Ways To Keep Your Ears Warm (Without A Hat)

Maybe you have a job that demands your hair look all nice and perty. Or maybe you just loathe the feeling of matted down hair after your beanie essentially glues your hair to your heard.