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At-Home Fitness Gear You Should Consider Owning

You don’t need equipment to workout. Drop to the ground and rep out some push-ups to work your chest; perform bodyweight squats to work your quads and glutes; and snatch old lady’s purses to keep your cardiovascular health up to snuff.

6 Headphones Endorsed By Celebrities

We don’t expect you to shell out hard-earned (or slyly-stolen) cash on headphones just because someone overpaid celebrity signed a contract that allowed their name to be slapped on the earbud.

12 Crazy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Human Body

Fact #1: An adult’s body — i.e. your body or the prettier one pictured — is made up of 7 octillion atoms.

17 Of The Awesomest American Things Ever

#1. Want to destroy ISIS? Unleash Rex Kwon Do on their asses!

How To Dominate An Arm-Wrestling Match

Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme recently dipped into a bar while on break from shooting scenes for The Expendables 2, and apparently the guy downs cocktails as fast as he delivers roundhouse kicks.

9 Christmas Movies That Aren’t Actually Christmas Movies

There are Christmas movies you’ve seen so many times you can practically recite every line: A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Love Actually (oh, just admit it).

How To Avoid Dry, Chapped Hands

Chapped lips, chapped lips, chapped … well, chapped anything can be a painful and annoying skin condition.

Winter Gloves Perfect For, Uh, Winter

Even during relatively mild winters, most of us need a hat, boots, a coat, a scarf, and gloves. All gloves are not created equal, and they all certainly don’t look equal when you’re wearing them.

5 Cool Minimals Wallets For Guys

Our objective has always been to carry less with us, which is why we never understood fanny packs, man pursse, or wallets that jut out a few feet from someone’s back pocket.

Photos: 10 Irritating Things That’ll Drive You To Drink

1. The worst part about this: most of us make the attempt with surgical precision before going on the hunt for a new roll.

Guy Recipes: Holiday Brownies Made With Booze

We like brownies, we like booze, and we especially like brownies with booze. And since drinking and eating eating dessert are what the true holiday spirit is all about — wait, did we get that wrong?

10 Dogs That Booze Harder Than You

1. Starfished after four Bud Lights? Lightweight.

Your Keys To Gaming On The Cheap

Thanks to greedy developers and the advent of “freemium” games — South Park recently nailed taking down this trend — the idea of playing a game for free feels like a ruse.

9 Great Shampoos for Men

I have never understood why many guys think it’s okay to research which razor is best for shaving, but they would never think about doing homework on which shampoo works for them.

12 Totally Demented Christmas Songs

When we were kids, we thought Christmas songs were wholesome. After all, we sang them at school recitals and our grandparents played them on the Victrola.

5 Cool Men’s Watches Under $50

You don’t necessarily wear a watch to tell time. About a million other gadgets and gismos can do that for you — your smartphone being the most obvious and most carried.

5 Great Men’s Hoodies

A hoodie can be a versatile piece of apparel. It’s not biz-casual and never will be, but the right hoodie can work in a variety of situations.

Tips The Perfect Head Shave

The shaved look on the right head — i.e. one that isn’t square or too pumpkin-shaped or suited with a giant dent — can provide a polished and more refined look.

How To Start An Adult Kickball League

Walking into a popular happy hour, I recently noticed that everyone in the bar was wearing a primary colored tee shirt.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s all Joy To The World until your 300-year-old aunt stiffs you with a crummy gift card to Starbucks.