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Guys Apparently Admire Themselves More Often Than Women

One thousand Brits were surveyed about their grooming habits, revealing that guys are essentially prima donnas who can’t stop looking at how handsome (or horrific) they are.

Spring & Summer Shorts Guide For Guys

If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to wear shorts to work, don’t blow it by going all Spicolli and dressing like a lazy slob.

13 Charming Nightmare On Elm Street GIFs

Obviously Freddy Krueger can teach us all about slicing and dicing — both human flesh and, we presume, minced cuisine — with his rusty makeshift knife-glove.

The Worst Hairstyles For Men: Man-Bun

Two of the worst hairstyles for balding men are the Lobot and combover. (Click here is a larger list of the worst hairstyles for balding men.) When you see them, you cringe because you know the poor guy sporting that awful hairdo is trying (and failing) to demonstrate that he’s not as bald as you think he is.

4 Great Moisturizers for Men

Don’t be embarrassed if you think you need to use moisturizer — because you probably do. Men, especially as they get age, need moisturizer for a variety of different reasons.

8 Cool Wallets For Guys

As we’ve told you before, when it comes to your wardrobe and accessories, women notice details. And your wallet definitely falls under the category of “detail.” That’s just one reason why you’re not doing yourself any favors if you have a ratty wallet stuffed with old receipts, business cards, and a condom you found on the floor when you were 13 years old.

Read This: How To F*ck A Woman

Comedy writer Ali Adler is a lesbian that provides both guys and gals the dos and don’ts of pleasing women.

Video: Your New Clothes Are Filthy, Need Washed

Though when you pick up clothes from a rack they’re new to you, they’re not new to the thousands of germ-filled hands that have manhandled the garments prior to your germ-filled hands manhandling the garments.

How To Make Your Shoes Less Smelly

When you have sweaty feet crammed inside of shoes, things are bound to get funky — especially in the summer, when it’s not only hotter, but the regularity with which you wear socks probably wanes.

How To Turn Wall Sockets Into USB Ports

Practically all portable electronic devices are charged via USB. Chances are your home or car isn’t equipped with any USB outlets to accommodate.

Top 10 Serial Killers Who Get No Respect

Do you remember the Gilgo Beach Killer? How about the Craigslist Ripper? It’s the same person (or persons), and they’re believed to be responsible for leaving 10 to 17 sets of human remains on the South Shore of Long Island.

6 Impressive Men’s Skeleton Watches

No, skeleton watches aren’t the official watch of the Cobra Kai (although it would make sense if they were); they’re simply a style of watch that give you a look at all of the moving parts while it’s on your wrist.

6 Easy-To-Make Summer Cocktails She’ll Love

We’re guessing you already know how to make a killer mimosa when you’re hosting a brunch (fill the glass up with 90 percent champagne, then add a drop of OJ).

8 Mothers Who Don’t Deserve Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to let your mom know how much you love her by giving her a card, flowers, or a card with flowers on it.

10 Common Grilling Mistakes

Grilling looks easy when someone who knows what they’re doing is holding the tongs. However, when you’re the guy wearing the “Kiss me, I’m the chef!

Video: Human Muscle Man’s Turns Into Concrete Block

Nothing wrong with hitting the weight hard to get bigger guns or a chiseled chest or six-pack abs. But there’s something wrong with injecting yourself with oil and alcohol in hopes of getting bigger muscles.

7 Sleek and Stylish Wristwatches For Guys

  The photo is technically true. You can use your smartphone as a watch, and a camera, and an organizer, and basically … everything.

5 Cocktails Perfecta For Cinco De Mayo

We like several kinds of Mexican beer, and frozen margaritas spewing out of repurposed frogurt machines have their place (for instance, roiling around in your belly the next day whilst giving you an epic hangover).

12 Gym Fails That Teach Valuable Weightlifting Lessons

  The best way to learn is to mistakes. Well, in the gym that can lead to crushed fingers, screwed up backs, and torn muscles.

Study: Funnier Guys Are Better In Bed

Maybe it’s time to quit worrying about whether you’re not packing enough heat. Instead, focus on cracking her up.