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7 Men’s Jackets Perfect For Spring

It’s hard to think about it now because Old Man Winter has been busy kicking the majority of us here in the states squarely in the coin purse, but getting a jump on what you need next season is a wise investment.

6 Men’s V-Neck Shirts For Just About Any Style

What used to be considered a “metro” look, which is a dumb word created by unimaginative boners who were so used to wearing crew neck shirts that they got their (thong) undies in a wad when they saw some chest hairs creeping up.

11 Awesome Men’s Watches For $100 Or Less

When it comes to watches, the lower price brackets — or the affordables as people who don’t wipe their asses with $50 bills call them — aren’t limited to budget bins with no style.

34 Interesting Back to the Future Facts You Probably Never Knew

1. Mary McFly worried about becoming gay, according to this deleted scene. 2. 2015 could be the year the hover board finally comes to life.

Study: Smelling Farts Might Be Healthy, Cure Illness

Great news for those of you with uncontrollable flatulence: a new study from the University of Exeter in England suggests that sniffing farts (or more accurately, the hydrogen sulfide in farts), may prevent mitochondria damage.

7 Fashionable Quartz Watches For Men

Quartz watches are battery-powered timepieces that works in conjunction with a quartz crystal. Known as a efficient time keeper that doesn’t need much upkeep.

7 Traits That Make You a Bad Boss

We hope you already know the obvious red flags about bad bossdom — you don’t listen to your employees’ concerns, you ignore input you ask them for, and you forbid anyone from looking you directly in the eye.

6 Awesome Winter Boots for Men

The snow has fallen. The ice has set in. And the snow has fallen again. Now you’re like thisclose to cabin fever.

We Tested 4 New Men’s Grooming Lines — Now So Should You

If all you remember of Irish Spring is that 1990s brick-hard soap bar that used to leave your dry and flaky skin, you won’t find that with their new Signature for Men line.

6 Tips For Looking Like A Standout Employee

  Whether it’s looking like a slob during office hours, submitting lackluster TPS reports, or dealing with some young punk trying to use you as a scapegoat for stuff they screwed up, sometimes you’re caught on your heels and need to find a way to bounce back.

6 Tangle-Free Headphones For Total Earbud Knot Annihilation!

Anyone who has yanked a tangled ball of wire that were formally headphones out of their jeans or coat pocket knows exactly why it’s smart to invest in tangle-free or Bluetooth headphones and earbuds.

10 Hot Celebrities Who’ve Been Cheated On

Before he was Mr. Mila Kunas or the bootleg Charlie Sheen on that dumb sitcom, Ashton Kutcher was busy putting his handsome mitts on other women while he was married to Demi Moore.

5 Versatile (And Reversible!) Leather Belts For Guys

Why a reversible belt? Because it gives you options. If not color options, options to hide a scratch or stain or scuff — you know, just like you do with your couch cushion after drunkenly spilling a beer on it.

9 Clever (Or Vandalized) Billboards That Make Billboards Seem Cool

1. “I’ve been feeling like I need to atone for my sins … sweet Jesus! There’s truck parking!   Next; McHating it

9 Photos That Weren’t Supposed To Look So Obscene

Sometimes taking a photo at just the right time takes a photo that’s worth a billion words. Like, that’s an incredible bubble, for example!

13 Celebrities With Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tattoos

Shocker, Justin Bieber landed on a “worst of” list. To his credit, he certainly belongs on here with that collection of garbage ink on his skinny-ish body.

8 Celebrities Who Got Arrested For Being Idiots

Just because someone is rich and famous doesn’t mean they’re shielded from making terrible decisions.

6 Men’s Wallets For $40 Or Less

#1. Fossil Ingram Magnetic Multi-Card Wallet ($30 @ It’s thin but when you’re looking to avoid pocket bulk, that’s the point, right?

How To Make The Perfect Apology

When you find yourself in a pile of trouble with your lady, you might be tempted to buy some flowers and mutter, “Uh … sorry” in order to make it all go away.

5 Assorted Bluetooth Speaker Options

#1. Classy: Fluance Fi30 Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System ($150 @ Encased high-quality wood, these classy speakers pull off a modern look without coming across as flashy.