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The Best Men’s Running Shoes According to Amazon Reviews

Not all of us run as often as Usain Bolt. In fact, some of us barely fun, but when we do, we want our feet to feel super comfy and at least look like the part.

8 Men’s Grooming Tips From Hideous Movie Monsters

You may think you look monstrous due to a bad complexion, a thick coat of body hair, or the aftereffects of an especially rough  night week of drinking.

The Best Men’s Boots For Winter

Whether you’re walking to lunch, hiking to Mordor, or skipping to happy hour, the late-fall/early winter months are the perfect time to break out your winter boots.

Money, Sex, And Other Relationship Problems Couples Fight About Most [Infographic]

A survey of more than 1,000 married adults performed by Marketing and Researching Resources that appeared in Money magazine found a handful of interesting tidbits as to what causes relationships problems among couples.

The Best Slippers For Men

See those feet in the photo? Don’t do that. Socks with sandals scream “lazy slouch.” Without adding socks to them, slippers can A) look stylish, B) stink less than old shoes or sandals, and C) prevent unnecessary swearing  outbursts when you’re walking around on a cold winter morning.

5 Dating Mistakes All Guys Make

As a slighly-insane-but-decently-hot-with-makeup female with no criminal record and a hankering for ’90s action films, I shouldn’t be single.

20 Facts About Underwear You Should Know (Unless You Go Commando)

  1) Underwear can lead to illness. Nut- and bun-hugging underwear can promote chafing and vaginal irritation.

13 Of The Best Beard Trimmers For Men

If you have a beard you need a quality beard trimmer. Getting a cheap, run-of-the-mill trimmer works for guys with some scruff (for a little while, anyway), but skimping on a trimmer when you’ve got a Tom Hanks Castaway beard is like a runner buying shitty running shoes.

Best Ways To Stash Cash, Even On Dates

This post was sponsored by Gillette Shave Club. Financial angst is the most common cause of stress for three out of four Americans, according to the American Psychological Association.

Study: Your Gym Is Probably A Filthy Bacteria Trap

Even if you go to a gym that looks nothing like the one in the above photo — and for crying out loud, please let that be the case — here’s some bad news: it’s still gross and filthy and filled with bacteria.

How To Ask For A Raise (And Get It)

Collectively Americans are working longer hours and watching more TV, according to research in The Wall Street Journal.

Things You Never Knew About Michael Myers and the Halloween Movie Franchise

To date, there have been 10 films under the Halloween umbrella. One more is confirmed with John Carpenter, the director of the 1978 classic, on board to produce.

13 Gym Fails That Can Teach Us All About Fitness

As you’ve found out through broken relationships and countless hours playing Super Mario Bros. on NES back in the day, the best way to learn is by making mistakes.

The Best Socks For Men

#1. Dickie’s Mens 6 Pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Socks ($11 and up @ Made with a cotton/polyester blend, these socks are reliable and stretchy and contain moisture-absorbing fibers to keep air moving.

6 Of The Best Men’s Body Washes Women Like, Too

If your girlfriend refuses to shower at your place a couple of things can be the culprit. One, the cleanliness of your floors, sink, and toilet.

How Do Women Want You To Groom?

The slightly unsettling term “manscaping” has been around for a while, and it’s no secret that women prefer it when dudes keep certain body hair in check (no one wants to see a luxurious coif shooting out of your nose, pal).

The Best Bar Soap For Men

Truth be told, our go-to in the shower is usually body wash. But sometimes, especially when seasons change or we’re simply looking to switch things up, we’ll opt for a bar soap.

Schwarzenegger And Other Strong Dudes Who Have Exercises Named After Them

How do you get an exercise named after you? It’s similar to getting a food named after you, except you presumably can crush soda cans using only your pinkies and are able to spin a two-ton car on your index finger while eating an (organic) apple.

Turn Your iPhone Into An Vintage-Looking Camera That Shoots Vids In 4K

The Cinebody S6 ($199 @ is a state-of-the-art smartphone gadget that turns your iPhone 6 or 6S into a sweet old-school-style video camera that shoots high-quality 4K video.

Own It: Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player

The latest addition to Roku’s media streaming ensemble, Roku Ultra ($129 @, once again turns any television screen into a convenient player for movies, sports, music, and more.