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4 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Fall

We love that the fall season. Yes, it’s partly because we’re tree-hugging nature lovers who enjoy the fall foliage.

How To Make Her Your Girlfriend

It can be tough to figure out what the deal is between the two of you after the first few dates. That confusion can lead to some awkward situations (“Hey guys, this is … my … uh … friend …”), and it can also cause some major misunderstandings that have the potential to derail the relationship before it begins.

11 Questions For ESPN College GameDay Analyst Kirk Hebstreit

Kirk Herbstreit has been in the thick of the college football jungle for nearly 20 years as the host of ESPN’s College GameDay.

5 Great Sport Headphones For Less Than $50

It’s hard enough to find the motivation to train. You know, with TV, and Facebook, and Candy Crush and … about a billion other things to do.

How To Organize Your Keys And Eliminate Faux Erections

If there’s one thing worse than having a group of cumbersome keys jam into your leg while they’re being stashed in your pocket it’s having a group of cumbersome keys make it seem as if you’ve popped a chub when you’ve never been more flaccid.

Video: Captain Janks’ Best News Pranks

Over the years Tom Cipriano, better known as Captain Janks — a contributor to The Howard Stern Show — has been on CNN, ESPN, CSPAN, MSNBC, and FOX News countless times.

8 Interesting Facts About Marijuana

#1. An estimated 22 million pounds of pot is grown in the United States. Most of the crop comes from the hippies in California; the red necks in Tennessee and Kentucky; the surfers in Hawaii; and woodsy loggers in Washington.

18 Reasons The Wizard of Oz Is Really A Guy Movie

1. The Wicked Witch basically makes Dorothy and the gang trip balls on opium as they travel to the Emerald City.

5 Sweet Headphones Under $200

If you own a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you have access to movies, music, and cat videos whenever you want.

10 Of The Best Hairstyles For Men

A while back we told you about 10 Haircuts Hot Women Love. We got a lot of feedback from you. So, naturally, we made a sequel.

The ‘Hot Crazy Matrix’ Sums Up Women and Dating

Bad news for anyone dating a red head, stripper, hairdresser, or anyone named Tiffany — they’re the types of ladies who’ll key your car, put dead rats in your mailbox, and mysteriously appear in your window glaring at you when you’ve brought someone else home.

Video: The Best-Worst Back-to-School Ad Ever

You know how some things, like Troll 2, are so bad they’re good? Well, we’re on the fence as to whether this back-to-school video for the East Hills Shopping Center in Missouri fits into that category.

5 Awesome Headphones For Under $200

If you own a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you have access to movies, music, and cat videos whenever you want.

The Best Shorts For Guys With ‘Swass’

The fact that our offices are located in Southern California means two things — one, we ditch work for the beach more often than we should.

Bad News: She Orgasms Less Than You Think

Bad news — your girlfriend might be faking it. How do we know? Because chubbed-up researchers from Kinsey Institute told us.

8 Networking Tips For Job Seekers

Networking is a chore, a pebble in your shoe, a rash on your … you get the idea. Too bad it’s a necessary evil if you want to get connected with people who can help you move further up the career ladder.

Study: Cheaters Will Probably Always Be Cheaters

No good cheating vermin are 3.5 times more likely to repeat the offense, according to research presented by University of Denver psychology graduate Kayla Klopp.

3 Cool Bags For Guys Who Need Bags

Nothing wrong with a guy who sports a beat-up Jansport backpack when he’s lugging books to and from class.

6 Cool Airline Carry-On Bags For Men

Airlines charged passengers $3.35 billion in baggage fees last year. Great for them, bad for all the people who shelled out an extra $50+ just to get their socks to and from their destinations.

Simple Ways To Control Anger

The holidays are filled with joy and cheer. They’re also filled with crowded stores, lots of traffic, and hour upon tortuous hour of mandatory family get-togethers.