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This Local Public Radio Story About Paul Manafort Has EVERYTHING

It’s like catnip for New Yorkers Image: khrawlings Paul Manafort, Russia, Donald Trump, a mysterious Trump-supporting bank president who makes weird loans to Manafort, a $3 million Soho loft, a $7 million Carroll Gardens brownstone, and a poorly masked shell company: In 2006, Manafort and Davis signed a contract to work with Deripaska worth $10 million a year, The AP reported.

Yougrent, “The Hole In The King’s Sock”

Will we ever see the sun again? Photo: Carl Derrick It’s dull and gray and rainy but guess what, even when the sun shines once more — and no matter how you feel right now I am here to tell you that the sun is gonna shine one day — everything else is still going to be terrible.

New York City, March 26, 2017

[No stars] What had been lost in winter sharpness was made up for by raw vernal damp and thorough gloom.

The Magnetic Fields, “’88 Ethan Frome”

What was the worst book you had to read when you were young? Photo: FLASHFLOOD One of the best things I read last year was Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country.

Do You See What I See?

Where would modern social media be without the screenshot? Image: Travis Isaacs Screenshots rule. Have you ever been like, “I wish I could just take a picture of exactly what I see right now in front of me with my eyeballs, by just blinking?

The Last Paragraph Of A News Article On My Murder By A White Supremacist

The victim. Image: Joe Catron The victim was an adjunct professor, which is not tenure-track. The victim got a C in a Shakespeare class in college because he’d smoked too much weed the night before and overslept the final.


The Adventures of Liana Finck Liana Finck’s work appears in The New Yorker and Catapult, and on her Instagram feed.

Spring Cleaning Isn’t Worth It

There’s a Rolled-Up Kleenex Somewhere In Your Apartment And You Will Never Find It And other answers to questions you didn’t ask.

Slacker, “Amen To The Lonely”

It just doesn’t get any easier. Photo: Tom Waterhouse It’s rainy, it’s Monday, the same people are still in charge of the country that were in charge of the country on Friday and now they have something to prove.

New York City, March 23, 2017

★★★ The elevator was full of coughing. Children kicked hard chunks of ice to send them skimming around the schoolyard.

Goldfrapp, “Moon In Your Mouth”

Nothing matters anymore but you can still sing along. Silver Eye, Goldfrapp’s new one, is out next Friday.

Getting to No

Taking a page out of Paul Ryan’s old D.A.R.E. notebooks Image: marc falardeau Senator Schumer’s staffers were all lazing around, playing Would You Rather.

None Of Us Will Change Our Minds About Trump Or Any Other Fucking Thing

None of Us Will Change Our Minds About Trump or any Other Fucking Thing Arie Kruglanski and the rigidity of belief.

We Got Annie

The Parent Rap A portrait of the artist as a young Annie. When I was a child, maybe 5 years old, I went to see the first movie I ever recall seeing in a theater.


The Adventures of Liana Finck Liana Finck is a cartoonist. Alone was originally published in The Awl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

> Fake dinosaur news

From Everything Changes, the Awl’s newsletter. Subscribe here. BREAKING: These dinosaurs are helping their injured dinosaur friend get home to his dinosaur wife and family.

Earlham Mystics, “Truth”

Don’t wake up now, it’s almost over Photo: ricky montalvo Well, we’ve almost made it. Sure, every minute takes an hour and every hour is a week these days, so the evening is a million years away, but I am confident we will get there.

Nine Weeks Later

A reflection in verse Photo: Tricia The fucking litany of lies That fuel this fucking enterprise The steady fucking stream of bile —  The man is fucking infantile —  The evil fucks he keeps around To fuck this country to the ground The fucking grotesque disregard For those whose lives are fucking hard The feeling in the fucking air Of fucking chaos and despair The fucking fact that two months hence This still makes zero fucking sense The thought with which I’m fucking stuck: What the fucking fucking fuck?

New York City, March 22, 2017

★★★ Dried leaves had emerged from somewhere to bounce and scuttle in the gusts. An ice bank in a planting bed had been undercut till there was a full cavern beneath it, with an aluminum can in its depths.

Eluvium, “Regenerative Being”

Like looking into a mirror It is rare that a work of art precisely duplicates the events of my day but this accompaniment to the standout track from Eluvium’s False Readings On is so similar you might think it was a shot-for-shot remake of the afternoon over here.