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New York City, May 26, 2015

★★★★ The indoor air had held a minatory heaviness, but outside the humid breeze was forbearing, the plaza under its translucent green awning of trees was busy with people gone out to face the day.

Rachel Grimes, "Transverse Plane Vertical"

What? You don’t think you can really get behind the emerging wave of neo-classical music that, thanks to the diverse set of influences embraced by its creators, has finally shed the staid, pretentious parlor-room associations with which it was so easily dismissed in the past?

Dead Sites Posting

My favorite view of the web is a list of stories that have, according to analytics company Newswhip, achieved “Highest Velocity” on social media.

Don't Call Me 'Mama'

The loudest and clearest message delivered to prospective parents is that “your whole life is going to change.” It comes from family, friends with kids, parenting books, and websites.

A Series of Wholly Unrelated Observations About Vox Media's Acquisition of Recode

In 2009, a venture capital firm now called Comcast Ventures led a seven-million-dollar series B funding round in a blog network called SportsBlogs, Inc.; it invested in SportBlogs again in 2010 during a 10.5-million-dollar series B round.

New York City, May 25, 2015

★★★★ The early clouds made the daylight slow-rising too, putting the whole morning on holiday time. There was shade enough by the inner fence of the playground to roll ground balls with a child-safe baseball.

Scraping a Living at a Crêpes Restaurant

“Are you afraid of getting burned?” asked my supervisor as I gingerly lifted a floppy, undercooked crêpe with a spatula.

Syrup the Fruit

There are a wide variety of sauces made from the delightful combination of fruit and sugar. They differ in the details of their construction, in whether they are blended or strained, in whether pectin is added, in whether they are shelf-stable, and in how snooty they sound when spoken of outside the confines of a restaurant.

Destroyer Sorry If New Songs Are Hummable

“I really despise pop music these days, so I can’t have people walking away humming songs.

What Is The Appropriate Level Of Violence Against Animals?

“Horse Racing: How Much Whipping Is Too Much?”

Here's the Email Everyone Got about Fusion CEO Isaac Lee and All His Buddies at Work

Below is the email that was sent to basically everyone with a blog this weekend about Isaac Lee, the CEO of Fusion, by what seems to be a former employee.

Arca, "Washed Clean"

Nightmare soundtrack composer Arca has released a sparse and fitting accompaniment for your reentry into the week.

New York City, May 21, 2015

★★ The gray had yellow undertones. A few drops of rain flicked down. Downtown there were more but smaller drops, then more and fatter ones.

A Guide to Defending Your Industry

In Fortune, Dan Primack wrote a defense of Silicon Valley: [W]hat about the countless networking and software companies that are, at their core, trying to improve the efficacy of communications?

Do You Still Feel Dissatisfied?

Baptism by Song

There are many ways to take a bath, and just as many ways to perform a baptism. Some Christian traditions sprinkle a little water on the foreheads of infants or adults, drop by holy drop, and call it a day.

'Let Me Down Easy' in Order of How Easiness

40. Sheppard 39. Saving Jane 38. Ronnie Laws 37. Rob Baird 36. Richard Page 35. The Bleachers 34. Nat Dunn Free EPK from 33.

The Startling Humanism of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

The story of Mad Max: Fury Road centers on the escape of a harem of young women in a “war rig” driven by the unstoppable Imperator Furiosa, a splendid Amazon played by Charlize Theron, with the aid and counsel of Mad Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy, glorious as usual).

New York City, May 20, 2015

★★★★ The air conditioner had drowned out the soft buzzing of the phone alarm for an hour or more. Ivory-colored clouds drifted from west to east, separating till bright white light slapped the surfaces on Broadway.

The Plan to Save Public Housing

On Tuesday, in a gymnasium at the Johnson Houses in East Harlem, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a new plan to revitalize and expand New York City’s public housing stock.