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New York City, July 6, 2015

★★ A sparrow was shrieking up against the corrugated metal ceiling of the scaffold for extra volume. The clouds were indistinct but they kept the head off.

Don't Eat the Fake Meat

Beyond Meat is the most hyped fake meat product to arrive in years, and only partially due to its list of investors, which include Biz Stone of Twitter, Bill Gates, and the Humane Society.

Teeth Cut: An Interview with Julia Fierro

Last year, Julia Fierro’s debut novel, Cutting Teeth, about a set of parents besodden with their children at a beach house in Long Island over Labor Day weekend, was a staple of summer reading lists.

The Last Crab

A Gmail update: Tired of staring at your bland Gmail theme 24/7? So are we. Thankfully, Gmail has finally come through with a major design overhaul to jazz up our email experience.

Hurry Up And Get Your Comedy Dream Job Before They're All Gone

“A comedy dream job is like any other dream job: it often requires a combination of talent, hard work, and industry connections.

Kitty Likes To Scratch

The best part of this clip comes at 1:18, when CBS2’s Lou Young virtually becomes the rabid cat terrorizing the upstate (or wherever the fuck it is) community of Pearl River, but I don’t want to quibble: It’s all pretty good.

Book Brodacious

“The writing is strenuously bro-y… He and his buddies are drunk seemingly every night and most afternoons.

Realness Kept

“We rarely do sponsored posts, but when we do, we make sure they are as organic to FuckJerry as possible.”

36, 'Void Dance'

Void Dance by 36 The assessment of Sine Dust, 36’s previous effort, was “ideally listened to with headphones on, while wandering about on a dark day,” and I see no need to revise that estimation for Void Dance.

Finish This Sentence: "New Yorkers Are Unbelievably… "

“New Yorkers are unbelievably good-hearted.” —Maybe the secret to tenacity is having faith in the essential decency of your fellow citizens?

New York City, July 5, 2015

★★★ The sky was a little less than blue; the heat was bearable. The children went out to the Park and came back bearing overpriced lemonade and clutching green gingko leaves, used as miniature fans.

WeWork in Boxes

These boxes—the only geometry in new New York City architecture right now—are mostly filled with venture capital that has been invested in WeWork, the co-working startup that was recently valued at ten billion dollars, and who will be the anchor tenant of this three-hundred-and-eighty-million-dollar development in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, occupying about a third of its six hundred and seventy-five thousand square feet of space.

Why Grandma's Sad

This Times series about ruined children and their terrible electronics is… useful: Two of my grandsons, ages 10 and 13, seem destined to suffer some of the negative effects of video-game overuse.

The Truth About Yogurt

When I was a young teen, my mother would sometimes try to make me eat yogurt. “Just a bite, for protein,” she’d beg.

Stupidity Amusing

“Twitter and Facebook lit up Sunday evening and Monday morning after several cast members and audience members posted their speechlessness at a report that an audience member had clambered onto the stage of the Booth Theatre and tried to plug a cell phone charger into an outlet on the set of Hand to God.” —I’ll be sad if this is just some kind of devious social marketing campaign for Hand to God so I’m just going to not look into it any further and let myself bask in the enjoyment of another piece of news confirming my belief that everything is terrible and only getting worse.

Ex-Sex Is Never Free

“$6.49—one pint of Ben and Jerry’s at the bodega on the way over the first time you meet up again, because you are obviously just going to ‘watch a movie,’ so ice cream is a logical choice, plus one seltzer, to make it healthy” —“The Unexpected Costs Incurred by Occasionally* Sleeping With Your Ex-B

Let's Torch It All And Watch It Burn

“Our children already have no stable baseline from which to calibrate the loss of all that lives. It’s game over.

Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 3, Ranked

12. Man rips out another man’s grill, because “what kind of way is that to greet the world.” 11. Second plotline about male fertility emerges.

Letting Kids Play Minecraft Is Probably Better Than Telling Them They Have No Future

“Kids Are Using Minecraft To Design A More Sustainable World”

Heathered Pearls, "Warm Air Estate (ft. Outerbridge)"

I don’t want to get back to real life any more than you do (probably less, even, because real life is just harder for me than it is for anyone else) but no matter how I try I cannot figure out a way to make the weekend last a little longer, so since we have to go back in anyway we may as well go back in gently.