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New York City, July 26, 2017

★★★★★ The breeze had wended its way even down the stairway leading toward the batting cages in the old bank basement.

Baking Focaccia With Vivaldi

Classical Music Hour with Fran Image: Max Stotsky I realized with horror midway through kneading my very first focaccia this past weekend that I had yet to cover an Italian composer for this column.

What Lamar Odom Did

The retired basketball player tells his story of drugs and darkness Image: MontyLov via Unsplash I’m a millionaire.

Charm? Offensive!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the true grit of Southern women. Screengrab: YouTube The Sean Spicer rise-and-fall narrative never interested me; the herald is dead, long live the herald.

A Poem by Kate Colby

Integer* 1 Wind can’t move the light only what’s in front of it. Stirring shadow- shaped leaves or dead specimens in Plexiglas?

Confidence Man, “Boyfriend” (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)

They tell me things were better once but history’s a bore. Photo: Eden etc. Remember back before everything was terrible?

New York City, July 25, 2017

★★★ The coolness must have been more welcoming than the gray sky was unwelcoming, because the balance was, by whatever narrow margin, appealing.

Is Schlager Music The Most Embarrassing Thing Germany Has Ever Produced?

Deutschland über us. Image: Bengt Nyman When you think of German music, what comes to mind is probably: …or, if you’re feeling classy: …or, perhaps, if you want to be snarky, this; or, if you have excellent taste, this; or, alas, this.

The Shirtless Shitters Among Us

If you aren’t one, you probably know one Illustration: Gabrielle Williams There are two types of people in this world: those who take their shirt off to shit and those who are now hearing about it for the first time.

Prosperous Sameness In A Hip Locale

Notes on life Liana Finck is living the dream. Prosperous Sameness In A Hip Locale was originally published in The Awl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Balmorhea, “Sky Could Undress”

It may be your last. Photo: Jeffrey Zeldman If you want to see the sun this week today could be your only chance.

New York City, July 24, 2017

★★★★ Between the lightness of the raindrops and the heaviness of the air, it made more sense at first, uptown, to carry the rain jacket than to wear it.

What If We Stopped Going On Twitter?

A radical idea, I know. Image: via Unsplash (art by Silvia) All good things must come to an end.

Take off, Take Off, Take Off All Your Clothes

At the Naturist Gathering with Jamie Lauren Keiles Image: Simon in the week before I left, I was haunted by a nightmare of arriving at the camp only to be summoned as the first to undress.

Waxahatchee, “Recite Remorse”

Another day, another “Oh God, another day” Photo: Juan Charvet At the end of the day yesterday I was like, “Even for the age in which we live, this was an especially stupid day.” But being the optimist I am I thought, “Well, maybe that means that tomorrow could in no way be worse or dumber than today was.” And yet, here we are, well before noon, and the day has already exceeded its predecessor in both reach and grasp.

New York City, July 23, 2017

★★ On inspection, the ugly sky had a few brighter or bluer spots in it. The city was gray and the river incongruously white.

Why Do Remakes Have To Be “Darker” and “Grittier”?

On revivals, reboots, and courting your audience. After going through our classic fairytales and the hale, hearty, wholesome world of Archie Andrews, Hollywood’s “darker and grittier” trend has finally come for Anne of Green Gables.

You Can Open Up a Relationship, But You Should Probably Just Break Up

And other unsolicited advice Image: Robert Ashworth “We are a couple thinking of having an open relationship.

Through The Cafe Window

Notes on life Liana Finck is a little teapot. Through The Cafe Window was originally published in The Awl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

OXIA, “Less Time”

What if we don’t, week? Photo: Jeffrey Zeldman Weren’t we just here? Wasn’t it moments ago that we were waking up to a new week, full of dread and barely able to drag ourselves to the starting line?