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New York City, September 27, 2016

★★★ The rain had come on in the night and was moving away by morning, the sky going to a thinned blue.

You’re ‘You’re Saying it Wrong’ Wrong

A review of a new book that tells you how to pronounce words Nobody likes being corrected but that never seems to stop us from doing it to each other.

Clomp, Clomp, Clomp. Here Comes Sister Mary Frances

Right into your feed Flickr I don’t know what your Instagram feed’s like, but for mine, the launch of stories hasn’t been the barrage of piping hot content I was promised.

How To Cook A Fucking Steak: The Movie

For some reason this happened. Look, the world in which we live stopped making sense to me a long time ago, so don’t expect answers or explanations about what follows. If you are someone who prefers words to video, here you go.

Soundscan Surprises, Week Ending 9/22

Back-catalog sales numbers of note from Nielsen SoundScan. Photo: Deirdre Woolard The definition of “back catalog” is: “at least 18 months old, have fallen below №100 on the Billboard 200 and do not have an active single on our radio.” Only on the back catalog could Metallica drop four percentage points and still be number one.

Yumi Zouma, “Short Truth” (Southern Shores Remix)

Your memories of summer are fading fast Photo: *Bitch Cakes* Remember summer?

New York City, September 26, 2016

★★★★ The guard at the apartment complex entrance had a jacket on and the brass buttons were shining. It was bracing to be out in the morning in a t-shirt, before the sun finished pushing away the chill.

If Your Novel Isn’t About Talking Cats Go Back And Start Over

And other answers to unsolicited questions. Image: José María Pérez Nuñez “The characters in the thing I’m writing are beginning to behave in ways I don’t understand and I don’t necessarily like.

The Ultimate “Both Sides” Article

Decide for yourself! The [“he said/she said”] formula, when properly executed, forces reporters to perform due diligence in their articles.

Nevada City Wine Diaries: Blind Tasting Tuesday

2015 Casas del Bosque Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Mayu Pedro Ximenez, 2014 Brisandes Sauvignon Blanc, 2013 Nuevo Mundo Carmenere, 2013 Anakena Carmenere Tana Vineyards Selection, 2013 Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon Image: russellstreet ne Tuesday a month I have my blind tasting group.

The trailer for ‘20th Century Women’ is…quite nice

Serving you full-steam Annette Bening That’s the stuff. You know what’s nicer than looking at Twitter right now?

Leandro Fresco, “Sonido Español”

I spent a week there last night. Photo: Mark Tominski Sweet Mother of Fuck, it feels like we’ve been through four days of week already and yet it is somehow still only Tuesday morning.

New York City, September 25, 2016

★★★★ A little airplane went by, crisp white in a sky that had forgotten what a cloud might be. A real chill came in the window.

Stop Talking About “The Media”

For the love of God, just stop. Photo: ManWithAToyCamera If you follow media Twitter, you should get help.

Why Are You Following Me?

A cartoon by Liana Finck Liana Finck is a cartoonist. She is @lianafinck on Instagram. Why Are You Following Me?

Sunday Routine

How Merrick Garland, a Supreme Court nominee, spends his Sundays “pls call me, pls ffs, im dying” (Image: Office of US Senator Ben Cardin) Even though Merrick Garland can’t convince the Senate to call him for an interview, he is one of the most experienced, sensible and measured judges ever nominated to the Supreme Court.

Francis and the Lights, ‘Farewell Starlite’

Make today better with one easy click Good morning. Today is not as bad as you think it is, because the official ranking of weekdays has been updated; please adjust your attitudes accordingly and get with the program.

Are You An Introvert Or An Asshole?

Yes, and you’re also a hero. Photo: ReflectedSerendipity Kj Dell’Antonia had a piece in this weekend’s Times wondering if we (meaning, more or less, the people who read the Times on the weekend) are using the growing acceptance of “introversion” as an excuse to skip out on the unpleasant parts of everyday existence.

Bad Sea, “Solid Air”

Terrible things are about to happen. Photo: Judd McCullum I hope you were out and about yesterday because it was a goddamn delight from start to finish, one of those days where no matter how horrible everything else is in your life it somehow seems, for a little while at least, that none of it matters so long as the sun is shining.

New York City, September 22, 2016

★★★ Dazzling light crisscrossed the avenue on the way to the school. The blue of the sky had deepened, but not yet to the new season’s standard, and some haze still stuck to the sidewalk.