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The State of Shane Smith's Disunion

After today’s all-hands “state of the union” meeting, many editorial staffers emerged furious from what they thought was going to be some sort of cathartic elephant acknowledgment.

New York City, November 16, 2017

★★ The lower, grayer bits of cloud were lively to look at from a position slumped helplessly in the armchair.

Jared Kushner Fills Grant's Tomb

Image: Mike Steele via Flickr It’s nighttime in New York. JARED and IVANKA have schlepped to Riverside Park to hide in Grant’s Tomb the documents that prove JARED colluded with a foreign adversary.

Who's Ready For A Frankie Muniz Comeback?

On a summer day in 2013, my brother and I made a trek to the San Fernando Valley to go see the house where “Malcolm in the Middle” was filmed.

Wearing Heels: A Diary

Where's The Vice Story?

Last night, Vice’s gaming site, Waypoint, went rogue and posted a statement in light of the recent allegations of sexual harassment at the company detailed in a Daily Beast article published on Wednesday.

Würden + Pfeiffer, "Panorama"

Remember when I was like, “The only good thing about November will be the new Kompakt Pop Ambient collection“?

New York City, November 15, 2017

★★★ Everything was clear except in the far distance, where a muddy haze smudged into the purple hills.

Tom Clancy Made Us Idiots About Terrorism

There’s terror going on in the world and we need hard men, the right men. Men with Heckler & Koch MP5s, silencers and holographic sights.

A Poem by Tracy K. Smith

Eternity            Landscape Painting It is as if I can almost still remember. As if I once perhaps belonged here.

S.Kull, "Sweet"

Wait, Thanksgiving is a week from today? What the fuck, Time? I thought the deal was you would drag ass at a pace so glacial it would barely be perceptible and we would spend all those endless hours wishing we were dead.

New York City, November 14, 2017

★★★ The light had dulled after a bright and promising beginning, but north of the zenith the sky was an attractive tangle of white wisps on blue.

He Sings Sea Songs By The Sea Shore

I collect folk songs about shipwrecks and other maritime disasters, so it was with great excitement that I queued up my playlist of 64 songs about shipwrecks and drove from Los Angeles to San Diego, for the 25th Annual Sea Chantey Festival at the Maritime Museum.

It's Prokofiev Month!

Image via Wikimedia Commons It’s that magical time of year again. You know it, I know it, let’s all say it together: I’m reading a giant composer biography that’s going to take me five weeks to finish.

The Options

1800Haightstreet, "Flood"

Are you in the mood for some “grinding, heavily-stepped UK-blended razor techno” this morning? Well it’s not always about you.

New York City, November 13, 2017

★ There was nothing outside that anyone wanted to wake up for. The best that could be said for the rain was that it too minor to do anything about, and the puddles on the way to school were avoidable.

The Trumps' wedding cake, an obscene snow globe, and Monet's glasses

Lot 1: Let Them Eat Cake Courtesy of Julien’s Auctions Auction houses occasionally serve up pieces of famous people’s old wedding cakes for reasons unfathomable to all but a few.

Prussian Blue, The Color of Great Waves and Starry Nights

. . . . . . . . . . This is the story of a blue most common, and most beloved. A blue that Thoreau thought needed to be Americanized, like Freedom fries.

Ed Carlsen, "Spring" (Matt Emery Remix)

I woke up with “Monster Mash” in my head and I bet that’s the best thing that’s gonna happen to me all day.