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The Best Books Read by the AoM Team in 2014

Here at the Art of Manliness, we’re big believers in the brain-boosting, character-expanding, enjoyment-inducing power of books. Kate, Jeremy, and I always have our nose in a book (or pointing at a digital reader).

Outfitted & Equipped: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

This post is brought to you by Blue Claw Co. Check out their line of timeless bags and travel accessories, all handmade in America.  Free domestic shipping on all orders.

How and Why to Improve Your Cursive Penmanship

Over the years here at the Art of Manliness we’ve sung the praises of the handwritten letter and simply writing things out by hand in general.

The Churchill School of Adulthood – Lesson #2: Establish a Daily Routine

When Winston Churchill left the military at age 26 to pursue a writing career and a seat in Parliament, he looked forward to being free of “discipline and authority, and set up in perfect independence in England with nobody to give me orders or arouse me by bell or trumpet.” Yet even though his day-to-day life was no longer structured by a schoolmaster or a superior officer, he did not in fact do away with having a daily schedule altogether.

Manvotional: Horatius at the Bridge

Editors’ note: While serving the English government in India during the 1830s, politician, poet, and historian Thomas Babington Macaulay spun semi-mythical ancient Roman tales into memorable ballads or “lays.” His most famous lay was “Horatius,” a ballad that recounted the legendary courage of an ancient Roman army officer, Publius Horatius Cocles.

Art of Manliness Podcast #93: Total Human Optimization With Aubrey Marcus

Today I talk with the founder and CEO of Onnit, an unconventional health and fitness company, about what it means to strive for “Total Human Optimization.” Aubrey Marcus and I discuss everything from nootropics to Hindu warrior maces to traditional South American rituals to the warrior spirit.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Basic Moves — Part II [VIDEO]

If you’re reading this in our newsletter, click here to watch the video. Today we continue our video series on an introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Rener Gracie of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

7 Gift Ideas for a Man’s Shower

This post is brought to you by Sharper Image. Check out their great selection of unique holiday gifts.

Have Gun — Will Travel: How to Fly With Your Firearm

Last month I flew down to Austin to spend the weekend with the fine folks from Atomic Athlete for their Vanguard event.

25 DIY Gifts for Men [Updated for 2014!]

Buying any of the items from our holiday gift guides will surely make some man’s Christmas. But in my experience, the gifts that mean the most are the ones people make for you.

The Churchill School of Adulthood – Lesson #1: Develop a Mighty Moral Code

Last week we kicked off the Winston Churchill School of Adulthood by talking about two central tenets of growing up well: embracing the opportunity to author your life’s story, and cultivating a comfort with the seemingly contradictory energies and perspectives that can make that story rich and memorable.

Make It a Manly Christmas: Shop the Art of Manliness Store for the Holidays (+Giveaway!)

There’s about three weeks left until Christmas. If you’re still looking for some gift ideas for the men in your life (or for yourself), be sure to check out the Art of Manliness Store.

8 Surprisingly Delicious Burger Combos: An Illustrated Guide

This post is brought to you by Citi. Check out some more awesome 2-in-1 combinations from the Citi #incredouble Contest and vote for your favorites at’s this?

How to Build Unscaleable Relationships

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you spend hours upon hours on Facebook or some other social media platform, and yet you feel more lonely and disconnected than ever.

Winners of the AoM x Huckberry Holiday Gift Shops (+ Free Shipping for the Next 24 Hours!)

A couple weeks ago we launched the AoM x Huckberry Holiday Gift Shops — two shops with gifts for both men and women.

The Power of Checklists

In the modern age, we know more than ever before, and the information has never been so readily available.

How to Use Your Baby as a Piece of Exercise Equipment: An Illustrated Guide

This post is brought to you by Citi. Check out some more awesome 2-in-1 combinations from the Citi #incredouble Contest and vote for your favorites at

Art of Manliness Podcast #92: Networking Without “Networking” With John Corcoran

When many people hear the word “networking,” images of hotel conference rooms filled with strangers pressing flesh and handing out business cards while giving one-minute elevator pitches come to mind.

A Man’s Primer on Rum

If you want to shape up your drinking style, Flaviar is the new way to go. Navigate through the world of fine spirits, from top-shelf Scotch to craft Gin and everything in between. Flaviar offers a great selection of liquor tasting packs and full-sized bottles that let you discover new drinks in the company of your friends.What’s this?

How to Build a Fireplace Fire Without Smoking Yourself Out of Your House

It’s getting cold out, so naturally you’ve been feeling like building a cozy fire in your fireplace – a warm, crackling oasis you can sit beside in your man chair while you read thick, leather-bound books and ponder manful thoughts.