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Manvotional: I Don’t Know

“I Don’t Know” From the Business of Life, 1916 By Frank Crane One of the healthiest exercises for the soul of man is the habit of saying “I don’t know.” I like those words.

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture and Large Items of Trash

Whether you’re moving, getting new furniture/appliances, or simply decluttering, it can be hard to know how to dispose of large, unwanted items.

How to Make a Great Last Impression

Studies show that people remember the beginning of something, and the end of it, the best. The middle of it is recalled a little more hazily.

How to Make a Tinder Bundle

Igniting a fire requires more than a spark. Sweating through a bow drill session to create an ember or grinding away at a piece of flint to make a shower of sparks is wasted if you don’t have a good home for the flicker of fire that’s produced — a place that will help turn the spark into a real flame.

Podcast #388: Why Group Culture Is So Important to Success

Have you ever been part of an organization where everyone and everything just seemed to click? People are motivated and things get done.

How to Pick a Lock With a Paper Clip

So you know how to pick a lock with a tension wrench and rake. This is an incredibly useful skill, which will allow you to get in your house if you get locked out without having to call a locksmith, and will also allow you to help others who’ve become locked out.

Sisu Thermals 25% Off; Plus Sisu Morale Patches Now Available!

When the Soviet Union invaded Finland in 1939, Russian leadership thought the country would be easily conquered.

Podcast #387: Think Like a Poker Player to Make Better Decisions

It’s been said that life is a series of decisions. But life is complex and filled with randomness and uncertainty.

Why Are Modern Debates on Morality So Shrill?

It’s hard not to notice that in interactions both online and off, people seem increasingly polarized when it comes to political, social justice, and moral and ethical issues of all kinds.

10 Tips for Taking Your Kids Out to Eat

When you’re a busy parent, going out to eat can be a godsend. There are just some days when you don’t feel like cooking dinner, you don’t feel like cleaning up the subsequent mess, and you don’t even feel like getting take-out; after waiting on other people all day, you’d like to sit down and be waited on yourself.

Podcast #386: The Rise & Fall of the American Heavyweight Boxer

With boxing on the wane in America for the past twenty some odd years, it’s easy to forget how much of a cultural juggernaut it was for much of the 20th century.

4 Ways to Level Up Your Casual Style

Your casual clothes are the ones you wear on your own time. It’s hard to put boundaries on what pieces of clothing count as “casual” and which ones don’t.

Podcast #385: Make It Stick

When you study for a test or you’re trying to learn a new skill, what’s your typical approach? If you’re like most people, you might repeat facts over and over again or do the same task over and over again until you can do it in your sleep.While these brute force tactics might make you feel like you’re encoding new information into your brain, my guest today argues that you’re just fooling yourself.

You Need a Reset Day

It’s been two months since the start of the new year. How are things going for you? There’s a good chance that your answer is: “Not great.” There’s a good chance that the optimism and motivation and momentum you started the year with have faded.

Podcast #384: What It Really Means to Be Self-Reliant

When you hear self-reliance, what do you think of? Living off the grid in a cabin somewhere? Doing everything yourself, and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps?

Is It Safe for Kids to Lift Weights?

Maybe you’ve been following a barbell training program for a while now. Maybe you do your workouts in a garage gym at home, and your curious kids have been hanging out with you while you exercise and cheering you on for getting swol.

31 Days to Greater Self-Reliance

Editor’s note: This is a guest article by Kyle Eschenroeder, author of The Pocket Guide to Self-Reliance.

Now Available: The Pocket Guide to Self-Reliance

What does it mean to be “self-reliant”? Is it living off the grid in a cabin in the remote wilderness?

Podcast #383: The Virtues of the Masks of Masculinity

In the past few years, there’s been a lot written about the ills of the “masks of masculinity.” These supposed social masks are the source of personal problems in the lives of men as well as countless societal problems.  But what if the problem isn’t the masks of masculinity themselves?

The Monthly Huckberry Giveaway: February 2018

Below you’ll find some of my favorite recent offerings from Huckberry. Enter the giveaway to win any of these items, or anything else available in their store (up to a value of $500).