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A dive into the gritty reality of life for two blind teenagers resurfaces as a remarkable exploration of youth The post Dimmer appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

How the Scientific Revolution made an honest man of God

Anyone who has ever read the Bible knows that God can speak. Over the course of six days, God speaks the world into existence and then speaks to both Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The mystery of flying kicks

Shoes hang from overhead wires around the world. What’s behind this urban meme – crime, sex, drugs, art, politics?

Should you fact check your grandma’s Facebook posts?

My grandma believes that the President of the United States is trying to remove ‘In God We Trust’ from US currency.

The Explorers Club

The Explorers Club was behind many of the 20th century’s greatest expeditions. What’s its role in the 21st century?

How epigenetics got hijacked by the body police

The past decade has seen an avalanche of paradigm-shattering studies in the biological, toxicological and behavioural sciences: from findings published recently in Science and in Nature showing that sperm carry the marks of a man’s trauma and undernourishment, which leads to depression and metabolic

The way of the dodo

The end of celluloid might be near, but this devoted cinephile keeps the old movie magic alive in his east London shop The post The way of the dodo appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Why the hidden internet can’t be a libertarian paradise

The Hidden Wiki holds the keys to a secret internet. To reach it, you need a special browser that can access ‘Tor Hidden Services’ – websites that have chosen to obscure their physical location.

Edmund Burke on the sublime

Why do dangers, such as a foreboding storm on the horizon or a view from the edge of a cliff, exhilarate the human mind?

Is becoming a hermit the ultimate feminist statement?

For decades, went the story, books, candy and propane tanks had gone missing from a small community called Pine Tree on North Pond in central Maine.

The ladies

In a tiny couture shop, two bickering 90-something sisters reveal tantalising glimpses of colourful past lives The post The ladies appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Is the Many Worlds hypothesis just a fantasy?

In July 2011, participants at a conference on the placid shore of Lake Traunsee in Austria were polled on what they thought the meeting was about.

A commons sense

Poor Indian farmers are rich in two things: knowledge and biodiversity. The future of food depends on preserving both The post A commons sense appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Will information open up China, or close the ranks for good?

On 5 July 2009, residents of Xinjiang, China’s far western province, found the internet wasn’t working.

Street views

Google’s Street View transforms Manhattan into an eerie world populated by strangers trapped in a single moment The post Street views appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Soleá: the flamenco of Seville

To its devotees, flamenco manifests profound emotion. For its practitioners, it ‘completely intertwines with life’ The post Soleá: the flamenco of Seville appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Anxiety isn’t just a useless emotion; it’s also a moral goad

At a dinner party, you find yourself seated next to a man named Sam. He’s a new acquaintance, but it turns out the two of you have several friends in common – so you’re keen to make a good impression.

Secretly seduced by science, Hasidic atheists lead a double life

The moment Solomon lost his faith, he was standing on the D train, swaying back and forth with its movement as if in prayer.

War dogs

Drugs and rehabilitation programs failed these traumatised veterans but they had one last option: caring for a rescue dog The post War dogs appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Welcome to Earth, 2200 AD: population 500 million, temp 180°F

I stare out the window from my tiny flat on the 300th floor, hermetically sealed in a soaring, climate-controlled high-rise, honeycombed with hundreds of dwellings just like mine, and survey the breathtaking vistas from my lofty perch more than half a mile above ground: the craftsman cottages with t