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Blast it Biggs! Where are you?! - A Star Wars Day Doc

Biggs Darklighter was set to be a more prominent character in Star Wars than what we see when we watch the movie.  In fact, many casual Star Wars fans (isn’t that an oxymoron?

Quiz: Name the 20 US City Skylines

Can you name these 20 US cities just from a picture of the skyline of each?  It may be a little more challenging than it sounds because although all of these cities are in the US Top 50 (at least in terms of population) we have restricted it to just one city per state, despite places like California being awash with places that have huge populations.  So, give it a go – and please pass it on!

The Outings Project: Museum Paintings Experience Life on the Streets

Outings is a world participative project, initiated by Julien de Casabianca, a French visual artist.  The idea is for people to liberate portraits from their homes in museums and other municipal building and place them on the walls of their towns and cities.

Earth Song

If you have ever been to Yorkshire Dales and Lake District national parks in northern England then you will have been, no doubt, struck by their incredible natural beauty.  They have never looked so magnificent in this short time-lapse film about the ever changing light and beauty in nature made by Alex William Helin.

Melody Gardot - Preacherman

Inspired by the tragic true story of Emmett Till who was killed in a racially motivated murder in 1955, this is a music video for Melody Gardot's single Preacherman.

Pet Peeve

Pets die – that’s a fact of life.  Yet for one boy the death of his beloved goldfish is not followed by a year in mourning: it’s the green light for the start of the epic search for the next pet.  However, his choices are questionable.  This light-hearted and immensely enjoyable short (animated on p

These are Magpies? You’re Kidding, Right?

No, we’re not.  There are a number of magpie species which confound the notion that the whole lot of them are black and white.  They come in a number of different colors.

The Red Witch

Mars is slowly being terraformed.  As the planet slowly comes to life a geologist wanders the surface of the once barren planet, seeking answers.  Yet as the planet’s human-driven evolution outpaces her, she becomes myth.  The Red Witch is Aron Bothman’s fourth year film for the CalArts Character An

This Video Will Change The Way You Think About Police Brutality In 30 Seconds

#AsAMotherSpeakOut is the first campaign of its kind to challenge police brutality with a video that inspires us to think about the issue in a new light.

The Misadventures of Chubzilla

Chubzilla is hungry.  This insatiable beasty is intent on devouring everything in his path.  Yet what to us is destruction on an enormous, extinction level event scale is to this young monster a hop skip and a jump in the park – and one which Willy Wonka would not be ashamed of, either.  The Misadve

Office Kingdom

If you have ever been the victim of mindless, interminable bureaucracy where you simply want something seemingly straightforward but find obstacles in your path at every juncture, then spare a thought.  Those office workers who seem intent on denying you your wishes do so not out of sheer lazy malic

Moving London

Moving Cities is a cross-cultural initiative created by Jevan Chowdury manifests into an ongoing collection of short films using dance to present the now of cities and it is now a year old.

Shatili – Medieval Fortress Village in Georgia

The village of Shatili squats on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus mountains in Georgia. Even today the area is considered isolated and remote but in centuries past the villagers could not rely on distant authorities to afford them protection.

Triple Game Review

There are plenty of great games on the Internet, but finding the best ones can be difficult. Off course you could always go for the somehow more serious stuff but here are a few quick reviews on some of the most entertaining casual titles: Daddy Long Legs – In the world of online and mobile gaming, simplicity is the key to addiction.

Angry Birds Go! – Local Multiplayer Mode Deployed!

Someone has their tongue firmly in their cheek here.  Yet working out quite how far will be entirely up to you.  Angry Birds Go!

The Texting Hat: The Best Invention of the 21st Century (So Far)

I have a number of friends who really, really need this fabulous new invention.  In fact I could say that the texting hat was created just for them if it wasn’t for the fact that it seems that many outside of my circle of acquaintance might find this a prerequisite for their day to day existence should they be introduced to it.

Hubble Reflects the Cosmos: 25 Years of Wonder

The Hubble Telescope did not get off to an auspicious start.  It had an eight foot diameter mirror which but a tiny chip of paint on a measuring rod caused it to be just a tiny, tiny little bit too flat.  This left it with ‘blurry vision’.  However, since then it has gone on to be regarded as the most important advance in astronomy since Galileo, and its greatest discoveries might still be ahead.

Glasses: A Tale of First Love and Myopia

You never know when it is going to strike, particularly for the first time.  When love comes calling it can catch you unprepared, as in the case of this young man who falls for the girl behind the counter in his local patisserie.  Written and directed by Giuseppe Garau you may well see yourself in t


Writer and director Rogerio Silva created Edifice after watching dancers Carmine De Amicis and Harriet Waghorn rehearse.  He was, to put it in his own words: “taken with the honesty of the movement and how Carmine and Harriet supported each other equally throughout.

Slime Mold - Alien Landscapes On Earth

Just the thought of mold is something that makes many people involuntarily shudder. Yet there is more to it than meets the eye – particularly if you are lucky enough to see Kim Fleming’s remarkable macrophotography.  Up close we are witness to an enigmatic and beautiful alien world on our own doorstep.