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Montmartre: The Quiet Hour

Montmarte is one of the busiest parts of Paris – you don’t really go there if you want to be on your own.  Or do you?

Just the One of Us

Have you ever tried one of the apps that shows you who you are supposed to look like.  Anticipation of your natural born doppleganger soon gives way to disappointment when you see that an algorithm thinks you look like Danny DeVito (his name was the first that came to my head, sorry Danny).  However


Sometimes, on a balmy summer’s evening, the lines between reality and the imagination can become blurred.  In this charming short by Alex Thompson a young boy’s pictures come to life and once it does, there are no barriers.

Scientists In TV Shows You May Have Missed

There is often a stigma attached to scientists in that they are normally seen as being rather eccentric and not in touch with pop culture, but if the truth be told that is not always the case.

The Underwater Billiard Room of Witley Park

Whitaker Wright was a very rich man. He had made his fortune in the mining industry and so when it came to the creation of a billiard room on his new estate perhaps it was only fitting to build it underground.

Help Shine a Light on Child Mortality

All over the world children continue to die in such numbers that it is sometimes difficult to believe that we are all living in the same century.  Charity Human Appeal has recently released this video to raise awareness not only of the shocking numbers of children who are dying but what causes these awful child mortality rates too.

Alien Communications

How do you finally bond with the boy that you have crushed on for years?

The Maijishan Grottoes - Artistic Treasure of China’s Past

China has four major Buddhist cave complexes - by far the most visited being the Longmen caves. Less well known are the Maijishan Grottoes.

Fish Friend

Every child should have a pet or at least one that does not have too many murderous intentions.  Yet for ten year old Sally, the goldfish that she chose at the pet store is not quite what it seems.  The neighbourhood may never be quite the same again.

Bog Bodies

Bog bodies have been found throughout Europe, the cadavers of people preserved in peat bogs some of which are thousands of years old.  Ritual sacrifice has long been suspected as a reason for a number of these deaths and this fantastic animation by Plazma for Mummies Alive (a six part documentary se

Da Vinci Project

For some reason these lines from Edgar Allan Poe sprang to my mind as I watched Alain Escalle’s visually ravishing Da Vinci Project: All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.  As a visual diary of the Renaissance world it evokes a time when knowledge made a return to Europe and with it

Calbuco: A Volcano Erupts

If you are a timelapse photographer, like Martin Heck, you must dream of something like a volcano erupting when you just happen to be in the vicinity with all your equipment.  I wouldn’t like to calculate the odds but that is exactly when happened.


Sometimes life is no fun.  When you are a young girl with a host of allergies it often becomes miserable.  Such is the case with Boogers who is constantly producing industrial amounts of snot.  Yet there may be help at hand, perhaps through her grandmother’s home made remedies but undoubtedly through the strength of her imagination.

Kumbhalgarh – The Great Wall of India

Long overshadowed by its lengthier neighbor to the east, this is the second largest continuous wall on the planet.

Death by Chocolate

When fame has fled adjusting to your new position in life can be traumatic. Unable to adjust to rejection after rejection, jaded movie star Anne has hired a contract killer to, well, do what he does best.  However, she has second thoughts and meets with him to cancel the contract.

Tiny Tunes: Singing Songs about the Important Things in Life

Stop what you’re doing and watch this because it will probably change your life. OK, it absolutely won’t but I think you might become an instant fan of Tiny Tunes, a new band singing songs about the important things in life such as gas, size, the future, style, food and that’s it really.   They prove, finally, that you really don't need a twenty minute Muse epic if you are searching for profundity in your music.


If you are a regular reader of Kuriositas then you know that we like two things (among others) – street art and animation.  Imagine our delight then when we came across Canned which combines both beautifully.  A young artist gets more than he bargained for when he creates his own latterday Venus – as do the police!

Doctor Who Classic Series Mega-Quiz: How Many Monsters Can You Name?

If you are a little bored and just happen to be a fan of the TV series Doctor Who (or the part of it now called the classic series) then this might just alleviate your situation.

The Fermi Paradox vs The Great Filter

The Fermi Paradox wonders why we have not encountered intelligent extra-terrestrial life as statistically it must exist.

Hola Llamigo

Down on the piñata farm, things are looking a little bleak for one young boy and his best friend.  They live on what can only be called a factory farm.