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Find Out What Farmers Have to Do to Make Cauliflower White

Call me ignorant (no, actually, don’t please) but I thought that cauliflower came to our markets and shops as nature intended.  I did not realise at all that, but for the intervention of our farmers, that they would be a different color.  Here, the lovely folks from How Does It Grow?


Imagine if the all the animals we, as a species, have killed over the millennia came back to exact their revenge, what shape would it take?

Get Your Handkerchief Out: You’re Going to Need It

A little girl wants to get a cake for her grandfather’s birthday but the family are poor and not able to afford it.  If you want something that will make you shed a tear and brighten up your day at the same time, you have probably come to the right place.

Lunar Leftovers: How the Moon Became a Trash Can

We hear about the amount of waste floating around space all the time. However, the biggest trash can outside of earth’s atmosphere is in fact the moon.

Ebola: A Poem for the Living

For many in Africa, Ebola is surrounded by misinformation and even superstition when it comes to treatment.

A Girl Tries to Understand Why her Boyfriend Can't Talk to her Anymore: His Reason Will Surprise You!

And now for something quite French. We have all come to that certain point in a relationship when we sense that our partner my not be that for too much longer.

Why Should We Remember the First World War?

You may have seen the sea of ceramic poppies outside the Tower of London which we will be featuring on Kuriositas this weekend.  The installation is known as Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, and marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

What Teddies Do While We Sleep...

There was no way I could pass by an animation with the title Mean Teddies without watching – and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.  Thanks to Tyler Novo, a student at Sheridan College, we get to glimpse in to the other life of our teddy bears, the one that we will hopefully never get to see.  For, while we sleep, that little collection of wool, cotton and thread is out fighting for our very existence.  Given the opposition, no wonder they have to be mean teddies!

Mount Nemrut – Home to Gods Beheaded

The Adiyaman Province of Turkey in the south east of the country is not wealthy – it is still classified as a developing rural region.

If You Have Never Wanted to Visit Moscow, You Will After Watching This

Moscow in the summertime has never looked so good.  Timelapse and commercial maker Alexander Spirin takes us on a breathless ride through the capital of Russia taking in the sites such as Saint Basil's Cathedral, Novodevichy Convent and of course Red Square - as well as many other sights.  Seamlessl

Three Generations after The Holocaust, How Do Young Jews and Germans See Each Other?

This short animated documentary is based on interviews with young people from Germany and Israel. They are all relatives of the third generation with people who experienced the Holocaust during the Second World War.

Spooktacular: An Animated Alphabet

Here comes Halloween and for some reason, people seem to get a little lost for words let alone letters at this time of year.

The Hellbender: Giant Salamander of the United States

This is the only species of giant salamander to be found outside Asia – and it is called the hellbender.  With a name like that it’s an appropriate Halloween feature on our sibling site, the Ark in Space even though despite its name and size there is really nothing to be frightened of (apart from its name and its size – it can grow up to 30 inches in length!

Houses to Avoid on Halloween - And How to Die Quickly if You Can't

You may be planning to go out this Halloween, perhaps trick or treating with friends. In case you really must, here is a short pictorial guide to the kind of houses you should really avoid this Halloween.

The Colors of Evil

Vivian is not a happy girl.  She is put upon bullied at school by one of the prettier girls and badly wants revenge.  Another horror movie trope is put in place and our expectations are raised!

The History of Horror Movies

Horror movies have now had over a hundred years of frightening the lives out of us and here John P Hess introduces their history, from the books which inspired them to the way that they evolved throughout the decades.  This is a fascinating look at a genre which, come Halloween, is always a staple o

Running the Gammatar

When you are a self-absorbed 20-something with a huge sense of entitlement little is going to get in the way of the centering of life, the universe and everything around Number One.

The Ancient Salt Ponds of Maras, Peru

Before the rise of the Inca Empire, those with an eye to make money but no aversion to hard work, made their way to Maras.  There, a subterranean stream surfaced and its waters were rich with salt.  Deep underground there is a vast deposit of salt, perhaps the remnant of some prehistoric ocean.

The Incredible Glasswing Butterfly

It never ceases to stagger me what nature can come up with and the glasswing butterfly is just that – staggering.  The name speaks for itself – the glasswing’s claim to fame is that its wings, spanning up to six centimeters, are almost completely transparent.

Watch as WiFi Unites Nine Musicians on the New York Subway for a Memorable Performance

Writer, director and video editor Chris Shimojima and his team searched New York City for a variety of subway musicians to unite for a live experiment.