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The Ancient Salt Ponds of Maras, Peru

Before the rise of the Inca Empire, those with an eye to make money but no aversion to hard work, made their way to Maras.  There, a subterranean stream surfaced and its waters were rich with salt.  Deep underground there is a vast deposit of salt, perhaps the remnant of some prehistoric ocean.

The Incredible Glasswing Butterfly

It never ceases to stagger me what nature can come up with and the glasswing butterfly is just that – staggering.  The name speaks for itself – the glasswing’s claim to fame is that its wings, spanning up to six centimeters, are almost completely transparent.

Watch as WiFi Unites Nine Musicians on the New York Subway for a Memorable Performance

Writer, director and video editor Chris Shimojima and his team searched New York City for a variety of subway musicians to unite for a live experiment.

Wake Up Call

I can’t count the times this has happened to me – metaphorically at least.  I am awoken from my reverie (usually in front of a PC) by the phone ringing and, as I tend to sit in positions most would consider awkward, this wake up call often leads to sudden and inexplicable contortions which I could n

When the End of the World Becomes a Love Story

Although I am the first to revel in the gore-fest that is The Walking Dead, the end of the world does not necessarily have to be all about which body parts can splatted the most distance – and Eric Nichols’ short film The Survivors shows that the zombie apocalypse (or whatever disaster has befallen us this time!

Living Rock – Massive Monuments Carved In Situ

Most buildings and sculptures are made out of stone which is quarried and then taken somewhere else to be carved or used in construction.

India Timelapse

This is a fascinating time lapse of the sights of Tamil Nadu in India.  The area (which is the size of Greece) is home to almost seventy million people and has been the home of the Tamil civilization for three and a half thousand years.

Lavatory Lovestory

It is said that some men lead lives of quiet desperation - and the same could be said of some women too.  I must say that the title of this Oscar nominated animated short film did put me off a little but I should not have worried that I was going to see something that I would have preferred not to.

A Fisher Cat is Haunted by all the Worms it has Killed

Halloween is almost upon us so you can expect a few more shivers than usual at Kuriositas.  This is by the Tom Fun Orchestra and is for the title track from their latest album Earthworm Heart and animated by Alasdair and Jock from Trunk Animation.  Although most cats would heartily disagree despite

The Fleet – London’s Underground River

If you listen carefully just above this unassuming grate you can hear the ripple and splash of flowing water.

A Typical San Francisco Morning

San Francisco has never looked more stunning than in this wonderful aerial project shot by Toby Harriman during two morning flights during the beginning months of October.


Liam and Aurora are meteor spotters and on their way to Lake Frost when they bump in to – literally – a rather odd hitchhiker.  They soon begin to wonder what they have let themselves in for as they near the lake as their passenger, not to mention those in other cars, act more than a little strangel

Pray You Never Have an Anniversary like This One

May I make a suggestion? Don’t watch this if you are either feeling a little squeamish or if it is your wedding anniversary today, particularly the latter.

UK Teachers to Swear Oath: They Already Do, Regularly!

Here in the UK the shadow Minister for Education Tristram Hunt has just spent five minutes in Singapore (where teachers are respected to the point of idolization) and decided that back in the UK they should all swear an oath – to emphasize the moral calling and the noble profession of teaching.

Peacock Spider – Australia’s Show Off Super Hero Spider

This is the peacock spider – and it knows how to show off. Featured today on our sibling site, the Ark in Space, this species wave their legs when first in courtship mode – and you might think that bizarre enough.

When The Time Comes

The semi-nomadic Samburu tribe of Kenya still practices female circumcision, despite the fact that it was made illegal in 2003 by the Maputo Protocol (which was ratified by 37 African countries).  However, slowly but surely brave women (with the support of a number of men) are speaking up for their rights and demanding that their daughters are not put through this coming of age ritual any longer.

Forward March!

When you are proudly marching through the streets in your ceremonial uniform, the one thing that tops off your general resplendence is the bearskin, the tall fur cap that has been used by the guards regiments of the British Army for centuries.  However, when one of the bearskins takes on a life of its own, there may be trouble ahead.

Sunday Short Movie: Barbie Boy

Bobby’s parents are very understanding – he enjoys playing with Barbie and Ken dolls rather than with robots and soldiers – although his father warns him that other boys might not be quite so empathetic when it comes to his choice of toys.

The Stairs to Nowhere

Most people are familiar with the expression the road to nowhere, but the stairs?  It does not seem to have made it in to the vast panoply that is English idiom in quite the same way as its more metaphorically obvious relation.

God Only Knows the BBC Music Launch Video Must Have Cost a Fortune

...But now I have got that off my chest I can just revel in the whole 'spot the famous singeriness' of it all.  Although,  goodness only knows how much it really did cost to bring all these famous faces together in one video.