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The Gharial – Good News for the Critically Endangered Indian Crocodile?

Unlike much of what you see on Kuriositas, there was no CGI used in the creation of the photograph above.  This exquisite creature is a gharial and Ark in Space has an interesting feature today about this critically endangered species of crocodile found in India.

The Loneliest Tree in the World

Tucked away in a corner of London's Royal Botanic Gardens, the last of an ancient plant grows. Though it resembles a stumpy palm tree, the Encephalartos woodii is incredibly rare.

Heldenkanzler: The Rise and Fall of Engelbert Dollfuss

Heldenkanzler is an award-winning short film based on the true story of Engelbert Dollfuss, who tried to inforce his fashist dictatorship in Austria in the 1930ies.

Rocket Rider

This just goes to show that exciting CGI footage can be created on a shoestring budget.  The cockpit set was built in the single garage of director Ross Bradley’s parents - out of plywood, the panels created with a laser printer, electric switches and bottle tops.

The Living Root Bridges of India

India has a population of over a billion and our ideas about the country are often informed by that statistic.  Yet there are places on the sub-continent which are still almost inaccessible.  Meghalaya in the north east of the country is home to mountainous subtropical forests.  In order to get around, local people have come up with an ingenious form of natural engineering – the living root bridge.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Online Poker

It was not that long ago that the only way that you could play poker was to visit a casino with a poker room or get invited in or even organise a home game yourself.

5 Sports Stars Who Make a Difference

Sports stars command a fair amount of influence in the modern world, so it should hardly come as a surprise that a lot of them are using it to make a real difference.

The Highway of Florida and All the Beauty Within

The Florida Keys is a series of islands, which runs way back to Cuba. Spectacular bridge road also called as Florida overseas highway connects all islands.

Put a Real Casino in your Pocket

We cover all sorts of lifestyle topics and other great features here at Kuriositas, but something that has really piqued our interest recently is just how easy it is to enjoy a bit of fun online with some great casino games.

How to Pass GCSE English Language Grade 9-1 Course

From June 2017 the English Language GCSE exams are undergoing some major changes.  The old system of 40% controlled assessments has gone out of one window like the proverbial baby and bathwater.

The Red Elephants of Kenya

Yes, these elephants are red. The Ark in Space has their story, together with a great collection of photographs.

A Walk in Ulyanovsk - Birthplace of Lenin

If you have never heard of Ulyanovsk then know it’s a rather pleasant-looking city on the Volga, just over 500 miles east of Moscow.

Teddy Bears are for Lovers

Collin is something of a serial Casanova and, just when his girlfriends’ thoughts turn to love he heads off the issue with a gift – a teddy bear.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight is a short film by Moonbot Studios inspired by the life and heritage of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon.

The Doll’s Eyes Plant – The Woods Have Eyes Too

Have you ever taken a stroll through a wood and felt that you were being watched? Yet when you turn around, no-one is there.

Barcelona’s Abidal Takes a Shot for Beko

If you have always wanted to be a footballer but know that the Champions’ League is probably never going to beckon then I am not sure that this video is going to make you feel much better on that score.

Why Does a Dog Lick Its Nose?

Here is the question du jour – why does a dog lick its nose?  The Ark in Space has the answer (and it may not be the one that you assume) together with a large gallery of dogs being endearing while licking their noses.

Bastei: Amazing Bridged Bastion of Saxony

Bastei in German translates as bastion and you can easily see why this name was chosen for this towering rock formation, situated on the River Elbe near Dresden in the German Free State of Saxony.  Towering almost 200 meters over the river below, Bastei was formed by water erosion over a million years ago.

Can We Colonize Mars?

The history of human migration shows that when we find somewhere we can live, then some people inevitably go there.

Among the Ancients - A California Timelapse

The Eastern Sierra Mountain Range is home to some of the world’s most ancient trees as well as spectacular terrain and stunning views of the night sky.