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Why even non-vegans are drinking almond milk

Sippable superfoods are a daily wellness staple—whether it’s your daily green juice, your post-workout protein drink, or your cold-pressed custom blend.

How spending time in nature can make you super-productive at work

The four benefits of getting "micro green breaks," according to a new study.

The super-hydrating smoothie that The DogPound’s Dara Hartman swears by

The last place you want to spend your summer is in a hot, sweaty kitchen. No one knows this better than The DogPound’s Dara Hartman, who—between teaching others and squeezing in her own workouts—barely has time to even consume her meals.

6 ways to #LeanInTogether, according Lena Dunham and Sheryl Sandberg

When Sheryl Sandberg started her Lean In non profit (a spinoff of her megapopular book of the same name) she called women to action in the workplace—asking them to stand up and fight for the respect, positions, and salaries they deserved.

Desiree Pais’ foolproof 3-step routine for flawless summer skin

Summer is prime time for skin: You have a gorgeous, natural glow and possibly a few extra freckles. (Obligatory SPF reminder!

Channel your inner child with this ab-busting swing set workout

When in doubt, swing it out. Even if it’s been more than a few years since you last stepped foot into a playground, it doesn’t take much to bring those childhood memories of windblown hair and carefree summer days rushing back.

Why waterfalls are the ultimate summer destination

There are beach getaways, camping adventures, and far-flung retreats. But the one summer hotspot you may be overlooking?

The crazy 3-ingredient smoothie that Adriana Lima swears by

Brazil is a magical place: it has churned out uber-supermodels Gisele, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio, for starters.

4 workout moves you’re probably doing wrong

Whether it’s holding a plank for 60 seconds or blowing through a series of bicep curls, chances are you’ve got a few go-to exercises you feel pretty darn good about.

The foods to avoid if you want glowing, flawless skin

Popcorn, cappuccinos, bottled water—some of the most delicious (or most boring) foods can be hard on your skin if you overdo it.

6 surprising tips for ouch-free bikini line maintenance

You can Skype with your Australia-based BFF or get to work in a driverless car, and yet no one’s figured out a way to banish ingrown hairs for good.

Everything you need to know about throwing a perfect—and healthy—cookout

Throwing an epic backyard barbecue—or even just inviting a few friends over on a summer Saturday to grill on your mini-patio—is virtually a mandated summer activity.

True Food Kitchen isn’t coming to NYC after all (yet)

If you’re counting the days until you can get your inside-out quinoa burger fix, we’ve got bad news: You’re going to have to wait a little longer (at least if you live in New York City).

This model’s rallying cry: there’s no wrong way to be a woman

This post originally appeared on AOL Every woman has to deal with society’s standards for beauty—ones that constantly pressure them to be gorgeous and thin.

11 seriously impressive celeb yogis

International Yoga Day was named in 2014 by the United Nations. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi first proposed the day during the 69th General Assembly in a stirring speech about the benefits and philosophy of the practice.

Starbucks has an entire secret menu of healthy options

With a collection of flavored syrups and frapps complete with cookie straws, Starbucks is more synonymous with sugar-high than healthy treat.

Why these $30 blogger-approved sneakers are such a big deal

Long before the Stan Smith overtook the feet of bloggers, celebs, and editors, there was another white sneaker brand that reigned supreme—Superga.

The argument for a 3 p.m. (dark) chocolate snack

Everyone experiences the dreaded afternoon work slump. Powering through morning and lunch is no problem.

The 7 coolest sneakers you need this summer

With pop-up shops devoted to cleaning your sneaks, experts lauding the health benefits of wearing flats, and even style-obsessed stars ditching their sky-high heels, it’s clear that the casual shoe trend shows no signs of stopping.

7 science-backed ways to tame your anxiety

This post originally appeared on The Zoe Report We all have it, to varying degrees, and though it was designed to serve the evolutionary purpose of helping us survive a world ripe with potential danger, modern anxiety usually does more harm than good.