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Your weekly health horoscope: It’s time to embrace your new (post-eclipse) reality

Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi is here for your weekly dose of celestial wisdom—with a wellness twist. No matter what your sun sign is (or rising sign, or moon sign…), here’s how you can align with the stars to make your best love, career, fitness, food, and self-care choices for the next seven days.

Can you be friends with your boss (and should you)?

Becoming friends with your coworkers is all but inevitable: You spend eight hours together, five days a week—adding to about 90,000 hours over the course of your lifetime.

Should you really be putting your natural skin care and supplements through the airport luggage scanner?

Steal a peek inside any wellness obsessee’s medicine cabinet and you’re likely to see rows on rows of amber glass bottles, emblazoned with directions to “store in a cool, dry place.” This doesn’t just make for a cuter shelfie—such packaging is designed to protect natural beauty products and supplements from heat and light, which can actually degrade the ingredients inside.

The ultimate hygge home guide to cozy up your life

Being stuck inside when the weather is frigid can be a bummer for your social calendar—but not when your home is so cozy you don’t really even want to leave anyway.

This homeopathic remedy might cure your post-flight muscle cramps

As much fun as traveling is, all that time spent crammed in an overcrowded airplane cabin often results in aches and pains galore.

The bath scenes from movies that you’ll want to replicate in your home

When it comes to favorite winter self-care activities, taking a warm bath and cozying up to watch a movie are neck-and-neck for the gold medal.

5 secrets for staying healthy this cold and flu season

The common cold is one of the most feared parts of these chilly winter months. And while it may seem unavoidable (your S.O.

The moment Brooke Shields decided to prioritize her sense of authenticity

Brooke Shields has been omnipresent for so long that’s hard to pinpoint just one thing she’s known for: She started out as a model, then evolved into an actress, then an author, and she’s also made waves for so many other things in between.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

A healthy morning can set the tone for a healthy day, so it’s no surprise that wellness experts know a thing or two about nourishing, energizing breakfasts.

Bella Hadid gets candid about her struggle with social anxiety

Imagine walking into a room full of people and feeling your heart rate skyrocket, your hands clam up, and your body start to sweat because being around others is so nerve-wracking.

4 healthy staples that Alison Wu believes every pantry starter kit needs

 Occasionally something on Instagram will send me down a digital rabbit hole: crystal nail art, a hilarious face-mask reviewing account, and, most recently, a well-stocked pantry.

Social media may not hinder millennial relationships IRL after all

Social media is the scapegoat of the modern world. In an endless stream, articles and research continually sound the alarm on how the rise of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat has debilitated millennial social life and culture: People are lonelier, more reclusive, and would rather spend time posting about doing things than actually doing them.

How this healer-facialist spends $100 on beauty products

People in the beauty industry get tons of goods to test out, so when someone spends their own money on something that they’ve run out of, you know it’s good.

14 gym bags that also stow your yoga mat seamlessly

As a devoted yogi—but one who isn’t devoted to just one studio—I find that actually transporting all that gear can get pretty exhausting.

How to squeeze functionality out of your small living space

So you live in a tiny apartment. But just because you can’t fit a home office, meditation corner, and entertainment center inside a postage-stamp sized room doesn’t mean you can’t have a super functional (and Instagrammable) space—the key is in how you arrange it.

The top 10 under-the-radar world destinations to add to your travel bucket list

There’s nothing that makes you feel cooler than being able to say you did something before it was trendy—and that doesn’t just apply to liking certain bands and taking fashion risks.

Can Lululemon get its mojo back?

Four years ago, I broke up with Lululemon. And I didn’t just stop doing ambassador events or quietly push my piles of famously butt-flattering black pants to the back of the closet.

Yes, you’re supposed to brush your dog’s teeth every day—here’s why

You brush your teeth daily—but how about your pup’s? Though toothbrushes and dogs don’t necessarily work well together (trust me, I’ve tried!

The at-home ab workout you can do during a commercial break, from Carrie Underwood’s trainer

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick workout that fires up your abs so effectively that you can complete it between sob seshes during a single This Is Us commercial break?

7 abs exercises to help you nail your handstand press

If you’ve ever fallen into the vortex of workout vids on Instagram (so, everyone?), you’ve no doubt stumbled upon the unicorn latte of #yogagrams.