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How 7 New York wellness gurus practice gratitude

Today is all about giving thanks…but are you currently freaking out, instead, about whether there’s enough room in the oven for the stuffing, sweet potatoes, and heritage turkey?

Yogi Lauren Imparato’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Gratitude Playlist

Lauren Imparato, of I.AM.YOU studio, spills her gratitude playlist. (Photo: WeHeartIt) We asked yogi, DJ, and sharp shooter Lauren Imparato, founder of I.

5 gorgeous bikes that chic, urban women will want to unwrap

(Photo: Linus Bike) Thinking of adding a set of wheels to your holiday wish list? We surveyed the cycling scene and found five gorgeous, of-the-moment bikes seemingly tailor-made just for chic, urban women.

Power Swaps: The best way to get a great night’s sleep

Presented By From our Partner As an all natural yogurt, siggi’s knows the benefits that simple, yet powerful changes to your lifestyle can make, which is why we’ve partnered with Well+Good to explore and explain some of the easiest and most effective Power Swaps out there.

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Healthy Harlequin

(Photo: Healthy Harlequin) At Comic Con in New York City this October, a new kind of superhero made her debut.

Recipe: Honey Roasted Carrots with Tahini

The 15-minute workout you can do anywhere

You know the drill (or lack of one): You go away for Thanksgiving and either can’t find the time for a solid workout or a studio within a 40 minute radius.

Café Gratitude: Serving affirmations in every bite

(Photo: Cafe Gratitude Larchmont) You may have tried vegan lasagna before, but did it proclaim that you are FABULOUS with every basil-spiked bite?

My Five Beauty Obsessions: Kristie Streicher

(Photo: Kristie Streicher) Known for her (literally) trademark Feathered Brow, Los Angeles-based aesthetician Kristie Streicher is beloved by beauty editors, the Olson sisters, and Rachel Weisz to name a few.

Beyonce has a thing for kale

(Photo: All kale Queen Bey. Beyonce opens her latest video, 7/11, dancing on a high-rise balcony in her underwear and a KALE sweatshirt (just like YALE, only healthier).

Laughing Lotus’ new Brooklyn location will be part yoga studio, part dance hall

Ganesh, Brooklyn style. (Photo: Laughing Lotus) This New Year’s, renowned yogi Dana Flynn will toast to a finally realized resolution she made long ago: to open a second New York City studio—in Brooklyn.

Yoga pants for dudes? It’s happening, with Lululemon’s first-ever men’s store

(Photo: Lululemon) When you think of a Lululemon customer, it’s a woman, often on a yoga mat, typically with a ponytail.

9 amazing shops in New York City for cool wellness gifts

Wellness-obsessed women are increasingly complex. There’s your friend who only wears indie activewear labels to her boutique workout classes, your sister who has a natural-beauty-product-filled medicine cabinet that could put Sephora out of business, and your mother-in-law, whose home is more Zen than a Buddhist temple.

What to wear to stay active all winter long

Sponsored When temperatures drop and daylight wanes, motivation to leave your cozy bed for a workout (or, um, work) dwindles with it.

Gotham Archery: Channeling Katniss in Gowanas

(Photo: WeHeartIt) Good news for New Yorkers who left the latest Hunger Games installment inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s badass arrow skills: A new archery school has just landed on the Brooklyn fitness scene.

3 natural skin-care products you can make in the kitchen

Class Action: Sky Robics at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Sky Zone in Torrance is a giant grid of trampolines (the black areas are the bouncy ones). (Photo: Sky Zone) Any parent in the SoCal area will be familiar with Sky Zone, the indoor trampoline park that seemingly hosts every school age child’s birthday party ever.

My Studio Style: Kino MacGregor

(Photo: Kino MacGregor) If you’ve ever taken a class with renowned yoga teacher Kino MacGregor at her studio or via her super popular online videos, she was probably wearing her signature bright and colorful hot pants.

How to make traditional holiday dishes healthier

We get it: You want to make whatever holiday feast you’re cooking up a little healthier this year. But if you serve a tofurkey instead of a turkey, your Uncle Larry will either boycott your dinner or show up with a bird anyway.

Link Love: At-home barre moves, secret meditation clubs, and more

(Photo: Simply Taralynn) Pistachio Almond Banana Freeze A cold dessert we’d eat even in the winter. —Simply Taralynn The first rule of Secret Meditation Club?