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The ultimate guide to detoxing every part of your life

Sometimes, you’re in a groove. And other times, whether you’re fresh off a wild weekend or your anxiety has reached an all-time high, you need to hit the reset button.

Does your skin need a therapist?

You may tell yourself “mind over matter” when trying to overcome a job-related obstacle or last round of mountain climbers in boot camp.

This easy vinyasa yoga flow will help cure your period pain

We may have entered the era of menstrual realness, but for some women, that hasn’t changed the fact that getting their period still sucks.

5 rules a sleep doctor follows to get perfect zzz’s every night

Respected shut-eye expert W. Chris Winter, MD—who Arianna Huffington dubbed “The Sleep Whisperer”—doesn’t prescribe Ambien (or any drug for that matter) to help patients drift off to dreamland.

The secret ingredients in these epically good brownies? Sweet potato and avocado

Sure, sweet potatoes and avocado have been game-changers when it comes to toast and salad, but dessert?

PSA: Bella Hadid’s essential oil tip might actually burn your skin

Photo: Instagram/@bellahadid Bella Hadid’s using essential oils for glowy skin—but there’s a catch When I saw Bella Hadid patting what she called “pre-makeup essential oils” on her face yesterday in an Instagram story, my mind immediately went to that scene in Home Alone when Macaulay Culkin applies aftershave for the first time—and then screams because it burns his skin.

The travel hacks that keep Elle Macpherson in top jet-setting shape

With 30 years of experience (and counting) as a supermodel, Elle Macpherson has learned more about globe-trotting—and looking fab when you reach your swimsuit-ready destination—than almost anyone on earth.

The truth about “toning” workouts

At the recent ECA 360 Inspire Conference, a session called “There’s No Such Thing as Toning” felt like a therapy session, as trainers raised their hands and lamented how tough it was to get clients to understand muscle growth.

These are the signs you have a—gasp!—toenail fungus

You kick off your shoes, get into that comfy pedicure chair, and gear up for a relaxing half hour of solo relaxation time (or even straight-up meditation).

How to work out on the road like a celeb, according to Hailee Steinfeld

For the fitness class junkie, traveling means a forced break from all of the (sweaty) things your go-to studio has to offer.

Is primal eating the new Paleo?

When doctors told Kristin Canty her four-year-old son was “allergic to the world,” she didn’t know what to do.

5 reasons your probiotics aren’t working—and what to do about it

After hopping on the probiotic train, you’ve made popping a capsule of good-for-you bacteria as much of your routine as your morning coffee run.

Is Nike’s VaporMax worth the hype? Here’s what it’s like to run in them

I’m not a sneakerhead. Sure, I notice when someone in my HIIT class has some cool-looking kicks with an ombre effect or on-point beige.

Why Jamie Chung and her husband have a “two week” rule

Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Jamie Chung and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome.  Jamie Chung Actress, lifestyle blogger, and partner on the Transitions Good Light Project First thing I do when I wake up is try to not grab for my phone.

This anti-inflammatory food pyramid will help you build the ultimate healthy diet

Inflammation is right up there with sugar in terms of scary wellness words. You’ve probably heard the laundry list of ailments it’s tied to: acne, sleeping problems, gut issues, and even life-threatening conditions, like heart disease.

News flash: The first ever avocado chocolate bar now exists

Having a culinary love affair with avocados means you’ve probably already figured out how to work the healthy fat into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The healthy DIY spray this French hairstylist says can replace dry shampoo

Everyone may have different philosophies on how often to wash your hair—ranging from the daily rinse advocate to those who can go 10 days without shampoo—but one thing’s for sure: dry shampoo is one of the best beauty inventions of all time (can I get an amen?


The leggings trend you need to try if you’re bored with basic black

Cardio boxing is the it-girl workout of the moment. (Right, Gigi?) And with supermodels stepping into the ring, as well as boutique studios like Shadowbox and Rumble on the rise, it was only a matter of time before fight-club culture began to influence fitness fashion, too.

How to make the 9 prettiest smoothies on the internet

Eating pretty meals makes them taste even more delicious. (Seriously, science says so.) But you don’t need to go full unicorn to experience it.