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Class Action: ReXist360 HIIT at The Movement

(Photo: Jesse DeYoung) Flatiron fitness studio The Movement appears to have a thing for funky workout props you’ve probably never used before (ahem, bendy body bars).

The battle that could put yoga studios out of business

(Photo: Yoga Vida) Yoga studio owners in New York may have been successful in convincing state government that their classes shouldn’t be subject to city sales tax (like gym memberships).

Should you be misting yourself with magnesium oil?

When skin-care guru Julia March was having trouble sleeping, and super stressed out from work, and getting bad leg cramps all the time she knew needed a solution.

How not getting enough sleep is messing with your career

Joe’s Jeans zips into activewear

Joe’s Jeans stylish snakeprint leggings ($120) want to slither into your workout wardrobe. (Photo: Joe’s Jeans) Joe’s Jeans is officially the latest fashion brand to go from skinny jeans to activewear.

The Year in Kale: 5 top stories about the indomitable leafy green

Broccoli tried to take it down with its hefty stalks for a hot second, but kale is here to stay. Today, psychiatrist-kale farmer Drew Ramsey, MD, and chef Jennifer Iserloh are hosting the second annual National Kale Day.

5 questions for The Amazing Race contestant Kym Perfetto

Kym Perfetto (left) with co-contestant Alli Forsythe. (Photo: Kym Perfetto) SoulCycle devotees in New York and Los Angeles already know that master instructor Kym Perfetto is a badass.

Clean up your act, or just your face, with a new natural cleanser

Sometimes there’s only one thing you want to do at the end of the day: wash your face. And how could anyone blame you?

Link Love: Get out of a fitness rut, veggie-packed desserts, and more

(Photo: The difference between an exercise routine and a rut And how to get out of the latter, if you’re in one.

Which friend should you bring to the gym?

Introducing the Bicoastal Biathlon, presented by Athleta

Partner Our Fitness Biathlon is back—and bigger than ever! We’ve tapped a handful of the hottest studios and trainers in New York and Los Angeles to bring you bet-you’ve-never-done-em-together fitness mashups.

Cyc will open 10 new studios by the end of the year—including one in Times Square

(Photo: Cyc Fitness) Cyc Fitness—the hot cycling brand with an athletic, party-on-a-bike approach and locations in New York City, Austin, TX, and Madison, WI—is pedaling towards a major national presence this year.

In LA, there’s a now a hot room for nearly every kind of workout

SoCal is hardly know for its chilly weather, but it seems that fitness-loving Angelenos just love to crank up the thermostat.

Now hear this: The Gadarene Swine is a vegan restaurant

(Photo: The Gadarene Swine) Given the name, it’s totally okay if you pictured The Gadarene Swine’s menu with a whole lot of pork.

One man’s canceled gym membership is another man’s ticket to work out

The giant, amenity-filled Mercedes Club is one of the gyms currently available on MemberXChange. (Photo: MemberXChange) Remember that saying about one man’s garbage?

The Buddha walks into a Michelin-starred restaurant

Yup, that’s Iron Chef Marc Forgione meditating. (Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good) If you’re eating out and the servers are seriously in the weeds, you can usually tell by their panicked expressions, hurried order-taking, and antsy energy.

New research on yoga’s brain-boosting benefits

5 detoxifying foods you might already have in your fridge

(Photos:,, Feeling a little fall sluggishness that a little fall detox could help with?

A trend you should run with: Sneakers are everywhere

There’s no denying it: Sneakers are everywhere. And we’re not talking about the performance-boosting, arch-supporting Brooks you wear on your five-mile runs.