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The 15-minute low-impact boot camp workout you can do right now

If you spent the year pushing yourself to reach your fitness goals (I can’t quit you, gallop), it’s time for some low-impact relief.

Elle Macpherson’s fave protein-packed chocolate torte is a dessert game-changer

Ready to make a splash at your holiday dessert table? Supermodel and wellness entrepreneur Elle Macpherson has a particularly rad recipe for you.

7 sneakers you can actually wear to your holiday parties

Wish you could wear kicks 24/7? Even to your upcoming holiday parties? (Dream big.) Good news: The well-dressed stylistas of Instagram have proven—yet again—that there’s no such thing as a bad time for your beloved sneaks.

Into clean beauty? Here’s why it’s time to focus on your hair routine

You’ve chucked your petroleum-filled lip balms, your paraben-laden moisturizer, and your aluminum-based deodorant.

Why Lena Dunham is totally okay with blocking a hater on social media

At Reebok’s “Perfect Never” panel this week, there was —obviously—a lot of discussion about what it means to be perfect and why many celebrities, Gigi Hadid included, are throwing in the towel on that unreachable feat (which is actually a distraction from your real goals).

This fermented coffee might be the brew your gut’s been waiting for

Approximately 83 percent of American adults are coffee drinkers, and 74 percent of Americans are dealing with some sort of gut problem—not exactly comforting math.

The surprising reason you might be less productive at work

You’re at the office knocking out tasks on your to-do list—with headphones in and your fave album serving as background music.

How to be an excellent party conversationalist in 7 steps

Festive manicure: Check. Designer track pants: Got ’em. Paleo pumpkin bread for the hostess: It’s been recipe-tested…um, many times.

The craziest things beauty insiders have done for clear skin

Whether you’re fighting puffiness, a monster pimple, or a dry-skin attack, you’ve probably scoured the most obscure places on the internet for DIY salves and slathered on some pretty crazy ingredients in the name of a glowy complexion.

5 reasons Gigi Hadid is totally okay with not being perfect

On the outside, Gigi Hadid may seem like she has the perfect life—a rockstar boyfriend, famous friends, and a booming modeling career.

The real reasons why your vagina is itchy

This post originally appeared on Teen Vogue Vaginal discomfort like itchiness is super common and rarely a cause for major concern, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

The one thing nutritionists eat at holiday parties

Despite what you may think, nutritionists are regular people. Regular people who have ugly sweater parties and end-of-year work bashes, too.

5 surprising, myth-busting facts about high-intensity interval training

Jordan Metzl, MD, is serious about high-intensity interval training. So much so that HIIT is becoming his go-to Rx.

How exactly did Sarma Melngailis go from vegan superstar to fugitive?

Remember when Pure Food and Wine owner Sarma Melngailis was the toast of the plant-based crowd? With two successful raw food restaurants (the other being Lucky Duck), the cookbook Living Raw Food, and regulars like Tom Brady, Anne Hathaway, and Mara Rooney, she served as aspiration to many in the wellness world—and beyond.

Your fave “Gilmore Girls” boyfriend is a newly minted push-up hero

Remember that brooding, yet hard to resist, Jess Mariano (played by Milo Ventimiglia)—AKA Rory Gilmore’s bad boy BF?

Can going Paleo make you sick?

For Ryan Brady, switching to a Paleo Diet was a desperation move. In college, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and a side effect was feeling seriously tired.

These high-vibe herbal elixirs created a serious buzz at Art Basel Miami Beach

Need proof that the sober social scene is gaining heat? At last weekend’s Art Basel in Miami Beach—basically, the champagne capital of North America—one of the most popular hangs wasn’t a party or a poolside bar, but a pop-up alchemy lab doling out spiritually charged, mind-altering botanical elixirs.

The activewear styling trick that sweaty-chic women are obsessed with

That cool, stylish girl you always see at the studio may be wearing an outfit that looks effortless, but don’t be fooled—just like the messy half-bun, it takes serious styling know-how to build that “I threw this on” look.

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: What to get the outdoor adventurer

The art of gift giving can be both joyful and hard to navigate—so we’re here to help. We’ve scoured the shelves (virtual and IRL) for the most coveted healthy and personalized presents for every member of your friend group.

The super-chic holiday party decor that’s trending on Instagram right now

You’ve got the menu down and the playlist queued up, but your annual blow-out holiday party just feels off.