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7 healthier New York City pizza places you’ve got to try

When it comes to eating healthy, bread and cheese are not exactly the first two food groups that come to mind.

The funny, fresh new yoga apparel line born out of Brooklyn

Founders Katharine Lucic and Katie Vohwinkel (Photo: Live Ohm K) Tees and tanks with cheeky messages are kind of a big deal in the yoga world right now, and a new indie Brooklyn brand just introduced a fun, pop-culture-referencing line that modern yogis are bound to want to pose in.

Lululemon is throwing a huge party for marathon runners in Bryant Park

(Photo: Facebook/Lululemon) If you’re running the New York City Marathon on November 2 and would rather not crowd into a Central Park-adjacent pub after you cross the finish line, there’s a new party happening this year in Bryant Park—and Lululemon’s throwing it.

International tea brand T2 opens its first U.S. boutique in Soho

Tea enthusiasts mingle at the store’s opening party. (Photo: Milk Made) Tea time! International tea brand T2 just debuted its first store in the United States—and it’s in the heart of Soho.

10 stability-building moves for a stronger core

Link Love: Roast vegetables perfectly, how to pick weights, and more

Roasted to perfection. (Photo: Eating Made Easy) The right way to roast vegetables The tips you need for everyone’s go-to fall cooking method.— Race etiquette 101 Because you don’t want to be “that runner.” — The creamiest vegan broccoli soup A new fall favorite?

Meet the better-for-you “pseudograins”

Going “against the grains” is becoming mainstream in health-food circles. But if you’re intent on cutting them from your diet, you could try another kind of perfect-for-sauteed-veggies base: pseudograins.

Have you heard of Kalettes?

Kalettes, pictured in the middle, are an offspring of kale and Brussels sprouts. (Photo: Facebook/Kalettes) You cannot escape kale.

3 new pairs of seriously no-slip headphones for fall running

There’s really nothing more frustrating than getting yourself all psyched up and geared out for a run, with the perfect playlist set to keep your perfect pace, only to spend the entire five miles putting your earbuds back in your ears over and over again.

How to be a champion marathon spectator

Wellness teas: Just what the Ayurvedic doctor ordered

(Photo: The Art of Tea) There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary,” something that Art of Tea owner and Master Tea Blender Steve Schwartz has clearly taken to heart.

My Five Beauty Obsessions: Eden Sassoon

(Photo: Eden Sassoon) “I was brought up around products, products, products,” say Los Angeles native Eden Sassoon.

Class Action: PlyoJam

(Photo: PlyoJam) There are some celebs who have great taste in workouts. So when fitness junkie Reese Witherspoon started raving about a new cardio-dance-meets-plyometrics class (that can also burn more than 600 calories in 60 minutes), I immediately packed my gym bag.

15 amazing moments from our Bicoastal Biathlon in NYC

If you had to navigate through mobs of chic, sweaty women who looked like they were having a total blast this Saturday in New York’s Flatiron District, you probably stumbled upon the first weekend of Well+Good’s bad-ass Bicoastal Biathlon, presented by Athleta.

The cool ways New York City hotels are catering to marathon runners

(Photos: Flickr/Howard N2GOT and The Jade Hotel) The New York City Marathon is less than two weeks away, and while runners are gearing up for the big day, the city’s hotels are gearing up for said runners.

Refrigerator Look Book: Siggi Hilmarsson

(Photo: Siggi’s) If you haven’t tried Icelandic skyr brand Siggi’s yet, you’ve most likely spotted the adorable white yogurt cups at Whole Foods or another natural supermarket, where they’re now ubiquitous.

9 top New York City bike shops for every kind of cyclist

Shopping for a bike and all of the accessories you’ll need to master safe city cycling can be intimidating, especially if you’re a newbie to pavement pedaling.

7 super spices to add to your diet

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Tess Masters

She may be known as The Blender Girl, but if you’ve ever read Tess Masters’ blog, you’ll know her juicer sees its fair share of action, too.

Now you can workout and play video games at the same time

(Photo: Goji Play) A rocking playlist is the most reliable—and acceptable—form of fitness distraction.