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Inspirational street art every New Yorker needs to see

If you’ve felt a bit more pep in your step while running around New York City these days, you might want to toss some credit over to the art world.

Best of 2014: Most Intriguing Refrigerator Look Books

(Photos: Dave Asprey, Danielle Walker) It’s been a big wellness year. And in case you’ve missed some of the highlights (while running marathons or making bone broth?

Get grounded with these 10 slow-the-heck-down yoga poses

Slowing down is really freaking important (we’re talking to you, workaholic)—especially if the idea of holding a yoga pose for a minute makes you crazy and impatient.

Best of 2014: Good Looks

(Photo: Pinterest) It’s been a big wellness year. And in case you’ve missed some of the highlights (while running marathons or making bone broth?

Best of 2014: Good Sweat

We went inside the Victoria’s Secret training boot camp (Photo: Cocoshoot/Gaston Levy) It’s been a big wellness year.

Link Love: Clever ways to recycle gift wrap, last-minute DIY gifts, and more

(Photo: via Buzzfeed) 19 ways to recycle all that gift wrap Never buy confetti for your NYE soirée again.

A natural perfume that matches your star sign?

(Photo: Strange Invisibles) You don’t want to start off the new year wearing a scent that’s out of sync with your cosmic destiny, right?

New York City’s 12 most exciting openings of 2014

Keeping up with the healthy businesses opening in New York City this year felt like running on a treadmill at a full sprint, with no breaks.

Your Yoga Prescription: How to beat holiday stress

(Photo: Tiffany Cruikshank) Tiffany Cruikshank is the yogi-creator of Yoga Medicine, a method that combines yoga with holistic health practices to treat common problems like stress, insomnia, and back pain.

The first vegan food delivery service is here (and we tried it)

(Photo: The Purple Carrot) Healthy food delivery services have become a full-blown trend, and for good reason.

Opening Ceremony’s produce-inspired collection is fresh and wild

“Locally grown” and “Fresh ‘N Wild” fashion at Opening Ceremony (Photo: Opening Ceremony) Opening Ceremony is no stranger to the health and wellness world.

Link Love: Easy holiday hairstyles, cinnamon baked pears, and more

(Photo: Wheatless Kitchen via MyFitnessPal) Baked pears with cinnamon and honey A fool-proof healthy dessert everyone can enjoy.

What you need to know about The Food Babe controversy

(Photo: Facebook/The Food Babe) Vani Hari, AKA The Food Babe, has rocketed to food activist stardom over the last few years, picking up more than 874,000 Facebook fans and getting mega companies like Kraft, Subway, and Chipotle to disclose—and, in some cases, change—ingredients in their products.

You’ll never guess the healthiest airport in America

This kale salad is served in an airport. It’s from Plant Café at SFO. (Photo: Plant Café) For many of us, airport visits consist of chugging your green juice before going through security and scrambling to find a pack of almonds for your carry-on bag.

When a lingerie company designs a sports bra

(Photo: Le Mystere) High-impact sport bras aren’t usually the domaine of lingerie brands. Which is odd since they’re pretty crucial for holding it all in and locking it all down during boot camp, during a run, and on your spin bike.

You can now participate in Tracy Anderson’s Tribeca classes—at home

The first filmed Tracy Anderson Method Master Class this week. (Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good) On Wednesday morning, at Tracy Anderson’s exclusive Tribeca studio, the room was filled to capacity with fit women who stacked hand and ankle weights next to their mats while chatting about upcoming holiday vacations to Parrot Cay and Aspen.

Five to Follow on Instagram

So you can be sure to double-tap with us, here’s a recap of five hot-and-healthy Instagram accounts we love.

3 things we learned from our Facebook Chat on Treadmill Workouts

(Photos: Larkin Clark for Well+Good at Barry’s Bootcamp Chelsea; Barry’s Bootcamp) Yesterday, on Facebook, we asked Barry’s Bootcamp COO and trainer Joey Gonzalez to hop off his treadmill—or at least slow it down to a walking pace—to talk with Well+Good readers about our 2015 trend of group treadmill workouts that are taking off at a sprint.

Nimble Fitness to open a functional fitness studio on St. Mark’s

TRX training at Nimble’s Union Square gym. (Photo: Nimble Fitness) If you want to get a tattoo or play vintage video games after your sweat session, no problem.

The Brooklyn family business that brings healthy, home-cooked food to you

Crustless quiches, like this dairy-free apple and kale version, are a popular item. (Photo: The Oliver Weston Company) How amazing would it be if, after working a 12-hour day and enduring a hellish subway commute through the freezing rain, you came home to find your grandmother ladling out bowls of nutrient-rich chicken soup?