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There’s a scientific reason you should be talking to your pet

If you talk to your dog more than you talk to your best friends, you’re not alone. In fact, having a furry shoulder to lean on is actually really good for your health.

11 life-changing wellness vacations you can book for under $1,000

A mind-blowing trip to Ubud, Bali (or these seven other dreamy wellness destinations) is definitely worth adding to your travel bucket list.

What happened when Kate Upton did a literal boot camp workout with Marines

The US Marine Corps are known for super-intense workouts, but that didn’t stop Kate Upton from wanting to soldier through one. In honor of Detroit’s upcoming Marine Week celebration, the model subscribed herself to a literal boot camp—led by a gunnery sergeant, no less!

The stress-reducing, cannabis-infused adaptogen oil that you need in your life

If you were a teenager who liked to partake in a certain green illicit substance, chances are you’d be very thrilled at the wellness landscape today—cannabis is now a dominant player in the health world, and being used to holistically treat anxiety, pain, and even your love life.

This McDonald’s food-supply change could be a huge boost public health

McDonald’s has long been the punch line for junk food: It’s about as far from Sweetgreen as you can get.

16 denim jackets to style with leggings

The denim jacket is the low-key superhero of every closet. You can wear it year-round—it looks as good over a cropped sports bra as it does under a fall coat.

7 signs you’re definitely a Virgo

As one of the most common zodiac signs, Virgos are everywhere. Chances are, if you’re not a Virgo, you’re in close proximity to at least a few at any given moment (Beyoncé and Blake Lively are some of the more famous ones).

Could city lights put you at risk for breast cancer?

Living in an urban or suburban area means that, inevitably, you’re going to be around light at night.

Whole Foods’ Amazon transformation now has an ETA

Since the internet-breaking news first broke in June that Amazon would acquire Whole Foods in a $13.7 billion deal, we’ve been anxiously awaiting any and all new details about the merger.

How to make your cheap grocery store flowers look like an expensive bouquet

Photo: Workman Publishing A vase of fresh flowers can breathe new life into any room—literally—but so often, a bouquet of blooms is thought of as an unnecessary indulgence.

The scary reason to keep an eye on your (unpolished) nails

As you go about your routine skin-cancer checks to look for abnormal moles or dark spots, there’s one place you probably didn’t think to examine: your fingernails.

You’ll never believe what Martha Stewart does at 5 a.m. every day

Whether you’re getting in a pre-work spin class on a regular basis or you’re more likely to hit snooze as many times as possible, just know this: There’s a good chance Martha Stewart—AKA the ultimate morning person—is going to make you re-evaluate your a.m. routine.

Miles Teller is in the running for the world’s most woke fiancé

Miles Teller is officially off the market, and, he lost his single-guy status in the most adventurous, and arguably the healthiest, way possible—even down to the back-to-nature spot he picked to pop the question.

The fitness fashion essentials Something Navy’s Arielle Charnas can’t live without

Between designing chic sweats, practicing her dance-cardio routines with buzzy trainer Amanda Kloots, and posting swoony #OOTDs on her blog, Something Navy, style blogger Arielle Noa Charnas has really stepped up her fitness fashion game in the past few years.  Last summer, she collaborated with cool-girl brand Koral on an exclusive capsule wardrobe for Bandier, and this year, she paired up with Monrow on another collection for the boutique fitness retailer.

Why you need to know about Nordic skin-care ingredients

Ever wonder how the Nordic women you encounter (ahem, when falling down random Instagram holes) always look so fresh—despite living in, you know, the arctic?

Why Venus Williams swears by veggie-fueled mornings—and dandelion cleanses

Imagine being on a tennis court and having to utilize your utmost physical and mental strength in a game as literally millions of eyeballs watch.

How to get glowy results when you wash your face, according to a facialist

When it comes to beauty treatments, facials are the ultimate luxury. What could be better than lying in a dark, eucalyptus-scented room (Enya’s dulcet tones playing softly in the background) while someone massages your face, only to emerge an hour later straight-up glowing?

Why these 4 celebs swear by this $175 cream

Could the secret to glowing skin be in a $175 bottle of lotion? It might be hard to justify a beauty product that costs more than your electric bill—or 50-plus items at this new online grocery store—but for some celebs, it’s totally worth it.

The immune-boosting drink that makes apple cider vinegar look tame

A few years ago, I developed a mid-winter cough that sounded so alarming, a friend went to her trusted Chinese herbalist in search of a cure.

This genius packing hack ensures supplements don’t take up your whole suitcase

What do you do when you’re going on the road and want to take all your supplements with you? You have melatonin for restless nights, maca for that once-a-month hormonal acne, a digestive enzyme for your gut health, and you haven’t started packing your clothes yet.