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This game-changing app is like Uber for personal trainers

Whether you want to upgrade your workout or simply need the motivation to switch out of nesting mode, a personal trainer can be a life-saver.

I tried this trippy healing modality for mental clarity—and still can’t believe how it made me feel

A few years ago, a friend told me about an underground breathwork circle she’d attended in Venice Beach—back when breathwork outside of yoga studios was still hush-hush.

Is chewing gum actually bad for you?

There are certain things that you know might cause you to feel some bloat later. Dairy? Sure. Beer? Definitely.

You have to see the super-healthy menu options for this year’s Oscars

To prepare for the Academy Awards, celebrities spend weeks eating healthy, swapping out meals for juice cleanses, and adding daily sweat sessions and crazy beauty treatments to make sure they’re in perfect red carpet shape for Hollywood’s biggest night.

The one thing Olivia Culpo does every morning for an instant mood boost

Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Olivia Culpo and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome.

The yogi behind the period viral video speaks out

In the race for most striking viral video of 2017, few can compete with the 48-second-long clip that Steph Góngora posted to Instagram two weeks ago.

How much turmeric should you actually be taking?

By now you know: Inflammation is considered by many to be the root cause of some major health ailments (everything from bloating to autoimmune disorders).

7 super-chic pajamas that will up your hygge game

Between crack-of-dawn workouts and late nights at the office (never mind a social life) you need—and deserve—quality downtime.

When it comes to nut milk, what’s the most sustainable option?

You know a health-food trend has gone mainstream the second it winds up on a Starbucks menu. But when it comes to finding a dairy substitute that’s good for you and the environment, not all nut milks are created equal.

How to turn your bathroom into a dreamy spa-like sanctuary

The bathroom has never really been known as a place where the “magic” happens, but now that self-care and staying home are officially goals for 2017, it’s time to transform the room into a sanctuary worthy of your crystal collection.

Why some of the coolest cardio instructors are wearing beanies while they work out

Fitness fashion trends ebb and flow quicker than a six-minute Baptiste yoga sequence, but one accessory that seems to have staying power is the beanie.

Why your hair might not be as healthy as you think

Recently, sulfates—the dirt-and-oil-grabbing detergents that also sadly wash your healthy shiny hair oils away with them—have become the enemy of even mainstream shampoos.

These are the 5 healthiest—and tastiest—oatmeals

Winter is, without a doubt, peak oatmeal season. Sure, it’s the go-to breakfast for many year-round, but a warm, nutrient-dense bowl is especially appreciated when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

This major beauty trend is a post-workout hairstyle game-changer

After a hot and heavy sweat sesh, it takes some effort to bring your hair back to a presentable state.

Yes, it’s possible to make $400,000 a year as a yoga teacher—here’s how

Most full-time yoga teachers know the struggle of trying to earn a living while doing what they love—it’s not all rainbows and tropical-island handstands. Studio rents are high, profits are dwindling, and while the field is growing (this is a $16 billion industry, after all), it’s highly competitive.

The no-fail trick to making a perfectly poached egg

Photo: Unsplash/Brina Blum According to science you should never skip breakfast—which might explain why poached eggs are having such a moment.

This book is the new “Wild”—and it might inspire you to change your life in surprising ways

By the time she was 25, Steph Jagger had created the kind of life that vision boards are made of: She had a covetable marketing job in Vancouver, a mortgage on her very own condo, and a closet full of marathon medals, diplomas, and cute shoes.

Brew these teas ASAP to help you combat adrenal fatigue

If your days are starting to blend together, your to-do list seems to multiply by the hour, and you find yourself ready for an afternoon nap by 11 a.m., you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue—a syndrome where overstimulation (and the resulting blasts of adrenaline and cortisol) can deplete the hormone-producing glands over time.

Kanye West just spotlighted a major fitness fashion trend at his Yeezy show

You already know that Kanye West has some fitness chops (remember his “New Workout Plan” back in 2004?

Your 6-step guide to throwing the ultimate (grown-up) girls’ night in

From snuggling up on the floor under mountains of pillows and blankets to crying from laughter as you traded stories about crushes, there’s a fondness that comes to mind when thinking back to your childhood slumber parties.