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And the happiest city in America is…

There are countless benefits to being happy, and those who live in 25 special cities are reaping a whole bunch of ’em.

Should your skin care match your eating philosophy?

You’ve nixed gluten and dairy from your diet (awesome!). You have iron-clad willpower to fend off daily temptation as it arises (go, girl!

7 top-rated silk pillowcases on Amazon that give “beauty sleep” new meaning

There are an infinite number of micro-improvements you can make to your bedroom (hello, plants!) and sleep situation at any given time to create a space of complete and utter serenity.

Sleep loss is literally killing your dreams, study says

There’s nothing quite like spending time in dreamland. It is the only place where you can be BFFs with Beyoncé, take unlimited boutique fitness classes for free, and ensure PSL everything is totally healthy and nutrient rich. But unfortunately, dreaming is becoming a lot more scarce, according to what one doctor is calling a “dream deprivation” epidemic.

3 ways Sephora rises above gender bias to hire *all* the #bossbabes in tech

Silicon Valley—the hub of seemingly everything technology related—has a reputation for being somewhat of a boys club.

10 gorgeous US islands to visit—other than Hawaii

Hawaii’s archipelago may be the most famous islands in America, but there are plenty more picturesque ones to visit that don’t require a passport—for whatever kind of vacation you want to have.

Google home is about to get a hygge makeover

Technology has its pitfalls, but it also offers some pretty sweet bonuses. It can help you stay connected with your cross-country BFF and help you learn to nail that crow pose, for starters.

Introducing New Moon Reset: Your monthly at-home lunar ritual

Mindfulness rockstar Kelly Morris is an expert at guided meditations—just ask the wellness insiders who listen to her Infinity Call every day, without fail. And in this new series, she’ll be leading you through some serious intention-setting, divine-feminine magic once a month.

This song is so relaxing, scientists recommend NOT listening while behind the wheel

The next time you need to unwind, there’s one song in particular that’s likely to relax you. Its effect is so strong, in fact, that one doctor advises against listening while driving a car because of the increased chance you’ll slip into slumber at the wheel.

This ’70s-inspired collection is what retro workout dreams are made of

Plenty of designers are finding fashion inspo in the ’90s at the moment. Think: oversized sweatshirts, tear-away pants, and even mood rings.

How to live the Cherry Bombe life from breakfast to happy hour

Few simple pleasures feel more decadent than curling up with a gorgeous print publication like Cherry Bombe, the twice-yearly magazine published by editor Kerry Diamond and art director Claudia Wu.

This genius beverage makes apple cider vinegar seriously drinkable

You dutifully down your shot of apple cider vinegar each morning in hopes of tapping into the purported benefits ACV fans gush about.

How to support a friend who has breast cancer, according to Rachel Platten

Two years ago, Rachel Platten’s hit “Fight Song” not only took over the charts, but became a battle cry for many of the 252,710 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

How one culinary co-working space is poised to start a food revolution

Imagine walking into the grocery store and seeing aisles filled with indie food and beverage brands, like an adaptogenic kombucha your friend told you about and watermelon jerky. Instead of a chore, grocery shopping would be a place to discover cool products you didn’t even know existed.

The one fall closet-organizing trick you should steal from the pros

Organizing your closet is a fairly easy task during the summer. When your wardrobe comprises a bunch of crop tops and leggings, even the smallest of closets can feel like a walk-in.

8 old-school tech products that will unplug you from your smartphone

One of the few universal truths of the modern world is that we spend too much time on our phones. Some estimates say that we check them 76 times a day for an average of 145 minutes.

6 chic pairs of blue-light-blocking glasses to make your tech habits healthier

From your nine-to-five to your matcha-filled Instagram feed and the occasional Netflix-binge session, you’re likely spending most of your day looking at one screen or another. And since nothing in life comes for free, all of the conveniences and life-improving benefits that technology offers you also come with some (pretty major) downsides.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout is about to become as notorious as she is

Curious what a bona fide badass looks like? Just check out a photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Supreme Court Justice—and two-time cancer survivor—is the eldest on the bench (at 84-years-young), and she’s not slowing down…in the courtroom or in the gym.

13 new pieces of high-vibe crystal jewelry with serious fashion cred

Until recently, the majority of crystal jewelry tended to fall into one of a few categories—delicate mala beads, polished pendant, or big, chunky amulet. But a growing number of designers are giving high-vibe stones a capital-f Fashion makeover, many rendering them in the sculptural, graphic shapes that are seriously trending right now.

The unique way this totally silent sound bath helps people relieve stress

Even if you feel like you’ve been in a super-quiet space before, it almost certainly has nothing, decibel-wise, on one echoless chamber. But what can the noise-free space do for your body?