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How to Dominate a Day Hike (Even If You've Never Stepped Foot on a Trail)

Oh, the great outdoors. It seems as though everyone’s finally starting to understand how great Mother Nature actually is.

21 Seafood Recipes That Take 20 Minutes or Less

With poke joints popping up everywhere and the sushi craze showing no sign of dying down, it shouldn't be a surprise we love a good seafood meal.

Here's How to Read a Nutritional Label (and It Doesn't Start With Calories)

We know we're supposed to stock our fridge with healthy, whole foods; meal-prep on Sundays; and never, ever fall victim to the vending machine.

8 Totally Out-of-the-Box Ways to Treat Sore Muscles

There’s a reason I’ve been going to the same trainer for more than a decade (shout out to Peter!): He kicks my a$$ — in a good way.

Frozen Mojito Pops That Give Frosé a Run for Its Money

If Jell-o shots were the college you, these alcoholic ice pops are the #adulting you. Class things up by starting with a classic mojito recipe, swap in a few things to get it to healthyish status, pour the mixture into ice pop molds, and freeze.

3 Reasons That Quarter-Life Crisis You're Having Right Now Is Good for You

Being divorced at 23 is not very aspirational. Nor is it common. A decade ago, I was the only one in my peer group at that age with a failed marriage.

Salads Are a Lie

When you think of "eating healthy," chances are the first thing you think of is a salad. But you're forgetting salads suck.

How an Instagram Account (of All Things) Is Helping Women Who've Miscarried

One in 10 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. But even though it's a relatively common occurrence—and a traumatic one—it's rarely talked about.

Does More Sweat Mean a Better Workout?

The sweatiest workouts can feel like the hardest workouts. Surely walking out of a hot yoga class or a steamy Spin session completely drenched means you got a good workout, right?

7 Sweet and Savory Coconut Recipes That Taste Like a Vacation in Your Mouth

As much as we hate to admit it, the end of summer is sneaking up on us. The longest day of the year has passed, and the temperatures are starting to relax a little (OK, that part isn’t so bad).

This HIIT-Yoga Hybrid Makes You Feel Like You Actually Got a Good Workout

Yoga is great for both your body and your mind, no doubt. But sometimes you walk away from class wondering if you actually got a good workout.

A Spicy Chicken Meal-Prep Recipe So Lunch Is on Fire All Week

You promise yourself you won't eat lunch at your desk and *this* is the week you're going to step out of the office for 30 minutes, take a walk, and find a pleasant park bench to sit on to enjoy last night's leftovers.

7 Total-Body Moves That Will Help You Stay Fit on a Road Trip

Summer weekends are best spent road-tripping somewhere new. And though the destination (the beach, a wedding, a Victorian castle getaway, you name it) is always worth it, hours spent in the car can be rough on your body and throw a wrench in your workout plans.

11 Cake Batter-Flavored Recipes So It Always Feels Like Your Birthday

We have great news: You can have your cake and eat it too. While cake batter may not seem like the healthiest way to fuel your body (let’s be honest, lean protein and fresh produce are always better for you), a world in which you can eat cake for breakfast is within reach.

9 Alarm Clocks That Make Getting Up Way Easier

There are two kinds of people: those who can wake up in the morning without snoozing or oversleeping, and those who, well, can't.

19 Tempeh Recipes So You Finally Know What the Heck to Do With It

Soy seems to have gotten itself into a sticky situation in recent years. Once a poster child for plant-based protein, it’s now a food that raises red flags, since it tends to get overprocessed into imitation meats, energy bars, cheese substitutes, and even ice cream.

The Best Backpack for Every Activity

Backpacks are back—and no, we’re not talking about the ones with embroidered initials that are big enough to carry your textbooks.

5 Ways This Healthy Blogger Saves Time and Money in the Kitchen

We all know cooking at home is usually healthier and cheaper than eating out. But finding the time and motivation?

This Wellness Pro's Health Mantra Is One You Can Actually Get Behind

If you've been reading Greatist for any length of time, you know we're big proponents of the #healthyish lifestyle.

5 Crazy-Easy Ways This Chef Makes Healthy Meals Taste Good

If there's any one person we want to teach us how to cook, it's Dan Churchill. Not only does the chef and author know how to make healthy food actually taste, you know, good, he also makes it look so freaking easy.