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This 10-Minute Core Workout Will Make You Feel Confident As Hell

By now you know that a strong core (the muscles that surround and support your spine) is essential to mastering nearly every exercise.

The Healthiest Breads, Ranked, Because We'll Never Say No to Carbs

Bread is like a modern-day curse word. When you're trying to clean up your eating habits, it's typically the first thing to go.

5 Healthier Mac and Cheese Recipes

Macaroni and cheese is a comfort food staple, but let's face it: With all the cream, butter, and cheese (and artificial ingredients, if you're making the boxed variety), it's not the healthiest.

14 Ways to Cook Fish This Summer If You Don't Have a Grill

Nothing says summer like slapping fresh fish on the grill and enjoying a cold one with your friends on a patio.

11 Epic Fitness Retreats That Belong on Your 2017 Calendar

Day-to-day workouts are fun and all, but sometimes you need to couple that sweat session with a little extra culture, music and, uh, wine.

25 Dinners With No Added Sugar That Help You Stick to Your #Goals

Think about it: That tablespoon of maple syrup in your salad dressing, the honey in your Asian-inspired stir-fry sauce, the generous drizzle of ketchup on your burger.

15 Things Yogis Can’t Live Without

Sure, you have a yoga mat (you’re not doing your flow on a hard floor, right?), but if you really want to embrace your inner yogi, a mat is just the tip of the iceberg.

12 Boxing-Inspired Core Exercises for Rock-Solid Abs

You might find it surprising that boxing is one of the most complete, full-body workouts you can do. Your aerobic, anaerobic, and nervous system have to work together, and as a result, your musculature and mental sharpness, or reaction time, improves, explains Noah Neiman, cofounder and head trainer at Rumble Boxing in New York City.  You might also like {{displayTitle}} READ “A common misconception most people have is that launch power for a punch comes from strong arms,” he says.

4 Ways to Detach From Work and Finally Enjoy Your Downtime

I used to wish there were some magical screen in my work elevator that activated after 5:30 p.m. Once I passed through it and hit “lobby,” I could, at least for a while, forget where I worked and enjoy some me time before rolling back in by 9 a.m. the following morning (or on Monday).

9 Fruit Salads That Will Impress the Hell Out of Every Barbecue Guest

There are tons of reasons to love summer—longer days, trips to the beach, ice cream trucks on every corner—but our favorite part just might be the endless number of barbecues.

6 Cool-Down Moves You Can Do After Any Workout

It's easy to brush off a cool-down. After you crush a workout (which is an accomplishment in and of itself), the last thing you feel like doing is using more of your precious time to stretch.

25 Ways to Run Faster—Stat

Usain Bolt makes sprinting look easy. It’s almost as if he doesn’t have to try. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Sure, Bolt is more of a natural runner than we are, but he still has to work at it in order to keep himself in top form.

3-Ingredient Breakfasts to Throw Together When You Have No Time

Whether you’re running out the door to work or just remembered you agreed to host Sunday brunch, odds are you need a ridiculously quick breakfast recipe.

The Secret to Reheating Leftovers So They Don't Taste Like Crap

There’s nothing like eating a freshly cooked meal. That’s why we go out to restaurants (oh, and cook on occasion), right?

A Cardio Core Workout Way Better Than the Treadmill + Sit-Ups

Cardio is good. Cardio that incorporates core strength at the same time is better. This workout lets you check off both without stepping foot on a treadmill or attempting a few lazy sit-ups on the mat.  You might also like {{displayTitle}} READ The 25-minute routine features nontraditional core and cardio exercises to prevent boredom.

12 Confusing Things You Hear in Fitness Classes and What They Actually Mean

If you've ever been to a barre class where the instructor asks you to do something with your hips that feels anatomically impossible, you're not alone.

5-Ingredient Make-Ahead Breakfasts for the Person Who Always Hits Snooze

Mornings can be a struggle. And waking up with enough time to make a healthy breakfast is a level of difficulty that's off the charts.

11 Cooking Tips Pro Chefs Swear By (and You Should Too)

Add seasoning as you cook. Don’t overcrowd the pan. Resist the urge to slice into cooked meat before it rests.

Should You Lift Weights to Lose Weight?

“Muscle weighs more than fat.” You’ve probably heard that phrase a million times before. And although it's false (a pound is a pound), you may have taken it to mean you should stay far, far away from the weight rack if you’re trying to drop pounds.

19 No-Sugar Lunches to Help You Steer Clear of That Afternoon Slump

You may not think of lunch as being a particularly sugary meal, but between the honey in bread, high-fructose corn syrup in ketchup and salad dressings, and molasses in barbecue sauce, you’d be surprised how much of the added stuff sneaks into your midday meal.