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Life's a B*tch. Here's How to Fight Back

Yes, I am rocking a sweet coach whistle and suede boots. I made a kid cry today. As an elementary school teacher, this is neither the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last, but no matter how many times it goes down, the experience always prompts this odd mixed reaction of devastation, horror, and completely inappropriate stifled laughter, like the kind you have at a funeral, like the more you think about it, the more terrified you become that you’re actually going to laugh in his little face.

11 Paleo-Friendly Apps That Aren't Just Celery Sticks and Mixed Nuts

When you’re following a Paleo diet, game day (or any party for that matter) can get a little tricky. Jalapeño poppers, chicken tenders, and fried everything just seems like part of the package, right?

We Don't Need This Guy to Say Plus-Size Is Sexy, but It Sure Doesn't Hurt

Corny as it may sound, the best kind of body positivity comes from within. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate a little help along the way, especially if it's coming from someone like Jay Kennedy.

Why Taking DNA Tests Can Change How You See Your Family

On the surface, my family appeared to have a genetically uncomplicated story—we believed that we were of Italian and Irish descent.

Meal-Prep an Entire Week's Worth of Dinner With Just 8 Ingredients

There's nothing worse than coming home after a long day of work with absolutely zero clue as to what you're having for dinner.

Here's Proof That Photos on Instagram Aren't Always What They Seem to Be

Deep down, we know most of the images we see on Instagram are at least a little staged—the lighting, the angles, the filters.

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out at Home When You *Really* Don’t Want To

If getting to the gym is half the battle, it should be easier to just eliminate that half and work out in the comfort of your own home, right?

You Should Never Get Back With an Ex, Unless…

I've seen friends get into relationships that are reminiscent of yo-yo dieting: The couple gets together, they break up, they get together, they break up, start, fail, start, fail.

7 Desk Stretches to Ease a Tight Neck, Shoulders, and Wrists From Sitting All Day

Our bodies were made to move, which is why sitting for a good portion of your day—at a desk, behind the wheel, or plopped in front of the televison—is no bueno, no matter how active you are.

How Becoming Die-Hard Paleo Backfired on My Body

Not my favorite place to be, but still smiling. I fell for the natural living movement hook, line, and sinker.

7 Easy Veggie Chili Recipes That Prove You Don't Need Meat to Make It Hearty

Chili is one of those cozy dinners we make once a week come wintertime. We’re pretty much always craving a spicy, warm bowlful.

'Stuff No One Explains About Motherhood' List Finally Tells the Truth

Becoming a mother is, among other things, a shock to the system. You've got to deal with all sorts of physical, mental, and emotional changes.

This 15-Year-Old Proves There Isn't Just One Body Type for Ballerinas

When we picture a ballerina, we think of someone who's tiny. No, tinier than that. Waifish, even. But ballet is about pulling off stunning arabesques and pirouettes, not the size of your thighs or the legnth of your arms.

9 Upgraded Buddha Bowls That Are So 2017

We’ve said it before: Bowl food rocks. Seriously, mounds of veg, protein, and greens, usually drizzled with some delightfully creamy sauce...

Peer Pressure Can Make You Healthier… Here's How

The author, Alexis, and her dog, Giant. It's easy to set healthy goals, but actually achieving them is much, much harder.

9 Healthier Waffles That Will Put 'Em Back on Your Meal-Planning Radar

Of all the breakfast foods we love (dang, there are so many), waffles tend to get forgotten on the #healthyish eating spectrum.

These Stunning Looks Show What Anxiety and Depression Feel Like

By nature, most of our battles with anxiety and depression happen in our heads—and it’s really, really tempting to keep them hidden there.

7 Pieces of Relationship Advice That Go Against Everything You Assume

When a couple comes to see me for relationship counseling, most of the time it's for help with communication, either in general or surrounding a specific event.

7 Homemade Tomato Sauce Recipes That Would Make Your Grandma Proud

So, you’re not exactly a Top Chef in the kitchen... no biggie. We’re all about the small wins, anyway.

I Spent 20 Years Following My Dream… but Quitting Made Me Happier

From the last batch of headshots I ever took, when I was clearly totally miserable and exhausted. I spent almost two decades pursuing my dream of becoming a working actress.