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Step Out Diabetes Walk

This weekend my family participated in the American Diabetes Association’s Step Out Diabetes Walk at the National Harbor in Washington, D.C.  It  has been 3yrs since my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Meditation: The Art Of Finding Health & Inner Peace

Mental health is vital part of our lives and should be nurtured in the best possible way. But accomplishing meditation is a matter of strict discipline and repeated efforts.

Natural Hair Clarifier Recipe

DIY Natural Hair Clarifier Recipe If your hair is feeling limp or feels drier than you’d like even after shampooing and conditioning, it may need clarification.

Pumpkin Patch Fun at Agriculture Education Day

The kids and I had a day of fun learning about Agriculture while checking a few things off our Fall bucket list.

Exploring the Law of Success – Mindset

Last week we talked about the Law of Vision. Today on Mompreneur Monday listen in as Melissa shares how the law of success, Mindset, can help you to build your business.

Family Yoga for Fitness and Fun

Are you interested in a healthy family activity that you can do with your entire family? Have you considered family yoga, but are a little unsure about just what benefits you can achieve from it?

Bullying – Five Tips For Raising Resilient Kids Who Can Handle Anything

Bullying is a topic that makes parent’s ears to perk up and their shackles rise. The idea of someone bullying our child is almost more than we can bare and creates a response in us that can feel overwhelming.

Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Your kids will love healthy alternatives to Halloween candy if you make them frightfully good. These are some ideas for healthy holiday food and celebrations that are low on sugar and still a lot of fun.

6 Tips for a Healthy Fall Cookout

Fall is here. It’s that time of year where we celebrate not only the season but also get together for sporting events.

Easy Hummus Recipe for Pumpkin Lovers

Now that Autumn has set in, you can find pumpkins everywhere! Pumpkin lattes, muffins, decorations, patches and more.

Enjoying German Culture at Germantown Oktoberfest

If you’ve been reading my blog the past few weeks then you know that Autumn is my favorite season and that I enjoy going to festivals.

Top 9 Must-have Fruits and Vegetables In Your Kitchen

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for our health. Since we were kids our parents have been ingraining this principle in our minds.

Scented Pine Cones Craft

Looking for a fun family activity to add to your Fall bucket list? This scented pine cones craft using essential oils is not only fun, it’s healthy too.

Let’s Talk Health: Essential Oils to Support Your Body This Cold and Flu Season

Today on Daily Dose with Dr. Danette learn about the benefits of our FREE Young Living gifts this month, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg and Orange essential oils.

Use Lemon Essential Oils to Remove Gum, Oil, Crayon and Grease Stains

Lemon essential oils are great for cleaning your home. You can use  lemon essential oil to remove gum, oil crayon and grease stains.

Exploring the Laws of Success – Vision

Today on Mompreneur Monday listen in as Melissa shares how one of the laws of success, Vision, can help you to build your business.

How to Fight a Cold Using Essential Oils

With Fall weather kicking in, you may be noticing family members, your kids classmates and others around you getting the sniffles.

Family Fun at the 2nd Annual Baltimore Family Reunion Expo

We had a blast at the 2nd Annual Baltimore Family Reunion Expo this weekend. Local travel and hospitality vendors gathered to share family reunion ideas, resources, planning tips, accommodation ideas and more for families wanting to plan a family reunion in the Baltimore area.

Ten Things I Am Thankful For

Today is day 4 of the The SITS Girls Back to Blogging Challenge. Today’s prompt is “Ten Things I’m Thankful For” which is perfect because I was actually sitting here thinking about what I am thankful for.

Essential Oils Uses and Benefits for a Healthy Family

When your little ones get sick do you want to start using natural remedies vs over the counter drugs to help them get well but don’t know where to start?