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How to Manage Your Menopause

How to Manage Your Menopause by Cleanmarine Nutritional Therapist Susie Perry Debice When can a woman expect their menopause symptoms to start?

The New Superfood Trends for 2017

The Hottest New Superfood Trends for 2017 A great way to make sure you stick to your healthy New Year’s Resolutions is to keep your diet fresh and interesting.

A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart!

A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart! Cardiovascular Disease is one of the biggest health issues in the Western World.

Prebiotics vs Probiotics – What’s the Difference?

What’s the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics? You might have heard of the terms ‘prebiotics’ and ‘probiotics’ being mentioned in association with digestive health on BBC television show “Trust Me I’m A Doctor”.

Will Cutting Out Sugar Change Your Health?

Can you “detox” sugar? Sugar is on the tip of everyone’s tongue with heated arguments around regulating sugar, health warnings and taxes.

New Year’s Resolutions: Quitting Bad Habits

New Year’s Resolutions: Quitting Bad Habits Around 7 million of us will make New Year’s resolutions this month, hoping to improve some aspect of our health.

Healthy Holidays – Enjoying a healthy Christmas

Healthy Holiday Eating – A Healthy Christmas For many of us, the Christmas holidays are a time of indulgence.

Digestive Health – Beat the Bloat

Beat the bloat – Taking care of your digestive health Indigestion covers a variety of symptoms from cramping in the stomach, to heartburn, bloating, wind, belching, and even pain in the bowel.

SAD: Tips for a Happier and Healthier Winter

SAD: Tips for a Happier and Healthier Winter At this time of year, as the days become darker, many of us find that we are travelling to and from work in the dark.

Winter Wellbeing – Key Health Support Tips

Key Health Support Tips for Winter Wellbeing The darker nights and drop in temperature means we need to prepare ourselves and our bodies for winter.

Vitamin D Awareness Week: Dealing with vitamin D deficiency

Dealing with vitamin D deficiency Celebrity chef Tonia Buxton sprays her way to health after realising ‘you can’t eat your way out of vitamin D deficiency’ Are you tired?

Osteoporosis – Love Your Bones; Protect Your Future

Osteoporosis: Protect Your Bones – Three Key Nutrients You May Be Missing October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day.

Women’s Health: Tips to beat PMS cravings

Tips to beat PMS cravings Why do women suffer with cravings when suffering with PMS? As many as 85% of women experience at least one symptom of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), the disruptive physical and emotional changes that can strike anytime in the last 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle.

Optimum Nutrition for Breastfeeding Mums

Optimum Nutrition for Breastfeeding Mums August 1st marked the beginning of World Breastfeeding Week, an awareness campaign organised by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) to protect, support and promote breastfeeding.

More than Sunscreen: Comprehensive Sun Protection

More than Sunscreen: Comprehensive Sun Protection Most of us welcome the summer months. After all, a healthy dose of sunshine has been linked with better bone health, higher levels of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin, and improved sleep quality.

Health Information Week: Mind and Mood Matters

Mind & Mood Matters The brain is a vital, fascinating organ which has immense requirements to keep it functioning healthily.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week: The Benefits of Fish Oil

Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Benefits of Fish Oil June 13th marks the beginning of Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week, a campaign run by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.

Gut Health: The key to all round good health?

Healthy Gut, Healthy You Just as the gut is the centre of our bodies, we’re also starting to think that it might be at the centre of our health too.

Vegetarian Lifestyle: Supercharge Your Diet

National Vegetarian Week: Supercharge Your Vegetarian Diet May 16th marked the beginning of National Vegetarian Week, a campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle.

Vitamin D: a better life for IBS sufferers?

Vitamin D improves quality of life for IBS sufferers April is IBS Awareness Month, a campaign aiming at improving diagnosis and treatment of IBS, and heightening awareness of both the condition and its affect on sufferers.