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How Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy Masters Her Mondays — Monday Masters

(Image credit: Courtesy of Jill Smokler) Why are Mondays so hard? And do they really have to be? We asked five successful women — an actress, an author, a chemist, a philanthropist, and a budding surgeon — to share their secrets on how they make the first day of the week just a little bit easier.

How Did the Cast Iron Skillet Take Over the World? — Pan of Iron, Pan of Steel

If you search for "cast iron" on eBay, you will see about 15,000 cookware items for sale. There are also about 20 cast iron cookbooks presently on the market, not to mention numerous blogs dedicated to cast iron collecting and cooking.

Did Instagram Ruin the Dinner Party? — Crappy Dinner Parties

Twelve years ago, when I was young, single, and living in Nashville, Tennessee, I began hosting a weekly Tuesday night dinner party.

7 One-Ingredient Upgrades for Apple Cider — One-Ingredient Upgrades

Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider (Image credit: Emily Han) There's something about having a big bottle of fresh apple cider in your fridge all fall that feels oddly reassuring.

5 Freezer Shortcuts Only Trader Joe's Makes Possible — Tips from The Kitchn

We love Trader Joe's for their snacks and pantry staples, but what's really special is the freezer section.

17 Budget-Friendly Recipes You Can Make with a Can of Beans — Recipes from The Kitchn

When you have a can of beans in your pantry, a delicious, inexpensive meal is just a thought away. You can turn beans into a vegan dip, substitute 'em for eggs, make vegetable patties, or just create a really good chili.

Recipe: Roasted Cabbage with Mustard Vinaigrette — Recipes from The Kitchn

Turning a humble cabbage into a delicious side dish is as easy as a hot oven and a tangy six-ingredient vinaigrette.

Muffin Pans Offer You the Ultimate One-Pan Miracle Meal — Muffin-Pan Meals

How do we take our heartiest dinner favorites and make them possible on a weeknight? We reach for our muffin pan.

5 Ways to Stop Getting Ripped Off at the Grocery Store — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → Stop Getting Ripped off at the Grocery Store


17 Easy Treats to Bake This Weekend So You Can Have Dessert All Week — Recipes from The Kitchn

How to Make Chewy Brownies (Image credit: Kelli Foster) Open Slideshow There's something so magical about having dessert after a weeknight dinner — especially if it's a homemade sweet treat.

7 Insider Tips for Getting More Out of Your Cookbooks — Cook Smarter

Confession time: I make cookbooks for a living, but I don't treat them nicely. I treat my authors nicely — I love being their literary agent; it's an honor — and I love the cookbooks we've made together (I hold them tight and sing them to sleep and feel all sorts of joy-sparks when I look at them).

The Most Important Thing to Know About Storing Your Knife — Sharpen Up

You finally took the plunge and invested in a good knife — or maybe a few good knives. Either way, you've spent good money and your blades deserve a storage place that will keep their edges pristine for as long as possible.

Recipe: Freezer-to-Slow-Cooker Vegetable Tagine — Freezer to Table

Vegetable tagine, a North African stew of spiced vegetables, goes from freezer to table with the help of an array of frozen veggies and trades the eponymous tajine for a slow cooker set to low.

Recipe: Banana Milk — Recipes from The Kitchn

Did you know you could turn a simple banana into a delicious milk alternative? There have been a few recipes floating around the internet for some time, but in the last couple months the concept has really picked up steam.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Caramelized Onions — Cooking Mistakes

(Image credit: Emma Christensen) If you've ever tasted caramelized onions, then you know how truly magical they are.

A Remodeling Pro on How to Stretch a $12,000 Kitchen Budget — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → You Asked, The Remodeling Pro Answers: How To Stretch a $12k Kitchen Budget?

How To Make Freezer Dinner Packets — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Christine Han) Open Slideshow What's for dinner tonight? Let's ask the freezer. Here's a little gift you can prep for yourself to have an almost effortless dinner ready to go at any time: frozen foil-packet meal kits.

Surprise! This Ricotta "Cheese" Is Actually Vegan — Delicious Links

(Image credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen) As a general rule, I typically don't eat items that are meant to impersonate other items — the wanna-be foods never taste as good as the real thing.

The Kitchen Tool I Didn't Know I Needed — The Kitchn Tool Jar

When it comes to my kitchen — and, okay, I'll be honest, pretty much every aspect of my life — I am a minimalist.

14 Delicious Dessert Lasagnas You Need to Know About — Recipe Roundup

(Image credit: Beyond Frosting ) You might have heard of dessert pizza, but what about dessert lasagna?