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Before & After: A Smart Solution for a Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan — Erika's Kitchen Organization Project

Problem: we couldn't turn the lazy susan shelves without a crash. Doing battle with kitchen storage is not on my list of things I want to do every day, or any day for that matter.

Surprise! Millennials Like Store-Brand Goods the Best — Grocery News

We knew that store-brand, or private-label, foods were getting better and that more consumers were adding them to their shopping carts, but we didn't know that Millennials are among their biggest fans.

Can You Really Blow a Hard-Boiled Egg Out of Its Shell? — Putting Tips to the Test in the Kitchn

How do you get rid of the shell around a hard-boiled egg? Of course there's the standard crack-and-peel method, but have you ever tried to blow the egg out of its shell?

Gluten-Free Snack Subscription from Love With Food — Faith's Daily Find 03.05.15

Gluten-Free Snack Subscription from Love With Food • $24.50/month There are snack boxes and subscription services popping up faster than heirloom popcorn these days.

A Smart Tip for Weeding Out Your Kitchen Tools — Comment of the Day

Moving? Downsizing? Need to kick a few gadgets to the curb? It can be overwhelming and a little emotionally difficult to weed your stuff — hence this question from a reader.

6 Restaurant Cookbooks That Have Made Me a Better Home Cook — Essential Cookbooks

In the past few years, a constant stream of chef and restaurant cookbooks have shown up on bookstore shelves.

Recipe: Super-Power Morning Smoothie — Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

Now and then, a girl needs a little magic to get through the day and fly above it all. I have a couple of pretty gigantic projects going on right now, and while moving a mile a minute isn't my preferred way to live, it's been a reality.

Are You Ready for Open Kitchen Shelves? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → How To Know If You're Ready for Open Kitchen Shelving READ MORE »

How Do I Downsize My Kitchen Utensils and Cookware? — Good Questions

Q: I recently remodeled my kitchen, and need to downsize the amount of utensils and cookware due to lack of space.

What Recipes Mean When They Say Room Temperature — Kitchen Facts

When a recipe calls for something to be at room temperature, what does that really mean? How cold or warm should your kitchen really be?

30 Glass Jars for Storing Pantry Essentials — Shopping Guide

Open Slideshow Whether you have open shelving or an envy-inducing walk-in pantry, one thing that every kitchen needs is a good glass jar or canister.

Recipe: Chicken Rice Bowls with Honey-Mustard Sauce — Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn

When you're looking to liven up leftover cooked chicken, a sweet and tangy honey-mustard sauce goes a long way!

How I Organize My Food Cabinets: Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen — Organizing Tips from the Experts

How does Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen keep her kitchen organized? That's what we wanted to know as part of our ongoing series this month.

Exposing Babies to Peanuts Can Prevent Peanut Allergies — Food News

In an about-face, a new study recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine says that kids exposed to peanuts as babies are significantly less likely to develop a peanut allergy when they're older.

The Best Place to Store Bay Leaves Is Not in Your Spice Drawer — Tips from The Kitchn

As I was skimming Cook's Illustrated's The Science of Good Cooking, this tip caught my eye: Even though we use bay leaves much in the same way as dried herbs and spices, they shouldn't be stored in the spice drawer with everything else.

Recipe: Chicken and Barley Soup — Recipes from The Kitchn

With grains, protein, and vegetables all in one pot, this soup is a complete meal unto itself! Ladled into bowls for a quick weeknight dinner, or stored in a thermos for a comforting hot lunch, it's the perfect antidote to your winter cooking needs.

Our Epic (Almost) A-Z Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen — Organizing Guide from The Kitchn

The Neatest, Tightest, Most Organized Small Kitchen Shelves We've Ever Seen What do you need to organize in your kitchen?

Broccolini with Tahini and Lemon Is the Side Dish You Need Right Now — Delicious Links

This recipe strikes a balance between winter and spring, making it perfect for your kitchen in March.

Where Can I Find Oven-Safe Cooling Racks? — Good Questions

Q: Can you recommend an oven-safe cooling rack? I got stumped at the store trying to decide if cooling racks were oven-safe or not.

Before & After: A Hollywood Home Gets a Mediterranean Kitchen — Kitchen Remodel

We're always a little bit torn with kitchens like these in before-and-after posts. For many of us (apartment dwellers especially!